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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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least 8:00 or a little bit after. >> oh, man. >> so this is a big entrance area, coors field. many of you know that if you've gone to a baseball game. there are alternate routes posted on you'll want to go to speer. that's one route. you could take park avenue west is another way. no doubt they'll have the signs up and everyone is going to be following the masses. hopefully those that are going left a long time ago. maybe they were already in place a few hours ago, but anybody trying to get home tonight is going to need to know about this because you know it's just going to clog up the whole area. i-25 at 20th will be a bit of a mess. >> no question. >> we will check in with aaron matas, the upside, the game, we'll talk to him in a few minutes at the stadium before the big alumni game. >> we hope he got there. here is an encouraging way to end our week. the arapahoe county deputy who almost died in a car crash on the way to a murder scene is
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deputy bill foreman was hit more than two weeks ago when he was responding to a home where a 6-year-old had been killed. 9news crime and justice reporter anastasiya bolton spoke to foreman's girl friend. 14 days in the icu, but deputy foreman is getting better. >> his girl friend said he had less than a 1% chance of surviving the crash, but deputy foreman is doing much better as you could see there. now he was bleeding out internally february 10th. he was hit by a driver who failed to yield. foreman was not speeding or going lights and sirens. a big truck plowed into his driver's side. laura murphy said when she first got the call from the sheriff's office, they did not tell her if bill was dead or alive, just said come to the hospital as fast as you can. >> you want to make sure he's you don't want to know he's not there when you get there and that's your worst fear. it's anybody's worst fear.
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women that go through this on an everyday basis, their husbands or boy friends when they go out and do their job like this, they don't expect to get that phone call. bill always said there wasn't a bullet meant for him. unfortunately there was a truck. that was meant for him. >> deputy foreman has a long alive. the family says they are so grateful for all of the support, to the first responders who saved his life to the bonfils blood center where more than 100 people donated blood in his name to the colorado muslim society who donated money and have tried to visit the deputy, but it was still too early to do that. so a great day, kim. the driver who hit the deputy has been cited. >> never prepared for that phone call. it's so interesting how she pointed out you always know it might come, but you're not prepared. >> remember that photo that we showed, he's very official in
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that they take. looking at that photo you would never think that this man is completely and do you know those places where you paint and sip wine? >> yes, yes. very popular. >> he is totally into that and apparently he is very meticulous when he comes to his painting. >> that's good. that's something he's got to look forward to. he'll need a night where he can sip and just paint, all right. thank you, anastasia. just into the newsroom this afternoon we have a new photo of one of the deputies who survived the clark county shooting earlier this week. master patrol deputy colby martin's condition has been upgraded from serious to fair according to st. anthony hospital. deputy martin was injured in the shooting on wednesday that killed corporal nate carrigan and slightly injured captain mark hancock. deputy martin and his family want to thank the public for all the prayers and support. >> good for him.
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arrested on the suspicion of driving under the influence told sheriff's officers that he had a beer with lunch and had taken four different medications for the floor. 53-year-old michael hobbs' arrest came after he had driven roughly 30 students home from west middle school. an arrest affidavit said a roadside breath test showed that he had a blood alcohol level of .015, well below the threshold at which a driver is presumed to be impaired or intoxicated in colorado. hobbs had been the driver for cherry creek schools since october 12th. he faces a charge of child abuse without injuries and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, both of which are misdemeanors. larimer county sheriff's office is hoping photos of a van believed to belong to the people involved in the kidnapping in longmont will help identify the subjects. a 30-year-old woman was kidnapped from the budget park
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three males in a 1980s or '90s chrysler minivan pulled her into the van and pulled away. the van has gray running boards and a black luggage rack on top. deputies do not believe there is a threat to the public. anyone who believes they have seen this van should call 911 immediately. warm and dry again across colorado today and that's going to continue for most areas through the weekend. meteorologist rebecca ditchfield is in the weather center. some days might get a little breezy. >> a smidge. a lot of times when we see the warmer temperatures coming up over the weekend, we cyathuses winds pick up as well and that's exactly -- we see those winds pick up as well and that's exactly what we're expecting. right now the winds have died down a bit and the flags nice and calm, beautiful sunny skies and it is gorgeous out, mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s, 64 in downtown denver, dia at 61, greeley at
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and 50s lining the foothills, even silverthorne at 43. earlier there today we had some stronger wind gusts, but right now those wind gusts out of the south and in the foothills ranging from 14 to 18 miles per hour, so nothing impressive, but they will pick up as we head into tomorrow. in fact, just off to our north we've got these high wind warnings in effect saturday into sunday for parts of southeast wyoming. those warnings or high wind watches not in effect here for the front range, but i would expect a fairly gusty day heading into tomorrow. this evening 60 at 5:00. we'll drop to the 50s by 6:00, 7:00 and at 8:00 tonight we'll be in the upper 40s, not exactly outdoor hockey weather. i hear we have a couple pretty big games coming up. so we'll bring you all the details on that full forecast in a few. >> thanks, becky. we are getting our first
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shooting yesterday in kansas. 44-year-old brian sadowski and 31-year-old joshua higby and renee benjamin were killed. over a dozen were shot. the gunman was also killed by police. a co-worker of the shooter at the lawn mower parts plant said he left work early without explanation before showing up hours later armed with a roof. the police chief shot and killed the gunman. another officer chris clark arrived to the scene in his personal vehicle and took a shooting victim to the hospital. >> i don't know. we do our job. we do our job. that's all i did. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> the shooter has been in trouble before. the sheriff says he's been in jail and a deputy served him with a protection from abuse order earlier yesterday afternoon. two years ago today a special ed student was stabbed to death in aurora, no arrests
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pleading for some answers. 20-year-old taylor efram's body was found by a creek off east 28th and wheeling street. he was a special needs student at crossroads transition center. officials at the school said that he was a good student who wanted to make a difference. in february, 2014 he was stabbed numerous times in the chest a few blocks away from his home. investigators with aurora police said it appeared the murder was random. >> for him to be stabbed in his chest multiple times and in the side, that's unacceptable. somebody needs to pay for that. [ crying ] >> i just want to tell him that i love him. >> investigators believe someone out there knows what happened two years ago today. if you have any information
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to call crime stoppers. new jersey governor chris christie officiallien dorised trump in the race for president today. christie inside a news conference in fort worth, texas, that trump will do what needs to be done to protect the american people. analysts say christie could be a potential running mate for trump. christie said today he thinks trump has the best chance to beat democrat hillary clinton in the fall election. that took a twist of an intention away from last night's gop debate which had been the talk this morning. marco rubio and ted cruz went on the offensive against trump. >> he thinks everyone is dumb. he's going to make america great again. we're going to win, win, win. he's winning in the polls and the line is around the street, every night, same thing. >> i want you to think about if this man is the nominee having the realm nominee on the stand in court -- republican nominee on the stand in court being committed fraud. >> it got nasty. two going after trump, some think it was too late to make a
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of the states voting on super tuesday next week. colorado republicans will have a caucus, but the state party decided not to add up results to name a statewide winner this year which has kept the candidates from spending any time really campaigning here. this is not the case for the democrats. bernie sanders used colorado as one of the states where he does have a chance to beat hillary clinton and that has both of them airing tv ads in colorado. no doubt you've seen them. speaking to us for balance of forward susan page with usa today. she says there's uncertainty -- balance of power susan page with usa today. she says there's uncertainty about balance of power. >> from the results in nevada it looked like hillary clinton had gotten herself back on track after this big defeat in new hampshire. she needed to win that and she did. so she's also looking for super tuesday to show already strength in other states. colorado is not her best state. those states across the south on super tuesday are the ones where our strengths with african american voters she hopes will carry the day.
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interview with brandon rittiman and insights on what to expect on super tuesday at 8:45 a.m. sunday just before meet the press. home brewers who unknowingly violated state law are now closer to being legal. current law says only a head of family is allowed to make beer or wine at home and only for family use and that would suggest a married couple couldn't brew together, maybe single people can't brew at all and nobody can give a bottle of home brew to a friend, but today the state senate voted for a bill changing language from head of family to adult. the update has passed the house and now heads to the governor's desk. we're looking for it. i think we're going to be talking about this dog that tangled with a porcupine. canelo the dog got into a mess
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thing is the dog has had a kind of tough past with some abuse and other things. they hooked the dog up with an animal behaviorist. she is working with him, deb mann. oh, my memory is coming back. she says this dog is ready for adoption. >> the fact that he survived in that climate for three weeks, wild porcupine quills are in his face and body for at least a week of that time is unbelievable. so he is a survivor. he's a hero and so i want to make sure that he has every possible chance to be the dog that i know that he is. >> deb says she hopes to have him ready for adoption in two to three weeks. she is she'll be really screening some specific families because this needs to be a successful environment for canelo. thank you for that. steve staeger told me all about
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the teleprompter, it's in the memory banks. >> that was good. you pulled that back up. the home of the rockies hosting its first nhl hockey game ever this weekend, the avalanche hosting the detroit red wings at coors field. >> this is where 9news sports reporter aaron matas is as if he didn't want to be there, beg to be there two weeks ago and now we're just an hour from the first game. >> reporter: hi, kim and mark. you can probably hear the party is on here at coors field, so it's almost hard to hear here. you'd think this is the undercard tonight, but a lot of people view it as the main event, the alumni game, and a lot of the portion of the team of's rosters come from the rivalry -- team's rosters come from the rivalry era when the teams hated one another. it will be interesting when they get on the ice to see if any of those old emotions come to the surface. >> it's going to be a little weird.
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first couple of shifts meeting friendly and easy -- might be friendly and easy and there are a lot of guys out there trying to win and a lot of people watching. you don't want to look bad. i think it's going to be a little intense in the last period to see who wins. >> i said if there's ever going to be a fight in an alumni game, it's going to be this one. >> i think if you look at past history, that could be true and i hope not, although it probably would be for the fans and tv, a lot of people would have a lot of fun with it. >> and even though it's 20 years later, there's no reason why we don't fight with each other one last time because this is the last time this will probably every happen. >> reporter: from 1996 to 2002 the detroit red wings and colorado avalanche combined to win five of the seven stanley cup championships. it was a bitter rivalry, but all of those former players
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as they get further and further from that time, they've got a higher level of respect for their former opponent and a deeper appreciation for having been a part of something that was truly special to the nhl, guys. this will give you an idea how good the hockey was back then. in tonight's alumni game there will be 11 hall of famers on the ice between the two teams, 11 hall of famers, unbelievable. >> wow. >> that is amazing. i can see the stands behind aaron are railroad filling up. he cannot -- are already thanks, aaron. for those of you who can't make it to the game tomorrow, we will have the stadium series game on channel 9 and we unis right you to join is at 5:30 -- we invite you to join us at 5:30 saturday a half hour before the puck drops and following the game itself. >> big time. >> he snod be standing out there like -- should be standing out there like this.
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still ahead new cases of the zika virus transmitted between people. >> and what you night not know you can claim on your taxes. a check on the stock market today.
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the state of oregon has confirmed its first case of the zika virus spread by sexual transmission. it is the fifth overall zika case reported in that state this year. the newest infected person in oregon hadn't traveled to a zika infected area. instead she did have unprotected sex with her partner who recently returned from a zika infection region. zika is a mild illness. four out of five people don't have symptoms. there is still great concern for those infected with zika, especially pregnant women, because it is known to have caused birth defects. >> i think it's important if a man is returning from a zika affected area, that consistently as a precaution use either abstinence or condoms. don't have unprotected sex for
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>> most of the cases are not sexually transmitted. however, people get the zika virus mostly from mosquito bites. if anyone has, though, a trip planned to a zika infected area, it is recommended that you take extra precaution to protect yourself from mosquitoes as well. residents in flint, michigan, will get more money for their water bills in light of the water crisis in that city. today governor rick snyder authorized spending $30 million to help folks pay those bills. many say they are being billed for water they can't even drink. the tap water you may recall was contaminanted with lead after the source was switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014. it was meant to be a cost cutting move as the city was under state financial management. snyder's plan will pay for 65% of the water portion of the bills covering water use for drinking, cooking or bathing. residents are still on the hook for the sewer portion of their bills. snyder says this brings total emergency funding for flint by
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a police officer in texas pulls a driver from a burning vehicle and it's all caught on camera. check it out. this happened monday evening in corpus christi. the driver crashed into a guardrail and the vehicle caught on fire. the officer used a baton to break the passenger side window. then he opened the door with the help of another person and pulled the 29-year-old driver to safety. the driver suffered only minor injuries and is expected to be okay. >> wow. which is incredibly dangerous because you never know if the car is going to blow up. >> right. denver restaurant week starts tonight, but the number of restaurants participating the years. >> next we'll talk to a chef with one group of restaurants where some are participating.
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all about your money today, it is tax time again unfortunately and you should know as a taxpayer that most things you receive are taxable
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things you might not know about that you should be claiming on your taxes. here's our gregg moss with the bottom line on taxes. >> reporter: a generous gift from your employer, a gift you get for opening a credit card, both are defined as income by irs. tax experts say you really need to think about what happened last year and whether items that you received or money you hadn't seed before are subject to tax. take -- received before are subject to tax. take, for instance, a home or condo you rent out. it all depends for how much you rent it out. >> perhaps you use it in a trading situation that occurs where you can swap houses. there's a favorable rule if it's less than 15 days. you don't have to report that income. if you rent it out more than 15 days or more during the year, that is actually income you do pick up, but there's some expenses you may be able to deduct against that as well. >> reporter: another example is when someone negotiates a settlement on credit card debt to pay less than the amount owed.
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debt as income, but with credit cards you don't need to claim frequent flyer miles or cash back you receive when you use the card. they are not taxable because they're considered rebates. that's the bottom line on some tax questions. i'm consumer reporter gregg moss. >> a lot to know when it comes to taxes. for more on exceptions and other things you might not know are taxable, go to and look for this story. denver restaurant week starts tonight. you can get a three course meal for 30 bucks, but for some restaurants that is actually too good a deal to offer. chill jennifer for denver restaurants -- chef jennifer for denver restaurants, two participating and one sitting out saying it depends on the price of the food and they don't want to compensate with the quality or the branding. >> i thought that spoke in genuinely with the pricing on the products that we buy in,
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pricing on the things that we have shipped in fresh, it was too price prohibitive to be able to offer what we do like who we are at those restaurants for people to really experience and we didn't want to downgrade our concept by changing, you know, who we are at a core level. >> so two out of four, just figure out which one you want to go to if you're doing restaurant week. visit denver said restaurant week brought in over $10 million last year. >> it's a moneymaker. i think as a consumer you have to shop it a little bit. >> yeah. find out if there's a place you're dying to try and check it out with that. otherwise the other ones will be great, too. maybe the ones who aren't participating you might have an easier time to get in. >> because the crowds have found the bargains and the good deals. >> they've got great restaurants in denver. >> oh, man. coming up why a building of one of the restaurants participating in restaurant week plays a unique role in denver's history. >> we have a new way to get your feedback shared here on 9news.
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here on the screen today. who is your favorite oscars host? >> just log onto get ready to see your vote on the screen. you'll be able to vote live on tv with us coming up. >> and it's going to be a great weekend for some patio dining in february! >> we love it. becky is back with the forecast that includes 70s, yes, 7-0. somebody is out there riding right now enjoying the weather.
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all right. beautiful day today and it is going to be a great weekend to be outside, highs near 70 in some places tomorrow, probably at this place, kim. >> i know. steve staeger has this cool hat like the beanie thing. >> i saw him. >> i said you don't need that and he said i know, but i'm wearing it anyway.
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ditchfield is in the 9news backyard. everybody wants to wear their cool snow stuff and i'm not sure they're going to need it. >> i know. the forecast is not really jiving with what you would consider to be hockey weather, but lay, we'll take it. even though sunday is promising to be cooler than what we're expecting tomorrow afternoon, a lot of what we have going on now has to do with the wind. let's go ahead and take a live look outside. we'll show you very bright views out there. this is rocky mountain national park. starting to flip over a little bit. it's really nice and sunny. also over boulder and parts of the flatirons. it's just been beautiful up and down the front range throughout today. highs officially got up to 61 degrees, way above our average high of 49, still 10 degrees shy of that record of 71, tough one to break set back in 1950. we are going to be close to record setting tomorrow. we'll get into that forecast in a minute. here are all these warm temperatures that make you think it's been such a warm february, but when you actually
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the highs and lows, average them together, you get 36.4 degrees which doesn't right now crack us into the top five for warmest februaries in denver. doesn't mean i'm going to be enjoying this weekend any less, much less tonight, 62 now in denver, 66 greeley, fort lupton 61, longmont 64, get a little cooler in the foothills with 40s and 50s and around kremmling it's 37. here outside in the 9news backyard we've got that sunshine and our current temperature 61. so we're right there about where our high hit from earlier today. winds were really gusty a little bit earlier today, especially if you lived on the west side of town. since then some of those winds have died down. as we head into the evening now, we're expecting the strongest gusts to be in the hour range. they'll start to pick back up tomorrow afternoon where those wind gusts in our foothills hour range. we could even get 20 to 30 mile-
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it's those westerly winds that will really help to warm us up into those low 70s that we've been talking about. now unfortunately some spots are also really dry. so when we're talking about very strong winds and dry conditions, we're also talking about fire danger. we've got red flag warnings in effect for parts of eastern colorado tomorrow. this will take us from colorado springs down through trinidad into the south east plains. gusts will be out of the west, southwest at 35 miles per hour. when you combine that with relative humidity at 9%, that means fire danger will be high. that's something we'll watch out for tomorrow. if you're headed out to the game, that is going to being tonight for the alumni game, we're looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s, fair skies. it's going to being breezy out there for the game tonight, warmer as we head into tomorrow, cooler temperatures arriving sunday.
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high pressure that's right over the western u.s. that won't break down until sunday. when it does, it will allow cooler temperatures to make their way into colorado, highs in the 50s, so still way above average for us. when we get into tomorrow's game, the avs face the red wings, temperatures will be in the 60s and 50s with fair skies, mild, dry and fairly breezy for the game that kicks off at 6:00 at night. fair skies continue tonight as well into tomorrow. we might get a couple high clouds out there. that will be the extent of it. overnight lows tonight dropping into the 20s and 30s up and down i-25. eastern plains will see lows in the 20s and 30s with teens for lows in the mountains. tomorrow 68 greeley, 70 in denver. up around fort collins we'll reach 69. check out those eastern plains, middle to upper 70s for highs with 40s and 50s in the mountains. we'll be clear and breezy tonight with that spirit 4-
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of the west -- 34-degree low in denver, winds out of the south, southwest with gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. upper 50s on monday, monday night into tuesday a weak disturbance moving through. we will call for low 50s on tuesday for highs with some winds and possibly some rain and snow early tuesday morning, but it will be short lived and right now it doesn't look like accusation is expected to be a big deal. look at that. the nine-day outlook has us climbing back into the 60s for most of next week and next weekend. so not this weekend but next we could see, mark and kim, temperatures back in the 60s and 70s. >> wow. >> i have this sinking feeling that the easter bunny may be skiing into town. >> i was just saying that earlier. february is nice when we're nice and filed, but that makes
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>> that's why we dye easter sometimes. neon orange. going there. perhaps you are dreading traffic this afternoon. it is not looking good right there at i-25 and 20th, but it could be worse. a swan stopped rush hour this morning. the swan sat in the car lane of a road and tram bridge. local authorities tried to entice it to leave. it wouldn't go anywhere. backups lasted hours. what are you going to do? >> it's looking for a mate or has eggs nearby or i wonder what that's all about? i don't know. >> just tired. >> just tired. >> found a good spot. >> i'm sitting down, too bad for you. drive around me, i've had it. >> good luck, people. it's almost time for you to tell us what you think. we'll give you a topic. you weigh in. today we're asking who is your
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we know there are many. >> this should be an absolute run-away. i love this. your vote counts. vote live with us. log onto and get ready to see your vote on the screen here at 9news.
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hollywood's biggest night almost upon us, sunday kicks off with a night of glitz and glam at the 88th annual academy awards. a little controversy, too. there's all kinds of things. a lot of people watch for the clothing and all that and what everybody is wearing. the revenant is a nominee for best picture. >> there's always controversy at the oscars. >> a lot of people upset. >> cate blanchett heads up the actress nomination and will leo finally get his oscar? he's nominated for best actor with matt damon and last year's
4:42 pm
>> we want to know who is your favorite oscars host? head over to >> here's your choices on screen in order, billy crystal, ellen degeneres and steve martin. we have a feeling this could just be a run-away, although steve martin and ellen degeneres did a really good job being surprised by this. >> we were talking about the list like johnny carson did it for years. we narrowed it down to three that had done it more recently, >> yeah. some others. letterman did it once. who were we surprised? >> bob hope did it 19 times. they say billy crystal has been paid more than anybody to do the oscars. >> alec baldwin. we had forgot about that. it looks like a tie here between ellen and billy, although it looks like billy crystal is going to pull out a win.
4:43 pm
stuff, although ellen did that internet. >> that was huge. does, too. >> it's a good payday. >> chris rock has done it before. >> very good, very funny. it's more than a $4 million paycheck. can you believe that? >> the work, can you imagine? i cannot. >> i can't either. my gosh, look at. this it's a dead heat between billy and ellen. is that our final vote? we're still tallying. we'll leave it open a while because it's much closer than we thought. >> this is tighter than watching a political race, folks, margin of error. we'll get back to you. we are getting ready for the weekend with a lust of nine things to do in colorado all posted on and the 9news app so you can take it with you. >> special olympics colorado is hosting a 5k race in denver city park at 11 a.m. tomorrow.
4:44 pm
at noon race and plunge participants get free entry to the zoo deal, spectators get a discount. check out the polar bear exhibit in celebration of international polar bear day. who knew? >> international polar bear day. the region's largest outdoor recreation show is back in denver for a 60th year. the colorado rv sports boat and travel show is held at the national western complex. there are just tons of products to browse, daily seminars, family friendly activities. tickets are $10 for adults and be free for kids 12 and under. >> feast your eyes on this. denver restaurant week starts tonight, 235 restaurants to try in the next 10 days. most restaurants offer three course meals for 30 bucks. >> that looks delicious. it's always about the food, but we want to share the history behind some of the restaurants. >> there's always a story, too. you can ask around. we will go inside ophelia's electric soapbox in denver.
4:45 pm
building, i just thought man, if this building could talk and really there was a story to tell here. >> reporter: the tales this building could tell are probably not appropriate for your ears. ophelia's electric soap box, the restaurant and music venue, has quite an interesting past. >> it was at one time a brothel. it was at 1 time an adult video bookstore, a peep show. >> reporter: the building was built in 1889. when justin cucci walked through the door five years ago to turn this space into a restaurant, he was immediately enchanted. >> it was just stuck in time. it hadn't been used for 40 years. everything was in a time machine. >> reporter: the peep show still in place, the adult bookstore still fully stocked. >> ophelia's came because we found an image of this woman and we just thought she might have been part of the building's history.
4:46 pm
taken with the history they used it in every part of their window all while this modern good food. >> we like to call it food gastropub, gastrobrothel. >> reporter: after hearing about this building's provocative past you may never look at it the same way again. >> even though it's an issue that is divisive i still think there is a lot to celebrate in the building's history. >> the building itself is on the national register of historic places. ophelia's which i did not know was called ophelia's electric soapbox, it opened last year in the first two floors of the building.
4:47 pm
currently used as a fully functional hospital. we wanted to ask you and now we finalize the vote. go to >> ellen appears to be unofficial winner on 4:00 at 9news. we love steve martin. i kind of thought steve martin was terrific, so we threw him in there, but how about that. love our instant voting. thank you all for participating. that was fun. a grassroots movement is spreading nationwide including here in denver. >> next why some say it's the
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you can't go forward without looking back, it's a concept we hear about a lot during black history month honoring those who made a difference. now there is a movement to find
4:51 pm
9news reporter tarhonda thomas and photojournalist byron reed introduce us to the concept of black future month. >> reporter: at schools across the country this month students will likely hear some stories they've heard before, stories of african american men and women who have made history, but what if those students thought about making that history themselves? we met a man who is helping to spread the message about the future of black history. >> share your stuff. >> reporter: sure, he teaches, but he's not a teacher. >> there are just more avenues that are available to you. so make sure you start to explore them. >> reporter: chet fiske also knows a lot about history, but is quite the opposite of a historian. >> i'm a social futurist. >> reporter: a concept focused on looking at the possibilities, not just the past. >> we talk about black history month and martin douglas and martin luther king and those kind of things, but the real
4:52 pm
>> reporter: it's a question that led another way to look at february. >> there's a future in the country now look at black future month. >> reporter: fiske is part of that movie traveling around the world sharing the message that everyone has the opportunity to do great things. >> this is above and beyond. >> reporter: promo videos help spread the message of black future month sharing stories of african americans who are doing great things now letting kids know they can do it, too. >> it's about what kind of person do you want to be? >> reporter: comparing themselves to modern day differencemakers who are tangibles and tweetables, people like astro physicist neil degrassi tyson. >> i would pair him with malcomb x. malcomb x had this giant bigger view of how the world operated and he kept pushing. >> reporter: pushing forward the achievements of those who made history.
4:53 pm
of great people, but i would imagine those great people are asking what are you doing with that? >> reporter: maybe that's a question these students can answer realizing their power to control their futures. >> we're just saying this is your future and it's more than just what career are you going to go into, but more about what kind of person will you be going forward in the world that demands the greatest of you? >> reporter: with photojournalist byron reed, tarhonda thomas, 9news. >> and we have added this story to the many stories on our special web page for black history month. >> it's also where you can find community events and share your black history month stories and that's all on
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9news-- we are looking back of as we count down to the final four days, kids are going final friday and i can't see without any glasses to put it on facebook. it will be there. anyway the final four days of mark's career at news we -- at 9news we are looking back at
4:57 pm
500,000 people at cherry creek reservoir was on the list. >> youngsters traveled from all around the globe to see pope john paul, the ii. they camped out and partied and slept very little. when it came time to start the ceremony, the kids were mostly sleeping. so we decided in that delay to have some fun and we woke up some of the sleeping pilgrims. >> reporter: i want to pay one more visit to this group over here because they've been awake. now these two gentlemen, are you guys zumis? >> we're cadets. >> reporter: you can tell by the hair-cuts. what time did you guys go to bed? >> we didn't. >> reporter: the air force never sleeps. where are you guys from? >> minnesota. >> reporter: do you have any friends still asleep? we'll try to wake up one more. olympia, carl. this is carl? carl -- oh, carl. this is carl. is he from nebraska as well? >> minnesota. >> reporter: everyone says you
4:58 pm
carl, wake up! now you're a young christian. this camera is live and so is this microphone. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: i know that's a rude way to wake you up. >> that wasn't very nice. >> reporter: they all said you were a good sport, so we thought we'd try it. >> i'm a good sport. >> reporter: you have hair just like the zumis in the morning. >> carl had been asleep about 20 minutes. that was the fun part and all that heat hit and now's of those kids were overcome by the heat -- thousands of those kids were overcome by the heat. it's some of the most memorable coverage we've done here at 9news. >> you're so excited for the moment and they walked so far, they stayed up all night celebrating. >> masses of kids in sleeping bags. >> we have more stuff from mark in the koebrich file next week, great stuff. >> i have some great pictures of you from way back. >> come on. i got days to start the waterworks. don't get me going. anyway this is good stuff.
4:59 pm
i can't look at you when you start crying. >> final friday, you go have your friday celebrations. i'm jealous. 9news at 5:00 is next. next at 5:00 an emergency bridge closure along i-25 that could complicate the drive for the fans going to the hockey game at coors field. >> also ahead a school bus driver arrested on suspicion of dui while on the job for cherry creek schools. >> and an update on the deputy critically wounded in a shootout wednesday at park county next on 9news. >> this is 9news. a friday night out in downtown denver may be a little more complicated for a lot of people tonight. cdot has closed the eastbound
5:00 pm
because of a damaged expansion joint. crews say it could take until at least 8:00 tonight to finish the work. there will be extra traffic because of the avalanche/red wing alumni game at coors field. this is also the first night of denver restaurant week. traffic headed to the ballpark from south bound i-25 should exit at park avenue west or continue south from 20th street to speer boulevard. turn around and go north on i- 25 to 20th. traffic exiting northbound i-25 to 20th will not be impacted. travel on westbound 20th street from i-25 should be normal. the park county deputy critically injured in a wednesday morning shootout at a bailey home is on the mend. kolby martin's condition has been upgraded from serious to fair at st. anthony hospital in lakewood. deputy martin was wounded in the same shootout that killed


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