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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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to shape up. the federal lawsuit ov a video showing a denver officer who was suspended and allowed to go back to work. new worries about the zika virus. getting everything in place for superbowl 50 and the trophy the broncos want to bring home will look and feel very different from any the team has ever won before. 9news starts now. >> the most popular story on our website is not news yet. it is the possibility of a snowstorm for early next week. computer models have been pretty consistent in forecasting significant snowfall. 9news reporter jonathan gonzalez spoke with weather experts about how tough these storms are to predict. >> models are often a good
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they are not always perfect. one predicted three feet of snow for the denver area. considering next week's possible storm, we wonder what makes predicting snow totals so difficult? >> the different models we look at are all points toward a similar system. >> meteorologist begins with computers. >> there is one model indicating 10 to 15 inches. the other is more conservative. >> reporter: meteorologists at the national weather service use multiple weather models run by different countries to forecast what is coming. >> the new models come in every six or 12 hours and different models may have a different storm track. >> reporter: but the models don't always matchup. right now, it is because the storm is hovering over the pacific. >> we will see the storms five days out. say one thing.
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>> reporter: even when the storms make landfall. >> a lot of trouble with the terrain in the west. not just colorado, but all across the west. >> reporter: so while computers help, meteorologists say they also just have to use their gut and experience. >> different models tend to run away with the precipitation and you have to call that model into question. >> the more you forecast in a particular area, the more you get to know what bias each model has. >> reporter: the national weather service will be looking at models 24/7 to better determine what the storm will actually look like. then they will decide what warnings and advisories they may issue. everyone agrees there is a good chance of snow and kathy will update u.s. a little bit from now. yeah. it is one of those things. it is not a perfect science. >> no. and it can change and just even a difference of literally a few miles. make a difference of a lot of snow or a little bit of snow. >> if the model goes 50 miles south, there you go. might only get a couple of inches, not ten or 15.
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>> absolutely. the colorado woman working in austria has been found dead in her apartment. 25-year-old lauren mann's body was found facedown on the on the bed. she studied music at cu in boulder. >> somebody who was kind, that's the word that showed up a lot today. she was kind. she was thoughtful. she was very sensitive. >> mann graduated in 2012 of music. an autopsy is being done to determine how she died. more than a year after a dpd officer violently shoved a man on video, that man is suing the officer and the city. his lawsuit alleges that dpd officers is flawed and is failing citizens. whitney wild spoke with him today. but whitney, there was a hitch in our assembling this story.
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officer's side of the story. we couldn't track him down or get a comment from the city today. but in july of 2014, brandon schreiber says he was at a bachelor party with his brother in lodo. his brother passed out on the bar and was detained and sent to detox. after denver police detained his brother in oneup bar, brandon schreiber tried to talk to officer choice johnson. he said johnson told me very little. >> he said if you don't leave, i will put you in jail. >> i said this is ridiculous, i want to make sure my brother is safe. and then at that moment is when he took two steps forward and choke slammed me to the ground. >> reporter: this video from a city halo camera caught it all. >> i mean, the initial force of that was super painful. >> reporter: now schreiber is filing a lawsuit against the city and county of denver and johnson.
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just coming down onto my neck. and you know, my bottom half of my face, my chest, he was pounding me. >> reporter: schreiber was arrested but the charges were dropped. the officer received a suspension. the complaint puts part of the blame on the city. denver failed to properly train and supervise employees including officer johnson with respect to excessive force. schreiber's attorney. >> we mope there is some policy happening to other innocent people. >> i don't want to have to trust in him again. he has failed me. >> we reached out to the denver police department. johnson is still on active duty. we reached out to the city tore's office. the agency that handles these
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>> and the chance of this affecting change? >> it's tough to say. that's the whole point of this lawsuit. that is their hope going into this. that this effects some change moving forwardment they say this is not an isolated incident, but indicative of a constant problem. >> whitney wild, thank you. a $6,000 reward is being offered for a man suspected in the shooting of an off duty jeffco deputy in aurora. the deputy was in plain clothing visiting his girlfriend at an apartment complex when he was shot two times. the deputy got a shot off too hitting a 16-year-old boy, a suspect who was also arrested. the other took off on foot prompting a man hunt in the neighborhood. the deputy has had two surgeries since last night. we are told his prognosis is better this evening. stocks have gone into a deep slide in the first weeks of 2016.
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economy and its impact on our country. most experts thought the federal reserve would back off on interest rate hikes. they decided to pass this month on a rate hike but they stunned the market by keeping the option open to raise rates in march. there is no way to predict what the next day will bring. the markets nose dived on that news. the dow was down more than 200 points. nasdaq, more than 2% before the feds announcement stocks had the day. there are now 20 confirmed cases of the zika virus in several u.s. states connected to people who travel to countries where mosquitoes carry the disease. zika is linked to 4,000 cases of microcephaly. a birth defect that causes unusually small heads and brains. they pointed fingers at the world health organization saying it is not acting fast enough. >> now we have a pandemic. it is involving multiple
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more than 21 country ins the americas. we need global leadership for this evolving rapidly accelerating health problem. >> airlines have started to expand refunds now to pregnant women who have booked flights to regions with zika mosquitoes and there are new restrictions on blood donations for people traveling to those countries. donald trump makes news with just about everything he does. the latest, dropping out of tomorrow's debate on fox news days away from the iowa caucus. in the meantime, another outsider made news today. bernie sanders had a one on one meeting with the president this morning as he continues to give hillary clinton a run for her money in the hawk eye state. steve staeger is here to break it all down for us. this is not shaping up as many first imagined it might. >> reporter: the iowa caucus is monday and trump and sanders say they are confident in their chances. trump so confident, he is passing on a huge chance and national face time. that may all be part of a strategy.
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dominating political headlines. not for something he did, rather for something he won't do after fox news issued a press release mocking the with megyn kelly. >> i think she is a third-rate reporter. >> reporter: he says he is out of the debate. >> unlike the stupid people running the country, trump knows when to walk away. >> reporter: though it may seem like a bad idea close to the caucus t move is absolutely calculated. trump is banking on political newbies in iowa. >> trump is bringing out a lot of new people. you need to have a new story everyday. and the story today is that i'm taking on fox news and i'm not going to get pushed around. >> it was a private conversation glen an outsider on the other side of the race is making headlines too. >> reporter: bernie sanders met wednesday with president obama. one on one. then spoke to lester holt.
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be able to tell very early who wins and who loses. if there is a large voter turnout, we are going to win. >> he is essentially arguing the obama strategy. that is that i'm going to bring new people into the electorate. >> reporter: his strategy is quite similar. grass roots based taking on the same front runner but one distinction may get in his way. >> there is one thing missing for bernie. and that is the african- american community. that community indicates in every poll its taken that they are with hillary clinton. >> reporter: back to trump now taking on fox news may not seem like a winning strategy but it worked in trump's favor in august when he criticized megyn kelly for the first time. criticizeing the media has been a major part of the republican race. >> so floyd and others think it may have been stray teakic on trump's part and it might be working? >> reporter: it could be a move. he likes to create the stories.
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faces out to the polls and they may get him these early primaries. >> steve, thank you. well, superbowl 50 will be played in santa clara, san francisco will host most of the fans. more than a million people will converge on the area for the celebrations, the concerts, the competition. metal detectors are being put in every place in superbowl city. in fact measuring over 18 by 18 or smaller will be allowed inside. drones can't fly in the area and city leaders are talking to the faa about restricting total the event. the city is banning fireworks, speakers, even folding chairs from inside the superbowl area. the broncos have hoisted the lombardi trophy twice now. wanted to do something different with the traditional hardware. tiffany creates the trophy each year. and that produces something special for the golden
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so the jewel ray company came up with the gold plated 5 and 0. each one weighs a hefty 33 pounds which brings the total weight of the trophy this year to over 70 pounds. the winning team at the superbowl will get the traditional lombardi trophy. the added numbers will rejoin it then the morning after. >> going to look great. >> uh-huh. even some familiar landmarks around here are superbowl. the star that shines above castlerock is now beaming orange and blue. all 88 bulbs were replaced. it is rare for it to be lit beyond the stock show. it was turned into a victory v following world war ii. still ahead at 10:00, it has been nearly 50 years since the water was turned off at niagara fallsful it may happen again for several months. >> storms uncover the records of a ship some prayed would be destroyed.
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weather ahead of what could be a big storm. and foodies across the area get ready to snatch up some of the
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>> the menus for denver restaurant week will be released tomorrow. it runs february 26 through the sixth of march. more than 200 restaurants are participating this year offering their customer that's week a multicourse meal for $30 a person. you can check out the menus starting tomorrow morning at
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the restaurants book up very quickly. it is good idea to make reservations quickly. america's best known waterfall may need to be turned out of. to give crews time to replace a pair of century old pedestrian bridges. the falls haven't been turned off since the water was diverted nearly 50 years ago. this is what they looked like in 1969. only a fraction of the normal amount of water went over the falls. people were told about the two plans which could lead to a 5 to 9 month dry spell. they were reminded instead of keeping tourists away, turning water off in the 60s boosted tourism. the earliest if it happens is 2019. the storms hitting the southern california coast have
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carlo. evangelists had called it a sin ship and prayed for its demise destroyed. rumors afterit went down with $100,000 in silver coins. it is believed that silver is still there under cement, iron, and sand. if i were a gambling woman, adele, i would gamble and bet on a little cold and snow for the first few days of february. i'm kathy sabine out here in the 9news backyard where it was a beautiful day today. but the forecast models show an area of low pressure headed into southeast colorado early next week. some of the early estimates do show some moderate accumulating snow and wind. a storm that we definitely do need to keep and eye on. but it is six days out and a lot can happen between now and then. but next monday into tuesday, keep an eye on the weather, especially traveling. 52 with sunshine in the city today.
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the trend for february is for above average readings across much of the western u.s. the midwest, the northeast. so typical in an el nio year when the subtropical jet is so active. 35 at the airport. winds southwest at 11. calm here in the 9 backyard. clear and cool with mid 30s here in the city. not a lot to show you on the radar, but a storm the the knot and west kicking up the the wind a little bit. a series of weak little short waves could be coming through ahead of the system that will dig into the western u.s. saturday night into sunday. wind and snow moving through chicago and up toward cincinnati, but, we had heavy rain and severe weather today in florida. coconut city in broward county, a tornado. the national weather service telling us this is an ef1 tornado that touched down. multiple vehicles overturned. power lines, trees down. still cleaning up in that area and dealing with heavy rain in central and southern sections of florida with a severe
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continue at least another day. back to the radar we go. it is an active scene with more rain coming in off the gulf coast. meantime, in colorado, we are looking good. high pressure setting up. we are high and dry here. precipitation increasing from the sierra up into the northwest, we don't have to worry about anything until probably saturday night into sunday. high pressure, just kind of sticking around. keeping all the storms to the north of us allowing for the milder air to move across much of the lower 48. highs a bit warmer and we will go even warmer. close to 60 for friday and saturday. not much in the way of cloud cover or fog. winds won't be a big player until friday. a little wave friday means a little mountain snow. good travel on i-25 up and down the corridor. into the mountain. temperatures will drop into the teens tonight. mid 20s on the plains with some of the warmest readings in southeast colorado. we are run above average the next couple of days and say good-bye to january with temperatures in the 50s and the 60s and hello to february
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a bit of snow and cold. breaking down tonight's fair skies and 26. sun is up tomorrow at 7:12. we will push right into the mid 40s tomorrow and hover about 55 for much of the afternoon. lots of sunshine next few days. a little snow for the mountains. not enough to warrant advisories or travel issues. a rain shower saturday night. snow develops sunday afternoon. the snow could turn heavy along with wind and blizzard conditions are possible on the eastern plains monday into tuesday. skies do clear on tuesday. but, high ins the 20s for the month. up in the high country, everywhere you look it is orange. it is broncos country. our drew soicher is in next
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>> from colorado's sports
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>> hi everybody. if you happen to see the broncos equipment truck between here and santa clara, you are encouraged to post a photo on social media. doesn't that sound dangerous? those are the instructions on the side of the big orange moving in storage and tractor trailer vehicle which left team headquarters this morning. says use market #broncostruck. meanwhile, on the other end of the journey, superbowl 50 end zones were painted at levi stadium in the south bay. the broncos logo first, then the orange letters and the blue background. i resume it will read panthers in black and teal on the other end. the broncos will have to spend a long time on that grass to win. mike discusses how they will get to the end zone. >> reporter: peyton manning may be an old dog in quarterback
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trick of the dunk. that is how peyton manning leads the broncos to a superbowl title. a little completion here. another short pass there. maybe a deep ball here and there to emmanuel sanders. the carolina panthers are a juggernaut. on defense, they led the nfl in interceptions and they were sixth in sacks. manning. the patriots were second to the beat them. beat them. in the secondary, carolina plays a lot of zone although star corner back josh norman will likely match up with demaryius thomas. that means sanders can be huge in this game. manning's most important task is to not feed the panthers secondary. he has not thrown a pick in his last three games. dink and dunk pop to sander. do that and manning can select his $2 million bonus. he can get his second superbowl ring.
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second stage in his life. mike klis, 9news. >> dink and dunk and pop the sanders. sounds like a dr. seuss book. if the nuggets move to boston, they would never win a game because you have a dr. seuss kid. nuggets had a sloppy turnover production. they lose 111-103. college hoops in boulder tomorrow. colorado beat stanford for the sixth straight time. tori miller likes to swing on the rim. cu wins 91-75. in fort collins, they made ate perfect 10-10 against san jose state. a big steal and layup with a couple of minutes left. colorado state wins 74-66. avalanche scores two quickies to tie their game with the los angeles kings tonight. but then, jordan nolan kateed righted through colorado's defense and they are trailing
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hopefully, the one moment from this broncos season you will always remember has not happened yet. for me, no matter how the superbowl goes, i will never forget that play from a few days ago. >> broncos history is rich with signature moments. there's the drive. >> touchdown! >> reporter: and there's the fumble. >> finer. he loses the ball. >> reporter: and there's the helicopter. >> head first! oh! the five yard line. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: and now ... >> the run. the the yard run. >> reporter: actually, i've got a much better name. the paper airplane. spelled pey of course. the scramble during the championship game only covered 12 yards but it may have carried the broncos 931 miles all the way from denver to the superbowl in santa clara, california. manning's willingness to stick
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out and lung for the first down was a remarkable act of leadership. the paper airplane was even more powerful considering the fact manning had nearly the identical opportunity. and threw an incomplete pass instead. john elway got blasted by a pair of green bay packers in superbowl 32. manning glided through the air and then crashed nose first into the ground. the helicopter. the paper airplane. funny thing, they each might carry the broncos to the same place. >> that's a space shuttle. you are such an over achiever. >> look at that. >> wow. >> you guys remember how to make a paper airplane? immediately dive in and make these beauties. >> are you ready?
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>> one, two, three. oh! >> mine went the furtherrist. >> they dell wins again. [ laughter ] adele wins begin. >> we'll be right back.
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ingly need you to help me. help me adele. >> you need help. >> that's good! >> it is not good.
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