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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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plans to help students cope... coming up. news came that a second teen has died after falling into a frozen pond. how they plan to help students cope. a murder in a small colorado town has people wondering what happened and police are looking for a killer. we'll hear a phone call made by the victim shortly before he was killed. brewing beer in enemy territory. it's big business in colorado and in carolina. now two breweries with roots in both states crafting their super bowl best. >> all right. i bet they're tasty. good morning, everyone. hart. clear skies with you right now. no wood burning restrictions in effect. okay.
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lingering snow showers down south. those seem to have fallen apart. a good deal of sun this morning. high clouds thicken ever so slightly during the afternoon. it's not going to affect the high temperature all that much. temperatures in the low to remid-40s here during the day today. right around the time we're driving home, a few clouds around. now let's talk about the drive to work. >> let's get out and check the i-25 commute. c470, you know, we had a rollover crash at 8th avenue, and it's cleared from the drive. it was a pretty bad wreck. we saw the picture of car sitting on its top. the commute is not affected as we get into the thick of things because it's out of the way.
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transitions toward the dtc will prove to be an 8-minute commute. right near parker road, tamarac, dtc, stretching 10 minutes. today, boy, it is going to be a little bit of a bright one as we get out across our metro drive. sunrise this morning comes at 7:13. right now, cory, around 110th, still nice and quiet so far. >> amelia, thank you. a second teen who fell through the ice in parker has died. his classmate will be laid to rest today. noel brennan joins us today. brief counselors will be there to help students and staff. >> the douglas crisis team will be there. they've lost two of their classmates. patrick's funeral service is actually to be held this morning in centennial.
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who fell through the ice back on january 13th. he was underwater for at least 30 minutes. cole robinson was the first to be released. he's been at home with family. matt was also pulled from the water and taken to the hospital in critical condition. parker police announced tonight that he died. and in a statement posted to facebook, jason jacobs said max had been battling brain trauma and was taken off life support. patrick's service will be held today in centennial. as soon as we hear about the service for matt, we'll let you know. today the woman accused of stabbing denver's fire chief is going to be in court. maureen rodriguez has been charged with attempted second- degree murder and first degree assault. witnesses say she jumped into chief eric tate's suv and
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it happened right outside the fire station. luckily he was able to get away and get help. he was rushed to denver medical center. he has since gone back to work. in a recent interview, the suspect's son pointed to mental illness as a possible issue. law enforcement officers are on the lookout for a person of interest in the death of a rancher from aget on the eastern plains. someone shot edward butler at his home on saturday night. the sheriff's department released photos of surveillance video of that person. butler had called the property's co-owner, saying somebody had been inside his house. that co-owner lost contract with butler and called a neighbor to go check on him. the neighbor found butler dead. the sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in identifying this man. they say he has an earring in his left ear and wearing a large watch on his left wrist. deputies say he's dangerous and
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denver will change how it supports people who are chronically homeless. they approved a plan by using social impact bonds. denver will move people who frequently use the city services into apartments. some new apartments will be built. right now, denver spends about $7 million on the chronically homeless. this program will cost more than $23 million in private and federal investments over the next five years. the city expects taxpayer to be repaid if 35% of the homeless population spends less days in jail, and if 83% of them remained housed for a year or longer. >> interesting concept. that's for sure. new money rules. new rules will give governments a limited say in the location of obeying oil and gas facilities. the state oil and gas commission will allow local governments now to consult with energy companies on the
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facilities in urban areas. the rules do not allow them to set their own regulations. the colorado oil and gas association says the rules go too far. meantime, the collapse of oil prices have some people worried about the negative impact on our state's overall economy, but some economists say they're not overly concerned at this point since the petroleum sector is not as dominant in colorado now like it was in the '80s. that's when a downturn hit us hard. it's a critical part of our overall success. oil prices are back to levels we have not seen in some 30 years. speaking of economies, most areas of our state are expecting a slow growth this year, but the fort collins area, which includes all of larimer county will be the state's top performer. ihs global services put these numbers together. they predict the fort collins
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and job growth of 2% in 2016. it's no secret traffic on i- 70 is rough. today you get to find out what cdot has planned to fix the problems between i-25 and our tower road. k dot plans to spend $1.2 billion to expand that section of i-70. a town hall meeting will be held at st. episcopal church. there's another meeting tomorrow at sunny side at 7:00. here's a heads up for people in boulder. the water there may taste a little different starting tomorrow. the city is changing the water source for these areas. gun barrel, hoover hills, and places north of arapaho avenue and east of foothills parkway. the reservoir treatment facility is coming back online. the water is safe, but they say it may taste a little different. marty, this is not a flint thing, just a little taste difference.
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it's good to let people know about that. meeker, alamosa, relatively nice on the plains with temperatures in the teens and 20s. even with clear skies this morning. from here at the front range up to 76 and to yuma county this morning, clear conditions will stay with us at least through lunch, even a little after. then about 4:00 or 5:00, we'll start to see high clouds drift in late in the day. looking for mid-40s around here today. 30s and 40s up north with 30s in the mountains and foothills. for the next three days, really warm temperatures. mid-50s tomorrow and thursday. into the low 60s as we get into friday. so we can have a big warmup on the way. >> should have an extra recess on days like this. >> i like that idea. >> just a suggestion. i think the kids are influencing me, instead of me influencing the kids. >> we're hoping to get more answers today for some angry
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they're wondering why they didn't have a better chance to get tickets to the super bowl. we were flooded with e-mails from fans about missing out on super bowl tickets again. the nfl gives each super bowl team a specific number of tickets, about 12,000. all broncos season ticket holders were put into a lottery and were notified if they were chosen to buy a seat. the people provides some of those tickets to a company providing travel packages. they start at more than $3,000 a person. fans we heard from wanted to know how the broncos divided those tickets up, and they wanted more to be available to season ticket holders. we asked the broncos. we're waiting to hear back. 5:39. be prepared to open the wallet way up if you're going to buy tickets on the secondary market. it will be like finding a need until a hey stack, to get the
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resale sites are listing them for around $4,000 in the same section. >> wow, okay. some colorado breweries are facing an interesting dilemma in this game. they have locations in both states. oscar blues and new belgium have brew facilities in colorado and carolina. there's a lot of smack talking going on with the panthers and broncos both headed to the super bowl. they have not chosen a wager yet. new belgium says they have it figured out. >> one of the things they can't seem to get is good, spicy green chili down there. so if the panthers win, we have to send green chili to north carolina and if they win, they have to send barbecue sauce. >> both facilities near
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>> you have the homer simpson town. >> true. countries in need will be getting a wave of new england gear. afc patriots gear will go to world vision. it's been a long standing practice to donate the losing team's championship merchandise. >> losing team. >> all right. well, somebody gets to use it. >> that's right. >> at least it will be used for good. it's 5:41. a lot of mornings i bring in this mean green. it's a smoothie with kale. so don't figure the one one day i'm out of kale and can't make it, it's national green day. >> don't you worry. i have a way that all of you
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the university of colorado
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>> they want to attend cu. the daily camera reports that's five straight years of increasing application numbers. the director offed aing mys says they want to keep the class at 6300 students. >> brought to you by a proud cu mom. >> that's right. people who hope to catch planned parenthood workers breaking the law are facing charges themselves. the tapes made headlines last year when they were edited toic ma it look like they were selling fetal tissue. a court in texas cleared the planned parenthood of that issue and filed charges against those who made the videos. one is facing a charge related to purchasing human organs. in money news, if you're
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will appreciate in value faster than others. find one near a trader joe's or whole foods. homes within a mile of. bottom line, your local grocery market has a lot to do with our housing market. >> many new year's resolution centers are turning a new point. more than have admit their goals have fallen by the wayside. >> evolution has declared today the first ever national green juice day to help you get back on track. starting at 11:00 a.m., folks can visit or visit the app to get free juice. in certain areas, that era
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>> i'm writing out the recipe for you. >> go figure. i do want to try this stuff. i am vegetable challenged. so i try to make it for it with green juice. it's changing my life, greg. >> in ways we don't always want. >> it's 5:46. the zika virus has likely spread to all the countries in the americas except canada and chile. it's believed to have caused brain damage to babies in brazil. it has not been reported as being spread on u.s. soil, although people have gotten
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who says it's spread to 27 countries. it's due to a lack of immunity. the virus is held in africa, pacific islands, and southeast asia. when you take something for a headache, you need to take time to read the label. if you don't do that, you could put yourself at risk for an overdose. 43% of chronic pain sufferers took more than the recommended amount of painkillers and for a longer amount of time than recommended. they talked about over time that can be damaging to some of their organs. >> read the directions. >> and some people say i have a really bad headache. i think i'm going to take an extra one. >> 5:47 right now. how close are we to world disaster. scientists will give their predictions today. first, we want to check in with marty and amelia.
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we're like the fortunes of disaster. sunshine early clouds later. temperatures in the 40s today. not especially windy here. if you've been hearing about another big storm for the east coast, they're going to get some rain from now until saturday. it looks like less of half an inch. as far as snow goes, most of that is going to stay in the eastern great great lakes and up through new england there. 's no massive storm on the east coast this weekend. clear conditions this weekend, below zero as we move into mountain areas, not bad from here up into northern colorado. we're in the teens. teens and 20s farther east on the plains. it's been a fairly quiet start to the day. hasn't it, amelia? >> we woke up over the i-25 stretch. that's moved up and out of there. so now we're looking at a pretty much clear drive across area freeways. a couple of exceptions there. if you include a stall up forth, speeds around 60 miles
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we drop down to 21 miles per hour around u.s. 36. backup headed into the city, there's the stall i mentioned, northbound i-25 and alameda. now, you heard it from marty, the rest of the week is going to be really nice until we get into the weekend. don't look at this yellow won. i need to change this here. looking good.
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scientists will set the doomsday clock. it's their decision on how close the world is to global catastrophe. the closer it is to midnight the kloser it is estimated that it will occur. they set it three minutes to climate change and nuclear weapons. this has been done since 1947 by atomic scientists. the east coast blizzard is long gone, but the snow and traveling delays are going to be around for a while longer.
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canceled for today already as airlines are still struggling to get crews and equipment back on schedule. they do hope to be back to normal later this afternoon. it was the second snowiest storm in new york history. they're fighting flooding now, and the beach is eroding. >> earlier this morning, beginning to fizzle out and go it is a little bit windy in and near the foothills, especially out above the 6500-foot level. we have 15-30 mile-per-hour winds. that will be common today. i don't think we're going the see a lot of wind around the area. sunshine early and moving on, clouds throughout the day. again, we have a few clouds drifting in from the north.
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cloud cover later in the day as the snow showers finish up. mainly sunny early on. thin clouds drifting by 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. 30s and those gusty winds in the foothills. late this afternoon, three, 4:00, you start the see some clouds move in from the north for the front range and plains. 20s mountains, 30s west. pretty close to 50 down south with 30s and 40s around here. 34 downtown. becoming mostly cloudy. it's going to be way, way late in the day. so it's going to be a sunny morning and high clouds later on. partly cloudy this evening. 25 your overnight low. nice days coming up. warm days if you don't like dry weather. you're not going to like this. we'll be in the 50s three out of the next four days. our next cold front comes in sunday afternoon. so between this afternoon,
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>> our city is waking up. 2525 in arapaho. it's a safe start across c470 and i-25. as we head downtown, we have slowdowns building across i-25. in the northbound lane, we have a stalled out car on the shoulder. green on both sides means we're going to see excellent speeds coming out of the corridor. as for southbounders, around 63 miles per hour between i-70 and 6th avenue, only a 4 minute drive. here's a look at the travel times, five or six minutes.
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welcome back. at least a bit of environmental mystery going on in florida right now. thousands of these starfish washed up on shore. this is just south of panama city in the port of st. joe. florida fish and wildlife officers say it's rare, but it's happened before. environmental factors like temperature change and the ocean, maybe a recent case of red tide could have caused the starfish to all wash up on shore there. >> i wish we could get them back in the ocean where they can thrive. a daughter spent two decades searching for her father. is surprising. that's coming up at 6:30. that's it for us.
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