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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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they reacted to winning. and broncos country turned out in force - to celebrate our world champions. manning credited and the mayor carolina panthers quarterback. good morning. gary, corey and cheryl with you - marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart are also with us. marty-the warming trend continues. this morning -
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greeley police can tell us more about what a witness described as a shootout. crime scene tape blocked off an area near the village green apartments late last night. we saw several police cars there... and officers wakling in and out of the crime scene. police say they were investigating a shooting in the area of 26th avenue and 13th street. a witness told us he heard a loud sound last night - and then looked out his window. geoffrey vaughn
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went into several apartments. we called greeley police this morning to find out exactly what happened and if anyone was arrested... or hurt. we haven't heard back. a mesa county deputy will help save a few more lives- before his death. deputy derek geer was shot monday... doctors say he won't survive. before they take him off life support, geer will donate his organs. geer was responding to a call about an armed and suspicious teenager in grand junction when the shooting happened... the sheriff's office says geer fired his taser - and the 17 year old fired a gun. deputies arrested the teenager about an hour after the shooting. a man - wanted for a stabbing a woman in wheat ridge - is dead. the sheriff's department in cheyenne says 43- year-old andrew howton holed himself up in a motel friday night. after 5 hours of negotiations, deputies entered the room and found howton dead from
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howton was wanted for stabbing a woman at the howard johnson hotel on west 44th in wheat ridge last week. these are surveillance images of him leaving that hotel. the woman survived - and has not been identified. in new hampshire - two convincing victories for anti- establishment presidential candidates. on the gop side - donald trump dominated with more than a third of the vote. coming in second - john kasich - considered a long shot candidate by many. iowa winner ted cruz is third followed by jeb marco rubio isn't because he came in fifth in the polls. sanders - from vermont - won big side as predicted - clinton. more than 20 points with most of the votes counted. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas has been looking at celebrated their wins. it was definitely a night of trump and sanders. but not every candidate was
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for example, now, we're hearing that chris christie is reevaluating his campaign-- after coming in sixth in new hampshire. it was also a disappointing night for ted cruz-- who'd won the iowa primary... but came in third last night. he actually called donald trump to congratulate him. trump spent the evening celebrating with supporters-- promising to pull even more wins in the primaries. meantime, bernie sanders sad his victory shows that americans won't continue to accept the what he calls a "rigged economy." he, too, is predicting more victories... and more challenges from clinton's campaign. the other candidates are thinking the same way-- they're on to "south carlina." primaries, there, happen in ten days. corey?
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plane made an unexpected stop in denver last night - police took a unruly passenger off the plane -- to the cheers of other passengers. the plane was flying from boston to san diego. an airline official said a male passenger was drunk. when the flight crew tried to calm him down, the passenger started yelling at them - at one poing, even threatening the crew. the pilot landed at d-i-a - police took the man off the plane. other passengers started clapping - and the plane flew on to san diego.... landing late last night. five men were arrested... accused of stashing hundreds of pounds of marijuana in furniture and even inside a vacuum cleaner. federal agents say the men in the metro area were conspiring to ship the pot from colroado to other states... including new york. they were arrested in september... but new documents show federal prosecutors now want to take ownership of the more than 60- thousand dollars seized during the investigation. a lot of green is changing hands for the green. new numbers show that colorado
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nearly 1-billion dollars in recreational and medical cannabis last year. the post reports that the state also collected more than 135-million in marijuana taxes and fees in 2015, with $35 million going toward school construction projects. recreational pot sales began in colorado in january 2014. if you watched the super bowl on sunday... and ordered from pizza hut... you helped the chain reach a digital sales record. pizza says it sold nearly 12 million dollars in food across digital platforms alone on super bowl sunday... setting a single-day digital sales record. that's up two- million dollars from last year's super bowl. pizza hut won't disclose its full sales numbers for super bowl sunday, but a spokesman says digital sales usually account for about half. meantime, red lobster continues to see a boost in business thanks to beyonce and her half-time performance. as we first told you on monday, her newest song "formation" has increased traffic and sales because she mentions the seafood chain in a series of off-color lyrics in the song. red lobster says sales continue to
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cheddar bay biscuits "cheddar bey biscuits"... and its bay breeze drinks are "bey breezes." " the world champions were cheered on by hundreds of thousands of broncos fans. civic center park became a sea of orange and blue - for the victory parade and rally yesterday. even denver mayor michael hancock was pumped up about the win. it was a parade and rally for the ages. mayor hancock and
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honored broncos owner pat bowlen - by issuing the first-ever joint city and state declaration - making wed. feb 9th "pat bowlen day." broncos country stayed peaceful too - with denver police making only 1 arrest. they tweeted a 'thank you' on twitter. a lot has changed since 1999 - yet yesterday's parade mirrored a lot of what we saw - after our last world championship victory. since pat bowlen couldn't make the celebrations - annabel bowlen raised the vince lombardi trophy -- at the front of the parade. and just as john elway was saluted - peyton manning received a hero's welcome - at steps of the city and county building. unlike 1999 - the leading assumption is that manning will hang up his helmet for good. back then - fans were asking elway to stick around - for a super bowl
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this week we're talking about
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community encouraging you to have a conversation with and develop a plan today we're exploring the best ways to protect 9news reporter colleen ferreira joins us from old town arvada.colleen we know all too well that anything can happen at any time. conscious effort
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right now we're outside a church in where our expert plan of action in emergency.
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talking about this. we're here to encourage you to have a plan and a conversation with your family and friends so you're always prepared in a sticky situation. target makes a move that's being applauded by a lot of parents... and it all has to do with kids room
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applauded by a lot of parents... and it all has to do with kids room decorations but first, lets check in with marty and amelia.
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largest ranch under once fence in the united states. the sprawling waggoner ranch is a texas spread of more than half a million acres -- it was listed on the market at 725- million dollars. kroenke owns the nuggets, the avalanche and denver-based
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the 167-year old ranch has been caught up in a legal battle between the heirs of w.t. waggoner -- they've been fighting over whether the ranch should be sold. target is taking a new approach to kids' bedding and home goods. it's introducing a gender-neutral kids line called pillowfort at the end of the month... it consists of twelve themes that kids can mix and match and update over time. this comes months after the retail chain announced it would be moving away from gender- based signage. sears doesn't want to waste any time. the retailer will "accelerate" the closing of at least 50 "unprofitable stores." sears, which also owns kmart, originally planned to close the stores over the next few months, but poor sales have sped up the timeline. let's check in with marty.
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those famous lyrics will soon be sung on a new stage!
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future. they've brought a female wolf named "light-hawk" to the
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leopold. they're both 11- years-old... so it could be a long- shot that they'll have pups.... but the zoo hopes to keep their genetic line going. both wolves have under-representd genes in the remaining mexican gray wolf population.... which are threatened in the wild. fans of frozen will have another way to see their favorite characters in the future! ana, elsa and olaf are going to broadway! they will all be in a show starting in the spring of 20-18. happen next the music and beloved part of the people who did that play. wait that long - we frozen characters will star in a holiday special during the 20-17 holiday season. the broncos got a call from the oval
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invitation! we'll listen to it- in about 10 minutes. it's 3-times over budget... and runs
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budget... and runs into the billions of dollars. it is more than three times over budget and runs into billions of dollars. the new va hospital in aurora
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now we're examining the newest
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