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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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university of denver students reported a new case of unwanted sexual contact. the du officials are calling it forcible fondling. we will tell you why they're using that description. >> reporter: three young women, students at university of denver reported to campus safety that they had been inappropriately fondled and growth near the campus. the first happen january 21 near east west -- wesley and s. high st. the second was a josephine street. then on thursday morning, a third report of what du officials call an incident of forcible fondling.
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sexual contact. >> when you hear forcible fondling, you have a mental picture of somebody doing something they ought not to.>> reporter: scott robinson says that while the phrase describes the physical act of the crime, forcible fondling is not a recognized under state law. >> if you use force in touching somebody else's body where you without consent, that is unlawful sexual contact. because -- it becomes a felony if you use force. >> it's a misdemeanor if you don't use force. it's a felony if you use force. >> officials at the university of denver say the term, forcible fondling, has led to confusion.>> it is not minimizing the crime, it is still a sexual assault. > reporter: their goal is to
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-- about issues involving student safety. >> we are reevaluating the terms. >> reporter: regardless of the terms, robinson and du officials agree.>> the key thing in the case is to apprehend the person committing the crimes.>> reporter: they are increasing security patrols around the campus. a 25-year-old woman from colorado whose body was found tuesday in her apartment in vienna died of suffocation. police are treating the death of lauren mann as a homicide and have handed the case to the prosecutor's office. american authorities are helping in the investigation. lauren mann had been living in vienna for several years working as an au pair while studying. she graduated from cu boulder in 2012. he saved one of the boys who fell through the ice
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the parker police officer had to him for sought -- improvised to get the teenager out. trey biles had never performed an ice rescue. when he got to the pond where the boys had fallen through the boys. he extended a tree that had . >> it's one of those things where the entire time, you are keeping an open mind and trying to figure out what are we going to do to fix this? i saw him in the middle of the pond and i saw the tree and it was the only option i had. so, i grabbed it.>> quick thinking. the officer tried to break the ice to find lauren mann -- max gantnier and patric lantz . patric lantz died after being
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thursday -- pond on thursday. among nearly a dozen people who escaped the fire which started at four: among nearly a dozen people who escaped the fire which started at 4:15 at 20th and welton. crews were at the scene and had roof. out in about 90 minutes. the red cross is helping housing. now. it is like we lost everything. all of our important paperwork and everything that was in the room. it is devastating.>> reporter: -- >> the risk -- the folks were already down and out and it is that much worse when they get hit by disaster. we are providing food and basic needs. also help with medications. our nurses can help put -- connect them with medication a
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is no word on what started the fire. a home in evergreen burned hydrants. it was in the 34,000 block of force the state roads. -- forest estates road. there is no word yet on what started the fire. democrats in the colorado legislators introduced a bill to make sure women are paid equally for doing the same work as men. the bills are also meant to make sure minorities are paid equally for doing the same work as white workers. the women's foundation of colorado estimate that women in the state over all make less than $.80 for every dollar that a man makes for the same work.>> access to higher quality child care and a monthly car payment and it is a student loan that you would
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we know that in recent years that the gap has closed a bit. at the rated is closing, women will not achieve equal rate -- pay with men until 2057. >> reporter: the wage transparency law protects wage information. it also prevents employers from asking about salary history to keep women from being penalized for caregiving time outside of the workforce or for being underpaid in previous condition unpredictable nature. there is still a possibility that donald trump could show up the presidential -- at the presidential debate in iowa. he said he would not show because the campaign -- the debate is biased. he says he will be at a rally raising money for wounded veterans. there is an estimate that there could be
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the zika virus over the coming year. it is based on previous infections of dengue fever. people with secret virus do not get -- zika virus do not get sick. it is linked to a sharp increase in birth defects. students from across colorado rallied at the capital to tell legislators they need a choice when it comes to school. this is national school choice week.>> reporter: of all of the students here celebrating national school choice week. caleb cerreta has to give us to reach -- a speech on the west steps of the capital. >> there are a lot of people here. four he can barely see over the podium. but he believes in school
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braved his fears.>> i have gone to flagstaff and in my opinion, is the greatest school in the north american continent.>> educators need to achieve a common goal.>> reporter: he says that picking a school is very personal. >> i am sending my child away for eight hours a day. i want to send them to a place where they are safe and feel welcome and are challenged.>> they are learning something that is correct for them and that way they can go on and do good things in life.>> if we don't have a choice and we are told what to do [ indiscernible ].>> reporter: that's why they are celebrating. that is why caleb this in front of the crowd, nervous.>> it is important that i am able to
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and determined. in denver, nelson garcia, 9news. this is one of thousands of events around the country celebrating national school choice week. here in colorado, many parents are in the process of choosing a school for their kids to attend next fall. barbie gets a makeover and is closer to reality. also what is impacting the colorado ski industry. what is ahead for the company that designs logos for
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forestry experts say that the mountain pine beetle epidemic that ravaged the colorado lodgepole pines for decades is over. the beetle population has returned to normal levels after attacking 5300 mi.2 of trees since 1996. in regularly report that was released today, few vulnerable trees are left to infect. aspen trees are generally faring well after dyess from drought in previous years. however, about that impacts spruce tree -- spruce trees is spreading. it has attacked a total of 2500 mi.2 since 1996. the world's largest snow sport trade show began today.
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saying that the winter recreation industry contributes to the national industry -- economy and supports people in colorado. pollution threatens that industry by changing weather patterns. >> your voice matters. look at how many young people that you people can connect with in a moment's notice. people who understand the value of the natural resources and who would rather be outside than anywhere else. >> reporter: the snow bronstein -- runs through sunday and features merchandise from every major winter sports snow -- winter sports company. a prominent spot on your tv during superbowl 50. patches go on the uniforms and this year you can see a golden
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the owner, brown abrams, says knowing that the team will be wearing the logo will make it extra special. >> it hits home for us in fort collins. we are proud to be part of it. when our team is in the game, that's even better. we want to watch because the bronco is in it and our product is there. you bet. abrams said this is the fourth year that they have made the logos for the super bowl. since the barbie doll debuted in 1959, the doll is offered in three new shapes. pettitte, curvy and tall. barbie has had a radical change. the new shapes can be purchased online and mattel has not said when the new barbies will be available in brick-and-mortar stores. the new doll more closely
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there is no word on whether can -- ken will get a makeover as well. we have to-three days before the next big snowstorm gets here. >> we are getting more dialed in as the forecast gets here. we will look at how much snow we could see coming up. . coming up the trump standoff for the republican debate. explosive spread.
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welcome back. meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 backyard. everywhere you look is a sign of the broncos. the orange sunset just going down and it is beautiful outside with the light wind and fair skies. the matter where you look, the weather is calm and quiet this evening. it will all change in a few days. we are tracking a powerful snowstorm over the pacific that will move into colorado.
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inches of snow in denver monday night and into tuesday. that is if it stays on track. just know there is a storm looming on the horizon for early next week. in the meantime, we are enjoying a nice warming trend. at the airport it is 58 which is above the average of 44. lows overnight running above average as well. currently 47 at dia with wind southeast at 10:00. high humidity relatively speaking. 50 at the studios. when the sun goes down, the temperatures fall rather quickly. we will see the snow start to fly in the northern and central mountains. warning goes out tomorrow night for 5-10 inches of snow. winter weather and travel as recent -- advisories off to the west. gusty wind as well. showers and storms plaguing the southeast and the florida panhandle.
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tornado was reported in broward county. they have lightning and hail there tonight. colorado remains high and dry for about 24 hours. it will break down after tomorrow in response to a cool front that will arrive here along the front range late saturday. southerly wind will push temperatures above average and into the mid-50s. we have to watch the cloud deck and we may see a mountain wave cloud shape up. with that cloud cover, the temperatures may be below 60 degrees. the wind gusts could pick up in the foothills and create blowing snow on i-70. relatively quiet for the front range and eastern plains tonight. temperatures in the 20s and 30s and the high country. 42 in grand junction and mid 60s and close to 70 in southeastern colorado tomorrow. i think with the wave cloud
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clouds and sunshine could keep temperatures down. it is gusty wind and mid 40s for idaho springs and black [ lake. tonight. fair skies and 28 degrees. tomorrow it will be partly a similar forecast is shaping up for us on saturday. saturday night, a cold front comes in and there will be snow overnight saturday. a few flurries and snow showers on sunday. the big storm does not get here until monday and into tuesday. heavy snow, wind and colder temperatures to kick off the month of february. groundhog day is looking on the chilly side. we should rebound in the middle of next week. it will be beautiful in the
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-- the stocks finished the day higher as energy gained ground. the tao mack was offered -- a
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hi everybody. broncos quarterback peyton manning is being asked about the rodeo so much that you would think he was getting ready for the western stock show and not the super bowl. manning is making more headlines for what he whispered in the new england patriots's head coaches here at the game.>> it is out there that this may be your last rodeo.>> nothing has been confirmed. what happened to private conversations on the 50 yard line?
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no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are onto carolina, north carolina. >> reporter: say cheese. the broncos are poised for the super bowl experience. 9news reporter rod mackey is smiling tonight . >> reporter: the countdown to the biggest game in sports is on. practice did not look a whole lot different except for the increase in cameras and reporters. the post practice activities were quite unique. strike a pose and show off that patch. superbowl 50 is almost upon us. how does that feel? >> it is an honor to play in superbowl 50. it is huge. we have a lot of guys who have never been before and we have a lot of guys who have been and want to finish the job at this time.>> reporter: how about going through and taking a look
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>> that is what we play for.>> reporter: when you look at the patch, what is it going to keep darian stewart from playing in this game? >> nothing. nothing can keep me from this game. it is what you have waited to play your whole career. it is finally here and i won't miss it. >> reporter: that's good news. in 10 days, the broncos need to be at their best. they play the role of underdog one final time. rod mackey, 1011. the broncos -- they traded one of their greatest hitters. corey dickerson. he has home run power and a swing sweet enough to win a batting title. in exchange, the rockies received jake mcgee who will
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job. we are going to play drew's clues. he is a wonderful pastor -- passer. clue number three he has been chosen to participate as the rising challenge. the answer is my new favorite player, and that he'll clutier -- emmanuel moody a. he does not have a bobble head doll yet. we are still tracking that storm coming in? >> that's right. a few miles can make a huge difference, but for planning purposes, plan on snow monday and into tuesday.
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but not tonight or tomorrow. we have temperatures in the mid- 50s and in spite of cloud cover, we will be close to 60 on friday and saturday. the front comes in with a few snow showers and that's not it. a few more snow showers on sunday and that's not it. it is the monday storm which is the one. it could bring as much is 6-12 inches of snow to denver. the money morning drive and the tuesday drive will not be fun. it is groundhog day too. i
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