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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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. this is 9news. broomfield high school has
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students and staff evacuated today because of a bomb threat. officials with boulder valley school district says someone called in a bomb threat this morning. teachers and students are now at the football stadium and everyone is safe. the school has notified parents much. the campus is secure and the investigation is underway. school officials say it was a scary situation this morning. >> you know, it's very disruptive and it's very hard on students, parents, and staff emotionally. but we have to take it very seriously and if it turns out to be a hoax, it turns out to be a hoax and that's okay. but we -- it's very upsetting. >> you've got to play it safe, though. eagle way between daphne and main street are closed while the investigation is going on. school officials thank the police for a very quick response.
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that is a good thing for parents to hear. >> good. nothing found there. aurora police say several cars were damaged overnight near the intersection of hamden and tower road. a few of the cars had windows shot out. investigators are trying to figure out whether or not anything was stolen from the damaged cars. we'll be sure to pass along more information about this investigation as soon as we get it. the winds are picking up around here. you can see it building up in the backyard. hi danielle. we have aul the advisories around the foothills, advisories, watches and warnings and the worse is still to come. some of the speeds in the 30 miles an hour range in fort collins. in boulder, 25 miles an hour gust. loveland pass dealing with extremely blustery conditions. high wind warning in places
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everywhere you see in purple. the wet mountains, above item timberline, easily we could have 100 miles an hour gusts late morning. the watch in place until noon time tomorrow. just to the west of i-25 and backing up against the foothills, up to boulder county and larimer county, all the way across the northeastern plains, 60 miles an hour speeds. out to the west, we're looking at the wind advisory that continues throughout the day. we'll have blowing and drifting snow out there. nothing but sunshine in here in front. 9news studios. the wind is not particular picking up that bad, the temperatures warming from here. 70 degrees in downtown denver. it feels phenomenal. 50s in idaho springs and the stronger winds are helping warm up the temperatures. eastern colorado is nothing but sunshine, but the clouds and snow pouring in. the rest of the evening looks good.
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i'm going to be going through hour-by-hour with you and i'll let you when the worst is to come. it's going to be one of those kind of days. >> thank you. you could call, definitely, a jefferson county deputy a hero today for saving a golden retriever who fell through the ice on a pond yesterday. the sheriff's department says struggling in the water. he was able to get a bystander to hold on to a rope while he waded into the water. he reached cinnamon. she had already gone under water. he took her to a local vet who was able to warm her up and save her life. cinnamon is now back with her family. >> she's a lucky girl. it is day 2 of the jury trial for dynel lane. she's the woman accused of cut ting an unborn baby from her mother's womb. two surgeons took the stand today describing the victim,
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they described the attack. wilkins lost more than half of her blood after she was stabbed multiple times in the neck and the abdomen. he says she suffered serious bodily injuries and he's not sure if she'll ever be able to have children. the baby girl who was cut from her womb died. lane's defense attorneys are premeditated. dr. silverthorne says lane came to the hospital at first saying she had the baby and it died, but then the defendant changed her story. >> she told me that she was at home and that a pregnant woman had come to her house to purchase some baby clothes. and that while she was there, that michelle had, for some reason, attacked dynel with a life. she then said that afterwards,
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the pregnant woman had started stabbing herself and that dynel was concerned about the welfare of the baby, so she if felt she had to save the baby's life and therefore cut the baby out of her. >> prosecutors saying that are story is not true. 35-year-old dynel lane has pleaded not guilty to murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. in westminster, federal boulevard is back open after a crash overnight, one that involved a westminster police officer. federal boulevard was shut down for about six hours while investigators cleaned up the crash which happened around 1:15 this morning. an officer was driving southbound on federal when a car turned in front of him on to west 88th. the officer's patrol car slammed into the other car and the man driving the other car died at the scene. the officer was take be n to the hospital with minor injuries.
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oil industry to check for leaks and pipes vanished in southern iraq. some are worried isis will use it for birty bombs. the government has -- dirty bombs. the government says the radioactive material was stolen from a facility. weather ford says another company is in charge of storing the materials, iridium 192. there is no support isis has the material, but they are taking it seriously. security forces say it might be an inside job. a little more than a year after reopening ties with cuba, president obama plans to visit cuba, the first to visit in nearly seven decades. hairy truman was the last. he visited the naval base in the last u.s. president to go to havana, calvin coolidge in
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>> my daughter was reading a back about him last night. he a raccoon in the white house. are you sick of stuffing heavy suitcases and bags in overhead bins when you fly? if so you're going to love this new invention from airbus. they filed for a patent for underseat storage. flip up your seat and put something in. it would end the passenger fight for overhead storage, but force passengers to leave their seats anytime they wanted to access something or put away laptops, backpacks. deal breaker probably for me is the design means you have even less leg room, as if that were possible. >> you know people try to stuff extra stuff in there and will be sitting up like this on the plane. >> and you'll go what are we sitting on? >> if you need to get something in the middle of the flight, i don't like. ahead, warm and windy.
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. meteorologist danielle grant here in the backyard. the wind hasn't made its way to downtown denver yetd. 70 degree temperatures, nothing but blue skies, but it's a completely different story from the foothills and mountains and parts of southern wyoming. the view in boulder, spectacular. you can see our camera wiggling out there in the wind. this is the view from the park overlooking downtown. with the gusty winds, we usually see mountain clouds develop and that indeed is happening. 69 degrees at the airport, two
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record at 71. mostly sunny with the winds out of the southwest at 14 miles an hour. here in the 9 backyard, our temperatures not too shabby either. we're slowly starting to warm up as well. winds around 32 in longmont, 37 in boulder. 30 miles an hour gusts in estes park, loveland pass around nirt 5. here in the backyard, our -- 35. here in the backyard, we're at 68 degrees, it's beautiful out here. the winds are going to be worse as we head towards tomorrow. early tomorrow morning. here's the deal. watch in place everywhere in purple. gusts could be 100 miles an hour in timberline. we have the high wind watch to the west of i-25, including the north eastern plains with gusts potentially up to 60 miles an hour. this cold front will dive into the area later tonight
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clocking the wind speeds in the 6 miles an hour range if not higher. by tomorrow, midday, not that bad. at least here around the metro area, the winds will still be howling. a little rain, a little snow pushing into the intermountain west, all moving into the western slopes where we've seen a little bit of light snowfall. with that we have a winter storm warning in place. everywhere you see in red by tomorrow morning, four to eight inches and three to six for vail, aspen, snow mass and crested butte. the blowing and drifting snow is going to be tough tomorrow, especially if you're heading up there earlier rather than later. throughout much of the day tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, things looking good. the winds are a problem, but not quite as bad as today. 72, look at that. it's going to be a warm up. sustained winds later this afternoon between 20 to 40 miles an hour. and i could easily see a 50 to 60 miles an hour gust here in the denver area.
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degrees in lamar. eastern colorado. low mid tease, warmer temperatures, bringing us very ripe fire conditions. 35 tonight. the winds continue. we cool off to the low 60s.
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. every year 300 children in colorado die before their first birthday, many born prematurely. tonight at 10, findings by rocky mountain hospital. whether or not a baby dies depends on race a fair amount. african-american babies are three times more likely to die than white even fants infants. -- infants. it's all tied to stress of the mother that carries into the baby. locally and nationally, doctors degree it's stress related to racism and the feeling of isolation. >> we know that stress can influence are preterm birth, true for people of all races. african americans have significantly higher rates
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this kind of court sol in -- cortisol in their hair, correlates with a higher rate of infant mortality. >> the stress hormone shows up in strands of hair. there is a study going on in which women's hair is cut before, during, and after pregnancy and analyzed. we'll tell you more about the study and introduce you to african-american women who have lost their babies way too soon. what is being done to help her other women tonight at 9 and 10. the documentary airs tomorrow night at 10:30. >> amazing to know it's not tied to income either. wow. if you watch a sporting event on tv, ooufr likely seen one of those testosterone commercials. a new study looked at 8
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found replacement therapy can relieve symptoms of depression. researchers found no negative side effects in this trial, but our 9news medical expert dr. john torres says there are serious side effects. >> sleep apnea can be worse than acne, worse than oily skin. those are things that can happen, but they're minor side effects. it can cause higher risk of prostate cancer or it. higher risk of possible heart attacks and strokes. we know that as well. natural way. men can do that by losing weight, exercising and getting more sleep. for children with adld, medications are often prescribed early and often. a new study says attention deaf ficit problems
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treated with behavioral therapy before medication. therapy is based on rewards systems. the kids are improving a lot faster than those just taking adhd medication. researchers say stim lants like adderall and ritalin can be helpful, but as a secondary treatment. you need to talk through everything too as opposed to just the medicine. >> not everything can be fixed with medication alone. thinking about selling your house? our real estate expert wade
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. now. departments are battling a grass fire in well county right now in the area of well county road 75
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the well county sheriff's office says one structure has burned, but it's not clear how big the fire is. no word on injuries either. we have sky 9 on the way right now. we have warmer temperatures and high winds, so we're going to keep an eye on that through the afternoon. hopefully this doesn't start any more fires. many homeowners are thinking spring and summer the best time to sell a home. that may not be the case. >> no. here's 9news anchor corey rose. >> spring isn't always the best time to list your house. even though your property looks great, and your landscape, there are reasons why now may be a great time. >> cory, let's call it what it is. it's going to be close to 70 degrees. it's february. this weekend, next weekend, there has going to be people out in force. but the four reasons we're going to talk about relate to one
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that's competition. do you want to be the first check that comes through the neighborhood or the fourth check? >> right. >> that's what it reel yiy revolves around. >> colorado continues to be the most popular police station to place to -- place to move in the entire country. look at the climate, economy, diverse number of businesses. we know why it's great to live here. it's getting there for the rest of the country. >> less competition right now. >> less competition. in about april, may, you'll see the number of houses coming on the market will be probably double what they are now. so if you really want to be that first check instead of the fourth check, you want to be on now so there are fewer properties you have to compete with to get that offer. >> the process may be a lot quicker right now. >> yes. buyers have to go through the loan process. and in doing so, that's a lot of
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if we throw in twice as many transactions, the lenders get bogged down and it delays time periods of getting approved, delay times to closings and the process gets more complicated. going earlier means getting it done sooner. >> over the year mortgage rates are supposed to rise. right now they're lower than on. >> correct. time. it hasn't come truf the way we thought, but the federal reserve raced rates this last november. they've never only had wub raise. at some point over the next 12 months, rates will be higher, meaning fewer buyers will be able to afford your home relative to today. competition. compete with fewer properties and compete with more people that can afford your property. >> reasons that some people are thinking of listing. >> you're now in a place where you can go buy your next house
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it's already sold.
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. during our morning show, we talked about chelsea clinton headed to boulder today to campaign for her mother, but she didn't make it. she tweeted because of travel troubles, late flight, she didn't make it to boulder. we think she'll still make it to denver tomorrow. >> less wind for her. >> yeah. have a good day, everybody. >> goodbye.
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nicole brown-simpson's chilling abuse diaries unlocked. >> her explosive hand-written confessions as america is swept up in the o.j. murders again now on "extra"! threw me into walls. you're going to pay for this, expletive. a battered nicole brown-simpson detailing the physical, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of o.j. and her fears he would kill her. >> my sister documented years of abuse.


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