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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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this is 9news. good afternoon, everybody. thank you for joining us on 9news at noon. i'm kyle dyer along with tarhonda thomas. today the woman accused of luring a pregnant woman to her home and cutting an unborn baby from her womb. >> she said she made a decision to survive the attack for her unborn daughter while she was being hit by the alleged attacker. the trial for the accused attacker dynel lane started this morning. she assaulted michelle wilkins by hitting, stabbing and trying to strangle her. investigators also say lane cut wilkins' baby out of her womb. the baby did not survive. she went to her house to look at baby clothes she advertised on craigslist. the two talked for a long time before lane attacked her.
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towards the door she struck me from behind, right in my chest and it's hard to describe exactly what it was. i mean, she hit me and it was sort of like almost like pulling at my sweater and scratching at me. >> very disturbing. dynel lane was charged with attempted murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. prosecutors say lane left the victim to die. own pregnancy telling people she was due with a baby boy named james. defense attorneys say lane was, quote, impulsive and reckless michelle wilkins. they could not file murder charges against dynel lane but the medical examiner determined the baby never took a breath. also in denver, police are saying that a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a car this morning on the 4400 block of south wadsworth. the driver of the vehicle stayed on the scene.
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two people injured after a broomfield. it happened at around 4:30 this morning. now, this fire was on la pan street near west 152nd avenue. both of injured people were sent to the hospital. a third person was found safe near the home. at one point the firefighters had to get out of the home because they were afraid it would collapse. eventually they reentered the house to put out all of the investigators haven't told us what they think caused this fire. now, earlier today, the winds in the bloomfield area were a less intense but they are going to be picking up strong. unfortunately. we don't want to see that. 9news meteorologist danielle grant is in the background. that can increase fire danger and we are talking about big >> it's wild. on monday we had to deal with a similar setup out there too with the wind gusts as high as 90 miles per hour around the foothills and, unfortunately, late tonight into tomorrow it's just going to be another brutal day. the winds are going to be the
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range foothills where we have a high wind watch in place. again, these winds coming at us out of the west, race down the foothills and along the i-25 corridor and off to the eastern plains. we could see gusts around here about 40 to 50 miles per hour. however, we are not sitting under that watch just yet anyway. right now the winds are relatively quiet and calm, about 16-mile-per-hour speeds in estes park, a bit higher toward berthoud pass and loveland pass. enjoy it while you can today, it is literally perfect. a little bit of blue sky out there, a few high level clouds, fortunately, the one caveat about today is we have poor visibility, moderate air quality and that air quality alert will continue at least through 4:00 today. you can see the clouds shifting off to the eastern plains, a break in between with some sunshine here in denver and that's helping to warm up our temperatures. we are in the upper 50s right now, 60s in places like ray, lamar, trinidad close to 70 already and it is a mild start to the afternoon out there in the mountains too.
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just bank on some sunshine, some temperatures in the 60s, the winds quiet and calm for now. ladies, you guys got to get outside. it is seriously just fantastic. >> okay, we will take your advice. >> after the show. we should go get coffee or something. >> okay. you're treating. >> yes. done and done. >> thank you, danielle. here is a big story today. here's a question, should apple help the government hack into an encrypted phone? the phone belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters and the fbi thinks it could help establish where they went and who they contacted, but apple's ceo tim cook does not agree with this. >> not at all. we brought in our legal expert scott robinson. we wish we could have 45 minutes to an hour to talk about this. it's something everyone is talking about and cook is saying, you know, this is a breach of the government, too much, you can't ask for this. >> well, in extraordinary -- an extraordinary move the ceo of apple has put a public statement on the website that everybody can read and he makes a compelling argument that it
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that it's naive to think that if apple is forced to, basically, create a back door for its operating system, that it won't fall into the hands of criminals. the very purpose for encryption to begin with. on the other hand, nobody wants terrorist attacks to continue. everybody who has any sense at all wants to know everything we can possibly know about the san bernardino shooters and so that is the struggle that exists and what's ironic about it is the government is seeking access to this incredibly sophisticated technology from apple, technology that doesn't exist. >> no, they don't have it yet. 1789. >> really? >> we are talking about a statute that was passed over 200 years ago. can you imagine? >> no. >> talking to a member of the colonial legislator -- >> about this. it would seem so futuristic and
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a lot of people would say this is a matter of national security. aren't there any laws that give that precedence over what we would consider a government overreach if they can say we are stopping terrorism? >> there's no question about the private rights have to be sacrificed for public security. i'm not some wild eyed civil libertarian, i know how important stopping terrorist attacks is. on the other hand, the apple ceo makes a very valid argument that what the government is asking is not just give us all your records, give us all of your information about customers. apple says they have done that. apple says they have even had their own experts advising the fbi as to how to best attack the phone. the problem is, according to apple, the government is asking them to create technology themselves -- >> to help them hack into that phone?
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this one case is belied by history since the director in 1997 was already calling for domestic technology companies to make available to law enforcement all deencontraception technology possible so this is -- deencryption technology possible so not going to be decided this week, this month, probably not this year. it's with the lowest levels of the federal court but this is an unprecedented order and the reaction of apple likewise unprecedented. >> to come out and put it ia letter, wow. >> they too -- >> supreme court some day. >> it sure looks like a supreme court case, probably not for the 2016 term. >> yeah. >> certainly want to keep our eye on this. everybody talking about it. >> thank you. >> we are going to stay on top of this issue. >> absolutely. it's big. >> a lot of people worried about their own phones and if this affects my privacy on my phone. >> i didn't bring my iphone on set because who knows what might happen. >> we would have taken it and looked in it and all that stuff, right?
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>> thank you very much, scott. >> thanks, scott. not paying off your student loans, okay, that's serious, but for some it's more serious than others. it landed this guy in jail. >> yeah. we will explain the story coming up. in the meantime, we are going to talk about the weather. boy, it's really nice out there today. we are in the 50s, lots of blue sky and it's going to be warming up as the day goes on. high winds, though, tomorrow. danielle will fill us in right
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hi there, meteorologist danielle grant here in the
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enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the nice warm temperatures out here too and the lack of wind. it's truly remarkable. nice, quiet here in the back yard but things will be picking up as we go toward tonight into tomorrow. those winds will just be ruthless. you can see outside our studios gorgeous shot, we are looking downtown, a few high level clouds out there and our flags not really whipping around just yet anyway. tracking wind gusts around 20 miles per hour in at nederland. around the metro area it has been quiet and calm and we like to keep it that way. it looks for another couple hours or so. a high wind watch in place tonight through thursday for the front range mountains and foothills especially for areas above about 7500 feet. that's where you're going to find the wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour and sustained winds throughout much of tomorrow between 25 and 50 miles per hour. so here we go. we will fast forward through time and you can see by about midnight, 1:00 a.m., 60-mile- per-hour speeds, it's going to
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you live out there in estes park, idaho springs and even down here to the metro area it's going to be a noise night for -- noisy night for us. tomorrow throughout most of the day it's going to be a wild one as far as the winds go and also potentially kind of dangerous. fire weather watch in place for much of tomorrow, humidity less than 10%, you factor in those gusty winds for southeastern colorado we could be looking at high fire danger. right now about 58 degrees, mostly cloudy skies out at the airport, winds quiet and calm out of the east-southeast at 5 miles per hour and here in the 9 back yard temperature readings slowly warming up now into the low 50s. across the country all eyes out to the west where the storm system is gaining more steam, pushing in snowfall to the cascades across the sierra nevada and eventually making its way into our back yard. that's going to provide more moisture for the mountains mainly. by tomorrow morning you will notice the clouds building into the western slope, a little bit of light snow for or northern
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by 4:00, might have a few high level clouds building in, clouds with stronger gusts but as far as seeing any snow it looks minimal. one to 4 inches up in the mountains and the foothills could pick up an additional inch. today 69 degrees, just shy of hitting our record. we will have plenty of sunshine later on and the numbers in the mid to upper 60s in northern colorado, the eastern plains, even warmer toward the arkansas river valley and mild up in the mountains too with temps in the 40s. about 38 overnight, mainly clear skies, the winds picking up late tonight, continuing throughout all of tomorrow, comes at a cost, 71 degrees but it will be gusty. we cool off ever so slightly friday, keep the stronger winds in place through the weekend and then finally could see a little bit of snow here in the metro area next month.
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whether we pay them or not, and you should, most of us have student loans. >> please pay the student loans because one man in texas knows why you need to work out a payment plan for them. >> yeah,. >> paul acre took out a student loan worth about $2000 back in 1987. >> okay. >> almost 30 years ago so he didn't expect that when a u.s. marshal showed up at his house with an arrest warrant in full tactical gear -- >> shackles on my ankles, shackles to the waist and
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with the interest on the $1500, it's now $5700. >> okay., there's a flip side to this story, okay? the u.s. marshals say they tried to reach out to acres for three years and when authorities showed up to his house last week with a warrant, u.s. marshals said that acres told them he had a gun inside. >> not the thing to do to a marshal. >> so that's why they came back in the tactical gear. he's now required to pay $200 a month. >> he could have paid that 200 a month a long time ago and ended a long time ago, but still shocking to see a marshal come after you for a loan back in 1987. >> that they still care, right? >> oh, yeah. >> there are other things. anyhow, the pope's historic visit to mexico is coming to an end but not before holding a massive mass right on the u.s.- mexico border. more than a million people could be attending the mass today in juarez, a two way video feed is also going to allow thousands of others to see and hear pope francis' message at the sun bowl in texas.
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over the country, but especially here in colorado for more foster parents. every year there are thousands of kids who are taken out of difficult situations and really need the support of a new family. a portrait project is helping introduce some of them to potential foster parents. this is the heart gallery, it is displayed in the lobby of local buildings. the goal is to get people to notice these smiles, these sparkles in these eyes and feel a connection to the kids behind them. they are all kids who need loving homes. people who work closely with the children through the department of human services say they are really amazing young people. >> part is getting to be around the kids, the hard part is knowing that they don't have a family right now. you can sometimes see it in body language, that this is just hard for them. >> today on 4:00 at 9news we talk more about the heart gallery and the need for foster families in colorado. in the meantime we have resources on if you
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>> so many great kids who need that loving family but we will start. very nice. >> yeah. are you sick of the ever rising price of prescription drugs? one company is hoping to help people bypassing the insurance companies, this is really interesting. >> it is. we will tell you the savings too that you stand to have. dr. john is also going to join us to talk more about new research in cancer treatments that really has scientists and
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for a lot of people filling a prescription means emptying out the bank account and there's a company that is determined to change this. blink health is a new website. it offers drugs marked down by as much as 95%. it was founded by brothers matthew and jeffrey chicken and they -- chakin. normally a doctor would write a prescription, you go to the insurance company, the insurance company goes to the
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blink goes straight to the drug maker. >> almost everyone takes medications at some point in their life and most people are overpaying. >> one woman in chicago started using blink, it took her prescription bill from $422 a month to $75 a month. all you have to do, go to the website, click on your drug, pay online and then print out the receipt and take it to your pharmacy. >> that's amazing. >> that is really incredible to see that happen. wow. >> uh-huh. there's also great research out that could very well change the game for those fighting blood cancers like leukemia. early trials of potential cancer treatment where white blood cells are modified to target the disease and it's had success. dr. john is here to talk about this. >> i think a lot of people are excited, especially a lot of researchers, a lot of positions are excited because i think this is one of the new thresholds of the cancer treatment we are going to talk about that you're going to start seeing a lot more information on this and basically what's happening is you're taking the person's own immune system and using that to target the cancer and because our immune system can be on
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exactly what to fight, it can really fight these very, very well. as a matter of fact, in 94% of participants who suffer from one kind of leukemia, all, they end up 94% were successful in getting treatment. 80% nonhodgkins lymphoma in a different study were successful there. these patients were basically at the end here. they had tried all sorts of treatment and nothing seemed to be working for them so they basically took their blood out, modified what are called t cells which are part of our immune system. they went to where the cancer cells were, they marked those cells then the immune system could start fighting it because it only fights things it thinks it needs to fight and says we are here, we need you to fight us, come and get us and the immune system can do that. >> how close are we to seeing this actually be applied in doctors' offices and hospitals where people are suffering right now? >> here they are doing it for the blood cancers, the a.l.l., the nonhodgkins lymphoma, those types of cancers. there were deaths involved in
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that had sick reactions, what are called immune reactions to this type of treatment so it's not as simple as doing this and everybody is going to be owing. a lot more fine-tuning needs to be done, a lot more research. my guess is you're going to see a lot of emphasis placed on this and over the next few years you will see it becoming more and more likely to happen and i guess over five, 10 years i always tell people 10 years from now you're going to see huge changes in cancer treatment. >> we hope. >> oh, yeah. >> that's great. >> thank you, dr. john.
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nice and sunny out there. >> it's beautiful. oh, my gosh. it's fantastic. no wind to deal with, temperatures are already into the 50s and 60s in some spots. i think we will just be shy of 70 degrees today but still it feels more like mid-may rather than mid-february. >> wow. >> tomorrow will be another warm one, however, with those winds kicking up, 45-mile-per- hour gusts here in town, might >> okay. >> we will cool things off ever
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the weekend and then looks like this next storm system will push in monday afternoon and then continue until tuesday, maybe just a couple of inches, at least right now. >> okay. >> but you will definitely feel the temperature difference. it's been a while since we have seen temps in the 40s but look at it turn around again. >> and then back up to 60. >> wham, bam, there we go. have a great day, everybody. got to get outside and enjoy it, danielle says.
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taylor swift's new grammy grenade for kanye. taylor swift's grammy grenade for kanye. our special coverage right now. >> taylor takes aim at kanye. >> there are going to be people who will try to take credit for your accomplishments. >> swift backstage with beyonce and selena. >> oh, my god! >> a.j. and tracy with all the candid moments you didn't see.


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