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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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in a historic and deadly snowstorm slamming the east coast. many are measuring the snow fall in feet. millions are impacted, including some here in colorado. while the east coast is shoveling out. colorado enjoyed temperatures in the 60s today. tomorrow a much different story. just in time for the broncos and patriots afc championship game. and animal shelter burns down, no dogs died, however, thanks to the heroics of the owners. >> i'm in pretty good shape really. and he served his country, and today he celebrated a milestone not easily reached by many world war ii veterans. 9 news starts now. ath shooing tonight in the -- a shooting tonight in the montbello neighborhood killed a man. someone shot the man after
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investigators are unsure what they were arguing ability. police are question -- about. police are questions several people, but not releasing any information at this time. snow is city falling along the east coast tonight. more than 60 million people are impacted by the blizzard. at least 18 people have died as a result. when the storm ends tomorrow, one in seven americans will be under at least a half of foot of snow. this winter storm is paralyzing cities, including new york city. this is a live look at times square. we'll be pulling that up in just a moment, but for now people pushing a car stuck in the storm. normally time square would be packed with cars and cabs on a saturday night, instead just some curious and brave new yorkers embracing the blizzard conditions. and new york's governor issued a travel ban through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. all roads are close.
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>> and the nation's capital saw 25 inches of snow, winds between 30 and 50 miles per hour, the weather channel says 252,000 people estimated have lost power. icy conditions shut down interstate 75 in kentucky today. thousands of cars stranded for some 13 hours. the good news is the interstate is now reopened. the storm has far-reaching impact, even creating problems here in denver. airlines have canceled nearly 10,000 flights, including 130 at dia. >> and to get an idea of the scope of the storm, scott kelly tweeted this picture from the international space station. >> winter conditions not the only concern. high tides combined with an eight to ten foot surf left many streets looking like rivers, and high tide tonight
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>> >. and a far different story here in colorado. this late january day felt more like a beautiful spring day. hopefully you enjoyed it like you could because tomorrow winter returns for the big broncos game. meteorologist danielle grant is tracking the next batch of snow, when will we see it? >> looks like the second half of the game we could have a few rain drops or flurries. looks like the heaviest snow will be overnight into monday, but today was glorious. i hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy it. still comfortable in downtown in the 40s. mid-30s in fort collins, and 20s in idaho springs. the mid-section of the country relatively dry right now. across the eastern seaboard still watching the snow bands press into boston, new york, and finally fizzling out of the dc area after a monster storm. in the west another system digging into the great basin,
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afternoon. tomorrow morning, broncos sunday, here we go. mostly cloudy skies to kick off the day. driveway early on. by lunchtime the winds kick up, but still all right, then the highs in the mid-40s, we have a winter weather advisory in place for the mountains. the east coast, impressive snow totals for you, and again, i'll break down the broncos game day forecast for everyone because i know every's eyes are on the game or tv. >> we have a lot of people starting early tailgating tomorrow. >> yes. 15 hours from kick off, and about 19 hours from now we'll know if the broncos are headed back to the super bowl, and it's not just the super bowl at stake here. tomorrow could be peyton manning's last game in denver. later we'll look at the keys to the game for a broncos win, plus hear from the head of the
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scary moments at an animal rescue in wind south of route yesterday after-- windsor yesterday afternoon after a fire trapped animals in the smoke and flames. >> reporter: at big bones canine rescue. >> >. this is where it started, this unit. >> i opened the door to go in the building and then the smoke came out. >> they think it started in the outlet right here. >> it was instant panic. >> reporter: they never xerox copied a an answer -- expected a rescue like this. five dogs were trapped wile the owner ask of her husband scrambled to save them. >> my husband used to be a firefighter, so he ran in with the hose and started hosing everything out. >> they couldn't get out, they were trapped in the fences, even going outside. yes they could come outside, but when you have flames of that magnitude it's sucking the oxygen from everywhere. >> if my husband wasn't here we would have lost the whole building.
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still stands, and koda and the other four dogs were saved. the fire started where a space heater was plugged in. but for a small nonprofit that relies solely on volunteers. >> sorry. >> the toll it's going to take on the rescue, but we'll survive. >> we all work so hard to make it happen and make everybody safe, and to have it happen is scary. >> reporter: scary, but relieved for the rescue. >> you think about the losses you could have had and the devastation, and things like that, so i don't know, it could have been worse. >> the rescue specializes in dogs with special needs or hard to place. they're looking for families without a dog will be to be a foster home while they work to rebuild the structure. if you'd like more information
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two special transport chairs belonging to adult windshield special needs were taken from outside a home. the foster parent says the chairs are used to take her two foster sons to and from medical apaintments and other places. they have other wheelchairs, but these are special because they followed up small enough to -- fold up small enough to fit both in the van. she took them out of the van and by the time they returned the chairs were gone. someone could have accidentally picked them up thinking they were free, but she's filed a report from police. help came in many shades at legend high school today in parker. students and staff held a fund raiser for the family of student who disa died last -- died last week after falling into a icy pond. he didn't survive but two
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hosted a formal wear fund raiser. >> it raises money, and also levels the playing field economically for a lot of kids that couldn't afford a nice prom dress. it's one town, one family. >> legend high lane counties to host similar -- plans to host similar events for all involved in the accident. and remembered railed nelson -- emerald nelson celebrated a big milestone rare for many, but one his family saw coming all along. >> what a celebration. >> reporter: this couldn't have been a bigger honor. >> i'd rather be shot standing up. >> reporter: for a world war ii army vet who's birthday dates back to the first world war. >> are your guns all loaded and reed did i to shoot -- ready to shoot? >> reporter: as the 99 years weren't enough. >> thank you! >> reporter: emerald nelson
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>> this is the second time i hit a hundred. i hit the bottom about a hundred years ago. >> reporter: and he's celebrating 100. >> i can still walk. >> reporter: the only way a man adding a third number to the age column can. >> you don't have to salute. >> reporter: with some laughs and perspective. >> i didn't realize i was that popular [ laughter ] >> reporter: the life long electrician still lives on his own. >> he's hired some neighborhood kids to shovel his sidewalk, and when they get there it's usually done already. >> i don't ever to, but i do it. >> reporter: but despite his durability. >> in honor of your service i thank you very much. >> reporter: there are some things that can break him down. >> the owe motion is just more than -- emotion is just more than i can take. >> reporter: he says it's not about reaching 100. >> i've had a good life. ups and downs. >> reporter: it's making
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>> do unto others as you would have them do unto you. that's my motto. >> reporter: in denver, jonathan gonzalez. >> and i've pretty well stuck to it my whole life. >> truly remarkable. emerald says there's no secret to his len jeffty, he -- longevity, he just gets up every day and does what he needs to do. next on 9 news at 10:00. >> a pando enjoyed the fun in fresh powder. and sam and ron discuss what the broncos need to did to punch a ticket to the super bowl. >> spring today and winter tomorrow. i'm tracking the next storm. will it be here in the time for the broncos game? that answer next.
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some people love the snow, others mark o'meara to florida
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california, then there's this panda embracing the blizzard. the bear at the national zoo spent the day frolicking outside in the snow. just too cute. since the video was posted online, millions of people watched it. >> >. yeah, i don't think most of the people back east are quite there yet, but. >> no, maybe some of the kids. >> yeah, he's loving it. he's the happiest of all. today. >> like a snow angel, a snow panda. >> my gosh, that snow system was just unbelievable. slammed with winter weather on the east coast, but here picture perfect. it was a great day, and a great sunset too. a broncos one at that. a true broncos one. that one captured at shorts authority field -- sports authority field, and denver lit up in orange and blue looking festive for the big game tomorrow. temperature at 57 at dia. we hit 65 downtown.
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colorado with some spots in the 0s and 40s better 30s and 40s better 30s and -- 30s and 40s in the mountains. winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour making it feel a little cooler. right here in the backyard temperatures in the upper 30s. dry die, huge -- day. huge dome of high pressure allowing temperatures to warm up, and for all of that sunshine. a much different story across the eastern seaboard dealing with this extremely historic storm that plowed into parts of dc, philadelphia, new york, boston, now finally these snow bands are beginning to move out to sea, but again, i-95 corridor has been such a mess. blizzard warnings in place until about 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning from dc, baltimore and new york, and winter weather advisory in virginia and north carolina.
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27.7 inches out at jfk airport. central park 25 inches, the national zoo where the panda was, 22 inches. the philadelphia airport at 20.8 and 16 in baltimore. the storm system moving out, high pressure moving off to the east, and our next storm system is pulling into the state tomorrow afternoon bringing us the chance for a few flurries, and cooler temperatures and gusty winds. most of the wet weather though showing in the mountains where there's winter weather advisory in place through lunchtime monday testimony front range mountains seeing six to twelve inches. three to six closer to craig. i'll time it out, the rest of this meaning most -- evening mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow not too bad, but the clouds increasing as the afternoon goes on. i pause the clock at 1:00 p.m., where are you going to be? watching? dry around here. snow fall continues in the mountains.
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the fresh powder, and 5:00 and 6:00, the lighten a showers and possibly -- light rain showers and possibly snow showers move in, and heavier snow sunday night into monday morning. and even at that it doesn't look all that impressive for denver. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid-40s for kick off in the upper 30s, so the second half has a better shot of the wintry mix. the cold front cools off the temperature, stirs up the front, and allows the precipitation to move in. 1:00 dry up and down the corridor, 4:30, 5:00 wrapping things up, and moisture moves into the metro area. 7:00 snow fall as temperatures cool off enough to just be looking at snow throughout the rest at evening. tonight -- of the evening. one to two inches in the metro area. two to four to the south, and the foothills and high country
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up to a foot. tonight comfortable, 20s and 30s overnight. teens up in the mountain, again mostly cloudy skies overnight, and then tomorrow morning, wake up the sunrise is out and about, the clouds increasing throughout the day. still a nice one in southeast colorado with a balmy temperature, some spots still in the 30s out west. stay in the 40s around here. high temperatures right after lunchtime, and then as the fronted dives in we cool off fast. blustering afternoon as the showers move through. few early morning flurries, but everything done in time for the monday morning drive, and then bounce back a bit. sunshine and mid-50s by next thursday, and you'll have to wait for the nine-day, we warm up even more. one day you get the snow and then 60s and sunshine in colorado. >> you want to bottle it up and save it. >> and if you've heard about the extended, oh my gosh, remarkable.
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in the mountain town of mintern, they call this the broncos house. since the 1960s, the family is decking their house to the nines to celebrate the team. they put up a sign every week showing who the team is playing next, and line the fence with hand made jerseys. pretty cool. brady versus manning, the patriots -- the browsers. the top -- broncos. the top two square off. >> we've been talk agent it all -- about it all week, and now just 15 hours away, and now sam and ron discuss the keys to a win for both teams. ron, we look at the game tomorrow, and everybody wants to talk about peyton manning, tom brady. i think the big key to the game is turnovers. >> >. look at last week.
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turnover. that was it. i agree with you. but i think there's three things, they have to hit brady, hit him all the time, if they don't he'll tear them apart. run the football, if they run it they win, and you know what, the receivers were awful last week. they were, there's no other way to say it. they have to catch the football. i don't want to hear about the wind or sun or knuckle balls, catch the ball. thomas will have a big game h. got paid, he's the best receiver. he's the best with manning. thomas has to match whatever anybody does on the other side. >> i think everybody has a match. this is a game to me that, you know the new england patriot, we think of them as awe high scoring group, but hold them under 24 you have a chance to win the game. the broncos in their eight wins against the patriots and tom brady, 24 or less the patriots have scored.
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a lot more than the broncos. the last few years we haven't been able to say this, but the patriots offense is better. >> so like a 7-6 game? >> no, like a 26-23 game. >> i think the broncos will win because back in september i picked them to go to the super bowl. >> i take the patriots 26-23, but i hope you're right, and it's rare i feel that. >> i know [ laughter ] >> that does it for us.
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>. from colorado's sports leader, here's rod mackey. kicking and screaming, something denver didn't do in the playoffs last year which is why gary kubiak is here. a division championship is not enough for john elway, he wants a super bowl championship, and now the broncos are just two wins away thanks to that attitude. >> the kicking and screaming is battling, that's the way you look at it. anybody, if you're in a fight and kicking and screaming, you're giving it all you've
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as a football team this year. fair and the staff have done a tremendous -- gary and the staff have done a tremendous job of convincing the guys to play hard for 60 minutes, and even if things aren't going well early in the game we have to keep going, and eventually things will turn around, and that's what we've done, so if anything we've improved on from last year is kicking and screaming, and that's the last time i'll say that, be it that's one thing the -- but that's one thing the team has done. >> we'll have more with john elway tomorrow morning at 9:00, from 9:00 to 10:00 on game day live from the stadium. you know manning and brady 17 was supposed to happen back in november, but he was injured, so he watched it in the equipment room with ware. >> neither of us played in the game, and we were both in the equipment room watching the
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second guesser, you know, wrap up von, i really enjoyed his commentary during the game. >> peyton one time, malik missed a tackle, and he said go out there and tell him to run this play, i'm running all the way to the sideline saying some pass rush play and it actually worked, and they got a sack, and i'm like go tell [to do this, and he puts his stuff on and does this, and it's funny to see that, but it was fun at that time. >> he and i were smiling before the team meeting that it would be nice to be out on the actual playing field this time around as opposed to in the equipment room where you're watching it on tv in mute so you don't have to hear all of the analysis. the hot dogs aren't bad in there, i'll say that, be it i much prefer -- but i much
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>> hmm, hot dogs. the rams played in the east west shrine games. the west won by 20. and what's better than three in a row? four in a row. i'm stealing john fox's locker room speech, but that's what the avalanche hoped to do tonight. easier said than done in dallas, the stars the third best team in the nhl, but the avalanche better tonight. giving up just one goal and the stars had over 100 shots. the avalanche get the final 3- 1. where did john elway spend the night before the championship game? at the nuggets game. and he saw a good one. denver down to detroit, make it up 1, fade away into the pistons bench with 23 seconds left. he had 30 as denver holds on to
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104-101 putting an end to their two-game losing streak. the ledge hardwood. cu and washington state, the worst team in the conference by the way. buffs down one late, but out to george king who cashes in the three. cu wins a game they had to have. 75-70. so we've got football, hockey, basketball, what's missing from the sports cast? >> baseball. >> right, spring training around the corner. coors field today the place to be, a chance for the fans to talk to some of the rockies, and the media showed up as well asking the players questions like cargo, asking him about the trade rumors. >> >. to be honest with you guys, right now my focus is on the same thing it's always been, you know, training, troying to get better and -- trying to get better and stronger, you know, i never really pay attention to what's going to happen tomorrow, you know, or what happens in the past.
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troy to get better like i said and right now i'm a rocky and excited about the upcoming season, so excited about spring training and sit together with my team, and you know, just have some fun and play baseball. >> and finally if missy franklin played soccer she would be mallory pugh. the mountain vista senior made her national debut against ireland and she scored a goal. she's just 17! she has been rumored to go pro, but she insists she's playing at ucla next season. and she still has a season at high school. they play in the spring. we have all the high school stars here. >> oh yes, sir. >> 17, just amazing. >> i have broncos tomorrow.
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and the the boys have to work their mile high magic in the first half, that's when the weather should be just perfect. mostly cloudy sky, quiet, it's the second half we'll be looking at as far as seeing some wet weather, but then. >> 60s! next friday and saturday. >> it's a reward for winning. >> absolutely [ laughter ] >> >. everybody is winning. >> all right, if you watched 9 news last night we had a couple of wardrobe changes that might have confused you. kyle clark swapped his jacket every time he read a broncos story. yeah, that happened, and the switch out actually happened. i was there making sure he was fuelly suited on screen --
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