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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the death of one of his deputies. anastasia bolton joins us. and corporal nate kerrigan was like family, he said. >> reporter: for a department of 58, losing an anyone is exactly like losing a family member. in a small community, people seem to know just what to do for each other. >> it's just the proper thing to do. >> the sheriff has to know his community and how to react. before there was no problem. >> reporter: yes, says wagner, with an eviction. >> when we talk about a high-risk eviction, it's usually i need more help moving stuff out of the building. it wasn't a
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simply there to affect an eviction. >> reporter: the man being evicted came out on his deck, paused, and went back inside. officers followed. he opened fire, killing nate kerrigan and injuring two others. deputies returned fire and kill the werth. >> if they would to argue, that's fine. the court system is where they need to go to take care of that process. don't attack the messenger. and we would have appreciated a different result. our in a small mountain community, people know just what to do for each other. this is where family extends beyond just the people you live with. it's everyone you know. >> you take an oath to serve and protect. and we take that to heart. and it didn't need to come to this. >> reporter: victoria drove
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folks who knew nate kerrigan. she got some folks to share what he was like. >> reporter: we did. and it was like walking into a conversation every place we went. everybody was already talking about how great and how how much he care forward this community. he was the head coach of the baseball team for a decade. he was at the school district just days ago preparing for the upcoming baseball season. he would drive her son home after practice because they worked late. story like this are spreading through the small town. >> i can't describe to you how
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>> i think everyone is in shock. kind of numb. >> reporter: carigan was engaged and was going to be the stepfather to three children. his family does live in town. they said they hope this tragedy does not discourage any of the men and women in law enforcement. >> a threat he made about shooting police just last month. police who knew him say they are shocked this happened. >> reporter: from court records -- >> he felt he was being threatened by the police.
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more about martin werth. in 1994, he shot and killed a man over a game of chess in fort collins. he was tried and acquitted. a new revelation about a threat just weeks ago. "i should just get my gun and shoot the first cop i see" he said at a state furthermore insurance office on january 20th. he was apparently angry he couldn't get car insurance because of an invalid license. deputies tried pulling him over with lights and sirens. he was tackled in his driveway for disobeying orders. he claimed he would kill himself when transported him. here's what the incident. >> we just knew he had contact we knew that it hasn't always been friendly. but not into the extent they would have ever thought that he'd shoot at somebody.
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activist with occupy denver, he opinions about police and government. >> he taught peace, he practiced nonviolent resistant. he stood up for the rights of people who were poor and homeless. >> reporter: friends are expecting suspicion about the incident and say he is falsely portrayed. >> when someone that you know is just a complete preacher of peace and love and everything nonviolent, suddenly you hear something like this, how can you believe it? >> reporter: we heard from fannie mae today and the colorado foreclosure resistance coalition, the local group that works along. while they don't agree on much, both agreed on this. they are deeply saddened by the outcome of this eviction.
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at a property occupied by a business called excel industries where lawn care products are manufactured. heston is about three hours southwest of kansas city. the nbc affiliate in wichita says there are mul fatalities. i should say two have been killed, and three to four other people were injured. prosecutors reviewing body camera future in evans. police say officers shot and killed a man who shout the shoot me, kill me before raising a weapon at officers. earlier the man had fired a shot at an officer. no weres from either department were injured. in boulder county, the colorado 78 patrol says the
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were airlifted to boulder community hospital. traffic is being led through the canyon by pace cars in each direction. cars will ensure drivers move at the right speed. delays of up to an hour or more are expected. currently frozen solid and providing just what research scientists need to test equipment headed into the south poll.
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graham lake. >> this is an ideal spot for us. >> reporter: a fully functioning weather stalgz in the middle -- station in the middle of a frozen landscape. >> we put those on glaciers in antarctica. >> reporter: rob is a researcher with cu boulder and part of a team testing this prototype weather station in the middle of the lake. >> we don't want to take this to the ocean, so we got all the bugs worked out. >> reporter: that would include how it fairs in conditions in waters below the frozen surface. >> and we're interested in what's going on beneath the ice. >> reporter: at 190 feet, grand lake is the deepest lake in colorado and provides conditions closest to what the equipment will encounter in antarctica. a camera on the weather station captured images in 360 degrees. and the station transmits valuable data about air and
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speeds, and even how fast glaciers are moving. all of that, researchers say could be tied into the potential for rising seas. >> many, many months of work. it's been just testing and stressing till you get to that point where you're confident that this thing can keep going and going and going. >> that's gonna contribute to us knowing more about areas remote in antarctica, that's changing so much. >> reporter: changes that will be measured because of the work starting here in colorado. that's once the weather station is tested and ready to where ice shelves in antarctica meet the southern ocean. we'll top out around 70 by the weekend. returns. >> a big increase in the number of emergency room visits as a result of marijuana use. >> and a social experiment results in a free international
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we have received a lot of tips about fraudulent phone be with the irs. this is going on range. one woman has been targeted three times in just the past few weeks. >> this here is a scrap book that my granddaughter hailey and megan chipped in a little bit. >> reporter: for some, there is nothing better in life than being a grandparent.
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>> reporter: a grandma like patricia. >> time flies, huh? >> reporter: she loves to spend all of her time and money spoiling her eight beautiful grandkids. >> i'm so proud of all of my grandkids. >> reporter: what she doesn't love is when someone tries to steal that money from her. >> just awful. >> reporter: it's happened three times over the phone in the past month. >> this call is officially a financial notice from the irs. >> reporter: comofters claiming to be -- imposters claiming to identity. >> i didn't know the number so i didn't answer it. >> reporter: she received her third call wednesday morning. >> to inform you that the irs is filing a lawsuit against you. >> the one yesterday was a little intimidating. >> reporter: intimidation is one tactic scammers use to get unsuspecting victims into handing over personal information. >> they were threatening civil action, threatening the citizen being brought into court, criminal action. >> reporter: jefferson county district attorney pete weir
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his office has dozened of calls -- dozens of calls in the past week. they target the elderly or anyone with a landline. >> just hang up the phone. >> reporter: or never pick up the call at all. >> christine began looking into these phone calls after receiving a viewer's tip. if you should cover, call us or click on news tips. marijuana related er visits have increased in colorado. most were out of state visitors. a 109% increase in emergency room activity for people visiting in colorado compared with a 44% increase among residents. first time users may not be prepared for how their body reacts to marijuana. it seems no one can agree
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jetblue conducted a social experiment on a recent flight offering all 150 passengers a free roundtrip ticket for a future flight to anywhere in the world the airline flies if they could do one thing: they had to work together. and compromise to unanimously agree on one destination by the end of the flight. if it wasn't unanimous, nobody got the free trip. so using red and blue paddles, they ultimately were able to narrow down their options to do destinations. [ cheering and applause ] >> only one thing! 150 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica! [ cheering and applause ]
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counteract the rancor and division in washington dc! >> they can come together on something! >> yeah. makes me want to jump on a plane somewhere. >> easier to come together on that than on a budget. [ laughter ] >> this is true! the warm week could be followed soon after by snow. >> we do have the weekend to
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a beautiful day and a quiet, beautiful evening. we've got clear skies, light winds, and good travel weather across the city this evening. temperatures warmer, 50 downtown. close to that mark this hour. we'll drop only slightly between now and 7:00. light winds reported at the airport. sounds are southeast at 10. near in the 9 backyard, winds calm, close to 50 degrees. temperatures this past year are typically in the mid-40s. in the high country a lot colder and the scenery is spectacular. snowpack numbers are about 101% of average. doing pretty well there. 48 in eagle, 48 in denver, 50 in lamar. the almanac numbers, we're headed toward record territory moving into the weekend.
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70s on saturday. the record high saturday is 73. when you consider that it is our fourth snowiest month on average with about 8 inches typically, we're above average temperature-wise and for snowfall. not a lot to show you on the regional radar and composite. storm still creating issues for st. louis, chicago, cincinnati, moving offshore tomorrow. cold air will follow. temperatures really warming significantly. but that's gonna change tomorrow. that cool air will scour off to the east of us. the showers in the form of rain and snow finally diminishing between cincinnati, washington, boston and new york. but the cold air riding the jet through the midwest into the great lakes. highs tomorrow will be in the mid-30s as compared to our high here above average, close to 60. and we jump another 10 degrees heading into saturday. so really just a beautiful pattern as we say gonna be to february, and
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play. 15 in aspen, 24 in greeley, 25 in pueblo. high temperatures tomorrow warming way above average. 10 degrees warmer on saturday for lower plains and maybe some snow and ice in the high country and foothill areas. light winds to start off friday with a quick jump in temperature. 52 by lunchtime. a beautiful afternoon and saturday is the pick day for the weekend! record high is 73. cooling on monday. chance for rain and snow from a fast-moving storm on tuesday, and temperatures rebounding for the first few days of march. they're playing a hockey game on the baseball field! drew
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>> the dow gained 212, the s&p up 32.
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how long do you think it would take you to decide whether to retire or not? >> don't answer that. [ laughter ] >> five minutes! [ laughter ] >> peyton manning is finding out that walking away from professional football might be more difficult than it sounds. he has received assurance from general manager john elway that he won't be pressured into making up his mind. >> we're gonna give peyton the time he deserves. 18 years, and he deserves that. and i don't mean to leave it out there. but i'm gonna -- peyton and i have talked, and we said we'll get back together in a week to ten days, see where you are, and
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have anything else to say yet. we're gonna respect the fact, give him some time and let him enjoy it. >> does he say he wants to keep playing? >> any other questions? [ laughter ] >> nope, that's the only one we need answered! [ laughter ] >> we like to give mike the time he deserves also. about 90 seconds. and we're live at the scouting combine in indianapolis. hi, mike! elway can't rush manning because john didn't announce his retirement in 1999 until may 2nd, right! >> reporter: that's right. i remember super bowl week on media day that tuesday, the elway's podium. just in case he did announce his retirement. that everyone was expected, january 25th, 1999 was his last game. he actually didn't pull the trigger on that until may
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so he does know what manning is going through. >> they're gonna have to make vonn miller the highest played in history. >> they're trying to get a long-term contract done with vonn before they give him the franchise tag by march 1st which is tuesday. but i don't think the broncos do want to make him the highest paid player. they want to pay vonn $17 or $18 million a year. they consider suh's contract, $19 million, that is an outliar. so the broncos do not want to go to $20 million. shun miller is a -- sean miller is a sore loser. his
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in boulder last night. thousands. students charged onto the court to celebrate, and miller ruined the fun by threatening to knock your teeth out if it happens again! >> what's gonna happen in the pac-12 this is. an arizona player is gonna punch a fan. and they're gonna punch the fan out of self-defense. and when it happens, only when it happens, will everybody take a deep breath and say we have to do something to protect both teams so when the game ends that we have a debreath to be able to leave the court or at least shake the other team's hand and then get to our locker room. then if the court wants to be stormed, fine. but if -- until that happens, it's falling on deaf ears. because there's only one team right now that the court stormed on. >> he's no fub fun. >> no fun at all. the southeast
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$50,000, as much as that, when fans storm court. and miller is requesting that the pac-12 conference does the same thing. >> oh, okay. >> to protect the players. theoretically it could happen, someone could get hurt. but come on, let them have the fun! [ laughter ] >> i'm done going to those games.
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developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting trump, a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to bluntonald trump's trump march to the nomination. super lice warning. striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to the ways we usually get rid of them.


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