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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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firefighters are working a fire at an apartment building in the 5 points neighborhood. this is a live look at the scene at 24th and welton.
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information for you... and will update you throughout the morning. breaking news this morning... police say a person was fondled near the d-u campus overnight -- the university is warning students to be on alert... as police search for the suspect. 9news reporter noel brennan is live at d-u this morning. noel - this is the third reported fondling in just a week. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. corey, gary and
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you on this friday eve. marty and amelia are also joining us. marty- we continue the stair climb
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it's the last chance for republican presidential candidates to reach voters caucuses begin. however, the frontrunner says-- he won't be a part 9news reporter
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here with more on donald trump's decision. tarhonda-- a lot of people thought he would change his mind. yes. they thought he was maybe just "bluffing" a few days ago-- when he said he wouldn't be a part of tonight's debate. it's the last debate before iowa caucuses. and some in his own party say-- missing the debate... is a mistake. trump has a well- publicized fude with fox news anchor megyn kelly. she accused trump of waging a war against women. he's directed a number of insults her way, too. trump says he won't participate in a debate that she's moderating. but response has been mixed. republicans like former house speaker newt gingrich say-- part of the debate. gingrich says his decision not to participate is-- quote-- "laughable." some analysts say-- it makes trump look petty... and like he can't handle criticism. but 9news political analyst floyd ciruli says-- trump's move is absolutly strategic... and it could actually win him votes. instead of being a
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debate-- trump is holding his own event to benefit vets. but a super pac for ted cruz is offering to donate "one point five million dollars" to vets-- if trump will debate cruz one- on-one. corey-- so far-- trump hasn't accepted the offer. the man shoved by a denver police officer... at a bar... is now suing the officer... and the city... more than a year later. brandon schreiber says training for dpd officers is flawed and failing the community. schreiber was at a bachelor party with his brother athte one-up bar in lodo in july 2014. he says his brother fell asleep at the bar... he was detained by police and sent to detox. whe he tried to find out about his brother from officer choice johnson... he was slammed to the ground. a city's halo cam... caught it all on video. johnson was given a 30-day suspension... and is back on patrols. denver police couldn't comment on the litigation. we also reached out to the city attorneys' office
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the second man wanted in a craigslist robbery has been using the victim's credit card... and now jefferson county deputies want your help tracking this man down. deputies say 54- year-old david mascarenas.. and his partner david martinez responded to a craigslist ad at a littleton home. they ended up tying the homeowner up... and robbing him. when the man broke free... he grabbed his gun and shot martinez. mascarenas got away. he has a lengthy criminal history. if you have any information - deputies ask you to stoppers. today one man accused of playing kidnapping four women will be in 35-year-old juvenal several charges kidnapping and false imprisonment. the victims were will by tamayo and and assaulted in a garage along south elliot street. the women that
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ages of 17 and 39. another for-profit college is in trouble with the government. the federal trade commission is suing devry university -- accusing the company of misleading students about their chances of getting a job and increasing their income after graduation. the ftc found some of the company's ad were deceptive and the college will have to notify current and prospective students about the unsubstantiated claim. devry management says they disagree with the ftc's findings. jetblue is about to undergo a major redesign. the discount carrier is redesigning its airplanes to be more spacious, modern and entertaining. jetblue's fleet of airbus a320's will have free gate to gate wifi, bigger high-def seatback screens and in-seat power outlets. jetblue also plans to replace older seats on other planes with more spacious seats that provide more legroom. the new fleet redesign is expected to take three years to complete.
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getting ready to host the broncos and panthers in super bowl 50. super bowl city will be 45 miles from levi's stadium... in the heart of san francisco. metal detectors are installed at every entrance of the 20-block area and bags measuring only 18 inches by 18 inches - or smaller - will be allowed inside. drones can't fly in the area - and city leaders are talking to the f-a-a about
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all next week. the city is also banning fireworks, laser pointers, portable speakers, and even folding chairs. the broncos have hoisted the lombardi trophy twice now. for super bowl 50, the league wanted to do something different with the traditional hardware. tiffany creates the trophy each year for the league and was asked to do something special for the golden anniversary. the jewelry company came up with gold plated "5" and "0" - for the trophy. each weighs a hefty 33 pounds - weight of the trophy this year to 73 pounds. the winning team at super bowl will get the traditional lombardi trophy the added numbers - will be attached on the next morning. an australian teenager was stopped before he isis attack. his plot - was something only someone from
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aurora police are still searching for the person who shot a jefferson county deputy on tuesday. now the reward for anyone who can help find that suspect has tripled. if you have any information that leads to an
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earn up to 6 thousand dollars. was shot -- was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries ... he is recover. he was off duty at the time near school. information please stoppers...720-913- 7867. we're now learning more about a colorado woman who died while living in austria. lauren mann's body was found in her vienna apartment... police there now believe her death may have been a homicide. mann graduated from cu in 2012 with a degree in music. the 25-year-old was working as a nanny while studying in austria. a police spokesperson says that investigators are waiting on toxicology reports and an autopsy to see whether mann was poisoned. new overnight...investig ators are trying to figure out motivated a terrible crime in virginia. 6 people - thought to all be relatives - are dead in a
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police found one body... at a home in chesapeake yesterday afternoon. that led them to a nearby home... where a suspect was holed up. when an hours- long standoff ended... they found the suspect dead... and four more bodies. an australian teenager thought about packing a kangaroo with explosives - painting it with the islamic state symbol - and setting it loose on police. that's according to prosecutors there. the 19-year-old was arrested in april - but the details became public when he appeared in court today - and denied that he planned a terrorist act. prosecutors also say the teen communicated with another teenager overseas about the plot. in world news... inmates escaped a brazilian prison after someone planted an explosion. you can see the person run up to the wall - and shortly afterward, a big explosion - sending dust to cloud the air. you can see the
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of inmates run out of the hole in the wall. some of them ran back into the prison after police allegedly fired at them from the street. one of the world's top acrobatic paragliders has fulfilled an itedm on his bucket list. when you see it you understand why it made his list. horasheo llorens has flown under the northern lights - in the arctic circle - in norway. he's from spain -- his eqiupment lights up beautifully under the green aurora borealis! apparently he had to overcome snow storms, frozen wires and low visibility - all while in really low temperatures! it's a foodie's favorite time of year: restaurant week is around the corner! and today - we get to learn about the menus! gregg has the details. but first, lets check in with marty
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facebook will be
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soon" it's welcome news to facebook users who feel uncomfortable about hitting "like" on a post about something that isn't really pleasant. no word on the exact timeframe for roling out six new reactions, which will include symbols for "angry," ''sad," ''wow," ''haha," ''yay" and "love." denver restaurant released at noon today. the event runs more than 200 participating-- offering their customers that course meal for person. the menus starting restaurant week- dot-com. the restaurants a good idea to make
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service at hundreds of its u-s restaurants in coming months. customers would their meals at a touch screen kiosk then sit at a table and wait for a waiter to bring the food to them. mcdonald's has already had new table service in and france. the fast food giant hopes the service appeals to parents trying to juggle kids and food while inside a mcdonald's restaurant. let's check in with marty.
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story this morning - and it's got to do with "the boss". he's now got a chance to see "the river" tour -
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fly down. caught with to fly from his airport.
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officers say he was trying to smuggle county. the man was flying into miami from cuba. we're not sure if there was some chirping "down there" or what - something was wrong. they found six and three others stuffed down his pants. all the birds survived and were handed over to the u-s department of agricultre. the man was arrested. get ready bruce coming to denver! bruce springsteen and the e street band have added denver to their the rock legend pepesi center on march 31st. you have about a week to decide if you want tickets - next friday. the iconic album the river - which
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tickets run from 55-dollars to 150. we've been hanging onto every word marty has been saying about the possibility of a big storm heading toward denver... the webstory about it is the most popular thing on 9news-dot-com. we're going to talk to marty about this system and why it
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