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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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this is complely outrageous. i don't understand it. i don't get it. >> buyer beware, 9wants to know why a patient was billed $359 for a $2 bag of saline. >> a child killed and a deputy badly injured on the way to help, tonight the latest on the investigation. >> changes in the presidential race, two candidates suspend their campaigns as the focus starts to shift toward colorado. >> want to skate on the ice at coors field? we'll tell you about the one night only chance. >> colorado still glowing after this week's super bowl win and why peyton manning has egg all over his face. 9news starts now. an early morning call for help in arapahoe county ends with a child dead and a deputy critically injured. deputies discovered a 6-year- old boy dead inside an apartment near iliff and quebec. deputy bill foreman, jr., a 25
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office who was badly injured in a crash as he was responding to that call. 9news reporter steve staeger joins us from near the apartment where the call came in to bring us up to date. >> reporter: kyle, when deputies got here and into the apartment, they found the 6- year-old boy dead and a man with what appeared to be self- inflicted knife wounds and on the way to respond to this difficult scene, a deputy needed help of his own. neighbors' memories of the 6- year-old boy who lived here are fleeting yet happy. >> we'd watch them walk to school to the bus stop. the bus picks them up right around the building. >> reporter: but one last memory won't easily escape the mind of this woman who is also a mother herself. >> i was watching them take out his body a few minutes ago. it was really hard. i teared up. that little boy was so innocent and full of energy when we'd watch him play in the playground with other little kids from the neighborhood. >> reporter: the horrible incident started with a desperate plea. >> there was a lady came down
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started banging on all the help. >> reporter: someone let her in and called police. the woman told deputies she'd been sexually assaulted at knifepoint. deputies waited for backup, then entered her apartment where they found her suspected assailant alive but with self- inflicted stab wounds and the man's 6-year-old son dead. the sheriff's department said the man is a suspect in the sexual assault and will only say the investigation into the death of the boy is still ongoing. >> it was heart breaking. really sad. the 6-year-old lost his life today in a tragic way. >> reporter: only adding to this tragedy, an accident nearby. arapahoe deputy bill foreman, jr. was responding to scene. colorado state patrol said the driver of a truck ignored the right-of-way and turned into his squad car near iliff and south valentia. he is in critical condition at the hospital where the sheriff says doctors are working to
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now police say the man lived with the woman who was sexually assaulted. the couple had a 2-year-old child who was inside and was unharmed. police have not given us an update on that man's condition after those self-inflicted knife wounds. by the way, the driver who hit allegedly hit the deputy is facing two misdemeanors tonight, kyle. >> we're hoping for some good news for deputy foreman tomorrow. thank you. mesa county is making funeral arrangements to honor a deputy shot in the line of duty on monday. mesa county sheriff's office sent out a statement tonight saying they are still waiting for deputy derek geer's organs to be harvested for donation. that's expected to happen soon. services have been planned for monday at canyon view vineyard church in grand junction. the 17-year-old accused of shooting deputy geer was in court today. prosecutors have until early next week to decide whether he will be charged as an adult. developments like tonight in the occupation of an oregon
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few hours the fbi moved to contain the final few members of the group that sieged the national wildlife refuge in early january. it was in opposition of federal land use policies. a special agent in charge with the fbi said the situation had reached a point where it became necessary to take action to insure the safety of all involved. an acquaintance of one of the occupiers has been live streaming tonight's standoff on youtube. the occupiers say they are surrounded by armored vehicles. and another one gone and another one gone, two gop presidential candidates bit the dust today. former business executive carly fiorina and new jersey governor chris christie are dropping out after failing to make a dent in iowa or new hampshire and with no realistic chance to compete in south carolina next. the gop field is quite lean, six candidates remaining,
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and john kasich. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will both make blitzes to try and win the state in the coming weeks and both plan to be here saturday for the annual dinner. mid-60s around the front range this afternoon and this evening a beautiful sight on the western horizon. streets. tonight it filled the skies. it was one of those nights where a lot of people took colors. kathy will tell us if the weather sticks around into the weekend in a few minutes. since the super bowl peyton manning has been to disneyland, back in denver for the parade and tonight he was in new york on the tonight show playing a game with jimmy fallon and magic johnson. >> the game of egg russian roulette. >> i had dreams going off i maybe would have a chance to play magic one on one someday. i never thought it would be russian egg roulette. >> this dream has come true. good to see you, buddy.
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>> the entire segment with peyton on the tonight show is coming up in about 30 minutes. today's weather was even warmer than what we had for the super bowl celebration yesterday. it was a parade some fans waited 17 years for. some parents took their kids to the parade tuesday. denver public schools told us 24,000 kids missed at least part of the day yesterday, more than a 1/4 of all the students in the district. isis is back with a brand- new edition at coors field, outdoor hockey is coming to our baseball field. games will be held on the ice in 10 days. the first one is the battle on blake, university of denver versus colorado college february 20th and six days later the greatest players in the avs and red wings in the alumni game. then the avs and red wings in the first outdoor nhl game in colorado. if you don't have a ticket and they are expensive, we'll have the game here on 9news.
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night. february 29th there will be two one hour skating sessions open to the public. it is not free. tickets for the opportunity are $50 a person. if you want to grab a spot, we have the information and links for tickets on only in medicine does it make sense to bill someone 3 or $400 for something that can be had for close to $2. hospitals have tried to defend their billing practices for years, but in an age of high priced healthcare plans, patience is wearing thin. we are looking at something as simple as a bag of saline. >> reporter: behold, modern medicine at its most mundane, clear saline. you do not need to be a chemist to know that. >> there's no medicine in that. >> reporter: he, could however, use a degree in accounting right about now. >> this is completely
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i don't get it. >> reporter: late last year he spent three days at swedish medical center after doctors worried he had sepsis, ran all sorts of tests on him. >> obviously i needed to be there and needed their care. >> reporter: weeks later received this bill, 45 grand, 4,000 of which his insurance said he needed to pay. >> it's a ton of money. no, i did not envision that. >> reporter: he also did not envision this. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,. >> reporter: saline, 10 bags in all, total billed $3,589, so roughly $359 a bag. >> that is just morally wrong. there's not even any wiggle room in this. >> reporter: 9news medical expert dr. john torres can't say if it's morally wrong, but he can purchase one --
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>> reporter: for 2.73, $2.73. anyone who billed what swedish billed paulides billed at 13,000% above cost. think of it like paying this for a loaf of bread or this for a cup of coffee at starbucks. will you pay this for a gallon of gas? we went to swedish looking for answers. swedish in turn told us to go to the colorado hospital association who chose -- >> $359 inside, a bag of saline, $3 outside. >> reporter: -- chose to send us a statement to our question why. it is important to remember the entire system of care it takes to safely administer the saline to the patient. former hospital exec jeff helton said hospitals aren't
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they just need to make up for high overhead and losses elsewhere and so sometimes they jack up the prices on such things as saline. >> certainly what it costs to buy that bag of saline can be fairly cheap depending how you buy it honestly, but there's a lot more to it than that. >> reporter: to be fair, no one typically pays 3 of hundred $59 for a bag of saline. the hospital bills that. the insurance company negotiates for a lower rate. insurance picks up some and in the case of a high deductible healthcare plan the patient picks up the rest. >> the more information you can get, the better off you'll be. >> reporter: this doctor works trying to bring more transparency to the healthcare industry and says hospitals need to be more up front how they bill their patients. >> people are starting to look at the bills and starting to say if i can't understand it, why should i buy it? >> reporter: in the case of the $359 bag of saline paulides' share of the bill was roughly 10%.
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he was still asked to pay about $36, still high. >> they charge you a lot more inside than they will outside. >> reporter: for a $3 bag of saltwater. >> when you're a patient and you're laying in that bed, you're not thinking about prices. you're not concerned about prices. you think you have insurance that's going to protect you. >> reporter: and he says this isn't all about the saleable. it's about the -- say lien. it's about the -- saline. it's about the $7,900 cat scan or the 9500 bill just to use the e.r. >> we can't go down the street to another hospital and check their prices. >> reporter: that's what bothers him the most. even if he could have shopped around, looking for the best price on the most mundane of the medical marvels, no hospital would have told him, that is, until the bill arrived weeks later in the mail for one bag of saltwater. >> it has to change. >> reporter: so what's some
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you have a right to ask for an itemized bill. do it. if you're going to pay thousands, hospitals need to tell you exactly how they're billing you. also check your bills. early roars happen all -- errors happen all the time. final piece of advice. get a notebook and either you, a friend or loved one mark down every single thing you're given in that hospital room and compare it to the bill when you eventually get it. it will make things a lot easier to challenge once you get that bill. we want to hear more of your stories about what you've been charged for such things as a bag of saline, all sorts of items. go to our website at or show us your bills at >> this is such a different way of being a consumer. if you got in a taxi and said take me somewhere for dinner and the guy said i know the most expensive place in town, you'd never go there. >> because of that patients need to be better educated in term of how their health insurance works. -- terms of how their health insurance works. if you don't know if you have a
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now is the time. the home of the green monster gets ready to host skiers and borders, a fenway first. kathy will show us more -- >> kathy will show us more of tonight's spectacular sunset. >> and a driver trying to make a dangerous move to get around snowplows goes to prove what hometown team nascar driver martin truex, jr. think about
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the green monster at boston's fenway park as competition from a new feature, an olympic size ski ramp in the middle of the field. tomorrow olympic skiers and borders will compete in an event known as big air.
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and others slid around home plate in a whole new way. the jump was built in civic center park. the two day event cost more than $1 million to put on and lost money that was with the help of big name sponsors and about 14,000 spectators. what a beautiful sunset on what was a very spring-like february day. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine out in the 9news backyard and our photojournalist capturing the beautiful orange, purple, pink, such a spectacular sunset up and down the front range, so many of you sharing pictures with us tonight. here's another one coming in on the digital network, this one showing a fiery red glow over the lagerman reservoir area. 44 at this hour, winds east at 3, a little breeze kicking up in the 9news backyard, our temperature almost 50 degrees here at 10:00.
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the big story today along with the winds in the foothills. in southeastern denver today, 56 in denver. we can see the averages and also this is our fourth snowiest month, also running above average in the snowfall department and it looks as though in terms of temperatures the trend will be for above average numbers for the midwest across the western u.s. with cooler than average readings expected across the south and southwest. low pressure is our dominant weather feature. that keeps the storm track north of us and allows for that warm dry desert air to settle into the southwest and southern plain states. compare that to this big trough off to our east where they're dealing with cold, snow and now bitter cold arctic air seeping into the midwest where temperatures will be half of what we'll enjoy the next few days. winter weather, travel advisories and now wind chill advisories outside asheville and up towards pittsburgh.
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this front will dive south, low pressure headed northeast and that's where all the wintery weather will remain the next 72 hours. colorado, sunshine, mild weather and even with this next system moving onshore on california a lot of precip will stay north of us going up and over the top of this dominant ridge. so with high clouds in place tomorrow highs will come close to 60 degrees in the city compared to our neighbors to the east which will see highs in the 20s and lower 30s, half the number we'll see here. the high cloud deck tonight will help keep the overnight minimums up. we get a push of clouds out on the far north eastern plains tomorrow but great travel weather. our next chance for snow in the high country won't be until sunday and that's not enough to warrant any winter weather travel advisories. high cloud cover, less wind means maybe a slightly cooler today tomorrow. we'll still come close to 60. 30 in denver, 27 sterling and pueblo, teens in the high country, out west temperatures
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average in southeast colorado, denver close to 60. greeley and arvada and longmont will be just as warm. we'll see a lot of snow melt between now and the end of next week. tomorrow a few clouds, a little wind but not as gusty as today. cooler with a dry front coming in friday, warmer saturday. second front i thought may be flurries to us. flurries should stay east of the city for valentine's day. check out the warming trend middle of next week, highs in the mid-60s close to 70 degrees. great looking forecast if this is a long weekend to you and thank you to the hayes family for sending in this great panoramic shot, so many different pictures coming in, different color, different scenery and this wynne love of the birds, but kyle -- one i love of the birds, but kyle was really excited about the lenticular clouds in rocky
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>> it was absolutely stunning. this enormous gray layered cloud turns pink and blue and purple. >> those mountains make for some pretty majestic scenery around here. >> thanks, kathy. cdot released a video of a driver doing dumb with the hope that we will all learn the lesson this driver didn't. the drive used a shoulder to get right up next to the middle plow in a care vin, was moving around real aggressive -- caravan, was moving around real aggressively and slid in front of that plow nearly causing the plow to lose control. the only reason that pickup driver is not facing several violations is because their license plate was covered in snow. just goes to prove what one professional driver thinks about civilian drivers. >> i'm always tempted to bump someone, always tempted to do it. i've not done it yet. but i'm always tempted to. people just don't know how to drive. you would not believe the people. i guess you would believe because you're a pretty good
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you've done a little road course practice stuff, but i mean people just don't pay attention, right? i swear half the people on the road do not deserve a driver's license. >> martin truex, jr., driver for hometown sprint cup team furniture row racing echo what many of us think in town for media day for the team. they're coming off their best season and going into a new one with a new manufacturer and new sponsor. it's been a short offseason, but truex did find time to discover a new sport. >> reporter: is that you? >> that's me. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. i've seen them do flips and stuff. can you do flips and stuff? >> i can't do flips. i only did it twice, adele, come on. he had me up 18 or 20 feet one time and i was like don't screw up now. >> that's his new favorite vacation pastime. for his personal pastime and mode of transportation, it's a
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. chauncey billups grew up in the mile high city, but tonight he's motown royalty like stevie wonder. >> welcome back. the piston -- pistons won. >> chauncey led the pistons to the 2004 championship.
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neighborhood in park hill to my years at george washington high school, to my years at university of colorado all i ever wanted to be was a champion, that's it, all i ever wanted to be, not an mvp, not an all-star. i wanted to be a champion. before i go i know i've played on a lot of teams for a lot of organizations. i've been all over. i, chauncey billups, make no doubt about it, will always and forever be a detroit piston. i love you! [ cheering and applause ] >> all right. no. 1 is on his way to the raptors. >> next engineers -- rafters. >> next jersey retirement will be no. 0 of emmanuel mudiay.
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boise state got screw over tonight at csu, tied 84-84 with a second remaining in overtime. >> yes! >> broncos beat the buzzer, but the refs took the point off the board saying the clock started late and then the rams took advantage of the mistake and won in overtime. if you were the broncos general manager, how much time would you give peyton to make up his mind. he certainly earned the right to think this retirement thing through, but you got to figure the team needs to know pretty soon, right? >> no. there's no deadline, so we're done. again we're going to enjoy this, let peyton enjoy this. i'm sure we'll sit down with his family and eventually we'll talk with him, too and go through that. there's no time line for that right now. >> guess not.
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tonight's halftime jersey retirement ceremony lasted longer than the super bowl halftime show. drew or false, cold play, beyonce and bruno mars needed 27 minutes in santa clara sunday. chauncey needed more time than that tonight to thank all the michiganers and watch his banner float into the rafters. the correct answer is drew. a normal nba halftime lasts 15 minutes. chauncey's ceremony took 48, the exact length of an entire nba game. i'm sure the players who needed to get back on the court were not so thrilled by that. you may wonder why the nuggets haven't retired chauncey's jersey yet. first he wore two numbers, 7 and 1, and no. 2, he didn't play here that long, 259 of his 1,043 nba games as a nugget. he problem won't get his number retired.
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well, what month is it again? february, that's right. that's nothing. look ahead. we've got 60s and 70s coming up next week. look, there's no 7 there. >> fabulous. it's august. >> that is not august. >> big show tonight, jimmy has
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