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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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>> this is a sweet day. this is a sweet victory. ah, to me this victory sort of is a great example of what this entire season has been like. >> the broncos are headed to super bowl l, the team celebrates before looking ahead to the panthers. manning has a postgame news conference.
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clara, how to get a tick today the game. it was mostly sunny and mild this afternoon. how much snow we're expecting overnight? 9 news starts now. [ music ] the broncos are headed to super bowl l. the team celebrated to look ahead before the panthers. manning brought a special guest to his postgame news conference. it was quite the day for the denver broncos. drew is now here to talk about it. >> the following sentence can only be uttered in dallas, pittsburgh, new england and now denver. more teams have earned more trips to the super bowl than hours. the broncos won the a.f.c. championship for the eighth time in history. manning was outstanding. acouple of touchdown passes to daniel and no interceptions.
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times if you include the two- point conversion. the broncos win, 20-18. and eight is enough to tie the all-time nfl record for conference titles. >> there's no question, this is a sweet day. this is a sweet victory. ah-- to me this victory sort of is a great exam of what this entire season has been like. it's-- and -- a unique season there is no question about it. and this game today was a unique football game. but everybody did their part. it truly was a team win. >> it is pretty special to play in this game. obviously to advance to the next game is -- it is -- we all play and work so hard. so it's disappointing not to have the opportunity to do that. it takes a lot of good football to do that and beat grateful teams. and we lost to a very good football team today. >> you guys -- manning took the
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season. remember that? he is halfway back. $2millionbonus for winning the afc championship. and manning will get another $2 million for the broncos can beat the panthers in super bowl l. >> all right. afinancial manager. how about that? >> all right. >> thanks, drew. so you want to go to the super bowl? get ready to pay, especially if you're not a nfl ticket total. $25,000. bronco season ticket holders went into the random drawing -- we have heard from some of those ticket holders thought they were not selected. we believe that probably great weather for anyway. kickoff in the mid 40s and a lot of sunshine over the stadium. cathy is in the weather center. the clouds are moving in throughout the evening. >> we really thought we would have more snow than this by now. but we have two systems were
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the system is on the way with a cold front to the north. we have pockets of heavier snow outside of aurora, parker, and extending down to the pond rowa park. showers are moving from the northwest to the southeast after a wiper -- winter weather advisory for the mountains. five to 10 inches of snow. occasional snow showers tonight and much of the day tomorrow. less than an inch accumulation is expected. unless castle rock, and higher elevation. minutes we will talk about the light snow and what it will mean for your morning drive. the plank forecast, as -- planning forecast, as we say to february. thanks.
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for deaths. snow measuring feet in places. a number of areas are asking people to avoid unnecessary travel. many schools will remain closed tomorrow as crews work 24 hours a day to clear the snow. >> still a great deal of work to be done. to conduct damage assessment and recover from a weather event of this severity. >> the storm is blamed for 28 deaths. car crashes, hypothermia and health issues. >> 5,000 flights were canceled today. limited service in new york, philadelphia, and baltimore. denver international airport reported 58 cancellations today related to the storm back east. one man is dead and another is on the run of a craigslist deal gone wrong. around this morning people near sims and beliveau started calling 9-1-1 reporting gunshots. we are joined live now.
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saying this started when the homeowner in the area posted items for sale on craigslist. two men came to the door to buy the things the sale turned into an armed robbery. in a neighborhood, sounds that stunned neighbors. >> a possible shooting. >> reporter: broke up a quiet sunday morning. >> the sounded like around -- five gunshots, high-pitched fireworks. >> reporter: jefferson county deputies are saying when a man who lived here on the 5400 block tried to make a craigslist. two men came to the door, a gun in hand. >> at some point, the two males tied the homeowner up. >> reporter: one of the men jumped into s.u.v. and tried to speed off. >> the homeowner was thible break free from his restraints. he came outside and had a firearm.
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car. >> the homeowner is saying the >> cars were fired in the street. >> reporter: that driver doors down. he died at the scene. deputies are looking for another person, a hispanic male in his 40s possibly driving a 1990 gold mustang. >> that vehicle may have bullet >> reporter: deputies are saying craigslist is a legitimate way to buy and sell, but it comes with a risk. it is best if you have somebody with you as a witness and if you -- do it away from home. the homeowner is not in custody. >> it is natural for people who wonder whether colorado's make my dalia. >> reporter: that allows someone in their house to use deadly use of force against an intruder in cases. the shooting happened outside of the home, it is not clear if the law would apply in this case. deputies are saying it is a
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where the investigation will go. >> thank you. back to the game -- after the broncos game tonight, quarterback peyton manning took the podium and paused for a moment to be dad. >> the 12-yard run that led to -- you are? don't knock that down, man. get under here. >> he is talking to his 4-year- old son, marshals, who was with his dad for the news conference. he is shy, and wearing the afc championship hat. alocal screen printer is helped fans celebrate with shirts hot off of the presses. >> reporter: many afc championship shirts are finished and ready to wear, but in the coming hours thousands more will join them. out of the blue screen printing watched the broncos patriots
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when denver came out on top, they got to work. they are creating 4200 shirts for stores around the area at 350 stores. >> there is a huge sense of pride. we are pleased to be part of it. >> the shirts are being sun out to a local distribution center. they can end up at small and large stores in denver. there are retailers who already have the afc shirts and hats. now, dick's sporting goods and also sports authorities started selling these right after the game. >> i'm sure they did. >> they were prepared. these were made beforehand, but the shirts made locally, they were started at $5. >> 360 an hour and they will be shipped out at 10:00 and also at 3:00 a.m.
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all right. so there you go. >> yep. thanks, victoria. an overnight storm could bring a little bit of snow for
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we setup lost and found outside of mile high today. as broncos' fans lost their minds, they found 9 news christine waiting to talk. >> reporter: the broncos country -- this day. >> super bowl ! >> super bowl ! >> broncos come out on top, it is great. >> could not have ended any better. >> we won and going to the super bowl. >> a big broncos win, 20-18
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england patriots on home turf. >> defense, defense, grinding, never stop believing, coming together and making noise. >> and the best one, the best of -- >> the best. >> reporter: and sports authority field was electric. >> we were cheering, cheering, cheering for our team. >> super bowl! >> all of the energy going through your body. >> reporter: a victory peyton and the team. >> it was history in the making. >> reporter: will ride to santa clara, california. >> super bowl ! >> super bowl l! let's go. >> go broncos! >> reporter: in denver, 9 news. >> yes. it was not the bronco mobile, but a bat mobile. >> yeah, that's what it was. >> that was interesting, though. >> we were nervous in the second half of the game, us for the broncos, cathy for the forecast, she called for things to get cooler and chippy out
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together for everybody in the end. >> but -- i'm proud of you, kyle, you got in the spirit today, wearing the orange jacket at 5:00 and the blue jacket at 10:00. >> he is onboard. >> drinking the kool-aid. >> cloudy and windy for the second half, but the snow held off. so this is a mind storm system coming through. but still issues with the morning drive. so from the west and the south -- i will explain. things are calm and quiet in the city. with the front the winds are not gusting at this hour. the high today 45 the average for this time of the year is 44. and pueblo 63. 29 in leadville, and at the airport, we have 33 degrees, winds are northwest at eight. and high humid and rising air pressure. cloudy and colder and calm in the 9 news backyard. here at the studios right at the freezing mark.
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from the southwest going to north. you see how limited the moisture is, less than an inch tomorrow. most coming castle rock, lone tree, you might see more, divide, areas like that you accumulation. the wiper weather advisory is into the foothills and the northern and central mountains through noon. denver is not included. the activity right now moving from the northwest, the snow showers towards the southeast. we are expecting the worse of the travel tonight and tomorrow, from vale and aspen to the meeker area and grand junction. this is a fast mover, moving east and heading towards the midwest. cold air is following suit. and i think that's what you're going to notice most tomorrow. the dramatic drop in temperature and the cloudy skies. highs in the 4s and 50s and colder. northwest flows will bring in
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intensify in the northern and western mountains. occasional snow showers between so unsettled 24 hours. skies start to clear from north to south at this time tomorrow night. you can see how spotty the snow is, the heaviest north and west of us. see the bands coming through between now and tomorrow afternoon and impact some areas 24 in greeley. denver, 23. the warmest readings tomorrow in southeastern colorado with cold weather settling into the northern half of the state. and the foothills, 25 the high in grand lake. and your denver metro forecast tonight, we expect a few light snow showers, 23 degrees, cloudy and colder conditions. winds may pick up from time-to- time. hover in the low 30s tomorrow and a mix of clouds and sunshine, and occasionally snow showers all day. skies clear tomorrow night and drop into the mid teens with clear skies on tuesday it is
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50 on wednesday, and 60 on thursday and friday. so good-bye january, hello february with our next storm coming in on monday. look at this monday storm thing, great shot coming in out of steam boat, wonderful conditions around the area today. we're going to have our cake
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hi, everybody. the broncos will play the carolina panthers in the golan super bowl two weeks from tonight. the broncos earned a trip to the 50th super bowl defeating the patriots. john elliott had the
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and tom brady has all season to think about the whooping from miller and denver's defense. they win, 20-18 and they are back in colorado once again. >> we have two weeks to play. we're going to play a theme that we -- team that we are completely unfamiliar with. we have a lot of video to study. this is a heck of a game and a great honor to go back to the super bowl. playing super bowl l. it's, i'm really looking forward to it. it will be a fun two weeks. >> they have a great team. so he's a gray player. someone i already admired. i'm proud how we fought today and went to the end, we just came up a little bit short. i wish the outcome would have been different. >> roughly 85% of the money bet on today's game was on new england, that means another
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in las vegas. and rod mackey is at the stadium. >> reporter: this game was not to be here, broncos not the number one seed, and not to beat the patriots. no respect for the number one defense in the nfl. amessage new england set asking to receive the opening kickoff. >> okay. really. okay. that's what we were. >> without a doubt, that was disrespectful. we knew that going in. we felt disrespected. >> all of the haters out there talking about how we're going to get blown out -- none of that matters. we had -- harris, danny, me, you know, everybody. >> the ball, denver has a pick. stuart has it. >> all week, everybody counted us out. they said i could not cover, and we could not cover their receivers and tight ends, whatever, we held them to, how many points? 18 points. the number one offense in the league. we shut them down.
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been playing all year, that's the focal point that tom brady was going to spread us a part. we took total disrespect. besides the big play at the end of the game, 150 yards passing. sacked five times and a pick. we dogged him. >> he is going to be hit and sacked. >> and the broncos will get to play the no respect card again in the super bowl. the broncos will be the underdog on february 7th. at the stadium, rod mackey, 9 news. this game probably should have been decided in overtime. but we are going to show you why an extra period was not necessary. >> reporter: they came down to one play with 12 seconds left and just like they've done all season the broncos defense came through. >> pass deflected and intercepted!
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>> trying to uncover, my eyes on brady. >> i don't be how many two point conversion stops we had all year, so that is not the first one. so to add those up. >> reporter: ware pressured tom brady into throwing, but he almost was not on the field for the play. >> i was so tired. 12 seconds left in the game. i ran off the field. they looked at me, demarcus can you go one more play, i'm like i can't go. they said what if we call a timeout. i went on the field and they called a timeout. they got my back. >> reporter: the patriots were forced to go for two. because way back in the 1st quarter, they missed an extra point. >> so -- the -- i'm, i'm thankful that he missed it. >> come out here with the point and me -- miss the kick, it's a nightmare scenario. it is a sickening feeling.
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what the nfl moved the point after attempt back to this year. there was a lot of debate how much it would impact the game. now we know that the denver broncos are going to the super bowl and the patriots are going home because of a missed extra point. the broncos 4 1/2 point underdogs for super bowl l because the carolina panther degrees maltinged the arizona cardinals in the n.f.c. championship game. they win, 49-15. >> i said it then and i'm going to say it now. it was a process. it was not going to be -- what did i say, quick grits, a process like long cooked collard greens. >> we know exactly what you're saying. the cry baby bowl is over.
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so we're ripping off the tom brady diaper tonight. because he handled it like a man. don't worry about it. he handled it like a man. i like the way that brady stood up and praised the broncos and manning. at the end, they shook hands, it was an extended handshake. and brady just kept nodding his head.
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