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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> the game was so electrifying, i had no worries. >> the broncos won . the oping and blue are going to -- orange and blue are going to the super bowl. yesterday. we will look ahead to what is weeks. defense will have to show up for that game, i got a feeling. >> fans showed up for our game and a change the weather, you started feeling itment today we play peek a boo with the sun,
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denver. 9news at 6:00 starts now. it is victory monday. we will start with marty, expecting a little bit of light snow today. >> couple of spots. no big deal. couple of little spots here and there, we have seen that overnight. it is generally dry here, it is overcast, you can see aryel snow shower at any time during the dayment we have been picking up decent snow in albert county, north of highway 86, could get quarter of half an inch of snow, it is blowing a bit. once you get south and east of parker, up in to the hill top neighborhood, fredericktown and kiowa, light snow, blowing and a bit. east, getting up in to the metro area, proper, not going to see that much at all. you can get little pockets of snow off and on through the day, even in the sun comes out in the middle of the days tadoesn't mean it's over.
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little break, you can get light after 7:00 tonight, that's when it will wrap up. highs near 40 degrees today. 3 inches of new snow, winter park resort this morning, 1-2 inches additional snow in mountain areas today. this. to our south. not a bad monday, but what a fantastic weekend, amelia, we had pretty good time at the stock show. we did have a good time. decided to show off a couple of pictures while we were at the national western complex this weekend i had to start with this one. i'm the one with the bird phobia. look at marty's posture. bit nervous. this one is up on the twitter pages, we have the chance to hang out with a texas long
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of sitting on top of a bowl. said hello. we enjoyed having everybody in town. 6th avenue cam, a clear start, excellent. we do have great speeds on 225, c470, coming up, we will talk about your drive in to the high craigslist deal ended with a shooting and a car crashed in to a house over the weekend. jefferson county deputies say a homeowner in littleton posted items for sail on craigslist. they say two men showed up and tried to rob the man instead. the sheriff's office says the homeowner who was tied up, but broke free and confronted the suspects with a gun, one mans with shot while driving away and crashed in to a house after losing control of the car. the man died after a short time. another suspect is on the run, investigators believe he is driving a gold mustang, may have bullet holes in the side. today, the lawyer accuse of
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hatchet is due in court. investigators say leeland kitfield tried to kill his wife in their home in evergreen last may after she found out she was considering getting a divorce. he stabbed himself before they arrived. he is charged with attempted murder. the i-70 toll lane open less than 2 months, c dot is already declaring it a success it's ahow long the left shoulder of the eastbound lane. it's only been used a few times but it's proving to ease traffic jams. tolls have stayed below $10, though they could go as high as $30. according to vail daily tings state is now considering adding a toll lane to the westbound lanes of i-70 as well. it's 6:04, the broncos are afc champions, you can thank pay on the manning and thank the defense and thank the fans. >> for sure. >> the fans helped this team win the game. it was so loud at sports
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the first kick off. >> cliff kept tweeting about how loud it was. >> people will be sleeping in today, recovering from the victory. some fans say they screamed so loud they got headaches. outside the stadium we reason in to fans who lost their voices from screaming so loud. the die hard fans were not all locals, last season broncos knocked out the dallas cowboys as america's team. a couple came from arkansas to show their broncos pride. >> denver looked great . the patriots came down the field two or three times. you are told my wife, three times, this could be the last play of the game. they kept coming. they played a tough game to the very end. >> we won, we are going to the super bowl. that's all that matters.
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know, the game was so electrifying, had no worries. >> i the last 15 seconds, seemed like the pats could tie the game, the guy wasn't worried, neither was batman. people say helped, the 12th man, for the fan, sports authority stores open at 6:00 a.m., selling afc championship gear. even if you weren't at the game, you probably had a great celebration like my kids and i did. my kids had mild success with a semi viral video they made poking fun at tom brady, it has gotten 10,000 views. >> sounds like it's great. a local company working around the clock to get the brand new afc championship gear ready, and some of it already on sale. this is looking inside the
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some dicks and sports authority have expanded hours. tickets to super bowl 50 are about 10 times the cost. tickets listed from $4000, to as much as $25,000. a lot of corporations buy tickets. if you are a ticketholder you are eligible if a random drawing if you are chosen you will have a chance to buy two seats. limited to two tickets. >> still expensive. we are still talking broncos this morning, 20-18 win and our sports analyst joins us, this game. we talked last week how we thought this game will go. it went the way we thought it would. >> i was saying before we started, unless you are a huge bronco fan or patriot fan for example you looked a at the game, somewhat objectively, people did around the country, they thought it's going the be a close game and come down to the last couple of minutes.
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it was that kind of game. miller, picked a great time to play the best game of his life. 2.5 sacks, interception, he is a free agent and made himself extra 10,000,000. he is going to go up to the office and say hello partner. the key to this game, and with all due respect, to peyton manning, it's a great story, it feels like this is going to be his final game, he had his kid at the podium yesterday. this game was 100% about wade philips and the defense he dialed up that was nothing short of brilliant. he confused the greatest quarterback of all time, he didn't know how many people were coming, sometimes three, put 8 in coverage, they completely mixed up their coverages on gronkowski who still had a great day.
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patriots have zero running game, you cannot slow down a pass rush. the 12th man, unbelievably huge. the first thing brady said, they had our cadence, we had to go on a silent count. for people that aren't real big fans, that negates your advantage of knowing what the snap count is. the tackles have to peek in and look when the ball snapped. when you are playing too quick, i watched it over and over, by the time the ball was snapped, ware and miller were already passed. the other two did a phenomenal jump, the stumps philips caused, they got pressure up the middle. i can talk about for an hour, sometimes the best moves you make as an organization are the moves you don't make. kubiak gets the job and wants to hire vans joseph as defensive coordinator, pry him
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couldn't do it. philips was unemployed last year and goes i will go with wade, i had him before. philips without question was the mvp, not only of the game yesterday but the mvp of the coordinators and now has the all the gnat challenge. i watched the carolina game last night. i think we celebrate how well their defense played yesterday. >> ron will be back in the next half hour. our producer says thanks for not going on for an hour. super bowl 50, taking on the panthers, it is sunday, february 7th, santa clara, california, an hour south of san francisco there. let's keep the celebrations going on this victory monday.
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use the hash tag we are broncos. here are some the fans have sent us celebrating after the game yesterday. all ages celebrating. little kids. >> little broncos cheerleader and grandmother and dogs and cats celebrating. send us your pictures, we will share them throughout the day. in case you are not going to work, going skiing, good, these are the new snow reports, 2-4, winter park, loveland, breckenridge, 7 beaver creek this morning. no report from el dora k 7 steam boat this morning, moving in to the elk mountains, 4-6 inches of snow from aspen up to sunlight. another foot at powder, they have been killing it over the grand mesa, monarch 4 inches of snow and 4 at purgatory. we will continue to see light snow off and on through the day today, in mountain areas. we get a couple of flurrys, additional snow on top of what
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in the northern and central mountains. things will dry up for a few days. you will be amazed at the planning forecast thank you. betting against thems at home, coming up at 6:15, we will look at the odds of an orange super
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renal perspective, this is not a bad little storm. we have a couple of flurrys here, good snow in the mountains a we just saw. a little bit in southeast colorado, but the best, north platt, central nebraska, 2-4 inches going there. behind this things dry out for a couple of days, not much now.
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next couple of days, a big area of warm, well almost hot, warm dry air moving over us, the snow we have around here today, enjoy it if you are a snow fan. 20s, 30s over the east, singles and teens in most mountain areas, except in and around gunnison and alamosa. some clearing off and an through the day. quarter half inch accumulation, flurrys down here, even if you get midday sun, you can still see a couple of flurrys late in the day with a passing shower. 30s, 40s low, 20s and 30s in the foothills. windy over the eastern plains, the north at 25-35 miles per hour, that snow settling down south, by later in the day today. 30s, 40s over the plains. 20s, 30s in the mountains and west. here in the metro area, 40 degrees, partly sunny skies, couple of flurrys here and there during the course of the morning and afternoon.
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cloudy tonight, low teens tonight and then it warms up dramatically, 20-degree warm up between tuesday and saturday. dry conditions around here. amelia, not a lot of folks love snow. some of us do. you will be disappointed over the next few days. it's doing to be dry. >> depends on the situation. if you are on the roads, so much easier to have a dry commute like today. visible from sky 9 flying over 225 and the split. the whole dtc commute is looking great. a little bit of a slowdown across the southbound stretch of 225ing on the approach towards d pc and tamarack. look at the maps, we are in the green, across the board. the one exception is southbound 25, between 100, 4th avenue and 84th. take the live look outside, i- 25, 20th, very chose to the stadium, -- close to the
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commute as the game wrapped up. money news, the problems that japanese auto parts manufacturer takata is facing. shares in the company plunging 10% today, follows announcement by u.s. regulators that another 5 million vehicles will be recalled after a 10th death is linked to the company's faulty air bags. the massive recall already affects 19 million cars and trucks on the road. takata's stock is down 60% over the last year. virtual reality. vr tech crunch reportsd the giant is looking to build several consumer devices, based website. google sells the google cardboard product, acts as a bear bones virtual reality view finder for some smart phones. didn't take long for vegas odd makers to weigh in. the odds.
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are a 4 point pick over the broncos, the panthers of course
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we are a week away from the fist primary, hilary clinton is fighting hard to keep that increasingly narrow lead. the presidential candidates are going to bon stage for a town
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last republican debate is thursday, candidates are in iowa. donald trump said supporters are so loyal he could shoot someone in downtown manhattan and wouldn't lose any votes. his closest challenger ted cruz responded saying he is not planning to shoot anyone in this campaign. there is a chance that a democrat and a republican won't be your only choice when the general election rolls around, michael bloomberg might enter the race as an independent. experts believe that would only happen if trump, cruz or bernie sanders won the nominations. snowing lightly, we could get a couple of inches during day today. flurrys around here, better
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little, just tiny snow showers, the best of them in northeast douglas county, hill top, towards highway 86, we have a winter weather advisory, through the morning for the northern and central mountains, 1-3 inches additional snow. western nebraska 2-4 inches of new snow. for us, relatively breezy day, moderate air quality, no wood burning restrictions today. if you have the day off and want winter ambience, no problem there. check out the c dot camera, eisenhower johnson tunnel , the roads are icy and snow packed. traveling through 40-50 miles per hour. we will see the stops at the tunnel. u.s. 6 is still shutdown over loveland passing as safety closure because of the snow out to the west, multiit multiple chain laws are in effect. traction laws as well, you need snow tires or an all wheel
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welcome back, billion back blizzard of 2016 is over. the clean up is just getting started. the snowstorm was the biggest ever on record for three cities 30 inches of snow fell in baltimoreing allentown, pennsylvania and harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> digging outment freezing temperatures are slowing the snow removal work, there is so much to do. edward lawrence is live in washington where there are piles everywhere. it's good to see a little pavement behind you though. >> reporter: this is a snow emergency routes that's why it's been cleared. they were very aggressive in keeping it clear.
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tens of thousands of people from the maryland suburbs to new york are digging out. at the u.s. capital, see about 20 inches of snow on the side here. there are some roads in the suburbs that haven't been cleared at all. 30 inches on the road. the story turns to storm clean up, cities dig out, while dealing with below freezing temperatures. >> the roads are okay. main roads are great. they are open. flowing. there is lot of spots they haven't touched yet and a lot of mess out there. >> reporter: 30 deaths blamed on the storm, many came from traffic accidents, others from heart attacks related to shoveling the snow after it fell. several roofs also collapsed from the storm. >> getting back to business as usual is going to take a considerable amount of time. >> reporter: plows can't get there yet, chris can't see out- his window. >> our second floor win toe is
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>> reporter: rescue crews responding to emergencies on streets with 2 feet of snow and lose minutes whenever second counts. the mayor couldn't give a timeline for clearing the streets. >> given the condition of many of our streets, i believe sit safest for all citizens to minimize traffic on our roads. >> reporter: on the eastern shore of new jersey, it's flooding, not snow, causing problems. in dc, residents are making the best of a cold uncomfortable situation. this is the first time that a snowstorm has dropped more than 18 inches of snow in washington dc and new york city at the same time. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> take care. extra time to get broncos
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6:30 the behind of scenes of
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today is victory monday, the broncos are afc champions. >> we are united in orange as the team and fans are getting ready for super bowl 50. >> we are talking all things orange and blue. reaction tom the team, the coach and the fans and look
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february 7th, sit the bronco and the panthers. good morning, everyone. welcome back to 9news at 6:30. marty, today could be the coldest day of the week. >> looks that way. we lucked out, a few flurrys around here, but the better snow stayed in the mountains, and off to the east in to nebraska. we are pushing 8 inches of snow at steam boat, snow pack statewide of 106% above average or 6% above average, not bad at all. the heavier snow pack amounts in the central and southern mountains. we are going to need that because later in the week it gets dry. western nebraska, we are in a soft spot in the storm but getting snow showers around the area, especially our friends from northeast douglas county and highway 86, albert county, light snow, might get a little bit sticking to the ground. once you get north and east of here.
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during the day today. lit come out of the clouds, in and out throughout the day. we could still see light snow, i would say as late as 5 or 6:00 this evening. you are can't see accumulation in to metro denver, fort collins and boulder. we could see a quarter to a half inch in the foothills later in the day. extremely warm temperatures, i guess amelia, the stock show is over, so much for stock show weather. sky 9 heading over the downtown corridor, checking out the mouse trap, 70 and 25 looking busy and clear. fosurprises in the monday drive -- no surprises in your monday drive. let's head to look at the rest of the morning commute, which has been quiet so far. c dot looking busies 25 arapaho. standard northbound and southbound. speeds excellent across the west side. c470 looking good.
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drive from 285 to wadsworth. metro wide, see, plenty of green spots across our map, one exception, looking at the southbound speeds dropping in to the teens coming down from thornton as expected. it is 6:33 now, we are pretty lucky to have voices after all the screaming in our living rooms and the fans in the stadium. brady says the fans gave the team an edge in this game. >> the energy was incredible. tarhonda thomas is lear to give us a glimpse in to the celebration at sports authority field. >> this was absolutely perfect. overjoyed that the hometown boys made it back to the big game. it was so loud in the stadium, the patriots couldn't hear their own counts. broncos die hards have been waiting for this moment, the chance to beat defending super bowl champs, fans inside the stadium say people were
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kickoff until the very end. >> that was the most emotional part, seeing tom brady and peyton manning going at it for manning and brady 17, whatever you want to call it, it was history in the making. we got it. >> what led to a broncos win tonight? >> defense. defense, grind in, never stopped believing, coming together, making noise. all out. >> yeah, huge. this victory is sweeter for fans who over and over listened to the analysts talk about how peyton manning caught get it done, happy to see them eat those word today. he got it done. i saw a great tweet about someone saying thanks to brock, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have made it to this point. he helped us keep the homefield advantage during the stretch. this was a favorite moment
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broncos stole the spotlight at the podium. this is popular on, manning brought his 4-year-old son to the news conference last night. marshal, shy, peeking around the podium, but rocking the afc championship hat well. he is getting a lot of love on line. you can understand why people want to see this over and over. manning said, you can just hide under here. hide under the podium. you get to see him playing the role of dad. rock that afc championship gear today as well, a local company out of the blue screen printing, fired up the machines as soon as the game was over. they are making up to 4200 afc champion shirts at 360 shirts every hour. >> there is a huge sense of win. it's cool to be part of it.
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championship gear before going to work this morning, some sports authority stores opened this morning, this is a live look inside the glendale store now. you can see hats and t-shirts, dicks is extending hours to help fans get their swag, as soon as possible, they are extending hours so people can get it. the players get a hat right off the bat. so does gary. when you are gary you get one. he knows people. it is about 1300 miles, two hours and 40 minute flight, denver to santa clara, california. >> it's going to be a pricey trip. hotels 6 miles from levi stadium are charging more than 1100 bucks a night for the weekend. the further away from the stadium you go, you will pay a little bit less. oakland international has flights on average costs 243 bucks round trip, 600 bucks to
6:32 am
of course, the closest airport is in san jose, it has the most expensive prices, last check, over $700. as far the ticket price, you will have to dig deep to buy one, ticket exchange and stub hub have tickets listed from $4000 to 25 grand. season ticketholders, they are automatically eligible for a random drawing for example chosen a chance to buy two tickets. just remember me. football in january can have an impact on the national western stock show. it did this year. more than 686,000 visitors came out to see the 110th national western, beats 2015's attendance, ties for a second highest record ever. good weather, strong economy, some of the reasons for this year's success. congratulations and
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winners, a huge success. the top 8 champion animals sold for a combined record of $412,000. the grand champion which you see there, went for $117,000. the grand champion goat sold for a record breaking $40,000. that's more than double than last year's winning bid. the money helps the kids with their college education. >> there were a lot of tears of joy. from the kids and mom and dads. college is paid for. isn't that amazing. landslides on colorado springs west side are prompting the city to try to find money to buy 20 of the damaged homes. the city is asking for federal funds to purchase the homes that are sitting on the moving land, record breaking rainfall in may triggered the slides. 40 homeowners say their homes were terribly damaged. half of them say they would consider a buyout.
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lifted and now the east coast is starting to digout from this weekend's historic blizzard. continuing freezing temperatures are making snow removal pretty difficult, though. they say at least 28 people were killed, many of them from traffic accidents, others had heart attacks while shoveling, schools and government in washington dc, still closed for the day today. airports are struggling to get things back on schedule this morning. nearly 13,000 flights were canceled over the weekend and more cancellations and delays expected todays that system tries to catch up. anyone flying out of denver out of dia should check for delays caused by cancellations in other cities across the country. here are the most memorable scenes that we found from the storm, the heavy snow crushed roofs including this one, at a bowling alley in virginia. the small town icon crumbled under 22 inches of snow.
6:35 am
fun, too, dozens enjoyed the snow, sledding on capitol hill in washington. sledding down snow piles in the streets of new york city. the kids were having a blast. >> it's the best thing to do when you can't do anything else, have fun. flurrys around here, this morning and again this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s for us. a few little pockets of snow here and there. light snow continues in the mountains during the day today as we saw, 2-7 inches fallen, looking for an additional 1-3, tonight and tomorrow, big problem today is going to be wind, especially from the east of dias out over the plains, 15- 35 miles per hour winds. that will keep windchill readings in the 20s, 30s and low 40s over the plains today. it's going to be a raw day on the eastern plains this afternoon. >> windchill. thank you. going hands-free doesn't
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free. how to up great your car and
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just mention that wind on the plains, gets close to home, hovering along e470, we have 15, 20 miles per hour winds over the southeast side of the metro area, 20 plus over the plains, not really all that windy in mountain and foothills areas. the snow showers fall apart, a little bit during the middle of the day and light snow again this evening in if the hills areas, especially from i-70 to the south, can i i can see half inch to a quarter inch of snow. moderate, visibility moderate. no wood burn restrictions in effect.
6:38 am
you could have a fire today. sky 9 over 76 and the i-70 split, a standard monday start. all lanes getting through on the area freeways. downtown, a brand new accident across the northbound lanes, lincoln, that's at 13th, south of the civic center park area, near the capital building this, one is going to be busy, two right lanes are blocked along northbound lincoln at 13th avenue. if we need the alternate routes we will have them as the volume builds. going hands-free doesn't always mean you are totally hands-free. mat granite has a way to upgrade your car safety for less than 30 bucks. >> reporter: i'm going to begin with a brief rant. this is inspired by something i endured a short while ago, i drove my brand new car off the dealership lot and as i pulled
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by a young lady who was texting and driving. thankfully she was fine and i was fine but never got to enjoy the new car smell. i enjoyed paint fumes following a two-week repair. that would have changed if she recommend. take a look, nothing i show you on 9 news is the paid product. just suggestions to help you save. my favorite kit will make your entire vehicle hands-free, for real, for under 30 bucks. the top rated system i finished testing takes control of your smart phone and music and offers automatic activation. the second you start your car, it's automatically paired. i found this extremely well rated system for uner 30 bucks today, down from 60. i found it for 28. comes with a 3 port usb charger, which is worth 25 bucks on its own. the whole system i found on 9
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charger was well reviewed in my test. let's be honest, even when we have hands-free on the p phones, we are still texting and driving sometimes at stop signs and red lights went we look down to see what happened. that still counts. i'm guilty of it and unfortunately that young lady was as well. i apologize for the rant. in the name of safety, we also get savings. >> there you go. >> i hope your maserati is out of the shop now. just checking. >> we will give you a loaner when you are at that level. what does it take to win the afc championship? peyton manning, incredible defense and loud fans. what does it take to win the super bowl?
6:41 am
ht be peyton manning's last game ever. the 20 to 18 win the broncos did it... welcome back. it's 6:48. dance ahow long to the music. broncos did it. they won a trip back to the super bowl for what might be peyton manning's last game after. 20-18, went down to the last play, thanks to a big stop by the defense and an amazing showing up of the fans. >> we should send that kicker from new england and fruit basket. >> a thank you note. >> that's probably the greatest kicker in the nfl. >> 523 consecutive extra points. when he misses an extra point, don't you feel it's your day a little bit. i'm watching the boston tv, that guy stood the front of the
6:42 am
said i feel horrible, nightmare scenarios i cost the team the game. it didn't, it happened in the fist quarter. they had plenty of time to overcome it. they had a lot of problems. we want to talk about the broncos, they could have a lot of problems. carolina looked good. >> carolina will godo a better job covering the tight end. broncos took it off the first series. he drops back in conch, that sets up a peyton manning touchdown to daniels, it's 14-6 there, 17-9 at the half. fourth quarter, broncos did nothing on offense in the second half. in the fourth quarter they came after tom brady. 23 hits on brady. that's what the giants did to them in the super bowls. 4th and one, if you had a running game you run it. they throw it and thought he would be wide open.
6:43 am
a bad shoulder. 4th and 6, a chance again. they get it back one more time, fourth and 10th from the 50, minute 20 to go. how does gronkowski come up with this. what a catch. broncos are playing out the starting safeties and trying to hold on. 4th down again. he hits gronkowski with 10 seconds to go in the game. couldn't run the ball, don't have a mobile quarterback. he rolled out and looked foretelmon, a key to lead was there, knocked it in the air, roby got it. that was it. mutual respect. how many times do you see the quarterbacks shake hands quickly and move on. belichick and kubiak, you can tell, a lot of mutual respect this, teams reminds me something from historical perspective , the broncos first super bowl team in 77, aging quarterback, craig morton,
6:44 am
january 11th, 1978, i will never forget, broncos 20s raiders 17. 18. incredible. >> right. >> this is who the burden of broncos who will be facing. that's the record. no fluke, they took a quick lead over the cardinals. didn't look back, newton toss to wide receiver, former cardinal ted gan jr.m he didn't do anything for the first five games. anyway, it was great. it was a great win for carolina. it going to be a tough game for broncos. >> sure is. >> they have not played a team like carolina, gary, all year. newton is clearly the mvp.
6:45 am
defense , i think they do. carolina is 1a. it's not like playing at home with 7 a thousand people and all the guys can't hear the snap count. it's a different feeling than the super bowl, i covered 7 of them, it's not a home crowd, it's a corporate game, you have to generate your owen owen thews yaysm, i'm convinced they will come up with a great plan. i heard a lot of bronco fans criticize gary kubiak, sometimes justifiably, enough. he comes in on the hot seat, replaces john fox, he wins the division, he loses his hall of fame quarterback for half the year, they are going to the super bowl. this season for gary kubiak is an un qualified success, win or lose, the super bowl. >> i agree with that. >> he is the right guy. >> ron says enough. >> ron is going to be on channel 20 with us.
6:46 am
tying 8th appearance in the super bowl, big game in 13 days, february 7th, santa clara, california. flurrys around the area, nice showers of rain and snow, in southeast colorado overnight. it continues to snow in central and western nebraska, with 2-4 inches of snow, generally east of alliance this morning. after we get this system out of here, during the course of the day today, 7 or 8:00 tonight it will start finishing up over the north. lit last until midnight in southern colorado. we have several days of dry, warm air heading our way. cool today and tomorrow and the tail end of the week, warm air moves in and dry across the state until at least sunday. you see the flurry , the better snow off to the east, and west. singles and teens in mountain areas, little below zero, this morning, gunnison, alamosa, it looks warm over the plains, temperatures in the 30s at this time of day but it's very windy
6:47 am
light snow for a good bit of the morning, a little bit of clearing, snow off and on during the day in the foothills, flurrys around here, quarter or half inch in the foothills. i can't see anything measurable here. 30s to 40s lower terrain. snow showers fizzle out over the plains and lighten up over the mountains late if the day and finish out in the wets this afternoon. 2-4 inches of snow there. 30s, 40s on the plains, a little warmer south, that will be tempered by the strong northerly winds through the day. sunny, couple of flurrys here and there, 40s today. teens tonight. the winds will die down, skies clear, hanging out in the low 40s tomorrow. to the 50s and 60s for the tail end of the week. amelia, i think everybody is so happy about the football game they are behaving nicely this morning.
6:48 am
look at the view from sky 9. this is a light start, to the east side, we do have the westbound slow down approaching the 270 split as wellment eastbound slow downs near havana, we are pleased with the start. let's look at the maps and c dot cameras, 25 and 19th along the southbound stretch getting in oh the downtown streets. one crash, northbound, lincoln, around civic center parking at 13th avenue, two right lanes were previously blocked in the crash, we will see the on going back ups. today, sunrise officially happens at 7:13, but marty tells us we are going to have enough cloud cover to help us out and sun sets at 5:10, more and more daylight for the morning and evening commute. here is a look at the top stories, watchout for delays at dia today as the east coast starts digging out from feet of snow. airports across the country are still struggling to get back on
6:49 am
today. 28 people died over the weekend most from traffic accidents and heart attacks while shoveling. isis says the terrorist responsible for the paris attack were working for the plot. the terror group released a video that shows 9 attackers before they targeted the french capital. showing them training and tiffs. 130 people died in the attack stadium. today the lawyer accused of trying the kill his wife with a hatchet is due in court. investigators say leland tried to kill his wife in their evergreen home after he found a divorce. arrived. he is charged with attempted murder. c dot says the toll lanes
6:50 am
shoulder, the eastbound lanes used a couple of times so far this season. open two months, c dot says its proven to help ease traffic. tolls stayed below the $10 mark, though they could reach as high as $30. [music] broncos. >> it was chaotic and loud. i nearly lost my voice. >> it was so fun. it was out of control. it was fun and worth it. it was a win and we will take it. >> hi med hurts so bad i yelled -- head hurts so bad, i yelled so much the whole game. >> broncos are heading to super bowl 50. if you want to go, too, get ready, to pay a lot. tickets to super bowl 50, more than 10 times the cost of championship game seats. sites like nfl ticket exchange
6:51 am
listed from $4000, to as much as $25,000, yes for one ticket. season ticketholders to the broncos are automatically eligible for a random drawing, if they choose your name, you will have a chance to buy two tickets at face value. i don't know what face value is bucks. >> fans know how to have a good time. let's keep the celebrations going on this victory monday. we want to see your hash tag, we are broncos celebration pictures. broncos fans got up early, they have been sending us pictures since dark and early. great pictures and lots of kids, lots of little ones and whole family, we have seen cats anding toes and the whole gamut of people celebrating. >> loveing that. marty, do you have a victory dance like that? >> i do not. i do not have a victory dance like that. nothing even remotely close. you might want to do one with weather like this during the course of the week, this week, temperatures moving in to the 50s and 60s, in to the weekend. it does appear that we will
6:52 am
the early part of next week, we
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