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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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the first of two storms is ving into the northwest now, mainly bringing snow to the highcountry overnight into saturday. the metro area could see a few flurries saturday night. the big storm, major storm we're watching arrives sunday evening. >> there it is. it's still the warm before the storm right now, though. looks beautiful out there. but those winds have been whipping around the front range all day. i could hear it howling this morning. meteorologist belen de leon is in the weather center. when are the winds going to die down? >> i know, you're not the only one. my kids this morning were looking out the window, mommy, it's so windy! >> wakes you up. >> my dog was freaking out. >> your furry child. let's take a look at where the winds are right now. those winds into this evening are still going to be gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour in and around the foothills. winds have died down a tad, about 11, even 25 miles per hour, and strong winds toward the eastern plains as well that have been gusting up to 30 miles per hour.
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this evening, although no watches or warnings or advisories have been issued because of the winds. but those westerly winds certainly did help warm us normal high. out at dia. made it feel like spring today under sunny skies. 57 currently in the downtown area. you'll notice closer to the foothills, temperatures in the 40s, even into the 30s up and over the divide. we'll have a few clouds in town this afternoon and evening, but still going to be a dry forecast as we head into this friday night. another view over the city, kind of a mix of that blue sky with high clouds. in the highcountry, winds have moved into winter park, over the first wave of snow is headed in our direction. now, that snow is expected to increase overnight in the highcountry, especially along the i-70 stretch and for our northern mountains. that's why a winter storm warning will go into effect starting at midnight. it's going to continue all the way through sunday morning. that's how long we're expecting for this first batch of snow to
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measuring snowfall in our central and northern mountains up to about a foot of snow in some spots. down south, also very nice snow is expected as well for some of our ski resorts. from 6 to 12 inches, a possibility, certainly something to keep in mind if you travel over wolf creek, over u.s. 550. but the winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight and also lasts through midnight on saturday. we had a winter storm watch in effect for the front range mountains. seems that one has been upgraded. let's take a look a that the for you coming up and give it to you in the full forecast. check out how much our rain chances, our precipitation chances will actually go up. over the weekend, tomorrow, a chance for flurries in the metro area and evening showers on sunday, another chance for snow, especially in the evening. then it really goes up on monday, up to about a 90% and the snow is expected to continue into tuesday. brandon and kim, there is a saying that pacific front, mountains get the brunt. southeast low, denver gets the snow.
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next week, both could come true. we'll give you more on that snow forecast. >> so everything applies! >> yeah, a little bit of everything, huh? >> all of the above! it's windy and warm, just a couple of days ago. >> yep, a little bit of everything, but spring weather will be coming to an end and we'll see changes over the weekend. >> we know you'll keep on top of it. thanks, belen. we now know the name of the off-duty jefferson county deputy shot on tuesday. police say deputy jose marquez was visiting his girlfriend on east adriatic drive about a block south of east evans avenue. sources tell 9news the deputy is awake, alert and talking. he is stable, but still in the icu. police don't believe the suspects knew deputy marquez and say they were trying to rob him. one suspect, who is under 18, suffered a gunshot wound at the scene and needed surgery. the second took off on foot. a $6000 reward is being offered for information that leads to that person's arrest.
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played for the broncos in super bowl xxxii and 33 has been indicted as part of an international drug trafficking, sports gambling and money laundering ring. 47-year-old derek lavelle allegedly sold drugs in arizona for the crime ring. he and 21 others were charged yesterday. the indictment says lavelle and others distributed drugs through a company called odog enterprise and collected payment from customers throughout the united states. the indictment also states that members of the group used collectors to threaten individuals who owed money. the maximum penalty for the racketeering charge is life in prison. an anonymous tip prompted an investigation at horizon high school in thornton this morning. the safe to tell hotline got a tip about a weapon at the school. adams 12 five star schools says horizon school security and local law enforcement determined the threat was not credible, but they added more security on campus just to be safe. parents got a note about the
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safe to tell is an anonymous threat-gathering system created after the shootings at columbine high school. state officials say it's prevented more than two dozen attacks since it was created. the safe to tell hotline is free. students can call in or text. we have information about that hotline posted for you on police in parker say they are still searching for a person of interest in a bank robbery. the champion bank on centre court was robbed yesterday. police say the robber was armed with a handgun that appeared to have a laser sight. the person was wearing a sweatshirt and sweat pants and disguised with a nylon mask, fake mustache and beard. if you have information about the robbery or possible stoppers, 720-913-stop. cash reward. for the first time, the obama administration is confirming hillary clinton's unsecured home server contained some information classified at
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top secret. the state department released more e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state tonight. seven e-mail chains contain 22 e-mails with top secret designation and will be withheld from this release. department officials haven't described the substance of the e-mails on her server or if they were sent by clinton herself. the associated press reports another key detail that the state department is now investigating whether any e- mails were classified back at the time when they were sent. in october, clinton told 9news emphatically that they weren't. when asked about the wisdom of her decision to use a private server. >> to someone who thinks that might have been a foolish move, what would you say about your judgment generally? >> well, nothing i sent or received was marked classified at the time. that is an absolute fact. it's been verified over and over and over again. so i think that we'll have a chance to explain what that means, if people don't understand it.
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of the word "marked" to qualify that answer. but today's news only fuels suspicion among primary voters there could be another shoe to drop in the clinton e-mail story, which takes us to the first primary contest. iowa's caucus are monday. democratic candidates, vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton are there making a hard push in the final days. sanders spent the day meeting with voters at iowa wesleyan college. he says the race in iowa comes down to continuing with establishment politics and economics or the nation having the, quote, courage to help working families. on the gop side, texas senator ted cruz is telling iowa voters he is the only true conservative in the gop presidential race who could be trusted to keep his word. >> that is what this campaign is about. that's what monday night's caucus is about. do we go?
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establishment politics? same old same old, or do we have the courage to do what's right for working families all over this country? >> you want to understand just how bad it is? i read in the clips today that bob dole said that he was very dismayed that michael bloomberg was thinking about mounting an independent campaign for president. because if he did, it would split the moderate and liberal vote with hillary and would elect ted cruz as president. >> i'll be heading to iowa for 9news this weekend. look for previews of the first in the nation caucus and the push for votes on sunday and monday. we'll wrap up results and reaction from the hawk eye state on monday on 9news, as well as the morning shows on tuesday. one of three inmates who escaped from a california jail
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the orange county sheriff's office says that 43-year-old battian dung was taken into custody in santa ana this morning. all three were considered extremely dangerous when the escape happened. dung faces attempted murder charges and has vietnam gang ties. he and the other two suspects cut through steel bars, made their way through plumbing tunnels and rappeled off a roof to bring out of the maximum security facility. 31 people in 11 states in washington, dc are confirmed to have the zika virus in the united states. this comes as the brazilian president says her government has launched a nationwide operation to eliminate breeding areas for the mosquitoes that transmit the zika virus. researchers have linked it to a rare birth defect. most people exposed to zika suffer only mild symptoms, but the risk is far greater for pregnant women because of a possible link to a birth defect and neurological problems. this is a map of the areas affected. more airlines and cruise carriers are also now offering
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currently booked for trips to where the zika virus is a health concern. united, delta, american and jetblue have all joined other carriers in mostly affected areas in latin america and the caribbean. with all of this, scientists in the united kingdom are working on a new weapon to fight zika. they are purposely introducing more mosquitoes in the air in a bid to stop the virus from breeding. to explain this all is nbc reporter kelly kobia. >> reporter: we're here in the egg breeding lab of oxy tech, a company in the united kingdom, which is using mosquitoes to fight mosquitoes. this is the 80th egypti, about 12,000 in these four cages. this is the specific species of mosquito which spread zika and dengue fever. these mosquitoes are not the same you would find in the wild. they are all genetically modified. they can't survive very long outside of this lab setting. scientists have been taking the
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problematic wild population where there is some sort of an outbreak and they breed with the females. >> there are actually 3 million believe it or not. and we can ship these very easily around the world to different areas where we're treating, treating the mosquito and trying to remove the mosquito with our technology. don't survive. they never make it into adulthood. they have been able, in studies, to wipe out 90% or more of a specific problematic population of mosquito. just to give you an idea, the best mosquito eradication programs with chemicals can only get rid of, best case, 30 to 50% of a population. so it's been hugely successful. it's already being used on a small scale in brazil. they are looking at scaling it up because of the zika virus and its spread, and the fda is
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for use in the united states. back to you. >> and the fda is reviewing it, as we said. have to try to figure out how to get rid of them. a school safety advocate is concerned with the proposed design of an elementary school in boulder, with lots of open spaces and glass walls, putting into question where kids would in. 9 wants to know got a call about the new design for creekside elementary that would replace the older school currently there. boulder valley says it's excited about the school's open design, calling it a warm learning environment with lots of flexible open space. school safety advocate jean michel keys, whose standard response protocol is used in boulder drills says lock downs, locks, out of sight could be difficult to practice with walls of glass. >> certainly i'm not here to tell the community of boulder
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important communities look at our history. seeing this amount of glass inside a school with classroom walls i think is insane. >> in the event that we need to secure, there will be places in every one of the communities that we can secure and also out of sight as well, so it wouldn't be like where they are every day, but we can move them into spaces so it's a combination of solid walls, open spaces, and glass walls. and so part of the training when we move into the new facility will be to make sure stavinoha in the event we need to have a more expense security, where they would take the children, how they would do a more formal lockdown. >> voters decided to upgrade creekside elementary through a bond initiative and should open in 2017. the school district says the facility will have a ballistics resistent laminate on the front entry glass. a fifth grade class in denver started studying immigration when they realized
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about this was to share their own stories. mclone elementary school is mostly made up of latino students. paul clifton's fifth grade class decided to interview their parents about their experience with immigration. some of them are undocumented. they put together a podcast called the immigration of room 121. students want to share the podcast online to help people understand the reasons why their families came to america. >> those stories can impact our classroom and also impact the world if we tell those stories and allow everyone to learn and develop empathy. >> students share their project with the school community during an assembly thursday night. clifton says parents were happy to share their stories to let their voices be heard. >> connecting the classroom to real life. >> how about that? yeah, saying wow, let's interview our families. a long-time broncos fan scored a set of tickets to the super bowl, thanks to a little help from his daughter and from
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>> fathers, be good to your daughters. 80-year-old cecil newell has been a broncos season ticket holder for 45 years. he and his wife regularly attended games until she developed alzheimers and eventually passed away. cecil's daughter managed to get tickets to the big game for her dad. she sent an e-mail to the denver broncos, explaining his story, and asking them to honor cecil. she didn't expect the team to super bowl 50. >> i had no idea they were going to offer tickets. and so we're in shock. we're excited. we still need to get airline tickets, which we're going to do right now, now that we have them. i think it was a little disbelief and shock. the whole family is rallying around them, though, and we're excited that he gets to go to the 50th with peyton manning. >> isn't that wonderful? leona will go with her dad to the game. thankful. and, you know, if you wonder if that alzheimers connection made a difference, good for her for
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really neat. >> yeah, it's called the big ask. >> sometimes you never know until you ask. right? >> no one can say yes or no unless you ask. a denver broncos car crushed a carolina panthers vehicle at an auto shop in denver today. >> oh, yeah, this happened. elder auto made this car crush to symbolize how the super bowl will turn out. the bright orange mini van is exciting panthers mobile. the owner of the shop says the cars will be out there until the broncos win the super bowl. he says this is just a way to have fun, support the team and, you know, get a lot of people fired up. >> the broncos are going to win by backing over them? >> whatever it takes. crushing them, for sure. >> that's the important part. also in football news, even though this team is not in the big game, it's a big deal to people that follow the san diego chargers. the san diego chargers chairman says the team will play in san
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with politicians and the business community to resolve a long battle over a new stadium. a statement was posted on the website shortly after a report said the chargers had reached a deal to join the l.a. rams in a stadium in inglewood in 2018. >> this happened a day after headquarters were announced in santa ana, california the day after. lots to develop out there. equal pay for equal work. next, the new push from the white house to figure out where the differences are and how much. >> as we head to a break, we'll
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. the obama administration is expanding a data collection program aimed at finding abuses of equal pay laws. in 2014, the president directed the labor department to collect data from federal contractors about what they pay employees sorted by gender, race and ethnicity. his new proposal will cover all businesses with 100 employees
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they contract with the government. the equal opportunity commission will collect that data. this comes on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the lily ledbetter fair pay act. president obama signed that in 2009. it's named for lily ledbetter, who discovered her employer was paying less than men doing the same job. the act allows unfair pay complaints to be filed within 180 days of a discriminatory paycheck. ledbetter was at the white house today. >> is it personal to women? it hurts us. it hurts our families, and it hurts our economy. >> we are proposing to collect and report pay data by race, ethnicity and gender from businesses with 100 employees or more. and the goal is to help businesses that are trying to do the right thing, like the ones here today, to get a clearer picture of how they can ensure their employees are being treated equally.
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companies would be due in september of 2017 after the obama administration. the administration's own estimates put the costs a bit under $400 per employer the first year and a few hundred dollars per year after that. flint, michigan is getting a $2 million help to deal with the contaminated water crisis. today, the governor of michigan signed emergency funding into law. this is the second round of state aid since the fall, when improperly treated water was found to have leached lead into the city's water supply. the money is to pay for bottled water, filters, and to help the city with unpaid water bills, funding to hire outside experts to decide if the infrastructure must be replaced or can be repaired. the so-called affluenza teen will stay in a texas juvenile detention facility, not adult jail, as prosecutors hoped.
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court today, after being deported from mexico yesterday. couch and his mother fled to mexico and missed a probation check-in in december. couch was put on probation after killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. the case got attention but the teen's lawyers used an expert who argued couch has affluenza, that he grew up so rich and sheltered, he didn't know his actions were wrong. that's not a medically recognized disorder, by the way. dozens of people came out today in defense of the two men featured in the netflix documentary "making a murderer." protesters shouted and held up signs outside the courthouse in wisconsin. a group is pushing for the release of steven avery and brendan dassey, convicted in 2007 in the murder of the death -- in the murder of teresa halbach. the show has convinced many the two did not get a fair trial. just this month, avery got a
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dassey is now being represented by the innocence project out of chicago. tonight, "dateline" will feature two sides of the case. >> fascinating. >> amazing what a big series can do for attention on a case. one man from centennial is waiting for a phone call to save his life. >> next, why he is working out
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. hundreds of people -- the kansas department of health and environment has been investigating a norovirus outbreak that sickened people after they attended certain performances at a kansas city dinner theater. at first, the outbreak sickened more than 100 audience members. the number has been bumped up to 390 people. health officials are investigating the source of that illness.
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bronchitis is actually a rare lung disease and that you will die unless you get a double lung transplant. and then the wait begins. 9news anchor kyle dyer met up with a man from centennial, who is facing this reality. >> reporter: before the sun even comes up -- >> how are you doing? >> doing okay. >> reporter: -- jerry car now ski is experg to get his body stronger before a double lung transplant. a workout like this used to be no problem for jerry, but a few years ago, he felt out of shape. >> do 1:45! >> reporter: and he would get out of breath really easily. >> got to the point where walking a flight of stairs, i would be gasping for air. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. idiopathic means unknown cause. >> that's right. >> reporter: jerry's lungs are
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functional because scar tissue keeps building. i was speaking with jerry's respiratory therapist to compare balloons to lungs. they say with a healthy set of lungs, oxygen moves much more freely into the bloodstream. but with other balloons that are stiff and hard to get air into, well, they are like lungs that are scarred by idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. and with lungs that have a lot of scarring, uke again can't get to the brain or other vital organs. >> life threatening sick. >> reporter: a team of doctors at uc health placed jerry on the transplant list a few months ago. a match depends on blood type and the size of the lungs. >> our typical wait is about 18 months. it can be as short as a few hours. it all depends on availability of lungs that are suitable for jerry and how sick he becomes. >> reporter: this 58-year-old single dad doesn't have anyone in his family who had this disease, let alone a transplant. >> how is that?
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ago, but doctors say they don't know if that led to this. >> i get frequent calls from the hospital and it rings in on the same number, and when i see that, sometimes i get excited, oh, is this it? >> one more eight, all the way up, and come on down. >> reporter: jerry can't work anymore. he says this therapy which makes him feel stronger and less stressed, is a life saver. >> six, all right. >> reporter: and so are his friends, who have rallied around him. >> no snapping, okay? >> i will go to the end of the earth for this guy. >> reporter: he needs that, because this is just the beginning. post transplant, he'll need to watch out for infection or his body rejecting the lung. but he's ready. >> good job. >> reporter: he's ready to literally get a new lease on life. with photo journalist adam vance, kyle dyer, 9news. >> and many of you may have noticed a familiar face at the end of that story. janet elway. she is one of many friends
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this is what you need. you need a team of friends to help in a time like this. his story calls attention to that's something you really should talk to your family about so they know your wishes. we have more information on how you can become a donor, on >> hope he gets what he needs. >> nice to see that. it doesn't matter if you're doing something like that, going through cancer, it takes a team of people around you to help you and support you and get your story out there. healthy. waiting for that call. >> fingers crossed. >> yeah. we are expecting snow to start falling tomorrow night in some areas. >> and belen is back with all
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look, kim! here it is, the bird is back. >> yeah!
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authority field was hanging out at our camera today. he or she, we think it's the >> yes. >> i don't know. >> tweet me, you can let me know. >> oh, a friend! >> wait, there's two of them. >> i think they are making super bowl plans. >> they got a family. >> they got to decide a good time to fly. >> if baltimore was in the picture, we could make jokes right now. ornithologist might strike us down. love to see the bird preening himself there. >> i'm telling you, they are making plans, flying out to california before the snow comes in. we're going to enjoy this warm weather while it lasts. showers could move into parts of the metro as early as tomorrow night. >> meteorologist belen de leon is with us again in the 9 backyard. what do we expect this weekend? >> those birds are smart. they are getting out, flying out while they can right now because they know changes are upon us when the weekend rolls around. we are going to see already that chance for some snow in
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sunday here on the front range, and much colder temperatures. you know, today is friday. by the way, congratulations! you made it to friday! this is how we started off our friday on the front range, with this picture from shannan luken. we're talking about the broncos, being all excited, a little more than a week and the super bowl will be here. thank you, shannon, for that orange sunrise. meanwhile in the city right now, kind of gray-looking. we had those flags that were moving a little bit more and the cloud that has just developed over the front range. usually when we have stronger winds and that cloud that develops, then that is also a sign that changes are upon us. the wind gusts for today closer to the foothills, gusting up to cottonwood pass. not the foothills. berthoud pass, 47. it's the same downsloping westerly winds that help get us about 10 degrees above our normal high. 54 was the high in the metro. day. same goes toward the eastern
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right now, 51 degrees at dia. here in the backyard, it's nice. folks, it's nice! i would not be out here without a jacket or coat if it wasn't nice. we're at 53 degrees. checking the weather across the state, starting off with northern colorado, we're in the 40s. east, low to mid-50s. in had the highcountry, 30s to 40s. teens in gunnison. wow! this webcam from western state university, that sun still in the sky, but reflecting against those high clouds over there. just a beautiful view over gunnison right now. those clouds have already started to move in and from our north and central mountains, but the snow is not expected to increase until the overnight hours and into here in the metro area, we've got clouds that are already set up as well, but have really dry evening in store for us. here's your future cast. i want to show you how the snow will develop overnight and into tomorrow, so possibly ski traffic headed into the mountains tomorrow early in the morning, you'll be driving on icy and snow-packed roads when
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here is a look at the forecast. at 8:00 a.m., still dry on i- 25. if you're headed out, maybe to walk the dog, you'll be okay. maybe a jacket at most, but you won't need that umbrella. into the evening is when we'll see a chance for showers. here in the metro, possibly mixing with snow. still very difficult drive around 5:00 along i-70 into the highcountry. now, earlier i showed you a winter storm watch that was in effect here, but it was upgraded to a warning. so front range mountains, i-70, northern mountains, central mountains, we're going to be looking at pretty big snowfall. blowing snow. we could see gusts up to about 60 miles per hour, especially on those east slopes, but possibility from 1 to 2 feet right here in that little area. that drive along 285 could be a difficult one as well this evening and into tomorrow and sunday early in the morning. now, where we don't have the winter storm warning, we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect tonight and lasts through midnight on saturday.
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pass, we could see from 6 to 12 inches. also near lake city, drive along 550 is going to be a difficult one, and out towards the western slope, 3 to 6 inches. again, snow increases tonight and into tomorrow in the mountains. it's going to stay dry still here on the front range tonight. 31 overnight. if you have date plans tonight, you should be in good shape. now, tomorrow our high is going to rise to about 54 degrees. we'll have a front that drops through into the afternoon. it's going to shift our winds, make it become breezy in the afternoon and it's also going to cause some showers, possibly sunday. but that's not the main event. what we have going on right now in our jetstream is this westerly flow bringing in all of this pacific moisture. that's the snow we'll see saturday into sunday. but into monday, we'll have this stronger storm that's going to be pushing in from the west. it's going to clip us coming in from the southeast. now, what do we know about that storm setting up in the southeastern part of colorado? it generally brings us a lot of
4:34 pm
but the models still are not in agreement as far as where that storm track is going to be. so because that storm track is still uncertain, the snow forecast is also uncertain. we have one snow forecast that gives us 6 inches. we have another one that gives us a foot. we have another one that gives us 18 inches. we still need to allow a little bit more time for that storm to approach us to have a better idea of how much snow we could see. we do know that the biggest, biggest impact will be monday and tuesday, and also with that chance of snow, we could see strong winds as well, so blizzard conditions are also possible. enjoy tomorrow! it's going to be a mainly dry day. we'll see that chance for showers into the afternoon and evening, a high of 54 degrees. then on sunday, we'll have a chance for more snow into the evening. it develops even more sunday evening into monday, but notice the drop in temperatures. we'll already start to feel a
4:35 pm
we'll start off your february with windy weather and also that chance for snow on monday. we'll hang on to the 20s through tuesday. then wednesday, high of 22 degrees. now, tuesday is groundhog day. punxsutawney phil, don't know what he's going to say. we know the winter-like weather for us here on the front range will last at least through friday and then we'll start to see a bit of a warmup as we approach next weekend when super bowl time rolls around. there you go. a little bit of everything for us in that seven-day -- nine- day forecast. >> yeah, we're trying to think about all the snow that's coming. got a lot of s's going on. >> i want to leave the "s" word i can. >> that's the deal. we want to be as caution as we can with our forecast. we don't want viewers to say we're hyping this up. we want to be careful and informed as possible so we can well. >> there could be quite a bit.
4:36 pm
>> keep watching. >> thanks, belen. nasa released this photo taken today from its curiosity mars rover. the photo combines 57 images taken earlier this month. it's a self portrait of the car- size mobile lab near a dune. >> that is the spot where it's been collecting and analyzing samples of martian sand. after the sand studies, researchers will evaluate possible locations for curiosity to go collect rock powder samples from bed rock. you're rossty has been collecting data on the red planet since it landed there cool robot selfie. quite a selfie. >> i can't beat that one. oh, my goodness. >> no broncos. >> so what are you going to do? >> i don't know. but we've got nine things in colorado this weekend. yes, i do know there is something fun for broncos fans that's going to be a week
4:37 pm
brendan rittiman with kim christiansen. unless you're planning a party for the pro bowl-- >> and who isn't? >> that's the one for people who didn't make the super bowl. >> yeah, and so they may not show up. >> you might feel lost without football in your life this weekend. don't worry. we've got you covered with our list of nine things to do this weekend on >> just because we can't watch the broncos play doesn't mean we can't celebrate them and get super duper excited for the super bowl. join mayor hancock and fans around the city and the state for an afternoon of music, fun and broncos, all-broncos at civic center park. this is video from the last rally in larimer square. the prep rally will go on snow or shine, as they say, sunday from 1:00 to 2:30 in the afternoon on the west side of the park. doesn't sound like it's going to be snowing yet. it's free to attend and should be a great time, way to rally with your bronco friends and pals. you can also watch more than 200 of the world's best
4:38 pm
competing for medals and prize money at the winter x games in aspen. this video is from last year. all sports competitions are free and open to the public. you can purchase tickets to live music performances at the base of butter milk mountain. dj snake and dead mouse are just two of the acts performing. again, you can find all of this information on head to the features page. one weekend hobby has really turned into a giant collection for a man in texas. >> check this out. many people think patrick's passion is farming, but inside his barn, these beer cans dating back to the 1930s and beyond. five years ago, he bought 28,000 beer cans from a collector in oklahoma. he won't say how much he paid for them. gosh, if i had family, i wouldn't say how much i paid. but thousands of cans sit organized and cataloged in boxes in a separate shed.
4:39 pm
the beer cans are joined by beer memorabilia, beer signs, and classic cars. that's a lot of boxes. >> usually clean them up after my folks had a party and noticing how many different kind of beer cans there were. i set them up on this little shelf out on the patio and it started growing. >> it is pretty cool, got to admit. his wife says he is really good at finding deals on craigslist. obviously. money. even found a 1972 charger. sunday marks national beer can appreciation day. >> really? >> who knew? >> i didn't. >> which celebrates the first canned beer when it went on sale in 1935. >> tied to an anniversary like that, i can dig it. that's fine. >> celebration. beer can day. slacker & steve are with us now. hey, guys. >> hey, i used to have -- remember when beers had the tab thing? i used to have a collection, i made a chain out of it.
4:40 pm
those is seeing them out camping, old, rusty ones. >> oh, yeah. about. >> i had a chain. it. >> i would go behind that beer all! see what you would get. >> yeah, that would be a lot. >> so what are you talking about with that shirt on, "call my agent." >> i know, it's a cry for help. [ laughter ] very subtle. >> one of you guys, or one of us is a psycho path. >> psycho! >> this is news. ceos, lawyers and people in tv and radio are most likely to be a psycho path. >> yeah, we're crazy. >> i don't want to point fingers, but -- [ laughter ] >> thinking back on my career, things are starting to make sense. no. >> exactly, right? >> isn't that weird? that we're drawn to these industries if we're psychos. >> i know. >> there's something wrong with us.
4:41 pm
don't push the wrong button. wow, there we go! >> maybe people could go to either the 9news facebook page or the slacker & steve facebook page and vote on who you think the psycho is! >> who is most likely the psycho path? >> of the four of us? >> see who gets the most votes. >> all righty. >> and the cry for help, the shirt. >> oh, yeah. not that you're pointing fingers! don't want to point. [ laughter ] >> i wear whatever. i dress in the dark. whatever is there, i put it on. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> i do miss my radio days. [ laughter ] >> yikes. >> fun, guys. >> super a good weekend! >> bye, guys! >> you crazy guys! wild and crazy guys! >> yes. there's only ever been one company that makes super bowl footballs. just one.
4:42 pm
a key part of the super
4:43 pm
aida, ohio. >> very, very important. the wilson football factory started making the game day balls on sunday night. we showed you yesterday some are already in california. wilson has produced every bowl. each ball is handmade and stamped with the broncos or the panthers name. both teams get 108 balls. number. >> look at that guy go! >> then they choose which balls to take to the super bowl. making the footballs, no easy more than 100 million people will tune in to see that game, of course, and see those footballs on television. >> that is correct. sunday night, we had a group of about 20 employees here. going. it was a special night and, again, the carolina one, we started snapping the balls up, been working around the clock since. >> this year's footballs are the first to have the number of the super bowl on them instead
4:44 pm
celebrate the 50th anniversary of the big game. >> many of us stuck on the roman numerals. >> i don't think everyone sees those and knows what that means. >> big 5-0. all good. the denver zoo is getting in on super bowl fun, like many others, with a friendly wager with the zoo and nature center in north carolina. >> if the broncos win, directors from the north carolina zoo and the western north carolina nature center will greet all guests in broncos gear and they will hold up a sign congratulating the broncos on a great win. should the broncos lose -- not going to happen -- but denver zoo president would wear a cam newton jersey in the plaza of the zoo, while holding a sign congratulating carolina. the zoo will give panthers- the big game. >> fun shots.
4:45 pm
grandparents . in december, 3-year-old sam
4:46 pm
his birthday, and of course the grandparents delivered! >> oh, my. >> you can see him driving his yellow toy truck around his neighborhood in tennessee. he even helped clear the snow after last week's big storm. >> sam got a special visit from the public works department to thank him for all of his hard work. >> look at him go out there! >> got a future! [ laughter ] >> i know what you're going to do. that's going to do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is next. >> stick around. . next at 5:00, a winter storm due to arrive along the front range this weekend could make other storms this month look like a walk in the park. >> also ahead, a few reminders this afternoon that wildfires in colorado can flare up any time of the year. >> and a mistake this week by crews preparing the field for
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