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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 30, 2016 1:14am-1:50am MST

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the end of the weekend. several inches of snow and winds are in the forecast and there will be a quick burst of snow in between that could fool some people. kathy sabine is in the weather center tracking it for us. >> it is a complex forecast. we are mild and dry in the city. that brings temperatures into the mid 40s and low 50s across the metro area. but we are tracking a cool front from the north that will be here tomorrow night bringing a light dusting of snow. people will think that's the storm. in the day. then the storm moves out. but it is a second stronger storm taking shape in the pacific that has issued the national weather service to advisories. eight to 16 inches of snow possible sunday morning with a winter storm warning we have winter weather advisories out across the western slope and southern foothills. in denver, high and mid level cloud to night.
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but the snow will ramp up in the high country. some of that snow moves into if city tomorrow night. that will fool people. they will think that's the storm and that's not it. the storm really doesn't get here until sunday night. so tomorrow, we are looking pretty good and sunday looks pretty good. we get the little snow squall in between christine, but sunday night into monday, some of the models have well over a foot of snow in denver and along the front range. we will talk a lot more about a coming up. >> thanks kathy. plenty of skiers hoping to tear up new powder this weekend. found a lot of their friends on i-70 tonight. traffic? yeah, it was pretty slow going in the high country. cdot reported 30 minute delays from c-470 to empire. it could be a long drive home. with snow on the way, the express lane on eastbound i-70 will in the be open if snow
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no weather or chain laws are in effect. cdot should have the information up on highway signs. in the last three months, cdot says the traction law has been put into effect 145 times on mountain road corridors. when the traction law is in effect, all vehicles need snow tires or four-wheel drive and tread has to be a minimum of an eight of an inch thick. without the right equipment, fines range up to $650. if your car ends up blocking other people. it was hard today to even think about the snow and the cold on the way to the next week while soaking in the beautiful sunshine today. even with the wind, people outside enjoying a drink on the patio or going for a run in shirts and just shorts. not your typical activities for the final friday in january. though things are going to change here in a couple of days. this coming storm could be the biggest of the season. and the biggest that we have seen in quite a few years. the storm back in mid december dropped 7.7 inches at dia.
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six inches february of last year. the last time we had nine inches of snow in denver was a storm in february of 2013. are you noticing a trend here? february has been a big month for snow in denver and last february, we broke a record going back 103 years for the most snow in that month. if we want to break that record again, we will need just over 22 inches of snow. now, the coming storm is expected to impact travel out at the airport starting as early as tomorrow night. airlines are keeping a close eye on the situation. as you can imagine. frontier, already allowing passengers traveling out of denver to make changes. if you have a flight or expect someone to arrive, keep a close eye on the changes and other updates happening this weekend. the update has been releasing the e-mails from hillary clinton's private servers for several months now,
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series of e-mails not released. it comes days before the iowa caucuses. in all, 37 pages of e-mails have top secret information. several e-mail chains are being held in their entirety from the release of documents this evening. state department spokesman john kirby says they have not been designated top secret when they were sent, but confirmed a separate review is underway as to whether the information contained in the messages was classified at the time. hillary clinton's campaign said it appear to be overclassification run amok by intelligence services. here is what hillary clinton told me in october. >> to someone who thinks that might have been a foolish move, what crowd cow say about your judgment generally? >> nothing i sent or received was marked classified at the time. that is an absolute fact. it has been verified over and over and over again. so, i think that we will have a
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means if people don't understand it. >> reporter: it is worth noting the use of the word marked to qualify that answer. which could be what this all ends upcoming down to. but today's news only fueled suspicion among primary voters there could be another shoe to drop in the clinton e-mail story. i will be heading to iowa for 9news this weekend. look for previews of the first in the nation caucuses and the candidates' final push for votes sunday and monday and a wrap up of results and reactions monday night at 9:00 and 10:00. also on tuesday morning. a few rare january brush fires around colorado today. flames scorched just a few acres of open space behind monarch high school in louisville. the fire was contained before it reached the school. another fire at fort carson this afternoon. burned 1500 acres but no structures threatened there.
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broncos superbowl team is making headlines. derek lavel could face life in prison after he was indicted in a drug trafficking ring. steve staeger is here now with more on this case. steve? >> reporter: a total of 22 people were indicted in this entire ring. an alleged criminal enterprise led by a former usc football player. they are accused of distributing drugs, running an illegal gambling ring and money. >> reporter: derek ended his career in the superbowl. but federal prosecutors now accuse him of taking on another career in his retirement. they allege that he became part of what they call odog enterprise. an illegal gambling and drug ring established by owen hanson. 22 people were charged this week in connection with the ring. prosecutors say they ran illegal online betting on both professional and collegiate sports.
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there were serious threats according to the indictment including one instance where they sent someone a dvd of a beheading with a note saying this could happen to you. specifically, lavel is charged with transferring money directly to hanson's bank account. he is charged with taking part in the racketeering conspiracy which carries a potential life sentence. we reached out to his attorney and never heard back. we do know he was released without bond in order to appear in san diego where this case originated. steve staeger, thank you. security teams are preparing for superbowl 50 by ground, air, and ocean. a secret command center housing federal state and local law
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headquarters for analyzing potential threats. first responders have even trained for water based emergencies. the security scope stretches for miles. the teams will face off in silicon valley, santa clara, california. 40 miles southeast of san francisco. but most of all, the festivities around the superbowl will be up north in the city by the bay. >> before the panthers leave the east coast for the west coast, some of the players celebrated with fans at a pep rally. thousands gathered in their carolina blues to wish their team well before they leave for san francisco sunday. and in the massive sea of blue, a small mighty speck of orange. danielle showed her pride in a rally in charlotte. >> one sunday before superbowl sunday, broncos fans will get their chance to celebrate and cheer on the team this weekend. the city hosting a pep rally at civic center park from 1:00 until 2:30 sunday afternoon. the last one you can see here
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to larimer square. sunday's celebration will happen rain, shine, snow ... but it will be free. so you have that going for you. sky 9 flew over a strange emergency call this afternoon in westminster. firefighters were called out to help a man who got stuck in a tree trying to rescue a cat stuck in the tree. fire crews had already reached the man by the time sky 9 got there. then they managed to get the cat down and reunite it with its family. it is one of the most daring rescues the coast guard ever attempted at sea and the incredible story is now the basis for the major motion picture the finest hour. in the middle of a massive snowstorm back in 1952, four young coast guard crew members headed out in a small boat to rescue men trapped on a sinking oil tanker. only one of the four is still
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he shared his memories in tonight's story tellers. >> i guess that's when i went in the coast guard. >> reporter: their heroism is part of a story not often told. >> that's me. everybody says we were on a suicide mission. >> reporter: but don't tell 84- year-old andy fitzgerald he is a hero. >> we did the job we were supposed to do. >> reporter: in february of 1952, a powerful nor'easter raged around massachusetts and two oil tankers split in half off the coast. andy, then 20 years old, was a coast guard engine man. >> i really wanted to go on a mission. >> reporter: the pendleton needed rescuing. a 36-foot rescue boat was all that was left at the coast guard station. and the skipper's engine man was sick. >> he is like what am i going to do? i said i'll go with you. and his face dropped. he was not thrilled i don't think. >> reporter: but andy was thrilled.
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>> and we are all in our early 20s when it happened. i was 20. >> reporter: the crew of four headed into the stormment snow blowing at 70 knots and hour reached the pendleton. lined the rail. >> reporter: 33 people. the rescue boat could only hold 12. >> but the skipper made a decision. he said i will try to take them all. >> reporter: and he did, nearly all of them except one who fell in the water. with three dozen people on board, they made it back to shore where a crowd greeted them. >> the people from the town were standing in the snow waiting for us. they were worried we weren't going to make it back. >> reporter: it is the stuff of movies. >> we are taking that boat to a bigger boat? >> reporter: the pendleton is considered the most daring rescue the coast guard ever attempted. >> may day, may day! >> reporter: and is now featured in the new motion
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>> i just want to see the movie. >> i'm really anxious to see it. >> reporter: his wife gloria never thought their nearly 60 years of marriage would also include a hollywood movie. for many years, gloria had no idea what had happened. >> i never told her. >> reporter: until she finally read old newspaper clippings andy's mom had saved. >> i couldn't believe that it had happened and he never said anything to me. he is very modest. and, he doesn't think he is a hero. >> reporter: but andy does acknowledge the work of those four young coast guard crew members went beyond the 32 people they saved. >> they were young people. they got married later. they had kids. and in effect, you are kind of saving their families too. >> reporter: and that is the impact of a rescue for the ages. maya rodriguez, 9news. >> for their efforts, andy and his fellow crew members received the gold life saving
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the highest medal the coast guard awards. andy and his entire family attended the hollywood premier this past wreak. it is based on the book of the same name. still coming up at 10:00, kathy is tracking what could be a big snowstorm as we switch into next week. a teen's dangerous decision to climb the great pyramid and what happened when police met him afterward? >> and what is behind this video of colorado deputies dancing in an elevator? >> and later in sports, john elway talks about what it would
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>> you already know what it is. >> this is great. the el paso county sheriff's office with a look inside their headquarter. this was this much dancing going on today for a reason. the man you see breaking it
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he retired today after 29 years of service. the video was shown at his retirement ceremony. others wanted to thank the deputy for his service. the video has 3,000 likes and shared nor than 6,000 times. no surprise there. look at that, breaking it down. >> they got moves. that's all i have to say. enjoy these images of egypt's great pyramids because it is illegal to be where you need to be to get the angle you are watching. an 18-year-old german tourist hired a taxi to take him to the site. then he started climbing. made it halfway up before anybody noticed. he didn't turn back. he finished climbing the 455- foot pyramid. only took him eight minutes to get up there. and he spent 20 minutes getting back down. police detained him. he could have faced a three
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let him go on condition that they delete this video. well that's funny because you are watching it. the teen outsmarted them. he had software and was able to recover the video file of this climb. i bet you can see the weather coming from any direction from the top of the pyramid which may be handy here in colorado. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine and we are tracking two storm systems that will change our weather world over the weekend. outside, a little bit of wind in the city. nothing like what we saw earlier in the day. we have a weak front approaching from the north, a second low pressure area on track to push through the four corners into southeast colorado. late sunday into monday. that is a favorable location for heavy to moderate snow and wind as the storm progresses to the east, it will create an ice storm near omaha and a severe weather threat across the south will be a big story over the weekend as well. the second model has the bulls eye for the heaviest snow in the central southern mountains
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fringe of 13 to 18 inches of snow. two different model versions show a big potential for snow. hard to believe it is the end of january with highs ten degrees warmer than average in the city. still mild, 40 at dia. winds southeast at 11. a little breeze in the backyard. we have 42 degrees. a host of winter weather and travel advisories going up. the first of two storm systems knocking on our door. the first will be coming late in the day tomorrow. snow and wind increasing tonight in the high country where a winter storm warning for the i-70 corridor, steamboat, vail, aspen. winter weather advisories cover the western slope and foothill areas for half a foot of snow. denver. a nice day tomorrow for the front range. front comes through late in the day. a few rain showers on the plains and a band of snow tomorrow night. but the heavy precipitation
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into monday when the low from california swings across the four corners area and sets up in southeast colorado. winds out of the south push us into the upper 50s and low 60s again tomorrow with colder air following sunday. our colder day of the weekend. snow picking up on the north and west facing slopes tonight. by tomorrow morning, we have mostly cloudy skies here. rain showers by 7:00 tomorrow night and a band of snow. maybe a little bit of light accumulation tomorrow night. that's not the storm. you will think that's it. sunday, you are going to see basically dry weather. it is sunday night folks when in. and changes things. 30s on the plains tonight with the cloud cover and the wind. high temperatures tomorrow, how about 60 in colorado springs. 72 in lamar. 39 in grand lake. calm and quiet. we have cloudy skies, a little wind west of town with lows near 40. tomorrow, wind returns west of i-25. a mix of clouds and sunshine. highs above average tomorrow
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snow showers tomorrow night. a relatively dry day sunday. snow begins sunday night. heavy snow and wind for the drive monday morning. moving into tuesday when the storm ends, six to 12 inches of snow possible with highs in the 20s . lows in the single digits and teens gusting winds could mean blizzard conditions on the eastern plains. something we will be tracking of course throughout the entire weekend. tracking the superbowl forecast, so far so good. california upper 60 and partly
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is rod mackey. [ cheers and applause ] >> the number one sport sentence ever uttered in our state. pat bowlen giving thanks to his quarterback after the broncos first superbowl championship. i asked john elway today if we might hear this one is for pat next sunday should the broncos beat the panthers. >> everything we do is for pat. they are the ones that give us the opportunity the do what they do. they are a great family. for them to give us the opportunity and the resources to doe what we do, you know, we owe everything to them. so hopefully, you know, there is some opportunity there
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>> fingers crossed. another thing mr. b. has done is fund this entire trip for his entire organization. this time that includes the injured players. in superbowl 48, guys like von miller, chris harris, derek wolf had to come late. >> leave on thursday. at the end of the week. everything is already done with and over with. and you know, i'm a team guy. i like being afternoon my guys. i really didn't ... it was tough. that process being without my teammates and being here. probably was the toughest thing out of everything. >> a former colorado high school and college star is the unlikeliest bronco headed to the superbowl. aaron matas has that story. >> reporter: he was one of 77,000. >> section 100. row 38. >> reporter: cheering off his team that won the afc championship. >> getting super into it. >> reporter: an then, they literally were his team.
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i'm driving over here and signing a contract. >> reporter: nick costa went from cheering section to the practice squad. he was brought in to mimic tight end greg olsen for denver's defense. >> i just want to do everything i can to help. and i know they have already done a lot by themselves. i respect every one of them for that. i just done want to get in the way. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: he played at legacy high school and then signed with the buffs. he was drafted by oakland in 2013 and even caught a cud against the broncos two years ago. he was released last may only to be signed by his hometown team. >> watched every superbowl the broncos were in. watched john elway flip over the packers defense. i have been a fan forever. >> reporter: a fan that is now on the team and headed to the superbowl. >> it is a dream and it still feels like i am dreaming. >> reporter: aaron matas, 9news.
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with the avalanche and the nuggets off, we are all broncos all the time in the sports cast, but we finish with the superbowl. we learned this afternoon that denver will have one more home game in 2016. well ... sort of. they will have another game in san diego. and that is just like a home game. it is mile high west, if you will. the broncos always play the chargers well in san diego. that is because the stands are filled with orange. charger chairman announced the boss will remain in america's finest city in 2016, but may move to la in 2017 if a deal in san diego cannot be reached. >> let's hope they reach the dealand the broncos can keep having a third home game. make it nine every year. >> san diego is not a bad place
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>> get outside tomorrow if you can.
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tomorrow, a nice day. mix of clouds and sunshine. highs above average. it is sunday night into monday when the heavy snow and wind may materialize with an area of low pressure setting up in southeast colorado. that is a favorable location for big snowstorms for denver. then we see a warming and drying trend the first few days of the new week. and then of course, there is a little football game in california. >> i have to drive now. >> no snow in santa clara. >> not this year. >> the 9news superbowl is up next. the tonight show up in ten minutes. we will update you on 9news tomorrow morning. thanks for being with us.
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sorry, mr. trump. did fox news apologize to the donald? >> his new interview aboard his private jet, now on "extra." donald trump's feud with fox news over -- >> you got an apology? >> yes. >> the surprise twist as the candidates and megyn kelly unleash on the gop no-show. >> the elephant not in the room tonight. >> the greatest show on earth. >> the trump voldemort comparison.
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the face from "scandal's" kerry washington.
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