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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 22, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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let it sear through my thighs i'll feel wide wide open at the beach in my dreams and it's wide wide open at the beach in my dreams but you still you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop me you're never gonna stop
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>> he didn't do anything to harm anybody. there was no confrontation involved and they killed him any way. >> a family emotional and angry when they learned deputies will not be charged in the death of
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school shooting. >> a storm could bring historic amounts of snow to the capital and the problem it could create nationwide. >> a pilot arrested accused of flying a passenger plane drunk. an one of the broncos coaches on whether he thinks tom brady is a cry baby. 9news starts now. >> reporter: anger and outrage from family members of the decision not to charge denver deputies in the death of a jail inmate. 50-year-old michael marshall was arrested on november 7. video released today shows deputies restraining marshall inside the jail four days later. a medical examiner said marshall suffered a psychotic episode, suffered a heart attack, and choked on his own vomit. his family took him off life support nine days later. his family saw the video for
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learning deputies will not be charged. steve staeger picks up the story with reaction from them. and an interview with the da. >> reporter: the family says this is murder caught on tape. the district attorney says it is a tragedy and an unfortunate set of circumstances. he chose not to pursue criminal charges against the deputies involved which leaves this family and their attorneys outraged. >> i think it is unbelievable for me to watch the tape and see the deputies kill my brother. >> reporter: michael marshall's brother rodney and the rest of their families saw it for the first time. >> he didn't try to hurt anyone. >> reporter: the video was released to the family after they opted not to charge any deputies for their involvement. a decision that boils down to two main points. >> what we looked at in this case is for some kind of indication that there was excessive force.
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there was some weapon use. there was choking. there was something that indicated that in light of what they were confronted with from mr. marshall. >> reporter: he didn't find that and says the restraint appeared justified. the medical examiner could not pinpoint whether the actions of deputies directly caused his death or whether he was already suffering from medical problems as evidenced in the video before the deputies start to restrain him. >> watch what happens there. he starts to slide down the wall. he's not steppingment ping. he is starting to slide down the wall. and i think in and of itself there is evidence that there was something seriously wrong with him. >> reporter: five or six denver deputies went hands on, took him to the ground and within a matter of minutes killed him. >> reporter: the family attorney's disagree with the
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>> mr. moressey of course, the district attorney for denver, has never held denver law enforcement accountable for any killing that occur at their hands. ever. this is one more example of the refusal to prosecute. >> you have to understand something about the lawyers we are talking about. their job is just beginning. and their job is about getting as much money as they possibly can. that is not what my job is. my job is to ethically apply the law to somebody accused of a crime. and if i can prove they committed it, we will bring them the charges. if i can't, i won't bring the charges. >> reporter: and the video shows deputies performing cpr for about 20 minutes and marshall's heart did start beating. he was removed from life support nine days later in the hospital. the deputies were shown the video during the investigation.
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da has done. he says it was sleuth absolutely appropriate. >> any indication the feds might get involved? >> reporter: the family wants to see a federal investigation here. no indication on whether or not that will happen. but mitch morressey says he is ready to provide everything. every piece of evidence. five states have declared a state of emergency. they are now bracing for snowfall totals that would be significant in our high country. baltimore and washington dc could get two feet. philadelphia looking at 18 inches. new york, a foot. not even the leader of the free world could avoid the mess that was dc with yesterday's dusting. president obama's motorcade was caught in the gridlock. 20 minute commutes turned into five hours. >> this is what is a single inch does. how can we handle a blizzard?
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blizzard. i lived in dc northeast of my life. i don't know if i have lived through a forecast like this. >> the stores are having trouble keeping up with the rush. maryland's governor warned people to stock up on food, enough for a week. gas stations are running dry. other places are sold out of shovels and salt. the rail and bus service will be suspended friday night through monday morning. airlines are moving planes out of the path of the storm. there have been 3500 flights saturday. united suspended all nights out of washington starting at 4:00 p.m. denver international tells passengers to check to make sure their flight is still delays. boston is expected to be on the northern edge of the storm. the patriots have been asked if this will change plans for the
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all along, the plan was the fly the denver. today the patriots confirmed the plans. they will get ready for sunday's game. when the snowstorm hits, people on capitol hill will behave like children and all will go downhill. nothing new there. the sledding is new. used to be prohibited on capitol hill until a few months ago. there were security concerns. congress eased up a bit and came through with bipartisan support with a bill that will allow sledding there. a former alaska airlines captain faces criminal charges for flying with a blood alcohol level that made him too drunk to drive. 60-year-old david arson was arraigned in federal court. he had been taken out of the cockpit since the incident june of last year, he was the subject of a random drug test. a random tester with the airline met him with the gate
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pilot i think it is for me. charge of operating a carrier under the influence is serious. carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in federal prison. i-25 in thornton is closed because of a police chase. a suspect got on i-25 and the engine blew on his car. officers took him and a woman in the car into custody. just then, the car caught fire. as soon as crews can clean up the scene, i-25 will reopen. the littleton school district is breaking the silence it has kept the last two years since the shooting when one student killed another and then himself. the district was forced into sharing information by the family of claire davis who waged a battle to know how their daughter died and how the shooting may have been prevented. here is nelson garsia. >> reporter: could the tragedy
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>> there are some topics within this report that the community is simply entitled to hear. >> reporter: the answer is yes. according to three separate reports, investigating the circumstances leading up to the murder of 17-year-old claire davis by a shotgun toting classmate. >> i'm deeply sorry for the painful loss the davis family suffered that tragic day. >> reporter: the reports state that the school staff missed obvious warning signs from the shooter. >> a lot of data was missed. there were a lot of behaviors going on that never got reported to the folks who can do something. >> reporter: the door where the shooter entered should have been locked, the surveillance should have been better. the shooter should have been deemed a high threat risk. >> we are sorry this may have contributed to the loss of two student lives that day, we are sorry for the trauma this has caused the community as a whole.
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shooting, the district went into a shutdown mode because the investigation and the possible lawsuits. >> the communication strategy was so foreign to this community, they had never experienced a complete shut- down i think of the press piece. >> reporter: superintendent brian ewar insists the district was not trying to cover up its mistakes. >> i have no doubt think withheld from the proper authorities during the investigation. >> reporter: one thing that should not be forgotten is the quick action by the school security that prevented this becoming a mass shooting. >> we will never know the lives saved on that terrible day. that is something we have to remember. >> reporter: and make sure this never happens again. in littleton, nelson garsia, 9news. the school district says it added security measures at all
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districts also pledge to improve the threat assessment system. the davis family promises not too sue if they agree do these reports. candidates took a moment to remember the man who shaped the life of one of the most recognizable song artists. >> we are hoping someone recognizes the people in these pictures. >> kathy will update us on the chances of a weather change in time for the broncos game. >> and the team plans to break out its superbowl trophies tomorrow. >> if you are wearing a tom brady jersey in denver tonight,
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>> tomorrow, canada will pause for a national funeral. celine dion's husband will be laid to rest. friends, relatives and celebrities came to the
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where they married in 1994. he battled throat cancer and passed away at the age of 73. photos were picked up at a king soopers years ago by mistake. if you recognize any of the people in these photos we would love to get an e-mail with you. a reminder that if you are up really early the next few weeks, check out the night sky. there are five planets in a rare alignment. look to the southern sky just before sunrise and you will see mercury, venus, saturn, mars, jupiter. they have not been in this formation in 11 years and they will stay lined up like this through february 20. broncos fans take a longer lunch tomorrow. there is a pep rally downtown at larimer square. noon to 1:30. former broncos will be out there. cheer leaders. the team will have its superbowl trophy on display as
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that is noon to 1:30 tomorrow at larimer square. the final touches are being put on sports authority at mile high. when sky 9 flew over the said yum, the scoreboards were being tested showing these graphics. the banners have been put up on the stands and the afc championship logos have been painted on the field. tickets for the title game are reselling for less than some broncos games did during the regular season. last november in the undefeated matchup, tickets were reselling for a minimum of $350. we looked on the ticket exchange and found seats for as low as $200. more than 7,000 tickets listed total. the broncos are encouraging people to get tickets from official sources. fans can call in this saturday, show their team
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it airs saturday night at 7:00 on channel 20. for more details, go to we interrupt this newscast for your hourly broncos magnets update. this afternoon, we were giving them away in thornton when we met betweens named irene and aileen. >> come on broncos, we are rooting for you. hail, hail, the gang's all here rooting for the broncos, rooting for the broncos. here. rooting for the broncos, rah, rah, rah. >> we are out at the king soopers at leetsdale drive, 7:00 a.m. and along with that magnet, perhaps a jacket too. there is a little snow on the
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i'm kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard. i'm wearing green. there is a lot of green behind me. most of the snow is gone in denver. many of the side streets. but that will be changing in a few days time. beautiful night in the city. calm, quiet. the high today of 40. 39 in greeley. 40 in limon compared to 25 in leadville. the averages are here for comparison in the records as well. and we be maybe 10 or 12 degrees warmer and go warmer saturday. winds are southeast at 11 creating a windchill of 10. calm winds in the backyard outside the studio. we have been running milder than dia down to 25 here outside the studios. a lot to talk about in the weather world. weather system off the coast of california already bringing showers to san francisco, san jose, it will bring some heavy snow to the sierra. increasing the avalanche danger around salt lake city. the big storm was a glancing
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few flurries in last night and early this morning. now, it has moved into the gulf coast and is picking up steam. warm gulf moisture is collides with a cold front to the north so tonight we are deal with hail and tornadoes outside of new orleans and atlanta. tomorrow, the low lifts north colliding with the cold air. first the layer of ice and then we have a winter storm warning and then blizzard warnings go into effect. 85million people will be effected by this storm that is going to produce about one to three inches of liquid precipitation just in the next 24 hours alone. areas shaded in purple like memphis and atlanta will see some difficult if not impossible travel conditions. storms on the move though really just missing colorado. we are enjoying high pressure giving us a beautiful forecast for 48 hours. the next system is already knocking on the door. that is the one that will be here sunday and be a factor in
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winds shifting out of the south. above average highs expected. no weather issues for the drive up and down the i-25 corridor. heading up into the high country, no winter weather advisories. maybe a little snow coming in around 36 hours but nor now, clear and cold. 12 in aspen. 18 greeley. 19 pueblo. high temperatures tomorrow in the high country in the 30s . 50s on the plains, mildest reading in southeast colorado. again, the average is 44. so, doing pretty good for late january. and, expect mid 30s in walden. sun up at 7:16. we start off at 21. jump into the mid 40s by lunchtime with high ins the low 50s . should be a quiet day. we started the week with
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and go better. temperatures above average. front arrives sunday. flurries in the broncos game with a 10-degree temperature drop when the guys get on the field and come off with a big win. another storm starts next week monday. and things settle down just a bit. so how about that football game? well, i have a kickoff temperature in the lower 40s , front coming in. wind shouldn't be a big player but lit be cold with flurries. temperatures just below freezing. cold weather is what you are looking for at ski resorts. go up, make a design on the hillside. and send in the weather picture to me because we love to hear about your mountain snow adventures but just stay inbounds. the avalanche danger is increasing. before we get to the ball game. tomorrow night is a special night for you. you get the junior life stock
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>> greg and i will be at the auction. we will be there at 4:00 5:00, and 6:00. it is one of the highlights of the year for greg and i. he shows up with a new brand of hair spray so we have fun with the steers. >> heifer hair spray? >> yes. they wash their fur and put on the spray. and sometimes gregg likes to try it. >> we love you gregg! [ laughter ] >> it will be so fun. >> after you guys finish playing with the heifer hair spray. the national western is about the food as well as the animals. the classics, turkey legs, corn dogs, lemonade. nearly 200 food vendors offer something for every taste. salt water taffy. ice cream. several cafeteria style grills have barbecue style meals. we have a gallery of stock show
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>> from colorado's sports leader here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody. wade phillips is trying to ruin all the fun. he received a share of the assistant coach of the year award today. well deserved. denver had the top ranked
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and he missed his chance for the name calling contest. >> as far as tom brady is concerned, i don't think he is a cry baby or a whiner. i have been lucky to be with peyton. i played against tom brady. i haven't been with tom brady yet. i have a little time in my career. but, i don't think belichick will hire me. but anyway, they, two of the greatest quarterbacks every so it is pretty neat to play against the great ones. >> a batman versus superman dawn of justice premiers march 25. so until then, we have to settle for the next best rivalry. peyton manning versus tom brady. dawn of afc championship. >> with the exception of
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and tom brady never step on a football field at the same time. yet, they have managed to create the biggest rivalry in sports today. the 1930s had sea biscuit and war admiral. in the 50s , willy mays and hank aarons. will chamberland. bill russell. mohammed ali, joe frazier in the 70s . take your pick in the 80s. magic and bird. who could forget agesey and sampres in the 90s or tanya harding and nancy carrigan. roger feddere re, rafael nadal.
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the greatest rivalry of the 2010s . >> chestnut kobiyashi is real. nuggets game tonight was real silly. charlie blackmon there. charlie is shooting backyards. nikola passing backwards. they had just enough left in the can to squirt three dudes in tom brady jerseys. nuggets lose 102-101. air academy katie rainsburger found more than just her running shoes in the school locker room today. >> here we go. here we go. >> katie? congratulations. you are the gatorade cross country runner of the year. >> this year state and national
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female cross country runners nationwide to receive the award. katie, you are on 9news! >> having my name on this award with people like peyton manning, it is amazing. and you know, it is something that i don't feel i deserve. i don't deserve to be recognized with that kind of talent. >> nick the sea lion is only four years old so he is qualified to pick the winner of the cry baby bowl. >> let's go with drew to the denver zoo. it's time for nick's picks. >> that's a boy. tell us two is going to the superbowl nick. the new england patriots or the denver broncos? oh, there it goes. nick, he is thinking patriots. you can change your mind! no! no! patriots. you want a hi-five for that? >> if tom brady wins another championship this year, that
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that magic johnson had in the nba.
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>> tonight show is next. guests are sarah silverman and
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a tearful celine dion in a black veil inside her husband's memorial service today.
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celine dion's emotional good-bye to her husband. the superstar fighting back tears. the open casket, the ceremony married 21 years ago. then, will smith sounds off on the oscar firestorm. >> this is so not about me. j although -- j.lo's star-packed opening night on the strip. justin bieber one of the celebrity guests. i've got j. lo after her soldout show. >> hi, baby. >> my gosh. >> the stars, the sex. >> adult moments. >> mario has every -- >> -- single -- >> -- moment. the incredible o.j. story you never heard.
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mansion for the jury. the two new specials on the trial of the century. what kris jenner told the man playing her late husband. >> david schwimmer called me. plus, jane lynch and her angel from hell co-star. >> guardian angels are a lot like herpes because everybody probably has one. now on "extra" from universal studio hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez at the planet hollywood resort and casino. i'm at the premiere of jennifer lopez's residency. coming up first, patrick dempsey. now is "grey's anatomy" killing off meredith grey herself? first, the memorial service for celine dion's husband. the singer will say good-bye at the same church where they were married 21 years ago. jerry has the latest details. her heartbreak written across her face.
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sequinned veil.
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