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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the call came in. three teenagers trapped in an icy popped. the first parker police officer to the icy water grabbed what he could. this morning we are getting a first look at those frantic moments from his point of view. i wish he was here. >> he is probably looking for me. has anyone seen trump? >> yeah, donald trump wasn't there, but he could have been. we'll tell you what the candidates had to say about him and each other in the final show down before the iowa caucus. today the calm before the storm. enjoy the warmer temperatures now. marty is tracking a storm that could be on the way so that you
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it looks snowy up there at the eisenhower tunnel. good morning everybody. welcome to 9news 6 a.m. i am cheryl preheim. marty, today is a nice warm day before reality of winter sets in? >> that's true. you guys just showed we have some light snow going on this morning. that's going to fizzle this afternoon. we will get a big shot of snow in the mountains over the weekend be, and that's prior to the storm we have been talking about next week. really going to get generous amounts of snow. wind is starting to be a little breezy in the backyard keeping temperatures above freezing this morning, going to the 40s to near 50. we do have snow going in mountain areas this morning. this is a very small weak disturbance that's clicking through the area. it looks like about 2 inches of snow this morning up at steamboat springs ski areas. still snowing at that location. much colder west of the continental divide. in the down sloping wind we sees 40s and 50s around here.
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light snow in mountains with singles, teenagers. it is below zero in the gunnison area with 20s on the plains. as we go through the next couple of days temperatures looking to be in the 50s tomorrow with some showers in the evening. light snow sunday. and then monday still looks like a lot of wind, much colder with snow. now, we are seeing a slight wobble in the storm track. i am going to show you that in a couple of minutes. amelia, it's a bit breezy out here. i know on the west side of town the wind is clicking along very fast. it really is. so much so that sky9 has decided to stay on the ground today. so 36, 93, 70, yes, gusty conditions are going to be in effect through the afternoon and really the morning as well with the winds picking up already. here at vail pass that snow coming down at a pretty good clip. so far has not affected our drive. no chain laws in place and u.s. 6 is still open if you do want to head up over loveland pass. as far as the next couple days go, washing that car, which a lot of us did this week, friday and saturday to do it.
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sunday as we head towards the big changes next week. areas in yellow, that's going to be the windiest part of the city. guys, this is a big frustration for commuters on the northside. there has been an additional week of slowdowns and construction work added to the southbound 725 drive at 84th. the delays between 120th and 136. >> thank you. seven republican candidates got something they have never experience inside this election. a debate without donald trump. >> it was interesting. only seven candidates on the night. they had their seventh gop debate. this morning the biggest takeaways as they head into monday's caucus in iowa. >> 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is in the information center. she has been looking at this. tarhonda, trump made good on his promise? >> reporter: that's what everyone was wondering. he held his own event. his rivals say this was the best debate ever without him.
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debate because of a feud with megyn kelly. she gave him a shout out of sorts calling him like the elephant not in the room. that was the first question directed at ted cruz. instead of focusing on attacking their support. caucuses. immigration was also a big topic. the candidates were tough on each other. marco rubio accused ted cruz of saying anything on immigration or any other issue that will get him elected, rubio and jeb bush were accused of flip flopping on the issue, and the candidates also tried to play up their faith to appeal to evangelical voters, which are in iowa for sure. chris christie fought off allegations that he knew about the bridgegate scandal in new jersey. carson touted his experience as a surgeon in terms of thinking out of the box. the seven candidates got more talking time than they would have had trump been on stage. trump though still found a way to get attention. that's his talent. a tweet saying his event raised $6 million for vets, well, it
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donald trump. tell whether missing the debate was a cheryl. >> all right. tarhonda. $6 million from six donors. thanks a lot. many of the republicans turned some of their attacks straight towards hilary clinton. that is an indication that they don't have much confidence that vermont senator bernie sanders could beat her. sandersed leads the polls in iowa and new hampshire, but the significantly in clinton's coming up in the next half hour we are going to tell you why clinton and sanders are going after martin o'malley's votes now. it's 6:05 right now. this morning a first look at an icy rescue of a teen in parker. this is the body camera recording as a police officer pulls the teen from a frozen pond. this moment saved that teen's life. 9news reporter noel brennan is live in parker where there is a memorial for two other teens who died in that same pond.
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you can see the memorial right here. is on the fence not too far away from where the pond is where those boys were trapped. you can see there are flowers, there are ribbons, there are hearts and messages for those two boys who lost their lives. officer trey biles is that officer who was the first on the scene back in january 14th. he got here just minutes after that 911 call. take a look at this really dramatic video from his body camera. officer biles made his way over to that pond. he saw cole robinson trying to get out of the water without any rescue gear on him, he had to improvise so he grabbed an aspen tree a had been recently been cut down ran to the pond and extended the tree to pull him out. there were no signs of patric lantz or max gantnier at the time. patrick's body was recovered from the water that day. max was rescued but died later.
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could to help the two other boys. he called cole robinson a hero for making it out of the pond alive. now, parker police, they have already made some changes since this tragedy on january 14th. they have actually purchased 75 rescue ropes to be put inside of all the patrol cars so that officers will have something to rescue anyone next time something like this happens. >> noel, thank you for that. today we are going to find out if a teenager from highlands ranch accused of plotting an attack on a school is going to be -- is going to be lowered from the million dollar mark. she will be in court for a bond hearing. brooke higgins is scheduled to have that hearing this morning. police say that she and another student plotted to attack mountain vista high school. they got information that they needed to prevent the attack
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the ringleader of the -- ammon bundy and seven others were charged for the occupation of the wildlife refuge. bundy's coleader died in the encounters with fbi agents. this is video from the fbi of the shooting just released last night. agents say the protesters' car tried to maneuver around a roadblock and they got stuck in a snow bank. they say when lavoy finicum got out of the truck he reached towards his pocket where he had a handgun and that's when he was shot. there are reportedly still a handful of protesters armed and inside the refuge. today the affluenza teen is back in the u.s. and ready to face a judge. the judge will decide if couch stays in juvenile detention or moves to an adult jail. mexican authorities put ethan couch on a plen and sent him back to texas yesterday. he is infamous for using an affluenza defense to avoid jail time after a deadly drunk driving accident in 2015. couch fled to mexico with his mother after video surfaced
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last month. mountains this weekend. morning. more tonight, tomorrow, and sunday morning. sunday morning that wraps up. then the big storm forms in southern california and around colorado. now, what we're seeing today slightly more southerly track. a little deeper into portions of new mexico. that has placed some of the heavier senator, potentially dramatic snow, way up to a foot and a half or more in southeastern colorado. but it still puts us here in the front range in kind of an 8 to 16-inch range. this is all going to evolve over the weekend. so again you have to keep up with danielle and belen over the weekend. kathy will update this tonight. right now it looks like some of the heaviest snow from this storm in the mountains and then in southeastern colorado. all right. it is truly the calm before the storm.
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>> so nice and warm and sunny today. >> it's coming. zika virus is causing quite a scare.
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each day there seems to are more warnings and more examples of the spread of the zika virus. there are a growing number of cases in the united states. >> one doctor at the university of colorado hospital in aurora is putting it all into perspective. >> vida urbonas is here with more. vida, this doctor says there is a very low risk that this virus will spread through the united states? >> reporter: he certainly does. this doctor says it's especially unlikely that it would infect many people in colorado. there is new images of babies, this has people across the
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your heart. babies are being evaluated at a brazil. now doctors in brazil are birth defects linked to the zika virus could also suffer serious damage developmental disorders. half of the 135 babies being evaluated here have limited to deformed optic nerves and retinas. the zika virus has folks worried. this woman was planning a trip to puerto rico in april but is changing her plans since she and her husband have been planning to conceive. she doesn't want to expose herself, fearful the zika could cause birth defects. >> not wanting expose miami self. >> reporter: a neurologist at the university of colorado hospital says there is a concern about birth defects linked to zika virus. but at this time he says doctors can't say for sure zika is responsible.
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outbreak on u.s. soil would probably be isolated and brief and nearly impossible in colorado, there are only certain types of mosquitoes that can transmit zika. they have not ever been reported to be here in colorado. >> reporter: on another notek, zika can cause, fever, rash, joint pain, or bright red eyes. only a fraction of those infected show symptoms and the cdc says they are typically mild. 80% of people never even know they have been infected. mountains this morning. that's a weak disturbance moving through. a weekend storm comes in tonight. it's now moving into idaho and nevada. it's going to be great snow. i mean, we have a little fresh snow this morning in the mountains. we will get great snow from tomorrow into sunday. so sunday should be tremendous skiing and boarding conditions in colorado's mountains. 20s, 30s, 40s. the chinook wind in evidence up
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the warm temperatures that we have. light snow decreases during the day. this is a really small disturbance going through the mountains now. wind continues through the day here on the front range. that moves us into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees for metro denver and douglas county. low-to-mid 50s in northern colorado. mostly 40s, but a few folks in the foothills could be bumping up pretty close to 50 degrees. there goes this morning's storm. by lunchtime it pretty much fizzles. and then the weekend storm for the mountains starts moving in tonight and then our big storm, of course, doesn't even form, it isn't even formed yet until sunday, and that's going to be around las vegas. 30s, 40s in the mountains. 50s here. 60s in the south. windy, warm, generally sunny. we start with clouds, but we will get sunny by the middle of the day. tonight clouds drift back in. at close to freezing. a couple of rain showers possible tomorrow evening. and then it looks like windy
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colder with snow monday tapering off to flurries on tuesday, wednesday. i was kind of hoping for a nice little warm-up middle of next week. i think i am going to be disappointed with that around here, amelia. we have to enjoy the warmth now while we have it. >> yeah. it looks like it flattens out in the 20s. waking up and looking outside and you are thinking dry roads, clear conditions. yes, for the most part that's what we're seeing. now, of course the volume is going to load up. so far a safe commute. a little bit of congestion across 76 and 270 coming into commerce city. but for a friday morning, all in all things are looking awesome. 10 minutes is the drive time across 225. both directions showing 65 miles per hour. and it's so windy out to the sky9 decided to stay on the ground areas in yellow, that's where you are going to see the most winds. now, we have gotten a lot of emails and questions about the north end of our drive. why is i-25 still sluggish approaching 84th avenue in such an extreme way?
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6:19. the broncos of course focused on super bowl 50 and the carolina panthers. some more interested in peyton manning and the accusation that he took hgh. a banned substance. after practice yesterday, manning stood behind the podium
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the country. he told them that he welcomes the investigation. manning says he stands by the comments that he made after the al-jazeera report came out initially last month. >> just like i said back in december, i do welcome it. it's no news to me. i still stand by what i said then, that i welcome it and it's garbage from the first day it came out and still garbage today. >> peyton didn't want to talk about the other question. he is talking about this [ inaudible ] last rodeo. some say they heard him thank patriots head coach bill belichick because this is his last game. instead, he joked about privacy in the postgame conversations. >> everyone eavesdropping, right? broncos players got a little one on one time with the lombardi trophy. the players and coaches posed with the grand prize for photographs and videos. the images will be used on the scoreboard and in broadcasts
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a colorado company is going to be featured on the field for super bowl 50. their product prominently displayed on the jerseys of both the broncos and the panthers. fiber lock, a fort collins company, makes the super bowl patches. so this year the design there features that golden 50 with the outline of the san francisco skyline with the lombardi trophy. the owner says knowing that the hometown team is wearing their patches makes it extra special this year. >> going to be lucky for us. >> yes, it is. well, we have a crew heading to the super bowl of course, including cheryl preheim is going to be down there monday reporting on the morning show. >> matt is going as well. i will be in santa clara. he will be in san francisco with the whole sports team. if you are not making the trip, don't worry. we will take you everywhere. it will be a lot of fun. >> it will, yeah. can't wait. hey, burglers went after a big prize in texas. big prize.
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getaway very well. we will show you this botched heist when we come back. >> hilarious. around here we are looking at snow next week. you know, we have had some pretty snowy februaries just recently. last year, no all in one storm, but we are over 22 inches of snow in february. in 2012, we had a big storm. the 3rd, 4th of february most of the 20 inches that fell during the course of that month fell during that storm. again today's highs 50s to near 60 degrees. as we look ahead in the snow forecast, by the time we get to early in the middle part of next week we could have tremendous snow in southeastern colorado and mountain areas and even here for the front range. you're still looking at pushing either side of a foot of snow. again looking at a major storm. we will evolve the forecast over the weekend. there is still a lot to talk about between now and monday. >> yeah. you're a busy man. we are looking at changing
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country with the snow that marty told us about i-70 near vail pass. they enforced traction laws for drivers there approaching vail pass on both sides. you need snow tires, all-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive vehicle. we are seeing initial delays southbound 25 from 112th to 84th avenue. if you are waking up downtown, heading to the tech center, now is the time to do it. a nice easy 15-minute drive.
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welcome back. 625. colorado's aspen trees are healthier. the tree killing pine beetle
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they say our state's aspens are doing generally well. many of the trees died off in previous years and could fall easily. the forest service says the spruce trees are still at work. another bug is attacking those specific trees. >> boy, there are so many dead trees up there though. it seems so sad to me. you might not believe watching this video. check it out. but not a single accident happened in this icy intersection. this is azerbajan. the brakes were useless and the road was so icy you can see all these buses just flying through. some losing control. no cars hit buses. no cars hit cars. no drivers, you know, had problems. it was just they all slid through the intersection and managed to escape each other. >> all those people so close to the road. what are they thinking? >> i know. you see the guy with the camera is taking video of it.
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yeah, and they slide through the intersection. look at that. >> solid ice. >> i hope we are not looking into your future. >> right. >> we handle it better than that. >> we know what we're doing in the snow. >> yes, we do. this story is my favorite story. it's catching on across the country online today. burglars beware. make sure your getaway car is big enough. a sheriff's office in texas posted this picture. they arrived on the scene of a burglary in progress yesterday afternoon and caught the men trying to fit a giant safe into a tiny car. >> what? >> what? the men ran away. obviously, deputies caught them. they are facing felony charges. >> that might be karma right
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this is 9news. at high clouds and windy conditions for the front range. we have snow moving through colorado's mountains right now. a lot of places less than half an inch here or there. more snow on the way for this weekend. >> brace for it. we have faith the broncos will win a we can a week -- we have faith the broncos will win. what's at stake in the super mitzvah. a police officer's perspective. we are hearing the frantic
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are getting a first look at the extraordinary measures an officer took to try to save the life of a high school student in parker. good morning everyone. welcome to 9news at 6:30. i am corey rose with gary shapiro and cheryl preheim. marty and amelia are joining us. marty, a super warm friday and a messy monday? >> absolutely. snowy around here. you know, i would love to tell you exactly how much snow we are going to get. we are talking about a storm a couple thousand miles away. it won't even form until sunday around las vegas. talking about mountain snow, it's been pretty modest overnight. few places getting a couple of inches. not much going down south just yet. but we are looking at additional snow. this is just during the day today. looks like about a 1-3 inch snow in mountain areas. that's today. that snow fizzles out by this afternoon. but we have more snow headed on the way. winds picking up around here between 20 and 30 miles per hour at the base of the foothills
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per hour in the foothills. that's keeping temperatures up. we are in the 40s and 50s already at lower terrain around here with teens and 20s out west. our forecast today shows us with some clouds this morning, thinning this afternoon. 50s and 60s in eastern colorado. the snow in the mountains this morning dropping down, but there is more mountain snow on the way before next week's big storm. amelia, there is so much going on. i think you just mentioned yes. marty. i was feeling so popular. my phone was buzzing and going often again and again and i thought who is texting me? it's cdot because we are signed they are telling us traction eisenhower tunnel. your drive along i-70 so slick. so traction laws and chain laws, they are very different. chains required for semis. traction laws all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive is required or snow tires out to the west as that mountain drive changes. the windy area in yellow, well that is growing.
6:27 am
it's extending very close to downtown. it's going to be gusty. 36 so far the speeds are not affected. travel times looking good with the windy conditions. 225 up to 12 minutes southbound at 5 miles per hour. cheryl, your drive out to dia may be a little gusty, but so far problem free. >> thanks, amelia. it is 6:33 now. the video shakes as an officer runs towards the icy water. his camera recording the moments he saved a teenager's life. we are getting our first look at that video this morning. not survive. in parker this morning. noel, this video takes you inside those frantic moments, and it is prompting an important change for all police officers in parker? >> reporter: yeah, it sure is, yesterday parker police announced that they would be equipping 75 patrol cars with rescue ropes. officer trey biles could have
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to rescue one of those teenagers stuck on the ice. instead, he had to think outside of the box. officer trey biles' bodycam starting rolling as he begins to improvise. officer biles makes his way to the icy retention pond with a 15-foot aspen tree. he shouts to cole robinson, who is stuck in the icy water. the officer asks about the other boys. cole holds on as officer biles pulls him to safety. >> i am extremely happy that cole made it out of the water. you know, your heart is broken for not being able to help the other two. >> reporter: patric lantz and max gantnier were in the frigid water too long.
6:29 am
a bright spot for a tragic day in parker. officer biles was asked if he was a hero. he said cole robinson is a hero for making it out of the pond alive. he said when he was rescuing cole he didn't have any dexterity in his hands or fingers. he had to grasp that aspen tree with just his forearms. thankfully, he was able to make >> incredible rescue. we sure think that that police officer is a hero for sure. thank you. it's 6:35. a 16-year-old girl is in jail on $1 million bond. today brooke higgins will be back in court to find out if that bond stands. higgins along with another as adults and are accused of classmates at mountain vista high school in highlands ranch. higgins was arrested in december. the man who shot and killed
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his punishment today. jose king gunned down amanda anders in 2014. king tried to run, but he was tracked down and arrested. he was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder. king is scheduled for sentencing this afternoon. it is 6:36 on the dot right now. this morning the debate conversation is still largely centered around the one candidate who didn't show up. seven candidates for the seventh gop debate, the last chance to persuade voters before the first caucus. the republican presidential candidates pulled no punches. tarhonda thomas joins me here. trump meant more talk time for everybody else. >> reporter: think about how much i'm takes up. you get a sense they were happy he wasn't around. talking time in this trump-free debate. without donald trump at the podium, ted cruz took his place at center stage, literally and an impression of what -- audiences an impression of what trump would have said.
6:31 am
stupid, fat, and ugly, and ben you're a terrible surgeon. now we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> reporter: cruz was the most discussed on facebook, and a lot of the conversation on stage centered around him. he and marco rubio had some bitter exchanges. >> the truth is, ted, through this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. you worked for george w. bush's campaign. >> reporter: their roles in the senate immigration reform bill. jeb bush also got in on the debate. >> he led the charge to fix to immigration problem then he cut and run because it wasn't popular amongst conservatives, i guess. >> reporter: bush trailed rand paul, ben carson and chris christie in the facebook discussions last night. all of this happening without donald trump, who held his own event, and the other candidates couldn't be happier that he wasn't on stage. >> did you miss donald trump tonight? >> not at all.
6:32 am
we have had of all the debates. >> reporter: according to the last nbc news poll before the debate, trump led the republican path with 32% of the likely vote. cruz was at 25%. we will see in the next round of polls if the trump-free debate made a difference. many of the republicans last night turned some of their attacks on hilary clinton. they seemed to have little faith that vermont senator bernie sanders could beat her. sanders leads in some polls in iowa and new hampshire. come monday night both clinton and sanders could be fighting to get votes that would otherwise go to the third democratic candidate martin o'malley. under caucus rules if too few people show up to support o'malley, voters can change their votes to clinton or sanders. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman is going to be in iowa for us this weekend. he is going to preview, of course, the first in the nation caucus and talk about the candidates' final push for votes on sunday and monday. of course, a wrap-up and
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monday night at 9 and 10. he will join us tuesday morning on the show to analyze what the picture. today. 1-3 inches. snow intensifies again tonight through the day tomorrow into sunday morning. next bigger storm comes in. by the way, tomorrow evening we rain. 10 to 20 inches of snow rabbit ears. 8-16 to the south and west. glenwood springs, carbondale, steamboat springs, 4-8 inches of snow. winter park, summit county area down into the kenosha pass area 6-12 inches of new snow. similar amounts to above 10,000 feet in the san juans. 3-6 around gunnison. up around the extreme northwest corner of the yampa valley. again, this is the storm before the big storm. we have a lot going on in colorado over the next few days.
6:34 am
a little bit unsettled. >> we love an adventure. >> thank you. so we bet the broncos will win and lots of people agree.
6:35 am
bring your orange and bring your enthusiasm. the team leaves for san francisco this sunday for a full week of preparations in california. so on sunday denver is having a rally from 1 to 2:30. the city says the rally will go on snow or sunshine. bring an extra layer of original if it's cold and head downtown. it will be fun on sunday. >> lots of fans to warm you up. we have faith that the broncos will win a week from
6:36 am
and so they are making wagers on the game. the rabbi of temple emanuel in denver made a wager with the synagogue in charlotte. they are calling it a super mitzvah. it raises money for charity. the winner gets two-thirds of the pot. the loser gets a third. >> i don't think that god is a broncos fan, although the sun sets are blue and orange. i do not believe that god prefers one team over the other, and that if that were the case the team that prayed the hardest would be the team that won. >> see? okay. we have also heard that presbyterians and methodists are getting into the act. they are competing with counterparts in charlotte to see who can collect more food for the needy. we have links on how you can participate in all these faith competitions on our 9news app and on >> i love these wagers. they are paying it forward. doing something good. and i agree with the rabbi. i believe the sunsets are broncos colors.
6:37 am
we hasn't heard from the mayors in denver and charlotte on super bowl betting plans just yet. many others are having fun with it. >> already they are. challenging the north carolina zoo, the ceos of the zoo, they have to wear the winning team's jersey in front guests. >> if the broncos win, directors from the columbine zoo and the western north carolina nature center will greet guests in the jersey of the winning team at the entrance to the zoo. >> they are not dressing up the answers though? >> no. they have to have a sign that says congratulations, denver. >> see what i'm saying? >> yeah, yeah. our symphonies are getting in on the action. the colorado symphony and
6:38 am
we need something really good. so if you have an idea, send it on twitter and use the hashtag >> all right. sounds good. that's going to be a lot of bets going on. marty, i bet you we win. what do you want to bet? >> i have a bet going with my daughter. >> you do? >> so that's all the betting i can do, guys. >> okay. that. for us over the weekend light snow mountains today. heavier snow saturday. sunday morning that snow begins to fall apart. then we begin to see the storm we have been talking about for several days form around las vegas. right now it does appear that it's going to take a slightly more southerly track. bear in mind that could change over the weekend. belen and danielle will keep you up to date on that. notice some of the heavier know. i am talking about big snow totals into southern colorado.
6:39 am
slammed. even so, this thing is so big i put us in the 8 to 16-inch range in the front range. a foot or two in southeastern colorado. the numbers will change as this storm evolves and develops over the weekend. so don't get married, amelia, okay? >> definitely got that one covered, marty. >> okay. >> i can't believe i just said that. all right. i-25 here across arapahoe your northbound stretch a little sluggish approaching 225 and santa fe. we like this drive. if you are waking up in the dtc, yes, nice and clear. no problems to worry about. as for the winds, that's the area in yellow. i want you to keep in mind as we head through the day we will see ongoing delays load up across 225, slowdowns in the teens and 20s. also it's winter bike to work week. it wraps up today. today is officially the last day. with this warm weather we have about. corey, of course we want to use extra caution. but enjoy the ride.
6:40 am
many people out. i like it. then they are going to hunker away. >> right. back to the cars. >> amelia, thank you. president obama wants to take a closer look at how big companies pay employees. the administration plans to collect more data on equal pay sorted by gender, race and ethnicity. it includes all business as we 100 or more employees. the goal is to identify companies not paying people fairly. the first reports are due in september 2017. today investors expect airbag company takata to announce its ceo is on the way out. the chief executive says he is willing to resign to demonstrate they are taking responsibility for the massive airbag recall. the airbags can explode and shoot shrapnel inside a car. 11 deaths are linked to that defect, and nearly 50 million vehicles around the world have already been recalled. it is 6:47 right now.
6:41 am
francis in philadelphia when he visited is up for sale. the pope used two fiat 500l model cars to get around during his visit last year. one of them is going to stay on display at the philadelphia auto show. the other will be put up for auction. they say money from the sale will go to ministries and missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> papal's choice. >> yeah. trending this morning, one family of brothers is wrestling royalty in minnesota. all it took was 714 wins. >> wow. >> the brothers all compete in wrestling. all ten boys. and now they hold the record for most career wins by a set of brothers. the coach says there has been a bowsen on the wrestling team for more than 28 years. >> that's what's special about it. we have had a bossen on the team ever since i started coaching
6:42 am
>> neither mom nor dad have wrestled themselves. they didn't push the boys to pick up wrestling. the record is expected to stand for quite a while. i would guess so with 714 wins. >> can you imagine if you are the youngest and you're like, i am not interested. >> it would not happen. >> whether you like it or not. all right. lots more to come on 9news, including another look at the storm that is brewing for the start of next week. could be interesting. >> yeah. and did you know making your room look larger may be as paint? >> i painted yesterday. nice color. i like it. >> when i do it it's in my hair and everywhere. >> so the tricks of the trade today on fix this on 9news at noon and also today we're well into winter and that likely means that your garage floor is >> it is. if it doesn't look like this now, after next week's big snow it's going to.
6:43 am
the fix this crew has great tips
6:44 am
light snow in the mountains during the day. mostly this morning. about 1-3 inches. that's the system that's coming through right now. this mass of moisture is going to start in the mountains late tonight and tomorrow. so rain and snow in the mountains and west until sunday morning, and then we will have a third system which will be the billinger one -- bigger one that lasts several days.
6:45 am
several areas around metro denver. chinook winds warming us rapidly this friday. light snow in the mountains. decreases during the day. i wish i could say the wind would calm down. it will not. gusts at or above 35 miles per hour through the day today. that's true in the western suburbs also. low 50s up north to mid 50s. again west of i-25 a little warmer than east of i-25. a couple places in the metro denver, especially littleton, highlands ranch, ken caryl, hitting close to 60 degrees today. there goes that morning snow. watch the next system as it moves through utah and then into western colorado late tonight. temperatures today in the 30s. 40s in the west. colorado. we are pushing 60 around here. we will surpass 60 in the southeast. now. we anticipate these to move off during the morning. 58 degrees today. high clouds drift back in
6:46 am
freezing. a couple of light showers during the evening tomorrow. rain showers, that is. then light snow sunday evening. still looking at windy, colder, and snowy, especially on monday with upwards of 8-16 inches of snow. that's our current range. it's a preliminary forecast. you are going to have to stay up on that over the weekend to see if we need to change the numbers for you. it looks like the storm will be moving out tuesday, wednesday. however, it will be quite cold on the back side of this storm. how are we doing on this friday light thing, amelia? >> it can only last so long. everybody eventually has to get out in the cars and get out to work. we want to talk specifically about i-25 and 110th leading into 84th avenue. typically, it looks similar to this. but it's been a little bit worse than usual because of some ongoing roadwork extending 25 towards 84th avenue. cdot sent out a press release
6:47 am
delays. what's being done in the area? they are widening the road and doing drain work in the area. spots in yellow, that's the windiest portion of our drive. area. that big area of gusty conditions willest all across i-70 -- will estee cross i-70. starting with noel brennan. gary. for the first time we are getting a look at incredible bodycam video from a parker police officer who rescued one of those teenagers that was stuck in an ice pond back on january 14th. take look at this. biles' robinson. that teenager. he runs with an aspen tree, a 15-foot long aspen tree that he just happened to find, and he pulled cole robinson to safety.
6:48 am
one that day and another about two weeks later. interestingly, parker police now making the change, guys. they are adding rescue ropes, 75 of them, to all the patrol cars it allow officers to help others in these kinds of situations. corey. >> a good change. incredible video to watch there. noel, thank you. is turning to twitter and thanking those who helped him raise six veterans. trump was a no show for the caucuses. still he was a topic of conversation before the other presidential candidates turned on each other. immigration was the maintopic. the democrats come monday night, both clinton and sanders could be fighting to get votes that might otherwise go to the third democratic candidate martin o'malley. under caucus rules if too few people show up to support o'malley, voters have a chance
6:49 am
clinton or bernie sanders. 6:56 right now. back -- [ inaudible ] [ technical difficulties ] it will be brief and isolated and it's >> so travelers ated and it's almost impossible in colorado. >> so travelers need to be aware. peyton manning says he investigation into his accusations that he has their home. he stood behind the podium not changed. have used it. he says the al-jazeera report
6:50 am
then and garbage now. about that conversation that somebody says they eavesdropped on midfield with bill belichick rodeo. >> poor peyton. >> it's going to be a long week for him. we have a big crew heading to the super bowl to bring you broncos. i'll be joining them. week department. we will take the trip for you so you can stay on your couch. >> do you have room in your luggage bag? i want to go. >> corey was so nice and is letting me borrow a lot of orange jackets. >> all right. trix are for everyone, right, when you are a cereal lover. we are going to talk about that coming up. first, let's check in with marty. >> windy, warm today. rain showers tomorrow. we are anticipating that snow
6:51 am
on monday. flurries around here tuesday, wednesday, thursday. i was hoping for a quick warm-up. we are not going to get it next week. we even have a chance for a flurries late next week into the weekend. >> the snow is going to be sticking around for a while. >> that's for sure. all right. thank you much. congratulations. you made it through the week.
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