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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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half a dozen police cars... are working a possible officer- involved shooting in evans. officers were seen taping off an area near highway 85 and 37th street. that stretch of highway is closed between 37th and 42nd streets. this is video just into the newsroom... we have several calls into evans police to find out more information... and we'll update
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welcome to 9news at 4:30 a.m. corey and gary with you this morning. cheryl is out sick. marty is in the weather center. marty- today our mild weather continues. now back to the deadly shooting
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now to the deadly shooting that claimed the life of a park county deputy. it happened while the deputies were serving an eviction notice in bailey. corporal nate carrigan was the first member of the park county sheriff's office to be killed in the line of duty. captain mark hancock was grazed in the ear by a bullet -- he was treated and released from a hospital. master patrol deputy kolby martin was shot several times and is in critical condition. the suspect - martin wirth was also killed in the confrontation - when officers came to his home to evict him. we're learning more about the suspect accused of shooting those deputies. tarhonda thomas is in the information
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details. tarhonda? gary-- we're learning more about the suspect - martin wirth. his background includes many interactions with police... none of them positive. he ranted against police online -- writing on facebook, quote: "police are an occupying force." and, "if there's a war on cops, where's the recruitment center?" wirth was arrested twice for d-u-i -- in 19-96 and 2004. he also faced a murder charge in 19-94. wirth admitted to shooting and killing a man in fort collins following a chess game. he succesfully argued he used self-defense during a struggle... and the jury eventually acquitted him. the 58-year-old had been involved in leftist protests in denver for years - including occupy denver. and-- 2014 -- wirth ran for state senate with the green party. his unsuccessful run came in the middle of a lawsuit he filed against fannie mae. he lost that case in september. the company foreclosed on his home. sherrif's deputies were trying to serve the eviction notice, yesterday,
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thanks tarhonda. we will be following this developing story as it unfolds. you can get updates on our website at 9-news- dot-com or our 9- news app. super tuesday is next week. and donald trump has a big lead over the other republican presidential candidates. but his rivals will have another chance to challenge the front runner at a debate tonight. and it might get heated.... donald trump says civil between him and marco rubio tonight. and rubio says trump may be winning"...but he says that's only because other candidates are splitting up the majority of the electorate. we'll see whether the candidates will have this anticipated heated exchange at university of tonight. as republicans are preparing for tonight's debate, hillary clinton is trying to round up votes from latinos in colorado. the democratic presidential candidate is running spanish-t-v and radio ads urging them to participate in colorado's democratic
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tuesday. the service employees international union produced the ads with a message like "she's a fighter". both clinton and bernie sanders have also been running ads on non-spanish language tv prior to the democratic caucus on march 1st. candidates are working hard before one of the most crucial days in the race for the white house. super tuesday is next week. it's when 11-states vote or caucus at once and 900- delegates are up for grabs. colorado is included in the super tuesday states. we're considered one of the more included. isis. mark zuckerburg could be on the islamic group's radar this morning. federal agents believe a group released a video threatening mark zuckerberg and dorsey. both tech leaders bullets. the group claims it is responding to facebook and twitter for taking a stand against terrorism.
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platforms are suspending accounts that promote violence or terrorism. deputies are hoping new video track down an elbert county. investigators say found dead at his month. the person of interest in the investigators are they say there are suspect's first time, he seems like a practiced killer. and he may be responsible for other deaths. this criminal on the loose is putting a community on edge. deputies say the suspect demonstrates certain characteristics. new video shows repeating phrases -- and spinning -- doing many of his actions in a series of threes which could be some sort
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considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, do not approach him, just call 9-1-1. the surgical tech at swedish medical center who is accused of exposing thousands of patients to a blood borne disease - has sparked calls for more reglulations in the industry. investigators say rocky allen switched needles to get his hands on a powerful painkiller called fentanyl. and it wasn't his first time. he was fired from four hospitals over drug related offenses. the association for surgical techs says something needs to be done to stop this from happening again. and a bill to continue requiring surgical techs to register with the department of regulatory agencies-- is currently in the
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committee in the legisltaure. an update to a story we brought you earlier this week... three dogs in el been put down.... four kids over the weekend. the great danes injured the children on saturday--three of them had to get the dogs' breeding company--faces charges of ownership of a dangerous dog. happening today. the driver accused of crashing into a cruiser and leading police on a hot pursuit-- is in court. parker police say they tried stopping a mecedes for blowing through a stop sign in a school's parking lot. that's when aaron kuss is accused of backing into patrol car and taking off. deputies used stop sticks and a pit maneuver to stop him. kuss faces several charges including assault on a peace office. it's being called a mass casualty by mother nature. people in virginia are picking up the pieces this morning after a deadly storm swept through the area. tornados left a six-mile trail of
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officers say a 2- year-old was among three people that were killed. and police say a funnel cloud left an 8-to 10-mile path of destruction. the storm moved up the east coast forcing airlines to cancel more than 2-thousand flights . cancelled flights aren't the only problem. powerful winds are being blamed for blowing over this tractor trailer in new york. forecasters predicted winds there were over 50-miles per hour. and in washington d-c thousands of people lost power. the system also brought high winds and hail to d-c. the d-c metro parking garage was flooded with water
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down number nine ranked arizona... and c-u fans rushed the court. the loss drops arizona into a second place tie in the pac-12 with utah. wildcats coach sean miller was not happy after the game about cu fans storming the court... saying he thinks it'll take a player punching a fan to finally get some reform on the issue. 10 of arizona's last 11 road losses have storming the court.
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that would perk you up at starbucks. what one locatioon is doing
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the airline is adding service from colorado springs to las vegas. it will also add flights to phoenix from the springs.
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frontier will begin service to washington dulles airport beginning june 22-nd. some flights will have a new look. larger seats! airbus filed a patent for adjustable benches. the seats are geared towards overweight passengers or families. but seats may look more comfy but they won't recline. shocking discoveries in the takata airbag scandal. senate investigators say they've uncovered evidence that the takata corporation was deceiving automakers for years about its defective airbags. metal shrapnel from the airbags have been blamed for injuring hundreds of people-- and killing at least 9. regulators have already recalled 24 million vehicles with the airbags. they are considering expanding the recall to include every car with a takata airbag in america-- that could be an estimated 120 million vehicles-- nearly half the cars on the road. caffeine won't be the only thing people will be ordering from their barista at starbucks' in utah.
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has received what's called a master liquor license in the state. five locations will soon serve wine and beer. starbucks is the first company to apply for a master license since it was passed into law in 20-14. working out your mind and your body. learn about the diet that helps fend
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diet this morning. it's called the mind diet-- that combines the best of two diets-- and they say it significantly cuts the risk of getting alzheimer's disease. researchers studied participants for more than 4 years and people who followed this diet were 53-percent less likely to develop alzheimer's disease. folks who approached it more casually still reduced their risk by 35-percent. 9news anchor mark koebrich explains. for more on what makes these foods help the brain function and for more on the mind
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more on the mind never get in the u-s might be making the rounds in denver. leaders are warning hospitals to stay on the four cases have been confirmed... two more possible cases are under investigation. the public health department thinks linked to an outbreak in iowa. a person who recently moved to colorado from iowa reported symptoms last month... that person and three of their friends tested positive for mumps. symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle aches and swollen glands.
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now let's get a check of your morning drive with amelia earhart that's going to do it for 9news at
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it's are adding a stay at home dad and working mom to its list of minifigures. people online say the dad looks like a hipster. according to pew research - roughly 2 million dads in america don't work outside the house. so lego says it's just trying to mirror the world we live in today in their new "lego city" line. stay-at-home dad - comes with a full beard -- red flannel shirt - and a baby in a stroller. his lego wife is dressed in a professional attire is also a part of the set. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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is closed between streets .. because of heavy police activity. we're checking on reports of a possible officer- involved shooting there. into the you can see about a half dozen police cars... and officers taping off the area. we have several police and weld county sheriff's office to find out lets go to amelia around the


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