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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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fence a few feet from where 3 teens fell through ice. patrick died that day. another died 2 weeks later. >> parker is in pain. >> there is someone in the pond, they fell in ice. >> 2 and a half minutes after a teenager girl called 911 when see saw schoolmates in the pond, officers showed up, including officer biles. >> you can think it as much as you want but you don't know what you will do. >> with no training he ran to the pond and found a tree someone recently cut down. >> 15 feet long, i grabbed that and ran as fast as i could and extended to cole, who was the last one above the surface. >> he pulled cole robinson out of the freezing water and the other 2 were no where to be seen. >> he kept saying they are gone, they are gone, they have been in
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>> officer biles got on the unstable ice and started trying to break it apart. looking for the teens. as he and a firefighter pulled max in, they fell through the ice too. >> your heart is broken for not being able to help the other 2. >> the parker officer doesn't think he is a hero. but knows someone who is. >> i truly believe that cole is a hero for staying alive. >> parker police are already making changes since the tragedy. the police chief said the department purchased 75 rescue ropes to keep in emergency vehicles, and officer biles plans to keep an eye on cole from now on. >> i bet he does. positive changes could result in another life being saved one day. >> that is what they will say they look forward to prevent this from happening again. >> thank you. in the past week, university of denver students have reported 3 cases of
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including a new case near iliff and josephine. they are calling this forable fondling, that led to a bit of confusing, forcible fondling is used by the fbi to describe various forms of unwanted sexual contact. according to 9 news legal expert scot robinson, it is not used under colorado state law. he says forcible fondling should be thought of a description of what happened but not the charge that would be filed in the colorado court. in the 3 incidents near du campus, the crimes would be called unwanted sexual contact. >> in colorado, if you use force, in touching someone else's body where you ought not to be touching them without consent, that is unlawful sexual contact. that becomes a felony if you use force. it is a misdemeanor if it is not through the use of force, intimidation, or threat. it is a felony if you use force. >> du says it is trying to be as clear as it can about the threat with its wording.
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catching the person or people responsible for this series of sexual crimes. no arrests have been made in any of the 3 cases. dpd increased security around the campus. albert county investigators are hoping dna and finger prints will help them find the person who killed a well-known rancher in agate. someone killed butler over the weekend. they released pictures of a person of interest. an earring in left ear and wears a large watch on his left wrist. a neighbor found butler's body, he had been shot. investigatorerize analyzing the evidence found-- investigators are analyzing the scene. if you have information call the sheriff's department. a man stabbed a woman, the suspect's name is inrico mendez. among the charges he faces are assault and menacing, the
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mendez is 6 feet tall, ways 205 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, last seen driving a white 1997 chevy tahoe with colorado plates 905-sxu. they ask you call crime stoppers if you have information. there is a $2,000 reward. today memorials across the country and even in space honored the 7 astronauts killed in the shuttle challenger disaster 30 years ago. >> take a moment of silence and recognize the sacrifice of all those crew members and how they their spirit and legacy lives on and achievement in space. >> commander scott kelly paid tribute aboard the international space station. a memorial service remembered the challenger 7 at cape canaveral, with a special tribute to kristen, perhaps the
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first teacher in space. while most were thinking about the launch the night before, she was writing college recommendation letters for her students. part of the challenger's story involves a colorado boy scout troop from monument, they sent their troop flag up and they figured it was lost forever, but it wasn't. 9 news reporter, maya rodriguez tells us it is a story of resiliency. >> it is wrapped in a protective cloth. >> 30 years after the challenger explosion, it is handled with utmost care. troop 514, as keeper of the challenger flag, he leads nothing to chance, but chance is what makes up the fabric of this special flag. >> the story of this flag is so intricate, so involved, and so--
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>> back in the mid 1980s, troop 514's scot master was a former air force major with nasa connections. he arranged to get the flag on to a shuttle, not once, but twice, both missions were scrubbed. >> the challenger was the third flight and they-- the boys were getting tired of the whole process. >> we have main engine start. >> but finally, it was assigned to stc 51-l, challenger, after several delays it launched off january 28, 1986, much to the excitement of the boy scouts watching in colorado. and then-- >> like every elementary student in the world, they were watching and of course when they saw the disaster, they were heart broken, totally heart broken. >> nasa believed the flag had been destroyed. several months later navy seals located the crew locker at the bottom of the atlantic ocean and
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>> pretty much in tact. >> still in the bag, it had been placed in. >> kind of a fancy zip lock bag that it was sealed in. >> the flag returned to the boy scouts of troop 514 in monument where it has been ever since. >> that flag represents what we all can be. >> a symbol of what is possible 30 years from challenger. maya rodriguez, 9 news. >> the boy scout troop uses the flag in ceremonies around colorado and the country. they say their goal is to keep the flag accessible to everyone and remind people of the challenger's story. >> we plan to air our coverage again on february 7th, called 30 the challenger disaster. gary looks back. the special airs sunny, february 7 at 6:00 p.m. colorado state university
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are working to keep u.s. troops healthy. dod awarded $4.6 million to csu to create vaccines against mosquito borned viruses to protect soldiers over seas, if left untreated they can cause brain inflammation and death. it is successful and will be crucial for service members and civilians. >> it will have a positive impact out in the field, and that is the purpose to reduce infections, protect people, and in some cases with some of the viruses, protect people from death. >> the csu researchers have worked on vaccines for ebola and marburg virus. the warning for super bowl ticket scams. >> if you are looking for a ticket, how much you pay could be astronomical. when a man lost his legs,
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the colorado attorney general's office is warn about super bowl ticket scams from unlicensed sellers. officials warn they have seen dozens of websites offering discount tickets with questionable claims, they recommend learning as much as possible about the seller and making sure you know the refund policy. the showdown against the panthers and shaping up to be the most expensive super bowl ever. tickets on secondary sites like seat geek are averaging $5200 and stub hud with more than
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analysts expect this to be more expensive than tickets to the mayweather pacquiao fight and the pastors. analysts blame location, location, location, san francisco, and specifically silicon valley are wealthy markets. broncos mascot, thunder, is getting ready for the big game. traveling to san francisco early next week, love that shot. his owners and handlers, a crew of 5 people are getting him ready and a 2-day road trip to travel from the rockies to the bay area. they hope thunder will make public appearances in san francisco wednesday or thursday and he will be on the field for tick off. >> popular guy. a couple is helping a below the knee double amputee by giving him new feet. in the summer of 2014, eric
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specially made ski feet fit on to his prosthesis, they work like a boot and click on to the bindings on the skis. >> being able to enjoy colorado, get outside, go hiking, enjoy the slopes, go hiking, do whatever is available, outdoors, be able to see nature. >> got into this field years ago was because of the, just being able to see people doing what they used to do. there is really no limitations. >> in a few weeks eric will be testing his new ski feet at copper and sticking to the being. almost wonder how somebody didn't think to make one that clicks in place like that. awesome for him. the broncos hit the field for the first time since knocking off brady. >> their january practice couldn't get much nicer than this, they will get to practice
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hello, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the nine backyard, a beautiful january day and a beautiful evening. the sun has set.
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powerful storm system that could bring 12 inches of snow monday into tuesday. when a low sets up it bears watching even 5 days out. put that on the planner there sadecent storm for beginning of february. feeling like spring around here, close to 60 in the city today. we come close to the number tomorrow. the average this time of year is 44 and we are close to that number dia. fair skies outside the studio, still 50 and not a lot to show you on the radar just yet. there is is a storm system headed into the pacific northwest that will bring rain and snow across 6 states, tracking a separate system bringing scattered showers across the florida panhandle and severe weather again tonight. this will take the coldest air away from colorado through the midwest while we enjoy another mild, dry day and southerly winds ahead of the california storm systems. the bulk of the precip will form from the bay area through sierras and northern rockies. a winter storm watch goes out
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tomorrow night but ahead of it southerly wins bring aboveb-av-- above-average temperatures to our state. pretty quiet but tomorrow afternoon but signs of the mountain wave set up. with the afternoon cloud cover, temperatures may be a degree or 2 cooler, pinds pick up a-- winds pick up and we see the winds pick up leading us into the winter storm watch friday into saturday, 5-10 inches of snow and areas of blowing snow, friday into saturday. as we have a changing weather pattern shaping up for the weekend, enjoy the calm pquiet tonight. -- and quiet tonight. 17 the low hayden, 27 greeley and 25 lamar. high temperatures tomorrow out west will be comfortable but down right balmy southeastern colorado, close to 70 in january, not too shabby, 50 evergreen, 42 black hawk and mid 40s for central city and areas in and around the estes park. in denver, really, kind of calm and quiet tonight. fair skies and 28.
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but a mix of clouds and sunshine and wind west of town, may make is outside. highs run above average friday and saturday, a front mufk s in in saturday night. occasional snow showers sunday but the storm doesn't arrive until monday. heavy snow and wind possible monday into tuesday making monday and tuesday morning drive quite difficult and problematic if the storm stays on track. we break out of it, warm up a bit and track a separate system coming friday. looking out to the super bowl, who isn't thinking about that? my ainitial forecast for santa-- initial forecast for santa clara, partly cloudy and 69 degrees, breezy and mild conditionsism right now it looks like a winning forecast and keep those winter scenes comeic. the pictures in northern colorado are spectacular. hi, everybody, broncos
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the super bowl hurries up and gets here before he comes extinct. bronchs began installing a game plan for the panthers this morning. manning had an incredible career as a drop-back qb but sees the new wave of multidimensional igsignal callers like newton changing the way the game is played. >> seems like every year, the pocket passer is a dying breed, will no longer be. i hope that is not true. because i will be out of a job and my brother will be pretty close behind. >> super bowl 50 is only 10 days away and you can tell the countdown has begun at broncos practice. 9 news sports reporter aaron matas is at team headquarters. >> preparation starts now. >> we are going to try to have a-good practice and build our-- a good practice and build our energy. >> the first super practice as they get ready for carolina in
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>> when you get in the stadium, you look around, might see beyonce, eddy murphy on this side, so many people, i mean, it is such a big deal. >> vernon davis is one of many dpies in the organization-- guys in the organization that have been on this stage before. >> i look back at my opportunities to go and i can almost go through each one and say i wouldn't do that again or i would do that again. i think everyone is different. >> just doing what we have been doing this whole season, trying to take care of the ball, let defense do what they gotta do and offense. >> the team is trying to do and say anything it can to treat this like just another game. when we all know, it is anything but. aaron matas, 9 news. nuggets rookie emmanuel mood yae has been chosen for the nba all-star game, nugs in washington, this sums up his season so far, sometimes sloppy, sometimes lucky, sometimes
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6 months after the rockies traded troy tulowitzki shay shipped out cory dickerson to tampa bay in exchange for pitcher jam mcgee, one of the-- jake mcgee, one of the better left handers, he has a chance to earn the closer job, an unconventional wind up earned him the nickname clock hands. >> you warned me but i am still not ready. >> no one else-- >> i am assuming this means the season will start with gonzalez and blackman on the rockies outfielder today. but you never know. >> great looking beard. >> isn't that fabulous? >> yeah, they sure do. things. they might be whieped out but-- wiped out but i think they will
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oil prices climb for the third day in a row, dow climb 125, s&p picked up 10.
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we are saying goodbye to january with spring-like weather and hello to grand hog day and
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going to make a lot of people happy, including our sports director on the end of the set. so for now, we will just enjoy. cool and dry tomorrow morning, 28, we jump to 48 by lunchtime, a fair amount of cloud cover tomorrow and wind west of town but i still think mid to upper 50 is a good bet friday and saturday. a few snow showers saturday night. occasional snow showers saturday. that is not it. the storm arrives money. models indicate 6-12 inches of snow and it will be cold. >> grumpy. >> grumpy on monday. >> that is it. >> kathy says. >> interstatement tonight-- >> you don't tell me whether to
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it will happen. >> surprise, tyra banks is a mom, so why did she keep it all secret? >> what we know about the newborn baby's father. >> that's myboyfriend, eric. >> eric, quick little turn around. hi, eric. >> what tyra's ban saying about her surrogate.
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