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tv   Today  NBC  January 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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carolina panthers coming up on channel 22. that's it for us. if you're staying with the today show, have a great day. if you're not, come on over to channel 20 and join us. good morning. right to the point. hillary clinton confronted with a tough question from a young voter. >> i don't see the same enthusiasm from younger people for you. in fact, i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> while chris christie gets defensive when asked why he returned to the campaign trail so soon after the storm. >> you want me to go down with a mop? >> with six days till the iowa caucuses, why donald trump is threatening to pull out of this week's debates. where are the plows?
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>> communities from virginia to new york, still buried by the blizzard. d.c. shut down again today. out west, a state of emergency. the eroding cliffs that have homes teetering on the edge. >> stop, orlando police. >> a driver in orlando ignores police, then tries to get away. [ gunshots ] >> how it came to a dramatic end with that driver under arrest. then and now. the first photo of the cast of "friends" reunited, as the one member who wasn't there opens up about his time on the set, and doesn't rule out an even bigger reunion. today, tuesday, january 26th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. morning, everybody.
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morning. i'm excited about the "friends" reunion. i ordered a latte from gunther this morning. >> central perk. it'll be fun to have them back together. they got together as part of a tribute to the legendary director, james burrows. more on that coming up. now, six days away from the first votes in this presidential election. the democratic candidates making their pitches to voters in iowa last night during the final town hall before the caucuses. we have the presidential race covered from all angles. let's start with nbc's andrea mitchell. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. it wasn't a debate. but in separate appearances, the democrats run into tough questions when they tried to win over the undecided voters. >> reporter: within minutes, hillary clinton faced a blunt question from a young voter learning toward bernie sanders. >> i've heard from a few people my age they think you're
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enthusiasm isn't there. >> i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kind of things at me. if you're new to politics, the first time you paid attention, you go, oh, my gosh, look at all of this. you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? i'll tell you why, because i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> reporter: sanders was asked how he defines being a democratic socialist. >> creating a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people on the top. that's my definition of democratic socialism. >> reporter: each was asked to react to the other's tv ads. >> the one leader who has what it takes to get every part of the job done. >> reporter: sanders said she has voted for the iraq war. >> i was not secretary of state, but experience is important, but judgment is also important. >> reporter: she had nothing but
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garfunkel themed ads. look for america >> i think that's great. i think that's fabulous. i loved it. >> reporter: in the final days, sanders' economic message is resonating with voters who are hurting. >> it's so hard to do anything to pay your bills. you're ashamed all the time. >> to millions of people who are experiencing exactly what you guys are experiencing, do say that. we don't make change. >> reporter: president obama with politico seemed to be tipping the scales toward clinton. >> she can start here, day one, more experience than any non-vice president has ever been in who aspires to this office. >> our new surveymonkey out today, clinton maintained her double digit lead over sanders among women.
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clinton's 21%. regardless of their gender. the trend could have an impact in iowa if the voters show up to vote. >> thank you very much. on to the republican side, the rivalry between donald trump and ted cruz is intensifying again, as the iowa caucuses get closer. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is covering the gop. good morning to you. >> good morning. on the republican side, new this morning, another growing national lead for donald trump. the nbc news surveymonkey online tracking poll has trump at 39%, increasing his lead over cruz. he's up 22 points as cruz falls 4 points. rubio a distant third. final sprint to the starting line. >> reporter: donald trump is convinced if it ain't broke, don't fix it. picking up the pressure on cruz. >> he could run right now for prime minister of canada. he'd have no problem.
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calling cruz a liar for his rival's ad that accuses the billionaire threatening to bulldoze an elderly woman's home. trump said that lies never work and cruz is a nasty guy. >> we can't have him in there, when every other senator thinks he's a whack job. >> he's going to insult but i'm not going to respond in kind. >> reporter: cruz is releasing this new ad. using personality, not policy. using the front runner's words. cruz is mocking trump, too. two corinthians 3:17. >> two corinthians walk into a bar. >> reporter: while the rest of the field is running out of time for a surge, chris christie raised eyebrows for this exchange with a young woman, who asked why he left new jersey to campaign in the midst of blizzard cleanup.
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>> i have friends and family calling, sending me videos, pictures all over the state of flood. >> all over the state? there's been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. i don't know what you expect me to do. want me to go down with a mop? >> christie noted 500 people statewide were still without power. he offered to call the girl's friends who were impacted. new this morning, more drama ahead of this week's republican debate. donald trump threatening to pull out of the debate because he doesn't think megyn kelly can treat him fairly. fox said trump is scared to face the questions, and he'll learn if he's president, he doesn't get to pick the journalist. >> thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press."
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>> let's go back to the democrats for a second and start there. bernie sanders is a candidate that appeals to the hearts of democratic voters, and hillary clinton appeals to their head. did you see or hear anything last night in the town hall that changed that? >> i don't know if i saw anything that changed it, but i thought hillary clinton was sort she is in this race a little bit. trying to fix it a little bit. i thought that she was trying very hard to engage, trying to stay nimble a little bit. she didn't come across as bitter. i was surprised with bernie sanders. he was a little bit defensive. weren't necessarily intended to force a contrast with hillary clinton, and he decided to take it. one was on guns and one when he watched her ad, he went at foreign policy. it was interesting. you saw sort of a -- i felt you
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relaxed clinton. >> and one of the other things on the hillary clinton campaign. hillary clinton is saying i'm the experienced candidate. sanders had a good comeback. experience matters, so does judgment. do you think she handled that, when it was her chance to respond? >> no. i thought that was his strongest moment, as far as an issue, trying to beat back the idea that he's not ready for the job. you know, she doesn't have a good answer and it doesn't help that the current national security situation in the middle east is a mess. i think it only helps reinforce the sanders charge, especially with democratic votes. >> i want to play this sound bite one more time from the president, doing an interview with "politico," and ask you about it on the other side. this is talking about hillary clinton. listen. >> she can start here day one, more experienced than any non-vice president has ever been in, who aspires to the office. >> if you're running the clinton campaign, you have to think it's an endorsement and play that tape any time you can. >> that's right.
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last night? i mean, she goes, i'm touched. i think she was not just excited but relieved. remember, sanders is trying really hard to play the role of obama here again. to create this sense of deja vu again. i think hillary clinton, their strategy and it has been this way for three weeks, don't just stand next to the president. hug him, do whatever it takes. this is a case of the president trying to reciprocate. >> it's the most engaged he's been on this race. seeming to hug hillary clinton back after she did him the same favors. no coincidences in politics? is this something they worked out ahead of time? >> i feel this is something where the president was trying to do her a solid. he said he's not going to endorse until the, quote, primary season is over, but he knows there's pandemonium in his party if she loses iowa and new hampshire. there's calls to joe biden, the michael bloomberg thing. you know, if she can win iowa,
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i think the president knew that. >> ten seconds, chuck, donald trump threatening to pull out of the republican debate over megyn kelly. does he do anything with that strategy, other than make her a bigger superstar? >> i think it does. look, i think he's working the ref a little bit. he's doing that. he doesn't like, he can just chalk it up to that. i think he's setting the expectation. >> chuck todd, thanks very much. talk about the weather. there is mounting frustration this morning over all that snow from the east coast. historic blizzard. airports struggling to get back on track. with neighborhoods not plowed today, people are starting to voice their anger and frustration. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in washington, where the federal government and the schools are closed again today. miguel, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. it'll be another tough day in cities like washington, d.c. this is what many neighborhoods look like.
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cars are still packed underneath it. it's been 60 hours since the storm, and some are still struggling to make it around town. >> reporter: first one. >> one plow, and that was it. >> it appears they've stopped working. >> reporter: amid the first melting, a virtual meltdown. >> all our driveways, we're ready to go, but the roads are not cleared. >> reporter: travel on ice. subway rails stuck. 13,000 flights frozen. >> we're melting snow and probably will be the next ten days. >> reporter: at washington's reagan airport, runways were clear, but there's nowhere for cars to park. >> we wanted to make sure everything was okay so we came last night. >> reporter: travelers trapped at the airport along with cleanup crews. >> we sleep in our shops, spa rooms, bunkers. some guys sleep in their trucks. >> reporter: the lucky few who got out captured a winter wonderland below.
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a different story on the ground. back roads buried. even snow plows stuck. >> i shovelled all this stuff. >> reporter: in washington, the nation's second busiest subway system, resumes operation today. amtrak is not entirely back on track. >> the train isn't coming. opposite of good. >> reporter: even with exhausted crews still on the problem job. >> maybe a couple more days. >> reporter: from boston to new york to d.c., some haven't seen a plow for days. >> this is the only way in and out, huh? >> reporter: with neighborhoods buried in snow, locals are brimming with frustration. >> you can't abandon people. you can't leave them here. >> well it's going to be a tough day for folks who own this motorcycle and cars like this here, there is good news. the city says they're going to plow the side streets at some point. the airlines are back on track.
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the problem will be next, potential for black ice. back to you. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. can relate out to why people are frustrated. they're still looking at the snow. >> it's not going to go somewhere fast. if it did, we'd be talking about flooding. got some interesting video. we have this great satellite image from earth day to nasa. this was before we had our storm. now look at after. this is sunday. the one was tuesday and now sunday. the northeast, boy, what a mess. we're also tracking that potential nor'easter. here's the good news, it is going to stay to our south. the bad news is, it's bringing a the way into alabama, then into florida. severe thunderstorms. the energy gets transferred and then up and away. that's good news because we do not need any more snow. most of the models agree, it keeps all the moisture offshore. fantastic. no problems.
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now, this is a nor'easter that was caused by el nino. take a look what el nino has been doing in northern california. this is pacifica, california. all these homes have been red tagged. you can see why. the beach, the cliffs, all eroded. this is unbelievable. they don't know when these homes are going to or if they're going to fall into the ocean. but you can see all of that collapsing. >> how much shoreline was there when they built those things? >> about 200 more feet of property. >> oh, man. >> can you imagine? wow. >> as you can imagine, those are not inexpensive homes that are ready to go into the ocean. that's south of san francisco. that's what's going on around the country. we're going to get to your local
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>> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. president obama announcing
7:17 am
of solitary confinement in prisons. including a ban of that practice for jewel nil offenders. the president wrote, solitary confinement for juveniles has alienation zpt and the potential for violent behavior. also, the longest a prisoner could spend in solitary would be 60 days for a first offense, days. the reforms would affect about 10,000 federal prisoners. now to the growing concerns over this zika virus. the world health organization warns the mosquito-born virus is likely to spread to all the countries around america except chili. there have been no cases yet of yet. however, in los angeles county, several doctors have contacted
7:18 am
officials, asking for blood tests for patients exhibiting symptoms. a pregnant woman was among those patients. now more about the wild scene we showed earlier. orlando police releasing video about what started out as a routine traffic stop and ended with an officer opening fire on a young driver. natalie has more. >> this incident happened last week. it is still under investigation. orlando police say it all started when they pulled over a 17-year-old for a seat belt violation. what they didn't realize at the time, the car he was driving was stolen. striking. [ gunshots ]. >> shots fired! >> reporter: police officer shoots at a car in an orlando, florida, shopping center. >> stop! orlando police, stop! >> reporter: police say the january 16th incident started when officers spotted the driver not wearing his seat belt. >> stop the car! >> reporter: this is newly footage.
7:19 am
>> reporter: when the suspect didn't stop, cops used batons to smash the car's windows. still, the suspect then backs up into a parked car. before trying to make another escape. that's when the car comes right toward one of the officers, who says he was forced to fire four shots to protect himself. another angle from store surveillance shows the driver of what turned out to be a stolen car getting shot at, but managing to get away. a witness described the terrifying incident to our affiliate but did not want to be identified on camera. >> everything happened so fast. i just froze. when in a state of shock because i wasn't expecting them to pull out guns and open fire. >> the car eventually crashed. the 17-year-old driver was arrested after fleeing on foot. he was treated for a bullet wound to his shoulder and is charged with assaulting police.
7:20 am
is on paid administrative leave. i guess this is a good instance where it's a good thing they had the body cam footage. investigation now. >> natalie, thank you very much. now to another dramatic scene, this in florida. 13 people saved from a sinking yacht last night. the 106 foot serena iii went county. it appears the vessel took on water after running aground. no one was injured. the boat sank in 1200 feet of water and is unrecoverable. >> reporter: the man hunt for three escaped inmates in california entering a fourth day. did the prisoners have inside help? we're live with new information on the search and investigation. and the battle of the billionaires. how michael bloomberg's possible late run for the white house could shake up the campaign. first, this is "today" on
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coming up. >> good morning, i'm corey rose, join us.
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a home invasion that's roadway lated to a stolen puffer car, two men stole the car last week, and used a key from the car to enter a home this morning. the homeowner kept one suspect from getting away, while waiting for police, the second suspect ran away. we'll have the latest for you on channel 20. a parker teenage will be laid to rest, patric lanz died after falling in a frozen pont. dealing with more sad news, lantsz's friend also died. >> let's go right out to our sky 9 and our cdot views this morning, it's been a really beautiful sunrise, but we have seen plenty of backups. sky 9 over the i-70 corridor, right in the area of i-25. looking for a new crash, i wouldn't be surprised, it's been pretty active out this morning. let's take a look at the cdot
7:26 am
typical l delays, on the side streets, loaded up. all of these wrecks, including the slow downs coming up over on channel 20. around here today, looking at sunshine now, i think you're going to see sun for a good bit of the day. late this afternoon, getting to see high clouds drift in from wyoming, up i-25 to fort collins during the afternoon. temperatures today in the 30s, and low 40s around here. we'll go 50 down around lamar. for us u sunshine early. high clouds later on. temperatures in the lower 40s. and we'll be even warmer, coming
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there are some people out there on the plaza on a chilly morning here in the northeast. it's actually not so bad. we'll go out in a couple minutes. it is tuesday morning, the 26th day of january, 2016. and let's take a look at some of the headlines. >> the aftermath of the blizzard, still the big story. hundreds of new flights cancelled today. schools and federal offices closed in washington, d.c. again. up and down the east coast, frustration is growing.
7:28 am
where side roads are still covered in snow. >> it's bad out here, man. it's bad. brooklyn got plowed. the city got plowed. i don't know. >> a plow is not effective. the snow is too deep, and there's not enough room, so we are literally going in and dragging it out. >> people are getting frustrated. queens was hit hard, by the way. 30 inches of snow in some neighborhoods. the democratic presidential field was in des moines, iowa, last night for a final town hall forum before next monday's caucuses. bernie sanders touted his call to shake up washington, while experience. >> establishment politics is just not good enough. we need bold changes. we need a political revolution. >> obviously, i respect senator sanders greatly and appreciate what he has done in this campaign. but i believe that i'm the better person to be the
7:29 am
president and commander in chief of the country. >> polls show clinton and sanders are locked in a tight race in iowa. a state of emergency is in place along the shoreline of pacifica, california. cliff erosion is threatening to plunge these apartments into the pacific ocean. the property owners have been told those buildings are no longer safe to inhabit. also this morning, the search for three dangerous fugitives who escaped from a maximum security jail in southern california is entering a fourth day now. as the man hunt goes on, investigators are trying to figure out if those men had help. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in santa ana with more on that. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. county leaders are set to discuss later today whether to raise the reward for information by $150,000. so far, no solid leads. >> reporter: this morning, investigators say they're trying to determine whether the three fugitives had any help in their escape. many now asking how they broke
7:30 am
facility with such low-tech methods. >> i don't know about any help, but we do believe this was a well-planned, well-thought out escape attempt. >> reporter: so far, no corrections officers have been implicated. officials say the fugitives cut through a steel screen in their cell, then entered the jail's plumbing tunnels before making their way to the roof. from there, they slid down five stories using ropes made out of jail linens. >> everyone presumes the individuals are going to be armed and dangerous. >> reporter: all three suspects are accused of violent crimes. nayeri seen here is charged with kidnapping and torture. duong with attempted murder and tieu with murder. two are believed to have ties with vietnamese gangs in the area. >> we're telling the community, it's an obligation for you to come out and let us know. we can keep you anonymous but we need the information to go
7:31 am
information could be increased to $200,000 today, but some residents of orange county's little saigon say tipsters may be hard to find. >> fear retaliation. >> reporter: they had been in a cell with 60 other men. they were last seen friday. investigators believe they escaped shortly after, pointing to this grainy video which shows movement on the roof. it wasn't until the next head count at 8:00 p.m. that authorities realized they were gone. giving the inmates a roughly 16-hour head start. >> now, authorities aren't sure what the inmates did after they landed outside of this facility, and whether they may have had a get away driver. authorities say anything is possible right now. they say it's possible they may be being harbored by someone else. now, it's unclear whether they're still together. >> gabe gutierrez on this for us, thank you very much. back to politics and the man who might shake up the
7:32 am
former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is drawing up plans for a possible third party run if conditions are right. willie has the latest on that. >> good morning, guys. michael bloomberg is the 14th wealthiest person in the world and one of three people to serve three terms as the mayor of new york city. if he runs for president, it would add another layer of drama to this campaign. >> reporter: even if you don't know his story, you know his name. >> mike bloomberg! >> reporter: with the reported net worth of $36.5 billion, 73-year-old michael bloomberg is eight times wealthier than donald trump. after attending jones hopkins and harvard business school, he headed to wall street to work at solomon brothers. in 1981, he left the investment firm to start his own company. an empire that began with a computer that revolutionized financial data, and grew to
7:33 am
gazines. a cable network and financial service reporting on the financial world. he was a lifelong democrat. in 2001, he switched to the republican party to run as mayor of new york city. he was elected weeks after 9/11. >> this is our victory. a victory for a vision and our faith in the future of the greatest city in the world. >> reporter: as mayor, bloomberg banned smoking and transfat in restaurants, and saw gend zbn gendrification. he was elected for a third time, this time as an independent. the final term was marked by controversy. with rising income inequality and police techniques like stop and frisk. >> it's not because of race, it is because of crime. >> reporter: in a highly publicized and criticized move, bloomberg tried and failed to limit sugary sodas. >> if we're serious about
7:34 am
honest about what causes it and have the courage to tackle it. >> reporter: bloomberg is private about his personal life. he's divorced but has had a long-term girlfriend more than a decade. he has two daughters. one with olympic aspirations. also a noted ed d ed d fi lan ed d philanthropist. he may be getting back in the spotlight. >> a lot of his friends and allies say this isn't a guy who will get in as a spoiler. if he believes he can win, he'll enter the race. >> it's $1 billion during a shortened period of time to spend. >> he can wait until march and then make his decision based on who wins. >> willie, thank you. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> guys, we've got changing things going through especially
7:35 am
we're watching one area, part of a frontal system bringing freezing rain, also a clipper coming across the great lakes, bringing some snow. as that system moves past, it's going to bring lake-effect snow. icy travel, freezing rain advisories from syracuse to bald mother -- baltimore and virginia. winter weather advisories in the great lakes tomorrow. the highest snow amounts will be near the great lakes. 6 to 8 inches near water town.
7:36 am
>> and that is your latest weather. just ahead, can you bless guess whose closet this is? plus, a new warning in the wake of the blizzard. >> i'm jeff rossen. with the snow coming down, you're seeing more and more of this. snow piled high on rooftops and drivers not wiping it off. dramatic cases caught on tape of this turning into solid ice. chunks flying into the car behind you, even injuring people. we're doing what the drivers didn't. the rossen report's team is cleaning off cars to if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens
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7:41 am
it's leading to a hazard on the road. jeff rossen has that. good morning. >> good morning. now that we're digging our cars out and getting back on the road, your car may look like mine. here's a photo i snapped on the way to work. yeah, it's completely covered in snow. the thing is, when you're in a rush to get to work, you may wipe the snow off the windshield so you can see. leaving the rest of it. believe it or not, the snow on your car roof can be incredibly dangerous. this morning, dramatic cases caught on camera of the snow turning into solid ice. chunks flying into the car behind you, even injuring people. >> reporter: our team dpe eployed in the snow zone, spotting piles of snow on car roofs. everywhere you look. >> why didn't you clean the top off? >> never thought of it. >> reporter: seems hard less s s harmless, right? check this out. terrifying moments when a sheet of ice flies off a car, smashing that windshield.
7:42 am
as a block of ice rockets through the air. and watch this truck. snow piled high, slamming into the overpass. the wintry explosion blinding the driver behind. all because so many of us don't wipe the snow off our cars. police see it all the time. >> it's not just the flying ice. ice doesn't have to hit your vehicle. it's you avoiding the piece of ice. >> even if the ice doesn't hit you, you're in danger because you're going to avoid it. >> the roads are slippery. if i try to move quickly, i could cause another accident. >> reporter: drivers just clean s s but not the i spot this truck quick. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. we're doing a story about how dangerous it is to have snow and ice on your roof. >> yes, it is. >> you didn't clean it off.
7:43 am
>> our team is armed with stepladders and ice scrapers. if drivers won't clean it off, we will. >> i have good news. i brought my rossen report team out with shovels and we're going to do it for you. >> you're a bunch of nice guys. >> that's what i think. get to work, team. >> reporter: it takes minutes. >> get the last bit of ice off there. >> reporter: this man's truck is good to go. >> promise me, you'll wipe it off. >> i will unless i can find you tomorrow. >> reporter: car after car. >> huge chunks of ice. >> reporter: we clean off piles of snow. >> look how much snow is on your roof. >> absolutely. >> reporter: even a thin coating can do damage when it freezes over. huge chunks of ice already. imagine this at highway speeds. why didn't you wipe the snow off? >> i couldn't reach it. brush wasn't long enough. >> reporter: we swoop in. by the end of the day, we helped lots of drivers but we can't be everywhere.
7:44 am
morning, clean the roof to avoid this. >> we'll sew e you. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you very much. >> we love that guy, right? >> yeah. >> i didn't put the snow there. why do i have to clean it? >> best ever. >> what do you need? >> leaving snow on the roof isn't just dangerous, it's illegal in as many as 12 states. we have a list on the website right now. reports. my facebook page. figure out if your state, it's illegal, and you can be charged $1500 in some places. >> what do you want, every time? >> the usual, yeah. >> who are you? >> thank you, jeff. coming up, a first look at that much-anticipated "friends" reunion. why matthew perry, who wasn't there, says he's not against an even bigger one. you won't believe what jimmy fallon brings up from bernie sanders' past. weight watchers has changed. weight watchers all-new beyond the scale program
7:45 am
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7:48 am
welcome back. sanders has a musical cameo on jimmy fallon. tamron. >> this is a good one. jimmy fallon shared his, do not play list on the "tonight show" monday and featured bernie sanders, his album. it was recorded in 1987. jimmy took time to sample one of senator sanders' songs. take a listen. if i went walking that ribbon of highway
7:49 am
skyway valley this land was made for you and me >> he's got the voice. before the town hall, he was ben & jerry's has a limited edition ice cream, bernie's yearning. it's not an official ben & jerry's flavor. nothing is so unstoppable as a flavor whose time has finally come. jerry made the flavor in his kitchen. there are only on 40 pints made available, so we can't get our hands on it. that's ben cohen, the original founder of ben & jerry's.
7:50 am
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7:51 am
the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. p with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards
7:52 am
melda. i'm john. to get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things unbiased, badging and logos. so, what do you think it is? i would say lexus. maybe acura. feels like a bmw. reminds me of the inside of my friend's lexus. so, this car supports apple carplay siri, open maps. nice. wow. someone really took their time laying this out. yeah. this car also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seatbelts are buckled. wow. my husband could use that. i'm very curious what it is. what price range would you put this car in? fifty to sixty-five. the eighty-thousand dollar bracket. well, what if i told you this is the 2016 chevy malibu? this is a malibu? yeah, let's go check it out. no way, it's a chevy! oh, wow. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. \ gasp! what? oh wow. p i'm very impressed. yeah. i mean with all this technology? that's a game
7:53 am
i want one. i'll take the house, too. coming uch on channel 20. >> here's what's coming up on channel 20. denver police are investigating a home invasion that happened this morning, they say two men stole a puffer car last week, and then kept the key to the
7:54 am
police say they used that key this morning, to break into the home. >> and this morning, 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas happens to be out on puffer patrol with the police. they are issuing warnings and tickets to people to make them aware of the dangers of leaving your car alone and on while it is heating up. and the woman accused of stabbing the denver fire chief is going to be in court this morning, the chief has returned to work. we will have more about her first court appearance coming up a little bit later. right now, we do want to check the weather, the traffic, with marty and amelia. >> well, gary, it's been one of those days. >> tuesday. >> you know, marty gave us dry weather, we couldn't even handle it. it's so busy outside. a lot of sunshine, camera a little bit dirty there, you can see a long line of cars, 6th avenue to 25, 45 minutes on the 225 stretch. in the southbound direction. 6th avenue, 17 minutes now, eastbound, sun glare a factor.
7:55 am
with a 15-minute ride across commerce city and i-225, to u.s. 36. >> what in the world? >> not my fault. >> i know, not mine either. i'll take credit for it a week from today when it's going to be snowing around the area. today, however, clear blue sky for us early on, in fact, clear blue for many locations, some ice fog in some of the mountains valleys, a few high clouds in here late this afternoon, and they should come in late enough that they're not going to affect our high temperature, look for 40s in metro denver. 30s and 40s to the north and east. with 20s in the mountains today. 44 downtown. high clouds come in very late in the day. tomorrow, thursday, in the 50s, closer to 60 on friday.
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, dosing dangers. the new warning for millions of americans who take too much of the most popular pain relief medications on the market. what you need to know. plus, why mcdonald's is about to introduce waiters at hundreds of restaurants across the country. then past, present and panda. >> you must take the next step on your journey. >> dustin hoffman opens up about his new kung fu classic and his legendary career. >> career wise, do you have regrets?
7:57 am
brilliant things and more great directors probably than any actor i know. >> today, tuesday, january 26th, 2016. >> from st. louis, hi, everybody. >> good morning, michigan. >> good morning, texas. >> good morning, argentina. >> hi to our grandkids in north carolina, we love you. >> wilmington, north carolina, look, we're on tv! can you do this yeah, i can do this >> good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, january 26th, 2016. great day out on our plaza. kind of feels warm almost. i mean, i don't want to get carried away. >> comparatively speaking. >> it's nice. >> no question about it. >> people are ditching their gloves behind us.
7:58 am
>> good dog. >> i have a treat in my glove there. >> tomorrow on "today," we have an exclusive television interview. former soprano star will be here live. it's her first television interview since she announced that she has multiple sclerosis. we'll talk about how she's feeling and why she decided to go public now, 15 years after her diagnosis. that's jamie-liy, ynn sigler, tomorrow on "today." you. >> he knows i have a treat. >> breakfast is served. >> let's head to natalie for a check of the top stories. >> good morning again. into politics and new urgency on the campaign trail with the iowa caucuses six days away. peter alexander is in washington. good morning.
7:59 am
days ago, the leading democratic candidates are fighting to explain what are seen to be weak hillary clinton dealt with lagging support from young voters and sanders about being a socialist. >> in fact, i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me. if you're new to politics, this is the first time you paid attention, you go, oh, my gosh, look at all of this. you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? haif i've been on the front lines of change since i was your age. i hope you'll reconsider. >> helping everybody, not just
8:00 am
that's my definition of democratic socialist. >> ted cruz warning if trump wins iowa, he could be, in cruz's words, unstoppable. cruz insists he's the only billionaire. also this morning, trump has new polls to brag about. widening his national lead over cruz, now 22 points. arguing the gop establishment doesn't like him. it just hates cruz. natalie, back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you. a texas grand jury investigating planned parenthood has instead indicted two anti-abortion activists. david, a leader for the center of medical progress, is charged with tampering with a government record, along with misdemeanor. an employee of his group is also charged with records tampering. they're accused of using fake ids to shoot undercover video of a planned parenthood official. no one from planned parenthood
8:01 am
northeast is still feeling the effects of the blizzard. schools and government buildings are cancelled again in washington, d.c. drivers have complaints about snow removal. hundreds of flights cancelled again in new jersey. property owners along the jersey shore are repairing damage flooding. new video shows dangerous cliff erosion along a stretch of the northern california coast. storms caused by el nino have eaten away at this beach front property in pacifica, california. that has left that row of buildings in danger of collapse. local officials declared a state of emergency and red tagged several buildings as uninhabitable. a dog described by her owner as lazy put the lie to rest. she went out for a walk and sniffed her way to the starting line of a half marathon in alabama.
8:02 am
several miles before then settling back, actually finished in seventh place. there's talk of naming next year's race, the hound dog half. she just needed a half marathon to run. let's spend send it end it back to savannah. a new survey finds too many americans are ignoring the instructions on over the counter pain medications, and it's leading to serious health problems. dr. natalie azar is a news contributor. >> you are? >> i am. i know it's bad. the survey finds i'm not alone. >> 43% of those surveyed say they knowingly exceed the bottle. >> i do it. >> the same percentage say they think it's just a guideline and strictly follow. >> apparently, there are real health effects if you overdose. >> absolutely.
8:03 am
newer recommendation for a over the counter tylenol changed. 3,000 milligrams. aspirin, 4,000. why are we making a big deal about this? taking any of these medicines too long or too high of a recommended dose can lead to serious stomach problems. ulcers, bleeding, gastritis, as well as kidney damage with long duration of use. >> over time or use, it can be dangerous? >> for the tylenol, it's liver damage. the kidneys have to do with more long-term duration. we don't see kidney failure in the acute setting, but stomach issue, we can. >> why people take these medicines. we're not doing it for fun, they're in pain and want relief. >> exactly. >> if you have migraines, what do you recommend? >> for the headache, i ibuprofen
8:04 am
one thing that pain managements point out is be aware of the rebound headache. if you're taking this regularly, three to four days or 15 days out of the month, you can experience a rebound headache. when those medicines get out of your system, you get a rebound headache in addition to the migraine. also, not all headaches are migraine migraines. you should see a headache provider or specialist to determine what kind you have and what medicine is best for you. prescriptions are given a lot. >> let's talk about back pain. that's why i dig into the advil or aleve. >> back pain is the second most common reason people come to the doctor. you can do an ibuprofen at home. also, i'll caution, if you have weakness or tingling or numbness in the extremities, see a doctor. but warm compresses can work well. if your pain lasts more than ten
8:05 am
>> let's do some of these. joint pain. >> as a rheumatologist, i recommend tylenol. for most people, they require an anti-inflammatory. ibuprofen. >> a kid with the fever. >> they're recommending acetaminof acetaminophen. fever lasting more than three days, see a health care provider. >> if i take baby aspirin for that? >> it's not dangerous for your kidney function, but it can increase your risk for >> good information. thank you. moves. the wildest dance competition you'll ever see. plus, don't you wish getting dressed was this easy? see if you can guess who owns that closet. do you have a fitness friend? jenna bush haguer and natalie on i appreciate you coming by. absolutely.
8:06 am
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wholesome breakfast with jimmy made with real egg whites, lean
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it's a delicious way to fuel up on energy to help power through her morning run. which motivates these bikers to pedal faster, and inspires ted to land that front-side ollie. which delights everyone, including pepper's twins with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. shine on. 8:14. let's do some trending. savannah? >> monday was the first day mark zuckerberg headed back to work. two months of paternity leave after the birth of his son. one thing he wasn't worried about, what to wear. this was his closet. he said, after paternity leave, what should i wear? >> makes life more simple.
8:11 am
it's the exact same shirt. >> i love >> remember charlie brown when they would show charlie brown's closet? >> yeah. >> what do you have in your closet more than any other thing? >> first of all, the color navy blue, navy blue ties. i have more navy blue ties than anything. >> what about you things? >> i have a lot of white. i don't know why. >> beige. >> black. >> black and black. >> in your real life. >> they don't want the whole funeral director look. >> good to know. most of us will agree atms revolutioned things in terms of the way we get money. do you think the atm could use an update? chase thinks so. the national bank is saying good buy to a tm cards and introducing an app. it would work alongside new machines that require you to use the app to make withdrawals, but better yet when you withdraw the
8:12 am
$1 bills, $5 bills, $10 bills. >> cool. >> and so on. the machines have been tested in washington state, but thousands of these new atms will roll out this year. >> great idea. >> when you're out -- >> probably the same 3 bucks or something. >> $3.50. >> one less thing to lose. >> by the way, chase isn't the only business in town changing things up. by the end of this year mcdonald's will, get this, be using waiters at their restaurants. can you imagine? don't get excited, the service isn't going to be fancy. >> would you like coca-cola with that big mac? >> you go to the counter, order and stand and wait. you will pay at the kiosk and then the server will bring your food to you. what is unclear do you tip that person? >> i think you should if they're bringing it to you, right to your table.
8:13 am
items if you do it that way? >> i don't know. >> same price? i'm all for it. i like that. >> egg mcmuffin, right? >> no question. >> we called it. >> we want it when we want it. now for the video that had us in awe this morning. take a look at this. >> wow. >> that is mesmerizing. [ applause ] >> i can watch this all day. the athlete in this video is leo volcaz competing in the wind games which is a competition dedicated -- >> al, that's a little different than the wind games you might be aware of. >> he is so happy right now. >> he is in a wind tunnel type device. >> amazing. >> the amazing thing is, no, not those wind games but the way he can float to the top without hitting the top and then come right back down.
8:14 am
>> it's crazy. >> it's very, very cool. now to the picture that's been 12 years in the making and how one stunt man from "the revenant" really feels. first up, the reunion we've been waiting for, we've been talking about, a few weeks ago it was announced that the cast of friends would be coming together to honor director james burrow. the gala was pre taped on sunday night and actress katie cuocco has shared the first image. her and her cast mates from the big bang theory hundred ld around their friends, see the gang there, everyone except for matthew perry were in attendance, we knew that he would not be there. in a recent interview matthew opened up and got personal. he revealed that he can't remember some of his time on the set of friends cause to substance abuse. he says much of his memory was erased during the filming of season three and six.
8:15 am
a full reunion but it would have to be done well as to not ruin the memory of the show. matthew is currently preparing for a play in london and recorded a pre taped appearance for the special. the program will air february 21st on nbc. mark your calendar. up next, last week we announced that mariah carrie is engaged to a billionaire. her ex-husband nick canon has remained silent until now. he instagrammed this fan made meme from a scene of real husbands of hollywood, it shows kevin heart leaning over nick. it's just a ring, nick. it is a not a mere mortal ring, it's 35 karats estimated and 8 to $10 million. nick found the meme funny and said this made me laugh out loud. congrats to mariah carrie and james. may god bless your future union. one of the movies that's getting all the buzz around the
8:16 am
people cannot stop talking about the scene between leo dee tap pre owe and the bear. the stunt man to played the bear is speaking out. >> it was a stunt man? >> the movie -- >> some people thought it was a real bear. glen ennis was one of two stunt men who stood in for the bear. he wore a blue seat with a bear head to imitate the animal and said the work was anything but glamorous glamorous. he said i was supposed to grab my jacket with my hand to make it look like the bear's jaws was pulling it in order to have the bear's jaw in the small of the back. my face was in his butt. >> that's not glamorous? >> he said my face was in leo's butt for a fair bit of time. i can see how that's someone's fantasy but it wasn't mine. trying to visualize. >> drop the mike. >> due version of the wind games.
8:17 am
>> i didn't say that coming. >> edginess. >> oscar interview. >> wow. >> i have to see these people on the red carpet. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> okey-dokey. let's show you what we have happening. we have this frontal system that will be bringing wet weather through the gulf coast of florida maybe 2 to 3 inches over the next several days. another big storm around the pacific northwest. today nice and warm in billings, minneapolis, chicago, new york city. actually 3 degrees above normal. by the time we get into wednesday minneapolis you are up to 36, denver is at 55, new york city up 3 degrees and then on friday we will see that warm up continue. it really stays mild throughout much -- i'd say about 80% of the
8:18 am
that's what's >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. the road back from unimaginable loss can often take a wide and varied path. madonna badger knows it too well. christmas morning house fire in 2011 claimed the lives of her three daughters. lily, grace and sarah. and her parents. but time and a new purpose have helped her find a way to honor her family. it's good to see you. welcome back. how are you doing? >> good. thank you.
8:19 am
>> i know there are times of sadness, but there have been moments of joy. you are remarried? >> yes, i was married in july 2014 to bill duke, who is the most loving, kindest man i've ever met. in my life. >> i know you spent a lot of time as far away from this area as you could get. you went out to arkansas. you were in the real estate business and you decided, you know what? i have a business back in new york. it's an advertising company and i want to go back there. when you got back to work, in some ways, there was an epiphany. can you explain it? >> it all actually started in 2007, 2009, when we did a beauty summit. we talked about what innovation and marketing really meant. what it really means is innovation and marketing is really getting inside of the
8:20 am
it's no longer this old paradigm of filling the consumer with shame and anxiety. you're not good enough. hair isn't right enough. then solving the problem. >> more specifically, you took a very close look at the way a lot of advertising objectifies women. >> yes. >> for their looks and even their body parts. you decided that can no longer be the case. >> exactly. as an agency, we've made the decision that we will never use women as a prop, where she has no choice, no voice. we'll never over retouch to the point it's unattainable, and we're not going to use her body parts. >> you released a video anonymously on youtube. i wish i could play the whole video here. it's incredibly powerful. i want to give people a little idea of what it's like. this.
8:21 am
>> it really is amazing. what's the reaction been like online? now, you're claiming responsibility for that. what's the reaction been? >> huge. it has been seen in over 167 countries around the world. we have over 7 million impressions. you know, the comments are incredible. people are really seeing that objectifying women is really up there with inequality. >> but in a world where we hear over and over again, sex sells, can you make a difference? can you get the rest of the industry to go along with this? >> i think that we have seen enough instances of sex not of people actually pushing back and saying, no, this does not fit within my value system.
8:22 am
their ads, there were huge problems. i think the sex sells, but the worst part is the harm we're doing. for me, that's what made we make the deis cision. >> #women not coming up on channel 20. >> here's a look at what's coming up for 9 news at 8:00 a.m.
8:23 am
might have been a big opportunity for two burglars, we're going to have the latest on a hunt for a home invasion suspect. one of the most important questions leading into super bowl 50 has already been answered. and the broncos hope it will help get them a championship win and get over a jings with the orange. and how king tut's mask could land a bunch of people in jail. all right. let's check the weather now with amelia and marty. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. as we head out to the cdot cameras, it's sunny and busy. some improvement on 25 and 70. don't look too bad. as we focus in on u.s. 36. 104th avenue as the backups down to 6 miles per hour. so marty, northbound wadsworth possibly i-25 up to 120 #g9. a lot of alternates. >> around here, sunny in most le
8:24 am
the valley this morning because of the extremely cold temperatures up there. you see it showing up in the dark gray shades around the morning. that's going to filter out during the afternoon, as that does, we'll have high clouds drop into northeastern colorado. that will be after 3:00 o'clock today. you're going to enjoy quite eight bit of sunshine around here. for us, highs in the 40s, stretching out on the plains, look for 40ss all the way down through colorado brings and pueblo, near 50 around lamar and surrounding communities. sunshine this morning, high clouds come in very late in the afternoon, 44 for your daytime high, mid 20s tonight, 50s tomorrow and thursday with a high near 60 on friday. we have colder weather that starts to move in saturday easterning. light rain and snow picking up on sunday and snow for monday. i'll have details on that on
8:25 am
in stores any time soon. we did get a funny tweet. >> last night fallon had kate hudson doing a smash. don't miss tonight. >> 8:30 now on this tuesday morning. it is a mild morning in the northeast after some pretty wintry weather over the last
8:26 am
thank these people for sticking around and saying hi. by the way, coming up, one of our favorites. we will sit down with dustin hoffman, one of the stars of the kung fu panda franchise. we will hear all about his character and some by the way of the big misses he feels he's had in his career. >> roles he's turned down, that kind of thing? >> yes. >> all right. today jenna is here to tell us why you should bring a friend to your next workout. a snow day survival guide, how to keep your kids occupied and entertained when you and they end. >> as the wind picks up, not that kind of wind, mr. roker says, back to the weather. >> there is a theme developing >> yes. >> all right. let's check it out. for tomorrow, a lot of wet weather, heavy rain through florida, the southeastern lake effect snow around the great lakes. we see those winds come across there, pacific northwest looking
8:27 am
plenty of sunshine through the plains. windy around the great lakes also and sunshine, 75 in >> and that's your latest weather. matt. >> all right, al, thank you very much. at 78 years young, dustin hoffman has been acting for 50 years.
8:28 am
one of the voices in kung fu panda 3. we caught up with him to ask him about that and so much more. >> i want to go back to like probably 2006-2007 when either an act or a manager calls you and says, dustin, they want you to do the voice for a character called master in a movie about kung fu panda. did you immediately think great? >> no. >> what did you think in. >> i thought it was the stupidest title, kung fu panda? >> are you surprised by it, it's franchise? >> it's the only franchise i think i have been in. i want it to keep going until i die. >> it's like an annuity? >> yes, the u.s. on your journey. >> a lot of things that come up, >> yes. >> i'm amazed.
8:29 am
>> there is not a lot you can research about master chifu? >> i'm not sure what it is. is it a raccoon? >> is eight it a raccoon? >> a panda. >> i'm a red panda in. >> i want people to know dustin hoffman made $900 million off a character. he's not sure what it is. >> she a red panda. >> not a raccoon. >> a red panda. i thought he was a raccoon. >> it's all about inner peace. the movies go around disturbing of the inner peace the valley of inner peace. what happens in this one? >> i do think it's possible. this is the best of the three. it's about she and chi. chi is your essence. it's who you are. and chi and it's about the bad
8:30 am
everyone's chi away. >> i have returned. >> master chi fu, he regrets things he has done in the past. are you a guy that looks to the past at all in smr yes. >> you do in. >> i have been shrinking it up for about 20 years, if you want to know the truth. >> yeah? >> i want my therapist to be there wherever they bury me. just to sit there, maybe once a week. >> so you can still have that little conversation? >> something. >> do you, career wise, let's not go personal here. career wise, do have you regrets in. >> oh my god, yes. >> like what? >> i turned down make i maybe more brilliant things and great directors probably than any actor i know. >> give me a couple of examples. >> the close one? >> yeah. >> "close encounters." >> you didn't like it? >> i read it and said that's the best script i ever read, i'm not going to do it. >> why? >> i think i had a problem, i
8:31 am
times, schindler's list down, bergman down. >> you had an extraordinary career. there were a lot of roles you didn't turn down. >> i surprised myself. >> you made the most of. >> when i say to actors, should i study? i say, yes. my name is dustin hoffman, welcome to my master class. >> you like to pass on your packs to young actors. what would 78-year-old dustin hoffman tell 28-year-old dustin hoffman if he could go back and talk to him as an actor? >> hang on another two years and you'll do the -- >> mrs. robinson, are you trying to seduce me. >> you said you turned down a lot of roles, you think you were afraid of success. when you look back at 78, are you proud of yourself? >> the original question is, you look back, do you wish you could? yes, can i go back and live the last 40 years differently? because i would. i mean the good news, i feel
8:32 am
i feel reborn now, in a sense, because i finally have a sense of myself, priorities. it doesn't embars are me to do good. this was a whole -- i wasn't afraid of being a star. i did not deserve it. we're not special. there is such a thing as a gift. you have a gift. i have a gift. but the chance to bring your gift into the same aperture if that's the right word, marry them in your life. that. >> i try not to do interviews arguing with people i am interviewing. i really do. i enjoyed talking to you. much. >> that's amazing. >> he turned down the roles because he didn't think he deserved the success that they would bring him at the time. >> it's so refreshing to see him be so candid about that and his roles that he wished he had taken. >> this epiphany. >> he turned out all right.
8:33 am
>> anyway, by the way, "kung fu panda k3w4i9s the theaters on friday. >> raccoon or red panda? >> coming up, success when natalie and jenna hit the gym together.
8:34 am
welcome back, everyone. this is the fourth and final week of our campaign, kicking off 2016 with a fresh start. >> jenna bush hager is here with a fresh view of getting into the gym. >> one of my new year's resolutions was to get to the gym. and another was to spend time with friends. friends i have. she let me crash her workout. >> hoboken hot mamas. >> will you take a manhattan
8:35 am
we will. >> you are my buddy. in life. she is. usually, they like to put me spandex for spandex next to natalie. no, thank you. natalie wins. do you feel the giggle? >> pretty good. time to get moving. let's do it, girls. >> the girls and i participated in a partner workout that involved trust. >> trusting you. >> strength. >> jenna's turn! >> what if you can't lift me? >> i can lift you. >> and lots of fun. >> a lot of jenna i've never seen before. >> trusting you. >> now lower it down. there. >> tah-dah! >> natalie, the little spice girl girl. >> hercules. >> you're fine.
8:36 am
this is more fun with friends. >> yeah. >> it also makes sense. research shows that 80% of people believe they're more likely to fit in workouts and stick to their routine if they partner up. >> hi, ellen. this is my sister barbara. i brought her along. she's ripped. >> motivated by natalie and her friends, i grabbed my best friend and workout partner from birth, my twin sister barbara, to try out orange theory fitness, one of the hottest new workouts. the founder and our instructor, ellen. >> walking, jogging and rowing. >> i'm not walking. why is it going faster? >> the one-hour class involves getting your heart rate in the orange zone, where you burn fat. that combined with a healthy ily y dose of competition. i'm in the green zone. i'm jenna25. who is 016?
8:37 am
>> it's your pace, yo. >> this is so fun. i'm in the orange zone. i'm in the orange zone! i want it. i want it. i prefer dinner dates. this is hard to talk. >> what a good sister. helping her old twin get off the rowing machine. >> bend your knees in fetal position to the side. >> we were fetal position in the womb together. >> since before we were born. >> right into the chest. >> relaxation period? >> here we go. >> excuse me, you poked my abs. >> you're obliques. >> you poked my one ab. >> people know they're going to be more accountable if barbara calls jenna and says, we're on for the 7:00 class, right, jenna? she says, i was going to blow it off today, but i guess i won't. >> barbara is superior in
8:38 am
show it to her. show her it. show her that gun. >> it's a shy muscle. >> i want to give a disclaimer. if i beat you up as a child, this is not the chance to throw the ball at my face. >> not the moment to take it out? >> don't crush my teeth or you lose points. takes her out of the orange zone. >> what is it like to work out with your sister? >> i love working out with my sister. makes it so much more fun. kill many birds with one stone. >> your trunk has gotten smaller and mine has gotten bigger. >> you had babies. >> i feel pretty good. >> you look good, too. >> you're a good motivation. >> thanks, sissy. >> twin power. >> sweet. >> best part of the story was listening to her comment on it while it was running. >> i'm tired of myself. i'm tired. >> you said, good thing the start today thing is almost over.
8:39 am
>> i'm finished today. hallelujah. but it is true, that working out with friends -- i mean, working out with natalie, you look at this and i'm like, is this my after? before and after? i'm into that. the health fitness director says it's obvious. it increases accountability. yesterday, savannah facetimed me and said -- first, she texted me and i pretended to ignore it. >> then i called them. >> she face timed once, ignore. twice, said, are you coming to the gym? >> see you in the lobby in ten minutes. >> because i saw her face, i had to. we went, feel great. also, you can lose more weight. there are studies that show if you work out with a friend -- i don't know if it's the competition or that you're there and want to work out and be in it together, you lose more weight. >> more accountable. >> jenna is like, we're doing leg lifts, and ow, it hurts. >> the team thing is great. want to go drinking with me?
8:40 am
take away, it ups the intensity. do you think i'd do the flying squirrel move without natalie, the flying squirrel morales? >> not my new nickname. >> yes, it is. >> flattering pose. >> thank you. >> replaying that. it makes me want to get to the gym right now. >> jenna, thank you. great job on start today this month. we're going to carry it into next month. >> no, no, no. >> by popular demand. >> we ended today. >> more tips on the website, creative ways to deep with your kids' cabin fever when a winter storm leaves you stranded.
8:41 am
we are back. it's 8:48. we have a snow day survival guide in the wake of the blizzard. schools are closed again today. in washington, d.c., baltimore, a number of other places. what do you do when your kids
8:42 am
megan murphy is a mom of three kids and editor of "good housekeeping." you have your two boys there, anxious to play with this first one. >> we were stuck in the house for two days. this is a great way to beat cabin fever. it's plain fun. we cut out these circles on poster board. cut out circles. we traced our mixing bowls. have the kids find different circles around the house, cut them out, hang the target. we did it by tens because my daughter is learning to count by tens. have a family competition. show us how to fly a plane. >> think i can make it? >> see if you can throw the plane. >> 50 points. >> that's about how easy as it can be. >> one more. >> just plain fun. you can improvise with anything around the house. >> yes. >> okay. >> this is your little girl. >> this is my daughter.
8:43 am
this is a healthy snack. we're going to do pretzels for the arms. take the pretzel sticks. charlie, we made these with your class on friday and they were a hit. use chocolate chips for the eyes and buttons. make a hat with a strawberry. >> they're snowmen. >> it's a healthy snack. potassium, dark chocolate -- don't tell -- and you can improvise with anything around the house. this is how they turn out. are you going to work on your treats? >> what's your name? >> brian. >> we also have this excellent idea for hard boiled eggs. the recipe for this is on really fun and a great way to get their protein. if i ask them to eat a banana, no. a banana snowman kabob, it makes it more fun. >> right. now, this is fun. >> we had a camp out. this is our favorite tent from
8:44 am
you can use couch cushions, do a box to make a fort. go in the sleeping bags, and then we made a campfire. >> cute. >> construction paper and rolled logs, we did a circle of rocks. l.e.d. lights left over from our halloween jack lanterns. rolled construction paper. >> you can tell stories like a campfire. >> we roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories. they've been watching too much scooby doo. >> adorable. >> leave the kids in their pajamas and make it a camp out. >> you can do this with a sheet, make a fort. >> couch cushions. throw a sheet over it, no problem. >> what do we have over here? >> do you want to build a snowman? >> always. >> simple. construction paper, scissors and tape. we did these on every door in the house. a plain white door or any door will do. >> can you help us do the buttons? >> tape them on.
8:45 am
little circles. tell the kids, they can learn shapes when doing this. what will make a good circle? hold my hand. okay. sir. >> you got your hands full at home. >> team tasks. team murphy in the house. >> very cute. >> this is one more fun idea. laser made, mission impossible style. i taped this up when the kids were sleeping. they came down on saturday morning and lost their minds. hallway. you guys, you have to sneak through it. you have to go over it, under and try to sneak through the maze. do you want to show how to do it, too? on your bellies under it. >> wow. >> a roll of paper. you can do it with string. keep them busy by improvising. >> doing a good job.
8:46 am
>> get the timer going. this could go on a while. >> we had this set up the entire blizzard. they'd run from this to the campfire to banana kabobs. >> uh-oh! >> trouble, trouble. >> it's okay. you can tape it back. >> thank you so much. great ideas for more snow day activities and recipes to keep your family entertained. go to back in a moment.
8:47 am
well, what's coming up next hour, everybody? >> we have lucy liu, co-star on "kung fu panda 3." >> matt, grab some couch. >> we saved you a spot. >> thank you very much. >> lucy liu? did i hear lucy liu? >> hello, you did. >> we know what she is, a snake. >> viper. >> no debate over raccoon or red panda. >> no, no, no. good to know. >> what are you talking about in the tape? >> weather. >> one of the reasons i was tardy, do you smell this? i was stopping by the kitchen to see what was cooking. i didn't get an answer but it smells really good. >> what are they making? >> maybe it's the fourth hour. >> casserole.
8:48 am
>> i haven't heard the word tardy. >> tardy for the party.
8:49 am
this is 9 news. hi, everyone, i'm gary shapiro with this 9 news update. denver police are investigating a home invasion that is connected to a stolen car. two men got a key to a house when they stole a puffer car last week, and they used the key before 5:00 this morning to get into the home. the homeowner held one suspect. the second one ran away. it's not known if that suspect hah h a weapon, police are -- had a weapon, police are searching for him. >> the forecast, it sounds like it will warm up nicely this week. >> sure will, we'll get it started today. ice fog up in the yampa valley,
8:50 am
that has fallen apart in southeastern colorado. anticipate several hours of clear, blue skies here over the front range. until late this afternoon and this evening. we'll have high clouds drift in from the north. temperatures couple of ticks warmer than yesterday. 30s and low 40s in the northeastern colorado. in and around metro denver, boulder, look for lower and middle l 40s, headed to the mountains, not that windy, highs in the 20s again, with sunny skies. keep the sun around here through a good bit of the day today. high, thin clouds start working their way in from the north after 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. tomorrow and thursday, 50s, because it will be even drier and sunnier on friday, but a little bit of a southwest wind, go 60, we start cooling off late saturday. but not after a daytime high of 56. sunday, we're going to start talking about rain and snow moving back in the area and by this time next week, gary, it looks like we could have wind
8:51 am
>> that will be interesting. all right. thank you, much.
8:52 am
this morning on "today's take," lucy liu is back and kicking butt in "kung fu panda 3." she joins us. a frightening close call. a semi is knocked off the road and straight into a sheriff's deputy. plus, the time-saving hacks that will make your life easier. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
8:53 am
tuesday morning. new york city. january 26th, 2016. i'm willie with tamron, natalie and al. the gang is all together. my morning jam, a favorite. need a workout song? panjabi mc and jay-z, of course. such a great song. it has the night ride knight rider bass line. hear it? >> oh, yeah. >> weren't they planning a remake of knight rider? >> i think they did. >> i think there was a reboot, a movie. >> okay. interesting. >> which we'd love to have that now, with all the snow, and go to the theater and hang out there. folks are still digging out after the weekend's big blizzard. we have video from queens. there are a lot of small streets, like you in hoboken, where they can't get the plows down. they have to pull them out. it's crazy stuff. washington, d.c., schools,
8:54 am
your schools -- >> ours are back open now. >> newark is still out. any event, one new jersey couple getting a surprise when they try to step outside their home. >> oh, my gosh! >> amazing. >> geez. >> wow. >> snow drift blocks the front door of this couple's house in kendal park. amazing stuff. >> how does that happen? >> the plows? >> it was drifting. it was part of the problem. then there was also flooding. there was going to be flooding down in southern new jersey. new jersey governor chris christie taking heat for resuming his campaign schedule, some thought, too quickly after the jersey shore was hit hard with flooding. take a look. >> the one county that flooded, so i don't know where from all over the state, since we have 21 counties, where that's happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do.
8:55 am
>> there was a question, a young woman said, i'm hearing from friends and family that there are problems. the governor took umbrage with that. >> one county. >> i think given that that one county, granted, it may only be one county, those folks are still reeling from super storm sandy, and now hit with this. i think there was a little -- the tone might have been -- >> actually, the people there reported that it was worse than super storm sandy for them. >> there were gauges that were worse than sandy. like i said, a place that's already suffered devastation. i think it's due a little more respect than, you want me to come down with a mop? >> he sent the lieutenant governor. he took a private plane back to new hampshire after the initial storm, but you would think just the proximity, that he'd be able to get back. >> what's interesting is these
8:56 am
sense by el nino, because the southern jet stream is a lot more powerful. take a look at what -- in pacifica, california, this is drone video showing part of a cliff plummeting. >> just crazy. >> notice, these homes or apartment complexes have been deemed uninhabitable now. >> i think that's probably right. >> i would go with that. >> people are being allowed in sporadically to gather their belongings. as you can see, it's out. i mean, they're gone. >> you were saying earlier, i mean, there was about 200 feet. >> a parking lot and some other land beyond that, and it has but the erosion has been really exacerbated by these el nino storms. >> how long does that take? >> it's been going on a while. but this has really started since this summer. i mean, the acceleration of the erosion. >> i'm surprised they only
8:57 am
putting the notices up. >> i mean, initially i think they got people out before that, but i think they've officially red tagged those buildings. >> beautiful place. just near san francisco, you want that property. >> great view. >> too close there. >> i mean, it really is amazing, to think there's another apartment complex on the other side of that, all of a sudden, they have an ocean view because the other apartments may have fallen into the ocean. >> the ocean view you don't have fallen into the ocean. >> the ocean view you don't want. okay, i'll pass. >> would that be coming for you next? >> it's frightening. >> we mentioned chris christie in the come ntext of presidential politics. people talking about michael bloomberg, who suggested he might be getting into the race. he said he'd be willing to spend $1 billion of his own money, according to sources, but its contingent on whether or not he thinks he could win. if he gets in the race depends on the nominees. bernie sanders is more likely
8:58 am
donald trump was on "morning joe" and asked about a michael bloomberg run. >> i hope he runs. look, i like michael. i've always liked michael. i don't think we have the relationship -- i think the relationship is gone, which is fine with me. but i hope he runs because i love the competition. and i think it would be a very different dialogue for the debates. i really think it would be interesting if he runs. i hope that michael runs. >> okay. >> there's a reason third party candidates usually don't work. >> we have no relationship. >> let's not talk about the trump tactic in repeating something like three or four times, if you think to any of his remarks. >> reinforcing it. >> he reinforces it. some self-help thing, to convince people of what you're saying. sarah palin's speech, when she endorsed him, there was an excerpt noted that was from a
8:59 am
people of things. strategic. >> i really love listening to him. he says nice things, and then boom. he'd really be nice, he'd be great to be in the campaign, i think it'd be a great dialogue, i'd love the debate. you can't win, boom! >> we're friends, we get along, well, not anymore. it's like the backhanded complement in the south, somebody says, bless your heart. >> you're an idiot. >> you're doomed. pack your bags. with the democrats. i like that format. conversational. you have the other headline of the gop debate. donald trump says he's going to potentially not show up. >> he's going to show up. >> he's going to show up. the only thing donald trump has done is made megyn kelly a bigger super star than she was. >> which she pointed out. >> she admits it. >> dash cam video out of ohio.
9:00 am
you won't believe this. after being run over by a semi. at that. under the wheel. >> what? >> this happened january 8th. the video just released. brad moore is a captain in a county outside of dayton, ohio, in the police department there. he was directing traffic after a car accident, when the semi was hit by a train. he came out with a gash to my head, a broken left hand. he needed 25 stitches. unbelievably, that's it. he's otherwise okay. i know that you've seen people pull over on the side, but that is one of the most dangerous roles an officer or trooper has to play. the traffic accidents. but i don't know, it's amazing. >> you can't see it in the video but to the left of the frame, there is a trail track to the left of the truck. tail end of his truck is in the track and he gets hit in the back and goes over the officer, who somehow, was okay. >> isn't that amazing? >> lucky to be alive.
9:01 am
i think all of us saw this video and loved it. remember a high school in dallas, they created the uptown funk video a year ago? went viral. their teacher helped them create it. that. same school back at it again. theater arts teacher told his students, i want you to create something inspirational, something motivational that will get people thinking positively. doing. take a look. i think i finally found my hallelujah i've been waiting for this moment all my life now all my dreams are coming true i've been waiting for this moment it's good to be alive right about now good to be alive right about now good, good, good to be alive, right about now >> i want scott as my teacher.
9:02 am
"glee." >> the students did this all all one take. >> awesome. >> so great. >> incredible, looks like a steady cam. >> i love the signs they're holding. positive, inspirational messages, as well. good job! >> you can join the 13 million that watched the last one. it'll be huge. al, what's going on outside? >> we had talk yesterday there was a possibility of -- we have music going here. the walk. you know? >> what is this? when we do the walk, can you put what the song is so we know, in case people -- >> somebody going? >> caigo. i don't know who that is. who is it?
9:03 am
lucy liu is there. anyway, i don't care about me. lucy liu is here. come on. this was the country before the storm, the east coast before the storm. look at this, by sunday, boom. snow is back, and it is here. but the good news is, we do have this system that's bringing a lot of heavy rain and will over the next several days to the gulf coast and florida. what we were worried about was low pressure forming along this front and transferring that energy to the southeast and moving up the coast. good news, it's not going to happen. looks like the models take it atlantic. offshore. that is fantastic.
9:04 am
>> that is your latest weather. >> here we go. >> there it is. "kung fu panda," viper, one of the furious five, lucy liu, one of the five here. one of our co-stars. >> here to explain everything in her career that's led to the opportunity to share the silver screen with al and me. >> it's what i've been waiting
9:05 am
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as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. has to pay the price when po the panda is put in charge of her training. >> yes, i mean -- >> tigris, tornado back flip. >> yes, master. >> my fault. crane, go high. >> low!
9:08 am
>> do a swarming insect fight with a yellow jacket, spicy tuna -- oh! >> good job, po. >> lucy, good morning. >> good morning. >> can't wait to this with my kids. they're excited about this. "kung fu panda 3," you stepping into the role of viper. getting into the mind of a snake, what does it take? >> the one thing they told me in the beginning is i don't use my hands and feet because i don't have any. take note when i go in there in the recording room. >> you're like this, tied? >> you don't have to go there, but when you put efforts out, you make to make sure, you know, you keep that in mind. >> interesting. >> i don't think people realize, because al and i had a very, very, very small part in the film, but i don't think people realize having down this, the effort that you actually put forth in that recording booth. the directors, who are amazing,
9:09 am
so hard, jack is sweating, he has to change. it's work in there. >> yeah. also, i think -- i mean, jack has a huge role, obviously, and he's unbelievable in it. i think that's why kids love it so much. but you do go in there and work on your own. it's sort of like, you want to give the director what they want. you know they've been working on it for five years and they have an idea. you try to give them as many options as you can. you do have to go in and there give it your all. you feel ridiculous but do it anyway. >> this is your first movie since -- first "kung fu panda" installment since becoming a mom. we saw rockwell's shirt, i'm all that and dim sum. >> best one see ever. >> it's more special now doing this role, knowing this is something that your child is going to see? >> it is. i mean, i think that for me, growing up watching disney movies or animation movies or any of those things, cartoons,
9:10 am
i think now, being a part of that, passing that on is -- i mean, you didn't think about it when you were younger. you were watching something with voices. they were real to you because your imagination as a child, those things are three dimensional to you. being a part of it -- i mean, even understanding what goes behind doing an animation, when you watch the movie, it's still magical magical. it's special. i don'know. i feel really grateful that he's going to have that. that'll be my legacy for him, ultimately. when he gets older and he can watch them and enjoy them. i don't know he'll know it's my voice. hopefully he won't and will fall into it. >> mom, what's this about? he's filled in more, chunky? >> chunky bracelet rolls on his arms and legs. it's the best. croissant hands. it just comes out. >> beautiful.
9:11 am
older. >> pop out. >> luscious. en enjoy. >> thank you so much. "kung fu panda 3" hits theaters this friday. up next, how to break in your shoes without hey, you're going to do great. hi. make delicious recipes that are lighter in calories and added sugar when you use splenda no calorie sweetener. think sugar,
9:12 am
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9:13 am
grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. whaaat? bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. try our newest flavor, asian bbq. available for a limited time only. eucerin intensive repair doesn't just moisturize dry skin, it intensively repairs it. with a unique triple action formula that exfoliates hydrates and fortifies skin. leaving it looking healthy and radiant. with intensive repair, from eucerin. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid . right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid . 100% real milk.
9:14 am
time saving tricks to make your life easier. let's go because these will blow your mind. here to show us the hacks, alison, a reporter for pop >> hi. i'm here to change your life. >> let's do it. for the ladies breaking in shoes, but could guys use these? >> yeah.
9:15 am
take your chunkiest socks, where the areas are tight, apply the blow-dryer 10 to 15 seconds. it'll stretch the material. repeat two to three times. >> great. being able to put on a bracelet one handed. >> the ladies know, this is difficult. maybe you're into man jewelry, i don't know. >> no. >> if you're at home alone, take the bracelet, take some scotch tape, right, put it across your wrist like so. grab this guy here. simple as that. boom, done in a second, ladies. >> frying your eggs, especially keeping the yolk in tact. >> what i do is separate the yolk and the egg white. take the egg white and dump it in. then you'll see it slowly become a little bit -- some transparent to opaque. when it gets a little white, we'll pour the yolk in and it creates this egg yolk blanket. it doesn't cook too quickly. >> interesting. >> want to do it?
9:16 am
>> slow and steady wins the race. >> oh, it got stuck. >> if i would have done it, it would have been perfect. >> what the heck? >> next one. >> taking the garbage out, you have something for us. >> you've been probably that person before. you open up the trash, try to take it out and take the whole trash can with you. >> vacuum to it. >> in order to prevent that, take your trash can, grab a drill and drill holes into the >> so there is air. >> yeah. >> it allows you to take it out. >> i'll show you real fast. open it up and voila. >> amazing. >> the other thing, this is a shoes. >> don't do that! no, no, oh, my gosh! not the shoe. >> oh, sorry. thank you so much. let's go to tamron. what's coming up next? well, my shoes don't have
9:17 am
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taking a look at the headlines. ford is recalling more than 390,000 ranger pickups because the driver's air bag inflaters made by takata can explode with too much force and cause injury. the recall covers all rangers from 2004 through 2006 in the u.s. and canada, and it comes just days after u.s. regulators announced a new recall of about 5 million vehicles with potentially defective air bags. more evidence this morning that coffee may indeed be good for your heart. according to a new study published in the journal of the american heart association,
9:19 am
does not lead to extra heart beet beats which can lead to heart deaths. it was thought caffeine would speed up your heart rate. chase bank would work alongside new machines that require you to make withdraws and not necessarily using a card. better yet, you can pick if you want $1 bill, $5, $10 and so on. different denominations back in return. the machines have been tested in washington state, but thousands of the atms will roll out later this year. you won't have to go to olive garden to enjoy their pasta, salad and breadsticks. the company is rolling out delivery service from all restaurants in the u.s. and canada. you'll need a big appe or lots of friends. the minimum order is $125, just right for a big family gathering
9:20 am
office. if only all our vacation photos could look like this. a couple was paddle boarding in maui when a humpback breached in front of them. a tourist from t captured it. it is illegal for people to purposely approach them, but curious e ious whales often try to get close to the humans. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. that's a selfie like no other. >> our cameraman john side, what was the porpoise of that? anyway, heavier showers and thunderstorms down to the south through the gulf. high surf advisories in the pacific northwest with heavy rain coming in there. tomorrow, the wet weather hangs around the southeast. the good news is that low pressure system will get off the coast, not cause another
9:21 am
great lakes. sunny and mild through the pacific northwest. rain >> that's your latest weather. time for the triple "t." >> new nickname, thank you, al. >> tuesday trend tamron. those are the three.
9:22 am
the look, like kim k. west. also gigi, this model. if you haven't crossed over, come on in with us. to help us is amy goodman, senior lifestyle editor at the wrap coat, it is the style of the season, it seems. >> it is. it's a timeless classic. very sophisticated and chic. we like it because it's easy to wear. very warm and cozy. the wrap coat is also known as the robe coat. >> the robe coat. >> two long panels that cross softly in the front and are tied with a soft belt. really easy to put together. i think we like it because in those cold times like now, it'll keep us warm. >> here's the deal, full disclosure because you said timeless, this is two years old. this is a style that keeps coming back. it's gotten trendy lately. >> what i'm hearing, it's had fashion updates. this one, you can see, gigi, we have the faux fur treatment here, it really has given it a modern update.
9:23 am
>> $240? i love that. let's bring out our models. let's see what you've got for us, amy. >> all right. first up, we have on nora, all the celebrities are wearing it open and not doing the belt. this one is really wonderful from topshop. $150. how to do this look, go for a monochromatic look inside. the s are from white house black market on top. the pants are ann taylor. you can have fun with the shoe. $39.99 by nine west. >> those are hot. i love this particular length of the coat. you can get it in several lengths. i like this. people wonder why kim kardashian wears it draped over her shoulder. not to look like count dracula. it's more slimming when you drape a coat over. you might freeze to death, but it's supposed to be a more slim slimming look. >> it gives a flow to your look, as you sweep in and out, making
9:24 am
as you can see, you tie the belt in the back. another great option for $39.99. at zulily, we have great price points and value. >> thank you so much. let's see what's up next, amy. >> so zest and appeal. at zulily, we like to give you something unexpected and unique. we found that on this coat from bloomingdales. don't be afraid of prints on this wrap coat. she has actually an apple kind of shaped body type. when you have an overall print, it beautifully smooths out the mid torso area. seamless. >> you tied it a little off in the center. >> off to the side. >> if you have a tie, tie it to the side. it gives a slimmer line. don't tie it in the middle. >> she's pa teat. etite.
9:25 am
chick so thick s we didn't do a lot of action underneath. >> chic. one more look for you ladies at home to try out. >> here, we have kristen. so many of the robe coats are very kind of slouchy and soft. this has angles. i did this with her hourglass figure. the angular lapels and the faux fur detailing. >> how much? >> actually, amazing from jessica simpson, like $140, in that range, $150. >> nice with the leather detail. >> it brings in the hourglass figure on her. the herring bone is fabulous. >> robed and wrapped out. i love it. you all look fantastic. you can find more tips from amy to help you wrap it up, coming up, is it okay to post photos of your friends' kids at a birthday party? they're at your party, right? manners guide for the modern age. i love these jane didn'
9:26 am
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it started with a whisper hi. does this look familiar? you host a birthday party and post photos of other people's kids, and you keep checking your phone at dinner to make sure your kids are okay with the babysitter. does it happen? >> there are do's and don't's to know about. here is the today taste maker, randi zuckerberg. this is an adults only dinner party. you say when you walk into a party like that, you should physically and mentally give yourself an away message. >> first of all, it's nice to be present in the moment. look how much fun we're having. all making eye contact. what a novel experience, we're having a conversation. so rare we get that in the world. we're always looking and texting.
9:31 am
a party very present. say, i'm going to be in the moment. there are a lot of great apps out there. i like off time. do not disturb. dinner time. there are 40 of them. you can have an auto response, if anyone messages you, saying, i'm at a dinner party for the next few hours. don't bother me. >> what do we do with our cell phones? guests have phones on the table. >> first of all, if you're attending a dinner party, phones are really dirty. they're dirty. just like you're not tracking muddy shoes into someone's party, you want them next to the table? if you're hosting, give people wipes. if they bring them to the table, what i'll ask everyone to do is put them in the middle of the table. we're going to play a little game because whoever feels compelled to reach for it first is going to wash everyone's dishes at the end of the dinner party. >> i like that. >> you play hardball, randi. >> that's right.
9:32 am
>> whoever feels like they need to reach for it first. >> what about e question we talked about in the introduction. i ha babysitter at home. i want to make sure the kids are okay. >> in reality, there are certain times you have to -- and i think it's okay to sit down and tell everyone at the beginning, listen, everyone, brand-new babysitter, emergency, is it okay with all of you if i keep my phone here? maybe use an apple watch or device like that. you're not checking your phone. >> all right. al is down, going to help him out? >> i got sent to the kids table, which is the cool table. >> we are celebrating a birthday party here. i think it's really important when you're at a birthday party to think about -- of course, i want to post photos of the kids. they're having so much fun. >> should you ask permission? it's one thing to post your kids' photos. what about the other kids? should you ask parents' permission first? >> great point, al. if i'm taking photos at my child's birthday party, it's important to talk to the other
9:33 am
photos. is it okay if i post them online? just be mindful that not everyone wants photos of their children up on the internet. >> is same is true for sporting events, things like that, as well. what about when people show up, drop their kids off, you want to be enjoying your party. take pictures. but if people are texting you, parents are texting, are the kids okay, because we helicopter a bit, how do you handle it? >> right before the party starts, send out another reminder to everyone with all the details of how they can be reached. i love the idea of, at the party, bring out a polaroid. you're not just taking photos all the time. you can print them and give them out as party favors. >> can you pass me the yellow cupcake? >> happy birthday, everyone. wow. look at this spatial twin bed. >> nothing says intimacy like texting in bed, right? >> both on our phones, right?
9:34 am
>> exactly. put the phone away as much as you can. >> twin bed. >> no phones in the bedroom, if you can help it. definitely not for the first 30 minutes when you wake up. >> don't use it as the alarm clock either, right? >> if you use your phone as your alarm, you'll be texted to immediately go into your texts, e-mails, facebook. use an old school alarm clock. it'll get you out of bed in about -- try to go 30 minutes before checking your device. >> thank you. >> what a fun party. more tips and you can tell us about your digital manners with our online survey at weight watchers has changed. weight watchers all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you and not just the number on the scale. lose weight while eating healthier, with all new smartpoints. and move more by including fitness in ways that work for you. see how good you'll feel with the new weight watchers
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9:38 am
the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. with all the snow this weekend, your kids may think, climb the walls. >> we have ideas from the next time you're couped up. amy, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> a lot of families around the country went through this this weekend. >> we have activities good for your brain and your body. >> cool. >> first of all, we got a snow garland if you want to bring the outdoor theme? >> we have igt here t right. >> stitching wire, string through pom-poms and cotton balls.
9:39 am
let the kids decide where to hang it. hang it over the window, on the mantle. >> you can spend hours with that that. >> with e bought the pom-poms at an activity store. >> stained glass window? >> we colored glossy photo paper with sharpies. this is great for adults and kids. the stress less coloring trend. >> yeah. >> we made a shoe box, cut out a hole, put it on the shoe box. there is a flashlight in the back so it glows. you can tape it on to a window, or your stained glass window. >> it's sharpie and glossy photo paper. >> fantastic. >> let's talk about treats. everybody wants treats on a day like today. >> a snowy day, everyone wants treats. these are polar bear pretzel rods.
9:40 am
white chocolate, or dark chocolate, add eyes with chocolate chips. and we have sebastian making the trees. >> i saw that. >> hot chocolate stirrers. who doesn't love hot chocolate on a snowy day. >> good idea. >> these are fun. dip them in peanut butter, dark chocolate, and you can get a jump on the valentine's day treats even. >> great idea. >> diy fuse ball. take a shoe box. >> goal. >> isn't this super cute? let the kids decorate it. we decorated it with wrapping paper. >> fun. >> finally, we have a super active activity. >> they're running around the house in circles. >> they're doing balloon tennis. it gets everybody active. adults can get into the game. >> paper plates? >> with a stick.
9:41 am
and a balloon. super easy. very nice. >> wish i had these this past weekend. >> now you'll have them. we're back in a moment.
9:42 am
oh, my gosh. >> hi, ladies. >> hi. >> guess who is coming up? >> who? >> kate hudson is here. >> she's so cute. we have elvis' artist of the month. >> he's a great country singer from nashville. >> and casseroles. >> oh! >> nice one. >> there he is. >> nice casserole. >> tater tots and ranch. >> all right.
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