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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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morning house fire in southwest denver, why neighbors are surprised they made it out alive. a winter storm rolls into the front range. danielle grant t we begin with developing news this afternoon, at least
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others injured after a shooting and a stabbing involving 2 rival motorcycle clubs. denver police say it happened around 12:45 at the colorado motorcycle expo at the national western complex. 9 news reporter nelson garcia joins us at east 43rd and hum bolt street. >> reporter: a total of 7 people were injured, includeing the person who died. a fight started in the lower level of the hall of education on had left side of that brown building behind me. police say that there was a shooting, shots were fired, and one person was stabbed. denver police would not go into any details how many were shot verses stabbed only that multiple people were injured in the fight. sources tell 9 news and it is consistent with what people are telling us out here is that this happened between 2 rival motorcycle clubs and immediately after the shootings and stabbing, both of the clubs tore down their booths and left immediately.
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started happening. >> then you hear, pop pop, which experiences and then somebody started yelling, so everybody get on the floor with other pretty strong language, knowing they were serious, we crawled underneath the tables and then the room started-- you could smell the gun smoke then and the smoke. >> a lot of people running around and they wouldn't let anybody in the lower level. we were right there at the door, they wouldn't let anybody in. >> reporter: the colorado motorcycle expo actually continued on and remained open after this incident happened. the exhibits were still taking place in other parts of the complex. since this happened the colorado motorcycle expo will remained closed tomorrow because of what happened today. people who were to attend the
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clubs could ruin a normally family friendly event. >> denver police said it is an active and on going situation, so we will check back in the second half of the show. appreciate it, nelson. denver health took in 7 patients in this incident. the emergency department lifted a lock down in place much of the afternoon out of precaution. police have kept a heavy presence at the hospital. anastasiya bolton is there now and has more information. >> reporter: good evening, let me step out of the shot and see if we can show you what police, and a couple sheriff deputies we are looking at as well, they are long guns out which is honestly unusual. in the numbers of shootings i have covered in denver health. when i asked the denver police department why they have so much force here with such heavy weaponry, they said for the safety of the victims who had been transported. 7 patients in total, 1 died.
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3 in stable condition. so, what i am hearing from forces is really a different language when it comes to motorcycle games or clubs. nelson mentioned to you that a couple motorcycle clubs were involved. i am hearing from some sources they were gangs. what that means at home is the motorcycle club is on the up and up as motorcycle enthusiasts. we are not sure who is clearly involved. we have heard a couple names and trying to track it down. denver police have been mum in terms of giving us any detail s as to who has been involved. judging by the police activity and the sheriff department activity here, clearly, clearly, something is going on if cops are here with guns protecting the victims inside this hospital.
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more information that is confirmed from the denver police department official twitter feet or sources, we will bring it on the networks of 9 news. >> we just got word the denver police will be talking to the media coming up at 6:00, we expect maybe we will get a few questions answered then. this investigation is still in early stages. lets recap what we know. this was a shooting and stabbing involving 2 different motorcycle clubs. no word on which ones. this afternoon, first responders also received an alert to be careful over the next 48 hours when responding to violent to retaliate. no one is in custody, at least one person is dead. denver police chief will brief the media at 6:00, we will update all of that on it is hard to believe such a beautiful day out there today, our next snow storm is on the way, winds cranked up along the front range. they will calm down overnight.
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weekend has been but we are looking for-- something is coming. >> you can feel it out there, absolutely. i want to kind of give you a break down of the tale of 2 seasons, we saw a spring-like day, many folks enjoying comfortable temperatures, sunshine out there too, i will show you the numbers. you can see them. 65 out at dia, warmer downtown, low 70s in southeastern colorado. little bit of springtime and now winter is here. our cold front drifted in 3:00-3:30, and northeastern colorado, that is dropping temperatures dramatically. you probably felt the winds picking up. if you are heading outside you need a big coat. it hasn't reached southeastern colorado yet as they still are enjoying temperatures in the low 60s. right now, the clouds are starting to move in and we are breaking for looking at a couple inches of snowfall in the denver metro area and eastern plains late tonight.
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system, again cranking in the high country primarily, a couple also nebraska. those will be dropping south into the denver-- into the denver area the next couple hours. we have a slew of winter storm warnings, advoyeurs and watches-- advisories and watches in place. i will detail those a bit. you can see folks crawling at loveland pass, slow going as the storm system is hammering the high country. we could be looking at very heavy snowfall overnight into early tomorrow morning before we start to get a break around here. here is the deal. 10:00-11:00, the ban moves north to south affecting the i-25 corridor affecting the plains, 1-3 inches of snowfall piling up overnight in the city. tomorrow morning we wake up, still will be a cool, raw kind of day. winds picking up just a bit. we will be looking at the bigger storm system arriving late tomorrow night affecting us
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2-part storm. the cold front sweeping in, off those temperatures. i believe the snowfall will begin to develop in the metro area by 9:00-10:00, and 1-3 inches by tomorrow morning. part 2, you guys, we have been talking about this one coming in late tomorrow night. system. i will be breaking down how much snow i think will fall in the metro area in a few minutes. >> is this really a 1-2 punch? we have been talking how nice snow is coming. what we see tomorrow won't actually be the storm. >> no, this is a glancing blow. of next week. >> thank you. meanwhile, slick conditions in the mountains closed i-70 in 2 places, i-70 west at mile marker 228 near georgetown is closed. the eastbound lanes from silverthorne to eisenhower tunnel is closed.
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now, just so you know, the traction law is in effect. jefferson county deputies captured the second suspect wanted in a craigslist robbery that led to the death of his accomplice. david mascarenas was arrested friday at an apartment complex in frederal heights held on half a million dollars bond. last weekend he and another suspect responded to a craigslist ad and tried to rob the home owner near sims and bellevue. the home owner fought back and fired at both suspects killing 1. police say david mascarenas was on the run until yesterday. a deputy in larimer county shot and killed a men who allegedly took a woman hostage northeast of fort collins. sheriff deputies and swat responded 11:00 last night. when officers movered in 2-- moved in 2:30, a deputy shot and killed the suspect. he thought the suspect was holding a weapon. they have not released the name of the deputy or suspect. an early-morning fire
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cars in southwest denver. it wasn't the smoke and the flames that woke up the neighborhood. 9 news reporter ryan haarer explains. >> the flames were like 2 stories high. >> the didn't take long for the fire to consume the home. >> we saw his van on fire, we saw him trying to move it into the middle of the street while engulfed in flames. >> tammy ran outside and saw her neighbor unsuccessfully trying to prevent it from spreading to the home. the rest of the neighborhood woke up after this. >> my god! >> the fire got so hot and close to several propane tanks they exploded. >> when these things explode, it is basically a bomb. >> metal tanks went soaring into the air. >> my god! >> heard what sounded like a jet engine going off, looked out the bedroom window and things were glowing. >> kishg cisalman lives across the street. >> i think the third is when the
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nuts. >> another tank flew clear across the neighborhood landing on a home 2 blocks away. >> probably the scariest thing i have ever been through. >> kirk's neighbors fly hot air balloons, which explains the propane tanks. >> maybe 5-6 explosions total. >> firefighters rushed to the tanks while the neighborhood ran for cover. >> debris was flying all over on top of my house, other morning. >> the home is destroyed, as are the cars the home owner tried pulling from the home. he went to the hospital with minor burns. >> i thought they were dead, until i saw them in the street. >> a lucky ending, considering what was falling from the sky on a chaotic saturday morning. >> yeah, i am still in shock. >> reporter: in denver, ryan haarer, 9 news. >> firefighters haven't nailed down how the tanks caught fire, that is still under investigation. colorado's avalanche experts are paying extra close
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>> still ahead, a look at the high country park getting people hands on experience with avalanche preparedness. when a man in typhl paid to
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for colorado, avalanche experts expect avalanche danger will be on the rise, it has already been a very active january for avalanches. in frisco there is a park open that lets you test your skills at being prepared in the back country. here is 9 news report matt. >> with traffic on one side and people tubing on the other... >> at the bottom of the adventure park. >>... charles pitman says you can find a great spot for being more prepared in the back country. >> first line of defense is with your beacon and being able to properly use it. >> the frisco avalanche beacon training park. >> a beacon park. >> set up with several beacons. >> 1-8 beacons. >>... that let you practice finding them in the fastest time possible. >> it does take practice and we practice these throughout the winter. >> important training, because
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>> by the time you get a call out to 911. >>... it can take a while to reach some locations. >> by the time we get our vehicles to the site, get our equipment and hike in youshgs could be looking-- in, you could be looking an hour to 2 hours. >> which is why if someone is buried in the snow, every second counts and it will likely be the people you are with who end up coming to your rescue. >> really is up to your friends to save you and you to save your friends. >> so getting fast at finding avalanche beacons in the snow is good practice, especially in colorado. >> colorado has more than double the fatalities over the last few the union. >> which in the coming days... >> with the upcoming storm which could be substantial. >>... could see the danger clime more. >> conditions could change dramatically. >> there are other beacon parks at some of the ski areas around
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lift ticket for the one at the frisco adventure park. >> that man is everywhere. >> he really is everywhere. >> i think we will check in with him, he is on the way to the super bowl. >> he and cheryl. what started as calm weekend will not end that way. >> danielle calls this part 1 of the next snow storm. she is next to tell us when we
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hithere, meteorologist-- hi, there, meteorologist danielle grant, our first storm system barreling in, this is the view from breckinridge, skiers done for the day but will wake up to plenty of powder-- plenty of powder tomorrow morning, a foot in the mountains tonight into tomorrow morning. in boulder, the clouds starting to press in and we are anticipating a couple showers of snow rolling in tonight. the first storm system, it is here, this is what will be continuing into early tomorrow morning in the mountain, getting up on i-70 to go skiing or snow tricky. and then, all eyes into the pacific and across the west coast where our next wet weather area.
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mund ainto tuesday. -- monday into tuesday. sunday evening, 9:00-10:00, it will intensify monday and we will have the worst of the snow and the heaviest snowfall rates. things begin to wind down tuesday evening. right now, with the secondary storm, easily 2 feet of snowfall in the mountains and right now overall, this is a broad brush number for you, 8-16 inches. i don't want you to pay attention so much to the numbers but to the impacts we will be having with this storm system. we will see plenty of snowfall, we are also going to have very gusty winds and could be looking at blizzard-like conditions, blowing and drifting snow across much of the front range and off to the eastern plains. again, monday and into tuesday. it will be a messy storm system out there and one that sticks round for quite sometime. here is it on hd doppler 9, part one of the storm, as it is pressing into parts of the western slope, craig, meeker, along ooeshgs-70 to glenwood,
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tracking steady and heavy snowfall. not along the i-25 car dor just yet but i think we-- corridor just yet but up to 3 inches tomorrow. couple strong bands late tonight and early tomorrow morning. winter storm warnings will continue until early tomorrow morning, just with the first storm system, 10-20 around the flat tops, rabbit ears pass, elk, and park mountain ranges, 8-16 for the central mountains. i will time it out because you can see by 10:00-11:00, the bands are shift nothing to eastern plains, central mountains looking at snow until 6:00-7:00 tomorrow. tomorrow it is a still cool wintery day. the next storm system shifts in from the southwest. by 10:00 we will be watching this moisture just creeping into the front range and it will continue overnight into monday.
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what you will be waking up to. shut down. on monday into tuesday as well as getting into work, it will be just treacherous around for the well. system. it will move through the great basin tomorrow morning, 10:00, southern california. snowfall pushing into utah, colorado, and there it sits across southeastern colorado, we will get the northeast-easterly winds that plow into the front range foothills and that potentially could not only create a good up slope event but with gustier winds, possibly blizzard-hike conditions-- blizzard-like conditions. i am anticipating some good totals. this is the secondary storm system. so huge amounts up in the mountains. 8-16 inches around the denver metro area, a little less up to the north with a little more for
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6-12 for the eastern plains and 1-2 feet cristoes as well as the wet mountains, sawatch ranges, etseru. tonight cooling to 20s, not bad, teens in mountains. tonight in town, snow showers kicking in 9:00-10:00, 1-3 irn like-- 1-3 inches like i mention. tonight temps mid 30s, 20s in the foothills, mid 30s in the metro area, northern colorado, same thing. it will feel cool, but that big storm system barrels in sunday night, monday, and into tuesday leaving us with frigid temperatures, not only for dayteam highs, overnight lows might have icy snow showers wednesday, and finally thursday we start to clear out just a little bit and will be looking at maybe snowfall but it will be a while until we get that. >> i can think of hundreds of kids sunday night, please, please, please a snow day. please, please, please. >> rejoicing. >> yeah.
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day or so until the system gets closer and we will be-- closer and we will be fine tuning numbers. huge heads up for folks early next week. >> danielle, i know you will be tracking it and the morning team starting a half hour early 4:00 a.m. to make sure everyone knows what is going on. we appreciate it. we will talk to you in a bit. people will always want to know. how are the roads? are our kids going to school today or not? we will have that for you guys. in other news, a man in philadelphia is now a proud owner of a fiat that pope francis used during his visit to the u.s. last year, it was sold at the philadelphia international auto show. michael chapman placed the bid of $82,000, the fiat would
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the broncos leave for santa clara tomorrow, our man in the mountains, matt has a bit of a head start. >> matt is making a pit stop on his way to super bowl city to talk to us, because, matt, we missed you so much. >> reporter: thanks, guys, we are on our way, the road to the super bowl right now as we make our way to california. going to be a tricky drive for any bronco fans leaving in the coming days because of that
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we are-- i don't know-- like 37 miles from las vegas in the middle of the nevada desert. we took the southern route because of all the snow coming in, pouring into colorado from utah right now. we left early this morning, loaded up the news car full of gear and of course, snacks. then hit the road making the 18-hour drive from silverthorne to san francisco. you have 2 choices on the drive, the northern route, getting hit with snow over the dawner pass and the southern pass through utah and into las vegas, baby. that is the direction we are going today and it was a pretty good call because as you drive down i-70 and reach i-17 in utah and have the chance to go north into salt lake or south to las vegas, that is where the snow is hitting. as you can see, the weather absolutely perfect in nevada, short sleeves, i bet it will get better as weget closer to-- we get closer to las vegas.
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twitter which direction we should take. maybe it was the snow up north or the call of vegas but the majority said take the southern route, the low road. >> low road as opposed to the high road. that was a big bag of snacks, i am cheese-it's and diet coke girl. >> reporter: i got trail mix, protein bars, and then more importantly as we get close to las vegas, i have the right apparel, i have been wearing the colorado shades, the whole drive but now that we are getting close to vegas i have the snake skin shades right there. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. put them on. taking the low road with the high fashion. >> 37 miles outside of vagueus and you still found-- vegas and you still found a casino. >> i am drawn to them, middle of no where, i don't know where i am at. >> he is like-- >> reporter: i will find out
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>> this seems like a good place to stop. matt, you rock, awesome, we appreciate it. talk to you later. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> if he doesn't show up in california, we know what happened. denver is hosting a fan rally tomorrow at civic center park 1:00 to 2:30, music, food trucks, and appearances from cheerleaders and former broncos player. sport blenty of plurr-- plenty
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2 inmates who escaped from a jail in california are back in custody, a kip from a witness-- arrest. a woman saw a van similar to what authorities said the fugitives had stolen. one of the suspects was inside, caught.
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the 3 were awaiting trial on charges in separate violent crimes when they broke out affjail in southern california-- jail in southern california. mardi gras celebrations are under way, the first of the parades headed down st. charles avenue friday. they are scheduled daily until fat tuesday, february 9. local businesses are expecting a lot of out of towners. last year over a million people showed up for the party. matt homes and wan deals i have been shaking hands since friday. >> they are trying to break a world record of 4 sxo and a half shaking. tom cole greeted them himself. >> about 7 months ago i thought the guiness world record would be fun, i came across this post on twitter and started
5:28 pm
>> you are going to stay up all night? >> 2 nights. >> 2 nights? >> this is hand shaking. >> i am matt and my hand a is little sweaty. we can't stop shaking, 5 minute breaks every hour, essential for pee breaks. >> shaking hands for the shake of doing, it i-- the sake of doing it, i don't know if i could. >> we are 8 hours in. >> pickle juice is supposed to be good for muscle cramps. >> shooting for 48 hours. >> my step dad is a doctor, he is coming up to make sure we don't kill ourselves doing it. >> hi. >> this is fun, fun to be here with this community event and, you know, lots of people in the crowd support it. >> we are both right handed so we can text and do things with our right hand. >> i think it is very interesting and off the wall. so i like it. >> tell me what you are doing with this right here. >> breaking world record for the longest hand shake.
5:29 pm
>> mid afternoon. >> sunday 8:00 a.m. we will have beaten it. you know-- >> we will keep going longer. >> little sore on the front fat of my elbow. >> i will extend and have juan shake for a little. >> we are doing it. >> much respect of those guys staying up full 48 hours. >> for the camera. >> they do hope to capture the record sometime sunday afternoon. you can cheer them on at redford's tavern on university boulevard. breaking news we have been following all afternoon involving a shooting and stabbing between 2 rival motorcycle clubs at the colorado motorcycle expo. at least one person was killed and several others injured. for more, we want to check back in with nelson garcia live at the scene at the national western complex, nelson. >> reporter: the latest we are
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robert white will hold a press conference 25 minutes from now at police station headquarters so hopefully we can get more information what happened. the fight started on the lower level of the hall of education, a brown building behind me and 7 people were injured, includeing the person killed. denver police said some people were shot and one person was stabbed. there were multiple people injured in the fight. sources tell 9 news, and it is consistent with what people are telling us at the colorado motorcycle expo, is that this happened between 2 rival motorcycle clubs and immediately after the shootings and stabbing, both of the clubs tore down their booths and left immediately. one witness told us by phone what he saw when everything started happening. >> and then you hear pop, pop, which i knew was gun fire from my life experiences and then
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everybody to get on the floor with other strong language, knowing they were serious we crawled underneath the tables and the room started-- you could smell the gun smoke and the room started to fill with gun smoke. >> a lot of people running around and they wouldn't let anybody in the lower level. we were at the door and they wouldn't let anybody in. >> reporter: the colorado motorcycle expo remained open even after the shooting and stabbed for the rest of the day with exhibits going on in other parts of the complex. it is not clear what will happen tomorrow. at first the colorado motorcycle expo posted on the facebook page the expo will be open and they be closed. when i went inside a few minutes ago and talked with organizers they said they are working on a plan for tomorrow and they are open or closed tomorrow. we will also update you on that. i know the people inside are upset about this whole incident blaming these two motorcycle clubs for ruining what they call
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>> it will be interesting to hear from the chief to see how complex that investigation was with all the people still inside and also to get clairification on what these 2 groups were doing. nelson, thank you so much. switching gears, days away from super bowl, cam newton is critics. >> sports a-z, we hack out newton's-- hash out newton's public persona. >> sam, cam newton came out saying i am a african american quarterback, i scare some people because they have no one to compare me to. i ask you, are you scared of cam newton? >> i wouldn't want to have to fight him. he is a big dude but i wish he hadn't of started by saying "i am a african american quarterback." we are way past that, ron. we are way past that. >> we are. >> if he would have just said, you haven't seen a quarterback like him, he would have a been a
5:33 pm
>> i think he was right in trying to say i am joyful, a celebratory role. i want to say, call warren moon, he could tell you what it is really like. >> or williams. >> who was asked-- how long have you been a black quarterback? >> he was trying to say, i think, that middle america doesn't like him because they don't understand all the celebrations. >> yeah. >> okay. >> steve and smith came on tv at the beginning of the week and brought up the fact that cam is going to be the villain because people don't want him to ruin peyton manning's perfect ending. i thought that was so stupid. he said that people will be praying for peyton manning. >> no-- >> i thought that was dumb because cam plays for carolina, that is the bible belt. there will be a lot of people praying for-- >> does what cam-- when he
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>> i am that old man get off the lawn thing, any guy celebrate like that bothers me. >> a good friend said it bothers me. i said i am desensitized to it. i live in a world where guys catch 8-yard passes for first down and do a dance. david or tease looks at a home-run for 5 minutes. a guy sack as quarterback with team 2 scores down and does the dance. i am watching seth curry hit a 3. >> make the point and, you think i am crazy. >> well, yeah, but-- but i am not bothered by that. it is how it is. you can't just cherry pick imand say that bothers me, there are nuances, everybody does it. i am okay with it. i wasn't 30 years ago but am now. >> at the end of the day, you know how you stop? stop him getting in the end zone. >> can they? >> they have to bottle him up,
5:35 pm
that is how the broncos have to up. >> it is cam newton verses the broncos defense. that is, to me, what the really interesting part of this, they go through this game, where it is at.
5:36 pm
all right, guys, we will be talking about the storm system moving in part 1 tonight. the cold front moved through already, i am thinking a little snowfall will develop around 9:00. 1-3 inches tops. by tomorrow morning, not a ton. but part 2 pushes in. this is going to be late sunday night into tuesday. it will last a while. we are talking about developing 9:00-10:00. heaviest snowfall is monday. grand total around here, 8-16. just preliminary numbers, to get you thinking about what you have going on on monday and tuesday. because it certainly will be a mess around hoor. not own laegs here. not only-- here. not only with the no but the gusty winds. all of eastern colorado,
5:37 pm
noon time on tuesday. i will time it all out. i want you to remember the system is in the pacific. we haven't seen it move on shore yet and that will affect the computer models quite a bit. once it shifts on shore tomorrow morning we will have a better idea where it will end up. it all, tomorrow afternoon, you can see a break here in eastern colorado from all the wet weather, it still will be cool and cloudy. the storm cystal brings rainfall to southern california as it shifts across the great basin bringing snowfall to utah, arizona, and 6:00 monday morning we will have a winter wonderland and it just continuealize day monday. -- continues all day monday. here it is 10:00 at night and i thing we could have ver y heavy bands of snowfall pushing through the metro area and continues 3:00-4:00 tuesday afternoon and then finally the storm system begins to lose its grip just a bit on eastern colorado.
5:38 pm
nature just reminding us winter is still here and in full force. you guys, we haven't seen a storm system deliver a foot of snow in a single day since 2012. it has been a while since we had one of these block buster eventsf we will see-- events, we will see. >> we love breaking records. >> we do. >> 9 wx, we want to remind people, if you take gralt photos in their backyard, we want to see them. >> absolutely. keep sending them in. >> thanks. 9 news is heading more broncos quar magnets ahead of the super bowl. the next give away is tuesday 6:00 a.m. in lakewood west alameda and wadsworth and 4:00 p.m.
5:39 pm
the broncos are done in denver. their next practice will be at stanford as the super bowl week officially begins. the team leaves tomorrow. today they dotted the i's and crossed t's, fine tuned, if you will. next time they are here is for the off-season work out, hopefully as super bowl champs. the coach's message before the circus starts: be accountable. >> to get to this point in your football career as a player, as a team, it is hard to get there so you want to know everybody is doing everything they can for sunday. accountability about players and everybody. they know that. i mean, i have talked to them about that all the time and we are going into a real, it is a week of heavy distractions but, i mean, you work to be in those distractions. that is where you want to be. handle those things and get ready to play. >> the panthers arrive in
5:40 pm
airport, by the way, an hour after the broncos touch down. "touchdown" the word of the week. the broncos better get a bunch because the panthers will. >> just a fast, physical football team that created a lot of negative plays for offenses. they have created a lot of turnovers, given the offense a lot of short field. as you watch the game unfold you see the score board and it is 7-0, 14-0, like the guy singing the national anthem is still on the field, the game ain't even started yet. >> we have been asking a bunch of broncos who they might be playing super bowl 50 for. they have given a lot of answers but 2 names come up quite often. aaron matas with the answer. >> a team full of leaders, but 2 guys seemingly stand out. veterans that the team wants to win super bowl 50 for.
5:41 pm
demarcus is 4 quarters away. that brings energy in itself. that brings excitement and we and peyton. >> they would never say something like that to their teammates or, you know, make themselves the focal point of their teammates may say that them. >> demarcus ware has never won a super bowl or been to the big game. >> do or die, for me, win this game, celebrate and think about all the things that happen because i am usually one of the people that go back later but i am living in the moment right now and preparing for, you know, the biggest game of my career. >> manning won a ring in 2007 and has lost 2 super bowls since. >> veryigateful for the opportunity to be-- very grateful for the opportunity to be going back to the super bowl and i can attest winning is better than losing. >> 2 guys whose career legacy would look better with a been
5:42 pm
>> it is not one individual. it took everybody, that is why we are where we are. >> we planning to win for everybody, denver, everybody, special, of course you want to see a guy like peyton out right shths but the main folksis win-- out right, but the main focus is win. >> for peyton, a second title math bow the perfect finish-- make the perfect finish. >> our 1-hour tonight broncos special at 9:00. basketball, csu, wyoming. laramie the pon in football and hoops. -- won in football and hoops. josh adams doing some, cowboys up 68-58. du playing host to south dakota state. pioneers catch close and led the
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south dakota state wins 67-56. the nuggets are in action in indie denver down 55-42. tennis anyone? no sarina slam this time around, williams fell in the finals of the ozzy open to angly curber, 6-4 in the third, williams had 46 unforced airs and curber's very first major championship. the joker and-- we will go tomorrow and see how that gos and broncos, well, they take off tomorrow about 1:00, arrive in san jose and then the fun begins. >> i can't wait. i can't wait. i am feeling confident. a lot of people worried the spread up to 6 points so everyone is on the carolina bandwagon and thinks cam is just the man but, denver seems destined. every game this season they have come back, they have won the
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now for a recap of our top story this evening, denver police say one person is dead, several others injured after a shooting and a stabbing at the national western complex around 12:45 during the colorado motorcycle expo. a source tells 9 news the incident involved 2 motorcycle clubs. >> denver health says ambulances transported 7 patients, one died, 3 in critical condition. the injuries for the other 3 weren't as serious. the hospital was put on lockdown for a few hours as a precaution. denver health says the lockdown has been lifted. in about 5 minutes we are expecting a news conference with robert white and we will stream it live on and update you on 9 news tonight at 9:00 and 10:00. we appreciate you watching and are back at 9:00 and 10:00 v. a great night.
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have a great night.
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paid advertisement for the ninja coffee bar brewing system, presented by sof^a vergara and mark rosen and brought to you by sharkninja. >> what's my favorite coffee drink? rich, hot coffee, iced coffee, cappuccino. i love them all. [ doorbell rings ] >> sof^a! you stopped coming to the caf\. >> rand.
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