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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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we have a lot of work to do. you know, i clearly understand that you can't fix a problem unless you can identify it. >> it's a big problem. a crime wave hit every denver neighborhood in 2015. now we are asking denver police chief what he plans to do to make the city safer and police in aurora has a street padlocked off. and closing arguments will happen today for the woman accused of attacking an expecting mom and stealing her unborn baby. we'll take a look at the timeline of what to expect next. >> such a tough case. >> uh-huh. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. marty, a little bit of rain this afternoon. you think it's moving in. >> it will be maybe in the foothills. if you live right at the base
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some rain late this afternoon. for most of us, you'll have to wait until after sunset before anything gets going. this storm is still hung up in utah. it will make its way through the mountains during the day and slowly make its way. i think most of the metro area will keep it generally cloudy, with temperatures pushing into the 50s here. by 2:00 or 3:00, we'll begin to see some wet snow falling in the foothills. we'll still hold it in the 30s and 40s. jump ahead to about 11:00, that's where rain picks up here by lower terrain. that will put us in the two to four inches of rain, up around fort collins and loveland, heavier snow in the front range. everybody will get some good snow. i'll update the advisories here. amelia, i think that, some morning, we will be standing or
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in some snow coming down. >> all right, marty, i'll come and join you. >> okay. freeway volumes are light but side streets, a lot of happening early on this monday morning drive. two lanes are shut down because of a four-car crash. police are on scene, fire crews on scene. mississippi over to logan, a really easy alternate route to get you around the delays. east side, an update on a situation around knoll. s.w.a.t. activity, eastbound, ham den closed. alternate is eastbound quincy.
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we have been saying that east hampden avenue at himalaya is closed because of a guy who barricaded himself in his home. >> reporter: that's right. it started as a welfare situation. the arapahoe county sheriff says that hampden is closed from liverpool to himalayas, crews brought out some blockades to block off the road. you can see some police officers behind me. i want to show you himalaya street here. more emergency vehicles are arriving. here. we have video of what the earlier. deputies arrived at that home in the 20400 block of hampden for that welfare check. as they tried to talk to the man inside, he fired a single
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thankfully, no one was hurt and deputies did not return fire. they have been trying to negotiate with that man ever since. reverse emergency notifications were sent out to this neighborhood. some homes in the immediate area near this house, those were actually evacuated and the sheriff's office says that other people in other homes were told to shelter in place. the arapahoe county sheriff's office are here along with aurora police, bomb squad and s.w.a.t. teams all here trying to negotiate with this man and hopefully end this situation peacefully. >> what a situation for neighbors there, thanks, noel. the end of the trial is close, a chance for the victim, forward. but wilkins and the jurors will
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dynel lane will not testify. her attorneys rested the case on friday without calling her. her, yes. and we did hear from the victim, michele wilkins. the testimony was gripping, but lane. her attorneys have never denied that she took part in this attack but said it was not pre med -- premeditated. they say that's something that went out of control. michele wilkins said that dynel lane attacked her, hitting her, choking her and cutting her unborn baby from her. dynel lane did not testify in
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police interview. she said that wilkins attacked her. and when she passed out, that's when she heard about the baby. >> i cut the baby out. >> reporter: prosecutors say that dynel lane removed that baby from wilkins' womb and took that balky to the hospital. she did not survive but prosecutors could not prove that the baby showed signs of life outside of the womb. that's been a point of contention. closing arguments will begin at 9:00 and the jury will begin deliberating this case.
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once was. nearly every crime is up in 51 murders were investigated putting it at a ten-year high. it's not just homicides but just about every crime. we asked the denver police chief what he was doing. he says that number 1, officers will be moved into the street. the goal is to let officers crime reduction activity and 3, officers will work on building trust in the community. you can see what crimes rose the most in your neighborhood. story. man is accused of killing his business partner in a marijuana grow operation and then burning his body in a car. today, the suspect, 46-year-old sean gaddis is set to be suspected of killing 44-year-
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parker was shot, his body found in a burned out car in deer creek canyon in jefferson county. it is 5:37. an uber driver may have taken fares in between a shooting spree, randomly targeting people acrosskalamazoo, michigan. investigators know who the driver is, but they don't know why he did what he did. he is expected to be in court to be charged with murder toyed. he drove around on saturday night and during the course of victims. by the end of the night, hicks people had lost their lives, two critically hurt, including a teenage girl who doctors initially said did not survive. police arrested the uber driver early sunday morning. he has no criminal record.
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remain focused on nevada and south carolina. the nevada republican caucus will be on tuesday and this saturday, south carolina democrats will go to the poll. on the democratic side, hillary clinton won in nevada, a big turn around after her big loss to bernie sanders in new hampshire. 13 states go to the poll for primaries and call causes including colorado in march. and a pretty big jump at the start of the day after stocks posted their best week of the year. oil prices may still be the focus. a lot of consumers feel
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personal information on their smart phones. a new survey find 75% of people don't even trust well-known brands to take care of their data and more than half say that their trust has been eroded in recent years. nearly a third say they are unwilling to share any permanent information now which could spell big trouble for marketers. ford wants to give you a smoother ride, the company expanding the availability of its pothole detection technology. ford plans to include it in the fusion sport. the detection instantly adjusts the shock absorbers to keep the tires from dropping all the way down. and cdot is making good time, cleaning this rock slide. they have cleaned up 400-tons of rocks.
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both directions until 9:00 a.m. from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. will close to let crew clear more. crews stayed on scene overnight fighting a wildfire in fort carson. so far, the fire has burned about 1200 acres. the turkey creek fire was about 65% contained yesterday evening. army helicopters helped fight the fire yesterday. the wildfires started during life fire training exercises. it will start with a snow forecast by late in the day tomorrow. up. some of the best snow front range mountains, foothill streps into southeastern colorado. several advisories for snow. southern foothills, jeffco into western douglas county, winter park, summit county, vail area, 6 to 12 inches of snow and
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ski top, wet mountains and in the southern foothills more like a 4 to 8-inch snow. around here, cloudy conditions, through the day. we are not really going to start picking up rain and snow until after sunset late tonight. >> marty, we will be looking forward to that. seeing an unsettling trend. more drowning. so the school district and the ymca are teaming up to give kids some swim lessons. in the week ahead, we could see president obama name another judge to the u.s. supreme court. it could determine the political tilt of the highest
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average price of gasoline dropping a couple more penis here in town over the week. aaa pegs the average price per gallon in denver at a buck 50. looking for a steal of a price for a new home? try puerto rico.
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you can get a three three- bedroom house there for under 150. few people want to buy and more people are fleeing. more than one in ten people cannot find jobs there and the government is deep in debt. since puerto ricans are american citizens, many are packing up and leaving. the island has lost over 10% of their population in the past ten years. lowe's and home depot, we'll get their financial report and we'll also have the real estate market. receiving federal grants has not helped many schools in colorado improve as they thought it would. only a handful of the schools that got any made progress.
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little correlation between extra money and academic improvement. about 30 schools have one year left. they need to improve on this grand and if they don't, the state school board could shut them down and turn them into charter schools. the state education department is working to find out what role the school is doing. while spring break is right around the corner, time to think about water safety classes for kids. so important. the ymca in boulder is partnering with the boulder district to offer swim lessons for kindergarteners. they started the program to reduce the drowning rate in the county. the y toals us that three or four kids in their area drown every year in this age group. the goal is to make the kids comfortable in the water while teaching them how to swim at the edge of the pool. >> i remember my kids were that age and we threw them in there
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>> get them started. 5:46. comedian bill cosby is still fighting sexual charges. he is trying to get his wife to not testify. wet snow blowing around here, snowing through the morning tomorrow but by noon -- before noon, i think we are clear. and sunny. here is the snow forecast for you, two to four inches metro area, slights slightly higher amounts south of the county road. and then it moves to northern colorado. again, we are done, done, done by noon tomorrow a look at 525.
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225 trans cysting to i-25, no problem in case but we do have here. a few lanes blocked at kentucky s.w.a.t. activity has eastbound ham ben avenue at south himalaya shut down.
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the supreme court hears cases for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. scalia was a conservative. with his passing, the court is now evenly split ideologically amongst its eight members. this week, we'll learn who
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republicans do not want him to nominate anybody until the next president. bill cosby's wife will answer questions under oath in a lawsuit against her husband. bill cosby is accused of sexually assaulting women decades ago. his lawyers asked for a stay. the judge denied that motion. marty, we were just talking about how dry we have been lately. it's nice to get some moisture. >> it will be nice. no snow is zero impact, and this one will be a low storm. it will be more of a wet storm. here is the storm cutting
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picking up some clouds. relatively mild again. 20s, 30s in a lot of places with lower terrains in the teens and 20s. we'll hold that rain and snow in the foothills this afternoon. it will be west after sunset before we see anything down here low. you will see things cloud up. not much happening around here today. 40s, 50s over the lower terrain. as we get into tonight, and tomorrow, again, these are the snow forecast amounts. there will be some melting on the pavement as this goes along. snow starts in the mountains today, will continue in the mountains through the afternoon and evening, stretches all the way into southern colorado. 40s, 50s. because the storm is just getting started in the mountains, look for 30s and 40s for our daytime highs today with really good powder coming up tomorrow. forecast high. snow picks up some.
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we are done by noon at the latest. it will be before noon. and then we hang in the 40s to low 50s for a few days. another quick warmup. the snow that falls tomorrow will melt and sink in very quickly during course of this week. good morning, marty. sky 9 getting ready to take off. we'll have the aerial view in a minute. but until then, we have the maps, cameras and cdot. light conditions on 25. we have word of an accident here across northbound broadway lane around kentucky, so directly south of i-25. mississippi to logan can help you out. we had word that this intersection was blocked briefly by the fire department to protect the vehicles on scene.
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activity still has it shut down, hampden at himalaya closed. the alternate route is quincy street and that is fairly light right now.
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if mascot frighten you which, of course, is called mascotophobia -- yes, there is
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to see this. 138 mascots, including the phillies fanatics and the sixers franklin the dog dance the electric slide. now they'll go into the guiness record work. >> do you have a fear of that? wow. >> you know what drew soicher calls that, right? he calls that heaven. >> absolutely. a sight to see as a female bald eagle made her way back into the wild. this is in portland. you can see the little hop, hop, hop, and gain some speed and took off into the air. the audubon so sidey rescued her from a fishing line last week -- i sure wish they would help me [ coughing ] >> sherryl's voice struggling a little bit. >> i love like how she hops, do i do do? i got it. >> i remember now. this is awesome. the first family had an energetic visitor at the white house.
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it was just so random that it could have been anybody. >> a community devastated by a random rampage. today, an uber driver will be in court accused of killing six, wounding several others sphwhrrchl and the trial went much quicker than expected. closing arguments in the dynel lane case today. we'll take you live to boulder. and what do you do when you can't find words at describing your excitement at meeting the president of the united states?


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