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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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murder and sexual assault. he's accused of assaulting the mother of one of his other children in the same apartment. johnson is still being treated for what are believed to be self-inflicted knife wounds. the mother of the boy killed arrived in denver today from out of state. >> i don't know why. i keep asking people to give me answers and no one will tell me. i know this man says i was 15 and he's like a stranger to me because i would never think that he would do that to my child. -- since i was 15 and he's like a stranger to me because i would never think that he would do that to my child. >> a deputy was badly hurt when his patrol car collided with a vehicle. the deputy is still listed in critical condition. two 15-year-old girls have been shot and killed on the campus of an arizona high school. the shooting happened at
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just before 8 a.m. this morning. both girls were shot once and one gun was found near their bodies. the school immediately was placed on lockdown. >> i thought it was just a prank at first, but then when i walked to my class, all the teachers were freaking out and stuff. so i thought this was real now. >> police say they are not looking for any suspects. once the school was cleared students were dismissed and bussed to a nearby wal-mart to meet their parents. the school is closed for monday on presidents day. classes are expected to resume on tuesday. an event at hinkley high school had added significance today because of that school shooting in arizona. it was part of a global campaign called the gandhi king season of nonviolence. as 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us, the grandson of a legendary civil rights leader met with students to inspire peace. >> reporter: living in the footsteps of his grandfather, anthony chavez wants to make a difference. >> we deserve respect, but we
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>> reporter: he's part of a season of nonviolence events helping hinkley high school conflicts peacefully. >> so what i wanted to tell the youth is their voices do marty, they can start making change now before -- matter, they can start making change now before they leave this campus. >> how many of you have been angry? >> reporter: heidi williams says the culture at hinkley helps her be better. >> it's helping me to learn to calm down and be able to see other people's side of the story. >> this is the world we want to create together and it takes all of us to decide to make that happen. >> that's why i reminded the students like my grandfather said. we don't need perfect political students. what we need is perfect participation. >> reporter: his grandfather caesar chavez launched the farm -- cesar chavez larched the farmworker movement in the 1960s. >> sometimes all people want to do is vent. i have to give people a little room. >> reporter: and on the day of
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the answer lies in this room. >> i think a lot of people that have the mindset of wanting to hurt other people through like school shootings or whatever have the mindset because they didn't have anybody to talk to. >> reporter: maybe the answer lies within the footsteps of a man named chavez. >> i'm just eternally grateful to those who came before me and afforded me such a privilege and blessed life and it's my turn to pay it all back. >> what can happen when we have peace? >> reporter: peace inspired by history. in aurora nelson garcia, 9news. >> the event at hinkley high was put on by the new dawn center for spiritual living and the aurora police department. federal investigators believe the former surgical technician accused of switching syringes at swedish medical center and causing a health scare is no longer in colorado. skipped town. he was later tested and found
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for marijuana after it was discovered he switched syringes. 2,900 patients were notified they needed to be tested for hiv and hepatitis a and c. a man accused of pushing a snowboarder off an aspen chairlift, 31-year-old thomas proesel spent the last three weeks at a psychiatric hospital in grand junction. he's now free on $10,000 bond and has been allowed to go to a psychiatric treatment facility in tennessee with his father and uncle. police say proesel pushed seth beckton on jab 17th causing -- january 17th causing him to fall about 25 feet into the snow. people are asked who live in the green mountain area of lakewood permission to have their property searched. it's believed there could be military munitions left over in green mountain estates and mesa view estates. in previous searches stray ammunition and potentially dangerous explosive debris were
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if people see suspicious metal objects on property there, they shouldn't go near the object. instead call 911. wind gusts this weekend could be strong enough to cause some damage, especially for neighborhoods in the front range foothills. meteorologist danielle grant joins us. dan yell, it's supposed to be really warm tomorrow which might make up a little bit for it? >> absolutely. temperatures are supposed to be soaring to the low 60s tomorrow, the winds looking pretty ferocious late saturday night into sunday. right now they're gusting 10 to 30 miles an hour around the foothills. we'll see the winds begin to ramp up tomorrow evening. i think it's the front range it. 11:00, they'll get going and continue through sunday morning when we could see wind speeds around the front range the northwest. now we have blue skies, a few clouds pushing into the denver metro area.
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we're now in the mid-40s, 30s across the eastern plains where the front is digging in. a backdoor cold front that ushers in cooler air and it will meet us later on tonight. high pressure still anchored to the west keeping us dry at least the next couple days anyway before our next storm system pushes in and that one could potentially bring a little bit of snowfall to the high country. so tonight quiet and cloudy conditions, again looks like a very windy weekend ahead and wait till you see this wild warm-up that i'm tracking for next week, adele. temperatures pushing 70 degrees, going to feel more like may around here. >> all right. we'll see you in just a bit, then, looking forward to it. there will be no usa pro challenges here according to the ceo of the organization. the leadership team released a statement today saying the event is in a transition period. that's after backers for the bike race walked away. the race has struggled to be financially viable for some time. our partners at the fort
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race lost $10 million in 2011 in its first year and lost millions last year. the organizers hope to bring it back in 2017. they say it's not possible to put on a race this year. ahead of the international olympic -- the head of the international olympic come team says no country right now is planning to pull out of the olympics in rio dejaneiro over concerns of the zika virus. thomas bock said officials are taking the situation very seriously. brazil is the epicenter of the zika outbreak which spread across latin america. the head of the centers for disease control and prevention today warns puerto rico might be the next hotspot for the virus. the u.s. and cuba will sign an agreement next week to resume commercial air traffic for the first time in five decades. dozens of new daily flights could be operating by fall. transportation secretary anthony foxx is scheduled to fly to havana tuesday to cement the deal and let u.s. airlines bid on routes for dozens of u.s. to cuba flights daily,
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now, all of which are charters. colorado's newest pot shop has some wondering whether victimmers and pot are too closely align -- strippers and pot are too closely aligned. the smoking gun apothecary opened near the will known strip club shotgun willy's. the strip club has not moved away. it moved across the parking lot. both businesses have the same owner and the husband of the owner is the mayor of glendale. he approved the smoking gun site plan which prompted an ethics complaint by the nonprofit in colorado ethics watch. a trio of comedians from denver. >> also ahead a massive warehouse fire that burned for almost 20 hours can be seen by weather radar. >> and where customers seem
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firefighters contained a big warehouse fire in central new jersey that burned about 20 hours. the fire alarm put up enough smoke to be detected on weather radar and forced some school closures. strong winds fueled the fire. cold temperatures led the problem with freezing water on the screen. fire officials say the building stored plastic pellets leading to air quality concerns of one firefighter suffered a minor leg injury. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the list of television shows set in denver is not long, but it did just get one longer.
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appear in a new cable sitcom that appeared last night. >> denver is interesting and funky and weird. >> reporter: coming home brings up all sorts of feelings. but a lot of times it just feels right. >> couldn't be happier, the glove like this fits perfectly. >> reporter: den's standup comedy -- denver's standup comedy trio the grolics haven't spent much time here recently. >> tonight a comedy show works for me and the boys, but it's also the premier of our new show for those who can't. >> reporter: the three met 12 years ago. >> doing, you know, dive bar, open mics. >> reporter: many hours of practice later. >> we could all try doing more. >> our show is about a struggling fictional denver public high school called smoot high and the sort of oddball faculty. >> i want you to apologize to this nerd.
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adam's facing are popping up all over the country. >> i saw one in the subway to new york. we went specifically to look for it, which is very cool, and then we drew on it. who doesn't want to be defaced on a new york subway? >> reporter: though the show is set about 1,800 miles from there. >> we're happy to plant our flag we're the denver show and teachers are happy to see it the weekend, broncos rule, pot jokes. we don't hesitate to force a lot of denver stuff in there. >> reporter: they also don't hesitate to write scenes where andrew gets injured. >> i must have got hit with that dodgeball 35 times. >> reporter: but home is a place where you can be both laughed with and even laughed at and still feel pretty good. >> thank you, denver, for watching. >> reporter: anne herbst, 9news. >> those who can't got picked up a second season airing thursday nights at 8:30 on true tv. the stars of the show will be performing all weekend at the
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$15 for a cup of coffee and customers apparently don't mind paying it in the san francisco bay area. they compare it to a fine wine. although it smells, grinds and drips like a typical cup of joe, we're told it's very rare called cinca sofia. the beans come from the mountains of panama that took eight years to produce and it's a small batch. people at the store say you can tell the difference. >> like a $40 bottle of wine compared to your $8 bottle of wine. >> amazing, very demanding, very busy. >> i think it's amazing. i really like it. it's kind of more like a tea mix than like a true coffee. >> the taste is also described as being very crisp and clean with dominating orange and other citrus notes as well as a thick jasmine and after taste.
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samples. >> no. looks like tomorrow will be warmer than sunday with gusty winds coming back both days. and how much warmer will it get
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i actually saw a rag top today. somebody had their top down. >> no. >> yeah.
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>> if you've got a convertible and it's x amount degrees. you can turn your heater on, danielle, full blast and pull the top down. >> and still enjoy it. >> anything but february right now. >> i know. it feels more like springtime and believe it or not, today was actually our cooler day with highs only in the low 50s. told will be much warmer. unfortunately, though, the worst of the wind is still to come. a gorgeous evening friday night, the weekend almost here and it just looks lovely out there. this is the view across downtown denver. we have really no clouds out there, so to speak, a little bit of a haze sitting across the city and that unfortunately is prompting air quality advisories at least through 4:00 tomorrow, visibility on the poor side as you go through the overnight period into tomorrow afternoon. highs at 52 degrees out at the airport, 52 in fort collins, too 40s in the northeastern corner of the state, nebraska in the 30s as that cold front inched closer and closer into our state. we had mid- to upper 40s around
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and grand junction. now at the airport still sunshine, mid-40s, winds east, northeast just 6 mile-per-hour and here in the 9news backyard our temperature readings coming into us around 48 degrees. the winds like i said unfortunately will get worse before they get better. the weekend certainly looks gusty especially saturday night into sunday. right now keep you up to date on those current speeds about 33 miles per hour around berthoud pass, dumont 22 and allenspark and nederland, you guys have seen worse. tomorrow morning 8 a.m. things picking up in that 40 mile-per-hour range, estes park, allenspark, around the metro area not too shabby. it's late tonight about 10:00, 11:00 when the winds start to pick up even around downtown denver in the 30 mile-per-hour range. we could see speeds in the 40 mile-per-hour range in arvada, golden, boulder in the 50s, too and along those higher peaks above timberline i think overnight into sunday we could have some wind speeds topping 70, 75 miles per hour easily.
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talking to you about. we had this huge ridge of high pressure out there across parts of the midwest. that actually is invading cold arctic air into their territory and just kind of inching closer into colorado. we really won't see the thick of it, so to speak, because we have another storm system waiting in the wings. the winds will kick up for us tomorrow, but you can see moisture around the pacific northwest. that is slowly pushing into colorado for sunday afternoon bringing the high country a little bit of snow which will be nice to see since it's kind of been a while, right? the rest of this evening we'll be tracking mostly cloudy skies change the north eastern plains screeching down to southeastern colorado -- stretching down to southeastern colorado. tomorrow morning if you're traveling toward north platte or even into kansas, it might be thick in some spots and around the i-25 corridor, too. give it some time. the fog burns off and the afternoon should be pretty nice. 10 p.m. mostly clear skies and then by sunday those winds will kick up
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start to see a little bit of moisture pouring into the northern and central mountains. as far as amounts go, i think a couple spots might see up to about 6 inches, grand lake, steamboat, but overall 2 to 4 inches of tonight in town we'll cool off to the 20s, 20s to the eastern plains as well, teens in the mountains, about 29 in the metro area with those clouds pushing in and possibly looking at a little bit of fog around the eastern plains. tomorrow it's 60 degrees. it will feel a little bit warmer than today. we'll have the sunshine in the afternoon with those winds picking up in the afternoon getting extremely gusty overnight into sunday. mid-60s out there in arvada, lakewood, littleton close to 70 degrees. we stay in the 40s and 50s around the foothills and look at this planning forecast, a little dip on valentine's day. we'll have to deal with those gusty winds and presidents day looks fantastic, some fresh powder in the mountains and you guys will be flirting with nearly 70 degrees for the middle of next week. >> wow. >> that is pretty nice. we'll have to keep the roses bundled up so the petals don't
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>> hold them close to your heart. >> thanks, danielle. high school swimming championships just got started, good weather for that, and you get to go along. >> same question, different bronco, our broncos insider poses it to john elway. drew is next with sports. it was a good day for stocks, its first in about a week, two areas pummeled in recent months led the charge,
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the dow climbed more than 313 points.
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. now john elway has a chance to win back to back super bowl championships as both a player and general manager if he wants to. 9news reporter mike klis figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
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>> once as a quarterback, once as a gm, just talk about the different emotions. nothing beats playing. you've said that many times. >> you know, this is satisfying but in a different way in the fact that you just try to help put the puzzle together, put people in the right position to be successful and try to get as many good football players as we can with the right coaches. so with that respect it's very satisfying and even though you're not involved physically like you are as a player, the mental side of it is a lot greater because of the people work together. i'm thrilled for it. i'm thrilled for mr. bowlen. this is what he wants and what he dreams about. i'm thrilled we were able to get one for him. >> reporter: i remember when you came, people were wondering if you'd roll up your sleeves and watch film of a backup guard. the other thought was if you won this thing, you would ride off into the sun. everybody is asking about peyton and you would ride off.
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now that you've reached the top? >> well, my mindset is get us better for next year. >> guess that answers that. the state swim meet is just underway. 9 news prep reporter poolside in thornton. >> reporter: the prelims kicked off about an hour ago continuing through the evening before taking backups tomorrow morning. finals start at 2 p.m. tomorrow afternoon and the 5a numbers are up north where the meet is going on right now aquatic center. in 5a expect the competitive players to jump into the pool, last year's state champions looking for the repeat. they'll face tough competition from fairview and rocky mountain. the knights have finished first in several big meets this year and sat on top of the rankings. 4a we'll keep a close eye on windsor's morgan freeson going yard breaststroke event.
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pressure, but it just almost is a motivation, also, because i was able to achieve that as a fresh map and sophomore. so it's -- freshman and sophomore, so it's like i am older now and had more time to train. >> reporter: we'll have much more on morgan's unlikely path to swimming coming up tonight at 6 p.m. strange but drew, denver's school of science and technology student matthew young was chosen out of a crowd last night, had to make a layup, free throw, three- pointer and then half court shot all in under a minute for 100 bucks. >> four, three, two, one. >> that's what i'm talking about! stormed the court. matthew young, you're on 9news! i will not be satisfied until one of these high school kids has a great moment, stops and screams himself or herself i'm on 9news! that's when we'll know they made it. >> they don't want to be
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how warm is it going to be? >> 60s tomorrow, fantastic. the winds will kick in late saturday night into sunday. it will be brutal for valentine's day. we could have wind gusts 70, 75 up to the foothills. around here i'm thinking 10 to 20. presidents day looking good and most of next week awesome. >> hold onto that special someone they don't fly away. >> oh, come on, go for 70. 69 two days really? nbc nightly news is next. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. machete horror, a vicious restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is


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