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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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sanders and hillary clinton. pro challenge organizers put the brakes on the annual cycling event. first, fog. blanketed the front range. next, gusty winds will kick
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supreme court justice scalia has died. he was found dead at a resort in west texas when he did not appear for breakfast. he was seen an influential conservative. he was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986 and in 2010 he became the longest serving member of the current court. president obama could nominate a candidate to fill the seat, however winning confirmation in the republican-controlled senate during an election year would be difficult at best. nbc news is reporting the first family offered their condolences to his family. he was 79 years old. chief justice john roberts released this statement about his passing. he was an extraordinary jurist, admired by his colleagues. his passing is a great loss to the country and the court. we extend our deepest condolences to his wife ask family.
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the supreme court can take next at 9 news at 9:00 and 10:00. the campaign trail led both democratic candidates to denver. tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton are at the colorado democrats jefferson denver at the sheraton hotel downtown. for more, we turn to political reporter brandon rittiman. >> reporter: we're going to hear here in colorado for the first time from both democratic candidates, what they have to say about this news coming out of the supreme court with scalia's death. bernie sanders said while i delivered with his views and jurist prudence, he was a brilliant, colorful and outspoken member of the supreme court. we're still waiting to hear what hillary clinton has to say about it. obviously some big national headlines dominating as we get visits from both hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both of whom were out in nevada. nevada has caucuses on the 20th of this month. colorado caucuses not far away
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democrats will be picking a statewide winner. republicans will not be tallying up votes for a statewide winner on march 1st, helps the visit from the democratic side of the ticket and not so much from the gop. they're going to be focused on the convention come april. both campaigns have their own events going on in colorado today. earlier today at emmanuel high school hillary clinton campaign had gabrielle giffords hosting a town hall on guns. she was trying to make the case that hillary clinton is the better candidate on that issue. >> hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our families safer. in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby. that's why i'm voting for hillary. >> reporter: the political
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it's going to be packed with hillary clinton supporters mostly because her base comes from sort of the party loyal, the people who you would expect to show up to a dinner like this every year. bernie sanders, though, has his own event right before the dinner a block away from here at the colorado convention center. crowds. same thing going on on a noncampus location downtown? >> reporter: right, we're here at the colorado convention center. he has drawn at least 5,000 supporters and it may be more. the first speaker is up there. they are awaiting bernie sanders to speak any minute from now. he's in colorado to try to gain more support ahead of super tuesday of the colorado caucuses. he's expected to touch on some of the same issues he's pushed here before, income equality, immigration reform, money and
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he's obviously a stronghold with young lib bearable -- liberal voters. we'll see what happens if he says anything else about scalia. bernie is expect to be on the stage any minute from now and when that happens, we will take him live and give you inside of what he has to say here. mark, we'll toss it back to you. >> jonathan, we look forward to that. right now bernie sanders and each other. come november one will have to face a republican candidate. earlier this afternoon we spoke with the assistant minority leader of the colorado statehouse. she believes the squabbling between the two democrats now will hurt them in the general election. >> they are definitely fighting for the far, far left primary voters, and they're trying to promise everything to everyone and say it's not going to cost
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everything has a cost associated with it. >> she says she also believes if either democrat is elected in november, americans will see their taxes go up. tonight, the six remaining republican candidates debating in greenville, south carolina, donald trump will once again take center stage. polls put him ahead. cbs will moderate tonight's debate which starts at 7:00 p.m. if you were up early this morning, you noticed a fog roll across the front range creating cutting down visibility skies cleared up around 9:00 this morning and winds are expected to pick up tonight. we do want to check in with meteorologist danielle grant at the weather center. i saw a tweet that said holy fog, batman. >> we had to deal with that pesky fog all morning long. as we head toward this evening night around town. the winds are going to pick up
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foothills and down here to the metro area where we could see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour and up along the higher terrain, timberline, wind gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. just shy of seeing a high wind now. boulder, blackhawk, you folks winds. 30s in the aurora and seen i till la -- centennial. a mountain cloud pushing into the city with the stronger winds pouring into the plains. temperatures today hit the 60s. it was another gorgeous one despite the winds. 70 degrees right now in pueblo but you can see cooler air. a few clouds earlier this morning, earlier this afternoon
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begins to push back into the front range. a cooler day tomorrow, valentine's day. it looks like spring fever. everyone will have it next week as i'm tracking high temperatures close to 70 degrees. >> a lot of people will like that. a lot of people going out tonight for valentine's day. hold your hair down, ladies. >> seriously, it's going to be a wild one. >> we appreciate it, thanks. in other news, idaho state police arrested broncos safety shiloh keo for driving under the influence overnight. he was booked into the county jail after 2:00 a.m. this morning. he has since bonded out of jail. the 28-year-old is from idaho. he recently posted on twitter that he had returned home after the team's big super bowl victory. this august will be the first time the pro challenge will not race through breckenridge which has been a part of that race since it started five years ago. organizers aren't running the race at all this summer, in fact saying they need to regroup and figure out their finances. matt renoux joins us live from breckenridge and for that mountain community, the pro
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their biggest events of the year. >> reporter: they have, mark. breckenridge has become a big part of the pro challenge, becoming a lot more bike friendly in the year since they hosted it and positioning themselves as one of the highlights of thetour. so not having that race come this summer is something a lot of business owners and residents are talking about today. at empire burger in breckenridge, kenneth nelson and his staff are busy with their winter rush. >> president's day weekend. >> reporter: even the warm weather and melting snow will soon bring their summer rush. >> the roads are drying up. >> reporter: a summer that for the first time in years. >> enjoyed the last five years for sure. >> reporter: won't include pro challenge crowds filling their cups in late august. >> unfortunately, it's going to change our late summer rhythm here. >> reporter: the race typically brings the state $130 million and since it started,
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a role, so much so their welcome center has a bike and pro challenge banner over all who enter and they built a bike tower to honor the race. but this year pro challenge bicycles will dismount. the race and celebrations cancelled. >> everybody seems to have a really good time. >> reporter: along with thatsqueeze-on traffic, residents have had to deal with. >> i had to leave my house at 7:30 because they close the road at 8:00. i didn't have to go to work until 5:00. increases, businesses and general manager like joe diaz. >> i think it's a great thing for the town but for businesses here, the restaurant, it's usually business as usual. >> reporter: say that sales don't catch up to all the people in town. >> it didn't really bring in the business we thought it would. >> i think we'll notice a little bit after quiet week. >> reporter: but kenneth says with the race stopped, this town will know exactly what the impact is this august. >> i'm thinking it's going to be slightly slower that week. >> reporter: coming from a guy who just so happens to be today.
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>> reporter: he says one thing's for certain, it's a race he'll miss this summer. >> i'll miss it. it's going to be like a friend not coming back to town. >> reporter: breckenridge has been very aggressive with courting that old friend back every year. last year spending $350,000 to host the stage finish as well as the stage time trial. in return they saw their reservations increase by about 10%. not much, but the long-term goal all along has been for the world to watch the race and see colorado at a beautiful time of year, then book vacations and come to our state, something that won't be seen this summer. >> i know breckenridge loves the race and the crowds are huge there. what, ten, 15 deep on the sidewalks there? >> reporter: yeah, this is always the big highlight. last year you saw there were pretty strong crowds. we saw a pretty good crowd today but the minute they come into breckenridge, that's really when people turn out. they love this stage, they love this race, something they're not going to get to participate in this year.
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matt renoux reporting live from breckenridge. thank you. denver police want to warn about two men impersonating police officers. a maroon crown vic had a suspect with a full police uniform and the other had a badge and a gun. the suspect said he was handcuffed and had money stolen from his wallet. the suspects told the victim they were letting him go with a warning. one of the suspects was black, heavyset and bald. the other was white, stocky with short blond hair. two men on the run after escaping from parole supervision out of colorado springs are back in custody. a third fugitive, however, is still on the loose. the colorado department of corrections says this morning officers arrested william wasikowski in colorado springs and wesley jones in englewood. meantime they're looking for 36- year-old dennis simonton. sources tell 9 news he cut off week. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call 911.
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injuries after crashing into a denver fire truck this morning. firefighters were heading down hampton on a medical call. investigators say the fire truck t-boned the woman's car when she pulled out in front of them near dayton street. it sent the car flying down the and and trapped the woman inside. >> it was something like out of a video game like my son say. she's coming at a high speed and she never braked. it was scary, you know. >> eastbound hampton avenue was closed during the investigation. no firefighters were hurt and denver police will investigate the crash. a local hospital now has additional resources to help a very specific group of patients, the kids. sky ridge medical center is opening a dedicated pediatric emergency room. the 11-bed facility that sits on the north side of campus will have doctors and nurses who only work with children. the community was invited to get a sneak peek of the new building this afternoon. the ceo of sky ridge medical
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hospital had been wanting to add for years. >> basically what we did was we took a look at what is the population growth here in douglas county, and it demonstrated there was going to be a huge spike in the pediatric population. and families really want to be cared for in their own community. >> the new e.r. will have specialists in areas like neurosurgery, orthopedics and there will be an inpatient unit there. while valentine's day is all shades of red, generally candy makers are seeing all shades of green. >> how much the average american is expected to spend on that special someone for the holiday. not only is a dog in texas
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the colorado garden and home show is in full bloom. 650 companies are showing off the latest trends in landscaping, gardening and home improvement. it runs nine days. we toured the show this morning. we have a link to ticket information along with the story on valentine's day just hours away now.
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no worries. you've still got a few hours. 9 news reporter ryan has a closer look at what people will be spending their money on this holiday. >> this is where the magic is stored and where it starts. >> reporter: valentine's day means. >> it is big business in the flower industry, in my opinion, this is the second biggest holiday of the year, mother's day being first. >> reporter: earlier in the week this freezer was packed to the ceiling with roses. >> in roses alone just for this week 200,000 stems. >> reporter: they come into this warehouse all over the world, mostly south america to be part of the $1.9 billion worth of flowers purchased for valentine's day. but it's not just flowers people are buying. >> for my wife, together you and me, there's no better place to be. >> ahh. >> reporter: the national retail federation say many americans will stop into a convenience store of some sort to do their shopping. >> we sell half of our annual cards this time of year.
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busiest only to christmas. >> nearly half of those said they would be spending money on a card this valentine's day, $1.1 billion in thoughtful greetings. half also said they would be spending money on candy. >> coconut. >> reporter: you never know what you're going to get, so i'm sticking with the classic. my contribution to the total $19.7 billion expected to be spent on love this valentine's day. >> your key focus is that your customers are happy. nobody ever frowns when they get a bouquet of flowers, ever. >> reporter: 9 news. >> i like the coconut chocolate. four out of ten people surveyed said they plan on taking their hot date on a date this valentine's day and together they will spend an estimated $4.5 billion, another $4.4 will be spent on something a little sparkly,blingy. herself.
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out tonight. >> they're going on dates. >> that's it. and another sunny warm february day is in the books, but another one is coming tomorrow, along with a little bit of wind. >> danielle is next to tell us what the rest of the holiday
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a warm but certainly windy one out there this afternoon and the winds only expected to increase as we go throughout this afternoon period into tomorrow afternoon. the winds are actually going to stick with us through monday, too. the views still spectacular. overlooking downtown denver as the sun begins to fade. we have a couple of thin wispy clouds out there and great color, too. this is the view in boulder. if you're going on date night it looks spectacular. the fog pushing out. it was a warm one, 63 degrees. it felt great out there despite the wind. we hit the 70s in springfield, trinidad, pueblo. cold pocket of air with high temperatures only in the 30s and 40s. same numbers we picked up in the high country. cooling things off but still not bad. 59 degrees out at the airport. mostly cloudy skies with the winds sustained out of the west/northwest at 16 and the
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you can see humidity only at around 20%. it's still pretty dry. here in the 9 backyard we're looking at temperatures at 59 degrees as well. the winds are going to be the big story as we go throughout this afternoon and into tomorrow, too. take a look at some of these gust reports coming out of 66 miles per hour speeds across broom field, 48. blackboulder and all of these strong winds coming out of the northwest pushing down across the i-25 corridor. it's going to be a bludst blustery afternoon and into the evening. 41 miles per hour speeds in cheyenne. we are looking at a high wind warning for southern wyoming until 9:00 tomorrow morning. a little trouble traveling alongthe i-25 corridor with
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the winds only continue to roar for the foothills, 40 to 50 miles per hour around 10:00 tomorrow morning. unfortunately the winds are really going to be picking up. boulder and toward golden by tomorrow evening, we could be looking at an occasional gust of 20-30 miles per hour in the denver metro area as well. tonight we'll clear things out. a few clouds here and there. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. another system is waiting in the wings. this one promises to bring a little snowfall to the northern and central mountains, especially across the northwestern facing slopes. you guys have the best shot at seeing pretty good accumulating snowfall. great for skiers and snowboarders going out on president's day trying to enjoy some of the fresh powder. as we head toward tomorrow, some of the moisture is going to try to push into the metro area. i don't think it's going to be able to. it's going to be gobbling up all that moisture as it pushes down here to the i-25 corridor. we could have a couple of little light showers out there in northeastern colorado. winter weather advisories in
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continuing until midnight on monday. 48 inches around steamboat and 4 to 6 closer to the vail, aspen, snow mass area. some spots might see a hair more than that. pretty impressive. temps tonight, 20s and the 30s. it really should be a mild one as we're going to keep the winds in the forecast. extremely windy near the foothills and still have gusty speeds around the metro area as well. so temps tomorrow, a little bit cooler than today, 10 degrees cooler. we'll still stay in the 50s. we'll still be above average this time of the year. 30s and 40s around the foothills with 50s primarily up and down the i-25 corridor. the winds will continue on monday. then we're talking about nothing but sunshine and temperatures nearly 20 to 25 degrees above where we should be. bingo, look at thursday. close to 70. >> we boat lean into the screen, we're like, whew, good temperatures, we'll take that. >> little valentines hearts left.
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if you like the heat, we'll like it. >> outstanding. bluebird day. >> windy out here. >> come in, save the mane. thanks, danielle. we all woke up to that thick fog this morning. >> we certainly did but it might not have been like wakeup to sunshine but it made for pretty fantastic photos. a big thank you as always to everyone who contributed and shared their pictures as part of our today's 9 adventure. >> we got some great ones.
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>> this is a live look at senator bernie sanders speaking to supporters at the colorado convention center. we'll listen in for just a moment. >> the powers that run this country, wall street, corporate america. [ booing ] >> those powers are so
5:31 pm
alone can bring about the kinds of transformations that working families and the middle class need. [ cheers and applause ] >> the only way, the only way. >> senator sanders hitting some of his favorite themes, themes that have drawn large crowds in this campaign. he by the way and former secretary of state clinton are guests of the colorado democrats jefferson dinner. our coverage will continue across the evening. and now on to taxes. it is tax season. and most of us are expected to file online. four out of five returns will be filed electronically. h&r block deluxe and turbo tax deluxe are free to try. tax act, e-smart and tax slayer are other popular options.
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through software on the irs website. if your income is limited it can verify the tax software you are using is safe. see which products they have on the list there and use one of those, because those are vetted by the irs. >> experts say don't wait to file. you will get your refund faster and file before identity thieves have a chance to do it for you. april 18 is the deadline this year. a dog in texas is more than just a pet for one family. boo is a diabetic alert dog. she monitors the blood sugar levels of 9-year old harrison. >> harrison has type 1 diabetes. his body does not produce enough insulin and has trouble regulating his blood sugar. boo detects any changes in harrison's blood sugar through his smell. when she senses something not right she alerts the family. she caps her right hand when levels are high and left hand when levels are low. >> she is my son's life saver. she's like everything to me,
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going to be okay, because she's going to let me know. >> harrison's family says it gives them a level of comfort. they are not chief cheap. they can cost over $7,000. boo was donated to the harrison family. brazil rounds its troops to combat the mosquito responsible for spreading the zika virus.
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in new hampshire the attorney general is investigating letters that went out to some voters, apparently designed to shame them into heading to the polls for last week's primary. the letter says it's from the new hampshire state voter program. one recipient said even though it didn't appear authentic, the letter still included information about her voting history. >> i was very upset that we did receive it, because it had our
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names on there, and saying that we didn't vote. received that letter. the local town clerk says the voters information included is public record. pope francis is officially welcomed to mexico today. thousands of people lined the streets and cheered as the pontiff made his way to the presidential palace. francis met with mexico's president, where he delivered a mexican political leaders have a duty to provide security and justice to their people. troops spread out across brazil today to show people howto eliminate the mosquito responsible for the zika virus. about 220,000 members of the armed forces and community in the effort. they are expected to visit 3 million homes handing out informational pamphlets and explaining mosquito control, part of a brazilian president's declared war on the virus defects.
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war of worlds in front of an international audience today. first russia's prime minister said the west is restarting the cold war with sanctions and new nato moves. secretary of state john kerry criticized russia for its actions in ukraine and syria. >> today, the vast majority in our opinion of russia's attacks have been against legitimate opposition groups. >> kerry also said russia would have to change tactics for a temporary truce in syria to actually take effect in a week. first responders in pennsylvania say there are multiple fatalities in a pileup involving more than 50 vehicles on an interstate about 75 miles northwest of philadelphia. it's not expected to open until 10:00 tonight. police shut down the road this morning shortly after the accident in more than 40 people were taken to hospitals. another 70 went to a shelter set up at a fire station. investigators do expect that weather was a factor.
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champions. >> in sports, a to z, a look ahead to next season and look at the broncos will have the right roster for a repeat victory at the super bowl. let's check this out, right sam, can we all agree now, after watching the super bowl, ever? >> i can't say it's the greatest defense ever. >> how high can you rank them? >> are you talking about super bowl performances? year. based on this year's play, where would you rank them? >> i would put them at the top 20 in terms of just overall, in terms of super bowl performances, top five. >> i'm putting them in the top i'm with brandon marshal. i'm not going to say they're the best defense ever, because will give them this. in an era where every rule change, every single one of
5:39 pm
offense, they played a dominant role in dragging their team to a world championship, something that the '85 bears didn't have to worry about. the rules were different. >> i've got to tip my cap and say they are right there in the conversation. >> in the conversation. >> i'll put them in the conversation. >> in the conversation. >> like i said, in terms of super bowl performances, they're right there, top five. >> can john elway keep this defense together? >> i think he has a plan. people forget john is an economics major. he was an economics major at stanford, is he has a plan and firm understanding of the salary cap. there's a signing bonus money and then there's -- >> any of the cap guys who say can we do this? >> danny trevanthan, a heck after player. will he take a $10 million signing bonus as his first year compensation as a race? >> no. none of them are because you and i both know this and a lot of people in the outside don't. everybody wants to get paid.
5:40 pm
yeah, they want to win, but get paid. ma leak jackson -- malik jackson said i'll play anywhere. >> is malik jackson a $10 >> yes, see. >> i give you a $10 million signing bonus to sign this year and help us out on the cap so infact. >> if i'm jackson's agent i'm saying let's go out in the open market because the sky is the limit. >> if i'm john elway, when do we get a fifth round. >> fine, let him go. >> you're going to let him go, let danny go, marcus ware. >> they're leaving. >> because they want to get paid. brock osweiler. >> brock osweiler, same deal. >> same deal. >> if i live him $10 million a year, i mean, that's not enough. >> that's not enough. >> for a guy that started 7 games. >> i'm with you, but you know
5:41 pm
this might be your only chance to hit the jackpot. >> these guys don't want to win another championship. >> they want to win, but they want to get paid. they've got the ingredients, within the ingredients. >> and that makes them no different than anybody else. i'm a.
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a lot of people pick valentine's day to pop the big question. when it comes to the rings more people are choosing diamonds man-made instead of mined. >> this is an orphanage we sponsor in liberia. >> reporter: they line her office wall. photos of children and she hopes to help. these pictures were taken during one of anderson's many trips to africa and the diamond mining communities there. >> this little one said the whole time, please take me with you. which was heartbreaking. >> reporter: it is these faces anderson says that inspired her to start her own diamond business ten years ago.
5:44 pm
why we should mine the diamonds anymore because we can create them. >> reporter: they offer diamond buyers an eco-friendlily and conflict free choice. lab. >> what we're doing is sped speeding up the natural process that happens in the earth in a modern environment. they're 100% real diamonds. >> reporter: anderson says her diamonds are 40% less expensive than the earth-mined time. liberia. >> reporter: a portion of the sales goes to the charitable foundation, the greener diamond. the goal of the nonprofit is to stop the unethical harvesting of mining diamonds by building farms in diamond mining communities. >> we're teaching child soldiers how to grow food instead of mine the diamonds. >> it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: the idea of a more affordable man-made diamond makes sense to him. >> it's great to know it didn't come from some country where people are getting murdered all
5:45 pm
>> reporter: it's a choice anderson says more and more younger couples are making, choosing technology over nature to help protect it. >> it's a very peaceful eco- friendlily option that millenials are loving. >> on top of that, the company also only uses recycled precious metals in its rings as well. >> a lot of young ladies will be getting diamonds tonight and they won't have to cover them up with a puffy coat at least. not at the moment. >> they may have to situate their hair a little bit. the winds are crazy out there. we're seeing wind gusts in the 40 to 50 miles per hour range around the foothills and unfortunately they'll be continuing tomorrow. you can see some of our stats. the warmest valentines, 71 degrees back in 1979. the coldest, 8 degrees. that was back in the 1800's. so awhile ago. 5 inches back in the 60s, 1960.
5:46 pm
we're still going to be looking at a decent day despite the winds. be thankful you're not in boston. 13 arctic air pushing in from canada is going to keep them awfully chilly the next couple of days. meanwhile they're just baking out there in phoenix. 85 with some upper 70s toward l.a. as well as san francisco. it's just been a wild, wild weather pattern over the course of the past couple of days. we do have a little bit of dip in the jet stream that pushes into tomorrow. that's going to be ushering in another storm system, pushing that milder air back down to the desert southwest and inching closer and closer to the cooler air into northeastern colorado. tonight our storm system is bringing us the gusty winds just to the north of us. across the da cotakes, they're going to be -- dakotas, they're going to be seeing snowfall. our next weather maker for the mountains is positioned out in the pacific northwest. again, that pushes through tomorrow about midday, we'll
5:47 pm
snowfall in the northern and central mountains. then it continues overnight into monday, president's day. if you're going to the slopes, enjoy some of the fresh powder. i think a lot of places could see easily 4-8 inches. of course, we're not really looking at a ton of moisture here in denver, but we will be dealing once again with the gusty winds. they're not going anywhere. monday i still think will be pretty breezy around here. from there on out, we start to warm things up. how about 60 degrees on tuesday. a dry one as the ridge of high pressure begins to amplify as it pushes in across the rockies. we are going to be so darned close to 70 on thursday. another little dip because we do have a storm system that pushes in thursday night into friday. you can see it just cools us off once again. >> reporter: it will kick up the winds keeping most of the moisture up in the mountains. good news, the high country is loving this. they need more snow. look at next weekend, you guys. another warm one. >> picture perfect if you're
5:48 pm
>> is this really february? >> yes. and is there big pay back coming this march? that used to be the pattern. >> i think you're on to something with that. >> mother nature will catch us up. >> we'll cross that bridge when we get there. >> yes, we will. >> danielle, thank you. another basketball game goes down to the wire in boulder. rod mackey will have the highlights coming up. the cross team begins defense of their national championship.
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
>> first weekend without football in forever. i don't like it. >> i don't either. >> though we are all still on cloud 9 after the broncos super bowl championship, but not the only championship a team from our state has won as of late. remember d.u. won the lacrosse title. today the pioneers officially begin defense of that. d.u. at air force and the crew got
5:51 pm
against the falcons. then things got interesting. air force scored 5 unanswered to take a 9-8 lead. grant here with the go ahead goal. what is going on? but the d.u. escape. high school. the game winner, d.u. 9. all right, the broncos may be done but that doesn't mean we're done talking about them. this week. we had the huddle, the season finale of that one on wednesday. tomorrow night the very last broncos tonight. among the items you will see in the big show, how about one-on- one with the head coach? >> i know when you went to houston, obviously you would have wanted to win a super bowl championship for them, but how special is it to do it here, the place where you have done so much and you got the broncos
5:52 pm
>> it's funny how life works. it's amazing what's taken place years. i spent so much time here and i've got two beautiful rings from this place i'll have with me my whole life. and i come back here and get a second chance as a head coach and now i to get have a third one. you know, i don't know. it's just, you know, i think it hits me more and more each day, just sitting here talking to you, it's something that i'll cherish for a long, long time. >> and he has four total. no nuggets tonight. it's the all-star break. game is tomorrow and no nuggets on that one but they will partake in tonight's slam dunk and skills competition. we'll have all that coming up at 10:00. no need to wait until 10:00 for hoop highlights. we've got c.u. with a nooner against washington state. game went right down to the wire. wesley gordon's board and bucket put c.u. up 8. that was 3 to go. washington came up big down the stretch.
5:53 pm
win it at the end but andrew shot -- yes, that's his name -- misses gordon. the monster rebound. the state sweep of washington. final score 81-80. d.u. right now trail at the half, 35- 31 to ipfw. we finish with golf, the third round at pebble beach. so far so good for phil mickelson. still 16 under after three rounds. he leads the field by 2 with just one round to go. see what the broncos done, we've got to do other sports. >> i understand. >> by the way, can we point out who was -- don't call me a homer, but who was picking the broncos the whole round? >> you. you picked the last three. it was pretty remarkable. >> it just felt like the packers super bowl. >> do they go again next year?
5:54 pm
stays around and the defense is an absolutely juggernaut. >> maybe not. maybe a new quarterback? >> brock was pretty impressive in the games he played. >> he made himself a nice big
5:56 pm
get going. but so nice out there tonight. >> nice as far as the temperatures go. as far as the blue skies. the winds, not so much. look at this, they are gusting around 46 miles per hour in boulder. hang on tight to your sweetie if you're going out for date night. 30 miles per hour speeds in aurora. 25 in broomfield and we're looking at 40 miles per hour gusts around the pass as well. you can see up there in wyoming, too, winds are continuing to howl. a high wind warning up there. tonight we'll cool things off, 31 degrees. the winds will make it feel cooler tomorrow. winds are going to continue at least through monday for us.
5:57 pm
for a lot of us, 30s and 40s up
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
on. >> this is a show that you want to see from the opening buzzer. >> how will taylor swift open the show? is there bad blood with kanye over this song? i feel like me and taylor might still have sex while i made the [ bleep ] >> plus our lionel richie exclusive. he has a duet in the works. >> in is going to be her evening
6:00 pm
>> and we flashback to grammy's john >> also kris jenner on her son-in-law, lamar's near fatal drug overdose. walking in new york. >> this is a huge step for him. >> then, the rumored girlfriend at new york's fashion week. >> what are your valentine's day plans? >> plus zoolander 2 takes over the runway. >> did her hubby just forget their wedding anniversary? >> are we supposed to celebrate? >> and what these plus-sized models told me about invading the pages of s.i.'s issue. >> now, in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight.


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