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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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it is the victory parade, right now we are on wynkoop st. and right here is where [technical difficulties] [please stand by] >> reporter: we are at the denver public library. finally, if you saw me earlier there weren't many people here but that has changed. in fact, we are getting a little bit of parade practice. everyone is cheering at random cars as they go by. by the way i have slacker here with me, we are -- look at that. that was noisy. we are doing a little bit of fashion police. choose from. people are not going crazy yet. >> reporter: let's talk a
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>> it is fashionable. that i have retired it for the last two years and i brought it back now that they won the super bowl. >> reporter: you don't think that is bad luck? what about next year? >> i had not thought this to -- i had not bought this through. i am going to buy another short. i will be right back. >> reporter: anyway we are here looking for people with the craziest bronco's attire.
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>> reporter i am just off of broadway. the crowd is still filling in. there are all of these good folks right here. what time did you get here this morning? >> we got here at 8:30. this is a national holiday. >> reporter: what did you tell your boss? >> i am sick. i am feeling a little blue. >> reporter: you have your own fan club behind you. are you a big a big broncos fan? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: you have got a good spot.
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back to you. >> the steelers were the hot. but the broncos weren't going to beat them, right? than the patriots came in, they were healthy, no one could beat them. then the panthers were opponent. how do you beat cam newton? it done. that is why this team was so easy to route for and the fact that team was such an operative word. people pointing out that yes, brock osweiler came in for peyton manning, yes, these guys filled in for the injured players, no matter what happened there was someone ready to step up.
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punt in the super bowl. team was the operative word. there was a no one star yet, i do realize von miller did step up in a big way in the super bowl but, the defense, the defense stole the show. the offense did just enough. special-teams, brandon mcmanus went ten of ten on field goal attempts in the postseason. let's not forget stephen gostkowski missed that extra point which is a big reason why the broncos got to the super bowl. team is the operative word. brandon mcmanus, t.j. ward, the marcus where, it did not matter, again, brock osweiler was a big person we talked to this week about whether or not he felt he was a super bowl quarterback.
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do. for him this experience was different because he played such a big a big role leading up to the super bowl. we will send it back to you guys. >> we were talking about this the super bowl victory celebration can sometimes have special moments for unexpected players. a lot of people will remember when the buffalo bills lost, the year that scott know what missed that kick, the team chanted his name until he came crying to the front of the stage and the place erupted.
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that moment. that was a city giving one man but he needed at that moment. brock osweiler is a super bowl champion but i hope he gets his moment today. >> i think this crowd will give it to him. they could not have gotten here without him. how difficult it was for both of them, the way they handled themselves, talking to reporters during that time. when he was the starter and when peyton manning took over again. the way they handled themselves with so much respect and class. >> so many football fans were worried there was no way to get out of this season with peyton manning happy, with his dignity in tact, for the broncos to succeed and for brock osweiler to do well, state has a funny way of taking
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there is no reason why peyton manning can't hold his head high, that brock osweiler can't hold his head kind, i think this crowd want brock osweiler to be here. that will be a different discussion for a different day. but there is a chance that one brock osweiler steps out in front of this crowd today that hundreds of thousands of people quarterback of the future. happy for him. jersey. i think he feels it. i think he understands that he has earned it. he has earned the respect. >> the way that this season
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broncos -- that bronco's country you do not have to choose between peyton manning and products as osweiler, you can choose both. >> people wanted to talk about the injuries. both of them suffered injuries too. they kept writing us off and singh peyton manning has played in his last game. no way. >> think about all of the teams in this league that are struggling to find a quarterback with ability and class. by the way, that is not a cam newton common. we like cam newton a lot. the fact is we had two quarterbacks at handled themselves. this is a great day to not only celebrate the compliments of the year but to note we have been here before. >> in fact, we are told we are
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we are going to look back to a victory in the past. this was a very a very similar to the 118 years ago that started at 17th and wynkoop st. gary shapiro was at the starting line again. >> reporter: about 15 minutes ago the buses arrived from dove valley with the players. they got off of those buses on to the buses that do not have the windows in them. we understand they are loaded up so we expect to see them momentarily. >> the way he conducts himself on the field.
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big personality. they were all in buses except for john elway and his entire family. they road on a fire engine. >> we were talking earlier about the broncos, we forgot phil romanow ski. >> you talk about that personality. we have talked about emmanuel sanders, we have talked about bigger than life personalities. >> shannon sharpe was such a joy to watch on the field and off of the field too. i see that in emmanuel sanders. a guy who likes to talk some trash. not in a mean way but just as
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it is also backing it up on the field. >> there are a lot of similarities between the two of them. >> i am pretty sure that either denver has a large is homeschooled population in the country or a lot of kids are missing school today. >> and the teachers are bitter saying, why did we have to come to school? are you kidding, we are here and no one else is. [laughing] >> this is a great field day for the kids to be out here. i understand some of the catholic schools in town even moved some exams around. take a look at that sign. that is a great reminder that while we talk about denver and colorado bronco's extends
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the state. i think about the fans of that come from the dakotas, montana, utah, they drive on sunday to come watch the game. >> from nebraska, wyoming and all of these other places, it is so cool. >> i know a bunch of you folks out there are watching this coverage, let us know on facebook or twitter where you are watching from so we can give you a shout out. i think it is so cool. a rodeo announcer was telling us he pulled a semi over to the side of the road and he is watching from there.
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it helps all of us here in town feel connected to those of you out there. >> we hope people will send their photos as well. send us your photos, how you are celebrating the day. where we are looking at it, from the camera, we would love to know what it is like right in the thick of it. >> by the way, feel free to not only sense photos but then also you can talk to us during the show on twitter. that is a real easy way to get in touch with us. if there are any stories you want to share with us. if you just want to catch a glimpse of any of this. we are taking requests here for the five hours of coverage. >> it is great.
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the fans have been so terrific. we would just love to see some of the kids, the dogs, the families, how everyone is celebrating. everyone does have a story. >> a big shout out to idaho. we forgot to give idaho a mention. so, a big shout out to all of you folks out in idaho who are watching. that is dave logan at the podium.
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struck by his voice, it is his voice that we here on those monumental plays. it is awesome. he is the voice of the broncos. listening to him and those victories, it is so awesome. it is great to hear his voice. >> perhaps with some other teams you think about vin scully, i think people here route for dave logan. >> at mccaffery is talking too now. -- a the mccaffery is talking too now. he is getting the crowd excited. >> as we look over the crowd so many people have made signs and shirts.
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old school bronco's gear. >> i have even actually seen some tim tivo shirt in this this crowd. he was a part of this team over the years. we have had a lot of other quarterbacks along the way. 21 of 22 starters of this team all came on board since john elway took over. we often say, it is one thing to be a quarterback but you have to be a smart quarterback. he went to stanford, he is a smart man. after his career ended he became a smart businessman now he has taken that into building a team. >> we are seeing video in here of von miller.
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smart guy. he is also a guy who has gotten into some trouble for his decisions. he has been across the desk from roger goodell but you know what, you can tell how much respect roger goodell has for the man that von miller is today. he said so the next day at the press conference. it just goes to show, it is one thing to have a good team, it is another thing to have a good team full of good guys. >> haven't you seen a shift in von miller? he has always been a phenomenal
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he is famous for his dances, all of these little fun dances but, when you talk about the day after with roger goodell, all he kept talking about was his teammates. he kept talking about everybody else. he deflected the attention off of him. he has just grown up and really matured. it is really nice to see. you talk about his mother, his father did not want him to play football because he had asthma, she would still take him to every practice. she was so supportive of him. she has never missed one of his games. not one game. that is the love of a parent. >> it back von miller is going to be something in this league. the broncos have him for at least one more year. we hope we can get a deal done with him. but you can't mention von miller without paying credit to
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von miller, sylvester williams, bradley roby, john elway says he may go defense with the 31st pick. that is wild. we are going to step away. we will rejoin you from civic
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone. we are at 17th and broadway. >> reporter: a few minutes ago we were talking about six deep come it is like 20 deep now in places. there are just a ton of people here. i don't know if i i have ever seen so many people. >> reporter: we are going back and forth, there is a guy over there that is starting us here. it is just insane. as you said, the crowds have really doubled. >> reporter: they really have. they are really a well behaved can't but just in case the
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coming by. we have had a couple of bomb sniffing dogs checking out the crowd. but, no problems. >> reporter: no issues at all. we are right here on the corner. the parade will come behind us it may keep on going ending at civic center park. they are expecting 1 million people here today. i think they are going to get it. >> reporter: where did all these people park? the weather was perfect today for this. >> reporter: it is just beautiful. it has been so long, two years ago we thought we were going to do this. >> reporter: we don't like to talk about that game. that was a rough game. >> reporter: so they have been waiting for this moment and this is pretty cool. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago we heard from you
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how does this compare to that? >> reporter: i don't think we had as big a crowd back then but i think the energy was about the same. that was the year that we beat green bay. i was over by union station, huge crowds that time too but nothing this big. >> reporter: this is incredible. this could be the largest sports event -- i mean it is incredible. it is so cool. watch these guys get pumped up. [cheering] everyone is so excited. there are so many bronco's flags. >> reporter: not long now, we have about 35 minutes. i know cam and kyle you are not
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the mustache. >> you always look good gary, no matter what. you wear orange well. >> so they have got a great spot there. a great vantage point for the parade. we have so many cameras along the route that you have not even seen yet. susie wargin is on the podium introducing 3oh!3. we got a question which is, why can't we just going with the program up there on the stage? the fact is what is going on now is programmed for people in the park as opposed to a live television audience. at 1:00 it is going to be made for everyone watching at home on television.
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over to the folks on the podium. >> we are just going to be watching like the rest of you. >> just what i think they can't fit more people in here they start packing in more. >> they are showing them some highlights and keeping them some music. i know gov. john hickenlooper was out here earlier this morning talking about the plan. he was actually wearing a great orange time. i think pat bowlen always wore an orange tie. i love peyton manning, he is always dressed so nicely.
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i love how the bronco's dress. they always stress like professionals. >> they are going to work. "sports illustrated" voted them the best dressed team in the nfl. a lot of teenagers follow all of their post on instagram and they always take pictures. they just look great. they are very cool, very classy and dress like they are going to work. >> we are 90 minutes in to five hours of bronco's celebrations. we want to see the celebrations from your vantage point. whether you are around town, send us photos on show us how you are celebrating.
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those into our coverage today. we want to shout out to some of those folks watching us on the line. folks in ohio. you have got to love the folks in aurora. we have someone watching from new york city. bronco's country is truly alive. steve is out along the parade route talking with fans as a set up for the celebration. i see more people now steve. rep back it is way to eat -- >> reporter: someone told me this was red, i don't think it is. so slacker and i are playing fashion police.
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fairy. >> reporter: what on earth are you? what is on your head? >> i am the bronco's fairy. >> reporter: i i think she get extra points for the boots. >> the only thing she is missing is wings. it is not good though with 1 million people. >> reporter: i like your glasses a lot. the boots are the most impressive part. so we are at the corner of 13th and broadway. we have a huge crowd now. this is where the parade full swing around the corner.
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bronco's country. as we continue coverage of a fun day. >> it is a a great day. we are celebrating the denver broncos. we are excited to see the players, the coaches, everyone here today. we have a rally and a celebration but yesterday in california our good friend tape one day ahead of time and her guest was the mvp, von miller. let's take a look. i think we will see it. okay, he is on the show today. we will get to it, he will be
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here we go. let's take a look. >> i really just celebrated my me. [applause] my mother has been at every single football game, track meets, assemblies, everything i have ever been involved in she has been there so it was a special moment to celebrate with my mother. to have that moment with her. >> congratulations on being the mvp. >> that is nice. i know he did a little bit of social media, he was with a
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him. >> i hope he does the one that exercise. that is awesome. >> i would not want to try it in a public setting. >> although, the league will probably find him. >> they are all making the late show rounds. they have to get peyton manning back on "saturday night live." that is what they have to do. >> the crowd here at civic center park continues to grow. it is tough for us to tell you how it is growing because it is no longer anyone moving. >> i am just looking all the way to the capital and all i see
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they are all over and we can't see the parade route. >> from time to time as 3oh!3 place you will see a guy walking around in a plaid shirt with a camera on his shoulder. that is chris hansen, nobody will be closer to the action when it happens on the stage. as the broncos come out with the trophy -- there he is. he will be right there showing you every moment of it. this is going to be so cool. >> it is going to be awesome. we know you are watching online. i want to see someone in their office at noon or whatever it is looking out the office window watching and i want them to send a photograph.
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>> a lot of people are staying home from work or school today. here is one of my favorite things about all of this. why do we have a banner up that says world champions? well it is because we are the champions of the world. i love the people that complain that the nfl to be in is called the world champion. we can set up a game between the denver broncos and the canadian football league and we will see how that goes. we could give that a test drive. come on folks, we are world champions. just celebrate it. this is a great day for the city and the state. as we well know with all of the folks watching on
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who are celebrating this big win. >> the great thing is you know people are spotting friends and family in the crowd too. it is sharing that common moment that we can all go back to. >> i am hearing from the producers at the station that there are be was concerned that while you are beautifully decked out in orange that i am not wearing any orange. >> clarify this. let them see the orange. >> the people at home are concerned i am not wearing any orange today.
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>> let us see the orange. >> i promise you people i am wearing orange. >> do your best von miller. >> at some point they aren't orange anymore. i have got to stop washing these things. miller move. >> i don't have a von miller. you can't do a move you don't have. rod mackey has done a beautiful job covering the broncos all year. not once has the man busted a dance move because what is to bust? >> reporter: [laughing] five have absolutely no rhythm.
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with the players we get some of them dancing. we are on bus 14 going through here. it is an absolute blast getting ready to do this. we are passing coors field right now. let the parade begin. this should really be something special. earlier today we sat down and talk to john elway and gary kubiak, they all talked about what an awesome time this is. there were a tremendous amount of fans in the santa clara but this is the time they are excited about. now they get to bring the trophy back here to colorado and celebrate in front of the fans. it is not just the players, we see their families, they have friends with them, they are wearing the jerseys, everyone
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the best right has been interesting because as we tried we have the police escort but everyone is out, so fortunately it has been a safe ride but it has been a little sketchy watching all of the fans waving at the players as we come by. this is what has has been like. it has been awesome. we can't wait to get on the fire trucks to start talking to some of the players and let that the parade begin. back to you. >> rod mackey is live from a bus? is this the future. what kind of incredible time are we living in in this country? [joking] >> i want to talk to him about
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locker room after the victory. i know he was working but i hope he had a chance to soak it in for a minute. there had to be a lot of tears of joy. >> it is 3oh!3 on stage right now. the last of three local bands to play. that will take us until noon when the parade starts. we will show it to you from every angle. then it is back here for the rally at 1:00 when the team will come out to present the trophy to the fans and this place will go nuts. let's sit back and take a look at the crowd. [cheering]
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the parade is going to start in 15 minutes. it will start at noon.
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those are highlights from the big win. it will travel to 17 torkfoz ave. to broadway. then it will pass civic center park, west on 13th, north on cherokee and ending at city & county -- and ending at the city & county building. >> it is deafening here i can't hear much of anything. thanks to everyone who has been sending us photos on that is the easiest way to send us a photo or video clip. they showed her photo your photo on television. you are famous. >> i love it. >> that is exciting. it is cool to see how everyone is celebrating. get away from work today. thank you to everyone who is keeping the city and state
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the denver police. to all of the first responders, firefighters, paramedics, ambulance folks out working today keeping people safe. anytime a big production like this happens there is some of the folks working behind the scenes to keep everyone safe. >> everybody, light rail, everyone is helping to make this happen. it is tough having to put this thing together. >> so as we watch the highlights from the season, the broncos are starting so strong. someone says, the broncos are starting so strong. someone says, peyton manning will start then brock osweiler will start then paid many will
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worry you will win the super bowl. you would have left them out of the room. >> [inaudible] it is absolutely magical. it is the fairytale that no one expected. >> sports teams are like babies you always thinks that yours is the best and the most beautiful. but, i don't know how many people in bronco's country have a true appreciation for what we have seen this year. i don't think i have a true appreciation for it. i think other people around the country know. i have friends in other cities that say this is crazy.
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time sports stories. >> that is a good thing. i look at those highlights with demaryius thomas. he had a big story line going on in his personal life when his mother got out of prison. she had not been to a game, she had been in jail since he was nine years old. he did not have the year some people thought he should have had but he still stepped up at times. everybody, owen daniels, what a great story he is. everyone has these little moments that were spectacular. >> here is the thing, we all know there will be different -- there will be difficult decisions for this team. they can't keep everybody. god bless pat bowlen he is willing to spend money and the
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caliber guys that will take to make things happen. even with all of that they won't be able to keep everybody but they should be able to keep enough pieces to be a great team next year. you mentioned demaryius thomas and his story. the fact is, he did not have a good year. the is a better player than what we saw this year. he got paid a lot of money and i am sure he would say he could play better than he did this year. he also had a quiet super bowl. if he returns to form next year , whether it is brock osweiler or someone else, this offense, combined with that defense, it makes your mouth water. >> absolutely, i thought about him the other day, david bruce, just a great guy. a finalist for the walter payton award.
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people. he jokes about how everyone on the team makes fun of him because he reads so much. he encourages people to read. then he played with a broken leg near the end of the season. >> so, on 9news you have been watching some highlights. the cried -- the crowd is watching a different set of highlights. a shout out to mcmanis. there was a game where he accounted for all of the scoring. the other thing, he is a fun human being. you need to follow him on
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he is a funny, funnyman. -- he is a funny, funny man. >> he is delirious. he is a bryant. he is funny and he is smart. >> we are 10 minutes away from the parade. gary shapiro and corey rose have a great vantage point. we are here in the middle of unbelievable bronco fans. >> reporter: the photographer will spin around, all that you can see are people.
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>> reporter: we are here at 17th and broadway. look at all of the people. it is just crazy. but a beautiful day it is. >> reporter: it is really nice now. these guys are fired up and they are ready. they are watching that clock. >> reporter: we are just a few minutes away. the team is going to come right down here. as you can see everyone is totally fired up. >> reporter: we can't see anything, while there are some flashing lights down there. i think maybe they are getting it going here. has soon as we see something we
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>> thank you. they are dealing with the same thing we are dealing with here which is an inability to hear anything. it is a good a good problem to have. they don't have this problem in charlotte. they don't have this problem in boston. >> no, they don't. and we know what that feeling is like. >> i think there are bronco's fans out there that thought please just let it be a game. everyone remembers that sickening feeling when the snap went over peyton manning's head. the broncos did not just win the super bowl, they owned the super bowl. that game was not as close as
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they went out and they took it. this time. we love these pictures, this is where we are. look at that. they are going to be following the parade for us. that is the image we want to see. in image of colorado and bronco's country. >> a crowd united in orange instead of green. so if you are just joining us, what you are going to see over
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here at civic center park. when the rally starts at 1:00, following the parade, we will get out of the way and the show will be on the stage. hear everything. >> we will have you covered from every angle. we won't be talking. we will just be listening like everyone else. >> we are so glad that you could join us this afternoon. we will start the victory parade and we could not ask for a nicer day. >> it is so gorgeous. >> look at that shot. people are 100 deep. that is wild!
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>> they are lined up for ever. -- they are lined up forever. >> as we have said all morning this is a time for joy. how announces it to be able to get together with your entire city, state, bronco's country and just have fun? >> share your pictures with us on our facebook page. we want to experience this with all of you. knowing that we did this together and we all remember so, we would love to see some of your pictures. i have heard people making lifelong friends at an event
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>> we can be honest about things, right? it is nice to be around a crowd this large that is sober. >> isn't it? it is refreshing. >> there are a lot of great parties in this town with the another and that includes football games. but there is a different feeling from a crowd that is family- friendly. this is the ultimate, family- friendly party that is going on in the streets of denver right now. let's go to steve. >> reporter: we are right by the denver public library where you see the crowd is getting bigger.
11:52 am
here today. we are is steve? how we figured that out? >> i think he is counting the crowd. i am not positive. >> reporter: by the way, we are completely trapped in here. >> we either have to stay here or go to civic center park. we are stuck. >> reporter: should we start counting? >> you have a helicopter. >> reporter: go give it a shot. while he is counting the crowd -- this is about where the parade will come. we have seen all sorts of interesting fashion out here today. you can see some of it right now. we saw a guy with a fish hat on. iyou not sure what it is. but we will keep an eye on this
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all of these people somehow got out of work and school today. i guess there are worse places to be. thank you so much. we will be right back. there are highlights been being played before the crowd right now. similar to the highlights we played for you a moment ago. when the parade begins at the folks at the park will watch scenes from the parade. they will get some taste of the parade here and the party gets rocking at 1:00. that is when we turn things over to the podium behind us. everyone will be there. we expect a lot of special
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>> it is their chance to talk
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