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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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open. >> there is no place like bronco's country. this is amazing. and fans proved it, thousands of them in a packed rally at civic center park. the view from sky9 showed the people who made up a moving mass of orange, blue, and white, and some fans showed up at 5:00 thyme stake out a spot. >> the celebration started at union station and they made their way to the fire truck park. and this is anna bell bowlen with the lombardi trophy, and fans were 20, 30 people deep along the route. >> reporter: kyle, when you consider the sh eer amount of
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streets were cleared out and cleaned up. question. wyatt, did you go to school? >> no. >> reporter: you did not? this made a perfect excuse not to go to work or school. it's safe to say we've now heard them all. >> i don't work on todays. >> reporter: you don't work on tuesdays? >> i make my own schedule. >> reporter: how lucky are you? excuses were as easy to come by as the color orange. how did you get out of it? >> don't tell the boss. >> we just said we need to come. >> reporter: oh, you didn't say they were even sick. >> no, this is once in a lfer time. >> reporter: some shied away but others didn't mind telling us like it is. >> we called the school and told them i was sick.
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doing some kind of work. broncos. >> reporter: see? she's working on handwriting. besides who could miss this? a chance to celebrate with the team, see the trophy. be proud, isn't that the best excuse? >> the bronco's parade is happening and broncos are number one, and that's where i'm going to be. >> reporter: that's a pretty good excuse, isn't it, wyatt? >> yes! >> reporter: there you go. that's a great excuse and dpd tweeted this afternoon and said despite the huge crowd, it was absolutely calm. they only made one arrest and it was for someone who made a threat against someone else. kyle, you have to admit for a crowd that size, that was surprising. >> absolutely, and a pleasure to be part of it. thank you. and it wasn't even over before the players started talking
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>> you go back next year and do it again? >> i think so. i mean, back to back. , right? >> von miller's prediction? the crowd loved the sound of that. the rally ended a bit sooner than we expected. we honestly didn't hear all coaches. confetti was released along with alongs around the city and county building. >> it takes time to get from point a to point b with that many people in place. i-25, bumper-to-bumper shortly after the parade, but it was smooth sailing for drivers headed north. the parade traffic did bleed into the work commute home. some fans reported waiting an hour or more at the rtd rail stations. they will let all the passengers ride for free until 8:00 tonight. they are asking passengerses to pack a lot of patience. the city and county building
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if you want to see it in person, this is the last night it will be lit in the bronco's colors. coach kubiak and demarco ware got a call that stood out from the other congratulations. president obama said he is looking forward to their white house visit to congratulate them in person. one million people at the bronco's parade? quite the attention-grabbing figure to make national headline. by all accounts, it topped 650,000 but one million? mayor michael hancock made the claim. his office said that the estimate came from denver police who told us they absolutely did not estimate 1 million people were there, and then they called back and said, sure. go by what the mayor is saying. addition and subtraction. >> you can see the parade through the hundreds of
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tweet or post on instagram with the #wearethebroncos. and you can upload them on facebook and we have more videos and highlights in a photo gallery. a mesa county deputy who was shot by a teenager will not survive. he will be taken off life support after a final act of service, organ donation. >> this is truly a tragedy for us. the deputy that was injured today, he is 40 years old. he has a wife. year-old kid. >> investigators say that deputy derek geer was shot several times by a 17-year-old and was responding to a call about an armed and suspicious teenager in grand junction. he fired a taser at the teen times. >> i have an officer down, wounds to the face and bleeding heavily. i need an ambulance.
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teenager about an hour after the shooting. they're not identifying him. deputy geer's family issued a statement saying our hearts are broken as we begin grieving the tremendous loss of derek. he was a navy veteran and serviced with the sheriffs office since 2001. an amber alert ended in a crash and crash. albuquerque police issued an amber alert for a young girl kidnapped ber by her father, ramiro tirado. he took off, headed up to speeds of 100 miles per hour. the troopers deployed stop sticks, and the vehicle rolled ejecting tirado and his daughter. >> we wanted to make sure we kept a visual contact with the
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speed, it's hard to monday morning quarterback and say you would have done it a different way but we have to keep visual on the vehicle for the safety of the child and make sure we don't lose sight of that person. >> the little girl and her father suffered what they describe as moderate injuries. the girl was airlifted to children's hospital, and tirado was taken to a hospital in pueblo. charges are pending. new hampshire's first in the nation's primaries are delivering as expected victories for bernie sanders and donald trump. the associated press and nbc news are making that call early. polling locations reported long lines and a big turnout today. of course, then you start to look down the rankings to see who makes an unexpectedly strong showing in the republican race that could make an impact. >> yep. and the latest forecast for
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>> and doctors and military and athletes are tackling concussions. >> it's been a quiet 15 years,
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concussions are an issue in sports and the military. so the ncaa has teamed up for a new study. it's partly about how people look at concussions. >> we're not looking to find a single key. we think that the culture itself is key. >> reporter: for researchers, the key to solving the concussion problem may lie outside the playing field. >> it's pervasive across all sports. >> reporter: for the next three
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the ncaa and dod to study how high school athletes report concussion symptoms and why. >> what we're trying to do is understand what the culture is and how the parents influence the culture, how the coaches and teammates influence the culture. >> reporter: both say one of the biggest problems in sports is the reluctance of athletes to report concussion-like symptoms that can oftentimes lead to more severe injuries down the road. >> we have clinical tools to examine athletes but we need to understand how we can get them to talk about the injury to get to that point. >> reporter: a tough cell considering some sports foster an environment that praises athletes for toughness and playing through 0s. >> people are knowledgeable about what a concussion it but it has not translated to them reporting the symptoms more. >> reporter: the irony of the study is that more concussions
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of sports but he hopes that the athletes will receive the help they need. >> this is a treatable process. this is a treatable injury. and we want to ensure that athlete who is need treatment are getting that treatment. >> reporter: nick mcgill, 9news. >> the u.s. military hopes to use the research to help active duty service members to report injuries more openly. gas prices in 2016 could average the lowest they've been in more than a decade according to the forecast . it is believed to be $1.98 a gallon nationwide this year. if that holds true, it will be the first time since 2004 drivers have paid less than $2 a gallon for a full year average. a 15-year live music drought at folsom field will come to an end in july. two concerts will be held by
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three surviving numbers of the grateful dead and john mayer. university leaders say noise and traffic occurrence were a reason that folsom has gone quiet on the music front for 15 years. dead and company, july 2 and 3 issue the only shows for 2016 and they are scheduling two shows for 2017. >> not a regular occurrence. and the weather could not have been any better for a parade in february. >> spectacular, and pretty darned good for melting the snow around as well. kathy will be up next to tell
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hello. welcome back. meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard. a beautiful day in denver and still quite nice in the city this hour. mild but won't need the heavy over coat just yet. even with the nice weather, traffic slowed on i-25 southbound. 60s on the map in south eastern colorado and we'll see numbers like those in denver tomorrow. 41 at the airport. light southerly breeze in the 9 backyard. outside the studios, we have 46 degrees. the temperature's been our big story, trending above average. you'll recall the big snowstorm a week ago.
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fringes of really cold air carrying the cold arctic air right to the south. it will stay put as high pressure becomes our dominant feature lifting the storm track north of us, warm and dry to colorado in the west as opposed to cold and stormy in the midwest and northeast with a lot of snow and wind and winter weather travel advisories. these are areas that will be dealing with tricky weather overnight from nashville to charleston to the new york city area and the front will move through and the cold air will follow. colorado, sunny, warm, mild air invading the south and southwest and bringing in a few light showers to the northwest and we'll trend above average for the next few days and watch the cold air slide east of us. good travel weather across the city and the state. temperatures tonight, clear skies and chilly, but the southerly wind will keep some of the numbers up. 23 in salida.
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southeastern colorado, 70s are possible in february, and we're halfway between december 21 and march 21, so we're coming up the halfway point for spring. it's right around the corner. hard to believe it's not here already with a wednesday forecast like this. enjoy the breaks from the cold and snow. fair skies and 28 in the city tonight. tomorrow, sun up at 7:00 and we'll be in the mid-50s and low 60s expected by 4:00 in the afternoon. a dry front will bring temperatures down a few degrees but we trend above average into the weekend and a weak front for sunday, cooler, but it looks like we're dry between now and february 19th with temperatures teasing at 70 degrees here about a week from todays which is remarkable. a great shot and this again is sunset on the plains. hi, everybody. prorchgy on's head coach gary kubiak rode in a super bowl parade this morning and that
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highlight of his day. kubiak sat with his wife rhonda on the lead fire truck through the streets of our state capitol, doing a rally at civic center park and received a phone call from the nation's capitol. >> we can't wait. we look forward to that. i know our whole organization looks forward to coming down there and getting an opportunity to meet you. it will be a special day for us. thank you so much for inviting news absolutely, and i look forward to seeing you and congratulations. let the whole team know that they've got bronco's fans in the white house. >> i will definitely do that, mr. president. thanks for your time. >> that's cool. the broncos are used to performing in front of sold-out crowds but today's attendance was enough to fill sports authority field 13 times. 9news sports reporter rod mackey is out there somewhere. >> reporter: everyone likes a party especially when everyone shows up.
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overdue parade through the streets of denver. bronco fans were everywhere, hanging out of windows, on lampposts, climbing on trees, nothing beats a super bowl celebration. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm going to enjoy this and have a lot of memories and a lot of pictures and stuff. i'll never forget this. >> reporter: the players all said the ultimate dream, the moment of their lives is hoisting that lombardi trophy and they also admit being part of this, one million fans watching them, the parade, it's pretty darned special as well. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. but hopefully, we'll make it happen again. it felt so good. serve so friendly and just giving the city what it deserves, the championship, man. >> we waved, gave the mile high salute and did everything we could possibly do.
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>> i was not expecting that many people. >> reporter: really in. >> they said a million people, and i think a million people. >> super special, man. that's what we play for, man. to win the last game in february and to have this parade right here, man. that's what we do the whole season for, man. >> reporter: rod mackey, 9news. carolina panthers's quarterback cam newton is sore from the beat down in mar ways than one. he has been criticized for how he behaved before, during, and after the super bowl including sulking through and leaving the press conference. >> i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? show me a good loser and i'm going to show you a loser. i'm not here to -- it's not a popularity contest. i am here to win football games.
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me, find a cam newton bobblehead wherely is sulking. >> i want to like him so bad. >> i think i still stocks finished down for the third straight day over worries that the economy is
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the dow is down 12 and the s&p
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a week ago today, a raging snowstorm. today, could it get any better you say? sunshine and 55? yes, how about 60s tomorrow and close to 60 over the weekend and close to 70 the middle of next week. >> wow. >> on valentine's day, you know, get outside and have fun. >> wow. >> wear sunscreen when you do. >> yeah. speaking from experience? before we leave you, our photojournalist put together sights and sounds from the parade from a fans' perspective. >> everybody going by said you got the best seats in the house. >> oh, right there? yeah. >> man, it's time. let's get this rocking and
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>> oh, here they are. oh, it couldn't be better than this. bronco nation. family everywhere. everyone is coming together, and it's beautiful. wonderful things can happen. my god, happiness everywhere. whoo. go, broncos. it's like a sea of people and they're all happy. when do you see this? you don't see it unless there's a super bowl and it's in
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tonight two celebrity courts face off. >> g paltrow's alleged talker, janet dickenson frs bill cosby. the latest legal drama happening now. >> the frightening claims of this threatening message, now you must die. watch h tearful testimony, is
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