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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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and fondled by a man who ran off. it is what they are calling forcible fondling. there are a variety of forms of unwanted sexual conduct in this phrase have slowed to confusion. legal experts say that forcible fondling is not a term or phrase recognized under colorado state law.>> in colorado, if you loot -- use force in turgid -- touching someone else's body where you ought not to be touching and without consent, that is unlawful sexual contact. force. it is a misdemeanor if it is not through the use of force, intimidation or threat. it is a felony if you use force.>> reporter: unwanted sexual contact is essentially the same thing. du officials and law
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looking for the suspects wanted for these crimes. they have released a brief suspect description. in the first incident, the victim reported a man about 6 feet tall with a hat with ear flaps on it. in the second incident, the victim reported a man about 6 feet tall with a hoodie. there are increased patrols around the du campus and the search is on for whoever is responsible. >> we had a problem with your microphone, but i think we got most of that. a police officer credited with saving one of the boys who fell through the i see pond in parker shared his story today. the officer is a three-year veteran of the department. when he got to the intersection, he only saw one boy. as he ran to the i see water, he used a cut tree it was 15 feet long and reached out to
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the i-70 both passed away.>> it is difficult to process. i mean, i am extremely happy that one made it out of the water, but your heart is broken for not being able to help the other two.>> reporter: the to find the other two students. patrick died that year and the other died that afternoon after being there -- in the hospital -- -- the other died in the -- one die that afternoon in the other died in the hospital after being unconscious for two weeks. danielle, we are expecting warmer temperatures? >> yes, we have a huge ridge of high pressure that is allowing
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degrees above where we should be for this time of year.>> although it is nice around here, we are in the mid-60s in downtown denver. it is the same in longmont, boulder and broomfield. 20s and 30s in the mountains right now. you can see the bright blue skies over the city and a gorgeous day with warmer weather on tap for the next couple of days too. i will be tracking gusty wind by the morning. right now it is breezy, but not too bad. 18 miles per hour in estes park and 21 in nederland. it has been quiet around the metro area. high wind warnings will be in place for parts of southern wyoming and that will continue until saturday morning when they could have gusts up to 60 miles per hour. if you are traveling i-80, beware. you can see on the radar that it is quite across colorado. there is a change to come. one storm system will push into the high country on friday and
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bigger storm system is out in the pacific and gaining momentum. it will be blasting through into our backyard coming late sunday and into monday. overnight and into tomorrow, we will notice a mountain wave cloud setting up across the i- 25 corridor. there could be some snow showers in the the heaviest will arrive eastern colorado will have partly cloudy skies. it is beautiful this evening. on the drive home, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. tomorrow it is looking fantastic if you are a fair weather friend mixed bag. saturday will not be too bad, but all the ingredients come together late sunday night and into monday. we will see a cool off and just
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pushing in. the real storm will arrive monday bringing bitterly cold temperatures an extremely gusty wind. we have been talking about a little bit of snowfall. i will break down how much i think we may see around here, at least an early estimate. >> okay, you keep looking at this as it changes. >> going back and forth. i'm keeping a close eye on the computer models to see the exact track of where the store me when that -- may wind up. it may be a big one or a total bust.>> thank you danielle. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started in the five points neighborhood at 24th and melton street around 5:30. one man was treated for smoke inhalation and another man, who escaped, said the smoke was so thick that he cannot see anything. fire crews punched a hole in the roof of the building to help fight the fire. people in the area described it as chai addict -- as chaotic.>>
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which was my name, -- which is my name, but it was one of their names. i ran and woke up one man in the back and then we came outside.>> reporter: fire investigators say that 11 people are displaced. it is used as somewhat of a homeless silt -- shelter by catholic charities as well. they are concerned about where they go now. the red cross is a concert -- is assisting the residence. the local red cross chapter says it response to at least one fire every day between colorado and wyoming. the tween the month of december and february, they see the greatest fires. experts say you have two minutes to get out of a burning building safely. right now the red cross is offering to install the smoke detectors -- freed smoke detectors for anyone who cannot afford one. at 20 -- 25-year- old lauren mann was found in her piano apartment.
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she did not show up for work. authorities are treating the case as a homicide because third-party involvement cannot be excluded. a large amount of blood was found at the scene, but an initial autopsy did not reveal a cause of death. lauren mann graduated from the cu college of music in boulder in 2012. a prominent rancher was killed over the weekend. edward butler was killed at his ranch in agate. the sheriff's department released these pictures of a person of interest. he has nearing and his left ear and wears a large watch on his left ridge. deputies say a neighbor found -- wrist. deputies say a neighbor found butler dead. if you have any information, call the upper -- the elbert county sheriff's department.
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back in the united states from mexico. they are deciding whether to hold him at a juvenile facility or bull kim and an adult jail, he missed her probation check in in december. he is accused of killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. i psychology testified that he was a product of affluenza was brought up to ridge to know right from wrong. -- rich to know right from wrong. his mom could face charges of in hindering apprehension of -- apprehension of a felon. she is posted bond. we are just a few hours away from the first donald trump las -- donald trumpless republican debate. megyn kelly is moderating. trump is been in a feud with megyn kelly since the first republican debate.
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he made in past -- in the past about women. the low rylie tried to convince him to do the debate. instead, the republican front runner will be in des moines hosting his own special event at the exact same time as the debate. it will be benefiting veterans at a college auditorium just miles away. >> i was not treated well by fox. they had this ridiculous pr segment that was a taunt. i said, how much do take this -- take?>> go forward, as questions and look out for the folks. i just want you to consider it.>> the men and women of iowa deserve to look that candidates in the eye and ask questions. whether we are simply saying what is expediently necessary to get elected. crews -- ted cruz is polling behind donald trump in
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jeb bush, marco rubio, chris christie, ben carson and rand paul will be on the main stage tonight. mike huckabee and rick santorum will join trump at the veteran's benefit. bernie sanders is trying to get as much -- and hillary clinton are trying to get inasmuch campaigning before the caucus next week. they are virtually tied in iowa. clinton holds us -- a small lead over sanders. in new hampshire, sanders has a 19 point lead over clinton. there are no more schedule debate before the first primary. but the new hampshire leader and nbc news promotes more. they are promising three more debate starting in march. asking at the clinton the -- clinton campaign will accept
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we will as the dnc to have a debate on february 4. on the capital today to celebrate national school choice week. schools -- students from many different schools promoted the message that every child needs something different. in districts around the state, parents are in the middle of school enrollment for next school year. >> it is critical that our parents and all parents have the opportunity to choose the environment for their students to succeed the most.>> reporter: -- the goal was to promote the idea that parents should look for the best fitting option for their kids. today nasa honored the challenger crew during a day of remembrance at the kennedy space center in florida. on this day 30 years ago, the nation was sought -- stunned and grief stricken by the
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members of the space agency in the accident. columbia. the space shuttle columbia. just seconds after the lift off into space, the shuttle blew up killing the astronauts on board. it was one of those disasters that people remember where they were when they saw it and where they heard about it. 9news acre -- anchor, gary shapiro, was there doing a story on the colorado connection to the mission. a cu boulder astronaut was on board. we were with six elementary school children and their teachers from boulder county. they had one eye contest sponsored by ball aerospace to watch -- won a contest sponsored by ball aerospace to watch the launch.
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-- agulara turned to us and said, they are all dead. that was the first moment that i had been in contact with mortality in that way.>> reporter: the university of colorado boulder posted today they are honoring to alumni killed in space accidents. the two died 17 years apart. one received his bachelor's degree from the department of aerospace engineering sciences in 1969. the second member of the columbia crew received her doctorate in 1988. they will host services on campus this saturday at 9:00 a.m. coming up maya rodriguez will have a story about what is known as the challenger flag. it is an american flag from colorado that survived the explosion. we will have that at 4:30. the zika virus is spreading
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words coming from the world health organization today. the virus is much more of a threat. the who said that the americas could see up to 4 million cases of zika virus in the next year. this is a map of the areas impacted. the white house will take more steps to monitor the fire is, but the white house says that it has no plans at this point to apply -- to appoint a zika czar in the same way that it selected someone to coordinate the operation against ebola. the ebola virus is often true -- often fatal if left untreated. the zika virus symptoms are relatively mild for men and women, but it can cause birth defects.>> birth malformations and neurological syndromes have not been established. this is an important point. but, it is strongly suspected. the possible link, only
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changed the risk of zika virus from a mild threat to one of alarming portions -- proportions. >> reporter: they will hold a meeting of experts to decide if declared a national health the department of defense is teaming up with the colorado soldiers stay healthy. they have asked researchers to create vaccines against mosquito borne viruses with the hope of protecting viruses -- soldiers stationed overseas. inflammation and even death. the director of the program says that if successful, the vaccine may be key to fighting other diseases as well.>> so the wider threat is that as other vaccines -- vaccine
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can go ahead and protect soldiers and individuals.>> reporter: the csu researchers have worked on vaccines for a ebola and other viruses. >> interesting work being done there. medical procedures vary greatly depending on where you go. >> next, nine wants to know chris vanderveen is looking into one small item -- 9 wants to know, chris vanderveen, is
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there is a protest plan tomorrow for the two men in the netflix video. the protesters want both men to be freed. hundreds of people are expected to attend and police say they are planning acts patrols -- extra patrols and even a plane. here is a preview.>> reporter: steven avery is guilty and deserves to be where he is. -- >> steven avery is guilty and
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reporter: do believe there is evidence? >> i believe there is no doubt with the evidence presented.>> reporter: the steven avery case is back in the news. putting a small wisconsin town back into the center of a media storm. we were here 10 years ago reporting on the story and now we are back looking at a twist to the case along with evidence, facts and interviews not included in the documentary.>> there has been criticism that the documentary is one-sided. others say, regardless, there convict avery. a man showed up at two handgun -- with two handguns at disneyland paris this morning. pursued. the suspect is a french citizen known to french security forces
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france is under a state of emergency after islamic extremist attacks killing 130 people in november. if you need a passport renewal this year, they are expecting a flood of renewals of tenure passports issued in 2000 -- 10 year passports issued in 2006 and 2007. 18 million passports were issued in 2007. that was the year when a request -- it was required to have a passport to go to mexico. many european countries will not accept a passport within six months of the expiration date. it costs $110 to renew a passport. it can be done by mail. first time people for a passport have to appear in person. this may catch a few of you by surprise. the cost of medical procedures
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report as hip and knee replacements can vary greatly from hospital to hospital. chris vanderveen has been looking into this for months and he joins us with a buyer beware.>> reporter: the frustrating thing for so many patients is that it is difficult to know how much they may be on the hook for the for this gets going. we will need help from viewers. we will have more on that in a moment. first the data out from the center of improving value in health care. the cost of a hit the as a hip replacement in colorado can go from $18,400 at one facility to over $39,000 at another. it is more for knee replacement where he can go from $18,900 to over $47,000. that is a $27,000 difference.
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studies have shown for years. so, let's pivot for a moment and consider something more simple. when we worked on er charges a few months ago, we saw a number of bills containing different prices for something as simple as a bag of sailing. we are not -- saline. we're not talking surgery, we are talking a bag of salt water. we increased the size of the study. starting today we have show us your bill. we would like to see what you have paid for bags of sailing. -- saline. i guarantee you that if people go to their bills to look at what they have been paying for a bag of salt water, you would be surprised.>> we were chatting about this earlier. when you hear about the
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replacement and a hip replacement, there is not anything else that we buy in our lives that we don't check. retailers will match the deal that you got.>> i compare getting a loaf of bread at the grocery store and then getting a bill two months later and the three dollar loaf of bread is $120. it seems a little crazy. >> maybe it is the bag that the bread is in. i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: at the end of the day, it is a bag of sailing. we would love to see those bills at . you have to ask because hospitals will not give it to you upfront.>> chris says to not accept it. ask for line for line. coming up, you may think you
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dr. john is joining us. >> i'm not the bearer of bad news. skipping a meal can make you hungry or later in the day. some foods can make us hungrier. >> they are healthy, but you have to keep in mind that it could make you hungry which makes you eat more. let's start with my favorite, cheese. i love cheese. it doesn't matter what kind, i love cheese. if i have dessert, i want cheese. the problem with cheese is that there are proteins in it that can make you hungry. they are related to -- basically they give you an opioid like response. your brain tree's ma'am --
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they have that and salt and it makes you more hungry. when you eat cheese, you think, this is great. you just keep going and going. for cheese, the substitute is to realize that it could be making you eat more than you want. cut it off at some point because there is no substitute for cheese.>> reporter: eggs? you think they are good because they are a protein.>> the whole egg is fine. the problem is the egg white. it contains protein, but not the fight -- the fat and vitamins from the yoke. before, we would say to eat the egg white and throw out the yoke. now we have found that the yoke can be beneficial. eat the whole egg. when you need the other substances, especially the fats, it tells your body, okay, i'm getting the fact that i
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>> reporter: yogurt?>> lowfat yogurt. the problem is that have -- that yogurt its heavy -- is heavy and sugar and other things too. particularly the yogurt with fruit on the bottom, those are high in sugar and they cause you to eat more. you can get the greek yogurt with the no fruit -- with no fruit in it and add your own fruit. >> reporter: orange juice?>> orange juice does not have fiber and you are not getting that fulfillment in your stomach. it is not giving a signal to your body that it is time to stop eating. instead, you get the juice with the sugar and the calories, but no fiber to slow you down.>> reporter: what you do about that? >> eat the whole fruit. for liquid, drink water.
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fruit, you would get the same juice, but you will feel full and not want to eat more. this is the culprit. sugar gives you calories without the full feeling. because of that, it is one of those things that your body says, i'm looking for more calories and you search for something else. it makes you hungry. our bodies and our minds love sugar. the more you eat, the more you will kurt -- more crave and you will put on weight. >> reporter: so eat the whole egg or combined greek yogurt >> some people think they will chew gum because it will help them cut back on eating because it will occupy their mouth. when you chew gum, the juices in your stomach start to flow and the food isn't there. it sends out a signal asking
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things to be careful of.>> reporter: wow. we can do that.
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such a beautiful day out there. we are loving this mild weather. we get this every year in the middle of the winter and it lightened your mood a little bit. but you know that another storm lurks in a dark corner somewhere. it is supposed to be a great weekend on saturday when it is spectacular. it will change on sunday. >> meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9 backyard. will the snow hold out for the weekend?>> we may have snow late saturday night and into sunday. not the amount and intensity that the storm system will bring on monday.
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>> we will take it. >> it should be a day like today with the bright blue skies over the metro area and the high country. it was a bluebird afternoon for skiers and snowboarders. comeback. the mountains will have a huge dose of powder. you can see for miles. i love this shot. we get the sunshine and the blue sky above. it is 45 in greeley and some spots are in the 60s and southeastern colorado. 30s and 40s in the mountains. even you guys out west were feeling balmy this afternoon. at the airport we are 57 with mostly sunny skies. the wind at seven miles per hour. the humidity is low and it will stay dry for the next couple of days. downtown right now, we are
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a really comfortable evening if you are out and about. no jackets are needed for the next hour or so. later than that, you probably want a sweater. we have not seen all that much, but everything is pushing and from the northwest. this is a two-parter. one positioning itself in the intermountain west and bringing rain to washington, idaho and parts of the northwest. it is this next storm system that is out to see that i am keeping my eye on. -- sea that i'm keeping my eye on. you can see in the mid-part of the country, it is quiet. snowfall for the great lakes and then the pacific northwest, the rain is coming in. a little snowfall out there and it will eventually push into our backyard over the next -- the course of the next 24-48
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soak in the sunshine while you can, but prepare yourself for what is to come. it is shifting east and making way for this nick system. with that being said, we are -- next system. i think the worst of it will be tomorrow morning. here it is at 9:30-10:00, wind speed at the 50-60 mile-per- hour range. up-and-down the i-25 corridor, i would not rule out 20-25 mile- per-hour wind gusts. it will quiet down by friday afternoon. that is around the metro area. we will see the wind as the state. i will fast-forward through time so you can get an idea of where your weekend takes you. 7:00 a.m. there will be a mountain wave
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the i-25 corridor. we will have more cloud cover than sunshine tomorrow. snowfall dotting the horizon in the northern and central mountains through the day. nothing heavy. the major snowfall pushes through friday night and into sunday -- saturday morning. day and then more moisture moves in from the northwest. it will primarily stay in the mountains, but we could see one or two showers late in the afternoon and then everything goes into motion saturday and into sunday. this is just part 1. this continues tomorrow evening through saturday evening. 8-16 inches around the flat tops, rabbit ears pass, park and mountains as well. 10. you can see the wind will be relentless as the storm pushes through. this is just the early estimate looking ahead toward colorado. by wednesday evening we could
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weather around the central and southern mountains. again, looking ahead toward next week's storm. the timing is after midnight saturday. the worst arrives on monday. keep in mind that the morning drive will be difficult and even through the evening as well. everything will push out of the region by tuesday evening. these are just some preliminary totals and i'm thinking about 2 feet of snowfall from saturday through wednesday early morning. we will have snowfall and then here on the plains, 6-12 on sunday, monday and early tuesday. these numbers will change. just to give you a heads up if this storm system truly sets up across colorado, we could be looking at an interesting and big storm system. it will bring pretty of snow and gusty wind -- plenty of snow and gusty wind around the state. tonight, not the case. 20s and 30s in eastern colorado and single digits out west.
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a mild evening and the wind west. the mid-50s. we warm the 60s and southeastern colorado. 30s and 40s in the high country in the foothills as well. 55 in longmont and close to 60 degrees for our friends in arvada. northern colorado should be great as well. we will have the mountain wave choir -- club it sets up shop around the urban corridor. it will be mild out there. everything will ramp up on sunday. the cooler air moves in and the wind pushes in and then on monday, the worst of it. if you have plans to go anywhere, it is going to be difficult as far as traveling anywhere with all of the snowfall that we are anticipating as well as the gusty wind. early tuesday morning, i think we could have light snow fall and then the system moves out. it is still unsettled in the wake.
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40s by the tail end of next week. we will be back your chatting once again.>> so most of it will be monday? >> monday is it.>> the iowa caucuses are monday and we dodged a billet -- a bullet. it won't hit them until later. who would've thought you would get better wetter by going to iowa?>> it may be tricky getting home from iowa. >> hopefully no bonus days on the end of this. danielle, thank you very much. we told you about remembrances taking place for the 30th anniversary of the space that the space shuttle -- the space shuttle challenger.>> reporter: 9news reporter maya rodriguez joins us about one flag and its connection to the day. >> reporter: it is an incredible story.
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known as the challenger flag. it was on the space shuttle navy divers recovered it completely intact. it all started with boy scout ahead connection with nasa and the arranged to have their challenger. it was in a metal locker on the shuttle. the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after launch and killed all astronauts on board. maybe divers recruit -- recovered the crew locker from the bottom of the atlantic ocean. everything was still inside, including the flag in its sealed bag. they returned to the boy scouts in monument where it has been ever since. the keeper of the flag, my kite, spoke with us today. -- mike height, spoke with us today. >> it has a roll today. a role in motivating people and
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honoring the astronauts. just the opportunity to tell the story is why it exists >> reporter: what you see when you look at it? >> i see a symbol that represents our nation. it has endured so much and it has been through so much. i cannot help but believe that it is the hand of god in the whole thing.>> reporter: if you heard him mention, the boy scout flag uses -- is used in ceremonies around the country. at has flown over the capitol in washington, dc. no matter where it goes, it always comes back home with the boy scout troop in monument. >> what a legacy. >> did -- it is incredible after so many months at the bottom of the ocean and that
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it is still around to tell the story of challenger. to those who may not know about it. >> one of the things that struck us was that you can tell that he still feels the start -- the feelings. he is probably told the story hundreds of times and he still feels the feelings.>> reporter: they were giving a speech to another troop and one man in the back got very emotional. they asked why he was so emotional and he was one of the navy seals who recovered the box. he did not know what was in the box at the time. when he heard the story, he finally new. -- knew>> so many we hear of the discoveries from exploration to space, but this is equally as important when we talk about the risks. >> reporter: they always say that space is hard and risk is involved.
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lessons and there are lessons that we carry decades later.
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maybe you are getting hungry right now. you will really get hungry when you check out the menus for denver's restaurant week. >> it is february 26 two march 6. it is $30 per person. is a twist -- the 12th year for restaurant week and registration started this past november.>> if you go to the restaurant week website, you can browse the menus by cuisine . we have all of the information on this is the top of the website right now. fabulous restaurants. the restaurants to fill quickly, so it is good to get a reservation. >> if you save your pennies, maybe you can find somewhere
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yesterday they unloaded the gear and today is the horse.>> denver broncos mascot, thunder,
4:42 pm
coaching staff getting ready for the super bowl. their mascot thunder is getting prepped as well. it is far more than the players and the coaching staff getting ready for the super bowl. mascot thunder is getting prepped for the whole thing. at any home game you see thunder running across the field for a touchdown. thunder 2 will be used in the victory day parade. they will load up for the trip to san francisco to make public appearances and get onto the field for the super bowl.>> the three of us will drive and then
4:43 pm
it takes a lot of equipment. it's like having a child with the playpen and everything. we need everything for him. we will have the big rig and take everything out on monday morning. thunder will make appearances in the san francisco bay area on wednesday or thursday of next week. we have a crew on the way ourselves for complete coverage of super bowl week and the big game, of course.>> we have thunder, what to the other guys have? >> i don't know. >> they don't have what we have. if you are looking for a snuggler, it is definitely not a panther.
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pet line 9. wow, look at this little guy. this is henry. he is dressed in a dinosaur suit and they like to call him
4:45 pm
diner for -- dinosaur at the monument humane society. he is a male chihuahua mix. he would love to find his forever home, perhaps right on your lap. he is full of all kinds of kisses and would be fantastic at home with perhaps older children. he does well with cats. he has been at the longmont humane society since january 4. he came from a shelter in taxes and they just found him as a stray down there. he has his adorable dinosaur code and is ready for colorado -- coats -- dinosaur coat and is ready to call colorado home. all the treats that christie brought with her. he is cute. well.
4:46 pm
to find his forever home. he is not interested in the treats anymore. he wants to sniff around. maybe if you have a yard, he would be perfect for you as well.>> the coat comes with.>> thank you danielle. that doesn't for us.
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