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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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like spring along the front range today. danielle grant tells us when our next storm rolls in. >> and the rivalry and respect
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from the deep south to new england, snow, ice and a blizzard have tens of millions of people hunkered down. it's being blamed for more than a dozen deaths already and dropped 2 feet of snow. several locations near washington officially past the 30-inch mark. while some people still got outdoors, officials don't want anyone going anywhere until they sound the all clear. getting outdoors was encourageed on a warm day like we had in the metro area today. 65 degrees in denver. just remarkable. we're guessing that alone made the patriots grateful to be playing in denver tomorrow. >> danielle joins us from the weather center. at some point the tables will turn. but in the meantime what a beautiful start to the weekend. >> it was glorious. it felt like spring time out there. but winter will return to us tomorrow. let's savor today and look out to the high country, where they had beautiful conditions not only with plenty of powder from this week, the bluebird skies
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same. a nice day with highs in the mid-60s in downtown denver. it still is nice at 58 degrees. upper 40s in longmont. 65 bloomfield. across the country we are monitoring this massive storm system that's been affecting the mid-atlantic states through southern massachusetts. look at that snow moving in from boston, new york, south to washington, d.c. the snow totals are just incredible. all eyes back to the pacific northwest, where our next storm system is starting to gain a little bit more steam. it's going to wait till tomorrow afternoon to pull in. you can see around midnight make a couple of light flurries around northern colorado and by 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll kick off the day with mostly cloudy conditions. a cool start. but it will be a snowy finish, especially if you're heading out to the broncos game. winter weather advisory in
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i'll let you know how much snow i think they'll see, and snow totals for the east coast, wow, did they have impressive numbers. and we'll go hour by hour with whether you're tailgating or downtown early through the game and beyond, i'll let you know when i think this next storm system will be moving in. now we're focused on that broncos game so let's hope it doesn't move in near tomorrow. >> it's football weather. the guys can handle it. >> they've proven they can handle it. >> yeah, they have. >> the fans are like, maybe not so much. >> lots of coats and hot chocolate. >> thanks. meanwhile, hundreds of people in kentucky woke up in their cars after a massive winter storm spanning several states left them stranded. a wreck on interstate 75 left
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it was shut down 20 miles overnight. all lanes were reopened late this afternoon. severe weather left a lot of flyers seeing red, not what you want to see. monitors posted dozens of canceled flights, including laguardia in new york. more than 4300 flights canceled today alone. as for dia, the airport is looking at about 80 cancellations today from the storm east. search crews found the body of a like reported missing last week at st. mary's glacier. the sheriff's office says they found the body of 50-year-old todd musselman covered in snow. he was from the denver area. he was reported missing last saturday when he did not return from a hike. denver police say he got into the passenger's seat of denver fire chief eric tade's car and stabbed him in week.
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charged with attempted second degree murder and first degree assault. her son said she had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and never thought she would do something like this. head. was go this far. >> reporter: her son got the news in his kansas dorm room, speculation surrounding the crime has been tough for his family to hear. >> she's not homeless, she's just her episode. >> reporter: john believes what happened tuesday is a result of his mother's schizophrenia. >> she'll have episodes. she'll hallucinate. >> reporter: fire chief tade just pulled out of the headquarters. police believe rodriguez jumped into the suv, stabbed him multiple times. doctors got him back to work the next day when he spoke to the media.
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a very surreal experience. without getting into denver police's investigation, probably the scariest thing was being restrained while it was going on. >> we are sorry that this happened to you and his family. and what my mom has put him through. >> reporter: police believe the attack was random. another reason john points to his mother's mental illness and that is reason enough for him to support her in one of the darkest times of her life. >> we're taking it day by day. supporting here. we understand if she did it there are consequences. >> she remains in custody on $100,000 bond. she's scheduled to appear in court tuesday to be formally advised of the charges. house fire in denver that killed a 49-year-old man earlier this month has claimed the life of another family member. the 79-year-old man died from
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escaping from the house. his son was bed ridden and couldn't escape. three other people in the home escaped safely. the parker community keeps coming together in the aftermath of an ice rescue last week that claimed the life of a student at legend high school. this afternoon students and staff held a fundraiser for the victim. >> everything from prom wear to winter formal wear. >> reporter: at lends high help comes in many shapes. >> it raises money and levels the playing field for kids who dress. >> reporter: it may seem helpful enough, but there's something else compelling students and staff to find the right fit. >> i feel like the financial anything. >> reporter: legend high lost a classmate last week. three students fell through an icy pond. two survived. patrick didn't make it.
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>> i knew them all, and it's just hard. >> kind of hard to see even their pictures. >> reporter: the class decided to donate all the money from the fundraiser to their classmates. touching for teachers to see. >> they want to help. >> reporter: an outpouring of support and a reminder the school and the community will stay strong. >> it's one town, one family. that's how parker is. >> fundraiser ended at 2:00 this afternoon. but legend high says it plans to host similar events in the future. you can go to for ways to help the students who were involved in the accident. special k-9 members of the jefferson county sheriff's office received bullet and stab- proof vests today. the gear was donated by vested
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a big happy birthday is in store for a special world war ii veteran from colorado celebrating his 100th birthday today. [sound of gunfire] >> today emerald nelson was honored with a 21 gun salute from the honor guard of post 22 in north glen. he spent his time in the war as an electrician based in india. about 100 people showed up to wish him the best and he got a little bit emotional. >> emotion is just more than i could take. it had to come up. my nerves, you know. >> nelson's family says he's still very active and lives on his own. he even likes to clear his own driveway when it snows. we'll have more tonight on 9news on this special birthday. >> he's a terrific guy. just in time for tomorrow's
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painted a mural of demarcus ware as the hulk. the artist says the mural is based on ware's sack celebrations. you can see more images from his work on >> if you follow ware on instagram, he reposted a picture of that. he's definitely touched by that. >> talented guy. the ice was piling up in breckenridge. behind the scenes look at the setup for the snow sculpting championship. >> and depending how you see it, this guy is earring incredibly creative or just
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if you've never done this, this is a must do in breckenridge, because they will soon start carving snow into art. huge pieces of art. >> add this to something we don't know how to do either. >> that's true. >> matt renoux joins us from breckenridge. just as the weather starts warming up, which i imagine
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>> reporter: it's been spring- like all day today. 35 degrees here still in breckenridge. when they start carving these massive blocks of snow next week, the temperatures are still expected to be in the mid- 30s. the good news is the teams that will be carving all this snow are the best in the world and all this warm weather has been great for getting this event set up. >> did you grab the key off that case? >> reporter: at the river walk center parking lot, carl olson and his rogue lighting crew are in t-shirts. >> we like it when it's warm. >> reporter: setting up at the breckenridge international snow sculpting championship by taking advantage of temperatures in the 40s. >> yeah, it's a pretty nice day out. i would have to say upper 40s. >> reporter: perfect for installing the complex network of more than 100 wireless lights. >> got three rows of lighting here that are all wireless. >> reporter: but probably -- >> i have a feeling they don't
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>> reporter: -- not the i deal weather for artists who will be carving these massive blocks of snow. >> just a real sight to see. >> reporter: into works of art. >> couple of years ago they had faberge egg looking ones. >> i've been doing this four years. >> reporter: they've gotten used to a late january spring warm up. >> it's bluebird day every single day. >> reporter: by working at night and taking advantage of all those lights, carl and his crew are setting up. >> they tend to do a lot of sculpting at night as well, a lot of times because of the colder temperatures helps them. >> reporter: which, when they finish, will be as much an artistic display -- >> adds that extra flair. >> reporter: -- as the snow sculptures they're lighting up. >> then it becomes more art. >> reporter: the good news is the temperatures will drop in the next couple of days. great for all the snow that's been pileed up here. then it's going to warm up when they start.
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blocks of snow on tuesday next week, and then on saturday they'll have a lighting of the sculptures, impressive sight to see. i've already gotten started a little ahead of all the other guys. been working on this one all day. i call it, divine number 9. >> oh, that is beautiful. that is so well done. matt, i know typically they do a lot of really delicate things. yes, that is a beautiful, as is yours, very delicate. >> it looks huge from this perspective. >> yes, it does. the temperature, obviously it didn't change your motivation or technique or style, but do you think given the weather they might do things a little more robust and not as many things as delicate as say yours for example? >> reporter: yes. i took a big gamble today and i'm surprised it's still standing as warm as it was. but you'll see those teams come in from around the world and they may alter their designs a little bit if they think it will be warm. if you're trying to do
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it to fall apart and sometimes that happens. in it stays in the 20s and low 30s they might can do really cool stuff. we'll have to see what the weather brings them. >> always big crowds. i'm anxious to see it. i hope yours survives another 20 minutes or so. we've been very moved by it. >> divine number 9. >> nicely done, matt. >> reporter: yes, if it were cold enough, my tears would be freezing. >> as would ours as well. nicely done, matt. good luck in the competition. matt renoux live from breckenridge. >> so talented. what is considered a war dance moves a crowd to tears at a wedding in haka in new zealand.
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encouraging his son to overcome his problems. in this video, the bride and groom are noticebly moved before they both join in. it's fascinating to watch. a lot of emotion here. this has gone viral online with more than 18 million views in a couple of days. there. >> absolutely. dry today, wet tomorrow. from the west. >> danielle is next to tell us when the snow showers begin and when they will stop.
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inside today. >> i know. 65 degrees downtown. what do you always say? dinner. >> and also like south beach. >> also? >> and everybody in the world is outside today. i say a lot of different things. >> you have a lot of slogans. >> so nice, though. >> it was beautiful. today feeling like spring time. and tomorrow will feel a little more like winter. truly, you can go anywhere across colorado today and just enjoy it. temperatures 0 the high country, they were warm. had bluebird skies.
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downtown as well as up there in boulder, beautiful as they have the bright blue skies with the flatirons. colorado cannot take a bad picture. today we hit 57 at dia. 43 degrees in greeley. warmer across the southeastern corner of the state, with temperatures in the 60s. mid-30s in eagle as well as rifle, grand junction as well. now at the airport temperatures about 49 degrees. winds out of the east-southeast at 10 miles per hour. still, here in the back yard it is just picture perfect on a saturday evening. we're at about 48 degrees. state-wide it's been extremely dry. hd doppler 9, really no moisture to speak of just yet. i'll zoom out. this is the next storm system bringing snowfall to washington, oregon, into idaho, montana. even dipping down into the salt lake city area. all of that slowly moving into our back yard by tomorrow. the east coast, they still are
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snow coming in a good swath of it along the i-95 corridor from boston into new york, philadelphia, all the way south towards washington, d.c. it has just been a mess out there, and you can see they still have the winter weather advisories in place until lunchtime tomorrow. more so for north carolina into virginia. blizzard warnings everywhere you see in that pink shade. washington, d.c. up towards new york. again, ending tomorrow morning at 6:00, with the winter storm warnings further up there toward southern massachusetts. it's been a wild blockbuster kind of storm. take a look at some these reports. jfk and laguardia. white house, 13 inches. these reports came in to us about 2:00 this afternoon. the snowfall keeps on coming down. again, this storm system is just going to hold on with that intense grip for the next about 12 hours before it moves out to sea.
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storm system is going to be rolling in. this one not as impressive as what's going on on the east coast. 6:00this evening partly to mostly cloudy skies around the i-25 corridor. 10:00p.m. quiet, dry around here. and tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m., all you tailgaters, things will be just fine. mostly cloudy skies across eastern colorado. but that snow, by 1:00 in the afternoon, kickoff, the snow is going in the high country. skiers and snowboarders you'll be loving it. still quiet, but 6:00, 7:00 move a few rain shower first and then snowfall. looks more likely at the tail end of the game we might see a little bit of precipitation. again, the heavier snowfall coming in later tomorrow night. here it is 10:00 p.m. when we'll have the heavier bands in the denver metro area and eastern plains. high country, winter weather
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front range mountains, 6 to 12 inches with 4 to 8 vail, aspen and snow mass. teens in the mountains tonight. really comfortable evening under mostly cloudy skies. for tomorrow the clouds just continuing to increase as the day goes on. temperatures running where they should be in time of year, 44. cooler in northern colorado, hanging on to some sunshine in southeastern colorado. another day in the 60s for you. 30s around the foothills. again, it should be a good first half of the day before this storm system moves in. it will continue overnight into monday, bringing us a few flurries out there. this storm system moves out by monday evening, and we're back in business, sunshine and the 60s they're back in action as well. we have to wait until next weekend. >> there you go. little snow not bad thing. it's nature's confetti when you win. >> absolutely. it will be magical out there on the big screens. >> that's what we hope.
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a guy in new jersey found a surprisingly fast way to clear the snow off his deck. he grabbed his shovel and hoverboard. all he did was hold the shovel steady and balance. probably harder than it looks. given the board's safety record, probably shouldn't try that. >> he's in a good rhythm. >> is that a banana suit? >> it looks like a banana suit. >> if you're going to do it -- >> there you go. got the whole thing going. a vintage snowboard worth thousands of dollars went to a man in california for free. >> because it was his all along.
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this is proof school can be an awful lot of fun. lot of fun for a group of kids near cleveland. their task was to build sleds out of cardboard. they held up really well in the snow and some made imtation snowboards. they are enrolled in a new stem program at the school.
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when you have brothers and creative, you go sledding on cardboard and hopes it ends well. sometimes it doesn't end well. that's with brothers. >> at the tell you to bring a sheet of cardboard at the colorado sand dunes. >> it's cheap, easy and fun. and simple. a man in california was reunited with his missing piece of childhood decades after it was stolen from his grandparents miles away. >> this is strange and the result of a bizarre set of circumstances that led him to this discovery. it started when nate popped into a snowboard shop to kill time. a snowboard he used as a kid caught his eye, because the snowboard company only made about 600 of the boards in 1983. he snapped a picture and after taking a closer look at the board, he noticed something very familiar. the number 69 that his uncle painted on the board before nate received it as a gift.
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>> i asked, where did you get this board from? you're not going to believe this, but that board was stolen from my grandparents' house in 1990 off the front porch. >> turns out someone brought the board back in 2004 and left it. it now retails online for as much as $6,000. nate. he said it's set up the same way he had it when he rode it as a little boy. >> that's wild. >> that was nice. >> i had no idea vintage boards went for that amounted of money. democrats and republicans could get competition from an independent. >> the storm pounding the east coast is whipping up flood
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severe weather to the east isn't just producing snow as
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new jersey and delaware were hit with severe coastal flooding triggering evacuations in some towns. roads looked more like rivers in stone harbor, new jersey. flooding there set a record from superstorm sandy. massive power outages. ten states including washington, d.c. are all under states of emergency. officials want people to stay off the roads and inside. in north carolina where they don't see a lot of snow, six people have died in accidents on icy roads. new york governor cuomo announced a travel ban early this morning. >> i don't care how superb a driver, the roads are barely passable. >> roads are supposed to clear tomorrow and the digout begins.
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opened fire on a suspect they missed their target and hit two bystanders instead, an adult and juvenile were grazeed by the gunfire last night outside the bellagio casino. officers confronted a man walking in and out of traffic and waving a gun at people. they shot at him when he did not listen to their commands. that man is in custody and both bystanders expected to be okay. a candlelight vigil honored the victims of a school shooting in saskatchewan yesterday. two of the victims killed were teachers. the associated press reports the gunman shot and killed his two brothers at home before opening fire at a nearby school. another billionaire businessman could enter the presidential race.
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bloomberg is reportedly considering running as an independent. sources say he's set march as a deadline. he was a long time democrat who became a republican to run for mayor, and later switched to an independent. he's said to be willing to spend a billion of his own fortune to finance his campaign. the broncos love to be underdogs and some odds makers are accommodating them. they have the patriots winning tomorrow. >> in our sports a to z, here's what they think peyton manning and the broncos need to do to make it to the super bowl. >> it is manning versus brady xvii tomorrow. do they have one more classic in them? >> i'm wondering about that. i don't even say manning brady xvii. i say manning brady v. i don't remember the first one.
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there were 12 regular seasons. i were the championship matchups. this is what we have tomorrow. i'd like to think this will be one of those story book finishes where both guys come out and turn back the clock. >> but you don't? >> i think one guy is going to show you his greatness in a burst and one guy will show you his greatness in a burst late in the game. >> who's who? >> peyton manning performed poorly at times this season, but has had moments in the fourth quarter. >> he had one the other day, that pass to fowler. i don't look at manning versus brady. i look at brady versus wade phillips and the defense. i think there are three keys. one, the broncos have to catch the ball better than they did the other day. if they drop it seven times they'll lose. number two, they must hit tom brady early and often. if they don't, they will lose. and number three, if they run the ball effectively, they will win.
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run it more than 130 yards. >> 7-0 when they run it 30 times or mo. >> don't get away from the run. keep tom brady off the field. >> but you have to score touchdowns. >> yes. >> field goals will not cut it in this game. >> field goals helped them in the steelers. when you play tom brady you know they're going to come off aggressive offensively early. >> i thought the broncos' defense last week was gashed with 8 big plays. i think the defense has been worn down and i'm concerned we're going to see big plays tomorrow. >> that's what's been happening to them second half of the season, big plays. we've seen two 80-yard touchdowns. it's going to be a tough one. >> the patriots don't have the homerun hitter that the steelers have. they're going to try to dink
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>> but they have guys that hit doubles and triples. >> yes. and a big tight end that could be the difference in the game. the other thing that struck me thinking about this, i read this in the boston globe, the last 32 games edle men has started, patriots are 22-1. that concerns me. >> patriots give people a lot of concerns. you think bill belichick is up to something sneaky every time -- >> he is. >> you think tom brady is going to line every call, because -- whine after every call, because he does -- >> and you're home and you should win the game. i know they're an underdog but they're at home. >> who is going to win? could we ask kyle clark? >> we could ask adele. she's got the broncos. >> we'll leave you all in
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>> i'm alone, as usual. i'm z. >> betting adele has the broncos. i'm pretty sure she does. on this saturday night we'd love to hear from you. fans are invited to join us for broncos tonight you make the call. all you need is a skype account to join the conversation. if you're new to skype, we have
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here is 9news anchor gary shapiro. >> watching the space shuttle challenger will -- >> reporter: obviously a lot has changed in 30 years, especially in regards to hair and mustaching.
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part to cover the cu story. they had a satellite on board designed to study halley's comet. they were briefed on the mission, as were we. >> it's a real feeling of accomplishment. >> it was really the first big project i worked on. >> reporter: alan stern was a project scientist at cu. he worked closely with the crew. >> liftoff. >> reporter: now stern is the principal investigator for the new horizons project. the 10-year long and counting mission to study pluto. >> for my friends who lost their lives on the challenger, for the loss of an opportunity to study the comet, those were all tragic. but i hope that some of the things that i've accomplished
5:36 pm
accomplished since then can pay tribute to their sacrifice. >> reporter: gary shapiro, 9news. >> our special report 30 years and 73 seconds the challenger disaster airs at 6:00 tonight right after our show. it will be repeated tomorrow night at 9:30 on channel 20. we hope you join us. remarkable feature. >> gary, they've done a phenomenal job. you should give it a half an hour if you do. and you should enjoy today's weather. >> if you're out and about -- >> perfect, no coats needed. maybe later tonight you'll want one handy. but looking to tomorrow, i think we might get by without seeing too much wet weather. great shots coming in with that great broncos sunrise. love it when you tweet us. as far as the temperatures go
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mostly cloudy skies. we will be tracking a cold front dipping in from the northeast. that's going to stir up our winds a bit and that's also what will help bring the rain and possibly little bit of snow toward the very tail end of the game. this is a recent computer model that just came in. 8:00a.m. you can see the clouds up and down i-25. as we fast forward by 1:00 the clouds are still around but the snow is still up in the mountains. through the game the snow is just trying to get down here to the mile high city. but still with this run, by 5:00, it still looks relatively dry. again, i think we might sneak away without seeing too much. but again, that second half late in the game, little bit of rain, a little bit of snowfall coming down. nothing we can't handle. i think the heaviest stuff late tomorrow night into early monday morning. that might be tricky for folks trying to get back to work. >> for all the tailgaters -- >> they're fine. just get something cozy to hold onto. hot cocoa, little something something.
5:38 pm
>> it's going to be wild. can't wait. >> go broncos! >> broncos sunrise is an omen. in minturn they call this the broncos house. one family every week puts up a sign showing who the team is playing next, and hand made jerseys line the fence. >> we've been doing this probably since the broncos started playing in the '60s. we've been in this house, just to have the logo on the roof, and had to put a new roof on. this has always been known as the bronco house on toledo avenue in minturn. we've had people come by to go in our house to check out the stuff we have inside. >> yes. as impressive as it is on the outside, it gets better inside. they've collected broncos memorabilia for years, from an electric train to more than 30 different hats. they are a bronco family.
5:39 pm
fanatics are out there. >> true. love it. >> die hards. speaking of, coming up in sports, rockies' out fielder rocky gonzalez talks about all the trade talks. >> plus, john elway talks about
5:40 pm
four straight division titles and yet, a goal they're 60 minutes away from achieving. pretty good first season for john kubiak and good hire by john elway. >> gary and i understand what each of our responsibilities are. his responsibility is a football team and he's got the starters. he's with them every day. i'm not coaching. he's with them every day and makes those decisions. obviously we talk a lot. and i think the key thing about a great relationship between a
5:41 pm
communication side of it and to be able to talk about things. that's what we've been able to do and why this year has been great and look forward to many, many more with gary, because the fact we're able to communicate and understand where each one of us are coming from, but z understand what our roles are and responsibilities are. >> much more with john elway tomorrow morning on game day live. we'll be live at the stadium from 9:00 until 10:00. this broncos patriots thing has turned out to be quite arielly. the two teams don't like one another. there's some hate, but there's also respect. >> we're coming back next week. we be waiting for y'all, come on. >> reporter: the broncos are one win away from a trip to the super bowl and seems only fitting that the patriots stand in their path. >> they're always in my way. they're always in my way to get what i want. it's naturally going to create hate. >> reporter: there's something to be said about that consistency.
5:42 pm
i have a ton of respect for the whole organization. tom brady is a great player. mutual. because as good as new england has been, the broncos have been there as well. >> got a great tradition there. and we played a lot of good bronco teams. beat them a couple of times, but they beat us most of the time, so love to get to that number three in the win column this weekend. >> reporter: brady is 2-6 in denver, and that is of course where sunday's title game ends. >> their fans will be loud and ready, and the denver broncos, solid team and defense. >> we're glad to be playing at home because we get to play in front of our great fans and there's no question we're going to need them in a big way on sunday. >> reporter: the top two teams in the afc square off for a trip to the super bowl. >> i told shane ray, this is the biggest game of your life. up to this point. so i think, you know, i think we're already, we all feel the energy and it's something special.
5:43 pm
the patriots and the broncos, it just seems right. >> aaron, thank you. you don't have to wait until sunday for football. we have the east west shrine game. we're putting the spotlight on a ram, cartwright, because the receiver and pueblo grad caught a touchdown today as his team, the west, won by 20. 29-9was the final. we are nearing the end of football which means we are nearing the start of baseball. spring training just around the corner. coors field, that was the place to be today. a chance for the fans to talk to some of the rockies and the media got to ask a couple of questions as well. like talking about all the trade rumors. >> to be honest with you guys, now my focus is on the same thing it's always been. just training, trying to get better, trying to get stronger. i never really pay attention to what's going to happen tomorrow
5:44 pm
i try to live the present. i try to get better like i say, and right now i'm a rocky and excited about the up coming season and spring training and have fun and play baseball. av's and nuggets both in action. hockey and dallas hoops against detroit. college basketball, air force press know state to the wire. falcons up 1. not any more. jones with the putback. six seconds left. air force had a chance to win. thing is, they didn't make much of their opportunity. didn't really get a shot off. fresno state wins, 56-55. speaking of wild, steph curry showing off last night. how about a half courter? that one didn't count at the end of the first quarter. he just missed the buzzer. but at the end of the second
5:45 pm
again, and this time he cashed it in in time. warriors are at a different level than everyone else. he's unbelievable. they're 40-4. >> i know you called that tuesday, but the rest of us find that amazing. >> wednesday.
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times square, new york city, more than 19 inches of snow has fallen in central park. the governor of new york declared a state of emergency in the city and suburbs. he also announced a travel ban for all nonemergency vehicles and urged broadway theaters and restaurants to close. >> but here in the denver area, head on out. >> not too shabby. just beautiful. tomorrow we'll be talking our next storm system. maybe 1 to 3 inches in the metro area by monday morning.
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60s by friday and saturday. >> outstanding. so good to be us.
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the count down clock continuing. >> the srb high drollic power units have started. t minus 15 seconds. we have main engines start. 4, 3, 2, 1, and liftoff. liftoff of the 25th space shuttle mission and it is
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>> challenger now heading down range.
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