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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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baby into her family.... when she was attacked.... her unborn baby cut from her womb. today - the trial for the woman accused of attacking wilkins will start. we'll look at what to expect.... including when wilkins could face dynel lane. a board filled with 78 car keys - is empty. and 11 cars are gone. a board filled with 78 car keys - is empty. and 11 cars are gone. it was an unusual heist at a local car dealership. and we'll tell you why the owner says he'd still offer the thieves a job. good morning. corey, gary and cheryl with you on this wednesday morning. meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join
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marty-today is the day to take your lunch outside.... boulders bigger than us.. will keep i-70 in glenwood canyon closed at good morning. corey, gary and cheryl with you on this wednesday morning. meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join us. marty-today is the day to take your lunch outside.... boulders bigger than us.. will keep i-70 in glenwood canyon closed at least another day. the giant rocks tumbled down monday night - damaging both
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boulders bigger than us.. will keep i-70 in glenwood canyon closed at least another day. the giant rocks i-70 in glenwood canyon closed at least another day. the giant rocks tumbled down monday night - damaging both sides of the highway... the concrete dividers... and a semi trailer. amazingly no one was hurt. c-dot hopes to open one lane by tomorrow.
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westbound drivers will have to take turns, so delays could last up to an hour. right now - it takes about 5 hours to get around the closure. if you're driving westbound.... you'll leave i-70 at wolcott... drive up to steamboat springs, west to craig and rejoin the interstate at rifle. eastbound drivers take the opposite route. it could take a month to get this stretch of i-70 reopened completely. it was a crime that shocked colorado. and now... dynel lane will go to trial today. she's accused of cutting the fetus from a pregnant woman's womb.... and leaving her to die. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live outside the boulder county courthouse. tarhonda - michelle wilkins survived the attack - and she'll be one of the first people to testify. ahead today... the man accused of shooting a denver
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expected in court. investigators say jason wood shot officer tony lopez junior during a traffic stop in december. lopez was is recovering. wood faces several charges including attempted first degree murder. the teenager accused of killing a mesa county deputy will be charged as an adult in court next week. 17-year-old austin holzer is facing nearly a dozen charges. investigators say he shot deputy derek geer last week... after geer used a stun gun on the teen.
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he leaves behind a wife and two children. two denver police officers won't faces charges in of a standoff suspect last year. the d-a says officers frederick jones and jesse rembert were november shooting of miguel angel martinez. officers and swat team members were reports of a shooting. martinez had shot himself in the leg and refused to he was shot as the home. a filing mistake has closed the wrongful death lawsuit against dylan redwine's father. it appears the lawsuit against mark redwine, by his ex-wife elaine was filed four days after the statute of limitations had run out. the lawsuit was filed in late june redwine was responsible for dylan's 2012 death. elaine's lawyer says they filed the lawsuit in enough time... exactly two years after the family was first belonged to dylan. mark redwine is considered a person of interest... although
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filed. it seems kind of brazen, but police say thieves drove dozen cars from a dealership lot in wheat ridge. now, officers need your help finding the stolen vehicles. trevor mcmanus owns mcmanus street. he says the criminals stole his tools and broke the property. every car on the lot -- all 78 of them. then, the suspects the lot including a b-m-w and mcmanus says this wasn't an easy heist: it usually takes four people about four hours to move 12-cars. mcmanus says these criminals were so good, they didn't need to take up a life of crime. he said he would have 9given them a job! mcmanus says he does have
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cover the cost of the stolen cars. if you know anything about this please call wheat ridge police. we have a list of the stolen cars and contact information for wheat ridge p-d on today all of the g- o-p presidential candidates are gearing up for town hall discussions in south carolina. trump's town hall will air at 6 p-m our time. ohio governor john kasich's will be before that -- at 5 p-m our time. m-s-n-b-c will host both of those. as for the other candidates... ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio will all participate in a separate town hall together. that one will be hosted by cnn and is expected to air around 6 pm our time. this weekend hillary clinton and bernie sanders face-off in nevada's democratic caucus. according to a cnn/orc poll: clinton and sanders are in a dead heat for nevada. and in recent polls, clinton currently
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in south carolina. in your money news... denver's golden triangle will soon have another apartment complex under construction. our partners at the business journal report real estate company legacy partners plans to bring this 323-unit, 7-story apartment complex to life. groundbreaking will start at the site on speer boulevard... between 13th and 14th avenues.... in august. the lower highlands neighborhood will be getting a new hotel. starwood hotels and resorts say the 165-room luxury hotel will open in september 20-18. the hotel deosn't have a name yet... we should know that later this year. the broncos super bowl victory celebrations attracted a ton of people to downtown... and now we know how many people took advantage of public transportation to get there. r-t-d says fans set a public transit record. a total of 409
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rode the light rail, the 16th street mall shuttle, and buses into downtown last tuesday. light rail alone saw 140-thousand riders - double a typical
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we throw a lot of stuff away... we're talking 30 pounds of garbage a week... adding up to nearly 1600 pounds a year. a local non-profit is trying to do its part to reduce... and reuse that trash. 9news reporter colleen ferreira joins us from sustainability in denver... colleen last year they say diverted more than 2 million pounds of waste from landfills... a piece of music composed by
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mozart has recently been discovered. "the cantata" was considered lost for more than 200 years... after being written in 17-85... by mozart and two other musicians. the czech museum of music got the sheet music in 19- 50... but didn't recognize the authors. a german musicologist figured out the mystery last year - when he was browsing the museum's online catalogs! a shanghai mall is hoping this multi- story.... flowered slide will entice shoppers to visit. it curlicues from the top floor.... 5 stories down to the ground. the b-b-c reports the slide will open in a few weeks... and it takes 16-seconds to ride down.
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9neighborhoods series.... by heading out to edgewater. we'll look at why people love this community - and what makes them stay. but first - lets check in with marty and amelia. today we continue
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we've talked about lowry, 5 points and today we head to edgewater.... amelia- people have been chatting with you via social media about thier d why they think thiers is the best. edgewater, co , named for its proximity to sloan lake in denver is a small neighborhood that is bubbling with growth and new business. we'd like to give a big shout out to our photographers in edgewater- this is the community that had the most social responses during our call for submissions. tanya wheeler berliner says sights like these are "reasons i love living in edgewater" today, edgewater is a thriving denver community close to 5,300 hundred strong. household income is around 43,000 and this young suburb has 33. home prices are neighborhood both low crime and is home to some of home made pizzas family has been close to a dozen responses cited the edgewater inn as the reason they love this part of town. the team at coda edgewater a you'd want to edgewater photos using the hashtag 9neighborhoods today - the huffington post uk
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today - the huffington post uk is getting a royal makeover. the duchess of cambridge - kate middleton - is editing the site. she's helping launch hashtag- young-minds- matter. it's a children's mental health initiative. she's pushing for more attention to be paid to the
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today we'll learn more about one of the winner of that massive powerball jackpot last month. a news conference is schedule in florida today. the florida lottery will be awarding the winners of the january 13th drawing... with their share of
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can be such a pain - and it's always nice when someone returns it. but one man learned the hard way - that the timing of the return is everything. somehow - this
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it's the story of an
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a new york city man lost his wallet - and part of it was returned. but it came with a curious note. the note says the finder sent back the man's driver's license and credit cards - you know, the important stuff - ... but he kept the cash for weed, the metro card because fairs cost 2-75, and the wallet because it's kind of cool. he signed off with a "toodles." the man who lost the wallet says he's thankful for the good deed.... but it was sent back 2 weeks later... after he's the license and credit cards! getting across colorado is hindered right now... due to the big rockslide in glenwood canyon. looking at what it's going to take to open.... and just how long the
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clues to the san bernadino shooter could be in the
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this is 9 justice 9news. >> the woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from her mother's womb is expected to go on trial today and the victim will testify. >> clues to the san bernardino shooter could be in the terrorist locked cell phone. the government ordered apple to help. why apple is resisting the order to unlock the phone. >> plus, a week from , it will
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>> all that work for mexico to prove the city is now more peaceful. we'll look at the security preparations and hear from a denver woman who made the trip just to see the pontiff. >> okay, big crowds down there. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. marty and traffic reporter, amelia join us. so marty, let's start with you. should be plenty of sunshine today. >> we will be shy of our record high temperature today. wind gusts mainly confined to foothills areas and mountain areas. we'll be between 20 and 40 miles per hour. fairly calm down here low. because of that, we are anticipating maybe not the best air quality today. we have wood burning restrictions below 7,000 feet. through the morning, 30s, 40s are going to be around for most of us. notice i'm not wearing my overcoat this morning. and as we go through the day, we'll push up close to 70 degrees.


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