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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  February 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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it's a noisy saturday night in boulder. windy is ripping through the mountains and the foothills. and now it is going through the metro. 15 mile-per-hour wind gusts - - and speed are picking up across the eastern plains as well. daniel will let us know when it will come down in a few minutes. antonin scalia, supreme court justice has died. he was found dead after failing to appear for breakfast.
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yeah and you know hillary clinton came into denver tonight locked in a battle for the hearts and minds of democratic vote ners colorado and other western state bus on
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being allowed to appoint the next supreme court justice they bothed agree on pushed back on republicans who say they want to wait until the next president takes office. >> it appears that some of my republican colleagues in the senate have a very interesting united states. and apparently they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia. i strongly disagree with that. >> to hear comments like those of leader mitch mcconnell this evening is very disappointing. it's totally out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. >> hillary clinton spent a surprisingly long portion her
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topic of the supreme court and the news of scalia deaths but she also tried to broaden her appeal her appeal. the room was packed with elected officials. democrattings -- breaking for hillary clinton of most of them had supported her campaign. clinton talked about health care, trying to sort of take credit for obamacare by say it was hillarycare before obamacare. she also talked about abortion policy in colorado and gun control. those two issues sort of came together when she started talking about the recent shooting at the abortion clinic in colorado springs. >> just think, it was only a few months ago that that crazed man shot up the clinic in colorado springs.
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parenthood shooter should have place. >> bernie sanders got very loud applause. nonetheless he still had his supporters here and they made a vocal showing. the big key to colorado is going to be turnout in the march 1st caucuses. hillary clinton is hoping she can be competitive with bernie sanders but he's been drawing out huge crowd antesame message that's been drawing those crowds talk act the corrupting influence of wall street on american politics. he made some predictions. >> i believe that on super tuesday people are going are going to be very, very surprised about election results here in colorado.
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that will be voting on supertuesday as well. there are only two states before colorado and those other march 1st dates. those would be nevada where bernie sanders and hillary were earlier and south carolina. >> live downtown, thanks brandon. >> before the dinner senator sander held a rally. thousands packed the toafnlt hear him talk dr health care to income to inequality. he told the crowd he needs their support to fight off the corporate influence in politics. >> those powers are so extraordinary that no president alone can bring about the kinds of transformations that working families and the middle class need. >> the senator went on to say as president he would reform
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despite his previous appearance this was the first time many had heard him speak in person. >> i'm a supporter and i just wanted to see him in person. i watched all the debate and town hall and wanted to see if it held in -- >> all of his policy and he's so refreshing and new and i just think he's what we need. >> despite being very popular among young liberal voters it was verse diverse. >> hillary clinton did not hold any robbed a locals will i today but former congressman gabby giffords and her husband did on her behalf. you'll remember she was shot in the head back in 2011. tonight's republican presidential debate began with a tribute and a moment of silence for justice scalia. they spoke about him.
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obama will nominate a justice. donald trump, mash co rubio -- until the next president foreign policy and national security were key issues. trump said his first national security decision would tackle how to attack ice. rubio named his three foreign policy priorities those being north korea and china, limiting iran's influence in the middle europe. the u.s. needs to build a coalition to take out isis. >> the feud between donald trump and jeb bushy represented yet again. former president george w. bush authorize -- bush fought back and said he's tired of trump attacking his family. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. while donald trump was building
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was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. >> he's had the gal to -- >> the world trade center came down -- >> you can hear the crowd bandwagon there when the towers came down his presidency rubio defended george bush and said he kept america safe. immigration was another hot topic am wall along the border paid for by mexico. things got heated between marco rube yoap and ted cruz over issue of amnesty. >> when harry reid and chuck shy -- were leading the fight to pass a massive amnesty plan, i stood with jeff sessions and steve king and the american people and led the fight to defeat that amnesty plan. >> when that issue was being
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hearing said i want it to pass. i want people to be able to come out of the shad dose and proposed an amendment that would have legalized. double the -- a 5000% increase on guest workers. >> tobility's debate was held in south carolina which holds its primary next saturday. the gop candidates will debate again on the # 5th of february less than one week after winning the super bowl a bronco faces dui charges. >> police are looking for a couple of impersonators. they say posed as cops and robbed a man last night. >> mountain of snow after they triggered an avalanche. >> winds are whipping up along the front range. so strong they're reaching hurricane strength.
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two men dressed as officers were driving a maroon crown victoria equipped with blue and red lights. they got him out of his car and handcuffed him. they took his wallet back to their car and told him to sit and wait. they returned and uncovered him and told him he was getting off with a warning. >> these individuals - - one of them had a gun belt on and racks - - and a badge. this is concerning to us. so the victim suffered a minor head injury. if you have information about who these men might be, you are also - - asked to contact crimestoppers.
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was arrested overnight. he has since bonded out. he has a home in southwest idaho and really - - recently tweeted that he would be home after the victory. broncos officials are reviewing the incident. one lane is open between red mountain pass and silverton. five skiers were above the highway. two people were caught and carried in the avalanche. snow and debris was 15 feet deep. and it was 350 feet wide covering the highway. the central american tour brought pope francis to mexico today. he called to the government and church.
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escape the violence and corruption. did you wake up and see that this morning? it looks like gotham city. holy moly, batman. it was eerie but then shaped up to be a good day. >> we woke up around the area and we saw a good dose of sunshine. now the cold front is dipping in and we are getting some gusty wind. and you can see it is wiggling out there with very gusty wind. some of these reports are just coming in, 73 mile-per-hour speeds across rocky flats. one mile-per-hour shot of the strength of a hurricane. 66 miles per hour in gold and
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boulder and arvada is coming around 54 miles per hour. genesee is around 50 right now and lower 40s in broomfield as this continues to move further south and east. 31 31 mile-per-hour gusts in cheyenne and the eastern plains are getting in with 30 mile-per-hour speeds in akron and morgan. they do have a high wind warning in place until 9:00. we are looking at wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour so the high profile vehicles could have trouble. the worst of the wind will be overnight and even tomorrow morning. around 11:00 off to church and off doing brunch, if you are around the foothills, we will be looking at around 50 mile- per-hour windy gusts. things quiet down only to pick up
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through monday. we will still be talking about the wind. cold fronts have been brushing us by ringing slightly cooler temperatures. we had some light showers passing through cheyenne. a couple moving through the planes. the next storm system already in the rains. and snowfall up to the mountains, northern and central mountain sky get ready. great news for skiers, snowboarders heading up for the weekend. and we stay dry and sunny and windy for much of the day as well. snowfall is mute - - reaching the northern and central mountains. violence town - - lunch time you see the wind off the north
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we could have light showers across the plains tomorrow evening. snowfall will continue over the mountains through monday. we have a winter weather advisory in place. and when you move out to the core door, you will see about 6 inches of fresh powder and - - power - - powder. i don't think we will see a lot of snow out of this. tonight, a comfortable evening in the 20s and 30s. those should hold up our temperatures quite strongly in the metro. and tomorrow will be a cooler day. temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler. we stay in the 50s. low 40s
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52 degrees in loveland on valentine's day. and temperatures are warming into the upper 50s and 60s on tuesday and on wednesday. close to 70 degrees by thursday. no real storms insight for the
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we were on the eve of super bowl 50. and tonight we are starting with the skills competition. we are taking it down just a notch.
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contest. seven from denver to do it. and that continues with aaron gordon and zach levine. they put on an absolute show. gordon is the magic mascot. skills. the best contest we have seen in a long time. they ended up giving it to zach levine. and last week we were talking about emmanuel sanders and this week emmanuel moody a. he didn't last long. he was eliminated in the first round of the contest. and carl was your champion. no nuggets were invited and as expected, a warrior was the
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steph curry was second. clay thompson was the man tonight. >> on to college basketball, swept by the bust, they got cougars overtime and today they beat the huskies. board and bucket kept putting them up with - - by eight with 3:00 to go. they had the shot to win at the end. but andrews missed the shot. monster rebound, holding on anyone to katie. and las vegas is going for their third victory in a row. on the actual hardwood it was not. the run was just too good. they fall 14 to 11 and fall 87 to katie. and the final score was 88 to 84. it was a busy day for the
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they were in action in hockey and lacrosse. and the officially begin the championship. they got all they could handle and they were of a duke for in the house and got - - things got interesting late. five unanswered to take the 9-8 lead on that shot. but they came back and made a great escape. and then jack goes to the winner, the final score was 10- 9. our tour ends on the ice. the sweep against dakota. be a team twice in 24 hours, is it really an upset or you are you - - or are you just the better team? tonight final is 41-for as they complete the sweep.
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>> those highlights, a dunk contest. >> it has gone down as of late. they really should have figured out a way to split that throw.
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if you are joining us from the foothills you are probably saying turn down the wind. we will do - - deal with this again tomorrow and temperatures start to warm up
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