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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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traveling with his lights and sirens on causing the two vehicles to collide. the chevy landed in a ditch near the intersection. the officer suffered minor injuries. the driver did not survive. >> it's tragic all the way around. i mean two people were heavily impacted because of this accident today, our officer and a gentleman who lost his life plus his family. >> reporter: this is the second officer-involved collision in eight days. on wednesday, february 10th, arapahoe county deputy bill foreman was critically injured in a car wreck while he was responding to what turned out to be a homicide call. the drive who hit him was cited for careless driving. these two incidents are separate. the fatal crash in westminster is still under investigation. police have not said if the driver who died broke any traffic laws, but these two incidents do have one thing in common. >> it is very tragic because it's very avoidable. >> reporter: arapahoe deputy matthew henderson says both incidents are a tough reminder
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distance from first responders. >> keep the radio down so if there is an emergency vehicle approaching, you can hear it and if you're coming upon an emergency vehicle that's stopped on the side of the road, move over a lane. >> reporter: the goal, to keep our roads safe for everyone. in westminster christine noel, 9news. >> police have not released the name of the driver who died this morning. police are working to determine the details of a phoned in bomb threat this morning that led to the evacuation of broomfield high school. the call came in around 10:15. parents were notified in an hour. as students and staff left the building, most were directed to the school football field. police searched the be and determined there was no threat. around noon students returned to class. today is day two of the attempted murder trial of dynel lane brought testimonies from doctors and police. lane is accused of attempted first degree murder for taking an unborn baby from a pregnant woman in march. victoria sanchez was in court all day. >> reporter: the victim in
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not appear in court, but she did testify yesterday. we heard from two surgeries, one of whom said wilkins lost more than half our blood in the attack that happened in march. longmont police detective mark deton said when he arrived at lane's house, he found blood throughout the home including on two knives on, a washing machine and on a mattress. lane's defense attorneys are arguing the attack that left the baby dead and wilkins with serious injuries was not premeditated. a doctor who saw both lane and wilkens in the hospital testified the incision made to take out the baby showed that lane knew what she was doing to an extent. >> afterwards i went upstairs and talked to the detective and i shared with her, i thought it was actually a pretty decent caesarean section, somewhat consistent with, you know, first year intern performing their first. >> reporter: dr. nelson said
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had the baby, then changed her story before he performed an exam proving she did not give birth. he said lane told him she was trying to save the baby after wilkins started stabbing herself in lane's house. the defense successfully argued that the doctor who performed the autopsy on the baby should not be allowed in court. they say it is irrelevant because the baby is not being considered as a murder victim in this case. attorney jennifer beck said the baby who wilkins was planning to call aurora said, "it's simply not an issue in the legal sense." jonathan, the judge agreed. >> victoria sanchez recording in boulder, thank you. the shutdown of i-70 between glenwood springs and gypsum will likely last into the prediction despite an earlier prediction of possibly one lane reopening this afternoon. cdot says high winds and other weather conditions are slowing repair work after rock slides damaged the highway earlier this week. limited traffic could be allowed on the interstate
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the bike pass is closed, too. repairs could take several weeks. the cost is estimated at roughly $5 million. a helicopter on a sight seeing tour with five people on board crashed today in the pacific ocean near pearl harbor caught on video. a 16-year-old boy is in critical condition after people in the harbor helped pull all people on board to shore. the helicopter went down near the uss memorial. donald trump criticized the pope today for grit sizing a person's faith. -- criticizing a person's faith. pope francis said on a flight home from mexico that anyone who wants to build a wall along the u.s./mexican border isn't christian. trump has promised to build a wall and expel 11 million people in the country illegally if elected president. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful.
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attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis' ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> trump went on to say that he's a very proud christian. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a battle for votes in colorado's march 1st caucuses. we did a truth test on one of sanders' first ads wednesday at 5:00. 9news reporter political reporter brandon rittiman is back with the same treatment for a clinton ad. >> reporter: sanders never mentioned clinton and clinton doesn't mention sanders either in helper first tv ad in colorado, but still this ad is about him to some degree. it's clinton's campaign pitching her as more qualified. >> the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even imagine that's the job. >> to back up that argument the clinton ad then goes into a laundry list of issues she's worked on.
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securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons. >> this needs context. you decide what massive means. the ad is talking about the new start treaty with russia which she helped pass as secretary of state. experts point out that it doesn't force a big reduction because new start counts nukes differently than the old treaty it replaced. for instance, multiple weapons on one bomber count as one weapon, but it does require regular inspections and reports. both 20s got rid of hundreds of weapons since the new treaty. here are the numbers. you can decide whether it's massive. >> standing up against the social security. >> these are both argument. as secretary of state clinton can both to several times when she made a point on working as abusive women as an issue. results of those efforts are hard to measure. as for social security? clinton argued against president bush's 2005 plan to
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security. bush had supporters who argued it was a way to save the program in the long run, but never got the program off the launch pad. >> expanding benefit for the national guard. >> this is true. as a senator clinton worked with republicans to expand the military's tri-care service to more guard members in more circumstances. >> and winning healthcare for 8 million children. >> this one is an overstatement and the oldest claim in the ad. clinton was credited with pushing as first lady to pass the state children's health insurance program known as chip in 1997, but this ad implies that 8 million kids on chip today wouldn't have gotten any other kind of coverage. 10 years after it passed the congressional office on budget found 25 to 50% of the kids on chip were leaving private plans to get chip instead. bottom plan, clinton has items in her record related to all these things but in a couple
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context. with your truth test brandon rittiman, 9news. >> go to to see our research and other truth tests. chelsea clinton stopped at university of denver this afternoon to campaign for her mom and brought along actress america ferrera. the two spoke to volunteers, supporters and students to touch on several topics including climate change, healthcare costs and higher education, of course. an iranian american asked about tensions with iran. >> she also said we're not at a point yet where we can normalize relations with iran partly because iran continues to deny israel's existence and also partly because iran continues to be a black box when it comes to human rights, when it comes to women's rights, particularly in some of the more rural areas. >> former president bill clinton will campaign for hillary this weekend in pueblo and colorado springs. clinton leads bernie sanders by double digits in a new national
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53% of democratic primary voters back clinton while only 42% sanders. that 11 point advantage is down from her 25 point edge just a month ago. the new poll was conducted sunday, monday and tuesday. more about the results will come up on nbc nightly news. the percentage of american adults not getting enough sleep don't. >> also ahead the damage so far caused by a large grassfire in weld county burning near the wyoming state line. >> and hundreds of school children invited to attend a sold out performance by the
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high winds today fueled a large grassfire that has burned several acres near the weld county state line. at least one structure has burned, no injuries reported. the fire began late this morning. high wind watch has been in effect for weld county much of the day. more than 1/3 of americans are tossing and turning when they should be getting a good night's rest. experts recommend adults sleep at least seven hours a night. getting less than that is linked to a variety of health problems including diabetes and heart disease. the cdc reports one in three adults does not get enough sleep, especially true among african americans and people living in the southeast. the colorado ballet isn't usually a place where people get rowdy. today it was different. 1,800 colorado school kids were invited to see a sold out performance. 9news photojournalist anne
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field trip to the ellie caulkins opera house. >> we like to have everybody come and experience the ballet. >> reporter: today everybody means 1,800 school kids. >> we have a schoolmate. colorado. >> we recall at the student matinee of alice in wonderland. we have been sold out for months on this production. [ music ] the show. >> you can come with your friend and not just your family who takes you. you get to share this experience with your friends and it's really fun. >> fun, a lot of fun. >> reporter: fun even when it means sitting still. this is the first time these dancers are performing alice in wonderland for an audience. >> it's amazing they're letting the kids do that. it's not out to the public. they let the kids see it first before everybody else can. >> reporter: and the added bonuses. >> you get to get out of school and stop learning for a little. >> reporter: but even if they
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learning. >> there's different ways to express yourself than just talking. >> the costumes are great. i really like the birds, how they like did the arm movements. that was really cool. >> reporter: yeah, it might not be the typical ballet crowd, but that's the point. >> our mission in our education department serve dance. so no matter your socio-- is everybody dance. so no matter your sociocheck class you should come experience dance. you -- socioeconomic class you should come experience dance. you should come experience ballet. >> reporter: it's a dance lesson these kids won't soon forget. >> it wasn't just colorado students who saw the performance. it was live streamed to 80 schools nationwide. alice in wonderland opens to the public tomorrow night. >> my girl friend is going to ask me to take her. >> you should go. >> we should. it looks like a lot of fun. pressure. today's record breaking warmth will be followed by a
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>> when we get back to more typical temperatures for this time of year next in kathy's forecast. >> good afternoon. lady for us trump versus the pope -- ahead for us trump versus the pope, why those two are at odds, if a hospital can have its computer taken ransom, how easy could it be for cyber crooks to hold your data lost age.
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hello, welcome back, meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the very windy but warm 9news backyard. outside gusty wind out of the southwest continue to blow off front range foothills. ahead of me fast moving but a very powerful storm system, a record high in denver, 73 degrees, the old record 71 set back in 1930. the average high this time of year is 47. consider that when you look at the high of 81 in pueblo and almost nighttime in lamar. gusty winds continue -- 90 in lamar. gusty winds continue at the airport and may affect travel, so do call ahead. temperatures in the 9news backyard have been running very mild, close to 70 still at this 5:00 hour and we expect gusty winds to peak overnight and die down tomorrow morning. we're seeing some of those peak gusts this hour between 45 and 50 miles per hour across the city with it gusts over 70 and 80 across some of the higher passes. we have high wind warnings in effect for much of the front range with peak wind gusts
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over some of the higher passes, hurricane force winds, if you will, and again this high wind event is expected to continue tonight as gusty winds out of the southwest will blow overnight, peak during the midmorning hours drying out the atmosphere and bringing an increase to our fire danger with a red flag warning posted south and east of the metro area. be mindful of areas of blowing snow. this system literally races off to the east of us. we have a sunny day tomorrow with less wind, but another system moves in quickly behind this one, so a very progressive pattern. cold air stays north of us. warm air pushes south. we're still above average tomorrow, but i think the big story will be less of this. we have areas of blowing snow in the northern and central mountains tonight reducing visible, but that moisture just can't get here in the city or to lower elevations. the wind is just going to dry it out. winds shift overnight southwest to northwest with a passage of that front around 9:00.
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be in the northern and central mountains tonight, the heaviest wind above 7,500 feet, but that wind is translating down to lower elevations and here into the city. then we do with the winter weather and travel advisory for the potential for 4 to 8 inches of snow outside of steamboat and meeker and about 1/2 foot of snow expected around vail and aspen. a powerful quick burst of snow for the mountains, freshen up that snowpack. getting up there tonight and tomorrow will be tough. teens in the mountains tonight, 30s on the plains, skies clearing overnight. again the wind peaks overnight decreasing midmorning tomorrow. you'll still have a tough morning drive. in terms of the wind 40 in hayden tomorrow, 60 in denver, 70s -- i feel like i'm having a beyonce moment out here, pull the player out of the lip gloss and show you -- hair out of the lip gloss and show you the high temperatures tomorrow -- 58 in blackhawk and 40s for grand lake and kremmling. you probably can't find your
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metro wind gusts go up to 50 miles per hour tonight and early tomorrow. we will have mild overnight lows below about the freezing mark in many areas and mid-50s by lunchtime, low 60s tomorrow. so a nice way to end the week, less wind after the midmorning period and temperatures very comfortable, although about 10 degrees cooler than today. a cooling trend heading into the weekend, but i have your weekend dry. i introduce the chance of rain and snow showers monday night, snow for the morning drive tuesday. temperatures very chilly compared to what we've been experiencing for the first part of next week, but look at this. we are back to 50s, 60s and even 70s. up in the high country the skiing and snowboarding amazing, but call head heading up there, the wind and snow making tough travel on i-70 tonight.
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wind coming up in just a stocks finished down as a three day rally ran out of steam. the dow gave up 40 points, s&p lost nine and the nasdaq
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the nuggets made a deal right at the nba trading deadline this afternoon. nugs sent guard randy foye to the oklahoma city thunder in exchange for dj augustine, novak and a couple second round draft pictures. 81st annual state wrestling tournament is underway. we're live, at the pepsi center. hi, taylor! >> reporter: hey, drew, it's kind of hard to hear it's so loud up here, but it's a great atmosphere. mountain view high school sent a school record nine wrestlers
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weekend, two of whom actually have quite a bit in common. >> a lot of drilling today because the show will be in a couple of minutes. >> reporter: call it a family affair. >> i've heard a lot of stories about my dad's career. >> reporter: mountain view sophomore brandon barker could very well be filling his father's enormous wrestling shoes. >> i told them all this is kind of my thing. it doesn't have to be theirs. >> reporter: scott barker was a two time colorado state wrestling champion and all american. now his son -- >> they look at me. they see big dude and look at her, 5-foot. >> reporter: wait, her? >> she's my twin actually. >> reporter: and is obviously not an identical twin sister calely are making -- caley are making history as the first boy/girl twins to qualify for state this year. >> reporter: her petite 106- pound frame. >> she just goes, goes, goes. >> reporter: doesn't quite
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>> wrestling pretty much a guys sport, but when girls come in, i have a huge respect for girls in wrestling. >> reporter: so while wrestling each other may be out of the question now -- >> i got my license first before he did. he didn't take the class. >> reporter: -- don't expect their competitive fires to burn out this weekend. now the barker twins say that people usually don't even believe it when they say they're related, let alone twins. both of them will be on the mat tonight for the 4a prelims. we'll have the results tonight. back to you. >> didn't hear a world, but see you at 6:00. between the university of denver and colorado college play tonight and we're live again. 9news sports reporter aaron matas is in colorado springs. hi, aaron. >> reporter: much quieter in here. they're calling this the lame duck game. at least that's what pioneers calling this.
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and it just so happens game one is here at the broadmoor world arena. the message all week at teams first. this team is coming off a huge sweep of north carolina last week and would lose a lot of that momentum by stumbling against the tigers who are the worse team in the conference. >> obviously came off a big weekend against north dakota, two big wins and you can get on a bit of a high, but we can't let that get to us. we got to stay focused on the game that's coming up next. >> it's all that matters right now. the game saturday will be a blast. it's an unbelievable opportunity, but at the end of the day it's three points each game and we've got to go win them. >> reporter: pioneers have only lost once since the new year and that's a streak they hope to keep alive tonight in colorado springs. >> like a library in there. thanks, aaron. when rockies catchers and pitchers report for spring
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come back to the same place. today was the official spring training start date and the crowd is big, all the pitchers, all the catchers, plus most of the position players voluntarily arrived. that's no different than normal because most of the pitchers live and train in the phoenix area during the offseason. >> not everybody can do that because a lot of them have families obviously, but the guys in can do it, that can pick up and move down here and get a place, for the most part those guys have done that, you know. it's a great setup we've got here. >> rockies are picked to finish last again this year. hopefully that's wrong.
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developing news tonight. the pope versus trump. shock waves as pope francis weighs into the race for president. why he said donald trump is not a christian. trump fires back, blasting the pope as disgraceful it's getting ugly as rubio and cruz trade accusations of dirty tricks. sanders fight ght in vegas. a terrifying chopper crash caught on tape near pearl harbor. breaking news from hawaii. held hostage, a hospital hacked. its computers frozen, forced to back control. and a warning it could


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