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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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at 4:30 a.m. corey, gary and cheryl here with you. marty is in the weather center.
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this morning we're still celebrating the broncos big they're the a-f-c that means the bowl 50!
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game... but the broncos pulled off the win... they beat the new england patriots 20 to 18. now the broncos will face the carolina panthers- on sunday february 7th - in santa clara, california. let's take a look at who the broncos will face in super bowl 50... the 17 and one carolina panthers took a quick lead over the arizona cardinals... cam newton tosses it to wide receiver and former cardinal ted ginn junior... he cuts back, reverses field, and thanks to some blocks from his friends, scores the 22-yard rushing touchdown for a 10-0 panthers lead. and by the fourth quarter it was all over... carolina leads 42-15 with 5 minutes to go and they aren't done yet. pro-bowl linebacker luke kuechly jumps the route and picks the carson palmer pass intended for john brown. kuechly runs it back 21 yards for the pick six... and the panthers own a dominating 49-15 win thanks to 7 arizona turnovers. this the second trip
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now back to the broncos. their big win was celebrated all the way up in the big apple. just take a look at the empire state building. you can see two sides of the building were lit up in orange and blue. the other two sides - were blue and silver for the panthers. here's 9news cartoonist drew litton's take on last night's game against the patriots. a horse labeled "broncos defense" is stamping patriots q-b tom brady and coach bill belichick to the wall with his hoof. it's titled, "still kickin!" broncos fans couldn't be more excited about sunday's win. and the celebrations spilled out of the stadium before the game was even over. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- it's a great day to be a broncos fan! it sure it! especially for the loyal fans who have been waiting
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from the early- season struggles on offense. the big victories on defense... peyton manning's comeback. it's all lead up to this. and fans are excited-- to say the least. the "12th man" definitely showed up, yesterday. broncos fans made lots of noise inside "sports authority field." and there was plenty of noise outside the stadium... fans packed restaurants and bars to watch their team. as soon as it was clear that the broncos were going back to the superbowl-- there was tons of celebration... even from the youngest fans. zachary weslin - 35:20 it was chaotic! and loud. i nearly lost my voice tasha jones and victor york 38:53- the game was so electrifying, i had. throughout the whole week, i was very confident in my denver broncos. that they'd go out and get this victory today. you couldn't have asked for a better win for the die- hard broncos fans. now-- lots of them are making their plans for the superbowl . whether they plan to travel to california... to celebrate at home... it'll be one heck of a party! if you're itching to
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a-f-c championship shirts are now on sale! sports authority has them in stores. some of them will be opening at 6 a-m, today, so you can get your hands on one. and, you can bet, there will be lots of fans rockin' those shirts, today. an afternoon game... meant plenty of time after to celebrate. we want to see your hashtag we are broncos celebration pictures... here are some sent in from fans already... you can share them with us... use the hashtag we are
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happening today.... an evergreen man accused of trying to kill his wife with a hatchet will be in court today. leland kintzele is accused of attacking his wife at their home... after she discussed hiring a divorce attorney with her mother... in may 20-15. police say kintzele stabbed himself before they arrived. he's being held on 250-thousand dollars bond. police are searching for a robber who was part of a craiglist deal turned deadly in littleton. jefferson county deputies say this all started when a homeowner there posted items for sale on craigslist. they say two men came to the door -- supposedly to buy the items -- but the sale turned into an armed robbery. this all happened at a home on south taft court. the sheriff's office says the homeowner was tied up but broke free and confronted the suspects with a gun. one man was shot while driving away and he crashed into a house after losing control of the car. that man died a short time later. another suspect is on the run --
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a gold mustang and it may have bullet holes in the side.. private groups have stepped in to help look for a missing man in boulder county. 20-year-old ryder johnson works at eldora ski area. he was seen leaving the resort last sunday. a boulder sheriff's deputy found his car near gross reservoir. the boulder sheriff's office did not have crews out -- but says private groups did their own search instead. the sheriff's office still wants to hear from anyone who may have seen or talked to johnson this morning streets and sidewalks in washington d-c are still buried in snow. today d-c's general government offices and schools will be closed to keep people off the streets and out of way while crews continue to clean up the mess. nbc's edward lawarence is in washington with more.
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turns to storm clean up! cities dig out while dealing with below freezing temperatures. "the roads uh... they're ok. the main roads are great. they're open; they're flowing, and there's a lot of spots they haven't touched yet, and there's a lot of mess out there." at least 30 deaths are blamed on the storm. many of them came from traffic accidents.. others came from heart attacks related to shoveling snow after it fell. several roofs also collapsed from the storm maryland :28-:31 "getting back to business as usual is going to take a considerable amount of time." some neighborhoods still buried because plows can't get there yet. chris gephart can't even see out of his window. rescue crews still responding to emergencies on streets with two feet of snow. they lose minutes when every second counts. the mayor of baltimore could not give a timeline for clearing the streets. baltimore, md :52-:58 "given the condition of many of our streets i think it's safest for our citizens to minimize travel on our roads." on the eastern shore of new jersey it's flooding not snow causing but in d.c. residents cold, uncomfortable situation... this is the first time
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dropped more than 19 inches of snow on washington and new york city. it could take days return normal. dogs had some fun in the snow. here you can see bo and sunny playing around the fresh
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took a break from the job and joined a pick-up game of football. here you can see the officers playing in the snow. their patrol car is nearby with its lights running. these guys were not messing around. you can see one officer catch the football and then knock a guy down! looks like a touchdown! if you've been to the store recently -- you may have noticed tvs are a
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we'll take a look at market and how to
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super bow -- many stores are slashing prices on t-vs they want to clear out old models- and make way for newer versions. but how do you pick the right t-v for your needs? mark koebrich has some tips from consumer reports. big screens to watch the big game have never been
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for under a thousand dollars. "although ultra hd tvs are on the market, a regular hd set is still a great choice. plus, the game's not being broadcast in 4k uhd this year." consumer reports tests hundreds of tvs every year and says for a super bowl party, a screen that's 50 inches or bigger is a good choice. also important: a wide viewing angle. "this is where an oled tv comes in handy. both hd sets and uhd models have unlimited viewing angles. and that means that everyone in your room is going to get a great view of the game no matter where they're sitting." you'll also want a tv that can handle fast motion without blurring. consumer reports uses these patterns to test how each set performs. some tvs may be a great deal for the game. but if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, check out an ultra hd oled. this 55-inch set from lg costs 3-thousand dollars and is one of consumer reports' highest rated tvs. "this tv offers everything you need to make your super bowl party a hit. plus uhd will help future-proof you for when more 4-k content becomes available." if you want an even newer tv, brand- new models will hit store shelves in late february, early march. on the consumer beat--mark koebrich--9news. consumer reportmendations foren tvs.
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for good deals on big screen tvs. for a 55-inch television, consider the hd models from samsung and sony both are about 800 dollars. if you're looking for something bigger, there's a 65- inch sony bravia for 15-hundred dollars. and an ultra hd panasonic for 17- hundred. how much would you pay to go to the superbowl? coming up we'll take a look at how much you will have to shell out if you
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got plans to they do that. soon nielsen will start using facebook to look at how people watch t-v shows. the company has used twitter to track conversations about shows. now its going to add to its social ratings. they plan to track your disccusions about t-v through posts. eventually -- nielsen also plans to incorporate conversations from instagram. no surpise here -- superbowl tickets are not going to be
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to got to championship... tickets to the in the thousands. sites like nfl ticket stubhub have from 4 thousand to thousand dollars. ticket holder - automatically eligible for a random drawing. if you're chosen you'll have the chance to buy 2 tickets. be able to find championship shirts at stores around the metro area. a local company -- "out of the blue" --watched the game in their once they saw top --- they got right to work. the screenprinting business is creating afc champions shirts-- at 360 shirts an hour. the shirts are local distribution
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could end up in small and large stores in denver. there are retailers already stocked with other afc championship gear. sports authority and dick's sporting goods are selling shirts, hoodies and hats. so marty... how's the weather shaping up this
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of the most
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so last night after the broncos game last night- quarterback peyton manning took the podium. he had to pause for a moment - to be a dad. manning's 4-year- old son, marshall, was with his dad for the news conference. marshall was a little shy, and stood quietly - wearing an a-f-c championship hat - while his dad took questions from reporters. folks up in rhinelander, wisconsin got creative with their snow. a crew at an auto shop up there
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reptilan creature out of snow. it took them two days to make it. according to our resident wisconsin expert -- kyle widder -- this creature is a "hodag" a hodag is a mystical creature-- native to the city of rhinelander... only three things can kill one... dynamite, cholorform, and lemons. the folk creature is made up of a frog's head; an elephant's face and a dinosaur like
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