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tv   9 News Special Edition  NBC  February 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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help clean up, because this is quite a mess, but i think it was well worth it. >> absolutely it was. victoria, thanks. super bowl 50 coverage kicked off by honoring all the mvps of past sproles. fangs got -- super bowls. the john elway, the mvf for the super bowl 33, course, he came to the team january 2011 as executive vp of football operations. lady gaga sang the national anthem, wore a flashry red pant suit, and night shoes, and shows emotion as she sang. coldplay was the headliner for the halftime show in name only. this was a beyonce jam, and bruno mars was there for the party, coldplay just kind of
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beyonce wearing the jacket like the old throw-back to michael jackson, a tribute to previous halftime shows over the years on the 50th anniversary, notably absent from the video, janet jackson. that must have been a slip. i don't know. >> it was a malfunction of some kind. i'm sure. we're going to take another look at the scene now at 20th 20th and market. and we'll tell you that the celebrations so far, have been friendly, celebratory, a lot of people just expressing their joy. >> the denver police and denver fire on stand by, should there be any problems. that's not a slip or technical malfunction, that's a lens cap going back on the camera. and suboptimal -- >> they've been dancing in the streets. >> mosh pit. is everybody friends?
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yeah, everybody's friends. that's just some spirited dancing nelson garcia is on the streets, and reports a couch on fire at 29th and huron. denver fire made quick work of
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>> we're hanging out, just friends, broncos won the super bowl. the police have cordoned off an area in lodo. >> and let them go at it, why not? they learned list sons from years -- lessons from years past. get all the vehicles out of the way, get the couches out of the way that are flammable, and you're good! >> tomorrow's trash day. all right. very good, let's turn to a happier topic. >> more than 100 million people were to turn into the game, that's a lot of eyeballs on its tv.
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this year, ads going for $5 million for 30 seconds. >> some people got their mope's worth, other companies should just have put it in the a dumpster and put it on fire. >> reporter: let's start with the ad that you at home -- adds that you thought were cool. we have the ads that you at home are voting for, these are the topped as that you voted for. the top ones with more than 11,000 was about a company that helps people out with student loans, another were the dorittos. a little, it's a little medical, shall we say. we have a couple more, this, i thought this was cute, this had
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the ketchup, and these are just some of the fan favorites, although not too big of a fan favorite, it got 256. there are some ads that have taken off. puppy monkey baby. that was the ad that had everybody talking. people saying like what is this? the other people were saying they thought it was their favorite ad of the entire game. featured, a mountain dew ad that had the bottom of a baby, midsection of a monkey, and head of a baby. >> i might just chill tonight. >> puppy monkey baby. >> yes, half weird, half awesome. people on twitter talking about this. it had almost 80,000 tweets. the next is the prius ad getting a turn of play.
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that's coming up -- >> oh, no, a car. >> reporter: this had a done of buzz, it follows robbers on a cross country chase, people in the ad actually saying they were proud the bank robbers took a prius across the country to run from the cops, it was one of the most expensive ads because it ran 90 seconds. $5 million for 30 seconds. this one about $15 million. >> whoa, listen, folks. i have to apologize. again. >> steve harvey once again fun of his flub heard around the world, when he mistakenly announced the wrong miss universe winner. this generated tons of buzz. this had almost 90,000 tweets, talking about steve harvey, some calling it the best ad in the
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>> right there ready. >> tj? over here. >> what's up? >> i like your style. >> this was not trending, but we had to show some love to this beer ad. it has tj miller who grew up in denver, the 34-year-old graduated from east high school. so you guys have gotten a chance to get the ad, in, we want to invite you back to the app to keep voting online. >> what was your personal favorite? >> reporter: my personal favorite? hmmm. you're putting me on the spot. i can't stop thinking about puppy monkey baby. i don't know if it's my favorite, but it wiggled its way in there. >> it's like an ear worm. >> reporter: i thought one of the best fans, was the theme,
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how terrible it is to drive with a beer, french fries, charm, pop culture, with a good message. >> telling drunk drivers if they doe natured your brain -- donated your brain to science, they would give it back. >> tj miller, i texted him, i know his parents, they're good friends. when i texted tj, i said this is is -- like improvisation, he said let's do this. little too late, dude. >> rod is at levi stadium in santa clara. >> reporter: this is unbelievable. it's the super bowl hat trick, if you will for the broncos, confetti has been falling, they got it done, they got it done, thanks to their defense. 24-10 the final. four turnovers, 7 sacks,
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broncos were able to do in this game. they win it 24-10. the first four turnovers, by the way, lead to 15 point, john fox made it to the super bowl, he wasn't able to win it, so afterwards, we talked to the man that john elway brought aboard to win a championship, gary kubiak. >> when john said this one's for pat was that the motion emotional thing you heard? >> it's amazing, everything we've been through this year, the time of football team -- type of football team we were, that's how mr. b is, he's a fighter. very special. >> reporter: when you came here, you had a dream. this is the dream, how does reality compare to what happened? >> it's been interesting how the years panned out. everything we've been through, the everybody pitching in.
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greatest this league has ever seen. we held true to what we were. and that's how we won. and we got into another grinder and won another one. >> reporter: it's safe to say the '85 bears, the panthers, steelers, they just got company with the greatest of all time with the 2015 defense. >> i just knew all week, watching them practice, they needed to finish it off, and they knew that, and they were playing a different type of offense and they finished it off. >> reporter: winning the super bowl means a lot to coaches, but your come-back to colorado, your part, and bringing back the championship, how does that feel? home. it means everybody, and to be here as a player, and as a coach, to be standing here as the head coach is the proudest moment of myer football life. -- my football life. >> reporter: i'll tell you, when john elway held up the trophy
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everybody in the building had to have goose bumps, it was an emotional moment. we talked to john. we'll have that in a few minutes. we also talked to anna bell bowlen. she was emotional about it, mb back in denver, not able to be here, but the family was here, they are celebrating, kind of rubbing the lombardi trophy. talk to some of the players, it's funny, they're celebrating yes, bernie -- but sanders says they're going to do it again next year. they're fired up, but i guess three championships isn't enough, they want four.
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back and 20th afternoon -- and market, the celebration.
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looked more like pushing and shoving, but everybody was smiling and having a good time. denver police are keeping a eye on things, and so far, we've just heard of minor mischief here and there. >> yes, there's no mischief going on in santa clara at the team hotel, because matt was at the back door. cheryl, you're at the front? >> reporter: we have the fun spot of seeing the fans come in, i was talking to adam, they literally just walked from the stadium. you had to stay for all the moss game sell -- post game celebration, i know that, because he saved a piece of confetti. what was it like in there? >> it was crazy, they played a great game, lots of fun, great fans. it was like a home game. >> reporter: so many people have been talking about that. the orange in the stadium was overwhelming in the best possible way. we talked about the afc championship game, and how
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was, and it had that feel. >> oh, yeah, a lot of false starts on their end, we could tell caused by the fans. great home atmosphere. >> reporter: this is the bronco team hotel, so it's filled with the players and families, and then some fans, did you pick your reservations wisely! >> reporter: you get lucky every now and then, right? >> what were the moments you felt the chill down the spine? >> i think with 7 minutes to go when panthers still had a one score game of the i was -- i was getting a little nervous. tj put it in with the turn over from von. >> reporter: anderson punching it in. >> von miller strip sack, and this. >> reporter: did you feel like
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you saw the lombardo trophy in manning's hands? >> lots of messages coming in, it was the surreal moment. >> reporter: when you think about the season, there was a time where peyton manning was getting booed, people thought oh, my gosh, it's not going to happen. i want to say thanks to brock osweiler. >> this team was the best team in the league, and we won every game the way we should, and they worked their tails off. great to see. >> reporter: the music's on. >> absolutely! >> reporter: lights are flashing, the blue and orange lights are flashing inside. i imagine there's going to be a big party. no curfew! all week long, we've seen the broncos curfew signs, last night, 10:00 p.m. but none tonight! >> no, no, we're going to party until our plane leaves tomorrow morning. >> absolutely! all night. >> reporter: and you have the right jersey.
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the super bowl mvp, and there's a four story peyton manning banner on this hotel. so this is the place to be. thanks for sharing your stories, and i'm so glad you got a towel. >> this one's for pat, for sure. >> reporter: absolutely. mr. bowlen, the team dedicated that to him. >> definitely worth the trip. >> reporter: you take your piece of confetti and have a fun time. that is the price of memorabilia the party has started here at the team hotel. there's a huge tent set up, the decorations are up, and people just really looking forward to the team arriving. it has been such fun to see the interaction all week long here at the team hotel. you know, we have seen a very focused peyton manning here at the hotel, and boy, was it nice to see him on the field, take a deep breath, and smile, and say he wants to kiss his kids, his wife, and have some budweiser. there will be plenty of
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to happen tonight. go broncos! >> shout out to my boy, von miller, because i love him. >> reporter: nice, you picked a good jersey to wear to this game, 58! thank you, guys. so kyle and adele, clearly the party has started here at the team hotel. >> oh, yeah, it's going to be going on for several hours to come. thanks so much. lot of fans very, very cognizant of the fact there is a note of bitter sweetness with all of this. with mr. bowlen, not being there. had a blood clot in december was hospitalized, went through serious medical scare, and then we were told just this week by his family he has been recovering and that he is resting comfortably. >> he hasn't been in public in quite a while, he wasn't able to be there this year when broncos inducted him into the ring of fame. so it's been some time since his health has allowed him to be in
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he is repped by his wife -- represented by his wife, and a number of his kids are involved with the team and league operations. why when -- when he made the announcement of his health, they had no intention of selling the feel. she spoke during the post game celebration,. >> reporter: yeah, guys, thanks, that is -- when we came into the game, so many people were talking about winning it for peyton, winning it for demarcus ware, but i think everyone wanted to win it for mr. b. when john elway took over the team, he wanted that, he had a chance two years ago, 43-8 though against seattle. the broncos really a no-show in super bowl 48, making tonight more emotional, as you said, mr. b's health is declining more
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his family was here, basically his entire family was here, including his wife, who we spoke to shortly before the celebration. >> how emotional is this for you right now? what a special moment to have john say this one's for pat. >> it was a wonderful moment and for our family, that's great things about it, but at the same time, it's very sad that pat is not able to partake in all of this. after all, he's the man that made -- we just love him, and it's just been a whirlwind, it's been great. thank you. >> this was all done because of him, congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's great to hear her up on that podium. she was up there with john, mr. b not able to be here, and you heard the reason the broncos
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of mr. b. john elway has made the move, but mr. bowl lend gave the team the resources to do that. cheryl was talking about the families coming back, families that are flown out by mr. bowlen. he takes care of the entire organization. he's helped john put the pieces in place to win a super bowl championship, the thirds one. we talked to mrs. bowlen, we also talked to john elway, and once again, the big story was this one's for pat. >> i know you waited a long time to utter those words. >> you're right, very important to say it. tremendous players, coaching staff, they did such a great job, played hard. special moment to get up there and say that for pat. we'll take one home next week, and hopefully, i know that he'll cherish it. >> you talked so long about getting to the super bowl, another thing to win it how does
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that trophy. >> it's a big step. to get it in one thing, and to win it is another. and the way. defense stepped up, von miller was something else. just a great team win, and proud to be a part of it. >> reporter: four turnovers, 7 sacks, that led to 15 points, everybody talks about the 1985 bears, the steelers teams, you have to include the 2015 denver defense. >> they do. they are tremendous, and they kept getting stronger and stronger as we got into the play-offs. tonight, you know, they put the pressure on cam newton. >> you make the move, people think it's a big gamble to bring in gary kubiak. he got everything done. >> i'm so happy for gary. he did such a tremendous job.
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not only -- i'm just happy for him, what he went through last year, and coming back, i couldn't be happier for a guy i love. he's a tremendous guy. >> reporter: super bowl champs for a third time! >> thank you, buddy. >> reporter: remember, this was the best defense against the best offense. cam newton, the mvp, but he didn't look like it. let's go into the locker room. aaron? >> reporter: thanks, live with chris harris. how does it feel to be a super bowl champion? >> it feels amazing man, all the pain, all the hard work. all the studying, man, it feels awesome. to bring the championship to denver, to the greatest fans in the world. we done it for you all. >> we have cam on camera before the game, saying we're going to fry in that zone.
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cam looked blinded back there. we played straight man to man coverage. it was simple, the game plan was load the box, and throw the football. >> that offense you had to hear about it all week, running the points up on everyone else, number one offense. number one defense in the league looked good. >> defense wins championships. we rose to the occasion, we knew what he woo had to do. -- we knew what we had to do. we done it all year. and it was just, we just give thanks to god. >> reporter: we have to ask you, you knew you had to win this one to be in the conversation, where does the against rank historically? >> we have to be number one. if you look at the games we won this season, how we won this year, i mean, it's been on us all season. for us, to come out and finish the job, four turnovers, it feels great. we feel like we put a stamp on it.
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motivators, mr. b, marcus, peyton. >> everybody loves peyton manning, he's a great leader, great person of all. when you see a guy that had to go through all he did this season, this is what we play for. we played to put a smile on everybody's face, but to peyton manning, we knew how much it meant for him. >> and what about demarcus? >> d-ware? be able to come in and get to the super bowl in two years. that was the plan, that's why i signed five years to come back, win a super bowl. >> you mentioned why you took the money and stayed in denver. how worth it is it now? >> taking that pay cut was the greatest decision of my life. to be a super bowl champion. i probably would be playing with
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i'd be on, but to be here, this great organization, i know elway's going to keep a great team here, and always put my faith in them, man. my group, man. i couldn't ask for a better group to play with. >> reporter: anything you want to say to the fans in denver that are ready for a parade? >> we'll be there tuesday, real no fly zone, super bowl. >> we're bringing it to denver. >> oh, man. that was -- >> that's chris harrison. well -- we will return to rod at the stadium. we are the crew at the broncos hotel. keeping a eye on things around town, denver police tell us they are dispersing some crowds, we haven't heard of any major issues, we have numerous crews. federal prosecutors asked people on soaks media not to fire --
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this is 20th and market, where folks have gathered to celebrate the big win, no will be allowed in the downtown area, they've been shutting off a number of streets to allow the crowds to move, and to disperse. closures down around larimer square, 19th and market, that area, and now dpd issuing a blanket statement, saying no vehicles downtown. >> let's go back to air in the locker room. >> reporter: thank you. we're live with jordan norwood, i guess we will start with the punt return, longest in super bowl history. would like to know what happened? it looked a little crazy. >> i saw the gunner to my left
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it, see what i could do. >> reporter: you've had quite the year, super bowl champion, new dad, sum it up. >> it's crazy, man. i mean, when you say new dad, smile. it's been an amazing year, a blessing. i praise god for the opportunity to be part of this team, much less win a super bowl. >> reporter: when you see your defense go to work, the way they did tonight against an unstoppable offense, your thoughts on all of that. >> i mean, we knew better than to call any offense unstoppable. we've seen it all season. same thing happened tonight. >> all the motivators you had, mb, peyton, demarcus, what was it like to get those guys a championship. >> it's awesome, what an incredible blessing to win it for mr. b. we have a great team, close knit group of guys.
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>> reporter: i want to ask you specifically about peyton, not putting up the numbers like he used to, but getting the starting job back and getting a championship. and what might be his last game ever. what was it like to be a part of that? >> once in a lifetime, absolutely to play alongside one of the best quarterbacks that ever played the game, and win a super bowl. an incredible blessing. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> send it -- back to you. thank you. we are out here on the field, things are calming down, some orange in the stands,. peyton manning numbers, 13 of 23, one fumble, one interception. but, he also has one super bowl giving him two now in his career, and what will likely be his last rodeo.
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field shortly after the 24-10 win. >> we just kept hanging in there, fighting. [ very faint audio and crowd noise ] >> taking it all in, enjoying being a part of this journey. it's been a heck of a ride this season. having a great season helps. to i'm taking it one night at a time. >> reporter: this is the 50th 50th super bowl, and never, ever have a too many won a game without scoring a offensive touchdown, denver was that close to having that happen.
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close after the denver-d made another big play. tack on the two point conversion, they win. this championship, this season, was all about one of the bravest defenses we've seen, by as far as, the best the broncos have ever had. we'll send it back to you. [ background noise ] >> that's the bay area, you know. your aon top of this water -- on top of this water.
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when the fumble was recovered? >> hell yeah, next to coach kubiak. he coached -- he let us make plays, be ourselves. he don't try to change no personalities, if you dent want to do it, you don't. and that's what this team, why this team is so great. they all want to, we all want to. >> tell me about the history -- >> i'm just happy to get the victory, and to be home makes it better. but i have to go, i'm done. sorry. >> all right. send it back to you guys.
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keeping an eye on things in
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a crowd immediately exited the bars, upon the win, and proceeded to engage in some joviality in the streets. >> reporter: absolutely. i think other than outside levi stadium, we could be in the most excited area in the city of denver. i want to show you in the intersection of 20th and market, there are thousands of people that came out of the area bars, right here, and celebrating the win, luckily right now, we're just seeing people dancing, jumping around, a little shoving, but when you're in a crowd this big, you can imagine that's what you have to do to get through. but we have dozens of denver police officers that have lined outside the intersection. we're just standing back, leg celebrations continue, and we haven't seen any sort of violence. earlier this afternoon, around halftime, we did see about five or six arrests take place, but since this has wrapped up, right now, we're seeing a lot of good celebrations. and that's what denver police
9:34 pm
they had the campaign, don't be a donkey so right now, things are looking good. guys. >> denver police have been saying they are trying to kind of disperse some of the crowds in the downtown area. the streets. as they did, back in '99. give people a place to go, if they want to come out in the streets, remove anything that might be tempting, like vehicles, on dumpsters, and just let them do what they want to do, and there we're seeing people who are celebrating the team's victory. >> and that's whee silencely what you want to see. we hope the things stay just that quiet throughout the evening. the party is just getting started in santa clara, at the broncos team hotel where a feast has been prepared for the players, staff members, family,
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the team's arrival. >> reporter: some of my friends just showed up to the party, can you see them? you have the world championship in your town, yeah. so as you can tell, a bunch of buses came into the team hotel, bringing fans and family members, people thrilled, been a long day, but they are ready for a lot of hours to celebrate. it has been so much fun to see everything file back from the stadium, and have a great time. guys. this is -- you guys were all inside the game. your very first super bowl, tell moment. >> my favorite moment was in the first quarter where von miller came up and sacked cam newton,
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>> reporter: the mvp, von miller, that was a good moment. can you believe that the world champions live in your town? >> yes. >> reporter: you can? >> yeah. >> reporter: did you always think this was going to happen. yes, the broncos deserve it. >> reporter: you knew it, too? [ cheering ] >> reporter: you are staying at this hotel, and this was an accident? >> yeah. we booked it before we knew the broncos were here. >> reporter: your mom and dad, they've seen a lot of games. >> we had the hats signed by john elway, they were really nice to us. >> reporter: john elway signature on your shoe. all the players, and mr. elway are coming back to this hotel tonight, because this is where the broncos official party s so again, make sure you thank your moms and dads. this is a pretty awesome
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>> reporter: go broncos. >> go broncos! >> reporter: it's fun to the part of the celebration here. don't you think the players will have a fairly warm welcome when they arrive at the back door? we're expecting them shortly. by the way, they've already sold out of all the world championship t-shirts at the hotel. the party started the tent, the interview room is ready, and i think they're ready, too. wouldn't you agree? >> and they're going to give the team the welcome they deserve when they get to that back door. peyton manning has to be feeling so much satisfaction, and now he has the opportunity to decide what he's going to do. >> what did you say to cam after the game? >> i told him congratulations on his season, and just best of
9:38 pm
i shared that with him. he's, you know, he's -- he'll be back in this game. i wished him luck. josh norman came up, and couldn't have been nicer, and wanted me to sends him a jersey. he's a great guy. they have some good players. you appreciate the conversations you have with your own teammates, your own coaches, but also from the other players and it was a special night. got a chance to see marvin harrison before the game. i told him to give me one post route and one fade route, i didn't get to see coach dungy personally, but i texted with him last night. and being at the coin toss, joe montana, the rice, plunkett, who
9:39 pm
i've been in the coin tosses before and sims, couple years ago, dan marino, mrs. hunt at the first one. that's all part of it. and i take it all in. i was focused on the game, but i took it all in tonight. i'm glad i had a chance to do it. >> when you came here four years ago, you were all in. >> yep. >> reporter: does if mean something you're the only quarterback to have super bowls with multiple teams? >> yes, i'm proud, and grateful for that. you know, i had a chance to win a championship with two separate organizations, and there's a bond you have with the teammates, and those coaches. and i found out a coach a receiver going into the hall of
9:40 pm
i saw jeff saturday on the sidelines, but so -- you always have that bond with all of guys you played with, but especially the ones you had a chance 20 win a championship with. i'll be grateful for this bond i have with this bunch because no matter what happens with me or anybody, this group, these coaches, these players -- i'm very, very grateful tore a part of it, and i do not take it for granted by any means we have to go in 15 minutes. >> i think that's the first time i've seen him talk in the locker room all this year. of course, the players don't have to talk in the locker room, a number of them are willing to o'brien reporters after a win --
9:41 pm
a loss. they don't have to do that. he tends to go to the podium. >> it was nice, and you could tell going into the game how much pressure he was feeling. he was very serious, you saw the camera in the locker room before the game started. and you saw him silting in a folding chicago with his -- chair with his face facing a locker, and head bowed, getting that energy focused in. and i don't think wed's seen that -- we had seen. victoria sanchez is at federal and speer. >> reporter: my gosh, guys, it is so loud! there are, i'm not exaggerating, thousands of fans that are going
9:42 pm
waving their flags, saying broncos are number one. we have one right here. this is unbelievable. we're going to show you what it looks like going down federal. this is absolutely crazy. people are out of their cars, which we don't recommend, this is not legal, but this is a festive time. we'll be around here, seeing how many more people are going to be. they are saying they are so excited the broncos took super bowl 50. >> celebratory crowds in the streets, on their feet, and now the traffic is backed up. >> demaryius thomas had his struggles, and made some big plays. >> they've been doing it a long time, and they wanted one, and
9:43 pm
some of the guys got emotional -- able to go out and get the win. it would have been tough to be 0-2 in the super bowl, but 1-1, i'll take it. you know, i've been dreaming about to having my mother at a game and see me play. >> did you have a chance to talk to her? >> yeah. >> what did she say? >> she's happy, she didn't say much. she's just happy. >> i bet you can't wait to let her see that trophy. >> of course not. she'll be proud. that's the major thing, she just wants to see me. she adopt care about the trove -- doesn't care about the trophy. >> i talked to you the other day, how much sweeter is this -- >> it's way better.
9:44 pm
didn't have the win. of course, i had one catch, but with the win, that's what matters. teams play good in the post season, and try to get that level. >> is this feeling what you expected to be? >> i haven't got that feel quite yet. but i see gees celebrating. -- guys celebrating. >> what do you say about the number one defense? >> i can't say much. i knew they would be great. i knew they were going to step up against the panthers. >> congratulations. >> glad that we got to look at demaryius thomas's full suit. i misspoke when we went to listen to him. floridas. -- plays. he had one catch. >> are you complaining?
9:45 pm
let's go to christine who has been watching the crowd in lodo. >> reporter: you guys, you might hear popping. there are fireworks going off and 20th and market. dp is trying to disperse the crowd. it doesn't seem to be getting much smaller, but fireworks are going off from the mid--- middle of that crowd, people are cheering, dancing. we have not seen any activity like we did back in 1998/1999 when they won super bowl. there haven't been any shenanigans going on, tear gas, but denver police are trying to disperse the crowd, and it seems like people aren't interested in budging. but celebrations still continuing, and we are seeing some fireworks going off here at
9:46 pm
are we talking about fireworks on the ground? or somebody shooting something in the air? >> reporter: yes, fireworks, people are shooting fireworks from the crowd into the air. you can imagine that captain be too safe -- can't be too safe. but we've seep 5-10 go off. >> so like bottle rockets? or -- >> yeah, that's astonishingly dumb. >> reporter: this game was won before it started. it was all about the uniform. the broncos wore white, so now the super bowl champs in 11 of the last 12 years have won wearing white. the best time to talk to the players is not now, not after they have cooled down in the locker room, but after they win the championship, we talked to a couple soon after that gun sounded.
9:47 pm
>> it feels good, it feels good champion. >> i don't know what to say. i've been in awe. i am in awe. feels so good. >> is this a dream come true? how is the reality. >> super dream, man. i'm going to enjoy it. >> how does it feel? you came to denver, you wanted to win the championship. >> that's why we came, we had a chip on our shoulder, and we got the job done. >> i think the 1985 teams just -- >> four turnovers leading to 15 points. >> we wanted to win the turn over battle, and we did. and that's what got us a win. >> people were talking how cam couldn't be stopped. >> he got stopped. >> this defense is special. we have talent across the board.
9:48 pm
>> we will wear that ring the rest of our lives, man. >> reporter: that was stewart, the free agent the broncos picked up. you know, they say defense wins chapel shipments, and today, they -- championships, and today, they did. stewart and the rest of the guys on top of the world. we'll send it back to you. >> while we have you, i have to ask about the crowds. feel free if we can still talk to rod, it sounded like a big broncos home crowd. how would you compare it to mile high or some broncos home games away, like a qualcomm when they play the chargers? >> reporter: it wasn't as big at qualcomm, where it's almost like mile higher, but kyle, the seattle super bowl, you remember, there were more seahawks fans than bronco fans.
9:49 pm
peyton's head, he couldn't hear. this time, it was all broncos for sure. i would say probably 70% oral, even though they were wearing white on the field, most have purchased orange broncos stuff. there were many times that offense was just sputtering. they couldn't get anything done. the defense comes up, and we know if you've been to a game at sports authority field, peyton manning wanting them to be quiet on offense, on defense, they can go nuts. and the fans did go nuts, especially about an hour ago. >> that crowd noise is so key. and you have to give credits to the broncos fans. lots of folks were not people of means, they scraped up money, knowing they may actually have the ability to put their thumb on the scale. >> and apparently, they did. >> so good on them.
9:50 pm
this is lodo, where christine told us just a bit ago that people were setting off some type of fireworks. as you can imagine, denver police weren't too hot about that. >> but they have lined up and are in gear. they are just standing by, letting people celebrate. and they have been trying to disperse the crowds. victoria showed us the cars, lines of traffic at federal and speer. so people have gotten into their cars, and showing their celebratory moments. there's a couple of them that are happy, a happy couple! >> see, this is how you do it, people, right there. make love, not -- >> nine months after the super bowl -- >> you see the super bowl commercial. >> you're making me blush! i've heard about these things. it's going to be a very busy, what is it, august and
9:51 pm
at the various maternity wards? >> it could be. >> if legends holds. >> let's move on. we have the shirts, these are some of the officially sanctioned shirt, at least three businesses in denver that are making these. they will make them -- one making 400 an hour, and the hats. some of the players were handed these, immediately, and these were on hand. this is some of the officials gear that has the cool logo. that will be a popular item going out the door tomorrow. >> and going out the back door are the ones that say the panthers. >> so i hope the organizations are able to put them to good use.
9:52 pm
a -- in santa clara, not like a few years ago when you wind. how cold. >> kick off, it wasn't bad, but throughout the week, it was brutal cold. by the end of the game, it was cold in new york. >> and we will hear about a nice warm up that we have coming up. >> yes. it's going to be terrific! how about this -- >> keep this professional! this is a professional newscast. >> how about the glorious sunset shot, a beautiful day. a weak weather system went through, highs in the 30s in the plains, and you can see how the high and low temperatures are pretty close to where we should be. today and tomorrow will be the coolest days of the week, you won't believe this, but we have wednesday. we're down 2015 at the airport right now, and i'm going to go
9:53 pm
why wouldn't i pick the number 18! i think the winds will shift from the southwest, and the numbers are going to come up a little bit overnight. you start off with sunshine tomorrow, 18, moving to the mid-40s in the afternoon, close to 50 tomorrow. we won't really get there, but just take a look real quickly at the planning forecast.
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