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tv   9 News Sunday Morning  NBC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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police say he tied up a home owner and robbed him. deputies track him down this weekend. an elderly denver couple scammed out of thousands of dollars. unlike similar cases, this ends with an arrest. the man who caught the suspect explains how he did it. facebook expanding their video. this is for people with iphones in the us. superbowl ads may be the only ones you sit through all year long -- we talk about the
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a live look at the roads for you this morning. quite a backup. not along [indiscernible]. we did see significant backup near floyd hill. a break down of traffic in a second. we're expecting a storm, for now, dia is reporting low delays in cancellations. ha -- that can change as the weather does. airport looking just fine right now. a bit of congestion, closer to the airport. also, remember the planes need to be deiced so be prepared to spend extra time on your flights. you can check to see if your flights have been cancelled or delay by logging onto we're expecting heavy snow tomorrow, is that right, belin. >> this snow from the first round of snow trying to clear through colorado. that second
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afternoon and evening and the snow will become more wide spread and become heavier through monday. but the first round of snow brought cooler temperatures, also, dusting in some spots and one to three inches in other areas. the view of the city, it looks gloomy as we're starting our sunday. here's a look at the snow and clouds in our southern mountains. along that i-7 stretch close to berlin ton. -- berlin ton. the storm system comes from the south and our snow will increase through the evening and afternoon hours. by that time, the metro area, most of the front range in the eastern storm watch. that's going to last through tuesday afternoon. and the high country, we know it has been slow going with travel advisories. a new batch the travel advisories will go into effect for our mountainses.
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tuesday, i'm looking at snow totals from 8 to 18 inches. near monument and palmer divide, 6 to 8 inches in northern colorado and a possibility of two feet in our northern foothills. now, let's talk about the temperature it's right now, in the 20s as we're starting off your sunday morning. this afternoon, it's not going to be as warm as yesterday. highs in the 30s. the start of the workweek turns colder with snow starting tonight and lasting through monday morning. how much snow could we see for the morning commute? i have the answer coming up. let's look at your roads with tracy -- tracy anthony. >> this morning, it looks like a saturday morning. it's not just the traffic we're going to deal with, but slick spots, some you have to keep that in mind -- and you have to keep that in mind. be prepared as you get out there.
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aking longer. e -- taking longer. us 6 is closed because of the wintery weather. eastbound looks fluid. loveland pass is closed. expect the tractions. we have the traction miles in effect around veil. so once you get further out west, we're seeing those. as the snow set in later, we'll see more, so snow tires, for-wheel drive, slick roads tonight. the slowdowns right now is coming out of the city into ohio springs. the drive time, add extra half hour. jessica and ryan. >> thank you for keeping an eye on the roads. you can listen to the travel radio for -- between denver and veil. traffic reporters give up to the minute road closures. log onto
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report on high country traffic on 9 news. she's joining us from weather nation. officials had to call off today's colorado motorcycle expo following a deadly biker brawl. yesterday, a denver's spokesperson says the hospital received 7 total patients. one died and three in critical and three stable. they have crime scene to do at the western complex. >> good morning, the denver police chief says they'll have a presence at the western complex this morning even though the event has been cancelled. the motorcycle expo had contracted the facility for the two-day expo. that was until the deadly altercation broke out. sources tells 9 incident says it involved two different motorcycle clubs. three received lesser injuries. denver police say it happened
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gunfire at the national western complex. people who saw it go down said it was horrifying. >> i was walking through a pool of blood, not even a stream, but a pool. you can tell somebody had been dragged or bleeding. >> they were placed on lock down due to safety concerns. a motorcycle expo have been held for 38 years and those who bought tickets for today's events will receive refunds. an arena cross event at the event center will go on as scheduled this afternoon. in the information center -- police are interviewing several witnesses and one person of interest. deputies he helped tie up and rob a man in jefferson craigslist ad. david has been caught. deputies arrested him
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he sent his accomplice -- deputies said they tied up the homeowner and robbed him. the homeowner broke free and grabbed a gun and shot at them. there's no word if owner will be charged with a crime. an elderly couple if denver became the victims of a scam recently. only this time, something rare happened. police caught the scammer. the son would tracked down the suspect wants to offer advice. this is the time of year for those irs scams. demetrius who didn't want to share his names said his parents were the victims of this scam. they called to double check this was legitimate. demetrius says he doesn't fall this, but things checked out down to the irs's name and the phone numbers. his family paid thousands of dollars. he
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something happened that never happened, a man kobe was arrested in florida. demetrius said follow your first mind. >> i had an idea this could be a scam. >> the suspect who police say works at a ymca admitted he was involved in this scam. the bank was able to withdraw bank -- he told investigators he wasn't working along and faces charges for grand theft. get ready, folks. broncos are leaving on a yet plane. we know when they'll be back, and hopefully with a shiny trophies. >> the team will hope on a plane bound for california and it's straight to business when they arrive in santa clara. the panthers left for california a couple of days ago. levi
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>> broncos fans will host off their -- rain snow or shine, they don't care. it runs until 2:30. it should be a fun time. >> i bet it's going to be packed. some of us can't get enough of comedian and actress carol burnett. >> she was honored in a special way at the screen actor's gills award. burnett took home the lifetime achievement award after leonardo -- the stagger awards was held in los angeles. >> we just got to get leo an award. he needs one.
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welcome back, everyone. let's take a live look at downtown denver. cloud covered skies for you this morning, and the lens says we can expect much more snow by tonight. let's check in with perish live in the backyard with the detail of this storm. good morning. >> jessica, i'm not going to lie, this morning i was attempted to come to work with my broncos pajamas on. >> it sounds more comfortable. cuddle weather. we have more snow on the way and it will increase tonight. with yesterday's snow fall, today is the last day of january. so this january's snow fall is at 4.4 inches. our monthly average is 6.6. by the end of the day, i think we'll be
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and tomorrow we'll start off a brand spanking new month. we will see the round of snow that moved in overnight. it's to the south of us and towards the eastern plains of us. here in the city, it's too light to see, but over my head, we have light flurries, so that's a possibility this morning. we'll get a break from the snowy weather, and then more snow increases overnight. this, from that next round of snow, that is going to push into the four corners, it's going to gain some strength and move into colorado monday into tuesday. it isn't just going to effect us in colorado, but several states. check out these watches and warnings. down south, we have high wind warnings and blizzard conditions expected for the folks traveling into the midwest for the next few days. something to keep an eye on. this storm certainly will keep us on our toes. the temperatures right now, in the teens in greeley.
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teens and 20s, of the fast forward to this afternoon, colder. 30s fort collins and greeley and denver. when i get home, i'm going to get back into my broncos pajamas. warmer down south into the southeast as well. here's a look at your future cast. we're talking about the next round of storm -- next round of snow pushing from the southwest. around lunch time, it will be quiet in the city. you'll have a break-in the clouds in northern colorado, but the snow will increase in san juans and the central mountains closer to 5:30. when you head home from skiing or snow boarding, you'll be -- snow will continue to push towards the north and become more wide spread overnight and into tomorrow morning. and i'm anticipating for us to have an accumulation by two to four inches by tomorrow's drive. icy and snow packed roads and cold at 16 degrees.
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blustery conditions, so blowing snow is a possibility. 2 to 4 inches tonight. 4 to 8 inches falling on monday and another 2 to 4 on tuesday. so that should bring us within that range of 8 to 16 inches for total snow in metro area. if you're wondering how much snow you can see in your neck of the woods, follow me on twitter at belen @de leon. prepare for snowy weather. it's around. on wednesday, we start 27 degrees. and it get s s warmer on thursday, 36 and friday, a high of 35. a reminder that tomorrow morning, 9 news will start at 4:00 a.m. so we'll have marty here, amelia here and the whole crew ready to get your morning started to let you know in there's closures and travel delays and give you an
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and jessica, we love to see the pictures in our viewers telling the weather story. they can use news. >> thank you. there's a lot of partying going on in venice. >> the world famous carnival is in full swing. people come from all over the world to join in on the fun there this event. they dress up in costumes with masks and parade around the city. >> show you some video of it. >> the tradition takes place ten days before the observance of lent. the carnival runs through february 9th. pretty cool there. >> great people watching, i'm sure. coming up, if you're a facebook user, you can stream live video on facebook.
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welcome back, everyone. 7:18. if you're a facebook user, with an iphone, you can stream live video on facebook. not everyone can do it yet. >> if you have facebook mentions, you can do this. but you have to be like a verified account like a page. >> you can activate it. this is my android, so i can't do it on this yet. >> i have one, it's just at home. we're going to talk more about this because it's exciting and people are talking about facebook, really announcing this past week that i phone users can stream live video over the social network. for now, the function is only available in the us, but set to roll out to the rest of the world in the coming weeks. so share live video, tap on update status. are you doing this right now, ryan. >> i'm cool. you have to do an update on your app. >> you have to go through that, but share live video and tap on
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live video icon and you can write a quick description and choose its audience you want to stream with. you don't have to share with everybody. as we mentioned, the similar update for android users will be coming soon. >> it's like a pair cope baby. >> i wonder what this means for periscope. many of you could make atm transactions with your cell phone. >> wait, can't we already make transactions. >> bank of america allowing customers to handle -- they announced that banks are making -- they're making similar moves. bank of america plans to test the new technology in new york, charlotte boston, san francisco, sillicon valley. the bank is
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cyber security says the use of smartphones at atm's could reduce fraud. so not taking your card out -- >> that's what the chip reader was. >> that was an added bonus. we have the thumb print. much safer. >> we love our phones. you know what else we love, mcdonald. i'm hungry. mcdonald -- the additional of the all day breakfast helped sales beat expectations. we could see a new addition to the menu. >> what. starting tomorrow at 72 locations, in the tulsa oklahoma area, not colorado, the fast food chain is adding the mac griddle for an added hour after customers complained about the extended breakfast sandwich. there's no word when it will come to colorado. >> they're testing it out which
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that mcgriddle. mcdonald say so ease after customers sounded off on -- they showed their cheese sticks missing something important. cheese. >> that's kind of important. >> they say it melted out of the cheese. >> they apologized to customers and it melted out during the baking process. have you tried those because i tried one and i didn't have the dipping sauce, and i was really upset. >> did you go in there and demand a refund. >> i'm going to find out? >> did you have cheese inside. >> i did. >> that's a start. this is a story we love. the superbowl is next sunday, but the advertising extravaganza around the game is underway. expect plenty of stories about why superbowl cost 500-0000 this year, and what the -- it cost 5,000 this5 -- $5
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viewers and parties goers will spend $82.19 on food, decor, team apparel and more. that's up $4.31 from last year. and the highest in the survey's history. if you pay extra -- >> have you bought your product? >> i'm going to go to a friend's house and make them feed me. >> he bought a broncos hat. >> i did spend some money. i'm way under. looks like i have spending to do. hey broncos headed out to california today. we caught up with them today. what they had to say, next in
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from colorado sports leader, here's rod macy. good morning, it's the best places in the world to visit and yet, ron
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lead -- they're thrilled to not be going. aloha stadium -- sounds pretty good especially with the snow in the forecast. but levi stadium in santa clara sounds a whole lot better. >> i'm good. i said from the beginning that i plan on being at san jose -- i plan on being hawaii. >> no trip to hawaii for you. >> hey, i went to hawaii with the fam last year, so i enjoyed it. i would take santa clara over hawaii any day. >> broncos next practice -- the team leaves later today, and then well, yesterday, was the of speak. the next time they go back will be for ota's hopefully defending superbowl champs. >> to get to this point in your football career as a player and
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you want to know everybody is doing what they can for next sunday. that's the accountability for players. they know that. i talk to them about that all the time. and we're going into a real -- it's a week of heavy distractions, but i mean, you work to be in those distractions. that's where you want to be, so you have to handle those things and get ready to play. >> we'll have more on the broncos on game day from 9:00 until 10:00. we're going to jump on that team play and head to santa clara and broncos live at 10:35. there's basketball going. nuggets and pace ares in indiana in over time. denver couldn't get it done. they fall 109-105. college basketball is the issue in iowa. the rams won the border football in hoops. pay
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josh adams-- the final score, 83-76. most of them are off, matthew shane is staying busy. he's the only players actually -- the only player from colorado to play in the nhl all-star game. the skills competition was last night. due shane breaking out the cowboy hat for a -- fancy moves there. looks like he had super glue on the puck until it fell off. he picked it back up. shot and scored between the legs. a lot of fun for all involved in nashville. that
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you're likely waking up to snow in the metro area. it's a dusting. a bigger storm tonight. a dense fog creating deadly conditions on the road. four people dead and 30 hurt after blinded driveers were involved
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she could watch as her pup struggled to keep his head above water. how he was rescued. an officer owe -- his efforts captured the attention of our viewers. >> one county is setting its sights high at the cheer national competition. 7:31. we want to get to our top stories this morning. you're waking up to snow. preparing to see more. potentially a major storm on its way depending on where you are. you could see severe storms, belen de leon is breaking it down. >> we saw anywhere between a dusting -- as ryan mentioned, up to 3 spots. this picture from what it looked like outside his house on the patio. snowy as
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areas of fog and also some light fog around the -- we could see flurries, but the bulk of that snow has moved to the south and also to the eastern plains and today, our temperatures are going to be colder than yesterday. none of that 60s. we're full on winter mode. elsa is in colorado if you're familiar with frozen and little girls knows what i'm talking about. more clouds increase with more snow showers. another look at radar and satellite where the snow is. yeah, we're headed for a doozy and it doesn't start until late they are afternoon and evening. anything you have to do right now, looks like the roads are a-okay in the metro area. we'll have a break and later today, the clouds creep from the south and the snow becomes wide spread if the that's when the front range will go into a winter storm watch. pretty much traveling in colorado this
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and even tuesday is going to be difficult at times. with the snow starting tonight lasting through tuesday afternoon, i'm expecting our total snow in the city to be 6 to 18 inches. from 12 to 18 down south. north colorado 6 to 12. foothills 10 to 20 inches. it's chilly. 30s and 20s. a few teens closer the foothills. our highs for today, only in the 30s along i-25. if you think this is cold, tomorrow turns colder, snowy and windier. i'll give you the wintery low down coming up. let's look at the drive with tracy anthony. >> a lot of people getting out it looks like a saturday, but be conditions especially as you move further to the west. we're seeing traffic. we looked at floyd hill coming out of the city and around georgetown, a lot more people than normal
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morning. get out there early and you want to get home earlier. we havetraction lines in effect passed the eisenhower tunnel. if you're heading further west, you're going to need that four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. us 6 is closed as well. it's taking 92 minutes. my graphics went out there. taking 92 minutes to us 6. plan for extra time. that jumped up. lots of colors on the road. average speed down to 26 miles-per-hour. it's slow going this morning, but it's going to be slower heading back into the city later on tonight with the high volumes of traffic and with the weather. jessica and ryan. >> it jumped up significantly since the last time we checked with you. >> yes, exactly. you can listen to travel radio during peak times between denver and veil.
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traffic reporters giving up to -- log onto that snow in the high country caused problems for skiers and snow borders trying to get down. georgetown was shut down. eastbound lanes to the eisenhower tower. 100 plows worked on highways and interstates in the metro area last night. crews will stay on those snow shifts until the storms are over. denver public works says it has crews on standby weekend. authorities in canada recovered the bodies of the five snow mobilier's. and the 12 survivors had to be flown out in british columbia. there were almost 100 snow area. four different groups of people were buried when the snow came down. the 5 snow bill
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frommal -- from alberta. experts say this was a human caused avalanche. fog is to blame for a 70-car pileup that killed four people and injured dozens of others. dozens of crumbled cars littered the highway. some of these cars were lodged under trucks. drivers were stranded as you can imagine as crews tried to clean up that mess. the main syrian delegation arrived in switzerland and plans to meet the un mediator this weekend. the opposition leaders want an end to the -- they want to end to russian bombardment. syrian president views the groups there as terrorist groups
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the death toll from a triple explosion rises. isis is claiming responsibility for that. local news agencies report a car bomb exploded at a bus station followed by two suicide bombers as rescuers rush back to the scene. back to the state where a manhunt is over in california. all three inmates made a daring escape -- police caught the remaining inmates in san francisco yesterday. jose and jonathan were captured over 400 miles away from that jail after a woman spotted that stolen van. yesterday's arrest came after the third prisoner turned himself in. yesterday in indianapolis, hundreds gathered to -- she's the principal at amy bever lynn who saved the lives of children. a school bus jumped the curb, jordan jumped in front of the bus and pushed two children out of the way.
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and the two children suffered injuries, but non life-threatening injuries. they called jordan a hero. in kentucky, this is the biggest fire that the city has seen. it killed quite a bit of live stock. witnesses heard explosions ahead of that smoke. miles. winds played a big role in spreading that blaze which cows. we talked to a member - we heard about a police officer's resourcefulness as he tried to save a teenager who fell through the ice. here's kim richardson with our 9 news report. >> let's take a moment of silence and recognize the sacrifice of all those crew members and how their spirit and their legacy lives on and their achievement in space.
7:33 am
will never forget. our country was devastated by the loss of 7 astronauts onboard of space shuttle challenger. manning were at the launch and witnessed their special report reflected on that day. them. our hearts goes out to their friends and family. another, this is another image so painful. >> you can think it as much as you want, but you don't know what you're going to do when you get there. >> the officer who rescued a teenage who fell through an icy pond used how he use a cut down tree to reach the teens. the other teens did not survive. thoughts, thank you, the parker pd and the first responders. hero without the fame. very, very sad incident. as a father, i couldn't imagine. >> we're going to the superbowl of the we're going to bring it back.
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talking about the team, the fans and the games. many of you are pleased the team is following pat's lead by picking up the tab for the trip for their employees including the interns and the part-timers. what an awesome thing to do, that's how you treat family. go broncos. >> as always, thanks for the sfoe toes and -- thank you for the stories. we'll keep you updated including the bu bu that was made. one message, i hope that's an oman. thanks for your comments and remember, 9 listens. if you like a chance to appear in 9 listen, send your comments to kusa and you can call us or send us a message at facebook. >> tail letter has the top teams going head to head.
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highlights next in the pep
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>> one, two, three four. >> welcome to the 9 news pep here's taylor. >> good morning, everyone . a high school hope. knocked out of the top ten, but they're trying to prove they should have still been in it. animated crowd on hand as arapaho. he scores the and one. he led by 3. junior had 35 point and 10
7:37 am
arapaho would tie the game. the cougars on the break. david thornton will fin ish the play and cherokee trails win this one. the warriors hosted lincoln for a conference game. the majority of the game, lincoln had the upper hand. they had 4 minutes in the fourth. the warriors weren't done. seconds left, warriors nelson will go up, drop one in to go 57-56 leaving 7 points, 7 seconds on the clock. far northeast coast wins this by a point. over in fora, green mountain -- jack walked up to the hoop and lay one in. he gets the file and puts confer up by 6. rams stealing it. alex will hit the 3 way beyond the line. lead down now to 3. the rams would pull away in the second half.
7:38 am
points including this 2 and the one. they walk away with a 58-50 victory. >> still undefeated as they host windsor. they get the scoring going. katie puts one away for two of her 22-points this game. windsor wasn't going away quietly. amanda ward making the shot. they scored 20 points. but the wizard s s lead 21-17 at half time. the family would fight to get back into this one. 27-12 in second. katie chavez with another hoop. the family walks away victorious, 44-43 is your final. >> next up, chaparral -- huskies, 11-6. skip ahead to third. down 12 and olivia goes coast to coast to bring the huskies within ten. chaparral wouldn't give up much more than that. she increases her team's
7:39 am
they take this 56-41 the final. the florida eagles hosting the saber cat oz friday night if the late in the first. steward slides around the defense and goes into the first tally of the game. favorite cats would come out and respond in a big way. in the second, defense man woody would shoot from the point and finished off to tie the game off. they add two late goals for the 4-2 win. county the is -- but when it comes to cheer, they're trying to be number one in the country. >> why stop at being the best in the state. >> we're somebody to worry about. >> the castle view saber cats have now put their focus on being champions in the u.s. >> i think it's at 22,000 cheer leaders going.
7:40 am
head to florida to compete in the national high school cheer championships and there may be a familiar face or two. >> we're -- >> 8 of the 9 high schools will send their squads along for the ride. >> i believe that douglas county schools will dominant. >> in this 210 square mile box where the population is booming, cheerleading is reaching new heights. >> cheer has grown here in colorado and we're making it on the map. >> it can be attributed to certified coaches who start the sports at a younger age. >> it allows them to have that opportunity to go into high school with the skills needed and then all of those kids together become super competitive. >> while a school in district has yet to take home the top prize in orlando. >> we're making a name for
7:41 am
>> colorado is tumbling into the spotlight for good. >> i would love for my kids to keep pushing and open up the doors for what colorado could build into. >> we have the extended highlights and interviews from our games this week posted more.
7:42 am
welcome back, everyone. we're taking a live look at downtown denver. this is a different look than what we showed you of this camera 30 minutes ago. visibility is low as clouds continue to cover the sky and the snow moves in. belen de leon is in the weather center. >> i have the snow forecast right behind me. and when you see these numbers, don't be shocked. don't be cared because this is an accumulation of snow that's going to take us from tonight through monday and tuesday afternoon.
7:43 am
that time period, we could see from 8 to 16 inches in the metro area from 12 to 18 downtown near monument. fort collins and greeley and fort morgan, we could see 6 inches. our northern footballs from 10 to 20 inches. we're going to accumulate that snow for each day that goes by more. that's how i come up with the bigger numbers. we have light snows and we'll have a break from the snowy weather if -- closer to lunch hour. the clouds thicken and we'll from the south. the first round colorado. snow around monument hill, palmer divide and near pasco county and some in san travel advisories across
7:44 am
travel advisories will go into effect. the second storm is going to gain strength over the four corners by monday morning. monday afternoon into southeast colorado, and then by tuesday morning, some where over the great plains, so this is going to cause headaches for us in the form of getting around, but also for parts of the central and even northeastern part of the country. now, let's talk about the temperatures because that's going to feel different from yesterday. right now we've got 20s, teens, and 30s out east. this afternoon, your highs are going to be in the 30s. that's below average. yesterday we managed to get into the 60s, so it's going to feel different and feel like winter. your winter cast will show how the snow decreases on i-70 through early this morning. and this afternoon, it builds back in. around 4:30, we have the snow knocking on our door. after that, the snow increases from the south and becomes wide spread overnight. tomorrow
7:45 am
icy snow packs, slippery roads, you name them and possibly traffic delays. 16 is your overnight low. when the snow increases during the morning drive in the metro area, we could see 2 to 4 inches. northern colorado, we could see 6 inches for the monday morning drive. take a look at your city and how much snow to expect. 9 fuse will be on tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m., so we'll get you closures if there's any issues and marty will have an update on your forecast. if you can send pictures, we would love to use them. use the #9wx. the range i gave you from sunday evening into tuesday evening, i'm going to break it down. tomorrow, we could get 4 to 8 inches and then on tuesday, an additional 2 to 4 inches. and the temperatures are going to be colder. 23 on monday. wednesday, 27 and graj dual clearing, thursday, 36 and on
7:46 am
ryan and jessica, people on twitter and e-mail who are studying your questions, i love it. everybody is wondering how much snow they're going to get. he'll get to your questions and answer them. >> busy lady today. 7:53. a rescue is making headlines. a man out town saw this woman in distress. her dog fallen into the des moines river and struggling to stay a float. she couldn't swim and this man tried to reach that dog who was freezing water. with us. we're going to be back
7:47 am
welcome back. we're looking at fort collins. it's very different from what we see in denver, right. >> this is not fort collins. if
7:48 am
day to get in a run in, you may want to do so earlier, because later on we could expect snow. coming up at 8:00, a deadly biker brawl is calling those at the biker expo to call off today's event. a fight broke out at the national western center. >> the confrontation escalated into a shooting that left several dead and others hurt. the motorcycle involved were no off duty officers from denver was apart of the violence if the officers believes there was more the investigation ongoing this morning. >> another hour of news and weather.
7:49 am
literally gunfire, 20 feet from people and they're shopping. >> a gun battle saturday at the colorado motorcycle expo shuts down the event. today one person dies. several more badly injured. presidential candidates gear up for a pinnacle point to the election. iowa holds its first in thuation caucuses -- nation caucuses tomorrow. the denver broncos taking off for the last season of the game. they're headed to santa clara to prepare for super bowl 50. you thought your dog was cute? how about best see the cow? let's take a live look at your drive this morning. this has been the story all day. i-70 and floyd hill very backed up and you also have snowy conditions to look out for later today. tracy is breaking down your high country traffic in just a moment. first we are expecting again this storm but for now dia is reporting low delays and cancellations. obviously that can change as the weather does which is why airport officials want the
7:50 am
stay on top of the flight status, also planes need to be de-iced and prepare to spends a few extra minutes on the plane before takeoff. check to see if your flight is canceled or delays by logging on to a look at where the storm is right now. even though it starts tonight we're expecting heavy snow on tomorrow belen. it is just going to be kind of a crazy 24, 48 hours here. >> it is. that's why we're trying to get everyone prepared ahead of full- time and we know that c account -- time and we know that -- and best. but there will be travel advisories in effect for all of colorado monday even into tuesday because of the heavier arrives tonight. now what we have on radar and satellite right now, if you heard me yesterday morning, i was blabbing about this two punch storm. now. this is the first of this round of storms that is trying to make its way through colorado. and it will continue to push towards the south as the day goes on. it's a second one that will push in from the southwest
7:51 am
through the evening. that's going to bring us some significant snowfall here in the city. but a look at radar and satellite and you'll see that northern colorado we have a dry slot right there with sunshine peeking out over the csu campus. here in the metro area we have the light snow and also some areas of fog. so we're going to put that chance for flurries in the forecast still this morning. it's going to be calm and cool and we'll get a break from the snowy weather and then those clouds will taken this afternoon -- thicken this afternoon with snow showers increasing. this time with that temperature timeline and you see by 39 degrees that's about as warm as it's going to get around 1:00 p.m. and the temperatures will take a dip after that as the snow increases here in the city. and then tonight we'll go into a winter storm watch, i anticipate this watch to be upgraded. but basically what this is, is you know it's going to be difficult to travel across colorado tonight into monday and even into tuesday. now with the snowfall starting this evening and lasting through tuesday, i'm examining for us to see -- expecting for us to see accumulations in the metro area from 8 to 16 inches.
7:52 am
amounts by tomorrow morning and talk about the colder temperatures arriving for the start of the week coming up in just a few. right now a look at the roads with tray sieve anthony. >> so far -- tracy anthony. >> so far this morning, eisenhower tunnel a busy place right now. that's where we're starting to see the slick roadways. we have some traction laws in effect after you get through eisenhower tunnel if you're heading to the west around vail, vail pass. move land pass is closed -- keep that in mind u.s. 6 is closed now because of the weather. now it is taking about 100 minutes just to get to those tunnels out there. average speed from 6th avenue to u.s. 6, only about 26 miles per hour. so be patient and take it slow. we had nice influx of traffic leaving the city earlier this morning. and we're going to be a little slow going the whole way. but it's probably a good thing
7:53 am
to be good you're going at a slower speed. plan for the winter weather as you head home this evening as well. now wheel drives, notary -- four wheel drives and snow tires and emergency kit in case you need the winter gear and that patience out there. >> thank you so much tracy. as ryan always said listen to the podcasts because it's gate good play list. >> you can listen to the mown train travel radio every weekend during peak times for traffic on i-70 between denver and vail. giving up to the minute road conditions. just log on to also this year their broadcasting -- they're broadcasting on fridays and the holiday mondays. >> check her reports on high country traffic right here on 9news and she's joining us from weather nation a source around the clock weather news. officials had to call off today's motorcycle expo following a deadly biker brawl yesterday. a denver health spokesperson
7:54 am
them died. three are in kate 8:00 can and -- critical condition and the other three are recovering. vida urbonas has more. >> reporter: they will have a presence this morning even though the event has been canceled. the expo to have contracted the facility for the two day expo. that was until the deadly altercation broke out yesterday afternoon. sources tell 9news that the motorcycle clubs. denver police tell us four people were shot and one stabbed and three received lesser injuries. denver police say it all happened when the two groups exchanged gunfire at the national western complex. people who saw it all go down tell us it was horrifying. >> i looked at my feet and i was walking flu a -- through a pool of blood. not even a stream, but a pool. you can tell where somebody has been dragged or was bleeding. >> reporter: denver health was placed -- health was placed on lockdown for much of yesterday afternoon due to safety concerns. a colorado motorcycle expo has
7:55 am
people who bought tickets for today's event will get refunds. now a different venue the arena cross event at the national western event center will go on as scheduled this afternoon. in the information center, vida urbonas, 9news. >> thanks. no suspects have been arrested and police are interviewing several witnesses as well as one person of interest. we are learning more about a deadly standoff in larimer county. investigators say a law enforcement official shot and killed a man because he thought the suspect was carrying a gun. 38-year-old phillip salazar died following the standoff late saturday night. the sheriff's office responded to a mobile home park after a woman hostage. the s.w.a.t. team novembered in after a few hours. a deputy thought the suspect was holding a weapon and that deputy has been placed on heave which is protocol while the shooting remains under investigation. he helped tie up and rob a man in jefferson county after
7:56 am
nearly a week after the incident, david miss careys in has been caught. deputies arrested him on friday. investigators say he and his alleged accomplice david martinez respond today an ad last week and they tied up homeowner and robbed him. the homeowner was able to break free. grab the gun and shot at both suspects. martinez died. this is a story we hear about far too often. an elderly couple in denver became the victims of a convincing scam recently only this time something rare happened. police actually caught that scammer. now the son who tracked the suspects down wants to other some others advice. we see the irs scams flare up. demetrius says his parents were a victim of the scam in august. they called in to double check that this was legit and now demetrius works for an internet marketing company. he said in this case every detail seemed to check out.
7:57 am
and the phone number. he and his parents paid thousands of dollars and then he contacted police. the bank and eventually something happened that almost never happens. a man was arrested in florida. this tieland scam is getting martyr and deme -- smarter and demetrius offered your best advice. follow your instincts. >> i had the idea that this could be a scam. the moment you have this idea, this could be a scam, just ends it right there. >> so the suspect who police say works at a ymca in florida admitted he was involved in this scam. using surveillance video the bank was actually able to trace withdrawals from lee which then led to his arrest and also told investigators he wasn't working alone and now faces charges for grand theft. regardless of who will you are voting for, most can agree this has been a fascinating presidential race and really only just begun with the iowa
7:58 am
with the state of the republican presidential race. >> in the polls the des moines register and bloomberg politics poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton leading their respective parties. trump stands at 28% a five point lead over ted cruces. marquee -- cruz. marco rubio is in third. bernie sanders. 45% to sanders' 42%. >> broncos are leaving on a jet plane. but we know they'll be back and hopefully with a shiny trophy. >> crossing our fingers for them. the team will hop on the plane this afternoon bound for california and straight to business as soon as they arrive. the panthers of course left for california a couple of days ago. boo. the team has a couple of days to go before super bowl 50. >> for the last couple of weeks i feel like the city hosting a pep rally at civic center park. forget about the weather, it's happening. sounds like good time.
7:59 am
and blue and orange themed and gave iowas and runs at 1:00 until 2:30. >> going to be a party. >> one thing we love about the broncos' fans is how proud they are that our team is going to the super bowl. >> and we have so many fans who just love to dress up and show off their broncos' pride. well, check out this fan. this is bessie. i just learned in the last hour this is a fake cow. >> we thought she was real. >> i thought it was real the past couple of hours. she is turning heads in conifer the outfit she's sporting is just one of many getups i guess the owner of this statuer whatever it is kind overdresses her up -- of dresses her up different times of the year. lot of people stopping by to say hi to the cow. >> i can imagine. we love seeing all the pictures by the way of your friends and family and pets, decked out in orange and blue. we love seeing your broncos' pride during our photo challenge too which is why we have another challenge for you. >> they just don't stop this week. you can send in your best videos in our next challenge.
8:00 am
videos. tuesday is kid videos. salute. seen a lot of those in the past week or so. earebroncos. ling all those -- loving all these coming into 9news. just getting up expect to see a little snow on the ground in the metro area and expect to tonight. >> meteorologist belen de leon will be back coming up to show us what this storm is going to look like in the next couple of
8:01 am
welcome back everybody. let's get a check with belen de leon right now. because belen, we saw that overnight. really nothing -- no big deal but tonight is going to be some
8:02 am
>> just preview yes and the snow investing overnight -- increasing overnight is really going to make traveling difficult across colorado and that's going to take us through tuesday when the travel advisories will finally expire. but here's a look at how much snow we're expecting for the next few days. again that heavier amount of snow the stronger storm system, is expected to arrive this afternoon, this evening, last through monday and even through part of tuesday. so with all of that time frame just kind of coupled up, we could see from 8 to 16 inches here in the city and higher amounts down south near castle inches. northern colorado, northeast colorado, some 6 to 12 inches. our northern foothills one to two feet and our amounts in our southern foothills, bailey, evergreen, conifer 10 to 12 inches by the time the storm is said and done. we have right now this first round of snow trying to come through colorado and right now we have some light snow in the backyard. our temperatures are much colder. we've got 20s right now on the map in the high country 20s and teens.
8:03 am
this afternoon your highs are below normal and we'll have 30s in fort collins and denver out warmer. in southern colorado 40s and even 50s in the forecast in the high country 20s and 30s. so here's a lookout doppler 9 -- at doppler 9. some light snow in the city but up in fort collins and longmont and love listened you're saying what we're done with it. out from behind the clouds up this storm system is still trying to work its way to the south. now our next storm is still on the west coast. it's going to gain some strength overnight and then finally move into colorado into this evening and tomorrow and into tuesday. and it's a storm system that's going to be pretty big. it's going to affect a lot of people that are trying to get around. especially on monday and into tuesday. but here's a look at the progression and how the storm will finally develop over the foreign corp.ers -- four corners through tonight into tomorrow and into tuesday as the storm system kind of moves over colorado and the rockies
8:04 am
plains and into the midwest. it's going to cause some big problems there as well. colorado. and how that snow will increase afternoon. so if you're around town around 6:00, we're already going to snowfall. the travel to the south is going to be difficult and even into the high country. overnight the snow increases morning's commute. i think here had the city tomorrow morning -- in the city storm morning we could see two to four inches but in northern colorado up to about six inches by tomorrow morning's drive. so here's a look at your city and how much snow we can see by tomorrow morning. remember, 9news will start at 4:00 tomorrow morning so you can get everything related to any closures and any delays here with the crew starting bright and early -- snowy and early. 23 on monday and tuesday 19. and we finally start to see some clearing on wednesday. if folks have questions specifically to where they live.
8:05 am
>> you are going to be busy this week. good luck. all right bye. we'll be right back with our garden. we're talking fragrant flowers
8:06 am
bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you.
8:07 am
welcome back everyone. garden. proctor as soon as i walked up to this table i could smell these fragrant flowers. >> i know. i had these wrapped in plastic in my car assist driving here because -- as i was driving here because it was so cold outside and i could smell them. >> really nice i love them. >> the homes have been close up for the -- closed up for the whole season and let's have some aroam therapy. lovely smelling plants in the house. >> you want us to work here yeah? >> you are the designer. so we've -- he said he'd rather not.
8:08 am
and just grab things that you like, tall in the back. and short in the front. >> okay. i don't have one here, i have lemon cyprus. i did a little cheating here. we've done this to prop these up if they're too short. just put little -- you can do with that tupperware or whatever. >> just buy a plant and put them in a basket and you leave them in your house. >> your helper takes out thing to. >> please knock -- tags. >> please knock yourself out. >> because they are tacky and we have an array of things, you can smell them as we go. you just chose chrysanthemums. i like the smell of them. plus it's chinese new year's coming up. so -- >> these are nice and tall. perfect for the little beginning it here. the moss is in the middle here? >> the moss covers up any holes because we don't want to see any plastic pots. a woodland spring basket. jessica?
8:09 am
>> we have lemon cypress to fondle and some freesias, hyacinths. over here? >> okay. >> what else do you want? >> i'm going to fill this in here. >> it's a good balance. >> fill nit and we might be able to squeeze in maybe one more of those in the back. >> thank you rob. >> there we go. so we have a nice balance of all that. so actually not too bad there. and one thing i wanted to point out was just this little itty bitly smell this. these little -- gold dust, gold dust -- >> they smell great. >> isn't that wonderful. >> a vanilla-ish flavor. >> some of them are very strong. so if you want a perfume in your whole living room choose something like the hyacinths, or if you want something on the desk that you can just reach over and bury your nose in, you
8:10 am
i don't know, the stock is pretty good. >> this is a fragrant morning here on your garden. >> moss is kind of musky and it smells like herbs. so many fragrances to delight the senses with. >> putting it together is easy by finding out what -- but finding out what fragrances you like and what it will work well with can be tricky which is why you posted it on >> everybody wants different things. keep this cool and moist and away from a heat vent. >> okay. all your tips on >> thanks rob. >> thank you rob. we'll be right back. >> look that the gorgeous --
8:11 am
good morning.
8:12 am
best places in the world to visit. and yet, von miller, chris harris aqib talib and demarcus ware are thrilled to not go b going. it's the -- not be going. it's the site of the pro bowl. sounds pretty good especially all the snow in the forecast. but levi's stadium in claire claire sounds a whole -- santa clara sounds a whole lot better. >> i plan on being there instead of hawaii. everything is happening as manned. >> no trip to hawaii for you. >> hey, i went to hawaii with family last year. so -- yeah. i enjoyed it. >> you ready to take the super bowl over the pro bowl? >> any day. >> the broncos are all done in denver and the next practice will be in sanford as super bowl week officially begins. the team leaves a little later today. and then well, yesterday was their last visit to dove valley
8:13 am
next time they go back will be for otas hopefully as the defending super bowl champs. >> to get to point in your -- if point in your career, it's a hard thing. you want to know everything is done as much as they can. that's accountability by players and everybody but they know that. i mean i talked to them about that all the time and you know we're going into a real -- that's a week of heavy distractions but i mean, you work to be in those distractions. i mean that's where you want to be. just handle those things and get ready to play. >> we will have more on the broncos on "game day live" it's now from 9:00 until 10:00 and we're going to jump on that team play and head out to santa clara and broncos tonight will be live from there at 10:35. all right, there's actually more going on than just super bowl in sports like basketball. nuggets and pacers in indiana in overtime. where denver couldn't get it done. they fall 109-105. college basketball. csu and wyoming and laramie. the rams won the border war in
8:14 am
the cowboys. adams led everyone with 28 as the cowboys beat the rival rams for a fourth straight time. final score was 83-76. the avenuest are off this week -- avs are off this weekend. well most of them are off. matt duchene is playing in the hock hock all-star -- nhl all- star game. due shane broking out the von miller -- breaking out the von miller cowboy hat. pretty fancy moves there. almost looked like he had superglue on the puck until it fell off. still shot and score between the legs. a lot of fun for all involved in nashville. that will do it for morning sports, 9news returns -- look at that shot -- right after
8:15 am
in slow slow vania, blinded drivers were involved in this massive pileup. how her pet was finally rescued from an icy river. and one county setting its sites high at the upcoming high school cheer and national competition taylor has your prep sports. first straight to one of the top stories morning. that's the weather. waking up to a little bit of snow but prepare to see a whole lot more potentially major storm on the way. depending on where you are id could see some -- you could see some significant snowfall. live look at i-70 and georgetown shows you a backup already. >> drivers really need to be careful tonight as that snow comes down. our belen de leon is standing by in the weather center with the detailed look at this storm. good morning. >> hi guys, good morning. and just before i went on air, my computer decided to freeze. >> awesome. >> i'm just going to roll with the punchings right now. this is live television folks. let's get into the forecast because we've been talking about this. one-two punch storm that's going to affect colorado.
8:16 am
yesterday afternoon. and we're still trying to see that it's still trying to clear colorado right now. but that snow currently is anchored over parts of southern colorado and also into the san juans. this computer is just not playing nice. bruce tell me what you want to do. but you know what? into today we are already seeing some clearing into northern colorado. around the metro area we have some light snow that's falling as well. and our temperatures for today our highs are only going to be in the mid- to upper 30s. now into this afternoon and evening, is when we're going to see more snow increase from the southwest and into the metro area. and it looks like by tomorrow morning, we could see accumulations in the city of up to about two inches. so i'm hoping that this computer will finally act nice. and i'll bring you more on this minute. about the roads right now. yeah belen we checked out the fresh snow overnight so roadways are slick in some
8:17 am
head out. but a lot of people today heading out west to the high country. we had an influx of traffic right around 6:30 this morning even before the sun got up. now everyone going around the georgetown hill and lots of people getting out there. the roads. you know it's going to be snowy and slick and with winds in some spots visibilities will be low at times. enjoy the day today. later on tonight. active snowfall. getting out to u.s. 6. 92 tunnel. u.s. 6 is closed now because of the wintry conditions out there on loveland pass. that is closed as of now and past the eisenhower tunnel, going anywhere farther than the eisenhower tunnel west you need drove. effect. so we're starting to see a map. those speeds down at 29 miles
8:18 am
about an hour and a half to get to the tunnels. loveland pass closed. make sure you have the snow tires the four wheel drive. slick roads and gusty winds are going to continue to be the major store on top of the know and we have to battle everyone -- snow and we have to battle everyone coming back into the city from the mountains. maybe a couple of people will try to wait out the storm in the high country. jessica and ryan? >> if you're heading back from the high country today fake some advil and pack your patience. >> definitely plan -- at least a couple of extra hours. >> thank you so much. do you listen to cdot's mountain travel radio every weekend during peak times for traffic conditions on i-70 between denver and trail. traffic reporters give up to the minute road conditions. just log on to on to some world news now, authorities in canada recovered the bodies of the five snowmobilers killed in an avalanche. the remaining 12 were flown out in british columbia. at the time of the avalanche on friday, there were almost 150 snowmobilers out riding in the very popular area.
8:19 am
down. 17 people total were buried. they were all men from the alberta. those caught up in the avalanche were said to be experienced in most dug each other out. experts say this was a human caused avalanche. in slow vania, dense fog is to blame for a 70 car pileup that killed four and hurt dozens of others this accident happened on a major highway in the western part of the country. dozens of crumpled cars littered that highway. trucks. drivers were stranded as crews try to clean up that mess. the main syrian opposition delegation has arrived in switzerland and plans to meet the u. n. mediator today. the delegation is vowing not to participate in u. n. sponsored peace talks unless their demand are met. the opposition leaders want an i end to the siege imposed on rebel held areas and also want an end to russian and syrian bombardment of areas they control. syrian president bashar al- assad's government used the groups as terrorist groups that
8:20 am
meanwhile, the death toll from a triple explosion today continues to rise in syria's capital. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack that killed 45 in damascus. local news agencies report a car bomb exploded at a bus station followed by two suicide bombers as rescuers rushed to the scene of the first explosion. back in the states, the manhunt is over in california. all three inmates made a daring escape out of a maximum security jail are back in custody this morning. police caught the remaining inmates in san francisco yesterday. hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu were captured over 400 miles away from the jail after a woman spotted their stolen van. the third prisoner turned himself in. this rescue making headlines this morning. a man from out of town saw a woman in distress in des moines yesterday, her dog had fallen into the river and was struggling to stay afloat. she couldn't swim. so the this man ended up wading through strong currents to reach that dog who apparently
8:21 am
despite spending quite a bit of good news. taylor temby in next, the look at your prep sports including some of the top teams head-to-head -- hoops going head-to-head for the first time. those highlights and more coming you in the prep real --
8:22 am
good morning everyone. a new week and new rankings in high school hoops. cherokee trail knocked out of the top ten this week. but they're trying to prove they should have still been in it. and animated crowd on hand as arapahoe hosted cherokee trail. second half cougars on the attack. he scores the and one and cherokee trail led by five after three, the warriors try to rally. the junior had 35 points on the night and he was 10-11 from the charity stripe to go along with five three pointers. arapahoe tied the game at 44 but it would not last. off the steal the cougars on the break. david thornton will finish the play. cherokee trail wins this one 69- 60. the far northeast warriors hosted lincoln for a denver prep conference game. the majority of the game, lincoln had the upper hand and
8:23 am
four minutes left in the fourth. but the warriors weren't done. seconds left in the game. warriors' nelson would go up and drop one in to go up 57-56. leaving just 7.7 seconds on the clock. far northeast goes on to win this one by just a point. over in 4a. green mountain getting fired up to take on conifer. the low bows though, came out ready to play. jack sutter going to just walk right up to the hoop and lay one in. he gets the foul to put conifer up by six. next play, rams starting to feel it. alex hit the three way beyond the line. lead down now to three. the rams would pull away though in the second half. behind senior austin fritz. fritz was 27 points including this two and the and one. they walk away with the victory over conifer. the family still undefeated in the league as they hosted
8:24 am
early in the first, holy family gets the scoring going. have he has two of her -- chavez two of her 22 points the game. amanda ward making a nice move to get the open shot. she would score 20 points but the wizards lead 21-17 at halftime. holy family would fight back in this one outscoring windsor 27- 12 in the second. katie chavez with another hoop. holy family walks away with the win 44-33 your final. next up -- skip ahead to the third. goes coast toddes bring the huskies within one. chaparral wouldn't give up much more than that. erin nelson charges the basket and chaparral take this is one. the heritage eagles hosting the castle view saber cats on friday night. charles stewart flies around the defense and waits then slips into first hally of the game. sayer cats though could woman
8:25 am
come out and they would respond in a big way. in the defense from the point and it will be finished off by john congresser to tie the game up. they go on to add two late goals for the 4-2 win. we have the extended highlights and interviews from all the games this week posted online. visit for more.
8:26 am
welcome back everyone. live look at i-70 and georgetown. that backup has been there all morning. we know that loveland process, u.s. 6, has -- pass, u.s. 6 has been closed. the adverse weather conditions continue into tonight when we can expect more snow. >> hope you packed all of those books on tape and those podcasts. going to be a long drive. >> you will need it. state 44 now -- 6:44 now. in the presidential primary and colorado has caucuses just a month away. >> balance of power takes a look at the big storylines to come. >> right now, on balance of
8:27 am
many times and now, for the first time in the 2016 primary season, voters will choose winners and losers. the iowa caucuses are tomorrow night and 9news will be there. this morning, we look at the possibilities that lie ahead. will the trump juggernaut keep cruising or lose steam? and will voters go along with the idea that now is hillary clinton's time? will they vote to pull further left with bernie sanders? what could it mean for colorado's role with our caucuses just one month later? joining me now to hash it out are 9news political experts james mejia a democrat and kelly mccan a republican. so we'll start with the democrats. they will have a result in the march 1st caucuses. if you trust the polls, bernie sanders is going to win new hampshire by a substantial amount. how critical is iowa for hillary clinton and what is it going to mean for colorado? either way the race goes in iowa? >> well, we know that hillary
8:28 am
in iowa and aunt den have to -- doesn't even have to win iowa. stay close in iowa and new hampshire but when states like nevada and colorado come into play, and even south carolina, you're going to see more voters of color and hillary clinton is states. >> not going to give democratic voters pause if it looks like she can't pick up the first two states? >> there will certainly be a shift in momentum. i think bernie keeps going for a couple of months after that but hillary is going to gain steam thereafter more and more. >> do you agree? do you think hillary clinton can lose iowa and strong into super tuesday? >> i think she needs to win iowa and new hampshire because she's already under fire. the e-mails are coming back. people are still talking about them. and the fact that bernie keeps finding more and more donors and getting more and more endorsements and getting more attention. he could really end up being kind of like the ron paul of the democrat party. for 2008 for the republicans. >> yeah. a lot of the democrats i see on
8:29 am
description. the heart wants bernie sanders, the head wants somebody more clinton. could bernie sanders win the nomination? it's a marathon. bernie i think will do well in the first couple of states and he may very well win the first term. this is a delegate count, hillary clinton knows the inside game and focused on the long-term and going to get the dell bats. >> but clearly she's scared. i mean the hillary clinton smear machine is already going after the people that are looking into the e-mail scandal and we've already seen the fact that she's just like -- starting to get more and more nervous about it. i think that she's going to first thing out only so i -- figure out some way to get out if she doesn't have some real early wins because like bernie sanders cannot be the nominee for democrats. actually -- i feel the bern. i would love it if he was a nominee for democrat. >> i think i'm getting that from you. all right, so now we learned on
8:30 am
department is looking into whether some of the e-mails hillary clinton sent over her private server were in fact classified at the time. which would be contrary to what she said on the program and plenty of others, to someone who thinks ma might have been a foolish move, who would you say about your judgment generally? >> well, nothing i sent or received was marked classified at the time. that is an absolute fact. it's been verified over and over and over again. >> is this news coming in too late to factor into the iowa results or could that make voters a little more nervous? >> well, i think it will make some voters nervous. i do think it's rather late in the process. she's also following the e-mail protocol that of former secretaries of state had followed: i think she's got a little bit of background going in her favor. too late in the process, she's still doing well and wins the eventual nomination. >> she may do well, but i think it's definitely going to be that deciding factor for the very few delegates that are
8:31 am
but also a real problem with young people and doesn't have the energy of obama. at the latest town hall, last case all of the questions that people were asking her was some derivation of why do young democrats not like you and that's bad for her. >> yeah. that heart and head thing we talked about seems to be going on the on the gop side as well. i suppose you could call trump and cruz the heart. in that case the heart is going to win it looks like at least in iowa. what are the odds trump wins? >> you know, it's -- entirely possible. i mean, it's just such a bizarre year this year. we'll just kind of have to see what happens. but our delegate count is a little bit different and our process is going to take a little bit longer to figure out who's got the momentum or not versus what the democrats are looking at. >> well, that's right mean the way the -- i mean the way the republicans have set it up. iowa is a little less important. i do think trump wins and calm of other early -- a couple of
8:32 am
this is about the future of the republican party. the true -- cruz trump seen phobic theme or a more moderate rubio kind of them? >> really quick kelly, how much are the caucuses going to matter for the republicans? they're still picking delegates. >> you know what? it's going to be a longer process for us. so everyone matters a little bit less but it's going to be a longer math equation for any of our delegates. >> all right, kelly ma her, james mejia. our 9news political experts, thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. 9news is taking you to iowa to follow these angles and i'll be reporting from des moines tonight on 9news at 9:00 and 10:00 and all day there on monday for the last-minute push. caucus voting and then of course results. "meet the press" is already on the ground there. chuck todd has ted cruz and maybe a surprise or two for you from des moines. that's coming up at 9:00 a.m. on channel 20. thanks for joining us on balance of power, we'll see you here sundays. blah definitely want to follow
8:33 am
you know it. the super bowl. >> coming up the way the team keeps focused with all the media attention and excitement
8:34 am
to california today for the fig big game. -- big game. the super bowl 50 just a week ai way now. >> our "game day live" co-hosts rod mackey and mike klis are here with the "game day live" preview. a lot going out there, how does the stay focused. >> that's really the million dollar question. there's a million million dollar questions. they get ready to leave today and i mean they have a lot of work in this week of practice. the special last night you said there's no benefit to losing that super bowl xlviii. my point was i think there is because at least they got used to the distractions because starting tomorrow night with media night, which is now a night instead of day, there are a ton of them mike. >> one thing they learned was that peyton manning told gary kubiak pump the noise in pecuniary face. the noise was a big factor. and manny ramirez not hearing peyton manning in the snap going over manning's head safety to start the game.
8:35 am
super bowl xlviii. >> it was. but 43-8? you don't want that experience. >> it's like i say with the buffalo bills, when they lost three in a row to that experience help them going into the fourth consecutive super bowl? when greg norman blew a six masters. did that help him the next time he was leading on sunday? going into a major? i don't think so. that's negative experience. i'd rather no experience than negative experience. though. the ones who are there, that they are definitely driven because of that experience. now the panthers have been there once before when -- back in 2003. they lost that game as well to the patriots. with that said, though, most of the guys on this team weren't there. but what we've seen so far this season based on their 14671 record -- 17-1 record. they are an offensive juggernaut. >> one major flaw i've been able to detects. not very good at holding three touchdown leads. [ laughter ] they are -- a
8:36 am
on the combined from the playoff games. >> yeah. they are -- this is the best team the broncos have faced this year. they're better than the patriots and they're better than the steel, and and -- steelers and better than the chiefs. this is by far the best team in the nfl. this doesn't mean the broncos can't win. but the game has do go their way. >> carolina right now a six point favorite a spread that keeps moving up and up as everyone kind of jumps on the panther bandwagon. oh so much more coming up moments if now guys, our -- from now guys, our last show here were befly out to santa clara. >> i'll see you late. final check of the forecast with belen. wave lot -- we have a lot to talk about. >> in a minute 30. let's get to it. much colder day today and highs in the 30s depending on where you live it looks a little different. in boulder right now we have the mix of clouds and sun. in denver we have that light snow falling, this from the first system that's trying to push to the south. the temperatures today will only get into the 30s and in the high country and 20s and 30s in the forecast. as we go throughout your sunday, flurries early maybe
8:37 am
service around noon 34 degrees with a break from the snowy weather. then that snow increases by this afternoon light to moderate snow around the city pushing in from the southwest. so the drive in the high country along i-70 if you're traveling back from skiing or snow boarding could be icy and snow packed. 6:30 check out what's happening to the south of us, that's the next storm system that will push in overnight become widespread and will continue through tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. and goo the evening and into tuesday. we go into a winter storm watch tonight that's going to last through tuesday. travel deedries expected for the -- advisories expected for difficult travel conditions and have the good snow tires and i'm expecting for us to see two, four inches by tomorrow of 16 degrees. total snowfall in the metro area from tonight through tuesday, from 8 co16 inches in the snow metro area and higher northern colorado, northeast colorado, from 6 to 12 inches and one to two feet in our northern foothills. foothills.
8:38 am
8 to 16 total snowfall but i broke it down into days and monday four to eight inches and 23. tuesday, two to four inches 19. we'll see some clearing in the afternoon and then the weather on wednesday 27 and thursday 36 and drier for friday with a high of 35 degrees. well, two to four inches morning. tune in at 4:00, 9news will be they'll talk about any closures if we have any of them. the travel delays marty will update the forecast and we always ain't site you -- invite you the guys to send thus pictures. and ask follow the weather team as -- of course follow the weather team. >> one of the biggest storms we've had so far this season. >> so far this season. someone did ask me on -- twitter they said what's the biggest snowfall we've seen so far? this season? it was 7.7 inches december 15th. so if we're in a line with the 8 to 16 inches it will be the biggest snowfall we've seen here in the city this season so far. >> right. make sure to keep in touch with you and figure out exactly what happens -- thank you so much. "game day live" is next. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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