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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a county deputy is shot in the stomach and chest and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. we're gaining new information about the shooting and the search for one of the suspects. a suicide turned murder investigation and the man accused of killing his wife. last minute debate shuffles. why trump is out and clinton wants more.
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>> thanks for being with us right now. we need to enjoy today. nice, sunny weather. it may not be too long lastty, marty. a change on the horizon. >> it will get us into the weekend, and then when we head back to work next week, we're looking at a pretty serious change around here. it's still well off the coast. we're going to couch this because we're uncertain. we have a storm system that's about 2500 miles off the west coast that's beginning to take shape to be a major snow storm for colorado and the front range monday into tuesday. so just kind of get that in your mind right now. think about it. follow the weather forecast and see how things change. again, the track, very uncertain right now, but if it goes like it is currently forecast, it will be a major storm for the front range. for us today, gosh, it is just clear sailing.
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close to 40s 40 degrees. a couple clouds here and there but really by and large, a very nice day. no wood burning restrictions throughout the area. warmer today, dry into the weekend, possible snow storm. tuesday. of course amelia with this fantastic weather. it's great to have bike to work week. >> it's so unlikely we would get temperatures this warm headed into bike to work week, but we'll definitely enjoy it. we'll detail that in just a minute. 104th avenue and i-25. police activity there, what's blocking that left turn lane? it looks like everything is clearing up and out of there. the delays underneath the overpass are certainly extensive with on going roadwork. let's take a live look at our
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we're going to see an on going sun glare delay. the southbound speeds in the single digits. now, 225 is off to a good start. 10 minutes. right now, guys, as marty mentioned, this is bike to work week winter style. all the way to friday, give an extra look. >> it's perfect. >> it's nice. >> it's going to be great. it's a call all too common. an officer in need of assistance after a shooting on or off duty. >> possible jefferson county sheriff deputy down. >> a deputy was shot in aurora. and this morning, the search for the person who did it is still happening. >> noel brennan join us live from aurora right now with the latest on the manhunt. >> reporter: i'm right here at the courtyards of buckley apartments. they still have squad cars in
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they have police tape chris crossing the area. this is where the shooting happened. an off duty jefferson county sheriff's deputy was getting out of his car when two people came up to him and there was an attempted robbery. at this point, shots were exchanged between the suspects and the off-duty deputy. the deputy was hit multiple times in his chest and stomach. he managed to hit one of the suspects in the leg. please say that was a juvenile. both the suspects, though, took off. police spent hours searching for them from the air and on the grown. nearby rangeview high school was placed on lockdown last night. a boy's basketball game was going on. this is near mexico and lar ray doe last night. they were told to stay inside. many were saying this kind of thing does not happen in this neighborhood. >> this is actually a pretty safe neighborhood, at least i thought.
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story, i'm actually in shock. we moved out here because it's supposed to be a safe neighborhood. we're dealing with this now. >> police were able to find one of those suspects. the juvenile who was shot in the leg, police say he has nonlife-threatening injuries. as for the sheriff's deputy, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, cory, life-threatening. at this point, they're asking anyone who might have information to give aurora police or crime stoppers a call. now the crime stoppers number is 720-913-stop. cory, we have that number posted on our website, crime stoppers is offering a reward, up to $2,000 for information that leads to an arrest. >> all right. knoll, thank all right. noel, thank you for the update. the man accused of killing his wife had a hearing today. he was arrested nearly two
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died in their home in evans. the investigation originally found ashley killed herself in 2012. after unheard witness accounts and a police commissioner mishandled the case and fallice was arrested. an internal investigation revealed he may have failed to report information about the investigation. an elementary school substitute teacher in denver and nine more people are accuseded of trying to sleep with underage girls. here's a look at their faces. they were arrested after a two- day undercover sting in adams county. all ten suspects face charges for child sex trafficking, soliciting a child prostitute, and attempted child sex assault. three of the ten are here illegally from mexico. two others hold positions of public trust. three of the suspects appeared in court in denver yesterday. the rest including the teacher will face a judge today.
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hawker is an elementary schoolteacher at warren village in denver. the undercover team says the 35- year-old substitute teacher might be tied to other sex crimes as well. we called warren elementary to ask about whether they had conducted a background check on hawker, but nobody has gotten back with us. >> it is 6:07 now. new this morning, we're learning more about the shooting in seattle at a homeless camp known as the jungle. two people are dead, three others are wounded, and the police chief says she does not think this was a random attack. >> we don't think they were targeted because they were homeless. we think they were targeted because of who they were. >> they have a lead on two persons of interest. one person is dead and
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it was part of an antigovernment protest. the fbi and oregon state police arrested seven people last night, including the group's leader, amon bundy. he was arrested at a traffic stop away from the refuge. an officer shot and killed one of the protesters. the local sheriff plans to hold a news conference today. it's unknown if there are any people left inside the refuge. there are reports saying there may still be people left inside, but that has not been confirmed. it is going to be tough to ignore, the really dangerous driving this morning. cdot is lighting up its electric signs around denver with new messages that indicate the number, the increasing number of traffic deaths on colorado roads roads. cdot says the number of deaths is up. colleen ferreira is live by one of those electronic signs this morning. cdot wants this memorial message to mean safer driving for people. >> reporter: they definitely
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all the drivers across the state, gary. so every wednesday, you're going to notice on those digital signs that usually have weather condition messages, they're going to have these safe driving messages. also, they're going to show you the amount of fatalities that have been here so far this year. i want to take you to this sign in the lakewood area. so far from the sign that started at midnight tonight. it says 13 13 traffic deaths so far in colorado. not buckling up? what's holding you back? just yesterday i was talking to them and they estimate 63 lives here this colorado would have been saved if people had just simply put their seat belt on. the number of fatal crashes are up over the last several years. 545 fatal crashes last year across our state. 2014, 488.
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and 2012, 474. cdot tells me everything from driving under the influence, not wearing a seat belt, not wearing a helmet when on a motorcycle. these contribute. they're going to have things like this behind me on the sign, don't drive distracted. buckle up. pay attention on the roadways. >> those numbers have to keep going up. they have to do something to make them go back down. a tradition started in boulder, it's winter bike to workday. this is a look at the past events in boulder. so here is how it works. take your bike, no matter the temperature. leave your car at home. in denver, all of these cycles will be free, so you can give them a try. they're going to have breakfast stations set up all along the busy routes. almost 1500 writers and more participate. day. very cold start in the mountain here. we start warming up rapidly
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sun is going to be up. not a lot of wind here. by the middle of the afternoon, we're in the 40s and 50s, pushing 60 in southeastern colorado. nice cool evening coming up. focusing from the front range out on to the plains, again, looking at sunshine, 40s and 50s up by 76 and out highway 6, we'll be in the 30s here by time folks are headed home after the dinner hour tonight. it's going to be a good looking day. 6:11. in money news, the law of supply and demand is alive and well in the apartment market here in town. the number of apartment vacancies is up. three months. more supply means rental rates are starting to stabilize. north denver leads the rate with a 7% vacant rate. downtown is the only area up above 10%.
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start to ease or hold steady for a while. ford recalling thousands of ranger pickup trucks because they have those faulty airbags. 391,000 trucks were recalled. ford says the airbags were installed in '04 to '06. ford says it will send letters to affected owners starting in late february. to find out if your truck is included, you can go right now to and click on safety recalls. >> all right. thank you very much. it is 12 minutes after 6:00 right now. so donald trump wants out of a debate, and hillary clinton wants in another debate.
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colorado. been focusing a lot. more than 2,000 miles off the coast of california. teens and 20s here, below zero in several areas in the mountain valleys today, but a good looking day. partly cloudy skies, about 65% of blue skies, 35% clouds. 40s in northern colorado. 40s in the foothills. we'll be looking at lower to middle 50s around metro denver. dry conditions across the state today. maybe a little bit of ice and fog early in the morning because of extreme temperatures. 20s, 30s in the mountains.
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southwest, we'll be down in the 52 downtown. partly cloudy, a little bit of wind out of the north. generally less than 50 miles per hour. warmer tomorrow. warmer friday. not bad saturday. now, we might get an evening shower on saturday. clouds hang around on sunday. doesn't look like much more developing. very strong winds over the area, a big snow storm possible. i'm going to be yakking about it. amelia, you're going to be tired of hearing about that by the time the day is over. we're definitely going to see the changes on monday and tuesday. we'll be right there helping you get through all of them. sky 9 is over the i-70 and 290 split. nice look shot there with all the ramps traveling through at 50 miles per hour. it's going to be slow along
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exist accident or constructionwise. now, our cdot camera, showing ongoing delays on 270 starting to build on the early side. when we hit 6:00 a.m., that's when we expect the lowdowns. i-25 closing down from lincoln to c-470. that happens tonight and also thursday evening. all this information about additional ramp closures is up on twitter. >> if you're looking to avoid the morning commute and work from home in your pajamas, consider one of your companies. these are for tell communitying opportunities. the top five are united health aetna. if you travel to a country
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may get refunds if you don't want to go. they will lest customers cancel or post postseason their trips, of course the cdc recently warned pregnant women to avoid travel to the places places are where mosquitoes are carrying the virus. there's no cure. it could be to blame for some birth defects. they offer to cover any territory listed in the travel alert. well, if you want a go pro hero 4, you can live stream right to periscope. the newest version will let you select the go pro signal and stream it live. they have about 10 million users right now. >> very simple to use. >> it's easy to use, and you can watch people do all sorts of things. >> all sorts of stuff. >> you don't want to see how the sausage is made. >> or what i spilled back here this morning already. >> green kale everywhere. >> yeah. it happened.
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donald trump won't be participating in the republican presidential debate this week. the reason he refuses to go to
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fox news is accusing the trump campaign of threatening moderator meghan kelly and
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donald trump plans to skip the last gop debate. he says he does not want to be a part of a debate where meghan kelly is the moderator. the iowa caucuses are on monday. this is an ongoing conflict with fox news. trump has been so critical of fox news. in his words, they're playing games and calling moderator meghan kelley, a third rate reporter. one. hillary clinton and bernie debate. clinton wants a debate add just before the primary, but sanders campaign says they have to plans to take part. it would not be sanctioned by the dnc. clinton and sanders and martin o'mally all attended a town hall. their next debate is not until
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vastly different story on different sides of the continent continental divide. it is below zero right now in grand county and in jackson county. sunday into monday, snow begins to move into western colorado. by the way , we're have a smaller storm in the mountains. monday into tuesday, we're seeing what could be a really powerful storm move through the area. again, it looks like monday afternoon developing here. tuesday scooting out of here, and it is gone by wednesday. current estimates of snow are quite impressive. they will start getting into more than a foot around here. remember, if the storm track goes south, amelia, look at that graphic. it's pretty easy to see it could go down into new mexico over into kansas. we're going to watch this guy carefully. right now, it looks like we're going to hit us. >> all right. marty, we'll be ready for that with your expertise and knowledge. as we take a look at i-25 once again.
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shown the worst of the worst here. as you come down from 120th to u.s. 36, it's going to be a stop and go drive. washington and huron, pretty good alternate routes, again, watch for this one on the north side and we want you to keep in mind out west, we've got avalanche control under way.
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. >> post office has sent out an
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please clear a space so the carriers can get boxes and letters delivered. >> it's a tough time of year for them. >> and clearing a space is tough. i was watching this time lapse video. it took them two hours and 40 minutes. >> when you have two feet of snow, that will happen. most of us are excited to see the broncos in the super bowl. >> but it could be peyton manning's last season with the broncos.
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be advised, shots fired. deputy county sheriff down. >> a deputy shot while off the clock. new information on what happened before the shooting and the search for a second suspect. >> and you will see new signs on your morning drive. they aren't meant to tell you about delays or construction. they are meant to be an important warning for every driver. >> plus, peyton manning is officially under investigation by the nfl. the news broke just before super bowl week where he'll no doubt have to face a lot more questions about possible hgh usage. good morning.
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i'm corey rose here. >> it's calm downtown at 9news, and it is gorgeous looking out. this is a live view from sports authority field over the city. you couldn't paint a prettier picture than that. the closest anything, rain or snow, is just kind of moving around over the coast of washington right now. we're in the teens, 20s, and 30s. throughout the front range, a little cooler along the platte river. much colder west of the continental divide. we'll stay in the 20s and 30s for now. we'll touch 40 plus by 10:00 a.m. that's going to push us to some fairly warm temperatures today. that along with partly cloudy conditions through the day. it's going to make for a lovely day. look for 30s in northern colorado. we'll be in the 40s in the foothills with lower and middle 50s around here. coming up next week, what could be a major winter storm for colorado and the front range.
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now it's time to get to amelia and see how things are going on on the roads. we don't have to worry about snow today. know, we don't. the c-470 transitions are smooth. coming up, i will talk to you about why tonight and overnight we'll need to plan for additional delays. now, let's take a look at the rest of your commute. as we head out to our map, so much green. 25 within an ongoing backup out of north glynn. i want you to use a lot of extra caution. out. it's winter bike to work week. give an extra and maybe a second an third look this morning on your turns. for the most part, we're in the southbound. it will cost you about 14 minutes with average speeds close to 50 miles per hour. >> okay.
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let's hope it holds. 6:32. investigators working to try to find a suspect that shot an off duty jefferson county deputy last night. >> it happened right across the street from an aurora high school. that deputy is in the hospital right now with life-threatening injuries. noel brennan is in aurora for us this morning. noel, you have new information about what happened in the moments before the shooting. >> exactly, cheryl. aurora police say there was an attempted robbery right before those shots range out here at the courtyards at buckley apartments you. see behind me aurora police are still here. they have some crime scene tape that's chris -- crisscrossing crisscrossing the apartment complex. they've been here for hours. this started at 7:20 last night. a sheriff's deputy was getting out of his car when two men came up to him, and there was an attempted robbery. shots were exchanged, and the deputy was hit multiple times in the chest and in his stomach.
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those suspects in the leg. a man who lives nearby heard the shots ring out. he came outside and helped the deputy until police arrived. >> his gun was laying on the ground about three feet away from him. and his badge and wallet were laying on the other side of him. the other guy called 911. we put pressure on his wounds. i held his head up, and we started talking to him. >> reporter: they searched the air and ground. they blocked off entire neighborhoods and put rangeview high school on lockdown. there was a boys' basketball game going on right there. they found one of the suspects. the one that was hit in the leg. he's a juvenile and is expected to be just fine. as for the sheriff's deputy, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police do say that he has life- threatening injuries. >> boy, we wish him the best. that's for sure. thank you. it's 6:34 right now. the former wells county deputy accused of killing his wife has
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tom fallis was arrested about two years after his wife ashley died in their home in evans. the investigation originally found ashley killed herself in 2012, but in 2014, previously unheard witness accounts and claims that the evans police commander mishandled the case. those reports surfaced and fa arrested. -- fallis was arrested. this morning we're working to find out if -- the identity of a man killed at a bus stop. a man drove up on the sidewalk and hit the man before crashing into the side of a wal-mart. the driver told officers a mechanical problem with his car caused the crash. this morning there's no word if the driver will face charges. a sex predator sting caught ten people, including a denver
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and now they're facing charges with trying to have sex with underage girls. >> they're all facing charges with child sex trafficking, soliciting a child prostitute and sexual assault. several are in this country illegally from mexico. two others hold positions of public trust. three appeared many court yesterday. the rest, including a teacher, is going to face a judge today. a 35-year-old david hawker is an elementary schoolteacher at warren village in denver. a spokesperson for an undercover team says that he might be tied to sex crimes. we called warren elementary about whether they had conducted a background check on hawker, but no one has gotten in touch with us. a group of protesters who took over the federal building in oregon at a refuge are under arrest this morning. some of them, anyway. the fbi, oregon state police arrested leader amon bundy and
6:31 am
traffic stop away from the wildlife refuge. the antigovernment protesters took over the refuge headquarters three weeks ago and have been holed up there ever since. an officer did shoot and kill one of the protesters during the traffic stop yesterday. newspaper reports say some of the protesters are still in that building at the refuge. we're expecting an update from the fbi late they are morning. >> this just in. police say a nanny from colorado was found dead inside her vienna apartment. the woman is 25 years old. they have not released her name. police say her body was found after she didn't show up for work. her body was found inside her apartment. right now, homicide investigators are waiting for autopsy results. once we get more information, we'll pass it along. >> it's just about 6:38. in money news, we're taking a
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countyover night. leader and night -- leaders and those who attended the gas meeting had an early morning. after nearly eight hours of testimony that actually started yesterday, commissioners decided to gather more information from experts and then hold another public meeting. last night's meeting by the way adjourned at about 2:00 ap. 2:00 -- 2:00 a.m. the new rules approved by the colorado oil and gas conservation commission have not really satisfied either side in this debate. leer is the man who -- here is the man who will lead the office for the national development western center. he's been working on that project in that area for some time now, and the mayor thought he would be a perfect fit. lead will be overseeing the the transformation of the denver coliseum and the complex into the year round campus with new
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will they or won't they raise interest rates again. we're going to find out which direction the fed will take when they wrap up their meeting. stock have been at a roller coaster. many investors are wondering if the fed can come to the rescue again by holding steady. most economists do not believe the fed will raise the benchmark rate today. 6:38 right now. the accusations that made peyton manning say this. >> do we have it in. >> disgusted is how i feel. sickened by it. i'm not sure i understand. >> yeah, so those allegations are apparently enough for the nfl to get involved now. an al-jazeera report accused manning and other athletes of taking hgh.
6:34 am
indianapolis colts. now the washington post said investigation several weeks ago. >> peyton manning may have spilled the beans to head coach bill belichick and reporters nearby were ease dropping. manning said, hey, listen, this may be my last rodeo, so it's sure been a pleasure. many are speculating that manning will not be back next year. it would make the championship game his last home game in denver. trucks will be on the road today. it takes so much work. so many details have to be tended to before the super bowl. one detail, a seamstress in centennial busy getting uniforms ready. this is hilda meyer.
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fittings, but sewing on super bowl patches is her favorite assignment. >> two years ago, of course, it was kind of a sad ending. and this time we hope it's going to be a very happy ending. >> so every patch takes about six minutes. every player will have at least two jerseys. when you're peyton manning, you don't get two jerseys. you get six jerseys. >> i hope it's not because he'll be on the ground and need them. but they have them ready. those patches are beautiful. >> look at the patches. they look cool. >> it's peyton, he gets six. some people are willing to pay a high price, a lot of money to go to the big game. it wasn't possible this ad was true, exchange a house for super bowl tickets. turns out it was a hoax.
6:36 am
posted the ad after the broncos beat the steelers. >> this is his way to get back at me. he ran a paper in the denver pain e, boulder paper, longmont paper, apparently several magazines. >> he spent some money on that, didn't he? >> oh, my goodness. so his phone has been ringing nonstop the last couple days. someone even offered him two seats 20 rose up and a suite at a hotel. he's looking at how to get back at his pittsburgh steelers buddy. there's a spirited conversation happening on our facebook page about just that. >> oh, yeah. love that. pranksters unite for payback. >> the broncos winning would be the greatest payback of all. teens and 20s in eastern colorado. we'll be talking about this major storm. it's still 2500 miles off the west coast, but early computer models bring it into colorado sunday night and monday morning. run it over the front range
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then out of here by tuesday night. so as we zoom in against sunday during the afternoon and evening starts moving in. monday gets more intense. monday into tuesday morning, moderate to very heavy snow and strong winds possible in the area. here's the current estimate on snow. it's pretty big. we could go better than a foot of snow with winds over 40 miles per hour. again, if the track changes, all of these snow amounts will change as well. so this is manager you have to watch very carefully for the next several days. >> move south, move south. >> just a little bit south. new mexico needs it. >> we don't need that for rush hour. that's for sure. all right. thank you much.
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welcome back. it's 6:45. this message is a somber roads. >> the crash is up significantly, and it's working hard to bring those numbers down by encouraging safer driving for everybody. >> 9news reporter colleen ferreira is live at sixth avenue. this is a new attempt to get people's attention. >> cdot really saying enough is enough. there have been way too many fatal accidents here in our state. fatal accidents up 12% from 2014 to 2015. that's why they're hoping messages like this will get you to pay attention for one second and change your mind and behaviors in your car.
6:39 am
year in colorado, and then it says not buckling? what's holding you back. i want to show you numbers from 2014. these are preliminary numbers. it knows 545 people were killed on colorado highways last year. of those faulties in 2015 -- faulties in 2015, many of these motorcyclists would have been saved by wearing protective gear and putting a helmet on and by drivers out there being more alert of the motorcyclists on the highway. 32% of those crashes in 2015 were alcohol related and 56% were related to people not wearing seat wearing seat belts. 15% are not putting their seat belts on. it takes seconds to secure yourself in place.
6:40 am
something about your morning commute. don't be distracted and put your seat belt on. >> thank you. hundreds of people will be off the highways and on their bikes this morning. hopefully they stay bundled up when they do it. today is bike to workday. winter bike to workday. this is participants in the past years. the cycles are free so you can give them a try. boulder, longmont, lafayette, they're going to have breakfast stations. 1500 riders and 200 teens say they plan to participate. cookies. cookies. it all looks good to me. >> cory, we always know where your eyes are going. week. all throughout the week, give a second and third look as you head to the city side streets. the drive is very quiet. volumewise, we're loaded up as usual.
6:41 am
so far the speeds really aren't affected too badly. now, because it is a light traffic morning. we're going to the southside and talk about a little bit of a locally viral photo that went wild on facebook and twitter. debra smith posted this on her social media. basically everybody thought it was real. it turns out it was just photo shopped by debra smith. >> warmer conditions, dry into the weekend until saturday evening. again, we're tracking a snow storm possibly for monday and tuesday. no wood burning restrictions today. as with go through the day, a lot of sun here by early afternoon we're in the 40s and 50s in eastern colorado, into the 30s in mountain areas. for the next three days, even warmer. thursday, friday, saturday might get a little sprinkle
6:42 am
let's just enjoy this as we slide on into the weekend, greg. we'll think about next week later. >> next week? what are you talking about. >> let's deal with the weekend. marty, thank you so much. >> don't do that. 6:50 right now. the country's economy is not in a recession right now. fears of one are growing fast. especially with all the gyrations in the stock market. a money survey is also showing a chance of the u.s. sinking into a full blown recession is sinking. there are a lot of folk who is say the fundamentals of our economy are pretty strong and predictions of recessions are low. an analyst downgraded a company's stock. it came after the analyst surveyed 1,000 whole foods customers. more than 70% of the customers say they have not noticed any changes in prices in whole
6:43 am
months, even though the company is touting lower prices cocompete with supermarkets. so the reputation of whole foods being the place where you spend your whole paycek is continuing. charities raised $4 billion. these nonprofits spend on higher than the national average. but pat yourself on the back if you contribute to charity. thanks a lot. we're going to have your
6:44 am
next storm system, nope, this isn't it. it's the one there on the horizon. it's that far away. if i seem uncertain in the next couple days, there are a lot of variables in play. but right now, it still looks like we could have a significant snow storm here monday and tuesday of next week. follow each forecast as we get closer. we get better information. we'll be better to tell you what happened. >> 17 below zero. just dropped to 13 below. it's very cold, west of the continental divide. by in large, it's going to be great. 40s in the foothills. occasionally 10, 15 miles in the foothills. metro denver up into boulder,
6:45 am
just have a few fair weather clouds dotting the horizon every now and again. for most mountain areas and going into the west, we'll be in the 20s and 30s. look at close to 60 degrees over the southeast corner of colorado. partly cloudy today, mild day, just gorgeous. 52 degrees. tonight into the mid-20s. look for mid-50s tomorrow, closer to 60 on friday. saturday evening, a light shower is possible. just a few clouds around on sunday. then monday we're looking at snow developing. very strong wind also with this storm. i hate to say the blizzard word, but it kind of looks that way. coming up in a couple of seconds, we will be taking a look at the nine-day outlook and see what tuesday looks like. amelia, this is a bad situation. >> sky 9 is flying over the intersection of quebec.
6:46 am
story, what is being reported as an autopedestrian incident is just taking place. there are several cars stopped in the intersection. there's an ambulance on scene. over police officers as well. one person being loaded onto a stretcher with several people standing in the area. we've got a call in for more information, and we'll have that coming up throughout the morning over on channel 20 on i and also on all of our social media pages. the rest of your drive, very busy volume wise. southbounders on 225 dealing right shoulder. southbound 225 on parker road. that's be the backup is -- coming from. you may want to use side streets headed through dtc. scary situation coming up. amelia, thank you. morning's top stories. noel brennan is live in aurora. >> reporter: good morning.
6:47 am
life this morning. he was shot at this apartment complex in aurora. a school. ridgeview middle school was placed on lockdown lockdown last night. the suspects. he's in custody. the other is on the loose. we'll have much more about this >> thank you. a deputy is accused of murdering his wife. today he's going to face a judge. tom fallis was arrested in 2014, nearly two years after his wife ashley died in their home in evans. the investigation originally said ashley killed herself in 2012 before the case was reopened as a homicide that happened two years later. it is 6:57 right now. the nfl wants to know did peyton manning really take human growth hormone while recovering from neck surgery in indianapolis. that is a banned substance in the nfl. nbc sports now reporting that
6:48 am
investigation into last december's report on al- jazeera. the accusations relate to his time with the colts. he has threatened a lawsuit against al-jazeera. arrest. the fbi and oregon state police arrested leader amon bundy and several others last night at a wildlife refuge. the antigovernment group grabbed their guns and took ago. an officer shot and killed one of the protesters. >> fox news is accusing donald trump's campaign of threatening megyn kelly. he's skipping the gop debate kelly. tomorrow night's debate is the
6:49 am
clinton wants to add an extra downtown. she wants to face her opponents just before the new hampshire primary. but bernie sanders has no plan on taking the offer. around here we've been talking about the next three days, four days, really, if you include today. it just started looking good. snow developing on monday during the day, very windy, very cold. a heavy snow is possible on monday into tuesday. we're going to be tracking this closely. i would be in favor of that, but we'll be watching it as we go through the weekend. we do recover fairly quickly next week, but, again, monday night, tuesday morning could be pretty nasty around here. >> marty is on team south. >> we all are. at least i am. i'm with you, marty. a colorado family wanted to grow but needed some help. i'll tell you how a little help
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