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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 26, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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carson: thanks to our friends here at the hotel cafe for housing us this week. it's been awesome. of course all you guys for tuning in, we appreciate it. check out another miami horror performance from the el rey. get some sleep for the love of
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the countdown to super bowl 50. the broncos turn their attention to the panthers. the fans rush to show their team pride and try to get tickets. two breweries with locations in colorado and carolina are divided over who to support. a little light snow tonight. we're finalizing the forecast and gathering information on a skier trapped in an avalanche. >> the planned parenthood videos back in the spotlight after a grand jury decides to indict the filmmakers. >> what cdot told us about the i-70 toll road and whether they might add another westbound. 9news starts now. we start tonight with an update to a story we've been following for nearly two weeks. tonight parker police told us a second teenager who fell through
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max gantnie was one of the two survivors. a third teenager who was with them was released from the hospital hours later. the crisis team will be at legend high tomorrow to counsel their classmates. a man was partially buried in an avalanche near the eisenhower tunnel but able to call for help. summit county rescue teams say the man was skiing this afternoon by himself when he triggered the slide. he called 911 and rescue teams found him using coordinates from his cell phone. he does have serious injuries. a look at downtown denver. one minute ud -- you'd see snow, the next minute sun again. kathy sabine is here with a check at what's happening. >> the fun coming to an end because the storm is moving out tonight. looks pretty good outside. the roads are dry. that's what you'll find tomorrow morning. heaviest snow bands pushing south of the city extending along the line from colorado springs down to pueblo and down to the new mexico line. that's where all the winter weather and travel advisories
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coming off the foothills. they're trying up. but they're moving from the northwest to the southeast and could drop a quick half inch of accumulation. beyond that looks pretty good and quiet. so no additional accumulation expected but with clear skies and light winds you do know those temperatures are going to start to fall now and you will have some icy patches in the areas where we saw the wet roads and sidewalks. already in the low 20s in downtown denver. you'll see temperatures between 15 degrees and 22 degrees when you step out tomorrow morning for work and school. but we have a beautiful midweek warming trend we're going to talk about. some spring-like temperatures in the forecast for the last few days of january. one of our colder months. the broncos will join an elite club in two weeks. teams that have played in eight super bowls. the carolina panthers will also be the eighth different team the broncos have faced in the title game. you'll be hearing a lot about the
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difference at that position. peyton manning is 13 years, 48 days older than cam newton. they'll share one thing in common. they were both the number one overall draft pick when they joined the league. the topic was the color of the broncos uniforms. they had never won a title wearing orange. in sports drew tells us what color they'll be wearing for super bowl 50. we're hearing from a number of broncos season ticket holders upset about missing out on super bowl tickets again. the nfl gives each super bowl team about 12,000 tickets. the broncos season ticket holders were put in to a lottery. a number of them found out yesterday and today if they'd have a chance to buy a seat. other tickets went to a company offering travel packages. they start at more than $3,000 a person. the fans we heard from wanted to know how exactly the broncos divided their tickets between the season ticket holders and those expensive travel packages. we asked and the team has not gotten back to us yet.
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if they can get a ticket the original ticket prices are the resale secondary websites are already cashing in, some listing seats around $4,000. christmas decorations have blue. the pepsi center is lit up with denver's favorite colors as are the elitch gardens ferris wheel and tower. denver international airport will hang broncos country playoffs signs and it's not the only place to do so. l.e.d. signs along the 14th and 16th streets will flash playoff messages. a lot of people headed to broncos team store at sports authority field at mile high picking out their favorite hats and shirts, declaring the broncos the afc champs. employees said at one point it was the most people they've ever seen in the store on a weekday. some fans wanted to stock up on broncos basics and just talk about sunday's win over new england. >> you can never have too much
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particular for a tie but i ended up getting a hat. had to upgrade to the new style. >> fanatical is what i've seen the broncos do. it was my old age, i settled down a bit. >> peyton manning sweater is a good conversation starter. the team store is open monday through saturday 10:00 to 6:00. leading up to the super bowl we'll have nightly updates after broncos tonight. they'll start at 10:35. in just a few minutes, the beer battle brewing over the big game. some have expanded to the carolinas. it's created some split loyalty. the planned parenthood videos became a source of national controversy late last year was thrown back in to the spotlight tonight. in texas they cleared planned parenthood from doing any wrongdoing. they'll face charges with
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record and one faces an additional charge related to purchasing human organs. 9news reviewed the under coverage footage at the denver clinic and did not find evidence of anything illegal. $262,500. that's what calm -- commerce city will pay the owner of a dog shot. officers shot and killed chloe in 2012 after the dog got loose in a neighborhood. police said the dog ran aggressively toward officers. video taken by neighbors showed otherwise. the officer who fired the shot was found not guilty of animal cruelty charges in 2013. the jefferson county sheriff's office is simultaneously looking for a robbery suspect while investigating whether the shooting death of a second suspect is justified under the law. a homeowner says he was defending himself when he was attacked during a craigslist fail. police say the two men showed up at the home to look at the model cars. the homeowner
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himself and confronted the men as they tried to steal his car. arrived in. he crashed a few houses down and later died at the hospital from gunshot wound. 9news legal analyst scott robinson says the homeowner is not protected by colorado's make my de la because the shooting didn't happen inside the home but he could be protected by self-defense laws. >> people can use self-defense at any time as long as they're facing serious bodily injury or death. they can use deadly force inside or outside the home. >> we still don't know all the details about what transpired outside the house. police found the other car involved in the incident. it was a stolen vehicle out of lakewood. it was found abandoned in federal heights. law enforcement officials are looking for a rancher in agate. someone shot edward butler at his home saturday evening. the sheriff's department released photos from surveillance video of a person
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deputies say butler had called the property's co-owner saying someone had been inside his house. the neighbor found butler dead. the sheriff's office is asking for the public's help identifying the man seen in the photos. he has an earring in his left ear and was wearing a large watch on his left wrist. deputies say he should not be approached. we are one week away from the iowa presidential caucuses. the hawk eye cauci. donald trump moving ahead by ted cruz. the same poll for the democrats shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck, sanders at 46%, clinton at 44%. the new eastbound i-70 express toll lanes have been up and running for about a month now. and cdot is talking about toll lane. figure it's time to really dig in to what's happening so far with the here's 9news that.
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about the future price surge during high volume times. so far the toll prices have hovered around $4. the top price, $30. the fact that it's hovered only around $4 cdot says shows this whole project is working. >> reporter: if you're looking for the story along the new i-70 eastbound express lane, just dig in the data. a recent colorado department of transportation report shows in the first few days after launching december 19th, thousands of drivers have dipped in to the toll lanes. in december, 457 drivers used the toll lane. in the first week of january that number jumped to 5,427 drivers. the total, nearly 9500. >> it opened up capacity and people weren't sitting in their cars like in the past. >> reporter: cdot's megan castle says the project is loosening up infamous ski traffic congestion. >> we're seeing more people driving through this corridor and we're seeing consistent speeds.
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the toll lane, if more than 2,000 cars were on the road per after the toll lane opened, cdot says up to 4500 drivers per hour took the road. >> that means people are spending less time in traffic and getting home. >> reporter: though the agency calls this a success, drivers like craig are mostly worried about the price, up to $30 a trip. >> basically what you're doing is you're building with government tax revenues a road people. >> we understand that this lane it's price today provide a reliable travel times and one of the benefits that we've seen is it's opened up the other lanes. >> loyalty -- a lot of people wonder why it's not open more often, year. cdot says it's open when they see the most traffic and it's not necessary to have it open during the other times.
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look in to a westbound version and they say that is the goal though they couldn't give us a timeline for that. dissension is brewing for a beer company with locations in colorado and carolina. >> a late entrant to a half marathon runs on four legs instead of two and still ends up with a medal. >> trying to dig out from one of the biggest snowstorms the north has ever seen. >> and the broncos have picked out their super bowl wardrobe. we'll see if you agree with
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carolina and colorado have a few things in common, including a booming craft beer scene. 9news reporter steve staeger found the game is creating a little bit of conflict for some brewers. >> there's a surprising amount between the carolinas and colorado. the brewing scene. >> reporter: it
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that would be foremost on brian simpson's mind. he is, after all, the public's face of new belgium, a brewery founded in fort collins but with a new brewery about to open in north carolina. you know, the state where the new enemy plays. >> there was a little bit of trash going back and forth today. >> reporter: and a little trash talking in this very brewery too. >> i'm from charlotte, north carolina. >> reporter: adam who works in the tap room is supporting the panthers but took the diplomatic route talking to us. >> fulfilling to know two of my favorite states are getting together to play one of the best games in history. >> it makes for the perfect atmosphere for a super bowl bet, brewery versus brewery. asheville nurse s -- versus fort collins. the folks at new belgium came up with a different idea. one of the things they can't seem to get is green chili down there. so if the panthers win then we have to send green chili back to carolina.
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broncos win, they have to send barbecue sauce out to fort collins. >> reporter: another colorado craft brewing giant oscar blues has a facility in north carolina as well. they told us they're still deciding what sort of competition they'll have. it got us wondering, can a brewery decided against itself still stand? then we remembered this is beer after all. >> it will be fun for everybody to kick back for a day, root for whichever team they're rooting for. >> new belgium says it picked it because it's a lot like fort collins, surrounded by mountains, easy to bike from place to place, and most importantly the water is excellent for brewing. a 2-year-old bloodhound followed her nose to the finish line of a half marathon. she got out of her backyard and ended up at the start of the race. at that point she kept going, made friends with all kinds of folks along the way, actually came in 7th in the race
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hour, 22 minutes. they thought that was worthy of a medal. the dog's owner found out when someone called and said your dog is here with a medal. this weekend's blizzard pounded the east coast left snow measured in feet from washington, d.c. to new york. at least 40 people died as a result of the storm. there are buildings unreachable because of the snow. others have caved in from all of its weight. students in philadelphia, bawl, and dc will get a second some experts peg economic officers due to the storm to around $2.5 billion. jersey shore. some say the damage worse than during superstorm sandy. the water has mostly receded, leaving behind debris and damage. some towns are working hard to repair damaged sea walls before the next storm arrives. no flooding in colorado. i'm chief meteorologist kathy
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we had sunshine and snow showers. nothing that you can't handle on a january monday here in our state, especially when you consider what the folks had to endure across the northeast and then another beautiful sunset. if you made it through today, the rest of the week, smooth sailing. this is the only storm we got going on this week and it's out of here tonight. after leaving us with a high of 37, average high this year is 44. not bad in lamar today. not overly warm at the airport now. 22 degrees, winds south at 9. that creates a wind chill of 12. clear skies above my head. you can see the stars outside the backyard and 20 degrees now, calm, snow has come to an end and your drive tomorrow should be just fine. only 3 and a half inches of snow for the month of january. we typically see about 7 inches and our two snowiest months of the year are coming up in march and april. enjoy the break from the weather systems. that may be changing here in the next month
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snow showers rolling off the foothills, moving from the northwest to the southeast, dropping to the south and producing about a half inch of accumulation quickly. heaviest snow is dropping in to new mexico where the winter weather and travel advisories will remain in effect overnight tonight and tomorrow. our storm is winding its way to the midwest. blue is where the snow is, green, the rain. off to the west it's pretty quiet behind this storm system. the flow around it clockwise, the dry northwest flow to bring in drier air, cut off the moisture. this is going to be the trend for much of the week. we say goodbye to today's storm, hello to the next one, but actually this one is going to stay to the north of us. tomorrow lots of sunshine but you're going to be surprised, not going to be super warm even with all that snow out there. only 40 in the city. the really cold air is retreating in to the midwest but it's going to take a day or two for us to kick that cold air out of here completely. the drier air working in, quiet weather
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conditions for travelers across the city. i-25, fort collins down to pueblo then i-70 in to the high country tomorrow. no winter weather or travel advisories. it will be cold if you're going skiing. zero to frisco, 10 in grand lake, mid teens on the plains rebounding in to the low 40s for northeastern colorado. some of the warmer readings in southeastern sections of the state. 28 for aspen. same in steamboat. mid 30s in grand junction. cold day in the foothills with all that snow cover. 30 in idaho springs. a high of only 27 in grand lake. here in the city all the snow shower activity really coming to an end. the snow showers were early and they're tapering off now. with clear and cool conditions and those light winds. we're going to start off pretty chilly tomorrow. 36 by noon. 40 in the afternoon. but even with that sunshine not terribly warm tomorrow. we do get in to the midweek period with temperatures in the 50s and could see 60s by the end of the week.
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a wind shift thursday. we'll see if we can get to 60. it will be awful nice to say goodbye to january with spring like temperatures. not sure what it is with these monday snow events but there you go. put that on your planner. really you might want to put on your planner to go skiing because the snow is knee deep, chest deep, and some of the snow totals coming in are pretty spectacular. silverton with 17 inches. 12 in powder horn. 6 in snow mass and in the copper area. view up high is awful nice. sometimes you got to get down low to really see the winter. >> very nice. broncos fans are everywhere including a famous face on "the today show" this morning. kate hudson was talking about her new movie kung fu panda 3 when the conversation turned to her sparkly broncos tattoo. >> i'm a big peyton manning fan
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when peyton manning found his way at the broncos it was like our whole family was like, ahh. >> be honest. did you put that on your arm before or after the game? >> before. >> you sure? you're not just jumping on the bandwagon.
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from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the broncos are planning to turn the golden
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they've chosen to dress in white uniforms for super bowl 50. broncos wore that color in 1987 when they lost to the giants then again in 1999 when they beat the atlanta falcons in super bowl 33. it's the first of many decisions the team has to make between now and february 7tht. >> we got started on that stuff. tells you what this organization is all about. that's important. you want to get all those things taken care of. our organization is doing a great job already. >> and since the broncos will be in white, the panthers will be in black which must explain why 9news broncos insider mike klis is wearing both black and white tonight. >> the seeds to super bowl 50 were planted during the 2011
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the carolina panthers were so bad during john fox's final season, they had the number one overall pick and took cam newton. he's the panthers' best player. the broncos hired john fox and with their overall number 2 pick they took von miller. von is the broncos' overall best player. here we are in the john fox bowl. i've looked at the panthers and about the only weakness i've seen is leads. the broncos haven't had this year. make no mistake. the broncos have not played a team this good. the panthers are better than the patriots. they're better than the steelers. but know this, cam newton has not faced a defense if all goes well for the broncos, cam the number one pick and von the number two pick can meet in the quarterback's pocket. mike
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the nuggets finished their longest home stand of the season tonight by allowing their guests to wipe muddy shoes on the carpeting. eighth consecutive game in lower downtown. nugs got whooped by the atlanta. denver turned the basketball over 15 times. even my new favorite player, rookie emmanuel mudiay. nuggies lose 119-105. >> it was horrible. defense was horrible . we can't blame nobody but ourselves. i'm going to put that on me. that starts with me. i should have probably been more vocal on the defensive end. >> sure would have been nice if the broncos gave drew litten the heads up about the uniform color. he spent had day
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the rest of us the broncos would wear orange. fortunately i exact right colors. what do you guys think of the whites? >> i like white. i feel good about it. >> they're here's von miller. here's cam newton. there's a sack , baby, right there. that's exactly what it will look like. >> cam is wearing black like the villains.
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