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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the -- heroin is an epidemic nationwide. the denver sheriff's office is sending addicted inmates home with an anti-overdose kit paid for with marijuana tax revenue. 9news reporter anastasiya bolton explores the pilot program at four local jails. >> we deal with a lot of drug users and individuals with substance abuse >> reporter: people in crisis and up here most eventually get out and the people who work here don't want to see them come back or worse. >> take this needle atomizer which creates a spray. the. >> reporter: inmates leaving the denver jail are now getting a one time dose of a nasal spray that can save someone from a heroin overdose. >> we're really targeting this program to people with heroin use, in particular injection drug users we know are at an incredibly high risk of drug overdose death. when they've been in jail, they defox five and their tolerance goes down and when -- detoxify
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and when they leave, they're at high risk of overdose. >> reporter: it's paid for by marijuana tax revenue dollars, only 100 kits per jail for now. >> i think we'll see how these pilots work and then determine whether we want to make this an ongoing funding opportunity for us. >> we'll put it into the nostril of the victim. >> reporter: the inmates are trained on how to use this. they get one per person when they are released. >> i mean if it saves one life, then it's worth it. >> reporter: anastasiya bolton, 9news. >> the denver sheriffed booked about 60 heroin users by -- the denver sheriff's department booked about 60 heroin users last month. we questioned swedish medical center in regards to an hiv and hepatitis scare. the hospital has called about 2,000 of the nearly 3,000
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exposed to hepatitis b and c and hiv. swedish says the majority of patients who may have been exposed should have received information by today. all this happened when a former medical technician was allegedly caught changing out syringes in january. rocky allen is accused of removing a syringe filled with painkiller and replacing it with another. a doctor from swedish said they did not release information about the scare immediately because they needed to know the facts of the initial investigation. >> you have to identify the proper group of patients that are going to be noticed and tested. you got to build some resources to contact these people. this is a big deal in terms of the number of patients that we're contacting. a second. we want to inform patients. we need to train staff to talk to them, to be knowledgeable there's probably 100 more things that as a doctor i don't understand operationally this had to be done to get this credible machine in motion. >> swedish is working with the colorado department of health
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for more information about test go to our website two people are being questioned after a deadly shooting in north boulder this morning. it happened at the ponderosa mobile home park along broadway near u.s. 36. police say they found one person with gunshot wounds who later died at a hospital. the two people questioned were in the area when the shooting happened. shining mountain waldorf school went on lockout after the shooting. it has been lifted. college students in colorado are not as interested in education degrees as they once were, fresh numbers from the state department of ed. the number of students completing an education degree has dreamed by about a 1/4 in the last five years and enrollment has declined about 6% just from last school year. the department of ed is filling the void for teachers with people who have gone through an alternative teaching license program, usually with a one or two year stint. those particular programs
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year over year. the state is looking to promote teaching careers to kids as early as 8th grade. the rates for presidential nominations goes through new hampshire next. colorado could play a bill role eventually in the battle bernie sanders. they had a fiesty debate last expectations play a big in these contests and their coverage and clinton is expected to lose new hampshire to sanders. it's in his backyard. she loses a state she was never expected to win, it probably won't hurt her that much. my colleague brandon rittiman todd. >> how much does the expectation game by hillary clinton suffer if she loses as expected in new hampshire? >> i think, look, it depends on the size of the loss. she loses by 20, 25, i think it's hard to spin that. if it's a single digit loss, she can say all the polls have shown her down 20 to 30 points eight or nine. i happen to believe this is
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out of whack. >> republicans in colorado will not choose a candidate next week. the state party got rid of the preference poll. they will choose delegates to represent their views at local conventions. gop candidates hold their new hampshire debate tomorrow night. denver police have a plan in case fans get out of hand after the super bowl. last time the broncos won the super bowl it was pandemonium. police do not want a repeat this year. officers have been coordinating with bars giving them instructions on what to do in case the broncos win. >> the cops will come through and if it gets really bad, they can use tear gas and stuff. we don't want to get it in the air. >> denver police say officers are cracking down on people who decide to drink and drive this weekend. they spend all year long proud to be panthers. this week they're broncos. this is the story of a mascot makeover.
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lilly fisher and her classmates. >> this is my friend. >> reporter: how can they cheer for the broncos when they're valdez panthers? >> the panthers are perseverance. >> we love being the valdez panthers. it's a great role model for our schools. we strive to show lots of panther power throughout the year. >> reporter: just not this week. >> i just thought of the idea at dinner and my mom is the principal. at first we just changed the name for the week to the valdez broncos. >> reporter: next. >> and i thought it was a brilliant idea. so i wanted to help out. >> reporter: parents. >> the broncos are having a super bowl on sunday. >> reporter: and students work to make more than 400 valdez broncos t-shirts. >> 14,000 printing, but that's okay. it's well worth it. >> reporter: them are making all these shirts because -- >> voila. >> reporter: -- at this school
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everyone can afford a broncos jersey. >> it's really cool and we wanted to make sure that every kid could celebrate the broncos going to the super bowl. >> i would say they sew a little better. it's kind of sparkly. i didn't actually think of the shirt. >> reporter: and the broncos themselves, the organization sent valdez banners and decorations to make the school's transformation complete. >> it just brings together the magic. it makes that magic of the broncos alive for us. >> with two minutes left on the clock peyton hikes the ball with confidence the. >> reporter: the solution to the problem being a good panther. >> von miller sacked cam newton. >> reporter: means being a broncos. in denver. >> the denver broncos. >> reporter: nelson garcia, 9news. >> if denver wins, then the valdez students will remain the broncos for one additional week. i'm sure they will be happy to do so. great idea with the shirts, too.
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a 16 year journey that will end at the super bowl. >> also the boyhood super bowl experience for the man in charge of the fan experience for this year's game. >> and the first ever coloradan to be named the nation's
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for a local father and son super bowl 50 is the final leg in a 16 your journey. chris muir and his 70-year-old father have visited nearly every nfl stadium while watching the broncos at away games. san francisco's home turf has eluded them until this weekend. they realized visiting stadium 31 was indeed possible.
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thing he said to me is are we going? >> it would remain a piece of unfinished business. >> unfinished no more. on sunday after 16 years and 31 cities the father and son will complete their journey. craig might be traveling the country again soon, this time with his two sons who want to follow in dad's and grandfather's footsteps. the technology in entertainment associated with the super bowl has certainly changed over the last two decades. >> super bowl 50, it's the 50th anniversary, we wanted it also to be the most technologically advanced super bowl ever. >> sam young is an executive with german software company sap in charge of technology at the fan experience. a very different assignment than when he was 11 and sang at the halftime show. >> we present the super bowl children's choir singing our national anthem. >> he was part of the choir that performed on the field. looking back at that game which
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said it's amazing to see how much has changed. for the first time ever a librarian from colorado has been selected as the library journal's 2016 librarian of the year. nicole davies is executive director of the arapahoe library district. last year she persuaded voters to approve new taxes bringing a total of $6 million to the district's public libraries. the magazine said it chose davies for her communication skills and leadership. >> we've never had a librarian of the year from colorado, but it's also great for public libraries across the state to get that recommendation. yes, it was me and my system, but i think it's great awareness for the amazing work that's happening in libraries in colorado. >> davies told us that she hopes that everybody who sees this little bit here will stop into the library in their neighborhood. >> there's something special about holding a book in your hand. the weekend starts warm, but it does not end that way. >> danielle grant will be along to tell us about the timing of
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hey there, meteorologist danielle grant in the 9news backyard. we started off the week with some serious notice around here. now as we're winding down nothing but sunshine, a beautiful day with bright blue
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too. you can see allison griffin capturing this great one she tweeted in. we love it. keep them coming. use the #9wx. today upper 30s. that blue sky made it feel warmer, 39 in greeley, some low 40s like lamar, teens in leadville, 20s in rifle and grand junction, only got to 9 in gunnison. now at dia we're at 19 degrees, , mostly clear skies and the winds continue to pick up at 14 miles per hour. look at that wind chill, in the 9news backyard our temperature is 26. factor in the lightest little wind making it feel cooler. you see the worst of it out to the foothills. about 34 mile-per-hour speeds in blackhawk, 20 for allenspark and nederland, loveland pass, dumont, genesee in the 30 mile- per-hour range and around the i- 25 corridor relatively quiet.
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looking at the worst of it as the high wind warning continues for them into tomorrow evening. wind gusts to 70 miles an hour. i-80 and i-25 will be tough drifting snow. one storm system sinking to our south and east, high pressure behind it keeping us dry and relatively warm tomorrow. the cold front will nudge into the state late saturday night into sunday. that will really just cool us off it. won't bring a ton of moisture, but it will kick up the wind quite a bit and cool us off. on hd doppler 9 it's been a quiet day. you can see the wind and blowing and drifting snow the radar is picking up. the rest of this evening it should be quiet and calm. 11:00 tonight mostly clear skies overnight and tomorrow 7 a.m. waking up we'll have wall to wall sunshine. it should be a beautiful start to the day and temperatures
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you can see a little cloud deck over i-25 in the afternoon 1:00, 2:00. i think with the gustier winds south of the foothills we might see a bit of a mountain wave cloud develop, but it schultz last long. tomorrow evening if you're -- shouldn't last long. tomorrow evening if you're out on the town, it shouldn't be that bad no, snow or rain in sight for a while. tonight temperatures cool off to the teens for the eastern plains. in the high country we're down to single digits in some spots, gunnison and alamosa, subzero. tonight in the metro area we'll be down to about 19, mostly clear skies, the winds come at us swiftly from the southwest 5 to 15 with wind gusts in the 30 to 40 mile-per-hour range in the foothills. tomorrow a day in the 50s, how about that? we'll have mostly sunny skies and we'll see some big time melting tomorrow with all the snowfall. it's still probably in your front yard and backyard and everywhere in between. 40s and 50s in the eastern plains with all that sunshine tomorrow and pretty nice up in the high country, a lot of
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neared land, grand lake, idaho springs -- nederland, grand lake, idaho springs. mid- to upper 50s in northern colorado and as this front dives in early sunday morning it's going to cool us off. good day to stay inside and watch the super bowl. the winds kick up, but the temperatures soar back to the 50s and 60s for much of next week. from colorado sports leader here's rod mackey. >> reporter: welcome back to santa clara, california. we continue to be live right in front of the broncos teal hotel and in two days from today super -- team hotel and in two days from today super bowl 50 will be underway, peyton versus cam. obviously we spent a lot of time talking about no. 18, so let's talk about the guy on the other side of the football, the bad guy, you will, because he's playing for the panthers. that will be likely mvp cam
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through the air, 12 on the ground. it's tough to stop this guy. he's 6' 5, 245, almost the same size as demarcus ware. >> cam newton is a challenge. he's one of those guys where he's sort of two players in one. you usually go against a typical quarterback and they don't really run the ball. so if you beat the tackle, you just go on and make the big play or get the sack, but with cam you have to first of all beat the tackle and then he is the running back, also. he can run the ball, string plays out and make those throws down the field deep that the great quarterbacks do. so that's the challenge that you run up against, but you also got to know what type of guys you have on our defense that can slow those type of things down. >> reporter: now cam newton has a lot of football left in him. peyton, he's almost done. in fact, most believe he will be done after sunday's super bowl, but just in case peyton
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brother eli manning has a job for him if peyton wants it. >> you know, i offered if he wants to come be a quality control for the giants and maybe earn a little respect and see if he can know anything and help out a quarterback in the quarterback room a little bit, i could probably make a call or two and find him a spot. >> reporter: i'll tell you what. peyton has a lot of options. something tells me that's not one that he will want to follow up on. big game is sunday once again, broncos versus the panthers. denver continues to be the underdog, a six point underdog, but all the buzz around here at the team hotel is about the guys not in orange but wearing white this time around. once again, today was their final practice over at stanford. they will go through a walk- through tomorrow at 11:00 at levi's stadium where they actually play the game and after this try to get to sleep.
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going to be tough to do and then super bowl 50 against those carolina panthers, cannot wait. guys, back to you. >> there's some people doing a walk-through of our set there in santa clara. >> yeah. right now behind you. >> more walk-throughs right there. thank you, rod. >> we'll be right back.
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investors anticipated did not make them happy. it was weak and wall street reflected it. the dow fell 250 points, the s&p down roughly 35, the nasdaq
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here we are friday evening, the weekend is almost here and it looks really nice, tomorrow temperatures back to the 50s. it's been a while. really all week long we've been stuck in the deep freeze. the snowfall is going to start >> i know. it's about time. a quick little front moves in sunday and knocks down temperatures a bit. it will pick up our wind in the foothills, 50, 60 mile-per-hour gusts and we start to warm things up next week, you guys, 50s, 60s and virtually no storms. >> look at sunday. >> until then. >> don't worry about that. >> we have a long way to go. we've got to get through this game out there in california and i think broncos will be
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70s in february. >> that's perfect. >> kickoff and throughout the game, okay, 60s. >> oh. grab the jackets. >> poor guys. >> it really should be a good game for them, great weather and a great day for us to stay inside and watch it. >> perfection. entertainment tonight is next. we hope to see you back here at 9:00 and 10:00.
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tonight's big games, big gossip. >> we're going to party all the way up to the halftime of super bowl. >>kevin's hanging with all the stars infrancisco. cold play's halftime show. our exclusive the scenes as they build the stage. and beyonce's big secret,
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