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right now... u.s. 6 at loveland pass is closed because of an avalanche hazard. hazmat vehicles need to use eisenhower tunnel on i-70...this is a live look at that route... there will likely be other traffic delays around loveland pass. we'll keep you updated as we get more information on this. good morning. welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. gary, corey, and cheryl here with you. marty is also joinging us. he is in the weather center. marty- no snow today in the metro area... in fact- a little warmer than
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today two parker families are mourning the loss of their children... they died after falling through the ice on a rentention pond. one of them died earlier this month... the other -- just yesterday. 9news reporter noel brennan has been following this... noel one of those teens will be laid to rest today. that's right, corey. 16 year-old patric lanz will be laid to rest today. his service will be held at saint thomas more catholic church in centennial at 11-30 this morning. last night, parker police announced the death of a second teen - max gantnier. max had been in the hospital for nearly two weeks. he was one of two survivors pulled from an icy retention pond in parker back on january 14th. cole robinson was the first to be rescued and was released from the hospital. patric lanz was underwater for at least thirty minutes. he died at the scene. all three boys went to legend high school. the douglas county school district crisis team will be at the school today to offer support for their classmates. this past weekend, a formal-wear fundraiser was held at legend high
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was donated to the families of the patric lanz and max gantnier. gary? today the woman accused of stabbing denver's fire chief will be in court. marlene zacevich-rodriguez has been charged with attempted second-degree murder and first degree assault. witnesses say she jumped into chief eric tade's suv and stabbed him in the arm and leg. this happened right outside of the fire station. luckily chief tade was able to get away and get help -- he was rushed to denver health. he has since recovered and gone back to work. in a recent interview... the suspect's son pointed to mental illness as a possible issue. this morning depties are still looking for a person of interest in the shooting death of a rancher. someone shot edward butler - at his home in agate over the weekend.. these are photos taken from surveillance video - of that person of interest. deputies say: butler had called had called the property's co- owner - saying that
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inside his house. contact with neighbor to check on him. that neighbor the elbert county sheriff's office is asking for your help to identify the man seen in the photos. deputies say he approached. one man will get more than 262- from commerce city -- after his dog was shot by police. the largest settlement in u.s. history for the death of someone's officers shot and killed chloe in 2012 - after the dog got loose in a neighborhood. police said the dog ran aggressively towards officers. video taken by neighbors showed otherwise. the officer who fired the shot was found not guilty of animal cruelty charges in 2013. a man was partially buried in an avalanche near the eisenhower tunnel - but was still able to call for help. this happened in the back country near the top of coon hill. summit county rescue crews say he was skiing by himself yesterday when he triggered the slide. he called 9-1-1 - and
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found him - using coordinates from he has serious injuries. offices in the washington area today -- the city is clean up 2 feet of students in the district of get a second snow day -- as well as kids in baltimore and philadelphia. at least 42 deaths are now linked to the blizzard that pounded that side of the country. yesteray 25 hundred flights were delayed or canceled -- that's actually a big improvement from the thousands that failed to take off over the weekend. in california-- a massive manhunt is underway for three inmates who escaped a maximum-security lockup. the escape happened friday at a jail in orange county. investigators say the men were housed in a large cell that holds 60 inmates. they cut through a steel screen in their cell then entered the jail's plumbing tunnels. they made their way to the roof and then rappelled down 5 stories--
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security experts say the three likely had help to pull off the plan. accused of violent crimes: kidnapping, torture, murder murder. dollar reward has been offered for last night the democratic candidates met for one last forum caucuses on monday. meanwhile the top three republican candidates are busy rallying support in early voting states. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence has the latest on presidential campaigning from washington. in iowa the temperatures may race to be each party's nominee for the democratic highlighted their differences from one another as they made a final pitch to people in candidate against wall street deregulation. see clinton was on this candidate inequality and produced results, and that's what i meanwhile the on the race is getting nasty. especially trump and senator ted cruz. "and i have no intention of responding in kind. i think the people of iowa deserve more respect than to see a bunch of candidates throwing insults still, cruz released donald trump's trump is now presidential pipeline goes from cruz, he was born there and now he goes all the way to texas, maybe he has a conflict of edward lawrence, nbc news, washington.
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donald trump has enormous crowds at his events. a win can turn that energy into people actually showing up to caucus. the world health organization - says the zika virus will likely spread to the u.s. and almost
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where the mosquito that carries the virus is found. that's everywhere except canada and chile. since last may - zika has spread to at least 21 countries and territories. experts suspect it can cause birth defects -- leading some south american governments to ask women to avoid getting pregnant. in rio, brazil -- olympic venues will undergo daily inspections -- to prevent zika from spreading during the summer games. the carolinas and colorado have a
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instance... bothe beer scene. they also both have teams headed to the super bowl.... and 9news reporter steve staeger found - the game is creating a bit of a conflict for some brewers. 00:58 "there's a carolinas and minds is the it makes sense why that would be simpon's mind. public face of new founded in fort collins - but with a new brewery about to open in north carolina. you know - that state where the new enemy plays. 02:48 "there was a the internets one." brewery too. carolina, heck in the tap room - is panthers - but took 06:55 "it's a to know that two of my favorite states are getting together to play
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perfect atmosphere for a super bowl bet - brewery vs brewery - fort collins versus ashville. but beer - that would be way the heck too easy so the folks at new belgium had a different idea." 03:00 "one of the things they can't seem to get is spicy good green chile down there so it was floated out there that if the panthers win then we have to send green chile back to carolina and if the broncos win, they have to send barbeque sauce out to fort collins." another colorcrakar blues has a facilia as well - thdecidinion they'll have. g - can a brewself still stand? but is beer afterall. lly fun for everybrelax with some gver team they'rfor."
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picked the ashville area because its a lot like fort collins - surrounded by mountains - its easy to bike from place to place. also - and probably most importantly - the water there is excellent for brewing. the ultimate test of dedication to the broncos... would you make a very permanent decision to show your team spirit? what if it was free? endless ink tattoo and piercing in denver is offering free broncos tattoos. we know broncos fans love freebies, so we're interested to see how this one turns out... the promotion will start the week bowl.
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searching for her biological father... little did she know.. he wasn't very far away at all... how the pair was accidentally
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an idaho woman got the shock of her life - when she made an unlikely
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her father - who she hadn't seen in 20 years. hensley had seen the man before.... but it wasn't until recently that she learned his full name. it was an incredibly tearful, but joyful reunion. hensley says she plans to keep her dad in her life - and if all goes well she plans to invite him
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there's a bit of an environmental mystery going on in florida right now... thousands of starfish were found washed up on shore.. this is just south of panama city at port saint joe. florida fish and wildlife officers happened before. researchers say environmental temperature recent case of red tide could have caused the starfish to wash ashore. hands free has taken on a whole new meaning... and parents of little ones... might really enjoy the new techonology. we're talking about a stroller that walks itself..
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in doubt this morning. our partners at the denver business journal report that the englewood-based sporting goods chain recently dollar interest bondholders. in another report.... bloomberg says sports authority is trying to avoid bankruptcy as it works to deal with 643 million dollars in debt. and cnbc reporting
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closing 200 of its 450 stores. management isn't commenting, but the sports authority name has a lot of brand recognition around here. in 2011 -- the company agreed to pay 6 million dollars per year to have its name on the home of the denver broncos. sprint continues to cut jobs as it works to cut costs and turn things around. a spokesman says the company has cut about 25 hundred jobs since last fall. that's about 8 percent of its workforce. now employees at six customer service centers around the country have been locations are downsizing. shares of sprint are down about 39 percent in the past 12 months. four of twitter's top execs are didn't go over so street. stock dropped percent yesterday after the news was some investors sign the company is struggling. down more than 50 percent from last year and growth has slowed. a new hotel brand --
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looking to spend 90 to 100 dollars a night. the new brand is named tru -- spelled "t-r-u." it aims to compete with economy and midscale chains like comfort inn, fairfield inn and la quinta. technology may soon turn a baby stroller into a hands-free machine. designers are working on a self- propelling stroller called the smartbe. an electric engine will make going uphill easier. it also features a bottle warmer, built-in music player and a rocker. the stroller has internal and external cameras, as well as three different retractable canopies. it will be launched next year..and the price will likely be around $3,000. so marty... how's the weather shaping up this
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' nothing is better than a mother's
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nothing is better than a mother's love right... an adorable newborn polar bear cub is spending some quality time with his mother at a german zoo this the cub hasn't been named yet and its gender is still not known. zookeepers say mom most likely won't leave her new cub alone in the cave until
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chance to see it first hand and determine if it's a boy or girl. the cub will make its public debut around that time as well.. a 2-year-old bloodhound in alabama decided to enter a half marathon... without her owner's permisison. earlier this month - ludivine got out from her backyard - and ended up at the start of the race - about a quarter mile away. then she kept going - making friends with people along the way. best of all - ludivine came in 7th - with an unofficial time of 1 hour - 32 minutes - and 56 seconds. she even got a medal. ludivine's owner found out the dog was gone when
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in wisconsin... someone is seroiusly after a lot of cheese... more than 150 thousand dollars worth of parmesan has been stolen... that story coming
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