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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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unless you're driving on the highway, most roads are still packed with snow or are frozen over like this one. take it extra slow as you head out the door this morning. >> the elway family is headed home in many ways for super bowl this week. they have big ties to the san jose area. cheryl will talk about a little known father-son rivalry. hey, hey, the fans are here. we're going to the super bowl. i have 1,000 magnets. the mag giveaway has started. >> made up a song. >> good morning, everyone.
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gary and cory with you on this wednesday morning. sarah is in santa clara. she's going to join us. noel brennan is checking out some of the neighborhood street this is morning. amelia earhart will have your drive. we'll start with marty coniglio in the backyard. marty, have we seen the end of this snow for at least a little while? >> kind of. i think we'll see a few flurries later in the day. this is some of the images we've been getting. there's a person in there. that's what ski and 31 inches of new snow is like. in colorado snow back right now, 116% of average, another way to put that is 15% above average. we're seeing really impressive amounts. partly cloudy conditions over here right now. that's going to be the case
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no wood burning restrictions in effect as temperatures barely make it into the 30s in a few areas here. late in the day, most of us totally dry. in the foothills, down south we'll see a couple of flurries here and there. looking across the state. for the eastern plains, in the mountain valleys, we'll get a lot of west and northwest facing slopes, we'll be seeing this during the day. temperatures will drop off quickly as skies clear. over the plains, most highways are open. we sill have a couple of trouble spots there. we'll have clear skies for the most part today. wind kicks up during the afternoon and drops down. tonight we'll be slipping below zero in parts of northeastern colorado. amelia, it's still snow packed. how are the highways doing?
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and sky 9 is back. we're back with an aerial view right at the i-25 split. most freeways we had a chance to work a lot of snow pack off between plows doing incredible job and all the cars wearing down the snow pack. let's take a live look outside to our ground level view right around 19. downtown corridor, looking good, but the volume is building early. yesterday, a light volume as people head home. this crash, eastbound, around central park. northbound 225 around sixth avenue. average speeds, about 44 miles per hour with a 15 minute ride. now for a closer look at the side streets, we head out to noel. >> reporter: good morning, amelia. i'm joining you from would they
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some of the side streets are a mess. some of them have been passed over. sidewalks as well. take a look at this. look like they have work to do in front of this house. though, they have cleared the walkway. that will be nice to postal workers trying to get to this home. the postal service is asking folks to clear a path to your home so it's easy for the postal workers. also, you have to clear a way the snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to your property within 24 hours after it stops snowing. make sure you do that if you haven't already. take a look at this. this is a car that's just coated in so much snow, they've gotten more than 16-inches of snow in boulder from sunday night into tuesday morning. i really feel for the folks that have to clear out from that car. that's what we've been seeing out here.
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hopefully they get at it this morning, cory because that is going to be quite a job. >> a lot of work ahead a lot of people. unfortunately mother nature is not going to be helping out in the near future. noel, thank you. 6:04 right now. the suspect accused of killing a student has pled guilty to vehicular homicide. the teen is not being identified because he was a minor at the time of the accident. the 17-year-old had been driving when he struck chad britton who was standing next to a vehicle at a school. the driver had been smoking marijuana before he got behind the wheel. a navy seal earned a medal of honor for saving a doctor during a taliban raid. he's still an active member of seal team 6. we don't have a picture of him. in 2012, he was the second person through the door when his unit raided a taliban hideout where a colorado doctor
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he protected the doctor from gun fire as he pinned the taliban fighter against the wall with his hand. he'll receive his medal on the 29th. a hearing is scheduled in d.c. today on the safe drinking water act in flint, michigan. as you know, the water was contaminated with lead after the source was switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014, apparently to save money. the corrosive river water was not treated and caused lead to seep into the drinking water. the top environmental regulator says the state failed to act on residents' complaints about the water more than a year ago. reich snyder proposes money to help pay the water bills of flint residents. yes, they're still getting charged for the bad water. being at the super bowl in northern california has been a
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back at his childhood home. the elway connection there is a favorite memory for long time sports fans. cheryl preheim is at the hotel. cheryl, the elway roots run really deep there. >> reporter: they do. there's so much meaning for him to be back here as an executive. this is where he learned football. and he learned it from his dad. inside the san jose state university athletic department, there are treasures that speak to decades of history. stories that have shaped generations of sport. >> it's another time.
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>> the elway-elway story is unique. >> a time when football and family intersected at spartan stadium remains an unmatched memory. >> pleasure and a privilege to work with jack elway. >> jack elway coached at san jose state for five years, four of them coaching against his son, john. the quarterback 22 miles away at stanford. >> they were extremely close. >> my dad really had some good football teams when he was here at san jose state. >> he was 1982. >> fourth and final game with john elway as the stanford quarterback. and jack elway as the san jose state coach. john was in his senior year. >> january elway was featured in the local paper, saying she was fit to be tied. >> it was a hard game on my mom. >> and wishing for a tie between her husband and son. >> she said deep down she's
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didn't say that in front of my dad, thank god. >> they won 35-31. >> they kicked my tail junior and senior year. it was a great rivalry that wasn't much of a rivalry because my dad had great teams. john would be drafted soon after after. >> from then on the intersection of family and football was stronger than ever but unified too. jack elway, always there for the moments that only a dad and son could fully understand. >> consider this, john elway grew up watching football, being with his dad was one of the greatest quarterbacks ever,
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peyton manning also grew up watching his dad, archie manning, play. now they're here trying to add another chapter to two amazing careers. that started just when they were little boys, watching their dad. >> very inspiring. what a great story. >> thanks for sharing that with us. a banner year for colorado dealers. 8% more of new vehicles in 2013 compared to the year prior. the increase came despite a drop off in december and registrations of used vehicles were up 10%. the head of the automobile dealers association is crediting the success by available credit for a lot more
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toyota sigh i don't scion -- toyota scion. a $4.4 billion loss last quarter, yahoo is going to lay off about 1600 people. management says that move will save the company $400 million this year. they're looking to sell off patents and real estate. that could generate more than a billion dollars in cash. fall. up north around the border toward -- anyone traveling up north, you may
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impossible to see. >> been there. >> not fun. >> that doesn't sound very nice. 11 minutes after 6:00. he wasn't famous at all but when he was arrested, it made national headlines.
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yesterday's storm is not a memory just yet. we're dealing with it north of the great lakes. on the back side of it we'll get strong winds in. the other thing i'm watching at the jet stream level is thursday night, friday morning, look at the dip that clips through here. i'm forecasting a few flurries friday morning as well. dry here. very cold in the mountains. cold in the plains. thank goodness it's not very windy.
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start to see some light snow showers. we're talking about noon and a little after. it really won't effect many people living below 6,000 feet. again, c-470 to the north and east, i don't think we're going see much at all. if you're closer to the foothills and closer into douglas county, you might get a little snow shower this afternoon. no accumulation. 20s, 30s for northern colorado. low 30s here. we'll barely get into the teens today. we'll have clouds there. much dry. northwest and west facing slopes, about 1-3-inches of snow today to tomorrow afternoon. today. most areas about an inch and inch and a half. highs in the teens and 20s for the mountains and west. mid-20s to mid-30s in eastern colorado. we'll go right in the middle of that for denver.
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foothills areas and nearby seeing flurries. cold again tonight with single digit lows. chilly tomorrow. friday morning flurries. saturday and monday are the hour. outlook. boy, is it going to be warm. issues. >> sixth avenue with our northbound crash that's blocking up lanes. center lane and far right lane look like they're getting by. the left lane is blocked up. you can see where the cars are parked, there's still a lot of crunchy snow. so it is slick. use a lot of caution, especially transitioning lane to lane out of those grooves. the rest of our drive, packed in with delays as well. we're taking a look at 225. southbounders, you're doing okay. i expect to see slowdowns because we've got additional problems. no only do we have the wreck along the stretch, there's also
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speeds are are dropping down into the teens. >> all right. thanks, amelia. magnet madness returns to colorado this week as we get ready for super bowl 50. we started giving away these magnets at king soopers at sheridan and dartmouth in denver. >> colleen ferreira, it's a rowdy crowd this morning. >> reporter: it was a rowdy crowd. i have a secret. there's no line right now. remember when a hundred people were lined up behind me? they all got their magnets. they're on their way to work. we have one person coming in to get a magnet. i think i have about 700 left. you can see the stack. once these are gone, i'm out of here. they're gone for this location. we're also in avon this morning. we have a whole bunch of other locations for you on look at that vest. look at this.
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>> anything for the broncos. >> broncos are in your heart right now. >> i have to show you these glasses. you're seeing orange and blue? >> yes, always. born and raised in denver, in southwest denver. this is home. >> i love people that are coming out this morning. we have two dice here. broncos -- two guys here. broncos are in their blood. i am here, cory and gary. >> bring it back home. go. >> it's a forty -- party of three, and i'm totally okay with that. she moved that line through so quickly. >> 700 left.
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we get e-mails every day from people. i got there and they were out of magnets. >> and not even here this colorado, we get e-mails from everyone all over the country. they're a hot commodity. >> it's 18 after 6:00. a major decision could decide the fate of bill cosby.
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welcome back. today real estate magnet robert durst is expected to enter a plea in new orleans on fellly gun and drug charges. he's been in custody since he was arrested last year. he was arrested the day before the final episode of the jinx aired. it was an hbo documentary about his life. durst is also facing first- degree murder charges. investigators say he killed his friend back in 2000. durst says he's innocent. a judge could rule today on a sexual assault arrest. the comedian's legal team argues there have unwritten promise of immunity given to him by a former prosecutor. his name may ring a bell not only because it's uncommon but because it's not the first
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here's the name. -- he is charged with two counts of assault as well as malicious mischef and malicious harassment. this may sound familiar because the 34-year-old was also arrested in wisconsin in 2012 and iowa in 2013 on drug possession charges. >> okay. we drew straws to see who was going to read that story, and cory lost. the x games better get ready. they could have a pint sized competitor. she's the only one who shreds, and she's taking over the internet. >> she's cute. >> isn't that awesome. first, a quick check on the weather and traffic. well, you want to stay inbounds today. out of bounds in back country areas, we have high avalanche danger in and around the grand mesa. considerable danger. again, steep slopes still very dangerous throughout the day today.
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and northwest facing slopes today. it's about 1-2-inches by the end of the day. valley areas, i don't think you can see much at all. again, right up on the ridge lines and passes, we'll begin to see light snow develop later in the day. amelia, it looks like some folks may think roads are dryer than they are. >> well, it can be deceiving. most of the lanes are clear. shoulders, still really slick. if you're transitioning, getting farther over to the side, you could see this. several cars on the left shoulder. three lanes are getting by there.
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welcome back. the cutest snow sport video of
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definitely this one. this is little one-year-old sloan anderson putting a lot of us grownups who can't snowboard and ski to shame. her parents in utah wanted to take her on the slopes as soon as she could walk. that was just a few weeks ago. >> she cannot only shred, but she's great at dishing out the high-fives. share your pictures of your little borders and skiers out there too. see if you can hold a candle to this gal. >> i learned to ski when i was three years old. kudos to my parents at teaching me at 3. learned to walk three weeks ago. >> isn't that something. >> that's incredible. >> the zika virus has caused a
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well, good morning. a lot of streets probably look like this. 13th and broadway in denver. it means a lot of you are going to be digging out this morning as you head to school or work. we're going to be tracking the road conditions across the metro area. a broncos player won't be with the team when they take the field this sunday. the bay area scene that ended with one practice squad player flying home. good morning from santa clara. why are there super bowl rings
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one carolina panther is explaining why he would bow down to peyton manning. >> good morning, everyone. cory and gary with you here. amelia is in the traffic center. marty is outside. it's cold and we're not going to see a warmup until next week. >> no, we may not get a thaw until next week. partly cloudy conditions out here over the metro area. we're looking at a cold start here. single digit readings, flirting with below zero on the south side of the river. flurries today and chilly conditions will last into the weekend. again, now up to 5 5 above, that's great. we have double digit temperatures. we have gone below zero in the mountain valleys. through the day today, staying in the singles for a little while, warming into the 20s and low 30s. now, i do think it is possible for us to see a few extremely
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front range. they're going to try to work their way into the foothills. i don't think they're going to do it during the day today. most of us living here will stay dry today. the evening forecast, most of us are dry. if you commute to confer or aspen park, you may get a temperatures dropping into the 20s with dry conditions. that, at least with a combination of sunshine, might help improve road conditions even more during the course of the day. we have slick spots out there. amelia has been tracking early morning problems on the highway. >> yes, now a case of fire and ice. we've got a new car fire along c-470 along quebec. sky 9 is on their way. pictures are coming up in just a few. out to the west, we're looking at a busy start. so far speeds are pretty great
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colorado all the way to the west. out across our map, it's been an active beginning on 225. we have a crash. we have one further to the north near sixth avenue. that's from a shot by sky 9. our speeds are down to 30 miles per hour. that's a 21-minute commute out to i-70. eastbound across i-70, a crash at central park. we'll head out to noel. >> reporter: i'm joining you from boulder this morning, taking a look at the side streets here. they got a good 16.8 inches of snow. i have to tell you this, though. we've been watching for the last hour or so as people tried to park in this parking spot. this guy in the suv is trying to do this now.
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they're not getting enough traction on the side streets. his tires are just spinning and spinning. again, we've seen this now with four different vehicles that have tried to do the exact same thing to no avail. more than 16 inches of snow. look at the car right behind his. it's just buried completely in snow. thankfully a lot of people on the side streets have been cleared from the snow, but the shoulders and where you night want to park, look, this guy is just giving up, driving away. that's number 5, guys. we have watched this happen for the past hour or so. gary, i just don't think that parking spot wants anybody to be there right now. spot. maybe not. 6:34. he was never going to see the field on sunday anyway, but a denver broncos player is back
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he was questioned at a prostitution sting in san jose at a motel 6, and the team sent him home. cheryl preheim joins us from the team hotel. ryan murphy, he's on the >> reporter: yeah. it was a very, very short super bowl trip for him. he arrived at dia last night just after 11:00. nbc news reports that he was questioned in this prostitution sting and released after they determined he was not connected to the criminal activity. murphy is a safety on the broncos practice squad. he's never played in a game. he was not going to be in uniform for the super bowl. he was at that motel 6 in san jose when police conducted the sting. a local san francisco tv station is reporting this morning that murphy's brother and the suspected prostitute were both ticketed. we're working to confirm that now. coach gary kubiak released a statement very quickly after
6:30 am
although the practice squad safety ryan murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. ryan is returning to denver, but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. >> before the team left for the bay area, coach kubiak had one final message for the players. he said, i'm not going to micro manage your down time, but i do expect you to be accountable for it. i think it says a lot, cory, about the broncos' focus that even though he wasn't ticketed, they sent him back quickly. the issue here is they don't want any distractions as they work towards sunday. >> so focused they didn't want any distractions. even though he was not part of this, they sent him home anyway. it was a very short super bowl trip for him. >> starting goalie for the avs
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girlfriend sued him, accusing him of abuse. the civil trial against -- her attorney plans to appeal. researchers are investigating a new possibility with the zika virus. can it be transmitted through sexual contact? that seems to have happened in dallas, texas. a person contracted the disease in another country. that person had sexual contract with a person who now has the virus. tarhonda thomas has the latest on the virus. there's still no known cases of mosquitoes transmitting the virus in the u.s. >> no. so far it doesn't look like
6:32 am
the u.s. this says the world health organization declared an international emergency. >> from haiti to japan, the zika virus is causing problems around the world. >> we need an international response to make sure we get to the bottom of this. >> the question is why is the virus spreading so rapidly. in honduras alone, there are 3500 new cases. that country has declared a state of emergency, ordering government workers to fumigate houses. zika is primarily spread through mosquitoes, but it can also be sexually trance bitted. investigators in dallas are investigating a case where it appears that happened. >> that individual's sexual partner developed zika without a travel history. both individuals do have recent zika infection. >> it's classified a a public
6:33 am
it was linked to 4,000 babies there is. pregnant women are encouraged not to travel to countries where it's an issue. ob. i'm pregnant now. what do we need to do to monitor the baby's progress? there are new concerns it could lead to a syndrome that causes sudden paralysis. >> this farmer has been paralyzed for a month. they saw more cases in 2015. >> who is at risk? >> everybody. >> trying to control a virus that has no vaccine or cure. >> for many people it feels like the flu. >> it's scary in a lot of ways. >> thank you, tarhonda. secretary of state john kerry is now wrapped up in hillary clinton's e-mail saga. >> the state department said in 2011 kerry used a private e-
6:34 am
information now deemed classified to secretary of state clinton on her server. it was censored when it was released along with 1,000 of clinton's e-mails. 6:40 right now. the immediate crisis is over, but chipotle is still dealing with a lot of problems associated with food safety. a previously disclosed criminal investigation is now widening beyond just that single restaurant in california. that's where a noro virus outbreak took place over the summer. sales dropped over 14% after the food sickened dozens of people around the country. this is the first sales drop since the company went public a decade ago. a nationwide salmonella outbreak now and warning consumers about the likely source. it's the garden of life raw meal shake. 11 people in nine states have been reported by infected with salmonella. so far one person has opinion hospitalized.
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consumers should stop using these right away. return them to the store where you bought them for a refund a. full list of products can be found at it may be cold down here, but not so in the mountains and foothills between 10 and 20 miles per hour. bertha's pass, between 40 and 50 mile-per-hour winds. a little bit of wind over the northeast plains. 15-20 miles per hour. watch what happens tonight north of the border in wyoming. we start to see winds 40, 50, 60 miles per hour. that's going to have a big effect on us. now, we have falseco dis appearing. tonight, a blizzard warning is out for the cheyenne and laramie areas because of blizzards. anybody headed up north, think you're going to be traveling on
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after 7:00 tonight, it could be difficult if not impossible to drive out of cheyenne. he's not short on trash talk when it comes to opposing players.
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it's 6:44. if you're looking to show your dandom we can help you. >> matt granite has found good deals. >> we all know broncos are going to win. that's a given, but there's more to how to cheer on the best football team on earth ever. now, with regards to the big screen tv deals which we actually already featured last
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on we're going to see one more big deal drop this friday. i will have you covered with regard to gear. first, take a look at your reminder that there are deals and coupons galore if you play your cards correctly. this site will scan reliable sites ifer your party for the big game. you can find big game related bargains, all of the grocery coupons performed well. remember, most delivery deals, specifically in the denver area appear this friday. i know the website is starting to aggregate those. amazon has great price drops for bronco gear. fleece throws, that's new right now. you can find a big category on amazon. my favorite price drop also
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they're not paying me to talk about them. infrared helmet heaters. this crazy list price is no longer a reality. they're $29.99 for broncos infrared heaters. you can heat your home economically with the nfl. these are what the helmets look like. i don't have a broncos helmet. they're limited stock. i didn't want to deny a real hard earned fan their gear. so, we've got you covered. to my favorite studio on earth, favorite football team, favorite deals, we're good to go. >> we're good to go. i want you to get out your wall rhett right now, matt. >> i have $4 in it. i'm ready. >> that's all i need. i invite you and matt granite and others to consider donating to a nonprofit close to my heart this weekend, helping us cheer on the team the broncos as well. thanks to a cory rose
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orange live during our newscast if we can raise money for special olympics. log on to or ange. again, our goal is 3,000 there are over the next 48 hours. there it is right there. that's the website. marty. >> you're dyeing your hair, buddy. you're going to be dyeing your hair. around here, snow pack, above average. we just had two to three feet of snow in that part of the state. considerable avalanche danger in the back country for most areas. avalanche danger is high here. temperature and weather forecasts through the day, good deal of sun throughout the eastern colorado with 20s and 30s here in valley areas in the mountains, we're going to have
6:41 am
i think we can make it into the low teens up in the grand valley. it won't stay up there very long. amelia, cold, cold start to the day. >> definitely a cold start. this looks pretty chilly across 36. we're coming in eastbound at 45 miles per hour. light slowdowns approaching u.s. 36 at i-25. the crash count, it's growing. we had a car fire westbound at quebec. the fire is out, but the shoulder is still blocked. we have a minor crash and we're in the clearing stages central park. cory? >> thank you. reminders of past super bowls. every ring from every super bowl will be on display. 9news anchor cheryl preheim is in santa clara this morning. we have to add one more. >> reporter: yes, wouldn't that be ideal. you know, the stadium looks great. it reminds me when you're
6:42 am
and you're rushing around with arrive. in santa clara. i think this is one of the favorites. they're right under the bronco logo at the main entrance. logo. around the fencing, every super bowl ring. we found the broncos back-to- back championship rings just to the rye of the super bowl main stage. john elway has both of those rings as a player. he would love to have a third ring now as an executive for the team. we also found the colts ring that peyton manning already has. i think diamonds in the shape of a bronco look better. >> i'm not sure if i will get a chance to have something like that, but looking at them, it's beautiful. >> thanks for getting up early. >> my pleasure. i love it. >> thank you.
6:43 am
>> so you've been talking to a lot of players this week, not just the broncos. i think it's interesting to hear what the panthers are saying about the denver broncos at this point. >> carolina versus denver. afc versus nfc is always in the super bowl. these teams don't see a lot of each other, so it's kind of exciting, and the panthers' fantastic quarterback, josh norman, well, he's very excited to face peyton manning. in fact, he said if he's able to intercept a pass, he's going to bow down. >> let me clear it up for you guys. i meant if i'm so fortunate enough and blessed to get an interception, i would do a namaste bow. not a full bow. no man would i do that to.
6:44 am
>> i've been a colts fan since '92. he was the main reason. and the guy was just unbelievable at what he did. every time i picked up a controller and played my friends, i ended up putting up 50 points. >> that speaks to the generation. he's my favorite video game guy. >> it's all cleared up. not a holy bow, just a namaste bow. >> it's respect either way. it speaks to the respect they have for peyton manning. >> absolutely. they know as well as we do, it could be his, quote, last rodeo. >> aaron, thanks for getting up early. >> my pleasure. >> did you bring your magnet? >> i can't get my hands on one of those things. >> they're tough to get. colleen ferreira is handing
6:45 am
the line there was impressive as always, colleen. >> reporter: now is the time to come in if you want a magnet. i think we have about 500 left now. once they're gone, they're gone from this location. hi, how are you, sir. it's so good to meet you. did you get your magnet? what's your name? >> andy. >> andy. what are you going to do with your magnet? >> put it on the refrigerator. >> thanks for coming by. go broncos. look what i found, mr. super fan over here. what is your name? >> ricky. >> facebook. >> you're decked out in orange head to toe. who is going to win. >> broncos. >> it's so good to see you. he gave me a huge hug when he walked in. he watches 9news every morning. >> i want to bring you over to the cheerleaders. they're here too. ladies, you guys leave tomorrow morning? >> we do. >> safe travels. this is so exciting for you guys.
6:46 am
this is such a good opportunity for our organization? general. we're going to be there about four days. we get to bring a guest as well. so we're very, very excited about it. >> good luck to all of you. safe travels. we love you guys. we're so proud of all of you and our players too. take a look at your screen. i want to show you where we're at this morning. we're at sheridan and dartmouth at the king soopers. we have a whole list on 9news of where we were this afternoon. i will be here until those magnets are gone. come and see me. they're going fast. >> we loved rickie and the
6:47 am
yesterday's storm is gone. when i mean gone, i mean gone. it's up into canada, the back edge clipping through southern wisconsin out and away. we do have another tiny disturbance that's going to be moving through. see this little curve tomorrow evening into friday morning. i'm going to forecast a couple of flurries around here on friday. dry across the state right now. very cold. i just had my buddy in silverton send a picture of 24 below zero outside of his house. we have gone below zero. a cold start to the day. we'll have a slow recovery through the day. a few flurries in the foothills, starting lunchtime going off and on throughout the afternoon. i don't see any accumulation going on there.
6:48 am
teens and 30s and 20s in northern colorado. we'll be in the singles and teens along the continental divide through summit and grand county today. up in the west and northwest facing ridges, inch or two of snow. in the valleys and mountains, not much happening during the day today. a little bit of snow going throughout the afternoon today in the northern and central mountains just up on the ridge lines. teens to near 20 in the northern valleys. we'll see about 20-25 degrees for most of western and southern colorado. slightly warmer the you want to call it that here in the east. partly cloudy, not a lot of wind here. it will be calm and cold tomorrow morning with single digit overnight lows. a brief warmup on saturday, we get another disturbance with a flurry. amelia, you're going to like this nine-day outlook.
6:49 am
side street ice -- some of this side street ice. >> right at the intersection of ambulance on scene. a crash involved here, one of the cars is still smoking. parking area. minor slowdowns. it's slick out there. tough to come to a complete stop when you want to. play it safe today. let's look at the view on the north side. loading up 120th. you're going to break free and hit the downtown slowdown. kicking off 25 around spear. across the board. down at quebec. we still have cleanup under way at northbound 225 and, gary, we're just hearing about a westbound i-70 issue where a they're still out there trying to get the roads clear for us. >> they're still working. amelia, thank you much. 6:58.
6:50 am
top stories today. a member of the practice squad is back, not in the bay area after he was sent home by coach kubiak. ryan murphy had been questioned at a prostitution sting in san jose. nbc news reporting he was released after police determined he was not in criminal activity. he's a safety on the practice squad. he was not going to play on sunday anyway. semyon varlamov is cleared after his ex-girlfriend sued him, claiming he abused her. the trial ended in semyon varlamov's favor yesterday. the jury found him not liable found she should pay him $100,000 in damages. marty has a final look at the forecast. i mentioned a couple of flurries friday morning, saturday morning. next week is a significant warmup around here with temperatures moving into the mid-and upper 50s. oh, yeah, there's a little something going on on sunday, isn't are the?
6:51 am
>> something along with 50 there there. >> a taco battle will be good for your taste buds and heart. >> we'll be right back on channel 20 if you're staying with the today show. have a great day. . good morning. double trouble. >> go, go, go, go, go! >> tornadoes tear across the south, destroying homes and damaging schools. while in the midwest, a massive blizzard creates whiteout conditions and shuts down major highways. and al says the system behind it all is moving east today. second thoughts? donald trump speaks out on why he may have lost the race in iowa. >> i think it could have been the debate. i think some people were disappointed that i didn't go in the debate. >> we'll talk to trump this
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