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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> seven candidates show up for the debate. not the front runner. >> kathy sabine has the latest on what is headed our way. >> the explosive spread of the zika virus and the meeting planned to stop it. >> peyton manning talks about the hgh investigation. >> and faith and football. and the connections bringing colorado and north carolina congregations together. 9news starts now. >> the last republican debate before the iowa caucuses just wrapped up with seven candidates on the main stage. ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie, rand paul, and john kasich. it started with megyn kelly addressing the elephant not in the room.
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he says fox and megyn kelly treated him unfairly. the candidates on stage had fun with his absence. >> let me say i'm a maniac. and everyone on the stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you are a terrible surgeon. [ laughter ] now that we are gotten the donald trump portion out of the way ... [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ... i want to thank everyone here for showing the men and women of iowa the respect to show up and make the case to the people of this state and the people of the country why each of us believe we would make the best commander-in-chief. >> cruz is running in second place in iowa. about seven points behind trump. that response went over pretty well and he managed to get a lot of the attention tonight as the highest polling candidate on stage. but he drew groans from the crowd when he tried a repeat of the strategy he used at the cnbc debate here in colorado. bashing the moderators after a
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>> i would note the last four questions have been rand, please attack ted, chris, please attack ted. jeb, please attack ted. >> it is a debate sir. >> well no, a debate is actually a policy issue, but i will say this. gosh, if you guys ask one more men question, i may have to leave the stage. >> first of all, don't worry. i'm not leaveing the stage no mat matter what you ask me. >> clips were shown of ted cruz and rubio on their previous takes on immigration. >> that is the book are you changed your position on immigration. citizenship. >> so did you marco. >> you wrote a book where you changed your position. you wrote a book where you changed your position from a to legalization. and the bottom line is this. we are not going to be able to do anything on this issue until
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>> i think it is important for people of elected office to try to force us to solve problems. it will never be a perfect bill. but when you ask people to supported, you shouldn't cut and run. he cut and run. that's a tragedy. >> there is not going to be any con consensus. >> trump skipped the debate over a dispute with fox news and held his own event at a fundraiser for veterans. two other republicans showed up to share the stage with him. >> i will stand a little bit over here. i'm not photographed with the trump sign. i'm supporting another candidate for president. that doesn't mean we can't work together when it comes to helping our veterans.
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>> i figure you will get the photo anyway. ly just stand here and be done with it. >> trump took the podium during the event. he didn't ask any questions. four days until the iowa caucuses. we had our political experts republican kelly mar and democrat james majilla weigh in on whether trump's move will help or hurt his campaign. >> i thought this was a pretty substantial debate. everyone who was on the stage got very good air time. i think the loser was trump. >> every time i think trump is about to do something ridiculous that will take him out, it actually increases his numbers so we will see what ends up happening when we get the numbers back. but, it seemed like he managed to dodge some really tough really tried to nail everyone tonight. >> hey, i'm going to iowa for 9news this weekend. look for previews of the first in the nation caucuses and the candidate's final push for
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then, a wrap of the results and reactions from the hawk eye state monday night at 9:00 and 10:00 on 9news. first the wind and the warm and then things will take a dramatic turn. tomorrow morning winds gust up to 60 miles an hour. temperatures will be in the 60s the next two days in denver. then the bottom drops out for a second snow by the end of the weekend. kathy sabine is tracking the snow that could bring us quite a bit of snow. it is too early to tell how much. temperatures could plunge into the single digits. she'll have the forecast in a few minutes. the world health organization plans to hold an emergency meeting monday to address growing concerns over the zika virus. they described a potential explosive increase of cases to 4 million in the americas, mainly central and south america. there is evidence in brazil that zika could call an abnormally small head and brain
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expert. >> reporter: we spoke with a doctor at the university of colorado hospital who say theres is a very low risk that this virus will spread throughout the united states. it is especially unlikely that colorado. >> the zika virus was first isolated in 1947 from a monkey. >> reporter: as world spread worldwide about the zikaway virus, women like suzanne slade are listening closely. >> i'm going to a wedding in puerto rico and she knew we were getting ready to try again to conceive. a healthy pregnancy. not wanting to expose myself. >> reporter: she is like many women changing their plans fearful zika could cause birth defects. doctors recorded a rise in zika and microcephaly, however,
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can't say for sure that zika is responsible. >> there has been concern that it may be associated with zika virus, however, that link has not been definitively proven. >> reporter: the virus is spreading throughout the americas but he says an outbreak on u.s. soil would probably be isolated and brief. in colorado, almost impossible. >> there are only certain types of mosquitoes that can transmit zika. they have not ever been reported to be here in colorado. >> colorado. >> reporter: zika causes a fever, rash, joint pain, bright red eyes. only a fraction of those who get infected show symptoms and the cdc says they are typically mild. >> 80% of people don't even know they are infected. >> reporter: for slade and others going to zika infested areas, a small risk is still too great. >> we have to be cautious and smart. why expose ourselves? >> reporter: the doctor says if you are traveling you have to
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that's the best way to avoid getting bitten. once you get it you are immune and there is no risk for future pregnancies. a u.s. military jet caused a series of sonic booms that many people mistook for an earthquake in new jersey today. the f-35c joint strike fighter was doing flight strikes off the coast of new jersey this afternoon. police departments in south jersey and parts of new york state were flooded with calls from concerned residents of a possible earthquake in the area. the usgs says nine sonic booms were created in an hour-and-a- half. the broncos return to the practice field getting ready for the team's eighth trip to the superbowl. game eight means the eight different teams they have played. the nfl is doing its own review of hgh allegations in a report by al jazeera. >> like i said back in december, it is not news to me. i still standby what i said then.
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and it is garbage from the first day it came out. and it is still garbage today. >> with that said, peyton took a light hearted approach to questions about the superbowl. we will have more on those comments coming up a bit later. broncos fans can send the broncos off to san francisco in style this weekend. they are holding a rally at civic center park from 1:00 to 2:30. there will be music and all kinds of fun. the rally will go on snow or sunshine so pull out an extra layer of orange and head downtown on sunday. there is no doubt this weekend that some will be praying for the broncos as they prepare for superbowl 50. faith and football seem to go hand in hand for many.
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found one group even placing a little godly wager on the game. >> reporter: you can call rabbi joseph black a bumper sticker buster. >> i don't think god is a broncos fan though the sunsets are blue and orange. >> reporter: that doesn't mean the leader of temple emanuel is not a fan himself. he is a huge fan. look at what he is wearing. but he says that is not how faith figures into football. >> i do not believe god prefers one team over another. and if that were the case and the team that prayed the hardest would be the team that won. >> reporter: rather, faith and football have a different commonality. >> what football does is the same thing that religion or anything does. it brings people together. being a broncos fan unites us as a community. being a member of a synagogue or church or mosque, brings you together as a community. >> reporter: the big game will bring people together across our area and across theirs so
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community for something good? >> and we are using our love of the broncos and their love of the panthers. i don't know why. as a way to do what we in judaism call a good deed. >> reporter: a super mitzvah. a little wager with the synagogue in charlotte. the winning team's synagogue will get two-thirds. the losing team will get the rest. even the fund raising goal has significance. >> 1800 is a good number. it is a very jewish number. the number 18 is equivalent to the word for life. so jews tend to give charity in amounts of 18. >> reporter: it is a very broncos number, too. >> we have always said that manning is because his number is 18, he is very connected to the jewish community. >> reporter: perhaps the jewish number for life will give the broncos a little in the big game. in denver, steve staeger, 9news. >> we also heard from the
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they are in a challenge with their sister church in charlotte to collect the most food and money for the hungry before the big game. more info on still ahead at 10:00, the emergency orders to destroy a two million dollars home just months after someone bought it. >> and a change in the weather. we will start with the wind. kathy sabine has a look at how warm we will get before the cold and snow blow in. >> a three year investigation sheds new light on why some concerts and games sell out in minutes. >> and the excuses some bosses heard from employees late getting to work. >> and we are taking you to a
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>> an emergency odder tore tear down a $2 million home in san francisco. the owner bought it in october. he was in a funeral out of state when a neighbor called to tell him his home was moving. it shifted 14 inches. there were concerns it could slide down into another home. the same inspection that led to the home's demolition found five other homes need to have their soil tests and they could face the same fate. concert fans in colorado know the drill all too well. trying to buy tickets the second they begin selling before they sell out. ticket sales for both music and sporting events are fixed. a new york state attorney general's office looked into the ticket sales three year. one broker using a high-tech purchasing technique was able to get more than a thousand
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some shows had 70% of tickets earmarked for presale events and were not available to the general public. >> artist, promoters will hold back large numbers of tickets that never make it to the regular market. >> there are not many solutions for fans. the best advice, register to a fan club to get early access or look for single seats. a six-year-old boy in iowa is being called a hero after an accident during an ice-fishing adventure. >> i knocked down the door of the window and it came out. i said grandpa fell on the ice. >> michael dorn's grandfather was knocked out cold by a fall. his grandson found someone to call for help. the grandfather was take taken to the hospital. one in four workers admit dragging in late to work once a
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13% say it happens once a week. it seems those kinds of people have perfected the art of making up excuses. our partners at career builder compiled the best ones from thousands of hr managers. homeland security. i had to chase my cows back into the field. one, there was fresh powder on the hill and i had to go a third of employers say they have no problem with the occasional late arrival. 16% say they don't need employee to be on time as long as they get their work done. 62% of workers who show up late say they stay late to make up for it. adele, i may have a built in excuse for you monday. snowy, road closures. businesses closing early. we are tracking a powerful storm system with the potential to bring blizzard conditions to eastern colorado next week. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9 backyard where things
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and quiet in the denver area 48 hours. saturday, a cool front moves in. snow will be increasing in the mountains. travel advisories go out tomorrow night. a few snow showers saturday into sunday, but it is monday into tuesday, six to 12 inches o snow and gusty winds. then the system moving into omaha and creates an ice storm and severe weather threat and tornado threat will be increasing across nine states in the south. we will come close to 50 tomorrow. the average is 44 so we are doing pretty good for late january. we are sitting at 37 degrees. winds southwest at 9. calm winds, clear sky ins the backyard out here. almost 40 degrees. not a lot to show you on the radar yet, but there is a weak the northwest. snow will start flying in the the afternoon. we will have a mild day for the central plains and the
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in the jet into the midwest. precipitation increasing in the sierra. hometown of truckee, a nice little blast of snow. that moisture will be headed to colorado in the next two days. ahead of it, south to southwest winds will push temperatures into the mid 50s close to 60. but, we are also going to have cloud cover tomorrow. kind of a mountain wave setting up along the front range. it may look colder than it is. snow in the northern to central mountains but you can still ski tomorrow. no issues on i-70. the winter storm watch comes out tomorrow night when we have into sunday. temperatures in the 30s tonight for lower elevations in plains. teens and 20s in the high country. mid 40s to the western half of the state. look at the numbers in southeast colorado. not a bad way to say good-bye to january.
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for blackhawk to be between 40 and 45 degrees. the wind coming out of the south blowing from 25 to 50 miles an hour. calm winds tonight, 28 degrees, fair skies. sun up tomorrow at 7. sun up tomorrow at 7.(.ecl) 7:11. snow showers developingover night into sunday. a few flurries, a snow shower. a cooling trend. it is monday morning the drive could be tough and tuesday. heavy wind and snow with cold or temperatures in the teens and 20s to kick off february and ground hog day. we break out of it midweek and check for more storms at the end of next week. so let's talk about next week. how about the superbowl forecast? preliminary as it may be. upper 60s . partly cloudy and dry in santa clara february 7. we hope that forecast will maintain. and i love this picture coming in out of steamboat.
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i understand the pine beetle epidemic has peaked as well. so great news for the trees. >> nice shot.
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>> here is drew soicher. >> hi everybody, the broncos spent more time with the superbowl trophy today than they will if they win it one week from sunday. they posed for videos and grand prizes on the scoreboard and superbowl 50. >> it was crazy. >> it is crazy man. this whole thing. i'm glad we are getting most of the madness out of the way. i feel like our obligations are pretty much league mandated once we get there.
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of this out of the way. our dress-up day. but i'm happy to be a part of it man. >> broncos quarterback peyton manning need it is superbowl to start before he becomes extinct. mike klis explains in the pages of his notebook. >> reporter: cam newton will make it four years in a row that a quarterback will run and pass in the superbowl. peyton manning will make it 50 years in a row that a pocket passer will start. >> be careful with the labels now. [ laughter ] >> sorry about this peyton. but we are going to call that the 12-yard run against the patriots an anomaly in your career. newton and manning are a study in contrast. first of all, their 13 year age difference is the biggest in superbowl history breaking the old record of manning and russell wilson two years ago.
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arms in the nfl. manning in terms of radar gun readings has the weakest. newton is probably the strongest running quarterback in the league. manning is one of the least mobile. >> seems like every year, they said the pocket passer is a dying breed. i hope that is not true. because i will be out of a job. close behind me. >> reporter: the good news for the broncos is those athletic dual threat quarterbacks wilson and colin kaepernick are 1-2 in the last three superbowls. the broncos an manning hope to win one from the pocket one more time. mike klis, 9news. mumu had the second highest scoring game of his career. nuggets beat the wizards in
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player emanuel mudiay was lucky and good. wil barton needed to show off for friends and family. nuggets win. every year i predict cory league batting average. this year, i will have to change it to american league. rockies traded another one of their best hitters toddling hitters today dealing him to the tampa bay rays in exchange for jake mcgee and his funky windup. calgary flames defense man dennis wiseman who cross checked a lines man last night has been suspended indefinitely. he says it was unintentional. okay then. you don't believe him? turns out yesterday's beautiful paint job by the grounds crew was a waste of time. the broncos are the home team
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they had to paint the whole thing over again with the panthers name and logo. strange but true. even stranger but truer, arizona state's curtain of disaster. a player about to shoot a free- throw, when suddenly, michael phelps appears wearing nothing but a speedo and a bunch of gold medals. impossibility to focus on the rim. stranger but drewer. >> phelps is about to come coach. >> the coach of arizona state swim team after the olympics. >> that was a nice break-in he had.
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>> inside of the cloud cover, temperatures in the 50s close to 60 degrees. a few snow showers saturday night into sunday. and heavier snow and wind monday into tuesday. what is with the monday storms?
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>> it is a great way to start the week! >> isn't it? look at you. >> the 9news superbowl update is coming up next. you won't miss a minute of the tonight show which will start in about 10 minutes. we will update on 9news tomorrow morning. thank you very much for being with us. >> superbowl updates. billy joel is on?
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