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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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his car had a mechanical malfunction, heaid causing him to hit a man waiting for the bus. police have not identified the victim or the driver. people say they stayed in their cars and camped out overnight outside a new affordable housing complex in aurora just for the chance to apply to get in. it is the meadows at dun kishg near tower road. maya rodriguez tells us people say it is a symptom of the affordable housing problem. >> total chaos. kind of frightening. >> at a new housing community. >> total chaos.... cars, crowds, chaos, all coming together for those looking for a housing. >> people fighting and pushing and shoving and stuff. >> it is not surprising.
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redevelopment that helps to work low income, elderly, and disabled find housing. >> people are moving near record number right now and we have a shortage of affordable housing. >> combined, he said with stagnant wages, the national low income housing coalition found the denver metro area needs about 68,000 affordable housing units to keep up. pierce says there no one answer to deal with it. >> it will take a little of everybody in the community to address this, the corporations, and companies, legislature for smart and reasonable legislation, development and money set aside for affordable housing. >> back at the meadow... >> people are financially struggleing. >>... the overwhelming interest caused it to close down moving the wait to apply for housing
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>> kind of sad to see so many people trying to get something that should be a right, we should have somewhere to live. >> maya rodriguez, 9 news. >> pet core management would not speak to 9 news on camera but insure the application process is safe, that the business office will be closed until further notice and they are instead." we have the number on denver prese asking for help in a saturday evening homicide. multiple people got in an argument 5:40 at peoria and allbrook, someone shot and killed 29-year-old jenkins, they do not have suspect's descriptions but are hoping you can help, call crime stoppers if you have information. an emotional day for family
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died falling through the ice of a retention pond in parker. loved ones gathered to honor 16-year-old patric lantz, he died january 14 when he and 2 friends walked on to the pond and went into the water. members of the high school rugby team, including the coach, shared their favorite memories. >> actions speak louder than words and i know it is a sad moment for everyone that he is no longer with us but i think he made a big enough impression on all of our lives that he will aul be remembered and-- always be remembered and never forgotten. >> a second teen, max gantnier, passed away monday. cole robinson was treated and released from the hospital. in 10 days 10 died in avalanches in the western united
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victoria sanchez-- survival. victoria sanchez spoke to 2 men that strigered an avalanche and walked away unscathed. >> bertha pass, it clouded the judgment of anthony and alex, they knew there was a possibility for an avalanche and decided to head up the mountain anyway. >> i let a good day over shadow things i should have. >> they did pack up the gear and tracking devices. they each had one of these. >> from this moment, it is always sending out a signal. >> that signal helped alex find his friend when the snow gave away. >> i started screaming avalanche. >> aj was testing the snow when it collapsed and triggered a train reaction hundreds of feet high on the mountain. >> it felt like getting hit by a car. i was wearing my gps and ironically afterwards i was able to look at it and went from moving less than an mile per
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a fraction of a second. >> i started yelling aj! are you okay? can you breathe? >> 2 skiers heard alex screaming and rushed to help, they captured this video, both men unharmed in the snow slide's wake. >> the first thing i said to my partner when i came out of the snow whole was, i should not be alive right now. >> this is aj. once i found him. >> aj credited the air bag for like this. the one he was wearing tore when he hit a tree but helped heenough to be own-- enough to be only partially buried by no. they hope one way to go back. >> kind of like a surfer, if a surfer gets attacked by a shark they don't blame the shark. >> they said they take responsibility for triggering the slide and want others to be
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prepared when they go out. the colorado avalanche information center says the men are lucky to be able to tell the story to us tonight. >> they should be buying lottery tickets. >> they should. they said unfortunately the power ball passed but they are joking, they are very happy they survived this. so many do die from avalanches. >> we covered so many, but the air bag tore, amazing, to walk away from that. incredible. >> they prepareed for the worst and it turned out all right. >> thanks, victoria. this morning c-dot crews took steps to prevent an avalanche, out for avalanche work, they used a system that pumps gas to the top ofarve lafrn chute-- avalanche chute and controls the slide. c-dot will have new messages to remind travelers to
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it calls it the wednesday memorial, a weekly update of how many died in crashs across the state. the numbers will be shown with safety messages aimed at reducing crashs. >> the public has become numb to the number of traffic fatalities in colorado but i think as they start to see these traffic fatalities creep up from week to week to week, they will realize that, wow, these are real people dying and perhaps i can do something to prevent it. >> morbid but a stark realty. crashs up 11% translateing to 545 deaths on the road. a group of denver religious leaders are working to get controversial wording moved from the colorado constitution, 40 gathered at the ame church hoping to remove the slavery exception line in the constitution, it bans sliverry except-- slavery except for a punishment for someone convicted
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they said it allows prisons to take advantage of inmates hiilating the low wages received for work. they hope removing it will make way for changes in the prison system. >> it is a travesty that there are corporations that are able to prosper because of the punishment of an individual. that is out of sorts. that is out of balance. constitutional amendment to change the wording and that means 2/3 of the house and senate would have to approve it and then it would go before voters. state senator, jesse, a democrat plans to introduce the bill later this week. a republican spokesperson said his party has no stance because they are just learning about the bill. colorado's unemployment rate dropped in december and at the lowest since april 2007. according to the u.s. bureau of
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than 10 thousand pay rr roll jobs, june it was 4.4%. construction, hospitality saw gains however, jobs in mining, energy, and logging slipped. a long time resident passed away at the zoo. the recommendation for doctors to screen all adults for a certain health issue.
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a long time fixture at the denver view passed away, sally
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she moved to the denver zoo in 1996 after a stop in albuquerque, well traveled, 48 years old, lived far longer than the median life span of 28 years for this animal, zoo keepers say she was tidy and loved interacting with people who visited. new recommendation would expand who gets screened for depression. in a move supported by mental health advocates, the u.s. preventative task forces recommends doctors screen all adults for depression, especially older adults and new mothers, depression is widespread. nearly 7% of adults had at least one major depressive episode last year. doctors can screen for depression using a short survey and hope it gets patients the treatment they need. the cdc issued temporary guidelines for treating the zika virus, linkd to a spike in cases
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american countries. babies born with the condition brains. the cdc suggests doctors ask mothers with babies with the condition where they traveled or lived while pregnant and want doctors to follow and regularly test the babies. mega bank jp morgan is rolling out the next generation of ttm's-- atm's that don't require a debt or credit card, they are e-atm's and use a smart phone app to make deposit s and with drawls, they triple the limit from $1,000 to $3,000. users can get 1, 5, 20 bills and plans a wider roll out this year. the man known as the king of comic books will be here this summer, we hope, stanley is scheduled to attend comic con, the co-creator for iron man, spider man, and x-men. this runs june 17th to the 19th,
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have a panel june 18th, lee was booked for denver comic-con in 2013 but had to back out for other obligations. >> a stan lee. he said he gets no money for all the characters he created because they are owned by marvel. they wrote him a check, but he is happy. >> i hope he is happy. everybody loves him. >> funny guy. the broncos jerseys gets a little extra bling ahead of the super bowl. cold and snowing, seeing
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hello, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the calm, cool, and dry 9 backyard. a big beautiful moon just passed full and some great pictures coming in on facebook and twitter. the scenery this time of year, spectacular. our high 42, shy of the average of 44, close to 50 in southeastern colorado and quite cold in the high country. decent travel weather across the state and that is what we have overnight as well. winds southeast, dia at 30 and our temperature downtown close to that number. on radar, not a lot to show you, we have our storm system off to the east of us now, so we set our sights on the next storm
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a second area of low pressure in the gulf coast region bringing potential for showers and storms as far north as atlanta, snow and wind for chicago and indianapolis and travel impacted by a weak front that will clip northern colorado tomorrow. with high pressure over the region, the next system on shore will go over the top of the ridge leaving us high and dry the next few days, a nice warming and drying tend with above average temperatures between now andator day. close to 50 in the city with the cold air retreating to midwest and northeast and other than high clouds around the area tonight and tomorrow, pretty quiet weather pattern. that weak front coming through in the afternoon, again, a bit of a wind shift. up and down the i-25 corridor tonight and tomorrow, good drivering conditions. snow pack incredible for the season and not a lot of snow until later in the week.
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from the current pattern. lows in the mountains between 9 and 15 above. some of the warmest readings in southeastern colorado tomorrow, 60s are possible. temperatures bit above average for denver, greeley, fort collins and cold in black hawk, and grand lake with highs just above freezing. city forecast for the rest of tonight, fair skies and light winds, our low at 23. sun up tomorrow 7:12, mid 40s and close to 50 tomorrow. i think with the second wave coming through later in the week we stay just under 60 degrees. but temperatures will trend above average between now and saturday, ahead of a storm that will bring light snow sunday night and accumulating snow and cold for monday into tuesday of next week. could see highs in the 20s for the first few days of february. beautiful wintery scene coming out of steamboat, compliments of
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incam newton is super man, the broncos better pack crypt nite, pre-- cryptinate, pretending to remove his suit with a giant "s" on his chest. he became the nfl super man this season passing for 35 touchdowns and running for another 10. where is lex luther when you need him? >> i don't know that we have faced the dual threat guy like him this year with our schedule. i saw him first hand last year, when i was in baltimore. it will be different for us, you know, having to tackle him in the open field, having to defend the quarterback runs and those type of things will be something different for us. >> i never seen nobody who was that size, you look like the typical nfl quarterback, in the pocket and throw and you can run, probably could play any position in the nfl you wanted to. he is definitely a unique player, probably the most dangerous, most dangerous quarterback in the nfl right now.
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bowl and the broncos might have another quarterback controversy because 9 news sports reporter aaron matas found somebody better at threading the needle than peyton manning. >> here we go. >> this is starting to get real. >> gets tricky around the corners. >> the official logo forupe super bowl-- for super bowl 50 is where it belongs. >> the patch is cool, bigger than the last time and has dpoeld on it, it is beautiful. really going to be shining. >> myer spent her day with needle, threat, and.... >> i have peyton manning's jersey. >>... orange and blue, it plays an important role for the broncos. >> i do all the jerseys starting in may, we do all the fittings for the coaches and we do-- we sue sew on all had patches.
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and this time we hope it will be avery happy ending. >> each-- a very happy ending. >> each logo takes 6 minutes. >> i have about a hundred to do. it will take me some time. >> 100 because everyone gets at gets 6. >> they want him to look nice. >> you would never want to patch work approach to super bowl games, but in this case it is just fine. aaron matas, 9 news. >> we are going to play drew's clues. >> yea! >> please, no cheering in the press box. clue 1, widely considered the greatest goal tender in hockey history with 551 victories and 4 stanley cups. 2, named nhl coach of the year. clear 3, with pickert sick, he put the pads on this morning and
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the answer is, hockey hall of famer patrick. there was a brief time this afternoon where it was thought he was going to have to be the emergency goalie tonight in san jose. but-- could have done it. but pickert is feeling bet sxr they called the guy out from the minor leagues. >> that is not illegal? >> nothing illegal, they would activate patrick for the back-up goalie. >> and then call joe.
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the price of oil continue to drop, they surge today 4% and the stock market followed rising
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it is dinner time at our house. >> yea! can we come to your house? >> this is my house. we will eat whatever you brought.
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i'm not fan of megan kelley. megan kelley really the reason trump could drop out of thursday's livedebate? >> what fox news is saying now as the donald goes off. >> i think i'm going to be treated unfai i do something else. >> if somebody says somet completely outlandish, call them
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