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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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>> i asked michelle that today. how do you plan to move for it's a tough question to answer. but she does have a plan, knowing that she's forgiven her attacker, saying she hopes lane finds inner peace. after six hours of deliberation, the jury came back with a guilty verdict on all six counts against her, attempted murder, four counts of assault, and the unlawful termination of a preg naensz. she's facing up to 120 years in prison -- pregnancy. she's facing up to 120 years in prison. she says recovering from the loss of her daughter is not
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>> there's still a lot of >> i mentioned that i do eventually want to open my own community center. and that still is definitely on my horizon. >> wilkins is originally from the east coast. she went home after the attack and moving back to the boulder area. she wants to open a community area. she wants it to be a center for people in the community to heal. and also a center to focus on growing organic food and supporting arts, specifically her pottery. but in the meantime, she wants to surround herself with family and do some travelling. >> so refreshing to hear from her. a very forgiving heart. >> it's unbelievable the little speech she gave to the media afterward. she is so forgiving lane. she still struggles with the why. >> and living her life after this.
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south sdprl west mexico is closed for a police investigation. police have taken one person of interest into custody already in this case about which there are few detail details. firefighters apparently heard what they thought were gun shots. two schools were placed on lockout because of the police activity there. they are excel academy and johnson elementary school. johnson has been released. excel is still under lockout, and they are doing a controlled release. an investigation continues in this area. from snow and cloudy skies to sunshine and dry roads, everybody wrapped up late this morning. it turned out perfectly. you're saying the snow is pretty much out of here.
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in the city is just erased. sunny skies late this morning and started that snow melt across the metro area. in the high country, it's gonna take a little bit longer. check out these snow amounts coming in from higher elevations where we had more than a foot in some spots like monarch, clearcreek canyon. now we have that sun sunshining right now in spots in the high country. in winter park, it looks absolutely beautiful with that new snow right there. here in the front range, the snow amounts from 1-3 inches the way we forecast. and less than 2 inches in northern colorado and on the eastern plains. the reason why it was did come out. it is a little breezy. the system has pushed off to the south. we are done with the snow. any kind of wet weather for the time being. the
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the 40s and in the 30s. with the winds it feels like the 20s. dry roads for your drive home. temperatures in the 40s, and then in the 30s as that sun sets. we only have one travel advisory. 6:00 in the afternoon, just a little while longer. here is a look at radar and satellite. our storm has shifted to the south and southeast. it's closed big problems for gulf coast states in the form of severe weather. and we've already had several tornadoes reported in louisiana. at home we're looking at a very cold night ahead. we'll look at how cold it'll get. plus a warmup on the way through the weekend. we'll see when that next chance for snow will be. the forecast mind at all. >> neither do we. and it turned this afternoon. never happened. >> by the time folks woke up,
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big dice i.c.e.. [ laughter ] >> am they're disappointed, now they're gonna point fingers at me! [ laughter ] roads are back open around 18th and fremont in downtown denver after a school bus fire today. there were no kids on the bus when the fire started. the bus had taken kids from buffalo ridge elementary school to a museum downtown fairfield trip. many reached out with photos and videos because it happened in such a busy area. denver fire says the fire started in the engine. another bus did go to the museum to pick up the kids and the parents were notified. learning more about a shooting in the highlands that injured an officer and left a suspect dead. a bullet struck rachel eves' lower leg during a shootout yesterday afternoon. police received two separate
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highlands area early in the day. >> it has been a rocky thing going forward. i think we're dealing with it the best we can. it's efficient that it wasn't -- fortunate that it wasn't more critical. >> the suspect was eventually shot and killed by officers near 30th and lowell. police have identified him but family members have not. but they do know it's sergio gonzalez. his girlfriend has a lot of questions about what happened yesterday. >> i just want to know exactly what happened, why was he out there? what was he doing? [ crying ] >> i just don't understand. >> another burglary suspect was arrested at the same place, identified as alfonso pedia. both suspects have a lengthy and
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swedish medical center asked 2,900 patients to tested for bloodborn illnesses after possible exposure. and 2/3 of them. through with those tests. the test comes after the hospital fired rocky allen who tried to swap syringes to steal a powerful pain killer. authorities say he has a bloodborne pathogen but they're not saying which one. >> you would expect in a population. 3,000 folk, at least six, seven is, eight people mate come back positive. just as a result of other type of contact, not necessarily as a result of exposure to this particular healthcare employee. >> interpreting the results is complicated. some will go to the cdc where viral sequencing can
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which positive results stem from exposure at swedish. experts agree schools should be doing drills to prepare for an active shooter. even so an investigation found that some colorado schools aren't doing the drills and don't know how. the laws we have now don't mandate drills or give specific instructions on what drills should entail. and in our second part of our investigation, anastasia asks the legislature if policy changes are necessary to ensure that everyone is doing the proper training. >> they need to be funded. funding is one of the sticking points here. at least that's what the leadership told us. we asked all 178 school districts in colorado about their active shooter preparedness. what we heard over and over is many smaller schools didn't have the expertise to do a drill. didn't have time or money to do one. money to hire someone who can come in and teach or have the
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and all that falls under that umbrella. yes, there are free resources in the state, yes, we heard funding was one of the sticking points. we took our findings to the senate majority leader and the chair of the school safety and youth and crisis committee. >> it is the function of this place to consider how to motivate that. it's something we wrestle w. how do you make people want to care more that results in more safety? whether that turns into specific mandates that will require funding remains to be seen. >> tonight the senator was surprised to hear that some schools aren't doing the drills and didn't know where to turn for help. >> we're interested to hear
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parents care about this deeply. opposition from both sides of the aisle today after president obama announced this morning he's making one last effort to shut down the detention center at guantanamo bay. he wants to transfer the remaining detainees to a facility in the united states. the president is asking for up to $475 million in construction costs that would ultimately be offset by as much as $180 million per year in operation costs savings. colorado essentially terry edwarder in tweeted this. senator bennett told the new york times he supports closing the prison but the detainees should be moved to a military prison. both democrats run further
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clinton announced that several advocates for tighter gun laws are endorsing her. relatives of the columbine and aurora theater shootings. at the capitol, several lawmakers announced they are throwing their support behind bernie sanders. they say saernz is willing -- sanders is willing to stand up for working class americans. here's what they had to say about their decisions. >> she told my hand and said we've got to do something after columbine. and she's the only candidate that appears to be willing to stand up to the gun lobby with common sense gun measures. i don't want other people to experience what i have. >> this race is about freedom. this race is about justice. [ cheering and applause ] >> and i stand here today to
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ensure that i stand on the right side of the moral arc of the universe. [ cheering and applause ] >> republicans caucuses will have little impact on the presidential race. that is because coloradans decided not to have a presidential preference poll. the father of one of the theater victims is running for state senate. his son was one of 12 who died at the shooting in 2012. that's when he got involved in politics. he was one of several relatives of the theater shooting victims who work ed to change laws and lobbied for new state gun control. sullivan, a democrat, wants to build off his experience as a legislator. he is running for state senate district 27. >> everything you do as a parent is try to make your kids
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to let them down. and i would certainly hope that the actions that i take, i continue to do, to try to make him proud of me. >> currently senate district 27 is held by incumbent republican district 27 is largely republican. a way too give you instant we'll have more information in ten minutes. check on your phone if it's not already attached to you or in your hand. >> we test drove this run. get very cool. >> interesting topic. a lot to be decide ahead of super tuesday next week. the day colorado holds its caucuses. >> our political experts are
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happening today, and i guess we're asking about trump's momentum and what this means, and what it means also for all of jeb bush's supporters. where do they go? >> i think it's likely that most of bush's supporters will end up with rubio. we've seen he has done really well recently in terms of endorsements. and in terms of donors flocking to him. really there's only about two to three weeks before rubio and cruz to come to some kind of consensus as to who is the anti-trump candidate. and the reality is that it's time for the republican party to really start to take on and talk about donald trump. he is the most likely candidate that republicans have. and he has even just a few days ago reaffirmed his support for the
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most important part of obamacare. so the thing about donald trump, a lot of us who are policy people look at him and say if he is the standard for what the republican party is, what do we stand for? and maybe it might ultimately be nothing. and that's a really big concern for many republicans. >> this is a kind. infighting that most democrats are hoping for. >> certainly we love to see a trump on the republican side. he's the one that the polls show is easiest to beat. clinton against rubio is a dead heat. but trump there's an opening. but we have our own issues on our side. >> i was gonna say! even in colorado, bernie sanders is doing quite well here. >> there's no question there's a surge. and the question was always can sanders take his appeal to young voter s and turn
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including latinos? that will be a big part of the electorate. >> do rubio and cruz make a big run in the purple states? >> i think they do. they have they concern after each other. and trump is it. rubio says hey, i've got the trump. cruz says hey, i've got on trump. and they really need to come to some kind of consensus here within the next few weeks in order to make it mathematically possible for one of them to prevail. >> and it looks like hillary clinton right now mathematically is ahead. but does she come out of this if she does get the nomination wounded and beat up? >> bernie sanders has taken her left, made her a more liberal, progressive candidate. but also has helped harden suppositions, transform some positions, and made her look at her debating style and connection with people.
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her as a candidate in many, many ways. the bigger problem is who she's running against and how well does she do against the republican candidate. >> it's getting to that point! >> we're going to get your feedback on the topic today. log onto and get ready to see your vote on the screen. all right. fort collins is leading the
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gallop ranked communities on physical health, social ties, financial security, community, and sense of purpose. fort collins came in 4th! naples, florida, the top spot. 14 of the top-20 well being community. honolulu has the fewest residents who have been diagnosed with depression. >> the city with the highest stress level is bellingham, washington. 53% of adults there report high levels of stress on any given day in. comparison, 30% of adults in naples consider themselves stressed out. parts of the 16th street mall are getting a facelift. >> the mayor announced the city will install more than 180 new street lights. the mayor says
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reduce energy usage at cost. the new lights will cost about $2 million. a lot of people are wondering how much more can we spend on the mall? so it's highlighting things that will bring people downtown. will it bring the crowds back? what prevents you from visiting the 16th street mall? >> is it the lighting? parking? some people consider that a big problem. others say it's the homeless problem. so you can see the votes right there on the bottom of the screen. we want you to engage, tell us what you think. last time we talked about it on facebook alone, we were slammed by comments. so it sounds like parking at this point. and homelessness is way ahead of the lighting issue. >> poor lighting doesn't seem to be the issue that maybe the
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the gathering place that it is and the thousands of people who spend time downtown, the mall and a lot of people think they need to make some improvements. >> and the summer months are coming up. most people are saying parking is the problem. >> you have to give yourself 15 to 20 extra minutes. >> or a lack of parking. or you and there's also the issue of dealing with our city's homeless. sounds like that's where the votes are going right now. >> love the instant poll. >> thank you. that was easy. we'll do it again. the snow has moved out and
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drier weather as we head into the >> don't need the brights, was done. we're expecting drier weather into the weekend. >> i will say, i did have to shovel a little bit this morning down south. it ended a little later down south. and in the as well. and i can tell you, the only white i see out here is my coat! >> that's it. >> it is gone. just a little taste. but the trickier and tougher weather has shifted to the south. the impact that we had here on the front range, not as big, but as this cooler air is travelling to the south, it's interacting with this warm and humid mass of air, causing some severe weather around the dwufl coast.
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and we're talking about winter weather advisories. more about that severe weather. let's take a closer look at colorado. we have that light snow falling right now in parts of the san juans. look at this camera, downtown dur ango, we have those flurries, but it doesn't seem to beculating there. the snow has all cleared out at the base of copper mountain. the sun is shining, and people are wrapping fresh powder: the blue skies have taken over the river valley. the highs for today, 30s and 20s in higher elevations. 42 keys here in the metro -- 42 degrees here in the metro area. this is below where we should be this time of year. but we just had a storm system winds
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the chill is at 34 degrees. we've got 40s on the map, the eastern plains. temperatures coming into the 30s and in the 20s. clear skies as we approach this evening. so we're done with the snow. and any kind of moisture across the front range is gonna slowly decrease in the high country. but you'll notice that under these clear skies, those temperatures will dip our overnight lows are expected to be in the teens. so much colder. those winds are expected to decrease as well coming in from 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight lows in the teens in the lower elevations. we have seen colder nights. this is actually closer to our normal low as well. in the high country, not surprised that these mountain valleys drop to below answer. here's a hook at your futurecast -- look at your
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the snow is mostly done by 10:00 in the high cou our skies will clear overnight. tomorrow waking up to sunshine kids. if you're watching me morning. and i'm talking to my kids by the way. 49 will be the high tomorrow, much warmer, we'll have that sunshine especially in the eastern plains. the highs in the lower elevations in the 50s in northern colorado, 49 in the city, chilly and breezy at 7:00 am, 19 degrees around noon. mostly sunny, 47, and 3:00, i would call that sweater weather. temperatures at 49 degrees. possibly some good weather to burn some calories. here's the jet stream forecast. what we
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half of the united states. what that means is that we'll have temperatures warming up and also some drier weather in our forecast. and you're comoon see that wednesday -- gonna see that wednesday, thursday, friday, into saturday while colder air and also some more snowy weather is anded out to the midwest -- expected out to the midwest and the new england states. you'll be okay to wash the car. wednesday, thursday, and friday, the green light. possibly even into saturday. here's the extended forecast. this is above normal on friday, 53 we get into the 60s on saturday. and sunday, 55. so far our forecast models are calling for another chance of rain and snow for the start of next week. and after that, those temperatures start to sore again. this saturday, pretty
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stadium series. the avs take on the redwings. the puck drops at 6:00. and the temperatures will be around 62 degrees by . v -- degrees. by the end of the game, 52 degrees. simple to battle this past weekend. it should be a great one. >> fans are happy. >> and for february, that's true. >> they don't care if it's cold or not. [ laughter ] >> and march is just around the corner! so if you're not a fan of the snow, wait till march rolls around! that's our snowiest month on average! [ laughter ] >> it is, okay. u.s. health officials are looking into more than a dozen possible zika infections that may have been spread through sex. it's the same type of transmission that we heard from a veterinarian in fort collins
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surrounded by mosquitos. a few days later his wife began the 14 cases now being studied involve men who visited areas with zika outbreaks who may have infected their sex partners who did not travel. mars is recalling candy bars and other items in 55 countries in europe and elsewhere after plastic was found in one of its products. a piece of plastic was found in a smikers mini--- snickers nimi in germany. there are some surprising foods that can give you some severe stomach problems and there are things you can do to make food easier to digest. >> reporter: are you a fan of energy bars? your body may not
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ingredients in them and/or the syrup as well as the complex carbohydrates they contain. experts are suggesting that you eat only a small portion at a time. green tea can also be something that you might think is an easy healthy thing to have every day. and for many people it is because it's loaded with antioxidants and disease-fighting properties. but it can irritate other people because of the caffeine and tannins that are also in it. a solution could be to have a weak cup of tea or try soothing oe -- instead. everything from foods, vegetable skins to potatoes and green peppers may not be easy for some people to digest. stick with fresh, milder foods, and avoid processed foods. >> just keep it simple. try to cook your own food. if you don't have a crockpot, get one. they
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put everything in, you turn it on, hours later it's ready. >> reporter: stewed meat like the kind from crockpots is easier to digest than grilled, broiled, or fried meats. other suggestions, drink liquids between meals and eat slowly. >> some other foods that can irritate your stomach and more advice and suggestions, and why it is so important to pay attention to your body, go to that eating slowly thing is tough. i eat like i'm going to a fire. >> and if you drink too much when you're dehydrated, you never feel well afterwards. so take it easy. if you're looking for budding scientists, head to fort collins. >> next a big honor for one
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florida is back open after a police investigation. we had pictures of it from sky9. police took one person of interest into custody after firefighters heard what they thought were gunshots in this area. it is unclear if anyone was hit or injured. two schools were placed on lockout. excel academy and johnson elementary school. johnson is on a delayed release. parents are asked to come to the school and pick up their students. excel is doing a controlled release. there's an update for you. a big honor for students from ridgeway classical charter school. they're the colorado winners in the national science bowl competition. this is their sixth colorado win in eight years. >> they have it locked down! team of five now goes to washington to compete in the nationals. the high school kids answered questions on everything from biology to chemistry to physics and math. and blake
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everything they learn at a humanity paced school as well as math and science knowledge. >> because we have so many different interests, it helps you think differently about science. that can be an advantage. >> and the school monitor says the kids also take latin, and many of the latin roots helped them figure out the answers to the science questions. >> i was a big latin student. i could amaze you with some of the latin i remember. >> my parents remember! my mom always talks about latin class. we just don't do that. >> it was a big deal when your mom and i were kids. jackie is much, much younger than me. [ laughter ] >> the students will economies in washington dc begin april 28. also a lot of kids used to take class trips. >> you received your own
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>> i'm still in 8th grade! [ laughter ] >> i believe it. >> he won the science fair that year. >> isn't it usually in 5th grade? [ laughter ] >> i was behind the curve. [ laughter ] >> what grades are your kids in now? >> kindergarten and 3rd. >> oh, well, see? >> in about a year you won't be able to help with any homework. >> that's supposed to happen a year from now. >> and you're going to become great, fast friends. >> i hit him up for different things i need around the house. [ laughter ] >> have you ever heard the phrase spit on a griddle? >> yeah. >> i get it the way you say it. >> i guess darryl carr said
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people are perplexed by these colloquialism. >> it's like winner winner chicken dinner. >> you got 'em all! [ laughter ] >> if you're from the midwest, you grow up hearing them everywhere. >> rural areas as well. >> and a couple others we've talked about. >> what is yours? >> that's a long walk for a short beer. >> i've never heard that. i've heard long walk off a short pier. >> i heard short plank. >> he heard it when he was drinking, so -- [ laughter ] >> that's been said about me at science fair. [ laughter ] >> we could do a show on that too. >> you'll hear a few today, i'm sure. >> awesome. >> thanks, guys.
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mother said, your father, your cousin. different part of the country. a heartbreaking loss for racing but not all bad, people. >> what he has to say about the
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the black and red, no. 78, for furniture row racing. almost did it! >> 4 inches! >> could have been a second. the closest finish ever in daytona 500 history. ham lib edged him -- hamlin edged him out. >> this is big doings.
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>> the team is not as disappointed as you might think. >> well, if you don't win, you lose. in this case they really made a good showing! so there's a lot of reasons why. furniture row racing is coming off its best season in its 10-year history. they changed car manufacturers and technical alliances, crashed two cars and came within a hair of winning one of the biggest races of the year. >> coming uppow, outside. come push him up the track! push him up! hell of a job. so close.
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>> 57 year, the closest finish in the history of this race. everybody holding their collective breath. the next one in a matter of days. now the challenges. they're here in colorado. part of the crew return monday. the trucks got in late yesterday. and truex has a true appreciation for his fans in colorado. >> we've done so much of the sport in denver. in colorado and out west. we're really the only team west of mississippi. really the only team west of north carolina. so there are so many fans that have latched onto our team and said hey, this is our team, you know?
4:53 pm
to see the sport we've got. from the broncos to getting voted colorado athlete of the year, it's just so many cool things about being out here. >> and you'll see the two different cars. one is orange you will be seeing the black car in atlanta. this is a long season. they start in february and wrap so atlanta next sunday, black no. 78 car coming around there. he does appreciate the fans who are here. and it's a growing fan base because of all the successes they have had. >> oh, yeah. >> and they changed a lot. even if you're not a fan to, change cars and engines and alliances, it's a lot of changing going on. and this team has two months to build from the ground up, brand-new cars and have them all ready to go. and they take a primary car and a backup. this
4:54 pm
two because they ran the black car in one race, and the orange car, crashed it, then they ran the backup car. so the car that ran at daytona was a backup car. >> and they cost? >> several hundred thousand dollars a piece whenever you crash one. and they use season. >> okay. now. if you're looking for a lap dog, we have the ticket for you.
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humane society of south platt. so thank you for driving down. liz is a one and a half-year-old spayed cattle dog per . and she loves everyone. she was rescued from an outindian -- from a ute indian reservation. sheing be yours. she is a giant lap dog. a big cuddler. and she would be a great addition to any family. if you're up for a job, a hike, liz is your girl. she's coming to us from the humane society of the south platt. you want to go home with someone out there? i think your owner's out there!
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she's cute. >> great face. good luck to liz! thank you! we know she'll find a home. >> she's just a year and a half old. >> that's it for us. we hear from michelle wilkins after a guilty verdict in the trial of the woman who attacked her. and we track down the source of all the smoke in downtown denver at lunchtime. and 14 new cases of the zika virus the cdc believes may have
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no, i do not hate her. but i am angry for all of the pain she has caused and for her selfishness. >> the jury found michelle wilkins' attacker guilty on all counts today. she forgives her for what she did, taking her unborn baby girl. >> we are adjourned. >> my spirituality and my faith in humanity and in s pulls me through even my darkest days. i do not mean to suggest that it makes it easy. how confusing is it that life can be so drul and so beautiful -- so cruel and so beautiful at the same time? >> reporter: just a year after a horrific attack, she still finds some aspect of life beautiful. but grieving for her unborn baby goern, aurora, is not over. >> sometimes the gifts and lessons of this time are my central focus. and sometimes i have to throw those to the wayside. and i cry and accept the cold brutality without looking for the deeper meaning


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