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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> this is 9news. >> ten avalanche death in two two days. we're looking at the dangerous events in the u.s. and pinpointing with the biggest concern is in our state. >> we'll raise taxes, yes, we will. >> they throw all of this stuff at me, and i'm still standing. >> the democratic candidates for president made their final pitches a week before the caucuses, and it only gets businessier. we'll talk about the strategies from the democrats and republicans during this all important week. and a woman gets the shock of her lifetime after making an unlikely connection with a homeless man. an incredible story, coming up. >> incredible.
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welcome to 9news, 6:00 a.m. cori, gary, amelia here. >> noel brennan is in the information center this morning with the increasing danger in the high country. >> let's start with marty coniglio who is in the 9news backyard. he's going to be in the 40s today an things really warm up during the week. >> we're going to warm up later this week. we had flurries a little south of town, lingering this morning around colorado springs, air force academy, and out toward from the continental divide, around the -- levels. clouds start to drift in later this afternoon. we'll be in the 40s around here today. you're talking about the avalanche danger. we've had snow at copper
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180 plus at winter park and loveland and we've gone over 200 inches as steamboat, telluride pushing almost 300- inches of snow. bear in mind, it's only mid- january. we could still have easily that much snow going on. most areas in moderate avalanche danger with considerable danger in the northern san juans. on the east coast, this is a live traffic cam in washington, dc. amelia, after a blizzard, not much traffic to talk about. >> that's an incredible sight. it doesn't look like anything we're seeing in denver. look at sky 9's view. this is a busy corridor stretch. sky is zooming in -- sky 9 is zooming in now in the eastbound direction. let's see if they come up with something here. well, we'll check in with sky 9
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coming from in just a few. let's look at this. standard delays, rollover crash is gone. we have one minor problem across the map. that's a northbound 25 stall in the area of about 8th avenue. 6th avenue, travel time is still looking good. coming up in my next update , we're talk about the southside. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. thanks a lot. it's 6:03 now. january has been the deadliest month for avalanches in nearly 20 years. the information center says 11 people have died in slides in the western united states this month alone. 10 in the last ten days. noel brennan, really a sobering number. a number of these slides have happened in colorado. >> they sure have. i want to take a look at that map that marty showed us. this is from the colorado avalanche information site. all the yellow shows the
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down here to the south, it is considerable. last week, all of this map, really all of it was orange. that was a considerable rating last week. that's when we saw two of those deadly slides. now, the first deadly avalanche of the year in colorado, that happened back on january 16th. these are pictures from that slide from the colorado avalanche information center. this happened near st. mary's lake in clear creek county, a climber actually caused this one. was swept down and buried in a lot of snow. days later, two people riding a snowmobile caused an avalanche near crested butte. one of the riders ended up being buried in the snow. he was taken to the hospital, but sadly he died from his injuries as well. now, as we mentioned, this is the deadliest january for avalanches in nearly 20 years. experts say you need to keep an eye out when you're driving by the slopes and be extremely careful anytime you head out to the back country. gary? >> absolutely.
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big problem with avalanches. a man accused of murder is going to be in an arapaho county courtroom. police say that lloyd henderson killed corey clemens at the end of the september. police say the shooting happened after the men got into a fight. henderson faces first-degree murder charges. the people who hope to catch planned parenthood workers breaking the law are facing charges themselves. the undercover video has made headlines this year when activists accused planned parenthood of illegally selling planned parenthood for profit. planned parenthood had no wrongdoing. the texas grand jury investigating the videos have cleared planned parenthood and instead indicted the activists. the two people are facing charges of tampering with a governmental record, and one is facing an additional charge of purchasing human organs. >> the owner of a dog shot and killed by commerce city police will get a $200,000 settlement
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it's believed to be the biggest financial settlement in the city. neighbors took this viral video showing 3-year-old khloe cowering and trying to escape before she was shot in november 2012. police officers said the dog was acting aggressively. the officer who fired the shot was found not guilty of animal cruelty. it is 6 minutes after 6:00 right now. denver bronco season ticket holders are looking for answers from the organization after missing out on super bowl tickets yet again. we were flooded with e-mails yesterday from fans who were really upset. the nfl gives each super bowl sell. the bronco season ticket holders were put into a lottery and told that if they were picked yesterday, they would have a chance to buy two seats. but some of those tickets went to a company offering travel packages that start at about $3,000 a person. fans we heard from wanted to know how the broncos divide up
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give to the travel company. we asked. the broncos have not told us. tickets for sale on secondary markets, they're pretty expensive right now. it's going to be like finding a needle in a hay stack. these are the original prices. they're $350 for the third level, but retail sites are cashing in with same seats in that section for $4,000. >> wow. 6:07 right now. when he issues his budget next month, president obama is expected to pitch some new proposals that will expand accounts. the white house says these ideas will provide more than 30 million people with access to time. a majority of that increase would come through legislation that would require employers that don't currently offer a retirement plan to automatically enroll their workers in an ira, an individual retirement account.
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exchange for doing that. the state may have lost $60 million because of that controversy surrounding the state's religious objections law. the group points to losses and things like hotel profits, tax revenue, and other economic benefits because of the law. critics say it discriminates against gay people on religious grounds. 12 state groups say the religious objections law did play a role in holding their decisions elsewhere around the country. it is 6:08. it's now a six-day sprint to the finish line in iowa ahead of the caucuses there. the democratic presidential candidates have had their last chance to be on one stage together and make an appeal to the voters. it happened on monday night. >> we're also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >> america is scanning the horizon. we cannot believe this fed up
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national politics and think that a resort to old ideologies are going to move us forward. >> i've been to the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. i've been fighting to give kids and women and the people who are left out and left behind a chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> the iowa caucus is february 1 february 1st. candidates must receive 15% of voters to gain any delegates. today's final develop power ranking is going to be -- gop power ranking is going to be issued. they're going the state which candidate was leading the field since fall, but that's no longer needed because voters will start casting their ballots next week and we'll know the standings for certain. the gop power ranking will come out later this morning. donald trump is expected to stay at the number one spot. fast forward three hours. season any over much of the state. single digit readings. we'll be in the teens, 20s, 30s
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by the time we get to noon, we've been popping up above 40 degrees. we'll start to see high clouds drift in later today. for the next couple of days after being in the 40s today, we go mid-50s for two days and then 60 for friday. another change is coming. right as we get into sunday >> okay. there's a little tease. >> thank you. >> they've seen each other dozens of times before, but coming up in about ten minutes. why a woman's most recent encounter with a homeless man
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flurries down south has fizzled out.
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from here to the west coast. that means nothing imminent between now and saturday. our next storm system moves into the state saturday night for the mountains and west and sunday here from the front range. current raidings, slipping a bit below zero. many of the mountain valleys, single, teens, and 20s here. after 2:00, just a thin veil of clouds starts to move in from the north late this afternoon and will hang in through the evening. 30s and 40s in northern colorado. relatively calm in the denver area with winds less than 10, 12 miles per hour. 40s for us, 30s occasional. sunny for most of the state. we're going to see the clouds drift in from the pan panhandle and wyoming late in the day. if you're going to be working, temperatures holding in the 20s
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40s and 50s over much of eastern colorado. we'll have a few pockets of low 40s up along the south side of the valley. sunshine this morning, high clouds in the afternoon today. 44 today. 25 tonight. we thin the clouds a bit. shift the wind coming out of the southwest. three to four days of very warm temperature. mid-50s for the most part. we have another cold front coming through sunday afternoon. with light rain and snow on the way. that looks like a backup out there. >> it absolutely is. sky 9 was looking at the big line of cars there. we knew something was going on along i-70. sure enough, here it is. center lane stall. the suv has been blocking that lane right in the middle of i- 70 approaching brighton for 15 minutes or so. the backups go past i-25 if not all the way to federal and sheridan. the tow truck is on the way. hopefully they will get it up
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the rest of our drive, packing in as well. here's a look at your maps across the denver metro commute. our earlier stall northbound near alameda is gone, but the slowdowns, check this out. southbound i-25, now piling up at 120th. it's going to be a dense drive coming in toward 46 and up in the high country commute, loveland pass is still shut down because of all the adverse weather. doing okay across 70. red mountain pass still requiring chain law this is morning. >> thanks so much. it's 6:15. four of twitter's top executives have made it official. they're leaving. that did not go over so well on wall street. the company's stock dropped more than 3% after that news was announced. some investors think it's a sign of the economy slowing. hilton is launching a new
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travelers that looking to spend 90 to 100 buck as night. it aims to compete with economy and mid chain hotels. cable box is working overtime this weekend. snow bound along the east coast, stayed indoors and watched a lot of tv. 1.3million comcast customers were using xfinity on demand. what were they watching? shades of blue, game of thrones, and teen titans, go. >> that's at hour house. >> most watched tv shows, by the way, the intern was the most rented movie just about everywhere except in baltimore and washington. that's where more people were renting and watching the martian. >> i heard shades of blue is a great show. >> i hear that too. >> maybe i will stay home. >> there you go. it's a crime story out of
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all schools in pakistan's largest province are closed today because of the threat of terror attacks. intelligence suggests bombers were planning suicide atabs on schools. so as a precaution, the schools are going to stay closed through the end of the month. last month a faction of the taliban killed 21 people. they have remained on high alert.
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inmates who escaped a california prison had some inside help. the inmates disappeared from the orange county prison on friday after they sawed through a metal gate, crawled through plumbing tunnels. they're all on the run this morning. it's 19 after 6:00. michigan democrats are questioning whether the state attorney general's investigation into the flint lead tainted water. todd flood donated thousands of dollars to the campaign of the republican attorney general and governor rick snyder. now lawmakers are asking the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch to open a federal investigation instead. there's a cheese heist. the cheese is in 40-pound blocks. so you can't try to hide that
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in a different wisconsin town last week, $70,000 of parmesan cheese was stolen in a similar way. so far police have not connected the two cases. a run-in with a homeless man turned into a life changing discovery for a woman in idaho. it turned out to be her father whom she had not seen in 20 years. she said everything changed when he handed her his food stamp card. >> he asked what the balance was. i saw the name. my heart dropped and i said what is your middle name. and he said, eugene. i hit my knees, and i said you're my biological father. >> isn't that incredible. >> the two say that they plan to keep each other in their lives. she says she plans to invite her father to live with her. >> that's just something. >> incredible story. >> she just happened to ask his name. if she had not done that, they
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>> that's amazing. >> it's 6:21. so, denver, of course you won't find more loyal bronco fans in any other city. some of our local breweries have divided loyalties. first, a check of weather and traffic. clear skies now, sunny. once it comes up here in about an hour or. so by the time we get to the middle mornings, 30s. snow pack today. one percentage point was lost since yesterday. the average number goes up and up and up throughout the season. for the next five days, partly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the 50s until sunday afternoon. we start to see some rain and snow move in here. that is a mess. is that a mess? it looks like a mess to me. >> it is a mess. it's not an accident, marty. it is a stall.
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near brighton boulevard. the stalled out suv has been now. scene. police are helping protect that center lane. one left lane is getting by, two right lanes squeezingly, but the packups stretch to sheridan. this could be a 30-minute wait. coming up in my next update,
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welcome back. it's 6:25. a major question going into this year's super bowl, can a brewery divided against itself stand? probably if it's propped up on enough kegs. >> that's the case for two of colorado's biggest craft breweries. they have brewery facilities in
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they've all told us there's a lot of smack talk going on over e-mail with the panthers and broncos headed to the super bowl. oscar blue has not chosen a wager, but new belgium has it all figured out. >> one of the things they can't seem to get is spicy good green chili down there. so it's thrown out there if the panthers win, we have to send green chili back to north carolina and if the broncos win, they have to send barbecue sauce out to fort collins. >> both have facilities near asheville, north carolina. that's a growing craft beer town. a man holds the record for the faster river trip. he paddled his kayak down a 277- mile stretch in 34 hours and 2 minutes. he had to navigate part of the river in the dark and had to
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the old record was beat by more than an hour. big congrats. >> yeah. this is an amazing story. the video is so good. it's the blood hound who escaped her backyard just as a half marathon race was starting near her home in alabama. she decided, hey, all these people are running, i have to run too. then she led the pack for a while and then took her place in 7th position. >> she crossed the time with about a 7-minute mile. she gets a little medal for her trouble. they say she didn't even seem winded. they're going to rename the race the hound dog half and the seventh place runner is going to get a special price. >> how about that? >> i love these pictures. >> the owner didn't know the dog was gone until someone called her from the finish line and said, hey, your dog is at the finish line. 7th place. >> she ran a 7-minute mile.
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she had two extra legs. coming up at 6:45, how the
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two families in the entire community of parker are mourning today after a second teenager who fell through the away. and we're riding along with
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for puffers. we'll find out why you don't want to leave your car running this morning. and the best video you will see on the internet all week shows you don't necessarily need the mountains to have a okay. i don't know how safe that is. >> not safe. >> it looks kind of cool. >> no traffic. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. gary, cory, cheryl with you. marty, things are going to start to warm up. >> we're going to get going temperatures. now, it's a pretty cold start, especially in the high mountain valleys where we've dropped a little below zero. we're in the teens, singles, colorado. some of the coldest readings in the state going to jackson leadville. they're also between zero and ten below zero this morning. it should warm up as we go through the day.
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this afternoon, i put it after 3:00, you get high clouds drifting in over the wyoming border for the front range and northeastern plains. as far as wind goes, yesterday there's vicious winds on the plains today. they're keeping them under 20- 25 miles per hour. anticipate a lot of sun. right through lunchtime and thin clouds sort of drift in late in the day. we still make it into the lower 40s for the afternoon. we get much, much warmer than that. if you're planning ahead the next week, our next storm system comes in sunday night through monday. we'll have that in about 25 minutes. amelia, we'll have slowdowns going on the highways today. >> we certainly do. thank goodness some of them are clearing up and out of the way. sky 9 is over i-70 and the 225 split. they've moved from their north end drive around the mouse trap. this view is showing a much lighter and cleaner commute. as we go out to the map, we want to talk about that
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it's now affecting areas of our i-25 commute. you can see across i-25 southbound at 110, we're talking about the earlier eastbound i-70 stall on the approach to brighton boulevard. about 35 minutes. that suv was stuck in traffic. you've got about a 30-minute wait. southbound 25, lows up at 120 120th now, headed toward the mouse trap itself. if you're jumping onto 270, it's a pretty easy drive. we've now dropped to an average of 40 miles per hour. >> all right, amelia, thank you. it's going to be an especially tough day for students in parker. not only will they be attending a classmate's funeral, they're dealing with the second death of a friend. >> max gettier is the second
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his funeral is set for 11:30 this morning in centennial. patrick was one of three teens who fell through the ice back on january 14. he was under water for at least 30 minutes. cole robinson was e first to be rescued. he's been at home with family ever since. max gettier was pulled from the water and was in critical condition. in a statement posted to facebook, legend high school principal jason jacobs said max had been battling brain trauma and was taken off life support. this past weekend, a fundraiser was held at legend high school. gary? >> thank you for that. boy, that's sad. 6:34. so right now denver police are investigating an apparent home car. two men got a key to the house when they stole a puffer car last week.
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5:00 this morning to break into the home. police say the homeowner detained one suspect who was arrested when police got there. the second suspect ran off on foot. it is not known if that suspect has a weapon, and police are still searching for him. we'll keep you up to date as we get more information. today the woman accused of stabbing denver's fire chief is going to be in court. maureen rodriguez had been charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. she jumped into tate's suv and stabbed him in the leg and arm. luckily the fire chief was able to get away and get help. he was taken to denver health. work. investigators are trying to determine if this man committed a crime as well. they're also looking for a man who robbed that homeowner. defending himself under
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he was attacked during a craig's list sale. two suspects showed up to look at model cars. they tied him up and the homeowner broke free and grabbed a gun himself. he confronted the men who tried to steal his car. he crashed a few houses down and later died at the hospital from a gunshot wound. a rancher is found dead inside his home and albert deputies are looking for his killer. the property's co-owner had been called, saying someone had been inside his home. this is a photo of who police are looking for. he lost contact with butler. the neighbor found butler dead. the sheriff's department released photo from surveillance video of the person of interest. they're asking for the public's help identifying this man. >> president obama plans to ban the use of solitary confinement
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he announced the ban last night in the washington post. isolating prisoners can call long term psychological effects, particularly when used mentally ill. the policy will affect 10,000 prisoners. >> it's 6:30. the future of sports authority is in doubt. chain. in another report, bloomberg says sports authority is dealing with $643 million in death. on top of that. c nbc is reporting that the chain is on the verge of closing 250 stores. management is not commenting, but the sports authority has a lot of brand name recognition around here. they agreed to pay $6 million a year to have its name on the home of the denver broncos. they tried to cust costs and
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things around. they've cut 2500 jobs since last fall. now workers at six customer service centers around the country are willing told their locations are going to either close or perhaps down size. shares of sprint are down 39% in just the past year. it is another snow day for dc. thousands of students, the city is still clearing two feet of blizzard. same situation in baltimore and philadelphia this morning. the number of victims victims from the storm in the eastern united states has now gone up significantly. yesterday it was 30. this morning it's 42 people. the weekend blizzard on the east coast produced an early front runner for internet video of the year. thrill seekers ignored a travel ban in new york city to have some fun in the snow storm. a you tube user loaded a video showing him and a pal
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pulled by a car through times square. bill de blasio warned that people would be arrested. they only got warningsings after a police officer spotted them. on a cold video like this, there's nothing like getting into a nice warm car, right? but letting your car warm up if you're not in it is not a great idea, as we've been talking it's called puffing. and it is illegal. tarhonda thomas joins us live. police are catching puffers. there's a reason they're doing this. >> yeah because it leads to more theft. you could haven't come to us at a better time. this police officer just found someone who is puffing with the car. the car is in the driveway. this is in the area where they've seen a lot more cars get stolen. the car is running, and the keys are inside. you can leave your car running
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systems, but if your keys are inside, it's considered puffings, and it's illegal. this officer is going to make contact with the homeowner. >> sometimes they issue warnings, sometimes citations, all to let people know that thieves are out and on cold days like this, they're looking for cars to steal. >> in just a few seconds, these car thieves who are patrolling your neighborhoods looking for easy targets can just climb in your car and drive away with it. >> it's such an easy target. they say a number of cars stole reason pretty much easy targets because the keys are either inside or the car is left running like this one. the police did a briefing in aurora. they say there are definitely patterns they see with these cars. they've seen a lot more stolen puffer cars. this is puffer week. you can see police departments across colorado participating in this, all in an effort to get people to realize they cannot leave their cars running.
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these opportunities. and they're making it pretty easy when they to leave these cars running. we're going to follow police. what they decide to do and if they find any people who are stealing these cars. that was part of the briefing this morning. people who were stealing the cars. police have a lot of descriptions. as this homeowner makes contact with police, we want to give you that warning and a heads up. please don't leave your car running today. >> let's talk about this forecast. >> you know another thing about leaving your car idling, it's terrible for air quality. now this, metro area, awesome. i would call this a broncos sunrise, wouldn't you? >> we have okay air quality today, on big inversion days by tens of thousands of people who have their cars out idling, that really degrades quality for everyone. sunshine over much of the state. we start warming into the 20s
6:37 am
into the 40s around here. we'll have a few high clouds drift in later today. this morning. as we look again. right over the front range, generally clear conditions for us this morning. it will stay that way through the afternoon with 30s and low 40s up north. here. it will get much warmer toward the tail end of the week. >> thank you. you can probably come up with a lot of words to describe traffic on i-70 in the metro area. well, just say it is a tough drive, right? today you have a chance to find out what fiat has planned to fix one of the worst trouble spots. they plan to spend $1.2 billion to expand the highway between 125 and tower road. a town hall to go over the project is happening tonight at 7:00 in park hill at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. they will probably be packed.
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it is 6:42. a lot of people talking about peyton manning versus cam newton in super bowl 50, but perhaps the game's most matchup
6:39 am
>> ski reports in this morning. loveland and keystone, 5 at vail and beaver creek. three at steamboat moving into the central mountains. a little lighter snow. no new reports in aspen. five new at powder horn. they've had a big week this week. 17 at silverton is from yesterday. they have not updated today. 5% above average. everybody running at or above
6:40 am
we have three or four days of virtually no snow at all. we're going to set it will snow pack. moderate for most of the state, low in the cristos, but considerable for the northern san juans. >> well, marty, take a look at this shot. sky 9's you of i-25 and evans is just packed in. the southbound stretch running much heavier than usual. no crashes or stalls in your way. unusually heavy near colorado boulevard. as we take a live look at your cdot camera at arapaho, normal traffic in the dtc as well. you will see speeds dropping into the 40s on the approach to 225. i just tweeted out an incredible shot. southbound from i-25 to parker a long line of brake lights. gary? >> where is everybody going. >> 6:47 right now. technology is turning a baby
6:41 am
machine. designers have developed this self-propelling stroller. they call it the smart b. an electric engine makes going uphill a lot easier. it has an on-board bottle warmer, rocker, music. it has internal and external cameras. it has three different retractable canopies you can choose from. the starting price, about $3,000. well known airlines in denver, bumping up their super bowl flights. they want to meet the demands of denver fans. jetblue is adding flights. southwest is going to add three nonstop flights. it's the fastest growing market for that airline. southwest did not add any flights that serves serves the home market of the carolina panthers. they say there's probably not enough business to support that. it's 6:47. the broncos will join an elite club this two weeks.
6:42 am
their 8th super bowl. it's something only three other teams can claim they've done. the carolina panthers will be the 8th different team that the broncos have faced in the title game. already a ton of talk about the quarterback matchup and the age difference at that position. pink, 13 years and 48 days older than cam newton. newton has a good chance of snagging the mvp trophy. something peyton has done five years in his career. they were both number one draft picks overall when they joined the league in college. cam newton was taken overall number one in the 2011 draft. did you know number two that year, the undisputed mvp of the afc championship game, vaughan miller. then john fox was on his way out when the team drafted the auburn quarterback. he was on his way to denver when they were drafting texas a&m defender vaughan miller.
6:43 am
they square off, obvious, in santa clara. well, broncos fans may be united in orange, but the players are going to be playing in white. that revelation answers the big question for bronco fans leading up to their big game. they're going to be in the white uniforms when they take the field, not these orange books. we'll go to the history book. the broncos are 0-4 in super bowl when they've worn orange, and all of those losses had been blow outs. denver wore white in '87. they were white again when they beat the atlanta falcons atlanta falcons. it's going to be white against the panthers. >> but, blue, i think is the alternate uniform. and you can't wear alternate uniforms in a super bowl. >> not going to be orange. the fans will be wearing orange too. so peyton manning is earning back the money that he lost in a pay cut last winter.
6:44 am
manning agreed to reduce his 2015 salary by $4 million. but in his contract, he had the chance to earn it all back if bowl. so $2 million back in the bank after the afc championship win. the rest would come with the world championship title. he made $2 million. i spent 54 at the bar. >> on one beer. countries in need will be getting a wave of new england patriots gear. dick's sporting goods plans to donate gear. t-shirts and hats will go to world vision. it's been a long long standing tradition to donate the losing team merchandise. it's been a long day for those who wanted puppies. the jansen family had a sign
6:45 am
he said, bobby, dad said if you score, we get a pup by. so bobby scored and the jansen kids are going to get a puppy. then, last night, a young man held up a sign that said if number 13 scores on my birthday, we get a dog. then number 13, cam atkin proceeded to score a hat trick. >> they should get three dogs. >> that's what i said. no word if the family gets three puppies. that's the deal. >> there you go. that's great. when we come back, a look at the weather, the traffic, and
6:46 am
light snow from last night moved down i-25 as anticipated and has been falling apart this morning. looking upstream, see what's on the horizon. not much. between here and the west coast, nothing doing between now and saturday, we'll start to see some rain and snow move into western colorado saturday afternoon and saturday night between now and then we don't have much going on. temperatures a little below zero in mountain areas. sunshine here through the morning and early afternoon. late 2:00, 3:00, start to see a few high clouds drift in here. it could be a gorgeous sunset as well as a beautiful sunrise we just had. to boulder. we'll be in the 40s in the
6:47 am
20, 30 mile-per-hour gusts of wind. in some of the valleys where we have the cold temperatures, you're going to get ice fog forming around the gunnison river during the morning. they will have the high clouds we were talking about. they're picking up as we've gone through the afternoon and evening. 40s around here. close to 50 down south with 50s in the mountains and 30 30th out west. high clouds later in the afternoon. tonight, partly cloudy skies, 25 for your overnight low and then the warm upstarts. back to the 50s on saturday. our weather change comes sunday with light rain, snow in the afternoon. that's nothing. amealya, i will talk about that in a second. >> looks like big changes on the way. sky 9, back up and over the mouse trap. i-70 and i-25 is the location.
6:48 am
from the earlier center lane stall eastbound i-70 near brighton. that went to sheridan. the stall is cleared from the center lane, but the damage has been done. southbound i-25 was affected a bit coming off your transition ramp. take a live look outside the u.s. 36 and federal. eastbounders are crowded in but no major problems exist between denver and boulder other than the volume this morn. as we look at the maps, things are loading up. new crash reported near chambers. our downtown slowdowns, we're at a 7-minute drive. cheryl, i just tweeted this picture out. take a look at sky 9. this is the southbound stretch on 225 from parker road to i-25. brake lights. >> no one wants to see a string of lights like that. amine amelia. here's a look at the top stories.
6:49 am
a home invasion that's connected to a stolen car. two men got a key to the house when they stole a puffer car last week. they used the key just before 5:00 this morning to get into the home. the homeowner held down one suspect. the second suspect ran away. it's not known if the is the -- if the suspect had a weapon. the police are still searching for him. another teen has died after they fell into icy water. he was one of two survivors that rescuers pulled out of the water on january 14th. he passed away yesterday afternoon. patrick lance died the day of the accident. he was under water for 5 -- 35 minutes. the woman accused of ambushing denver's fire chief
6:50 am
she jumped into his car and stabbed him in the leg and stomach. he went back to work after being treated. authorities are looking for a man accused in the death of a rancher. edward butler was shot in his home. these photos were released from surveillance video. lloyd henderson allege lid killed corey -- after they got into a fight. henderson is facing charges of first-degree murder. k dot plans to spend $1.2 billion to expand the highway. there's a town hall meeting to discuss how the project will affect communities in the
6:51 am
at least another meeting tomorrow at the book signing company at sunny side at 7:00 p.m. marty has a look at the forecast. >> fridays warm day. rain and snow coming in sunday. monday, tuesday is going to be interesting. monday with some snow developing. colder temperatures to start next week. kind of circle that and keep in the back of your mind. monday night into tuesday could be pretty interesting around here. >> we'll keep an eye on that as we get into things later in the week. >> a lot can change between now and monday. >> that's true. we should see. >> it's 6:59. why did the sloth cross the road? very slowly. we don't know, but it was adorable. we're going to show you the video over on channel 20. anytime you can work a sloth story into the morning -- >> it's a good morning. >> see, i think so. okay. we're going to have a lot more
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