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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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car crash in westminister. noel brennan is we begin with breaking news this morning. a driver is dead and an officer is injured after a car crash in westminister. noel brennan is live at the scene, at 88th and federal. noel- you learned that the officer was responding to an emergency call when the accident happened.... now lets get a
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marty. center. marty, today that wind picks back up in a big way. testimony in the
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woman who was attacked and her unborn baby taken from her. day one started with the victim - and she remembers in great detail - what happened. michelle wilkins took the stand to testify against dynel lane yesterday. wilkins went to lane's home to buy maternity clothes listed on a craigslist ad. when wilkins was about to leave she says lane started scratching and pushing her. at first she thought maybe she had a bug or spider on her. but then she says lane shoved her inside a bedroom, tried choking her, and smashed a bottle on her head. wilkins says there was one thing on her mind during that horrific moment- her unborn baby she already named aurora. we were reminded
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that lane had mourned the death of her own child in the early 2000s. in court, wilkins said she stayed so long with lane at the house - as an because she sensed lane was lonely. a denver officer who survived a brutal shooting is ready to move on with his life. sergeant tony lopez junior almost died after getting shot six times during a traffic stop in december. vida urbonis is here with more on this story, vida? there are 2 things he wants to accomplish.. he wants to help carry his newborn son home from the hospital .. and do it without crutches. the second... he wants to return to full time with the department by his birthday in mid september... lopez was shot 6 times.. he says thinking of his son.. who wasn't even born .. kept him alive. officer lopez says our bodies hold 6-9 liters of blood .. he went through 19 in the first 24 hours so...and he lost
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lopez has now been promoted to sergent. sgt. lopez is named after his father .. denver police commander tony lopez. he plans on keeping the name close ..he wants to name his son .. when his own son is born three months from now ..tony lopez the third. a man facing charges for going on a violent crime expected in court this morning. clarence howard broke into three homes near the shores neighborhood in in one burglary-- howard's accused of trying to woman. in another break-in, officers say he hit a woman in the head the back. several charges
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assualt. prosecutors won't charge a homeowner who shot a man to death during a robbery at a jefferson county home. investigators say 38-year-old david m. martinez was killed last month. he and another man robbed the homeowner while responding to a craigslist ad. the homeowner grabbed a gun and fired... hitting and killing martinez. the second suspect -- davis mascarenas-- was arrested several days later. an investigation by the sheriff's office found criminal charges against the homeowner weren't warranted. the new felony dui law in colorado will be put to use - in the case of a man who has now been caught driving drunk 11-times! officers say in ramon medrano- corral's latest d- u-i, he slammed into a car head-on. two people were seriously hurt. it happened near 48-th and inca on christmas day. medrano-corral had 10 duis over the last 2 decades. this is his first drunk driving arrest since a new law went into effect last year
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we're waiting to hear whether c-dot will re-open i-70 near glenwood canyon after a rockslide. i-70 was suppose to be re-opened today but crews are still working to clear the road. c-dot says teams removed loose rock yesterday - and installed fencing on the westbound lanes to protect against future slides. have one lane open east and traffic-- but they afternoon. it's history in the making. the white house has announced president obama will visit cuba. this is a sign of restored relations between the u-s and cuba. president raul castro and president obama announced in 20-14 they will work on normalizing relations after 50- years of broken ties. the president's trip to cuba will be apart of his trip to latin america next month. a new poll shows a significant shake up in the republican race, just a few days way from the primary in south
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wall street journal polls puts ted cruz ahead of donald trump with 28-percent. trump has a close second with 26. and marco rubio rounds out the top three with 17 percent of the support. chelsea clinton and actress america ferrera are coming to town. they will be in the metro area campaining for hillary clinton over the next couple of days. today, chelsea clinton and ferrera will attend "hillary for colorado" events in boulder and denver. they're expected to discuss the reasons why this election is important for women and families. about issues in the tomorrow. westminster kennel; club dog show in new york and it was worthy because of a former end of an era. the voice of the
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i caught up with him at madison square garden when we were in new york for the super bowl 2 years ago. david's genial expertise about all things dogs made him extremely popular with millions of people all over the world. but this was his last westminster kennel club dog show. the 66 year old former denver resident got caught up in a contract issue when fox sports signed on to televise westminster. now some people might also remember david from his days in the '70's as pr director for the broncos. here are some pictures from those days . . . david with former players, and even one with then broncos fan bill murry, yes that bill murry. david loves football and dogs. and don't fear, you will still be able to hear his mello tones describing different breeds on the national dog show, on nbc every thanksgiving. so david is known for his really creative discriptions of dogs. for instance, he once referred to a beagle as "a nose with four feet
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told a reporter than he thanks his dogs every day for letting him be on the other end of their leaches. david's dad jerry frei was a coach for the broncos in the early 80's, and his brother is terry frei, the long time sports reporter for the denver post. let's go back to marty real quick- marty- it will still be close to record breaking warmth today but not calm like yesterday.... driving a toyota? what you need to know before
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know before
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authority stores may soon be out of
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based chain will shut down 30- percent of its locations -- around 140. the closings includes the iconic sports castle store on broadway in denver -- home to the sniagrab ski sale every year. we don't know if this means the end to that event...and we're still waiting to find out how many people will lose their jobs. and industry watchers still aren't sure if this move will be enough to save the company from bankruptcy. toyota is recalling nearly 3-million of its vehicles due to faulty seat belts in the back seat. recall include rav-4 s-u-v's produced between july 20-05 and august 20-14. foot down. refusing to comply with a court order to help the f-b-i unlock the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. syed farook and his wife killed 14 people in a mass shooting last a judge ruled that apple must provide
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to the f-b-i to help hack into farook's i-phone. but apple believes the order will set a precedent and put all customer's private data at risk in the future. college doesn't come cheap. financial burden of children to
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parents wo want their kids to go to college but have no clue how to swing it financially. 9news has partnered with 'college in colorado' - which has organized an event called 'college goal sunday' -- to help families pay for college. 9news education reporter nelson garcia shows us: families should look for unique scholarships - including one announced today. for more information about
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9news-dot-com. there you'll also find more information about 'college goal sunday' -- a statewide effort to help people fill out the form. lets go to amelia with a look at the
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all about freedom in washington state. sarvey wildlife care center says the eagle was learning all about the birds and bees.... it was up there mating with another eagle when it got stuck in the tree. volunteers from the center along with people who specialize in cat rescues helped free the bird. no word on how that eagle is doing this morning but what an adventure. it's a rare find. new in our next half hour the way researchers discovered a species from the jurassic era right
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right now... intersection is person died in a police car. 9news reporter noel brennan is live at 88th and federal. noel - police say the officer was responding to a the crash. michelle wilkins


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