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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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right now the south is dealing with a line of strong storms. louisiana was hit hard yesterday... we know the storms killed at least 3 people ... and left behind a huge mess. we'll bring you more on the system and recovery efforts throughout the morning. good morning. i'm corey rose here with gary shapiro. marty is also joining us... he's in the weather
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nevada has spoken... and it's a triumph for donald trump. he swept tuesday's consecutive win after he took south carolina and new hampshire.. and came in second in iowa. 9news reporter colleen ferreira joins us from the information center... colleen looks like marco rubio and ted cruz are battling it out for second place again.... i want to show you the official results coming in right now.... trump is already predicting victories over the next two months...saying he might not even need those months to secure the republican nomination. it appeared to be another record republican turnout in nevada... similar to the turnout in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. our partners at usa today.. say many
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for trump because they want an "outsider" for their candidate. this win puts trump in a commanding position ahead of super tuesday next week and he obviously wasn't shy in sharing that with his supporters last night. we are going to hear from rubio and cruz coming up in the 5am hour... this is a line from caucus goers yesterday... 6 days away from super tuesday... we want to know what you think... can rubio or cruz catch up to trump at this point? we're going to post that on our fb page
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we are just days away from south carolina's democratic primary... last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders particpated in a town hall... it was hosted by c- n-n. clinton seemed confident about her campaign and sanders was hoping to re-gain some momentum after his loss in nevada. the candidates fielded a wide range of questions -- including ones about the closing of guantanamo bay and paid speeches. colorado republicans are moving forward with a plan that would allow people to carry consealed guns without getting a permit. the bill faces an uphill battle in the house - democrats will likely vote it down. 9news reporter noel brennan is live from the state capitol this morning. noel, republicans tried to pass a similar measure just a year ago. just a year ago, senate republicans approved a measure just like this one. but it was voted down in a house committee. with democrats still in control of the house, it's unlikely this latest attempt will be successful. nevertheless, here's what the bill would change in colorado. right now, gun owners in colorado need a permit to carry a concealed handgun. this measure would do away with that requirement. the sponsor of the bill says the current law places an unnecessary burden on legal gun owners in colorado. senate democrats who voted against the plan. argued that gun training would be needed to protect people who wouldn't know
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carrying a gun. the bill passed the senate on a party line vote yesterday. now, it heads to the house. it's likely to see the same result as the bill that failed last year. but, if it does pass, colorado would become the eighth state to allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit, corey. michelle wilkins -- the woman who was attacked -- her baby cut from her womb -- says she forgives dynel lane. she told us she can't wrap her mind around why lane acted so violently
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know... but she still yesterday jurors guilty on all counts after the verdict - media questions -- more privately with michelle. michelle wilkins only thought.. when the verdict was read. the woman who attacked her .. and took aurora from was convicted on with me, two german tv news what she has learned... in the particular that was michellee.. was the baby aurora .. a few attacked. aurora's face and recognized a lot of her, from when she was a little girl. 33:44 kyle: it seems like your family is so tight .. everybody must have been so excited for her arrival. michelle: yea, they were .. its been really difficult for all of us. 34:00 after spending time with her parents back east.. michelle says she was called back to colorado.. and is living in boulder.. which has helped with her healing. and michelle says.. despite her someday... but for now, she's grieving aurora. attacker.
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foward to the last friday of april.. on that day she get to speak directly to lane at her sentencing. you can watch more of kyle's interview with michelle on 9news-dot-com she talks about going through the trial - and her life from the attack until now. we also posted the extended interview on the 9news facebook page. i-225 near parker
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last night -- patrol shutdown 225 southbound to they're calling a crash." two women were ejected from an suv last night. both victims were hospital -- they had serious injuries. csp says the suv down an embankment -- before it finally parking lot of kennedy ball fields. today a u-s senate committee will discuss the growing concerns over the zika virus. the deputy director of the centers for disease control and other medical professionals are expected to testify. this comes just one day after the centers for announced its investigating 14 new cases of transmitted zika in zika has already parts of latin america and the caribbean. parents across the country are worried about it's like regular lice -- but this lice has mutated and can resist traditional over- the counter treatments. a recent study by
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edwardsville found 25 states have populations of super lice. researchers haven't analyzed the data for colorado... but they've found super lice in kansas, new mexico, and arizona... just to name a few. lice spreads easily in schools -- experts say you should check your kids even if they're not itching. lice specialists say because the bug is resistant to otc remedies... strand- by-strand removal is your best option. "all at once we here a loud noise.....woooooo... the wind just look like come down and went up funniest thing i ever saw...i never saw anything like that before." deadly storms tore through the deep south yesterday -- killing at least 3 people and leaving behind a path of destruction. just look at the mess it left behind. one of the hardest hit areas was convent, louisiana -- in the southern part of the state. the storm hit a trailer park there... the louisiana state police say 90 percent of homes
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over in dothan, alabama... a guy recorded this video. you can see the moment the power goes out in that area. the lights flicker -- then it goes dark. it's a lot calmer here... thankfully. let's go to marty for another check of your weather. every year, the colorado
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human services provides resources for more than 20 thousand children. there are real challenges for older teenagers in the system. 9news anchor cheryl preheim introduces us to one of the young women who says she is among the lucky. 4:38 she saved me from a really bad
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still there today so it is amazing grandma phyllis has been a teacher, encourager, and the parent. 56:05 i can put my chin on your head. i used to be right here....just yesterday i remember we used to touch noses haley was 12 when her mom placed her in foster care 1:06:38 this is my favorite one after a difficult 3 years at many different foster homes, grandma phyllis stepped in to adopt and raise her 20:56 she was always always there 49:31 i am just thankful she is where she is at haley understands she is one of the lucky ones. the foster system is set up to support until a child is 18 - then many find themselves alone. 13:33 i think everyone deserves the chance to live life happily and not have to struggle with those issues of homelessness or financial difficulties and aging out of the system and not have any resources. that was cheryl preheim reporting coming up on channel 20 at 7am we will talk more about this issue and about a program
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coming up on channel 20 at 7am we will talk more about this issue and about a program that gives guidance to kids who age out of the system. 7-11 has waged war against burger king... challenging their hot dogs with a new campaign. 7-11 cast the first blow... tweeting at burgerking ... "in war, there can only
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right now the landowners are talking to the community about possible plans for the open space between c-470 and that well known area. current zoning allows for warehouse and retail space. developers would like to rezone the area to also allow car dealerships, restaurants, and stores. after community input, the landowners will need to submit a formal proposal to rezone the land. it could take four months or more to get that approved. amazon is changing up its free shipping policy. non-prime users now have to order 49-bucks worth of stuff to get free shipping....that's up from 35. insiders say amazon wants to get more people to sign up for amazon prime, which offers free shipping on all purchases. amazon prime costs 99 dollars a year.
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on burger king....and it's all over the dog. the convience launched a new call the "hot dog bill of rights," -- saying 7-11 has set standard for freedom of choice... and they're not going to let a they're urging people to use the hashtag #hotdogdemocracy to "stand for life, liberty and the choices." no word what the
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do you get lost a lot? well denver is working on a new app that can help
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8 kids, 2 seriously, made news across colorado because the driver admitted to being on multiple prescription drugs at the time of the crash. the crash and the criminal case prompted 9wants to know
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vaughan to start asking questions about how safe are kids on their school bus. tonight on 9news at 9 and 10we'll hear from a family whose kids were on that bus that swerved out of control and flipped over on a windy road near lyons. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of multiple prescription drugs . that has parents asking a lot of questions. crashes like the one in lyons are rare -- it's the only injury accident we could find that involved a school bus driver accused of driving while impaired. but crashes themselves aren't rare. since 2011during the school year there's an average of two school bus accidents a dayand often times --- parents aren't told how bad
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our special report is coming at 9 and 10 on 9news. denver is testing a new app - to help you get around the city. mayor michael hancock unveiled the city's new "go denver" app yesterday. it takes your destination and gives you options - based on price, speed and carbon footprint. at this point -- the app is just a pilot program but the mayor says eventually, you will be able to pay for transportation with the click of a button. los angeles came up with a similar app earlier this year. now let's get a
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someone saw this video on piper's personal page and shared it... so epic! it got so much traffic on his personal page the site crashed -- the story also claimed the top spot on reddit piper spends his away from the runways at an airport in michigan. iper hurt his paw jumping out of a vehicle but he hopes to get his cast off soon. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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nevada. and he wants everyone to know it. we're looking ahead to what the win in nevada... means for the rest of the campaign. walking around... carrying a concealed a permit. how this could colorado.. mobile homes ripped apart... trucks tossed around like matchbox cars. the south has a lot of clean-up to do today... after severe weather stormed through the area. we'll hear from one man - who was in his mobile home when the storm started. good morning, gary and corey with you. cheryl is off today. marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join to a sunny


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