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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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michelle wilkins, cutting her open, antaking her unborn daughter. at the time of the attack in march, wilkins was seven months pregnant and had named her daughter aurora. her baby did not survive. wilkins testified in court today. >> i remember thinking of aurora, and it was like i'm sorry, but i wanted to survive also for her. and i fought back harder, and i remember she got up -- she was down in front of me and she went further up. and pinned down my arms. >> prosecutors say lane faked her own pregnancy before the march attack and told people she was due in november 2014
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he lost enough blood to fill every vein and artery in his body three times over and yet, sergeant tony lopez is talking about coming back to work full-time by midseptember. chris vanderveen,ly is wanting to go back to work though he can't feel his left foot? >> reporter: kyle, six bullets did the damage, one of them hitting the main artery in his left leg causing so much blood loss and damage. lopez suffered the injuries in december at 37th and federal and he was able to call out for police on the radio. paramedicsand a fellow office used three tourniquets on him to stop the bleeding. that i had not done that, he almost certainly would have been dead. he can't talk about the
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a point of saying is he felt humbled by all the help he and shooting. >> how do you thank the paramedics? doctors? how do you thank people who are still donating because i'm not working? how do you thank everyone? you can't. i don't know how. >> lopez walked to the stage with the help of crutches last month when the police department promoted him to sergeant. his son set to be born in three months and his goal is to help to carry his son out of the hospital without crutches on his own two feet. combine that with his goal to return to the department full- time by september and he knows he is being ambitious and he goes to physical therapy three times a week and there are day when is he feels lousy and
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days, but he said, kyle, the goals will keep him going in the next few months. >> skipping ahead to a newscast in september, i wouldn't bet against him. >> reporter: i wouldn't, either. >> chris, thank you. our investigation into troubled teachers has stirred up a lot of emotion, and the database is making changes. jeremy jojola shows us how the dishonor roll reports is getting attention. >> i made mistakes. >> reporter: from liars to a suspected pedophile in the classroom to a teacher caught on "to catch a predator" -- >> this guy got a job in the state of indiana. >> reporter: -- we looked into teachers with questionable history, some of them that should have been flagged in the database.
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>> reporter: after we exposed 9,000 disciplined teachers missing from the database -- >> sometimes, the responsibility for submitting the names is -- it falls through the cracks. >> reporter: the non-profit that runs nasdtec will now audit all the information from the 50 states. >> there is a call for us to have more of an aligned, stream structure. >> reporter: colleen o'neal colorado. surrounding the database. >> different states use the database in a different way, and sometimes, there are errors or issues meaning that we don't get information quickly enough or we don't convey information quickly enough. >> my bill is the first step at addressing this. >> reporter: last year, there was a failed attempt to make
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uniform and strict nationwide. the senator's spokesperson told again. >> when you put your kid on the school bus, you expect that the child will number a safe environment all day long. >> reporter: jeremy jojola, 9news. >> and 9wants to know will continue to follow up on your tips and anything that needs attention on i-70 still isn't clear for the rockslide in glenwood canyon and tomorrow's re- opening might not go on schedule. they had opened to have one lane open to alternate east and westbound tomorrow but they are not sure if that will happen until tomorrow afternoon. police have recovered 8 of the 11 cars stole friend a used car lot on monday night in wheat ridge. the missing cars may still have
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reading mcmanus motors. police are looking for tips from the public. sports authority will close three metro denver spores including the sportscastle store. the close sure part -- closure is part of a plan to cut down 140 stores nationwide and they will close the store in greenwood village and on 29th street in boulder. sports authority was on the verge of filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this month. >> it's gonna take, you know, a big effort on their part and unfortunately, some painful cuts like we saw today with store closures and things like that in order to rebounded. they missed about a $20 million interest payment on a $363 million loan that comes to term in 2018 and they have to try and figure out a way that reconcile that. >> the company is evaluating whether it will close more
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no numbers on how many people will lose their jobs. facebook a relationship with marijuana businesses is complicated. we explain why facebook is shutting down pages created by pot shops and similar businesses. >> this is where we make the extracts. >> reporter: at mary's medicinal, a unique product line for one of the fastest- growing industries in the country. >> and it's whey protein powder inflammatory. >> reporter: it's a product that requires explanation and social media. >> it's one of the ways to deal with the public, and we're black listed. advertise. so that was the one forum to educate the community. >> reporter: founder nicole smith has been promoting
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for several years now but in late january, they de-activated the account. >> and we lost instagram, too, 10,000 followers. >> reporter: facebook owns instagram and says it violents community standards, quote, prohibiting any attempt by unauthorized dealers to sell, buy, drugs or firearms. >> we are licensed and operating in seven states, and i think it's, you know, appalling. there are legal businesses working in the industry. and we're not a drug dealer. >> reporter: federally, yes, there ises there is -- is still a ban on cannabis. facebook did not answer whether they think colorado businesses are legal dealers. >> it's very frustrating.
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start over. >> mary's medicinals is not alone. nbc news reports at least a dozen marijuana businesses across six states have lost facebook pages. today, the colorado cannabis chamber said that members will no longer make or sell marijuana edibles in the shape of animals or gummi bears or gummy winter storms. governor hickenlooper said he supports stronger standards for the the edibles. it's apple versus the f.b.i. >> and how much sugar is in your morning coffee and the affects on your body? >> and a man from colorado
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a dispute between apple and the f.b.i. is putting federal safety in public light. the f.b.i. is trying to break expwo a locked phone owned by one of the san bernardino terrorists. they said that data on the phone could help in the investigation. butceotim cook worries that it would endanger the phone privacy for 900 million people who own iphones world wide and concerned that it could let the government have access any time. this legal dispute could drag on for a while. a british watchdog released a report on sugar in the drinks at starbucks. it could contain as much as 25- teaspoons, about three times
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there is none in a regular cup of coffee but about 10- teaspoons in a 10-ounce vanilla frappuccino with whip. it's the long-term imin fact dr. john said people can worry about. >> you can increase your risk of diabetes and heart attack and stroke because of what sugar does to your body over the long-term. >> dr. john said that most menus online list sugar in math. remember. four grams of sugar equals one teaspoon and everything in moderation. a coffee drink now and then is okay but when it's every day, that's a problem. starbucks lists the you -- nutrition facts on his website. 92-year-old bill gurdiman
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ring a few years ago. and while celebrating his 70th anniversary with his wife betty, he pulled out a ring and proposed again. >> it wasn't until a couple of days before the anniversary that i happened to be running through a box of tie clasps and cuff links and i ran across them and i was so surprised that i saved them for the anniversary party. 1946. and now, the rings will state
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calm and quiet for now but winds return starting tomorrow. i'm meet -- meteorologist kathy sabine. watch out overnight. winds increasing out of the southwest, down sloping winds that push temperatures to near 70 in the city and 70s in southeastern colorado and we will go even warmer tomorrow. as a matter of fact, the average high this time of year, 46 and the record is 72.
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of 71. currently, dia reporting 51 and winds are southwest at 7 and calm winds outside the studios in the 9 backyard and still a comfortable 61 degrees. winds are a big feature, something we have been monitoring along the front range foothills all afternoon all due in part to the giants -- giant ridge of low pressure, and that means high winds will be increasing and high wind watch for much of the foothills through tomorrow and much of the day on friday with gusts to 70. denver is not included but we're concerned about high fire danger with low humidity and gusty winds and a red flag warning posted, and then across the western slopes, wind advisories have been posted. two hands on the steering wheel for those headed over the higher passes along with the blowing snow and a california storm system is bringing
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part of the country. we enjoy another mild and dry day here, but a chance we may have a few light snow showers mountains. california through the pacific northwest and the northern rockies with that system, but we're enjoying a warm and dry trend with southwest temperatures soaring to near- record levels, not only colorado but oklahoma and texas. a few high clouds shift out of the southwest tomorrow and a few light snow showers on i-70, and windy will be the big weather word for us tomorrow and the wind could create areas of blowing snow. so plan ahead for that. 20s in the mountains tonight and 30s and 40s for the lower elevations. high temperatures tomorrow, above average out west but record territory. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week.
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80s a possibility in southeastern colorado. nedder ned--nederland and black hawk, 48 degrees, and we'll have gusty southwest winds that will get us into the 70s in the afternoon. 71 would tie the record for the date. a slight cooling trend headed for the weekend. i took the rain and snow out monday and pushed it into sunday. temperatures cooling back to the mid-40s. hi, everybody. rockies' all star dj lemahieu signed a $7.8 million deal. dj does everything well, a gold glover and terrific hitter and pitchers and catchers report to spring training tomorrow. the bronco's safety is
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david bruton launched a club at the an elementary school in aurora. he has a charity program that encourages kids to read. david's story has a bittersweet end to the season. he had to miss the super bowl. >> extremely excited, and tears came, and i was like i can't be caught on camera, and, of course, somebody caught me on camera, and it's great that we got the lombardi trophy and we're world champs and coaches and elway, they told me i was a huge part of it and that helped to numb the pain. 9 news with all access for the hockey team leading up to the game at colorado college. >> reporter: leave them alone.
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>> don't you guys be stressing yourself out worrying about people getting tickets. don't wore about trying to make everybody happy. i told my wife, use the credit card want way she wants. i don't want to be bothered for it. i have to coach a hockey game. >> reporter: the battle for blake is a battle for a lot of players. >> i'm getting texts from people i haven't talked to in a whole time. >> reporter: troy has a whole tickets. >> i could get them tickets but i have to look out for myself game. >> reporter: a unique event for an afternoon rival, and he knows all about du versus cc. >> i grew up watching since i was a kid. >> reporter: grew up watching and now he's in it.
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doing this game, it was like this is awesome. >> reporter: tickets are still available. just don't ask troy for them. aaron matas, 9news. >> this outdoor game is so cool and getting so much attention that it seems like it's the only season that matters but the same two teams play tomorrow night indoors and it counts just as much, and coach reminds them of that. >> it won't be that cool though. >> no?
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stocks are up for the third day in a row led by energy companies and another big rise in the price of crude.
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"entertainment tonight" is next and barring any unforeseen development for us, we're back
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the grammy aftershock shaking hollywoodtonight. >> is kanye west trying to steal your fame? >> taylor swift is dodging the kanye controversy. and rumors of a melt down came to light. she said she was too sick to perform. >> she ran through her entire performance twice just hours before the show.
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we're with her stylist fashion week. bowie transformati sequins and feat and fashion advice from an expert. >> 50 crafts minnesota working on this dress. >> good morning "e.t.." >> cover girls, we're with the curvy model speaking out. >> kate hudson on this racy photo. >> "e.t." you hear here first. >> and one of all time biggest divas making news tonight. >> this is not my hair. this is a wig. >> dynasty's linda evans on going bald and contemplating suicide. >> i was face down in the gravel. my face was bloody. i went, oh, god, what just happened to me. >> now for 2016, this is entertainment tonight. taylor swift gets peppered with questions about kanye. meanwhile new questions about why rihanna really backed out of


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