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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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dozens showed up to be the first to congratulate the players. >> reporter: more than a dozen left behind, more and more cars make their way out of the parking lot. earlier, those 7 buses rolled in to 150 fans stanlding outside the gate. -- standing outside the gate. we took video as players and coaches were getting in the car and heading out and it turn under to a little, what i like to call, parade practice, they were on their way out, waving. they threw out a few high 5's. wade phillips had his window open, getting a tick. everybody enjoying the love from the fans, the fans die hard and waited for a long time. here is a little from them. >> they mean the world to me, this is very exciting to get the trophy back. i have been with this team for a long, long time. we went 8 and 8 and lost every single game. i was always a die hard broncos fan. >> reporter: you look like you
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>> i stayed up until 3:00 in the morning watching sports center, over and over, recaps, i can't believe it. it is unreal. >> reporter: that was david martinez said who this is extra special because he has his kids with hill, and he remembers-- him, and he remembers being their age the last time the broncos won the super bowl and doing all this with his dad. it is a special, generational thing. he is very excited to take them to the parade tomorrow. >> 17 years ago, a brand new generation and a lot of fun for people there then and never saw one too. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and so much excitement, judging by this excitement, i can't imagine what the parade will be like tomorrow. >> electric, garn tide. the parade is noon at 17th and wynkoop, it will turn right on broadway, a rally is planed for 1:00 at the civic center.
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on 9 news starting tomorrow morning at 10:00, we will be on the air until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and streaming coverage on celebrations last night were relatively calm in downtown denver, compared to the nights of championships past. fans got rowdy, ashame we couldn't make it 18 for peyton. few donkeys lit couches on fire, no issues there. fairly quiet night. fewer arrests than after the last win in 1998 and 1999. the last big victory parade was 15 years ago. we asked 9 news reporter, chris vanderveen and chris hansen to take us back in time. >> the broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> no one who remembers who finished second? not true.
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someone had to lose for them to get there. 1996, lord of panthers. 1998, green bay packers. 1999, atlanta falcons. >> smith's got it, 30, 20, 15, 5. rod smith, denver touchdown! colorado remembers them. times in 6 years the mile high world. parades, rallies, celebrations, for a state once used to losing, and losing big, it felt like a chance not to just rewrite sporting history but its own history as well. history, those who forget it are doomed to repeat it, some say.
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those who forget it simply don't deserve a repeat. thankfully, we remember. >> sacked inside the 5! >> and now this... denver! >> 2016, carolina panthers, get ready, colorado, another celebration is coming your way. >> back in 1998, the year the broncos upset the packers to win the first super bowl, nearly victory parade. >> the colorado springs planned parenthood clinic where 3 died in a shooting in november is reopening, only part is operational but it will have a range of services, the president and ceo, vicky, tells 9 news reporter anastasiya bolton they are ready to serve people who had to drive a long way out of the way for basic birth control. >> this has been a major, major issue for people.
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and it has been a huge irritant to planned parenthood. but it has hurt the people who depend on us. >> about 8,000 people depend on the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs for basic health services, not everything done in the rooms draws protesters. the people who come here need wellness exams, birth control, and abortions. >> it is very important that, to us, that we continue to see those folks. >> it has been over 2 months sin a gunman killed 3 people and surrendedered after a stand off. the clinic was closed and reopened 1/4 of the building monday. the rest will be finished this year. >> our wonderful resilient staff, they were so brave and so smart the day of the shooting, now they are back, they have been healing, they are ready to go, and i know their hearts are definitely in this opening too. >> the november attack made the organization reevaluate
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springs, but nation wide. >> people should not have to go to a fortress to access health care. we want to be accessible, we want to be open to our community and we want to know when you are inside the building you are safe and cure and you get nothing but high care, high quality care. >> there is an on going national political argument about whether to defund planned parenthood. in colorado springs, the people who work at the clinic say they need to be open again. >> we will reopen, we will come back just as soon as we can, and we are making good on that promise. >> anastasiya bolton, 9 news. >> the planned apparenthood shooter told the court he did it. the case of the man who calls himself a warrior for the babies is lowly moving through court. -- slowly moving through court. colorado has a heart for shelter animals and that brings in animals out of state when they have no other chance at life. fewer animals may be coming because of a crack down on a popular nonprofit. 9 news reporter jessica oh
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>> if you ask the owner about the animals, she will tell you they were almost euthanized. >> he is representative of a life saved. >> thousands of dogs come from out of state via transport services, going home animal rescue is one of them, emily wolf with the summit dog rescue highly recommends the nonprofit. >> it is clean, courteous and all about the dogs. >> for the first time, g-heart has been told they can't come to colorado. the department of agruculture asked them to get a pet handlers license. to get one, transport services need to meet certain requirements like walking the derog during-- dogs during the trip. the owner said she doesn't think it is safe to comply and summit dog rescue agrees. >> 4:00 in the morning in the middle of rural oklahoma and that would be very dangerous and stress frl for the dogs. >>-- stressful for the dog. >> it is a 12-hour street but it
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>> there is no exception for that section of the rules. >> nick fisher is in charge for animal licensing and inspection and he admits they have never enforced the rule before but since 2013, 7,000 dogs have come to colorado along with drastic increases in diseases and illnesses. fisher says enforcing this rule will help control that problem. >> talk about 8-week old puppies who are defecating all over each other, that is why the regulation exists. >> the rescues agree but the end result is still losing an important transport service for colorado. >> it doesn't make sense for the best transporter to be shut down. >> our big fear going forward is what will fill that gap. >> the organization can ask the state for an exemption but that can take up to a year and a half. in the meantime they will take the dogs to other states. >> hopefully they will get
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capitalizing on the super bowl win. the coach who wasn't surprised by his former player's
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it is estimated 111.9 yesterday. although that is fewer than the last few years shlgs it still represents the third most watched television event in u.s. history. the super bowl set viewership records for 6 of the past 7 years, the nielsen company said it was live streamed by nearly 4 million setting records than digit space. a group of local high school studenticize printing and
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and selling t shirts, they are selling them for $10 each, the print shop helps the kids learn about business. >> business now, i like learning about how to work together as a team, and how to create good team work to create good products. >> the t-shirts will be available to students facility and faculty, rather, and the public, only while supplies last on the commons green mountain high school between 8:00 and 4:00. one opvon miller's high school football coaches said he felt like a proud papa watching he play in the super bowl and named mvp. ryan stanzbery was his coach in texas. he says back in the day, von was a big part of the defense at desoto high school near dallas. >> defensive end, nobody would run that side of the ball.
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middle and middle line backer so he could play middle and sideline to sideline, he had the tenacity, he had the instincts. he would be special. >> miller made it a habit of giving back to his community, he thinks he has become a good person in addition to a great athlete. dry this week, what else we will see in the foothills. >> and whether that pattern continues next week.
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hi, there, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard.
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our denver broncos back to town. it is, indeed, broncos country. picture proof, beautiful sunset tonight. if you snap a great sunrise or sunset, send it to me. the month of february we look for highs in the mid 40s and that is where we were today. we are going a whole lot warmer the res of the week and-- rest of the week. with our big storm a week ago today, nice to see numbers like this on the map, wait until you see the numbers on the planning forecast. high and low values close to this time of year, not moving into record territory but highs in the 60s this week. 34 dia, winds southeast at 8. clear skies, calm winds, almost 40 outside the studio, not a lot to show on radar, there is an area of low pressure in the midwest, we are on the western fringe of this cold air and snow. winter weather and travel advisory, concern for blizzard
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pushing towards the northeast, two storm systems colliding off the coast of new england. so a very active weather pattern here. we are just kind of watching all of that cold air and snow rotating around the low. the cold air is sliding right in behind it along with a weak front pushing all the cold, arctic air into the southeastern u.s. in colorado, hype is the-- high pressure is the dominant feature. clouds over the top of colorado, and the snow and rain midwest to northeast and you will see airport and travel delays there tomorrow. this warming trend will continue most of the week. notice our high of 54 compared to omaha, 22 in chicago, the cold air mass is east of denver, few high clouds tonight and tomorrow, a beautiful day for the big victory parade in downtown denver. we will see cold overnight low temperatures tonight, though, 23 greeley and lamar, 13 frisco, 8 aspen.
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southeastern colorado with above average high temperatures for denver, greeley&fort collins. coming out of the deep freeze in idaho springs and grand lake with temperatures tomorrow in the mid 40s. city forecast for you for tonight, fair skies, light winds, low of 25. temperatures in the mid 40s by early afternoon, mid 50s by about 3:00, beautiful day shaping up, not a lot of wind to worry about. we soar to 60s midweek, cool only slightly with a dry front thursday into friday. 61 saturday. next storm i am tracking with a chance for flurries possibly valentine's day into monday. in the high country it looks a lot like winter. hi, everybody, broncos quarterback, peyton manning likes to point his fingers at the line of scrimmage and talk obvious, it should be obvious where his kids got it from. manning and his children, marshal and mosley were treated
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bowl championship parade down main street usa today. the little ones in front are peyton's 4-year-old twins, the big kids are mickey, mini, pluto, and goofy. >> my 2 kids are waving to every single person and saying if they say people they know in the crowd, which was fascinating to me. hard to pick a different word besides "special." >> there are usually 2 sets of confetti canons at every super bowl load would the different colors of each team in the shape of the vince lombardi trophy. the nfl was celebrating the golden super bowl anniversary, so... >> because the denver broncos are world champions, they have just won super bowl 50. and lum bardy trophy is come-- lombardi trophy is coming hiem. >> awesome, so proud, so proud.
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man, i am in awe, i am in awe. feels so good. >> we got dogs everywhere, this defense is special, talent across the board. >> super bowl champs now. >> great, we wear that ring for the rest of our life, man, so it is great. >> they are handing the trophy off to various mvp's of previous super bowls. >> the greatest ever. ever. quote me, the greatest defense ever. no disrespect to any other defenses, but we are the greatest defense ever. best feeling ever. besides having my son. this is the best feeling, man. >> this is why i came for. i think about next year, winning again. >> 10 points for the number 1-scoring offense in the nfl, the unstoppable.
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>> carolina panthers quarterback cam newton was bathing in gold before the super bowl. newton had the audacity to warm up in a golden super man shirt, and golden mvp cleats, that is cool as long as you play well and win, but as you know newton had a terrible game, you want a good nickname for the broncos defense? how aabout kriptonite. >> they just played better than us, i don't know what you want me to say. they made better, more plays than us and that is what it comes down to. >> awkward. all right, so if newton is,
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broncos line backer von miller, the super bowl mvp reminds drew soicher of the incredible hulk. >> well done. >> that is a great cartoon. we just need to splash green paint on this bobble head.
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stocks took a nose drive, dow is down 400, gained some finishing the day with loss of 177.
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last time we were at the victory parade, what? 17 years ago?
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not tomorrow, look at this. sunshine, mid 40s 10:00 a.m., mid 50s in the afternoon, light wins, high cloupds and then-- winds, high clouds and then 60s in the forecast. lets go into wednesday. >> 7-10 days is what she has got. >> i do. >> multi-day parade, up and down colfax. all 30-50 miles. >> why not? >> you do that every day, then. >> this was a terrible idea. >> entertainment tonight is next.
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macy brown. beyonce steal the super bowl spotlight? our exclusive with the stars just seconds afterperforming. >> how do you top this? >> i don't think it's possible. >> chris martin, bruno mars.
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