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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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this is 9news. . >> dramatic moments recorded by a body camera. this is when a parker police officer pulled a teenager out of a frozen pond, and we will hear how the surviving teen first interacted with the officer when he realized his friends wouldn't make it out. two storms headed to colorado. the first in the mountains this weekend. the second heads our way early next week. marty, it was the final showdown for the republicans aced head of tuesday's iowa caucus. we are going to break down the takeaways from the debate and how donald trump dominated the debate even though he wasn't there. go figure, huh? good morning. thanks for joining us. gary, corey, cheryl with you. marty is out in the backyard and amelia earhart has been watching traffic.
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>> really nice day today. okay. nobody really likes wind all that much, but it does make you relatively warm. it also keeps us from having any wood burning restrictions again today. current wind gusts pretty impressive. longmont 26 miles per hour. broomfield at 40. running between 20 and 45 in most foothills locations. i have seen some 60-mile-per-hour gusts at berthoud pass. so again it's really windy coming over the top of the continental divide. that pushed temperatures in the 40s in the metro area already. we have some snow going on in the northern and central mountains as well as the yampa valley. craig is reporting snow. kremlin light snow. snowing in rifle and leadville. a stronger storm comes in for the mountains tonight and another one monday. temperatures in the mid-to- upper 50s.
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finish off a work week. it really is. an awesome way to finish off the week. at least the denver drive puts a smile on your face this morning. if you are headed up to the high country, snow coming down. no crane restrictions or traffic laws across i-70. u.s. 6 over loveland pass remains open but the flakes are coming down heavily. in the metro area, 15 minutes on average. metro-wide we are happy with this friday light start. keep in mind your travel times will load up through the dtc. right now just an easy five minutes from i-25 to c-470. you know what? they send out a press release. they said it's for the better with the improvements coming in near thornton.
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it's 5:32 now. this is the perspective of the police officer who says nothing this. he raced to a frozen pond in fallen in. for the first time we are seeing the rescue and understanding a lot more about the frantic final moments. 9news reporter noel brennan is live near the pond in parker. noel, police released this body camera video late last night. he had to use whatever he had around him to save the boy? >> reporter: he did, cheryl. first officer on between two and a call. as you said, he didn't have any rescue gear at all. so as he put it, he had to keep an open mind and think quickly to save that teenager that he saw stuck in an icy pond. officer trey biles bodycam starts rolling as he begins to improvise. officer biles makes his way to the icy retention pond with a 15-foot aspen tree.
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is stuck in the icy water. the officer asks about the other boys. cole holds on as officer biles pulls him to safety. >> i am extremely happy that cole made it out of the water, but, you know, your heart is broken for not being able to help the other two. >> reporter: patrick lance and max get near were in the frigid water too long. their friend. in parker. now, parker police say that they are going to be making some changes after this tragedy. in fact, they have already in their patrol cars. thankfully though, guys, this officer was thinking very
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happened to see that aspen tree that had been recently cut down. he was able to grab that and use that to rescue at least one of the teenagers. >> that officer is absolutely a hero. i know he doesn't feel like it because the other two boys didn't make it. he is a hero for working so quickly to pull that boy out for sure. noel, thank you. it's 5:35 right now. security is being stepped up on the university of denver campus after three reports of forcible fondling which is a sub category of sexual assault. it happened between last wednesday and thursday this week. du is encouraging students to travel in groups or call campus safety for an escort. (303)871-2334 is the number. we have also posted that number on the 9news app. denver police are helping investigate. forcible fondling is a term used by the fbi to describe various contact. according to 9news, legal experts scott robinson the
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recognized under colorado state law. he says forcible fondling is a description of what happened, but not the charge that would be filed in a colorado court. in the three incidents near the du campus the crimes would be called unwanted sexual contact. 5:35 right now. a colorado springs police officer is in trouble. the springs gazette reports that sergeant steven biscaro was arrested for assaulting a man during a traffic stop. two el paso county deputies back up the claim. the reports show that he kicked the man several times, yanked him out of the police cruiser and began choking him. the deputies had to intervene on the man's behalf. biscaro is on paid administrative leave. 5:36. the ringleader of the oregon militia who occupied a federal building is going to be in court today ammon bundy and charged. one person died in the confrontation. the fbi is now sharing video of
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agents say the protester's car tried to maneuver around a roadblock and got stuck in a snow bank right there. they say when the man got out of the truck, he reached towards a gun that they say was in his pocket and that's when the agent shot him. a handful of protesters are still armed inside that refuge. they say they will only surrender if the fbi agrees not to press criminal charges. time for your money news today. investors are -- investors expect takata -- the chief executive to demonstrating the company is taking responsibility for the massive airbag recalls. the company's defective airbags can explode and shoot shrapnel inside a car. 11 deaths are linked to the defect and 50 million vehicles recalled. president obama wants to take a closer look at how big companies pay employees. the administration plans to collect more data on equal pay sorted by gender, race, and ethnicity.
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businesses with 100 or more employees regardless of whether they have a contract with the government. the goal is to identify companies not paying people fairly. the first reports are due in september 2017. 5:37 right now. this morning there is a lot of buzz still about the gop presidential debate last night. seven republican candidates took to the stage to talk about some issues and about the one candidate who wasn't there. more. lot more talking time last night? >> reporter: that's because donald trump wasn't on the staining. he skipped the debate because of a dispute with a fox news anchor. while trump held his own event a few minutes away. the debate went on without him. without donald trump at the podium, ted cruz took his place at center stage literally and figuratively, giving audiences an impression of what trump would have said. >> i am a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible is
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now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> reporter: all impressions aside, cruz was the most discussed candidate of the night on facebook and a lot of the conversation on stage centered around him. he and marco rubio had some bitter exchanges. >> the truth is, ted, through this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything to get votes. you worked for george w bush's campaign. >> reporter: they accused each other on changing positions on the status of undocumented immigrants. jeb bush got in on the debate. >> he led the charge to finally fix this immigration problem that has existed for 30 years. and then he cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst conservatives. >> reporter: bush trailed rand paul, ben carson and chris christie in the discussions last night. last in the facebook discussions rick santorum, who "usa today" says appeared to give a farewell speech. all of this happening without
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candidates couldn't be happier he wasn't on stage. >> not at all. man, that was the best debate we have had of all the debates easily. >> reporter: now, according to the latest -- last nbc news poll before the debate, donald trump led with 32% of the likely vote. cruise 25%. we will see the next round in the polls if the trump-free debate made a difference. >> the republicans seemed to believe they would be facing democrat hilary clinton. they have little faith that vermont senator bernie sanders would overtake clinton. he came up once when florida senator marco rubio called him a socialist and said he thought sanders is a good candidate for president of sweden. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman will be on the ground in iowa beginning this weekend. he will have a preview of the caucuses and the candidates' final push for votes on sunday and monday, and then of course a wrap up of the results and reactions from the hawkeye state monday night at nine and ten on 9news.
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tuesday morning to analyze what the caucus results mean. all right. this saturday cu boulder is going to honor two alums killed in space shuttle accidents 17 years apart. as we have been mentioning this week, astronaut ellison onizuka was a member of the space shuttle challenger crew. yesterday was the 30-year anniversary. and calpan chuna was killed in 2003 when that shuttle disintegrated reentering the atmosphere. the service is going to be saturday at region hall at cu starting at nine in the morning. warm, windy, dry around here. we do have some light snow going in mountain areas that will go on and off through the morning
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50s, 60s through easter colorado. the snow colorado -- eastern colorado. through the day you will get more and more sun during the afternoon and then clouds start to roll back in tonight in advance of a new storm system that's heading in. in a couple of minutes we will be talking about fresh snow for the mountains for this weekend. all right. it's 5:42 now. i know why you are favorite snack. what's your favorite snack? a popular item on a lot of
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5:44 right now. almonds may be getting cheaper in the near future because as the nut became more popular more farmers started planting them. it sky rotted to $4.70 last summer. the price is down to $2.630. it's not great news for the farmers, but good news for the
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>> including me. all right. put it on your weekend calendar. a chance to meet up with a lot of bronco fans and send the team off to the super bowl with enthusiasm. the team leaves for san francisco this sunday for a full week of preparations in california. denver city leaders are planning a rally at civic center park from 1 to 2:30. the rally is going to go no matter the weather. come in the snow. come in the sun. put on extra orange if it's cold and head downtown. it will be fun. >> it will be fun. yesterday each broncos player got to spend time with the super bowl trophy. and the players and coaches all posed with the grand prize for photographs and for videos. they, of course, will be used on the scoreboard in the stadium and also in network broadcasts before and during super bowl 50. we're hoping this is just the first of a lot of time they could spend with that baby. >> emmanuel sanders is my favorite player. i love it.
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coldplay. join as special guests. those two have previously headlined the halftime show. beyonce in 2014 and bruno mars in 2013. >> sounds like a good show. >> bruno mars is so good. singing is good and the dancing 5:46 now. all right. this became a widely popular car because of the back to the future movie. you could actually drive one, too, if you are willing to pay money. >> big money. >> we will tell you about it. first let's check in with marty and amelia. >> nothing that time and money won't solve. light snow this morning. slowing down. heavier snow comes in tonight and tomorrow. this is just for the weekend from the flat tops of rabbit ears pass 20 inches of new snow. vail pass to the south and west, crested butte 8 to 16. carbondale, glenwood springs
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6 to 12 summit county. another 6 to 12 in the san juans. this isn't the big storm. this is like a preamble to the big storm. >> oh, boy. >> i can't wait until next week. boy, enjoy your drive today because, yes, it's dry, it's clear. it's a little windy across the western part of town. so far it's not affecting any part of that 36 drive, 93 or c-470. easy 19 minutes on the travel time. 6th avenue to the west in great shape with an 8-minute commute. one crash in the clearing stages out to the east side at colfax and airport. now, marty and i were talking about sun glare. it's pretty much a 50-50 mix. sunrise today at 7:11.
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our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at welcome back 59:49. the teenager who used the affluenza defense in a deadly
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in the united states. in fact, he is going to be in court today. a judge is expected to decide if ethan couch is going to stay a juvenile at a detention center or if he would be moved to an adult jail. right now he remains in the juvenile detention center. ethan couch arrived back at dallas/fort worth international airport yesterday after mexican authorities deported him. he escaped there with his mom late last year after there was video online of him at a party which would have been a violation of his probation. couch is serving ten years probation for killing four people in a drunk-driving crash in 2013. prosecutors and mothers against drunk driving are asking his case now be moved to an adult court. this is pretty unbelievable. today crews are going to start figuring out what to do about these two enormous sinkholes. they opened up on the same street in southwest oregon. this all happened yesterday. the largest of the two took out most of the lanes on the highways. they are so deep. the second sinkhole is right
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both opened up within a short period of time. that section of highway 101 is expected to be closed for a long time. they will have to detour traffic as they rebuild the foundation and then relay the asphalt. a blast from the past is making a comeback and it's happening in humboldt, texas. delorean motor company will start making the car that became famous as doc brown's time travel machine in back to the future. the car hasn't been in production in three decades. now the company can start up again because of a new law passed in congress. it exempt low volume manufacturers from the same safety standards as the bigger car makers. the company's initial plan is to build just 12 deloreans in the first year to make sure they it right. if things go well, they will ramp up production to 50 cars per year after that. yes, 50. the cars will likely sell for
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>> even if they could take me to a different time, i couldn't, couldn't or wouldn't pay that. >> crazy. >> marty, you know that there are some big back to the future fans. i have a feel those 50 cars will go fast. >> true. there are also a lot of general production cars that are that expensive. >> sure. >> there are a lot of audis and mercedes and tesla. you see those driving around. that might be a cool thing to be truly unique. we have snow going on in the mountains this morning. a couple inches here. the next push, the big push of moisture is in idaho, oregon, and washington. that's going to mean big snow over the mountains for the weekend, and then the larger storm doesn't get on shore and going to form around las vegas. so we have a lot going on. colorado. we are in the singles, teens, 20s, 30s in the mountain. down sloping winds off the sawatch range. snow tapers off in the mountains
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picks up again tonight. wind is going to continue through the day in the foothills. we will look for 45 to 55-mile-per-hour winds this morning. down below 40 this afternoon. but it's not going to calm down by any stretch of the imagination. mid 50s to 60 here. 50s in northern colorado. 40s to almost 50 in the foothills. again, the morning snow tapers off for the early afternoon and then what is prompting all the winter storm warnings, that goes through the day. sunday it's going to be a good powder day in mountain areas. 30s, 40s mountains and west. 50s and 60s here in eastern colorado. sunshine. very windy in and near the foothills. so if you are in the western suburbs, you are going to get popped with some wind every now and again. high clouds tonight. low 30s. tomorrow mid 50s. a couple of rain showers in the evening. light snow picking up sunday. still looks like a windy snowy day on monday. several inches of new snow.
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we will update that over the weekend. flurries tuesday, wednesday, and no quick warm-up for us. but speaking of quick, it seems like everybody is going along pretty well so far. i like to use the phrase friday light. this one i think is going to put a smile on your face even with the extended construction along i-25 at 84th. we are cruising right through. 110th showing speeds in the upper 50s and lower 60s. there is a problem on the east side. southbound 25 at 84th, yes, one additional week has been placed on that ongoing roadwork according to cdot. the area out to the west, yellow is wind. orange is fog. of course, the white is the storm that marty is talking about out to the west side. if you are getting up into the mountains, it could be a fairly difficult drive today. that snow is really coming down on the vail cam. colfax and airport a minor crash.
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welcome back. 5:57. are you a lover of the work of pablo picasso? some of his most intimate works of art will be auctioned off in london. the event will feature the artist's work on paper, ceramics, terracotta sculptures. it starts on february 5th.
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his painting but didn't realize he was a sculpter, too. >> that's cool stuff.
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