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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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daughter claire, nor is it about carl pearson, who is the teenager in crisis who we believe would have made very different choices if a helping hand had reached out from a system that was designed to not miss the opportunities to help him. >> i hope that we can continue to look, work together to look at the prioritization of dollars on this issue. >> i really almost see it that in the name of their daughter, they have given the state of colorado a tremendous gift in her honor, an unprecedented amount of information and insight into the dynamic that goes on in our schools and with our youth. >> all three reports released monday make extensive suggestions to schools as to how to move forward. the question remains, though, will they be used and implemented, and if possible, do there need to be changes to
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no arrests yet, after a shooting this morning in southeast aurora. gunfire left one man dead and another injured. police rushed to south espana way, near the intersection of tower road and quincy avenue around 7:00 this morning. they found a car there that had hit a tree. there was a man inside that car who had gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. while police were investigating, another man approached them to say he had also been shot during that same incident. he is expected to survive. police determined the actual shooting happened about a block away from where the car crashed, but they say they still have more details to sort out about how this crime played out. they aren't naming any suspects as of yet. a big sinkhole causing traffic trouble downtown. a 120-year-old water main burst at eighth avenue and delaware street this morning. workers say repairs are taking longer than they figured. denver water is asking people to use alternate routes at least through the evening rush.
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able to get all lanes open around 7:00 tonight. the last few weeks, people have been keeping a close eye on the taylor and gunnison rivers because of several ice jams. this is video from the jam nearlemont. local residents say the ice jams happen every few years and usually occur after a long cold spell. the latest caused a flash flood watch last wednesday for a stretch of the gunnison. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the weather center. the ice jam problem might get worse because we're expecting unseasonably warm temperatures tomorrow. very possible. certainly something to keep an eye on. the good news, as we take a look at our radar, which typically shows us all of the warnings and watches across the state, we have none. they have allowed that flash flood watch for the gunnison river to expire, meaning they think conditions are okay enough the water is flowing through that ice jam enough so some of the ice has broken off and moved downstream, enough that flash flooding is no
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this is the time of year that we typically will see that. we're certainly going to continue to watch out for that. on the horizon, a new storm colorado. temperatures in the 50s today. we've had lots of sunshine and it's been gorgeous all up and down the front range, here in denver, up and through fort collins, boulder. fort collins right now, 45 degrees. greeley at 47. fort lupton, 49. downtown denver, 57 degrees. at dia, cooler at 48. in aurora, you're sitting at 54. of course the big story all across the country has been and will be what's going on across the southeast and east coast, which is all of that snow. we're not all that concerned about if we're speaking about ourselves and we're speaking selfishly because we don't have a lot of snow in our forecast. most of what's coming will come on sunday, where more snow and more wind will be moving into
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we've already seen a ton of the avalanche danger so far this season and as we watch this next system move in, we see those winds kick up, perhaps warmer temperatures. we are expecting the avalanche danger to get higher. in fact, we've already had our first avalanche fatality of the season. 9news mountain newsroom reporter matt renoux joins us live from summit county. matt, it's not just the people in the backcountry that are seeing avalanches right now. >> reporter: you're right, becky. in fact, there's a slide right behind me that happened today here near the eisenhower/johnson tunnels. yesterday, two small slides reached highway 40 near berthoud pass. a 32-year-old died in an avalanche yesterday as well near crested butte. the first avalanche fatality in colorado, but there have been nine so far this season across the west. conditions are only moderate to considerable right now, but warmer weather is making avalanche danger rise and also keeping forecasters with the center pretty busy. they not only go out and check
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backcountry, but they also work with cdot to mitigate avalanche danger around colorado roads. it has been a busy season already, with hundreds admissions in the highcountry. now with warming temperatures, they expect to be busier. yesterday, a person died in the avalanche and two slides near berthoud pass. today, the small slide at i-70 apartment the eisenhower tunnel could be the start of an active weekend. >> got some modest snowfall with a lot of wind. that create the wind-drifted slabs on top of weak snow. so we saw a cycle of human and naturally running avalanches. we do have our first warmup in quite sometime with a lot of fresh snow. so we'll often see small avalanches in the surface snow when that happens. >> reporter: on average, there are about six avalanche fatalities a year in colorado. january and february typically bring the heaviest activity for avalanches in colorado. >> so we're just getting into the heavy season.
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thank you very much, matt renoux, for everyone to be careful up in the backcountry. parts of the east coast are bracing for what could be a mystery-making snowstorm. the storm has already caused problems in parts of the south where it spawned tornadoes overnight. 9news reporter maya rodriguez joins us with the latest on what is a winter wallop in the east. >> reporter: kim, 20 to 30 inches of snow is what they could potentially see in the washington, dc area. that is not something they are used to dealing with. now, 85 million people in 20 states are either under advisories or warnings because of this storm. there could even be flooding in coastal communities because of higher than normal tides this weekend. in washington, dc, most today. an inch of snow paralyzed that city earlier this week. officials are trying to reassure residents there they can deal with the potential 2 feet of snow or more coming baltimore, philadelphia, new york, all expected to see impacts from this winter storm. as you can expect, air travel
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be very tough this week. 3000 flights were canceled today because of the storm. another 3000 have already been canceled for tomorrow. here at d itch a, dozens upon dozens of flights also canceled today because of that winter storm. if your plans include the eastern seaboard or parts of the south, you really need to check with your airlines first. kim? >> they are really concern. they are telling people it could -- they have already had deaths on the roads. it's a serious storm. >> reporter: it could be one of historic proportions. that's what the national weather service is saying. so a very, very serious storm. >> thank you, maya. twelve u.s. marines are being memorialized at a ceremony on their home base in hawaii today. they were aboard two helicopters that crashed off the coast of oahu last week. the marine corps suspended efforts after five days. one of the marines, sergeant jeffrey simpler was from fountain, colorado. a vigil was held for him earlier this week. this week, 9news told you about a new approach from supporters of the death
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that was handed down in the aurora theater case, a group of republican senators wants to allow the death penalty to be imposed if three fourths of a jury votes for death. right now, colorado law requires a unanimous decision. on sunday's "balance of power," an in-depth debate with that bill's sponsor and a lawmaker who wants to ban the death penalty. >> are you 100% sure our system is fool-proof, that we couldn't accidentally execute somebody? >> of course not. of course not. i'm not 100% sure that when we take a person and incarcerate them for the rest of their life that we are always accurate. >> but that can be at least partially fixed. >> it can't be fully undone. >> no. >> but-- >> can't be any undone. >> neither can the person who initially. >> to the senator's point, if you do have one of these really tremendously awful cases and you can't get the death penalty
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the death penalty. is it already over? why do you need the policy change, if so? >> it's not all the way over, though, because we have three people on death row currently. i know, because all three are from my district. all three are african american males my age that went to the same high school. we've got a problem with the death penalty and how it's being used in colorado. but the solution isn't making it easier to get a conviction. >> more of this debate on "balance of power," sunday morning at 8:45 here on 9news, channel 20. eleven people in six states are sick after eating packaged salads produced at a dole facility in ohio. one death has been linkedin michigan. the center for disease control and prevention says listeria is causing the illnesses. dole stopped all production at the springfield, ohio plant and is withdrawing packaged salads on the market produced there. no one in colorado has reported getting sick.
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have been linked to the zika virus, linked to a severe birth defect. 22 destinations are now on the list, mostly in latin america and the caribbean. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention has warned that pregnant women should avoid traveling to countries where the virus has been detected. zika symptoms in others include fever, rash and severe joint pain. people from all corners of colorado came together in larimer square today for orange friday. team alumni, broncos cheerleaders, miles the mascot, thunder, all the stampede, they all showed up to the party. >> and it was a gorgeous day. a good day to be outside. didn't need anything underneath the jersey. >> no, feeling summer-like, for january. >> right, for january, which means the other guys are probably glad to leave town. not that we care that much about them, but the patriots are expected to arrive in denver within the hour or so. >> you do need an opponent.
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they are glad to come to denver now, missing the storm. >> you're looking at the team loading up on buses at gillette stadium this afternoon, and obviously arriving at the airport. nothing too exciting, of course. but if you're wondering, they didn't seem to have any problems getting out of the east coast with all this weather. >> we're hoping they fell the effects of the altitude here. when they do arrive, they will see this. dia tweeted these pictures earlier today. the airport said paint shop modifying runway 8 to make it welcome the patriots to broncos country. we love that. >> tiny number 1 to make it 18. >> they are going to remind them where they are. >> very nice. >> when they walk in the locker room, 5280 feet above sea level, we like to remind them. >> like to think they will have a mice message on the train, too. >> definitely get a message. i don't know who the voice is doing it right now.
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demaryius thomas. >> we'll get into if. i'm sure it's going to be something they won't like. >> it will be a familiar voice. okay. if you've purchased a hover board recently, you might be able to get a refund. >> first of all, they are not hover boards. >> i know. >> but all the same, one site is taking these two-wheeled
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for the first time this year, stocks ended the week higher than they opened. not by a whole lot. today was pretty good, though, thanks to energy and tech stocks. the dow rose almost 211 points. the s&p gained about 38. and the nasdaq climbed 119. well, they aren't really hover boards, as i've covered, but if you bought one of those two-wheeled devices on amazon, the company is going to give you a full refund if you ask them. it's not because the name is horribly misleading. it's because they have a nasty habit of bursting into flames. some of the lithium ion batteries used to power the stickless segway knock-offs have exploded. more than three dozen cases have been reported of devices smoking or catching fire. despite all the problems, sales haven't slowed down, according
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time magazine's latest cover features flint, michigan. it reads "the poisoning of an american city." toxic water, sick kids, the incompetent leaders who betrayed flint. the 2-year-old on the cover is sincere smith, with rashes covering his body. i don't think we'll be able to see this here. you'll see it on the magazine. high levels of lead have been detected in flint's water since the city switched from the municipal system and began drawing from the flint river as a cost-saving measure. advisory panel to michigan governor rick snyder talked to him today about the steps the state could take to get reliable drinking water back to residents in flint. first, it was twitter and google. now, it's apple's turn with the pope. apple ceo tim cook visited the vatican today. he went to italy after making news with a new apple development center in naples. cook was received by the pontiff on the same day as the
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world day of social communications. pope francis is quickly becoming known as the tech savvy pontiff. this weekend we look back at an american tragedy very few will forget. january 28 marks the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. it was one of those events. people remember exactly where they were when they heard this news. the shuttle challenger exploded, killing the seven astronauts on board and had a big impact on colorado for personal and business reasons. 9news anchor gary shapiro and photographer were at cape canaveral when it happened. they will take a look back at the raw emotion of the tragedy and our maya rodriguez will take a look forward at the lessons learned and the impact on colorado's aerospace industry. we hope you can join us for our special. it's 30 years and 73 seconds, the challenger disaster. make your plans or set your dvr for 6:00 p.m.
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again at 9:30 sunday on channel 20. >> such an important thing to share a historical moment in many ways. not the kind we like to remember, but important that we do remember. >> important to mark, and a lot of colorado connections, as you'll see if you watch. >> and so many young kids that need to understand where the space program has gone and what it's taken to get where we are now today. >> absolutely. >> still remember president reagan and what he said in those moments after. there's a lot to remember. well, most of us don't want to wait until sunday. we can barely stand it, getting there. we need a broncos game time
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. guess what, you do not have to be mike klis to be a broncos insider. we'll make you an insider. there's a new virtual reality broncos app that can get you inside the game and all the festivities. the founder and ceo of top fan based out of greenwood village is here. we're going to show people a
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reality thing. it takes you all around the stadium. tell me about it. >> first of all, this is all found inside the denver broncos official fan community available on their website at, as well as on the app store, as the denver broncos fan community. it's a one-stop-shop to find everything about the denver broncos. we aggregate all of the media and articles, but also we have exclusive content. the first piece of content is this virtual reality experience. you're watching a little bit of this. we film two days full of different virtual reality experience. 360-degree camera that we took footage from inside the stadium at the new denver broncos university of colorado training facility. >> you can see what the players see, what they experience. >> exactly.
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within the community. there's contests right now. there's a contest, if you check in at sports authority, you can earn tickets to the game this sunday. there's upper level and lower level seats available there. there's also gameified. the more time you spend, you earn coins for additional content. throughout the next few weeks, they will release new content that's never been seen anywhere and you can access that by becoming a loyal fan through the fan community. >> i know a little bit about those coin things. anybody that's got a teenager knows that. >> that's right. >> it gets you excited. you have all of this content planned for weeks now, given the fact we get a big win on sunday. >> that's right. >> just a way to get fans united. this is so cool. >> one of the best features is the ability for folks to create a profile and start creating content back to the community. people posting pictures at game, at home, how they are celebrating, as well as exclusive videos they have created within their house as well. >> download the app again by
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>> the url to get the app is that's a direct link to download the app. >> it's free? >> it's free. they can also go and experience it on traditional desktop web by going to >> okay. well, it makes you feel like you're in there and part of it. that's great. so neat. i love the fact that you've got it all together with the broncos, because they have a ton of stuff they put out every single day, you know, players and everything, things they are planning,. >> great place to go for denver broncos fans. >> and we hope it's even better monday morning! thank you very much. brandon, back to you. don't you feel it? >> totally. good way to whet the appetite. just want to have a little game day experience before sunday. >> absolutely. broncos fans at sunday's game could see some flurries.
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much we could get, as we leave you with this nice little shot
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chance for snow on sunday. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the 9backyard. tomorrow is looking like a great . welcome back. a nice look from downtown denver, from sky 9, as we're expecting warmer weather to come our way. >> really warm today, even warmer tomorrow. we're looking forward to that. we'll be fine, right? becky is in the backyard sporting her orange, looking good. feels good out there! >> it really does. we were in the 50s most of the day. had all of that beautiful sunshine, just gorgeous. another day like today, just like tomorrow. if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow. yes, cooler on sunday, but if is no big deal, especially when you compare that forecast to
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let's go ahead and take a look at radar. our picture, no big deal. out to the east, it's a totally different story. you can see all of that snow. we've been talking about this most of this week. now finally hitting parts of the east coast. heavy bands are pushing in through washington, dc, making their way up north, getting close to new york city, where this system is just now beginning. heavy rain also impacting parts of the carolinas, down to the south. i want to take a closer look all of the storm reports that have come in from this. man, the people out east are on top of it. i'm going to zoom in to washington, dc and show you a couple, just to show you this is getting started. right now, some of those snow totals ranging from half an inch to about 2 inches or more on the ground. but of course they have got that, got wind, blizzard warnings in effect. visibility will be low for them. that's going to be tough to get around that city for a while.
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south, a little further inland, west, we've seen bigger totals. this is in parts of the carolinas and into kentucky. 11 inches of snow reported. 5, 6 inches as well. this system really having a huge impact on the east coast. it's good news that we are seeing a lot of it get out of the way here within a couple of days, but also even better news that the patriots are arriving in denver now. they are missing out on all of that. even still, we'll give you a chance for snow in time for the game on sunday. it will be flurries. temperatures at kickoff will be at 41 degrees. we'll be dropping into the 40s by 4:30. this has been our weather story today. isn't that gorgeous? lots of sunshine, beautiful temperatures, all up and down the front range, even up into the mountains. look at this. 55 near downtown denver. dia at 48. it's 46 in greeley. 45 for fort collins, 44 around longmont. idaho springs, 51. here outside in the 9news backyard, we've got lots of sunshine.
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we're expecting to see all of that beautiful sunshine and then we're going to watch on our television screens what's coast. that system is expected to travel up the coast over the next 24 to 48 hours and it's going to take until late saturday night and early sunday morning for it to finally clear out and give all of those folks a chance to dig themselves out more of snow. back here in town, look at that beautiful sunshine. we'll have partly cloudy skies, maybe even mostly clear skies tonight. foot hill locations will sew a few more clouds through 8:00 tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon looks to be a very mild day with partly cloudy skies. once we get to saturday evening, the next system pushes in, hitting the mountains first before it moves in sunday afternoon, sunday evening, onto the front range. for your temperatures out there tonight, a little on the cool side, but not bad. 17, the low for greeley.
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fort collins will see a low of 21. mountain areas will be dipping well into the teens. western slope, about 20 for an overnight low. eastern plains will see lows in the lower to middle 20s. getting into tomorrow, not record-setting. record highs in the upper 60s, but this is nice. 57 for denver. 51 for greeley. fort collins will climb to a high of 55. out east, 50s and 60s. we'll see 30s and 40s in the mountains, and a high of about 40 out around grand junction. denver, our forecast, we're calling for a low of 27 tonight. clear, calm, cool, nothing to worry about for us. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon, 57, the high. partly cloudy, even warmer than what we saw today. winds, a little breezy from time to time out of the southwest at 5 to 10. sunday is when things get cooler. that's as the system crosses i- 25. highs reach the low 40s. we'll cool off quickly, especially as we start to see snow move in.
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accumulating snow for us monday morning. that's when we're looking at it wrapping up, monday morning. but 1 to 3 inches is what the forecast is calling for right now. highs will reach about 35 degrees. tuesday. then we warm right back up to a high of 50 on wednesday. we've got one little system moving in that's going to interrupt our nice forecast. but i think we certainly can handle it, especially when you compare it to what is going on out on the east coast. tell you what, really think the patriots are thanking their lucky stars they are here now instead of later, because that might become an issue for anybody traveling. >> right. it's going to be miserable for so many people. just feel for them. >> this system is just huge. >> we've been on the other side of this, where it's been bad here and great elsewhere. >> just going to say, seems like we flip-flopped with the east coast. >> which, you know what? i'm okay with the break, letting other people take it versus us for a change. you just hope that everyone
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nobody tries to venture out unless they absolutely have to. >> it is a weekend. that's a good thing. >> absolutely. >> definitely helpful. >> becky, thanks. >> you bet. with the game just two days away, you've still got time, you still have time, to get your broncos magnet. >> christine noelle is at the king soopers in aurora handing them out. >> reporter: it is beautiful outside. it's friday, and it's a big let's go broncos! [ cheers ] >> reporter: we are out here at the king soopers off of hamden and tower. we are giving out free broncos magnets. we have a ton here. orange. these people have been out here since 11:00 this morning and we wanted to be first in line. we have mr. jack, been a broncos fan since 1960, his daughter, pam, and you guys are stoked to be out here. >> oh, yeah, we're waiting for the broncos to take the super
4:29 pm
england's butt and brady's going to be crying on his way home! >> reporter: oh, yeah. go broncos, right? >> go broncos! >> reporter: and we have the most loyal fans out here. there's probably at least 500 people. you can look down the line, weaving in aisle after aisle after aisle. if you want to come out, come out to the king soopers off hamden and tower. we're giving these away until they are gone. 1, 2, 3, go broncos! >> such fun crowds. >> and they are already trash talking. have been for a while. i think people especially love the patriots matchup. >> that's what it's all about. nothing to do but trash talk until sunday. >> no, no. we have more magnet giveaways all week long. find the location on sprucing them up. serious animal grooming going on ahead right now, ahead of the junior livestock auction
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>> and then you got gregg moss, who is chilling. oh, he's chatting. 9news anchors gregg moss and kathy sabine are out there. we'll get to them after the
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. it's hard to explain the kind of bond you can have with cattle. it's special. >> oh, you love on them. the national western 2016 grand champion steer was at the brown palace for afternoon tea. this is the 71st year the hotel has hosted the grand champion steer. this year, the event was also a fund-raiser for a group called there with care to help support colorado families facing a medical crisis. you can see right there, get very attached. lot of work is put into this. that leads us to the junior livestock auction at the national western stock show. it is going to raise tens of thousands of dollars for kids heading to college.
4:32 pm
and kathy sabine are there hosting the event tonight. this one always brings in the big bucks. >> reporter: doesn't it, though? i have no idea where gregg was. he was checking out hair spray. i've got john cory, world champion auctioneer. it's the 110th year of the stock show. something's different about you this year. >> well, i've grown a little bit. >> reporter: oh, show me the boots. last year, we had lime green. what do we have? >> i've got blue boots, my lucky blue boots. >> reporter: do you want to get down? are you nervous? >> i'm nervous. i'm going to step down. >> reporter: such a big night for us. last year, the grand champion was 100,000? >> 100,000. >> reporter: what do you think tonight? >> we're going to get 110-plus tonight on the 110th anniversary. whatever we get, we get. the businesses and people that support the auction, we have 93 animals to sell tonight.
4:33 pm
but i've got a lot of faith in the community and the denver area and this is our livelihood and this is our future, to use in agriculture. >> reporter: are you warming up a little? >> i'm ready to go all the time. [ auctioneer calling ] >> sold at $110,000, kathy sabine, the buyer, very good. >> reporter: it's all about the kids tonight. the big kid gregg moss is literally hanging out with the cowboys tonight. what are you doing? >> reporter: this is the only way to relax at the national western. don't you think so, guys? yeah. jackson? >> yeah. >> travis? >> reporter: i just met you guys. who showed today, by the way? what did you do? >> good. >> reporter: why do you like the national western? >> just to come out and hang out with people. it's fun to hang around animals.
4:34 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: this is fun stuff! >> for sure. >> reporter: this is how you relax after a long day at the national western. >> yes. >> reporter: what's your name, partner? what's your name? >> trey. >> reporter: trey, what did i tell you to do? i said no smiling during the live shot. did i not say that? are you smiling? no smiling. get that gum back in there! [ laughter ] >> reporter: you're playing a little mine craft? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you say about that? let's kickback. what would you say to people at the national western? >> it's fun! >> reporter: it's fun. come on out and see us. this is the last weekend to take it in. >> yes. >> reporter: that's what i would say. i would also say watch tonight at 6:30. >> yes. >> reporter: because we're going to sell some great animals, raise money for scholarships! >> correct. >> reporter: is that what we're going to do? >> yes. >> reporter: let's say it right now! >> come to the national western stock show to show some animals! >> reporter: there you go! 6:30 tonight. >> reporter: gregg, we've got manure to pick up tonight. we've got work to do.
4:35 pm
i go for it? >> yes. now. >> nice job, boys. >> reporter: we've got shoveling to do. back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> are you kidding? >> she just bought apparently the most expensive side of beef i ever heard and they are going to make her shovel stuff, too. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> so funny. those kids are just hanging out with gregg. good guy to hang out with. we all have fun hanging out with gregg. that's fun. it's a great show. be sure to watch at 6:30. goes really fast. it's emotional and you realize how much work. it is such hard work to do what they do to raise these animals, but it's their future and livelihood and going to college. all that matters. let's join our friends slacker & steve. >> yeah! >> are you going to buy something? >> yeah, where's your orange, guys? >> okay. so i wore an orange dress last week. not like i have a bunch of
4:36 pm
[ laughter ] >> come on! >> and my orange pocket square from last week grew legs. it's gone! >> oh, wow! >> we went with the bronco blue. i do have one other orange dress. >> i was kind of hoping we would have a tag team thing. guess we both had the same thoughts. >> so we have rituals and superstitions. so like i wore this last week and the broncos won. so you wore the orange dress and the broncos won. now you're not wearing it! when they lose, it's your fault. >> oh. >> and the pocket square, it's your fault! >> whoever stole it, i would contend it's their fault. blame me if you need to. >> yeah. >> lot of people do that. i know people that go to mass at a certain time on saturday before a sunday game because they do not want to mess around got going. >> exactly. slacker said something about socks or what is it? to wear. >> same socks. >> my mom wears bronco earrings, but then they started to lose, so she got rid of
4:37 pm
>> so she won't wear them anymore. everybody's got that little thing. you got to sit on a certain spot on the couch. >> yeah. >> and the players eat certain foods, i think. lot of them do that, eat a certain breakfast they like. >> i like to manage when peyton manning is out there he is thinking about what shirt you're wearing. >> don't imagine it. it's happening. [ laughter ] >> somehow in his brilliance at reading the play. >> it's not about his talent. it's about what slacker's shirt that day. >> butterfly flaps its wings and peyton manning throws it 1 inch to the left. >> you find that pocket square! [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, what's slacker doing? [ laughter ] >> that hurts me, you guys. you think i don't control the universe. [ laughter ] >> omaha, omaha. all right. >> whatever works, guys. >> there we go. whatever it takes. >> we'll get you a pocket square for next week. >> i'll be in the market for a new one. hopefully i'll need it in
4:38 pm
>> good thing if we are. go broncos. nice talking to you. >> thank you. there are broncos fans. then there are broncos fans who build broncos caves. >> i don't know any of them, until now. we're going to. we'll go to aurora, where one
4:39 pm
. some patients and families at children's hospital colorado can't make it to sunday's game, so they had their own tailgate today. patients and staff got outside for broncos-themed fun, everything from a broncos- inspired fire truck to food trucks and music. it was a nice break from the daily routines and, yeah, the weather held out pretty good for january. nice enough, some of them got to eat popsicles outside in january in colorado. >> real good. that's awesome. it happens quite a bit. people want to know. that's why so many people move here and stay here. some people are bitter about that when they get on the road. >> then they have to get home.
4:40 pm
we'll take them all, because they are all seriously dedicated bronco fans. not quite as serious and dedicated as this guy. everyone beat. >> 9news reporter jessica oh is saw. paint. that's a thing? >> reporter: oh, yeah, brandon. i'm talking from head to toe, this cave is covered in broncos gear. just wait till you give you a tour of this place. first, i want to introduce you to the creator, brian loomen. thank you for inviting us to your cave. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: tell us what we have here. i see broncos beer, jerseys, games, so much. >> yeah, we have probably, i don't know, everything broncos, hopefully i have it or i'm going to get it. >> reporter: let's take a quick tour of this place. >> okay. >> reporter: on this wall, we have pom-poms, shot glasses. but what i love about this man cave, brian, is that you came prepared. you also have a breathalyzer that goes along with this man
4:41 pm
>> you got to have one of these. very important. >> reporter: so that's one of the many amazing features to this place. let's go through the line. talk about this. >> all right. we've got your terrell davis, your john lynch, peyton manning sign, bronco beer. got to have that. this is from the 1998 super bowl that we won. >> reporter: by the way, hi amazing loomen family! >> hi! >> reporter: and, you know, brian, i love when i asked you, what's your favorite thing about this item. if the whole place went up in flames, what's the one thing you would save? besides an amazing wife. but as far as the items go, they mean a lot to you. >> they mean a lot to me. everything in here is priceless to me, everything. and that's including my family, because they share this with me every day. >> reporter: is there an amazing spectacular memory you have with your family in this place? >> oh, probably right now actually. no, but yeah, winning the super bowls and helping, their helping me construct this place and make it what it is today.
4:42 pm
will you be at the game? >> we'll be at the game, 519, up there rooting for our broncos. >> reporter: if that's the case, the 9news crew and i will be picking up the cave! [ laughter ] >> reporter: thank you, brian, and thank you loomen family. this is just one look. we'll give you another look at 5:00. brandon and kim, isn't this incredible? >> it compares favorably with many sports bars i've been in. i'll tell you that. >> reporter: but with the privacy in their basement. win-win. >> and everyone knows what to get him for every christmas, birthday, holiday. >> if they can find something he doesn't have. >> well, there's that. >> watch for the new thing. >> hope they got a magnet. >> reporter: that's true. what's surprising about this place -- they definitely have the magnets around this place, as well as yard signs and clings, too. what's incredible about this place is i've been here for, like, over -- i think about two hours now. the more i look, the more i happen to find all these random broncos things.
4:43 pm
us all in the mood for sunday, guys. >> and no one wears that hat better than you, jessica oh. thank you very much. you look good. have not seen it look so good on someone. >> love it. [ laughter ] you have a chance to be on tv to talk broncos with us and ask questions to our experts, all from the comfort of your arm chair, because everyone but peyton and brock play arm chair quarterback. make plans to be part of broncos tonight, you make the call. it's tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. on channel 20. you will need skype to join us. we have all the details on how or woman cave. it is not too late to get a broncos magnet before sunday.
4:44 pm
patriots game. and they're also lining up for broncos ma . right about now, fans are stocking up on their favorite snacks for sunday's broncos game. >> and they are lining up for the bronco magnets. you buy the cheese ball, then
4:45 pm
christine noelle is at the king soopers in aurora. >> reporter: it is friday, it's broncos weekend. >> go broncos! >> reporter: we have hundreds of people out here at the king soopers in aurora off hamden and tower. they are so excited. the broncos magnet? free broncos magnet. we'll be here until they are gone. damian, what time did you get here? >> i don't know. like 20 minutes ago. >> reporter: and you already have a magnet, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: did you come here specifically for a magnet? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you stoked for the game? >> absolutely. came back from the big parade. it was awesome. >> reporter: we appreciate you being out here. rock the free magnets. we'll be here until the magnets are gone. come out, king soopers in aurora, hamden and tower. one more time, guys! 1, 2, 3! >> go broncos! >> reporter: check back with you in a little bit. >> very good.
4:46 pm
larimer square to aurora. love it. >> miles on the car. >> got to get a magnet. >> if you missed your chance to get one, you haven't missed it. we've got giveaways planned through sunday. all of the locations are on >> still have time. lot of people making plans for the weekend in general, which is why becky is joining us now. you do get all of your things done on saturday when you're going to plant yourself in front of the tv on sunday. >> right? it's going to be busy anyway. we are expecting changes come sunday afternoon. so if you want to be inside for the game, it's going to be a good place to be. forecast. heading into tonight, overnight lows will drop to 27, clear there. i like that. partly cloudy skies. but then we get to the broncos game and all in all, this is not a terrible january forecast for us. low 40s for highs, but we do have a chance for flurries during the game. if you are lucky enough to have tickets and you're going, you're going to be a little cool.
4:47 pm
into the 30s by 4:30 in the evening. we have one colder day to go on monday. then we're back up to 50 once we get to wednesday afternoon. >> sliding into the dip during the game and then coming right back up in the middle of the week. >> yeah, it's football weather. this is what these guys like to play in. >> and we remember that one miserable game. not going to happen. >> no. >> not quite like that. >> we'll take it. thank you for joining us. next. >> see you then. . next at 5:00, the nation's capitol under a blizzard warning, as a massive storm moves up the east coast. >> also ahead, where avalanche danger is high this weekend. colorado records its first avalanche death of the season. >> and some of the extreme ways broncos fans are showing their support for the team, next on
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