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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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sober pretty darn quickly. >> jeff cosheriff sclider had to cut a-- shader had to cut a meeting short due to a sleepless night. >> reading the reaction of the staff as i abruptly concluded the staff meeting we were in yesterday evening, um, it was somber. >> he rushed to the hospital after hearing one of his deputies, off duty, had been shot in aurora. >> the initial response from the aurora police department, those guys did a phenomenal job. >> they rushed to the apartment complex backed up to range view high, the deputy was there visiting his girlfriend, he had been shot several times during an attempted robbery and got a shot off hitting a 16-year-old boy who would later be arrested. >> i had the opportunity to talk to and shake the hand of the officer, the aurora officer who road in the ambulance and provided some of the first aid that this deputy got.
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law-- something to be said for law enforcement taking care of thane own, an escort to the hospital. >> what i said to him was thanks for taking care of our guy, it means a lot to us. >> the deputy had a rough night, emergency surgery and another surgery this morning. sheriff shader is keeping a positive outlook as prayers pour in from across the state. >> we were thrilled to hear his prognosis and outcome and to know he is a fighter too, also helps that. >> jefferson county, ryan haarer, 9 news. >> a $6,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the second suspect. they could not give a detailed description. the tafic stop in parker started in a school parking lot and ended in a police chase. officers pulled over a black mercedes, the car didn't stop at a nearby stop sign, after
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into a police cruise, hit an officer and sped away. the officer surered minor injuries, douglas county deputies started chaseing the driver after spotting the car a few miles away at maradeian village parkway. deputies used stop sticks to pop a tire and a pit maneuver to stop the car. the driver resisted and deputies had to use a taser to get him into custody. they arrested errhine kuss-- aaron kuss, facing a few charges. jefferson county identified a second suspect wanted in a fatal robbery over the weekend, looking for 54-year-old david maskarinas, the victim broke free, shot and killed martinez, trying to get away.
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and has a lengthy criminal history and wanted for burglary, robbery, and identity theft. police don't believe drugs or alcohol were a factor when an 81-year-old driver crossed 6 lanes of traffic and hit and killed a pedestrian. video from wadsworth and lakewood shows the car seconds before the crash. the car struck and killed 51-year-old nelson. the driver said a mechanical control. summons. boulder police increased patrol around boulder high school after receiving anonymous threats tuesday night. they sent a note to parents warning them of the threat. a screen shot of a text threatening students spread on social media. the cyberteam and police are investigating the source of the threat. if you have information, you are asked to call police. investigators trying to
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in austria, vienna policed were called after she didn't show up at the home where she worked as a nanny. a spokesman with the u.s. state department has identified her as lauren man rr from peonia, in western colorado, no word on the cause of death. a former teacher of lauren's describes her as someone full of energy that left an impression on everyone she met. >> thoughtful, kind, person she was. that is what kept coming up. i think that is absolutely right. i also saw her as, you said, a free spirit is a great word for her, a kind of a roving intelect looking for what that intelect was going to latch on to. >> authorities are saying that an autopsy is being conducted. the trial for a man accused of killing his girlfriend's 2-year-old son is moving forward. john white faces charges of first degree murder of a child younger than 12 and child abuse resulting in death. white was baby sitting his girlfriend's son, 2-year-old
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he said the toddler stopped breathing so he tried slapping, shaking, and splashing it with water to revive him-- water to revive him. he waited unto 30 minutes before calling 911. a helicopter took the boy to the hospital where he died 2 days later. white is scheduled for court may 3. after years of rising rent in the denver jair, relief may finally-- area, relief may finally be in sight. nelson garcia shows us reasons construction. >> sort of transition of moving here right now. >> colleen just might join the 100,000 people who have moved to denver in the past year, according to the census. >> it is a beautiful state, city, very vibrant. >> also very crowded in terms of places to live. >> a hundred thousand people moving here is a big deal. >> nancy burke with the apartment association of metro
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crunch of supply of apartments, driving rent up. >> denver has a robust job market. >> the rental mark has been on its way up for the last year, year in a half. >> molly covers real estate for the denver business journal and says avrfrn increase has increased 10%-- average increase has increased 10%, but the department of association says vacancy rate jumped 5% to nearly 7% in 1 year. thanks, in large part, to a city. >> the pretty significant jump, it can be a signifier we might see some flattening of rental rates in the future, a relief for a lot of people in the area. >> with additional increase supply, more units added to the market, it will be a slow, slow decrease but it is definitely turning. >> all the cranes are not for nothing, that is helping. like her.
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good value for what you are paying. >> the apartment association of metro denver reports that 8,000 new apartment units have been added to the area within the past year and more are on the way. nancy burke says more property owners are offering discounts like free rent for 2 months in order to draw in tenants. >> we saw in your story there are parms going up everywhere-- apartments going up everywhere. every spare lot. >> key places like downtown, places close to light rail or the highway, there is a lot of growth in the area and it is going to start to bring rent down, according to experts. >> finally. it has been rough for a lot of people i know. nelson garcia, thanks. >> you are welcome. the federal reserve won't raise interest rates this month after the economy slowed and the stock market got off to a rocky start in 2016 as many of you know. a rate hike wasn't expected
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the fed is pushing forward with gradual rate increases but the market term ail has changed word-- term oil has changed ratting. turbulence increase. c dot's new signs debuted today, the wednesday memorial. they are weekly updates of how many have died on colorado's roadways and suggestions for safe driving, it pointed up to 13 traffic deaths reported this year and the second red "not buckled up? ." they will see the safety messages posted every wednesday. the denver zoo has nearly set a record. the vaccines doctors say forms of cancer.
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what starts as a normal ride down an alaskan ride for a skiing champion turned into a tumble and survival, she hit an icy patch and ran out of control, picks up speed as the slope goes almost vertical. she finally stops about 1,000 feet lower from where she started but she assured the crew, saying-- you can hear her, i am okay, through her microphone. all through that she ended up only with 2 jammed fingers and some bruises. >> and then skied off. terrifying. wow. cancer centers across the
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papilloma virus or hpv vaccine to prevent certain types of cancer, hpv causes cervical, anal, and genital cancers, they say every adolescent should receive it and right now they are not. >> it can prevent the hpv strains, the most common of hpv associated cancers. by not getting the vaccine you are missing out on an important cancer prevention opportunity. >> the doctor says many are surprised to learn nearly all sexly active a-- sexually active adults are at risk. for 11 and 12-year-old kidatize is a 3-dose series of shots. a common link of women diagnosed with mull noma before 30. nearly all the-- melanoma at 30. nearly all used tanning beds. they studied melanoma patients
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finding them with the disease, if they tanned indoors they were 2-6 times more likely to develop melanoma. attendance at the denver zoo surpassed visitors, more than 2 million people came to see the lions, tigers and bears, the second busiest year in the 119 history. the big draw in 2015 was the lego bricks scuptures, animals made of thousands of legos, the attendance record was set in 2012. the boss and the e-street band are coming back to denver, bruce springstein's tour, march 21 at the pepsi center, tickets on sale february 5th and 10:00 a.m., they may cost $150 or mow, he is touring in support of the ties that bind, expanded reissue
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released "the river." >> they are not getting younger. >> no. they are not. but their tickets are still-- another tough ticket. >> if you look at the popular bands when we rur going up-- were growing up, you are going they can't be that age. they are still good. the warm before the storm that could get a lot of attention.
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well, i had no complaints about today, went to the car wash, the kind of do-it-your-selfer's, it was full. >> good day. >> it was a good day for it. every day this week the car line for the wash has been down the sidewalk. yeah, it is interesting, we are going to say goodbye to january with above average temperatures and lovely weather conditions february, particularly ground-hog day may be interesting, if you have been here for a length of time, when we talk about low pressure setting up in southeastern colorado, that is a favorable location for heavy snow and wind and that is monday. today, beautiful. 52 degrees, 61 pueblo, and 38 is 44. the trend into february is for
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of the west coast, midwest, and northeast, cooler than average for the souther plain states with above average precipitation, as well as central and southeastern colorado as these are the new 30-day outlooks for february. airport, 31 degrees, winds southeast at 10, in the backyard here, clear, cool, and calm winds, almost 40 still with the sun having set. we are tracking a storm system in the pacific heading our way generating wind to the north, yellow box areas, high wind watch areas, a winter storm watch north of salt lake city, a system basically will push north of colorado. wind and snow outside chicago and indianapolis, heavy rain, severe weather in jacksonville and miami today. but the heavy precip will be shifting into the pacific northwest in events of not one, but basically a series of weather system across the wegsern u.s.-- western u.s. winds out of the south-southwest, mid 50s close
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saturday ahead of a storm that brings some changes to us sunday and monday. few high cloud s drifting in tonight but generally a quiet period of weather between now and the latter half of the weekend. good travel across the city and state. winds kick up in the high country a little tomorrow as we see a wave that brings snow to the mountains, with 1-3 inches thursday into friday. fair skies tonight, 24 in greeley and pueblo. temperatures west comfortable, warmest again and southeastern colorado, denver, greeley, fort collins running mid 50s tomorrow and going even warmer into friday. things change for us, though, by saturday afternoon. the forecast for the overnight period, fair skies, light winds, low of 26. sun up tomorrow 7:12, we will see a warmer day, lots of sunshine, not a lot of wind here. winds will be increasing thursday into friday as a weak front moves in, keeping us from
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rain showers saturday night, snow develops sunday turning heavy with wind monday into tuesday. early next week, first few days of february, highs in the 20's with what could be moterate if not-- moderate if not heavy snow fall. in the meantime, thank you all for watching the skies over denver, another spectacular sunset on the plains. hi, everybody, moving day means something entirely different for to the denver broncos than the st. louis rams or san diego chargers. an enormous orange moving truck departed from team headquarters this morning carrying all of the team's equipment to santa clara, california, super bowl 50 sight. fans are encouraged to post photos of the vehicle on social media. that doesn't sound safe. the broncos huddle begins in a few minutes. rod mackey and mike klis are hosting the show from team headquarters.
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super bowl t is best verses best, but the broncos opponent is really, really good. the panthers 17 and 1, outscoring opponents early on 55-7. any points they put off in the 2 playoff games, they are tough. >> they are a juggernaut. this is the best team the broncos have faced. i would even say carolina is the better team. better than the broncos. that doesn't necessarily mean the broncos can't be better february 7 in santa clara but they are going to have to protect the ball, because carolina defense is number 1 in take aways, number 1 in interceptions. the numbers will scare you as well what kubiak said yesterday. >> this team is number 1 turnover ratio, i think, throughout the course of the year, top-5 offense, top-5 defense, i turned the film on this morning briefly and watched their last couple games, they have been dominant. >> denver is good but odds are the offense will have to put up more points than usual,
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emmanuel sanders with tonight on the broncos huding. see you at 6:30. >> at what point in the season did you think the broncos would play in the super bowl? i done think i will believe it until an end zone is painted orange and blue. it was easier to see the panthers, they won 14 games in a row to begin but eve sewn it just dawned on the star quarterback. >> when did you know what week? what moment? was it you knew this was the year? >> this week. truth be told, you know, everybody says we want to win the super bowl. and truth of the matter is you don't win a super bowl until you are in a super bowl. >> nuggets are off to a sloppy start tonight. nugs are losing to the celtics in boston. denver committed 7 turnovers in the first quarter alone, up to 10 now, nugies trail 40-30 in
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i brought these out to make it easier to understand how the broncos got to the super bowl. manning was named quarterback before the playoffs, eliminated ben roethlisberger of the steelers and then eliminated tom brady and now it is just down to cam newton and peyton manning in the super bowl. >> kathy, you should get a super man shirt like cam newton. >> pretty cool. a lot of people can't stand him but i think he is cool. he is fun. >> he can back it up, that is
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the fed got the blame for the drop in stocks, a cautious example and growth in the u.s. has struggled.
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mike klis is joining rod mackey at the broncos huddle,
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